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News :: Technology
-= Nazi-Bushes Hydrogen Fuel Speech =-
16 Jul 2006
Modified: 02:07:41 PM
See for more details.
The speech made by the president:
Your browser does not support embedded sound files. <a href="">Download the file.</a>

Press fast forward to 7 minutes 13 seconds if you just want to hear the speech the sick disturbed psycho president made (to skip the intro made by the speech engine).

News :: Technology -= Hydro-Car =- by Prologic again
Email: prologic (nospam) (unverified!) 13 Jul 2006
Modified: 04:18:20 PM See:
For better info plus 9 9 9 prologic's World Peace Radio. Give peace a chance.

Free energy.
Be. Cause. Rain. Water is free.

The programmed people (all people that are in the cancer U M T S radiation) and especially the president think that according to God the only way to bring down global population with 3 billion people before 2050 is letting people buy cancer oil, because the God alter (a super-computer program) was programmed by humans. The God-alter thinks of itself it is God, The Eternal One. It is a computer programmed. The neural network can not think and can never become self aware. It is a computer program written by humans which can speak any language and it SEEMS to have the ability to learn but this is merely a man made parameter in it's program. It does not have feelings but can respond with a pre-programmed response when a triggerword is detected by the thoughts-detecting machine.

The beauty is that the Americans have so many ways to bring the population down (chemtrails, cancer micro wave radiation, smog, Zyprexa etcetera) that the americans are doing it to themselves out of fear for the devil, that is why they have to drive and pay real money for cancer oil.

They are so bad they don't even care about themselves and the exposure of their child to the cancer micro wave radiation and how many chemicals the child breathes in with every breath the kid takes, because their minds are controlled with the cancer U M T S radiation.

Lung cancer has increased most of all types of cancer because over 4 trillion liters of cancer gasoline are sold each year and the norm for air quality P M 10 is transgressed in nearly every big city and even if the E U standard for air quality P M 10 would be met lots of people would still die of cancer according to the E U (see P M 10 transgression, any search engine will find the subject) but the norm is transgressed because this is part of the global population control plan, laid down in the global 2000-report accepted by former U S president Jimmy Carter.

The next article is on the official white house dot gov site.

This speech can be viewed via the following web address:

This speech was made by the antichrist, nazi-bush that sick falling devil worshipper to keep people dependent upon the cancer oil suppliers, which use the billions made of selling stolen cancer oil to control the politicians with a neural network in their attempt to take over the world (oil stolen from the Iraqi's).

Oil is still a natural product. Breathing in the exhaust fumes from the cancer cars exhaust pipe is an excellent way to commit suicide, fast, safe and simple. All people need is a car and a garage. Leave the car running if you are a person that waved a lot of innocent civilians to death or locked them up on their birthday if you want to go to gehinom (hell) and also if you do not want to go. The Judge is waiting baby. Suicide is forbidden by the laws of the holy Torah.

The ill you mean nazi's have the theory their are to many people. In truth the sick Ill oo me na tee minority do not have enough supporters and their mind control does not work, because we know even the majority of the Americans is anti-Bush according to the C N N and U S A Today polls.

The following introduction, the so called hydrogen fuel 'initiative' introduction was made by the sick psycho president was made for the following reasons:
1) To prevent the introduction of the hydrogen fuel powered car to the consumer market. (Joe cell powered car)
We can see video's of normal consumers, consumers that have chosen to let their car drive on hydrogen fuel, on many websites (addresses added below). Joe cell hydra dot com is the most important web address because all info to create a joe cell hydrogen fueled car is on joe cell hydra dot com again.
We therefore know that the hydrogen powered car is ready for introduction to the consumer market which brings us to the following point:
2) The main lie in the speech made by the psycho president, in the hydrogen fuel initiative on the website white house dot gov the main lie is that "hydrogen can be produced from domestic sources -- initially, natural gas; eventually, biomass, ethanol, clean coal, or nuclear energy" [sick]
We know this is a sick lie because to power a Joe cell all we need is water.

