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News :: Globalization : Media : Politics : War and Militarism
Operation Apocalypse: "888" Results
10 Aug 2006
A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer continues his

examination of End-Times Christians, and how they have been duped

into becoming a suicide cult, with an analysis of four predictions in his

August 1 essay, "Operation Apocalypse." The results are shocking and

disturbing, and invite new questions, even as they answer old ones.
Operation Apocalypse: "888" Results

By Captain Eric H. May
Houston, Texas, Aug. 9, 2006

Review of Operation Apocalypse

August 1, the Lone Star Iconoclast published a much-read military

intelligence analysis, Operation Apocalypse, of the current Armageddon

obsession of End-Times Christians:

While the Iconoclast has a readership of fewer than five thousand, a

good part of that small readership sits in Congress, and pays attention to

the most independent Texas newspaper -- and one with a worldwide

reputation for printing the bitter truth about Bush.

The essay suggested that the worst-case scenario accounted for just about

everything about the End-Timers:

their Jonestown Cult die-and-join-Jesus theology is nothing more than

pro-Israel brainwashing. I introduced the theory, gaining traction in

research communities
the storms and earthquakes that they mistake for End-Times miracles

are nothing more divine than the federal government's use of the

HAARP program to create climatological and tectonic effects.
bird flu and the oft-promised "next Al Qaeda attack," are homemade

hoaxes, too; the former is bio-warfare to convince that End-Timers that

God has sent a plague as a sign of the times, and the latter is simple

sabotage, to be pinned on "Muslim devils" are on the attack.

Finally, I named a couple of August dates, 8/8 and 8/28, that deserved

special attention as possible time targets for any kind of End-Times false

terror or sham miracles. Since the first of those dates, 8/8, has just

passed, now seems a good time to update the four apocalyptic scenarios I

set forth in Operation Apocalypse as possible contrived miracles to fool

the End-Time believers.

Updating the Four Scenarios

Northern Wind warned of bird flu bio-warfare in Chicago and Illinois.

Two days after Operation Apocalypse came out in the Iconoclast,

Illinois officials collaborated with Illinois media to announce the largest

anti-terror drills in state history -- dealing with a bird flu pandemic:

2291&PAG=461&dept_id=473648&rfi=6. The exercises culminated on


This is the second time that one of my publications has apparently

prompted the folks setting up their home state to announce secret

exercises shortly after I had already exposed them. The last time was

April 27, 2006, when Illinois Gov. Blagojevich announced "Chicago

911" exercises set for May 2-4 (while Mayor Daley was in Israel). In

that case, I had revealed the exercises a day earlier, on April 26.

Illinois was acting in exact corroboration of my worst-case analysis that

they were (and still are) setting up their own state. They announced and

conducted an exercise that confirmed our target (Illinois), time (8/8) and

method (biological). To add more evidence still, the federal government

announced an ultra-secret program in bio-warfare while Operation

Apocalypse was being printed:

Southern Fire warned of petrochemical disasters in Southeast Texas.

Any arrangement to sabotage the refineries, then blame Muslims,

requires the collaboration of the corporation, of course. The two oil

giants that have been acting most suspiciously for the last two years have

been Exxon Mobil, headquartered in Beaumont, Texas, and British

Petroleum, whose Texas City refinery has exploded with uncanny


Sure enough, British Petroleum made a radical shift in its business on 8/7

-- one day before the Operation Apocalypse warning of a general 8/8

threat to the USA -- with its shut-down of its Alaskan pipeline. Greg

Palast wrote a good article yesterday that cast decisive doubts on the

timing of the shut-down, which could have been any day in the last

decade, given that there are long-standing problems with BP oil lines in


So why the 8/7 shut-down? First, to issue an abort signal. Shutting down

the Alaska operation the day before a forecast Texas sabotage operation

may be the corporation's way of saying "We're out of the plan, it's too

exposed now!" Second, the BP shut-down creates exactly the kind of

market flux that invariably pays off those who play ball with the Bush

administration. It's utterly impossible to get US corporations to partake

in treasonous activities against US citizens -- unless they can make

money at it! In effect, the 8/7 shut-down has created exactly the kind of

market disruption (and petrochemical profits) that an 8/8 "terror" attack

would have created.

Eastern Water warned of HAARP-induced hurricanes, like Katrina, Rita

and Wilma.

On Monday, July 31, the day before the publication of Operation

Apocalypse, Bush visited the National Hurricane Center in Florida, and

those of us who work with HAARPicane analysis immediately thought

that he had given orders to initiate another killer storm cycle like last

year's. Sure enough, the next day a tropical storm popped up.

