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News :: Media
9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply
08 Sep 2006
Modified: 09 Sep 2006
9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply
<B>911 HOAX is the ANSWER</b>

(BTW, is a possibility for any article that requires registration.)

<b><i>persistent sources</i></b>


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
Mememachine (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)




<b><i>********WHAT HAPPENED to RECENT BLOGS?********</i></b>

9/7/06: Are Indymedia Nazis happy destroying the US? (answer: yes):




9/5/06: Indymedia's war against free speech is perpetual:


Now, Indymedia cannot show harm in this news blog being posted. If people don't want to look--they don't have to.

However, I can show harm that the blog isn't being posted. For one thing, the 911 Hoax doesn't get to be heard. Indymedia's readers need to know about it.

It sure looks like Indymedia is ruthlessly censoring this news blog because the Bush administration, which funds and secretly controls IMC, greatly fears the 911 Hoax getting out.


Isn't Indymedia amusing? don't you want a job where you get to silence your neighbors every day?


...Conclusion: Indymedia is a psychological operation directed at the general public by an intelligence agency. (this intel agency is also funded by the very public it is brainwashing. don't worry, they have no qualms about how they make their living.)

<b><i>********INDYMEDIA CENSORING the 911 HOAX********</i></b>

San Francisco IMC: Hidden!

<b><i>********911 HOAX: MOVIE*********</i></b>

Just imagine for a second that they fooled us about planes striking the World Trade Center.

It would require actors portraying eyewitnesses on TV.

It would require CGI animation of a plane striking the WTC.

Do we have these elements here?

check out this Fox news coverage from 9/11:

<b><i>********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********</i></b>

911 planes must have had Pentanium wings & tails:


Look at the Flight 175 cartoons!

"...There are few folks who can watch this whole video without shrieking 'IT's CARTOONS!!! IT'S CARTOONS!!!'..."


Killtown's archive of animated planes! These were actually aired on <b>network television</b>. Does <b>anyone</b> believe these planes are real??

blog links:

911 Hoax:


Congress poised to unravel the Internet:

<b><i>********CLIMATE CHANGE********</i></b>

Scientists find new global warming time bomb:

Ice bubbles reveal biggest rise in C02 in 800,000 years:

NJS says: It is time for the US to withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq. It is time for us to build subways, carbonless-emitting-high-speed trains, light rail and people movers.

<b><i>*********WEATHER MODIFICATION**********</i></b>

Environmental warfare and US foreign policy (2004):

Drought devastes northern US plains:

"...leaving farmers and ranchers with conditions that they liken to those of the Dust Bowl of the 1930s..."

Visitors told to leave Florida Keys:

(they're using HAARP to condition people in Florida into accepting whatever instructions Jeb Bush's government demands.)

<b><i>********GENERAL NEWS********</i></b>


New Statesman: Meet the no-planers:

(while was the FIRST website to point out that no planes hit the WTC, the mainstream media NEVER mentions it. why?)

"In this day and age, with its sophisticated digital special effects, why would anyone use real planes?"-- with respect to his watching the North tower hit in person.

Daniel Mendelsohn
"September 11 at the Movies"
http://www.nybooks. com/articles/ 19292

<b>*911: MAINSTREAM MEDIA*</b>

9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply:

(again, how come none of these mainstream media sites ever mention that 911Hoax is the first website that showed that the TV networks aired fake video of animated planes striking the WTC.)


Lucky Larry Silverstein nets $4 billion from $120 million investment in just 5 months:

911: a modern fairy tale:

"...How exactly would steel skyscrapers, seven of them, fall down once two aluminum airplanes hit them?"

<b>*911: HEALTH*</b>

Dying nun wants her body autopsied to prove 9/11 toxicity killed her:

Lung problems rife among WTC responders:

<b>*NEW ORLEANS*</b>

A year after the Bush Dictatorship deliberately floods New Orleans (with premeditation), FEMA stonewalls recovery efforts:

"A year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast..."

(notice the WSWS begins this article with the lie that New Orleans wasn't deliberately flooded.)


DuPont joins others in cutting back pensions:

"...But the flurry of cuts reflect a larger reality: The system of traditional pensions is in hasty retreat, and little in the new law is likely to stop the trend..."

<b>*US ECONOMY*</b>

Chipmaker Intel to cut workforce by 10,500:

Nightmare mortgages - ARM rates to skyrocket:

Mike Whitney: Pop goes the bubble!