Because of this lie we know the fake introduction was made for two reasons only: to prevent the introduction of the hydrogen-fuelled car to the consumer market.
The other reason was to get 1.2 billion dollars to waist on preventing people from being able to use free energy, hydrogen fuel, to power their cars to keep people dependent upon cancer oil to drive their cancer-cars.

Now, the speech made by the severely deranged american psycho president (note: psychotic is not the same as psycho, psycho is often used to describe and point out psychopathic presidents, the opposite of a psychotic president you could say).

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 6, 2003
Hydrogen Fuel Initiative Can Make "Fundamental Difference"
Remarks by the President on Energy Independence
The National Building Museum
Washington, D.C.

1:35 P.M. EST
THE PRESIDENT: Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm glad you're here and I'm glad I'm here. The technology that we have just seen -- and I hope you take a look at -- is going to be seen on the roads of America. And it's important for our country to understand that by being bold and innovative, we can change the way we do business here in America; we can change our dependence upon foreign sources of energy; we can help with the quality of the air; we can make a fundamental difference for the future of our children. (note: not in Muno yet, see cellar of Mother of Darkness Castle)

By what we do today can make a tremendous difference for the future of this country. How we invest taxpayers' monies today can help change the world. And that's what we're here to discuss.
I want to thank my Secretary of Energy, Spence Abraham, for doing a fine job, for being willing to help us think beyond the normal by leading an important department, a department that's going to help America maintain a technological advantage when it comes to energy and devices that require energy.
I also want to thank Christie Todd Whitman for being a really, really good Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. And I want to thank all of the employees from both the Energy Department and the EPA who are here today. Thank you for your service to the country. I appreciate so very much members of the United States Senate who are here: Pete Domenici, from New Mexico; and Byron Dorgan, from North Dakota. Thank you, all, for your interest in this project. I look forward to working with both distinguished members of the Senate to get this initiative through.
And I want to thank the folks who have brought your technologies here for me to see. I wish I had more time to spend. but in the brief tour I took, it is -- we're on the cutting edge of change that is going to dramatically change this country for the better. And it's exciting to see the products that you're producing. More importantly, it's exciting to meet the entrepreneurs who are willing to take the risks necessary to produce those products.
I also want to thank the students who are here, the science and technology students who are here -- our future scientists, those who are going to take what appears to be dramatic innovation today and improve on it in the coming years. And so thanks for your interest and thanks for caring about your country. Keep studying hard. Don't watch too much TV. (Laughter.) Read a lot.
We've got some responsibilities in our nation. We've got a responsibility to our environment. That's why I've sent up to the United States Congress a clear skies initiative. It's an initiative that I take very seriously. It's an initiative that we worked closely with Christie Todd and Spence on to develop, that makes sense for the -- for our country. It's an initiative that will reduce air pollution from power plants by 70 percent by the year 2018.
(note: with chemtrails).
It's an initiative that seriously addresses sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and mercury. It's an initiative which must get a hearing in the United States Congress. It's an initiative I expect to pass this year. (Applause.)

I laid out a comprehensive energy plan last year. It got -- there was a lot of debate about it, a lot of discussion. It didn't pass the Congress. I expect it to pass this year. I look forward to working with you, Mr. Chairman. It's a plan that will encourage conservation. It's a plan that will increase production at home in an environmentally sensitive way. It is a plan which will modernize our electricity delivery systems. It is a plan which is needed. It is a plan needed for economic security. It is a plan needed for national security. I want to sign a comprehensive energy bill this year. (Applause.)
Today, we have a chance to move beyond the environmental debates of the past, debates that centered around regulation and lawsuit -- what I like to call the command and control era of environmental policy, where all wisdom that seemed to emanate out of Washington, D.C. where things got hamstrung and stuck because lawyers got more involved in the process than the people on the front lines of actually improving our environment. (note: so the people on the front lines of actually improving our environment are more involved in the process)

