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News :: Education
President wanna be
09 Aug 2006
Modified: 09:19:35 PM
How to save all humans on our planet including ourselves. FOR REAL (mitsva)
Yo yo, yo yo.

Welcome to world peace radio.
Because world peace is our business.
If their minds are controlled they start doing things they normally would never do themselves unless they know The Eternal One.

Because we're not programming but being programmed 24 7.
Code 9 11.
Code black, do you crack or hack?
No, I gave code black. We are back.
Good idea.

Chip Obsolete.

When reading information about mind control on the web I noticed a lot of articles with information about electronic micro-chip implants while in fact these microchips are obsolete:

This is short for synthetic telepathy, which is the remote sending of voices and thoughts into a victim of electronic mind-control. The military and intelligence agencies have successfully achieved this capability and have carried out countless meetings over their possible uses of syntel.

Remote Neural Monitoring
The National Security Agency has a monopoly on monitoring the evoked potentials emitted by people’s brain’s electrical flux which are electromagnetic emissions in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt range. When a person thinks, or moves their body, or sees something, the brain creates an evoked potential or set of evoked potentials. These emissions can be decoded to see what the person is thinking or doing. This is called R N M (Remote Neural Monitoring). It is reported that the Kinnecome group at the NSA is involved with this type of monitoring round-the-clock of victims of electronic mind-control using E M F equipment that is scattered across the nation. A Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network allows the NSA’s computers to pinpoint and track any individual in the United States by watching for their specific bioelectrical field. In many ways, the tracking implants and the national I.D. cards are redundant, but the World Order wants to increase their control, while keeping their best technology secret.
The Malech and Brown patent describes how the cancer U M T S antennas are used to monitor and alter peoples brain waves. See free patents online dot com.

This word was originated from Soviet research. The American public have mistakingly thought that the word is equivalent to psychic activity. A more precise translation of the Russian term would have been "applied psychoenergetics". American psychotronics research was initially done at Stanford Research Institute. This is the Theta Programming that Vol. 2 described.

Of course the pictures of people with a chip in their head (x-rays and M R I scans) and pictures of the operation to remove the chips online are interesting studymaterial and the info is vital to relay to our fellow brothers and sisters and tell the world so we all together put an end to the chip implants and E C T insanity.

Exposing this grave injustice is also the reason for studying the cases of people who where implanted with a micro chip against their will.

Not theory, reality.

If their minds are controlled:
The controlled group does not look actively for a cure against aging and they (the people who's minds are controlled) do nothing to ensure survival and many of them want to die, almost none of them have never had a suicide thought.
They think whatever the neural network wants them to think, do not think at all, their memories are erased.
If their minds are controlled: their thoughts are controlled so the controlled group of people think they hate someone they do not know which is the only requirement to let them hate an innocent good civillian, they believe in things of stead of finding out the facts by actually checking it out for themselves and the people in their environment, they keep exposing themselves to the radiation used to control their minds even though that makes their red blood cells lump together, causes them D N A damage, increases their cancer risk and makes the unshielded people feel like shit.
I'm talking about, I'm talking about.
Cancer U M T S radiation the use of which transgresses the right to physical integrity people have in every nation.
They have lost the ability to think for themselves and some will not even want to think for themselves.
It would be interesting to study paterns of behaviour in the controlled group.
The unshielded people keep themselves in patterns and vicious destructive circles of watching television in stead of blowing it up, they keep using cancer cell phones, they keep using cancer oil and even pay for it, they fool themselves into thinking they did the right thing and lie to themselves their loved ones and even Uri and believe in the lies spread by the media and do not blow up the mother of darkness castle in Muno, do not pull the Tomb where the skullies eat excuisite meals with a set of Hitlers silverware
and do not blow up the beast supercomputer in Brussels that controlls what they think.
Is this the return of the living dead?
I didn't like the end.
If total mind control is a reality there is no need for population control because all people would do exactly what you want.

Yeah, dad two.
The robots don't count because they are not human (joke).
Zero zero one.

Was stealing oil from Lebanon covered up by an oil spil made by the enemy?

God safe us all, not just the queen, all nights hung.

You will die if you have killed people with energy weapons without giving them a fair trial and reincarnate as a Caliphora fly.
Not Uri, even if he is not high.

Since the perpetrators are executing illegal activities at this moment my behaviour is not just normal, it's a must.

I have a right to a fair trial and reported the perpetrators to the police in Mijdrecht, The Netherlands but the police has not taken any action against the perpetrators that have disconnected my modem several times which is illegal.
Because the perpetrators attacked me with a skalar satellite which I photographed and the satellites are standing still above this house and because of the blocking of normal computer access I have evidence that the perpetrators are murderers that have killed numerous people like Gerdeen, peace activists and the perpetrators are trying to interfere with legal prosecution so it's really time to blow, you know, let's roll.
Since Uri is in a cage of Farraday and is concerned about his neighbours Uri will keep on warning the satellites can take unshielded people out like a Footsee electrifying racket takes out caliphora flies and cause inmense pain, Uri had pain for a week.

The 40000 satellites that surround us have many capabilities and the satellites standing above this house stand in a triangle formation and have been standing there for the last couple of months and have been illegally blocking the logitech trackman marble for over two weeks.