The Rothschilds and the gold standard:

"...The real objective is the complete destruction of America..."

(must read. this is very interesting.)

<b>*US "ELECTIONS"*</b>

Democratic party outlines pro-war agenda for US elections:


Senate rejects limits on cluster bombs:

<b><i>********US CONSTITUTION, RIP********</i></b>


"...[The plan...] also allows the secretary of defense to add crimes at will to those under the military court's jurisdiction..."

<b>Dictator Bush seeks to extend Guantanamo procedures to American citizens</b>:

"...the Bush administration proposes to extend the practice of indefinite detention and summary trial by military commissions to include American citizens..."


US Supreme Court's "no-knock" decision: a frontal assault on democratic rights:

<b><i>********GUANTANAMO BAY********</i></b>


Dictator Bush admits secret prisons, demands Congress sanction drumhead tribunals:

"Terrorist suspects arrive at Guantanamo":

Un-Constitutional military tribunals "may" resume in early 2007:,,-6062390,00.html

(with every pronouncement from the Bush Dictatorship and their lapdogs in the mainstream media we get to find out that we've got no civil liberties anymore.)

"Guantanamo now holds top terror suspects":

(just think of the talent it took to put together Nazi propaganda bullshit like this.)

New maximum-security jail to open at Guantanamo Bay:

Bush dictatorship orders journalists out of Guantanamo:,,1797505,00.html

<b><i>********the MATRIX********</i></b>

<b>*the MATRIX*</b>

NJS uses the term ''Matrix'' to denote the collossal intelligence-gathering and disinformation-disseminating structure that has been created to take over the US. Funded by intelligence agencies; e.g., the CIA. It includes COINTELPRO agents in every US city. It also comprises nearly every media outlet of significance in the US.



(folks, the "Cassini Imaging Team" are a bunch of fakers! they're laughing at us while they produce awfully phony looking pictures from "outer space".)

Cassini Imaging Team FINALLY produces another <b>FAKE, FAKE</b> image!

bright cliffs across Saturn's moon dione:

(ha ha ha ha ha ha. Folks, ALL of the Cassini images are <b>RIDICULOUS!!</b>)


US-installed regime begins second Saddam Hussein trial:

(folks, <b>Saddam is dead</b>. the "trial" is another hoax. however, they know the public is catching on. so, they will "kill" him shortly.)



US occupation forces allegedly throwing Iraqi detainees in streets after killing them:

19 bullet-ridden corpses found in Iraq:

(i suspect the illegally occupying US forces.)

US military escalates confrontation with Shiite militia in Iraq:

Psycho-pharmacological warfare in Iraq?


Australian government sets course for militarism and war:

"...signifies an unending commitment to US wars of aggression around the world..."


Worsening food insecurity in Africa:


Compulsory religion classes enter Russian schools:


US planes bomb Afghan village, flattening it:

<b><i>******HEALTH, SCIENCE and LIVING</i></b>


When's the next image from the "Cassini Imaging Team" due out? How long do we have to wait for these stunning and ridiculously fake looking images to get published?)


Earth-like planets may be more common than once thought:

(interplanetary travel is still impossible with the science we have. just imagine. there's more Earths out in the Universe than we could possibly count. but everything is too far away.

the nearest star to us is 4 light years away. if memory serves that is about 25,000 times the earth-Pluto distance. In addition, 4 light years is nothing in space. star clusters and galaxies are all immensely larger than that.)


Brain changes may help explain teenage behavior:


Study: Magic mushrooms can help depression:

God is in the Magic Mushrooms:

Ottawa stays pot charges in 4,000 cases:

Swiss injection rooms lead the way:


New study explains how pot kills cancer cells:

Heavy marijuana use not linked to lung cancer:

the Marijuana Conspiracy - the real reason hemp is illegal:



who says tennis is dead? US open setting TV and attendance records:

<b>*TENNIS: US OPEN*</b>

Federer survives stubborn Blake:

(what a match!!!!!! this was an amazing display from both players.)

Sharapova and Henin-Hardenne in the womans' final!

August 28 - September 10:

Go Fed!


Youtube and tennis:

Federer's amazing shot in a match with Roddick. this sequence is well-edited:

Memorable 22-shot rally from Sampras and Agassi in the 1995 USO:

(quality is ok.)


p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list

This work is in the public domain
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