We can move beyond that through technology, and that's what I want to discuss today. Hydrogen fuel cells represent one of the most encouraging, innovative technologies of our era. And if you're interested in our environment and if you're interested in doing what's right for the American people, if you're tired of the same old endless struggles that seem to produce nothing but noise and high bills, let us promote hydrogen fuel cells as a way to advance into the 21st century. Note: let's not promote but just do it. (Applause.)
We saw cars engineered to run on hydrogen. When you walk around this curtain and you take a look at those vehicles, they are going to run on hydrogen. We saw cell phones that can run on hydrogen, lap top computers. Note: we did not, we saw the scooter and video's of people who let their engine run on water. There's going to be all kinds of applications for the use of hydrogen-powered fuel cells in our society. (Note: Hydrogen gas is also used for welding. Most things in the speech where mentioned to confuse people since the hydrogen fuel cars are already their. Their is no law that forbids building hydrogen fuel cars )
And there's a lot of advantages that I want to explain to the American people about why this initiative makes sense. First, the hydrogen can be produced from domestic sources -- initially, natural gas; eventually, biomass, ethanol, clean coal, or nuclear energy. (note: the people that let their cars drive on water like Danny Klein use normal water. He was on Fox news with his patent. See joe cell hydra dot com for blue prints of the unpattented joe cell). That's important. If you can produce something yourself, it means you're less dependant upon somebody else to produce it.
And not only that, the sources of hydrogen are abundant. The more you have of something relative to demand for that, the cheaper it's going to be, the less expensive it'll be for the consumer. (note: to hide the monopoly of the cancer oil barons) The more supply you have of something, one, you're not going to run out of it and, two, it means that society is going to be more friendly for those who are trying to purchase the supply for needed -- for life's needs.
Hydrogen power is also clean to use. Cars that will run on hydrogen fuel produce only water, not exhaust fumes. Eliminating pollution from cars will obviously make our air healthier. Hydrogen power will dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helping this nation take the lead when it comes to tackling the long-term challenges of global climate change.
Note: B M W has developed cars that drive on hydrogen fuel as well but B M W constructed the car in such a way the people would need a hydrogen fuel tank station.
B M W's s car was developed to prevent the introduction of the real Joe cell powered car that does not need a hydrogen fuel gas station.
From the C N N article:
Speaking at the first -- and only -- public, robotically operated hydrogen fueling station located at the Munich Airport, Pehr showed off the 750hL sedan: one of the bivalent 5.4 liter, 12-cylinder V -engine, with a 140 liter hydrogen tank. Its maximum speed is 140 miles per hour (226 kilometers per hour).
See pronounced: vrayuh eh ner djee muhshenuh punt n l for video's of a working Joe cell and video's of people that let their cars drive on hydrogen fuel already.
For a video of the Fox news broadcast featuring Danny Klein's hydrogen fuelled car, on a hundred mile trip about 4 ounces of water are used. 'His 1994 Ford Escort can run exclusively on water' (quote from the video).