"Chris" was soon being shown every hour by the media collaborators,

who help set up and cover up the "natural disasters" just as certainly as

they helped set up and cover up 9/11. By Wednesday evening we were

being assured that Chris was going to enter into the Gulf of Mexico after

passing between Florida and the Greater Antilles, and become a major

storm. Weather forecasters referred to the all-knowing "model" from

the same national authorities with whom Bush had been visiting in the

first place, and the whole thing smacked of another HAARPicane.

It was too conspicuous to happen, though. By Thursday morning, Chris

had suddenly died in the night. All bets were off, all models were

invalidated -- and no explanations were offered. Had Chris remained on

the course set up for it, landfall would likely have been in Southeast

Texas on 8/8. In this case, the time and method of attack were

consistent with the Operation Apocalypse model, although the

HAARPicane went toward the Gulf Coast instead of the predicted East


Even more damning, on 8/8, NOAA changed its entire summer hurricane

forecast, downgrading the violence of the season and making general

claims that "nothing like Katrina" is anticipated. Apparently, they have

decided that the whole weather war attack plan is compromised.

Western Earth warned of HAARP-induced tectonic destruction to the

West Coast.

Meteorological data first led me to think that HAARP could affect

seismology. In January, 2006, the winter temperatures in the USA's

heartland were hardly wintry, with people in the Midwest wearing shorts.

The same kind of freak heating had been connected with the Jakarta

quake and tsunami, and in fact, the heat wave of last winter was

contemporaneous with a high incidence of earthquakes on the Pacific

Plate. It was for this reason that I issued an earthquake tsunami alert to

the West Coast last winter:

The most current parallel with the winter freak heat wave is the

just-finished summer freak heat wave of late July and early August, which

led me to include a possible heatwave/earthquake connection as an

Operation Apocalypse scenario. It remains for an objective research

community to check my hunch, but the summer heat wave did seem very

much like a slow, methodical application of heat to the USA heartland,

beginning in the west in late July, then progressing eastward for two

weeks, and culminating on the east coast.

On the danger date, 8/8, US government weather services released their

data, which I gleaned via CNN: during that rolling heat wave there had

been 2300 daytime temperature records, and 3200 nighttime

temperature records. The amount of energy poured into the USA was

off the charts, plain and simple. We must wait and see if that energy was

enough to destabilize on of the West Coasts many faults.

Summary (& New Danger Dates)

believe the publication of essay, which so closely predicted the various

extreme measures to which the failing Bush administration is turning, has

had a decisive effect -- especially since it came out in a newspaper widely

read by Congress. The Iconoclast editor-in-chief, Leon Smith, shares my

view. We both believe it's quite possible that any one of the four

scenarios above could be confirmed by a sign or two in the natural course

of normal events, but it's exceedingly unlikely that all four of them could

have received so many corroborating indicators if nothing were up.

Operation Apocalypse may well have resulted in the shut-down of the

HAARP-caused tectonic threat to the West Coast and hurricane threat

to the South and East Coasts. It may well have resulted in the

compromise and corruption of a planned bio-attack in the nation's

heartland. It may well have resulted in the aborting of a false-flag terror

attack on the Southeast Texas petro-complex. I leave it to the curious

reader to read the original article, follow my footsteps, and improve on

my ideas. For those who "know" that such notions as mine are bogus --

because the TV set hasn't yet acknowledged such notions -- I quote a bit

from Nietzsche: "Blessed are the faint of heart, for they shall go to

sleep." -- Thus Spake Zarathustra.

I haven't written here about my methodology for predicting dates, but

have written in the Iconoclast on the subject:

Without doing the analysis here, I offer pending dates when the Bush

terror cycle may be ready to strike again. 8/8 is behind us, but 8/22 is

now being rumored in both the Internet and Mainstream communities as

a danger day, since it's when Iran will deliver an answer to international

pressures that it desist from uranium enrichment -- and Iran is very much

the target against which US and Israel world warriors would like to direct

the American People. I already warned of 8/28 -- the date of the next

shuttle launch -- in the original essay, and that date stands as well.

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action
captainmay (at)

On July 11, 2005, Captain May received emergency baptism from two

Jesuit priests, Fr. James Marshall and Fr. Raphael Garcia, in the Sagrado

Corazon church of El Paso, Texas. The priests waived normal protocols

because they thought it likely that May's mission of conscience against

the Bush administration would end in his assassination.

This work is in the public domain
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