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News :: Globalization
The Bush Crime Familys War On America
14 Aug 2006
3 generations of scum
The bush crime family has used its unparalleled ability at lying to take advantage of certain peoples basic good nature, thereby acquiring for themselves a huge part in American affairs, even though they are, and always have been, loyal to england, and certain other european aspects. They call themselves Christians, but if real Christians knew what has been done to them collectively by this greedy and ruthless mob, oh man, the bushes would be swinging from lamposts right now! And that little factoid there is self admitted by the bush crime family! They are braggarts too! The Christians seem to be awakening somewhat, and that is a hopeful sign at least. What the bush family are in main is this: Drug Dealers. Thats what they have always been.

The bushes are also ultra-connected and actually a big part of the usurous world banking system. They have made many deals with foreign powers, most notably british banking, and also as financiers for naziism -- and what would banking be without mucho ties to the vatican, Que? Its already done, times ten, CIA ties, in fact. Columbian neckties, in fact! These money matters are the main rationale used by the bush crime family to sell out America at every opportunity. We are in the 3rd generation of this treason, and America is toppling. These are traitors of the highest order I am talking about here!

These traitors have used opium moneys to infiltrate American government as moles to eventually overtake this country for england and the other bankers of the world, most notably the creators of zionaziism, which is war for profit. We all know about that, heh kidz? That is really just a big tv-show for idiots, calling zionism and naziism two different things. What a farce, because its all the same at the top, just kept from we the people, we the prey, kept secret from us for no other reason than to keep us fighting among ourselves continually.

The house of bush are the foulest things in America right now. They got us to fight vietnam for them and that was just about stealing yet MORE opium action from the french...when you think of afghanistan, also think of opium. The russians had almost shut that down, but now production these last 6 years or so has reached new peaks. The bush family used their drugs to test the Drug War clandestinely, before actually deploying it with S. American Cocaine (Crack) in the 80's -- this test and pilot project was used on the 60's rock stars, and the ones they really wanted to kill, and couldnt get with their drugs, they took out in airplane crashes!

Now there is another bush project coming to fruit, to forcibly convert America to catholicism by inundating it with mass immigration from south America. This too was tested prior too, under the bush hireling dicky nixon, in miami with the cubans. The cubans eventually became the fascist voting power behind jeb bush, and as we know beyond doubt now, jebs criminal activities with the falsified elections during his brothers APPOINTMENT, were really what was behind duh-bya being able to steal the power for his masters. So the cubans are directly to blame for all this state of affairs, and when the mass immigration from south america begins, there goes the country once and for all. Try to stop it! They will just create terror of some kind and cause great masses of people to begin movement north, like a giant herd of elephants. Its been in the works a long time. NSA Project Elephant Herd. Read Barry and The Boys: The CIA, The Mob, and Americas Secret History --Hopsicker.

The bush family really cinched their hold when George senior got kennedy killed, because the CIA had gained total nonaccountability by then, and had been nurturing the fourth reich paperclip scientists for nearly twenty years by then too! The bush boys being able to falsify elections and such, are just the result and PAYOFF for the taking of kennedy, and the creation of the british CIA, which also cooperated with the vatican, against America. This was England taking back what it thinks it owns, and rothschild creating zion out of thin air and 55 gallon buckets of blood. The bush people have sold america like pie, piecing it out, all the while smirking and lying to the idiotic and gullible followers of forgiveness. HAH!

The bushes, alongwith worldwide royalty, especially england, together with the rothschilds of zion, and of course the Vatican, all want Freedom in America DEAD, they want everyone paying maximumn taxes and under the economic yoke, fearful of the tax men, READ: COPS AND MILITARY (Which the people finance though!) so that only they can then dispense largess. Hail the kings and praise the lords! Off with their heads I say. And Quickly!

These third generation traitors and organized criminals (The Elite Deviant Class) have also instituted a vast electronic mind control and chemical spraying program in the last 10 years to make this takeover happen at all costs, and with no regard for peoples safety or health. Look into the sky. Those lines are chemicals used in conjunction with antennae and quantum solar power, and the details of that science have been kept willfully hidden even from many engineers and physicists!

Finally, this bush treason which has been going on for nearly 100 years is well financed with the peoples money. These elite deviants are bloodsuckers extraordinaire and plan on walking away with TRILLIONS of dollars right before they destroy Liberty in general, and America in specific. Believe that. This bush war in the middle east is NOT about securing gas for your cars! Thats almost funny. That oil war is about oil to feed the generators which feed the broadcast antennae-farms in every city now; spread across miles, though still very easy to see if you are competent and understand the ENMOD technology, and its mind control effects. It is sold in one form as Broadcast Law Enforcement. Now these bush traitors to America want many more nuclear plants because the oil is actually running out! Once these nuke plants get hooked up, that is truly the end of freedom here if it is not stopped immediately. Throw your cell phone away. That is the cover and benefit they offer you for the torturous prison your reality has unwittingly become. And while you are at it, and in the mood to preserve America, Kill Your TV, too.
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