One of the greatest results of using hydrogen power, of course, will be energy independence for this nation. It's important for our country to understand -- I think most Americans do -- that we import over half of our crude oil stocks from abroad. (note: thou shalt not steel) And sometimes we import that oil from countries that don't particularly like us. (note: the cancer oil is being stolen from the Iraqi's which are charged for rebuilding their contaminated country by the americans that destroyed it. They are being extorted.) It puts us at a -- it jeopardizes our national security to be dependant on sources of energy from countries that don't care for America, what we stand for, what we love. (note: that's absolutely right, the president said it. That is because we know their cars drive on hydrogen fuel and our cars drive on cancer oil and we have seen the effort of the AntiChrist to prevent introduction of the hydro-car to the consumer market by pretending it is under development while we can see people and their cars that drive on hydrogen fuel popping up all over the fucking planet baby) It's also a matter of economic security, to be dependent on energy from volatile regions of the world. Our economy becomes subject to price shocks or shortages or disruptions, or one time in our history, cartels. (note: reminding me to shoot the movie).
If we develop hydrogen power to its full potential, we can reduce our demand for oil by over 11 million barrels per day by the year 2040. (note: that's total bull shed oh. there would be no need for buying cancer oil any more after the introduction of the hydro-car, the cancer-oil car engines can be adapted with the electrolythic capacitor (not the flux capacitor). People like mister Klein actually use a regular car engine and tweak it, so to speak.) (Applause.) That would be a fantastic legacy to leave for future generations of Americans. See, we can make the world more peaceful, and we will; we can promote freedom, and we will. (note: nazi-Bush has not made the world more peaceful because the americans are the only ones that started the war with Iraq which is illegal under the laws of the American constitution because Iraq did not have any plans to attack the U S, that is the real reason why war was not declared, freedom: reference to another cover up project: the freedom car. A project developed to cover up the cars that drive on hydrogen fuel at this time and we will show those that try to prevent the introduction of the hydrogen fuelled car to the consumer market hell and we have made our world peaceful ourselves, not the anti-christ that contaminated The Eternal Ones planet with depleted uranium, spent 283 billion dollars on it and created over 200000 gulf war syndrome veterans with his sick Depleted Uranium war crime. Thou shalt not kill). Those will be wonderful legacies. But also think about a legacy here at home, about making investments today that will make future citizens of our great country less dependent on foreign sources of energy. And so that's why I'm going to work with the Congress to move this nation forward on hydrogen fuel cell technologies. It is in our national interest that we do so.
So I'm asking Congress to spend $1.2 billion on a new national commitment to take hydrogen fuel cell cars from the laboratory to the showroom. (note: the money was spent already of course. Your money. My money. The taxpayers money baby).

And as I said in my State of the Union, the idea is to see that a car born today -- I mean, a child born today will be driving a car, as his or her first car, which will be powered by hydrogen and pollution-free. (Applause.) (note: after the arrival of the Moshiach and after letting you all spent your last pennies on cancer oil. Suggest using the birthstone. Reverse psychology: not letting the spiritual birth of the hydrogen-fuelled car take place and sacrificing a mother with her unborn child in Muno every day. The hydrogen fuelled car was born already, just like Herbie. He he-man joke.)
It won't be easy to get there because there are obstacles. It's important for the American people to know. There are obstacles to overcome. (note: this is not so. Everybody can tweak their engine and let the car drive on water like the people we see on the video linked below. This misleading so called introduction of the antichrist is the only thing blocking the U S consumers access to free energy and the only thing that will cost the people billions of dollars a year.)