Uri is forced to find other ways to take the sick N S A slash A I V D perpetrators to court.
The Dutch speaking purpetrator is really a murderer so I warn that we must never respond to them. The Dutch voice to skull perpetrator was pretending to be God, The Eternal One and shielding really works. Since the magnets I have not heard any voice to skull messages and the frequency is gone out of my brain thanks to the white noise, which should be put pretty loud for your brain wave to become undetectable to their mind control satellites, a k a reconnaissance satellites a k a birds.

When you listen to this radio show you are bathed in white noise and when long and loud enough your brain wave is undetectable to their mind controll equipment. This means listeners are safer and better protected against psy ops when they listen to the show.
Focus on the white noise and move around if you would ever be attacked by the scalar satellite which almost killed Uri. Hundreds of people are being monitorred and thousands of people including peace activists have been attacked with the energy weapon Uri was attacked with, the energy weapons are also available in different forms, the police have a car with a special round dish which does not look like a satellite dish to control riots and the cancer U M T S radiation, power lines and equipment in peoples homes is used to apply numerous mind control techniques (for example subliminal messages, to produce frequencies that make people sick and tired and even messages comming from the tee vee sets are being changed locally).
Do not jump out of the window and scream:
Hey are you out of your damn mind to stay behind?
Unless you are a skullie (member of the brotherhood of death), a person that attacked civillians which have the right to a fair trial with skalar satellites or a person that sacrifices a child every day in the mother of Darkness castle in Muno that has not deflected (ratted on the rats) Plop.
Don't you know they are in your eyes and you can not know if reincarnation is real and if what comes after death is much colder than this world (warmer if cremated) if we don't find a cure against aging we will rot away, the greater the obstacle the greater the potential to create spiritual light and there might be a neural network with time travel capability that has the ability to time travel?

The people underground, the people in underground military bases such ass Dulce, New Mexico are trying to create mind controlled slaves out of everyone above ground and are spreading toxins, barium aluminium and even depleted uranium via the chemtrails to meet their goal: exterminating 3 billion people before 2050, all barbarians (all non skull and bones brotherhood of death members).
They are mind controlled slaves themselves and are hooked into the neural network which can give more fear than any other method and has merged with their brains.
For as far as I can see the perpetrators wear one eye-piece.
We have to find their weeknesses or will be erased.

What they are working on in Dulce and other underground millitary bases is a way to disable people from controling their own bodies (creating paraplegic people, I mean people that can not control their own arms legs and speech any more) and interfacing their bodies and brain with the neural network computer which will then control the people like puppets.
The people would still be their in their body but unable to control whatever they do (also unable to commit suicide between brackets).
We think it is impossible to create the above horror scenario and hope the experiments with involuntary subjects is stopped immediately, all financing of black projects is ended (bill) and the N S A and C I A are controlled by the devil worshippers neural network any way.
Stop the war. Stop stealing cancer oil. Make a better world for every one including yourself.
We are in eternity right now. Stop explosion of our planet, prevent eternal pain for all souls, oh God.
The neural networks are connected to each other so a computer virus would be the best way, not blowing up the neural network is here to control HAARP to let the planet explode any way. Seismographic map that shows the natural pre amble all natural earth quakes have was missing, irrefutable evidence the earth quakes where man made with ionospheric heaters: weather wars dot info.
The more options the neural network gets from the people who's bodies are used as hosts the better the choices the neural network makes. If we (our bodies) are used as hosts the neural network can be influenced by us in many ways. Getting Linux.

Being silent is stupid and foolish because we free ourselves of their mind control and become better speakers when we practice.
You are not the only one listening, Uri.
Forcing ourselves to think positively and doing the right thing regardless of what we feel makes us true hero's.

Ways to destroy HAARP: a bomb (explosives) might be the only way at this moment in the time space continuem (today is augustus 10, 2009 you know?).
Another way could be using HAARP's phased array antenna's and satellites and overloading the antennas with energy (scalar for example) so the computer that controls the ionospheric heaters is broken down, the computer is much harder to replace than the phased array antenna up your ass.
If the neural network controls their minds that computer virus might be more important than the pulling HAARP thingy.

Ask my government to finance a place to live underground (in Africa for example) for me myself and I, because my head starts pounding in the rhythm of the cancer U M T S pulses every time when I am exposed to the radiation to long .

How can we prove we are not one of the skullies?
1) By exposing their criminal activities on-line and leaving the group going underground and wrigging our lab with a camera and advanced robots that scan their minds and know how to handle an m-16 (joke).
2) Having an alibi, being at home on full moons and friday nights and so on.
Search any info important for survival, make a strategy and put all the data you have on the skullies on-line and mail to people like prologic who will spread the information for you.
3) Saying prayers for the Eternal One, not having contact with unshielded people or reducing contact to the extreme.
4) Doing what must be done: oblitterating evil with the root. Destroy murderers.
%) The argument that it can never be proved is refuted by the above argument.

Just killing any skull and bones members with poison, crossbow, ninja stars and studying their own techniques (skinning) is also a way to get even in stead of mad.

There is always a way to hide.
If you have to leave your posessions behind to survive, do so.
Depart from evil and do good. Leave evil
The N S A are underground, use a force-field, M U metal shielding and tempest protected computers.

There is always a way.
There is always an escape.
Selfless love is most important to the rabbi's.

C I alien.
See also:

This work is in the public domain
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