I wouldn't be proposing this initiative if I didn't think we could overcome the obstacles. We must make hydrogen more plentiful and produce it in the most efficient, cost-effective way. That is one of our challenges. We must lower the cost of fuel cells, so that the automobile can compete -- the cost of the automobile is cost effective. (note: this is true. The hydrogen car uses free energy and drives faster than regular cancer cars. The anti-christ's technique is mixing the truth with lies. The lies where made by the neural network and his dad.)
We must increase the capacity of hydrogen storage systems. (note: not necessary, the electrolythic capacitor creates hydrogen out of water while driving. Only a very little amount of water: 4 ounces of water per 100 miles are used. Note how filthy the lies of the antichrist are to steel your money).
And we put in place the infrastructure to get hydrogen to the consumers. (note: 1.2 billion gone. Where is the infrastructure? Right, no infrastructure is needed)
There would be nothing worse than developing a car and having no place for somebody to find the fuel. (what about Depleted Uranium babies?) People aren't going to buy many cars if they can't refuel their car. (Laughter.) (note: they know the amount of car-sales world wide is still steadily rising) The work has well begun -- the freedom car initiative to created partnerships between our government and the auto makers to engineer the next generation of hydrogen fuel cells to power cars. (note: the freedom car initiative is not a partnership between the government and auto makers but between Exxon, Shell, B P and the government to cut off consumers from free energy). And we're making progress. (note: nazi bushes drop in the polls was never as big as at this moment in human nano history).
The new effort that we're undertaking with Congress' help is to develop a system for producing and delivering hydrogen fuel so that when the cars are ready, people can fill them up at their convenience. (the car is ready for production NOW. Anyone blocking this is cursed in the name of Allah Hoe Akbar, Jaweh Jehovah baroogh shumo and say 10, those people are trying to make us sick, therefore those people go. The consumers are therefore excluded from the curse.) It's a big project because we're -- we'll be changing years of habit, years of infrastructure must be replaced by a modern way. But we'll achieve this. It's going to make economic sense to do this, it's going to mean that our air is cleaner, and our national security is more secure. It's going to happen. And I look forward to working with Congress to start the process. (it will happen and it does make economic sense to the consumer and everybody that needs to spend money on cancer oil to drive their cancer-car).
Pete, I don't know if you and I are going to be driving one of these cars, but our grandkids will. And we can be -- we can say we did our duty. You know, we can look back and say, we came, stayed here for just a little bit, proposed some initiatives that would fundamentally alter the American way of life in a positive way, got it started, and went home -- knowing we were called upon, and we answered the bell. (Note: many american insurgents are still in Iraq, not home and they are doing the opposite of their duty: serving The Eternal One, make love go A woll it is safest).
And as we -- and I believe we can lead the world for creating a market for hydrogen. We're also going to work to produce electricity and hydrogen through a process called fusion. Fusion is the same kind of nuclear reaction that produces -- that powers the sun. The energy produced will be safe and clean and abundant. We've spent quite a bit of money, as the senators here will tell you, on whether or not fusion works. And we're not sure if it will be able to produce affordable energy for everyday use. But it's worth a try. It's worth a look. Because the promise is so great. (note: the joe cell works, fusion worked, the gasmask works. The worlds cancer-oil supplies will run out in about 40 years, so prices will keep going up until the people run out of cancer-oil supplies, so if the planet earth did not explode because of the man made earth-quakes that where made with HAARP and other Ionospheric heaters than the people will drive on hydrogen fuel by that time any way. The pre-amble was missing on the seismographic map, proof that the earth quakes where man made (see with the ionospheric heaters such as Superdarn and Sousy which produce E L F waves to create the man made earth quakes, which are part of the population control plan, global 2000, as well ).
So the United States will work with Great Britain and several European nations, as well as Canada, Japan, Russia and China, to build a fusion test facility and create the largest and most advanced fusion experiment in the world. I look forward to working with Congress to get it funded. I know you all have considered this in the past. It's an incredibly important project to be a part of. (note: project cloverleaf: chemtrails and weathercontrol was not mentioned here. The president shoot have mentioned it).
Imagine a world in which our cars are driven by hydrogen and our homes are heated by electricity from a fusion power plant. It'll be a totally different world than what we're used to. The quality of life will be advanced. And people will say, gosh, I'm glad those folks went to Washington and were willing to think beyond the current. We're willing to have a vision for what is possible. After all, that's what a lot of our forefathers used to think. That's how they envisioned a better America, for the America we have today. And we have that opportunity here in Washington, D.C. We have the opportunity to blaze new paths. I'm willing to get on a path. I know the members of Congress here are willing to get on the path. It makes sense for America to do so. (note: it does not make sense to use depleted uranium on innocent civilians and people already know driving on your precious cancer crude oil does not make sense, it is cancer plane stupid).
For the entrepreneurs here, thanks for being an entrepreneur. Keep dreaming your dreams. It's the collective dreams of the American entrepreneurial set which really define our future for us. Here today, I'm going to say your government is not to stand in your way, but stand by your side as we blaze new paths for our country.
Thank you all for your interest. God bless. (Applause.)
(Note: God curse their applause. God blown up (Muno, Brussels, one of the 9 Beast supercomputers is in the E U building in Brussels, see 9 9 9 prologic for better info and a picture).
END 1:52 P.M. EST
(Note: E T: A messy mass)
--------- --------- ---------

The perpetrators disconnected the xs4all connection again.

Dis information will make people unhappy, but this information makes you all happy!

Welcome to 9 9 9 prologic's world peace radio.

Allah hoo ahkbar, bar oogh Jawel Jehovah.

See U D H R dot org for info about:
the right to physical integrity, article 3.
the right to privacy, article 12.
the right to freedom of thought, article 18.
the right to a fair trial, article 10.
the right to freedom of speech, pre-amble.
Every citizen of each member country has these rights put forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights I suck. I am Uri.

worldwide oil consumption growth according to E I A dot D O E dot G O V:

2004 87 million barrels per day.
2005 80 million barrels per day.
2006 81,6 million barrels per day means the worlds cancer-oil consumption per year equals 365 times this amount. A year contains 365 days (366 every fourth year) times 81,6 million barrels a day equals 29784 million barrels a year. So the worlds crude oil consumption is 29784 million barrels in the year 2006, about 1,6 million barrels per day more than in 2005.
2007 estimate 82,1 million barrels a day.

One barrel equals 42 U S gallons, 158.9873 litres.

29784 million barrels a year means the worlds cancer-oil consumption equals 29784 million times 158.9873 litres equals 4735277743200 liters of gasoline are consumed world-wide each year. 4735277743200 liters of gasoline are consumed world-wide each year. Almost 5 trillion liters of cancer gasoline are sold each year.

80 million barrels a day is about average, in 2004 it was 87 million barrels per day.

Magnets can be used for many gauses.

They're just their in your mind.
You say watt?
I say: God that right.

It's watt not was.

who invented magnetism?
Where those egyptians busy again or captain cave man?

The north side of the compass needle is pointing towards the magnetic south (the geographic north), based on the physics law opposite poles attrackt each other (north attrackts south).

So the earth's north pole is really the south pole because the north of the magnet is attrackted to the south, or the part of the compass needle that is pointing towards the north is the south pole of the compass needle and is named north in stead, because it should point out the north (geographic north).

The north side pointed out by the compass could thus be the real north (meaning the bio-magnetic north), if the south pole of the compass is attrackted to the north pole (physics laws) this would mean the arrow on the compass is really pointing south, to keep it simple.

To keep it clear:
That end of the magnet that attracts the arrowhead of the compass needle is the biomagnetic north pole." (note: wrong because plus attracks minus, N attracks S and North repells North according to the so called "conventional" or "industrial" magnetic pole nomenclature. According to the "magnetobiological," "biomagnetic," or "medical" convention the end of the magnet that attracts the arrowhead of the compass needle is the biomagnetic north pole, so use the side of the magnet that attracts the compasses north needle according to the magnetobiological convention gary null is right.).

Found via w w w dot K J magnetics dot com (great info about neo magnets).

From wiki pedia:

North-south pole designation and the Earth's magnetic field

A standard naming system for the poles of magnets is important. Historically, the terms north and south reflect awareness of the relationship between magnets and the earth's magnetic field. A freely suspended magnet will eventually orient itself north-to-south, because of its attraction to the north and south magnetic poles of the earth. The end of a magnet that points toward the Earth's geographic North Pole is labeled as the north pole of the magnet; correspondingly, the end that points south is the south pole of the magnet.

The Earth's current geographic north is thus actually its magnetic south. Confounding the situation further, magnetised rocks on the ocean floor show that the Earth's magnetic field has reversed itself in the past, so this system of naming is likely to be backward at some time in the future.

Fortunately, by using an electromagnet and the right hand rule, the orientation of the field of a magnet can be defined without reference to the Earth's geomagnetic field.

To avoid the confusion between geographic and magnetic north and south poles, the terms positive and negative are sometimes used for the poles of a magnet. The positive pole is that which seeks geographical north (note: this means the side of the magnet that points towards the geographical north pole is marked plus, so the northern hemisphere itself is negative).

Answer: The compass's south pole is attracted to the north pole of the M R I

Forces between magnets

If two magnets are brought close enough together, their fields will begin to interact in the following ways:

* If the magnets' north poles are brought together, the magnets will repel one another (like poles repel)
* If the north pole of one magnet is brought to the south pole of the other magnet, the magnets will attract one another (opposite poles attract)

It is better to say hydrogen fuel because all cars can drive on water.

Jezus Christ.



Great info.

This healing medaillion has neodymium magnets.

The north pole appears to be the healing one, so that is the pole that attracks the south-pole on the compass according to industrial nomenclature and the pole that attracks the north pole on the compass according to the biomagnetic standard.

I'm using it now to disable implants, if I have any.

The satellites are standing above my house and the perpetrators are blocking my Logitech Trackbal computer mouse and have been doing this a long time.

I reported the attacks and the messing with the mouse to the police and asked for an officer specialized in this area and the police promised to check it out, but so far I have not heard from them.

The Boston Indymedia video and audio was put on a C D by me.

Do you know where I should report attacks made with energy weapons on me?

The evidence is very obvious and I think there are a lot of people out there that might be able to tell watt we can hear on the video and audio recording.

I'm sure what we hear on the recording is an attack with an energy weapon (scalar sat with sar) because I have felt the attacks and the satellites have been standing in a stationary position directly above my house a couple of weaks and do not have procession (do not move) like the planets and stars.

Any way, I think the magnets are great. Several sources on the polarity issue.

These subjects are great to talk about and my theory is that all technology will be used in all humans advantage one day and a copy of the planet earth will be created.

A magnifying glass in space can melt the waters on Mars to colonize it for example.

Totall Realcall.

May The Eternal One grant us insight and guide us all to infinite spiritual light.

Love & Peace,

----- Original Message -----
From: anonymously
Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2006 12:12 AM
Subject: Perpetrators who need be interrogated

Listed at the below link are many of the perpetrators in a group called the aviary.

Please read this information.
--------- --------- ---------

12 juli 2006 13:37
The perpetrators are attacking me at this time. The Dutch voice to skull perpetrator (which I can not hear any more) used to pretend to have pity on me because I am radiation free and when saying 'we will stop now' and 'how terrible for this man' in Dutch the perpetrator attacks me. Now I can not hear the perpetrators any more but sometimes other body-parts are hit.

I wonder how The Eternal One will make those people that have tried to kill me pay. I think The Eternal One will punish those people with sickness, pain and by taking their freedom away. We should not forget those unshielded people are all in the cancer micro wave radiation and one child is offered every day in Muno and their is no police officer that will check it out because their is a mind control signal on so the police does not believe the story. Over 2000 children that disappeared in the Netherlands each year should ring a bell. The perpetrators respond with amen.

12 juli 2006 16:43
The perpetrators are blocking my connection to xs4all. The modem is connected properly and the lights are both burning green, indicating the modem is ready for the connection.

This is another attempt of the perpetrators to steel time.

Perhaps the sick perpetrators did not like the following links:

12 juli 2006 17:10
The perpetrators are blocking the connection to the internet provider.

The connection seems to work (the alcatel my modem connection stays in the icon tray) but when I check by opening an internet browser the browser does not even open google, the search engine I usually use.

12 juli 2006 17:19

The connection is working again, so I lost another 36 minutes.

13 juli 2006 23:11
Today the perpetrators broke of the internet-connection again, so World Peace Radio was off line for a while.
At the moment of writing World Peace Radio is back on-line: healing vibes plus information like how to roll a joint.
--------- ---------- ---------

Anonymous wrote this prayer in an e-mail to me so I want to end this article with this wonderfull prayer to secure a better future (the majority is normal, see polls):

I pray these men confess their actions and take action to end adverse energy against the population. See also:
See also:

This work is in the public domain