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Commentary :: Media
Parallels between Nazism, Zionists striking
11 Sep 2006
Just in time for the anniversary of 911.
Note: Since it is quite common for Zionist cyberterrorists to tamper with my articles, please visit this link for my authentic, original article:

Parallels Between Nazism, Zionists striking
by Wendy Campbell

Sept. 11, 2006

This article was inspired by an article by the obnoxious, ubiquitous neoconservative talking head and author Bill O'Reilly. His syndicated article was printed in the local paper today, and the title was "Parallels between Nazism, jihadists striking".

It was so outrageous I just had to laugh out loud. Honestly. So now I am going to write an article based on it and just interject MY observations which are almost exactly OPPOSITE of his observations. You'll see what I mean later in the article about how outrageously hilarious his statements get. Of course, he tries to posture that he is completely serious. But does he really think Americans are that dumb? This arrogance will be his downfall along with his cohorts. The lies are becoming so transparent to many Americans. He'll be laughed out of his high-falutin position for sure. I'm already laughing. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, here it goes. Please note that direct quotes from his article will have quote marks with his name preceding them.

O'Reilly: "Seventy years ago this month, Adolf Hitler began seizing the asset of German Jews. He had waited until the summer Olympics in Berlin were finished and the world had seen the might of the Third Reich. Already, Hitler had established concentration camps for "undesirables" and forced many Jewish professors out of their jobs. He had also harassed Catholics and Protestants who dared speak against his racist policies."

Hmm.... Sounds an awful lot like what Israelis have been doing to the Palestinians for decades. There are over 10,000 Palestinian people, men, woman and children in what amounts to concentration camps in Palestine-Israel. In fact all of the Gaza Strip and Palestinian enclaves in the West Bank are comparable to open-air prisons. The Israelis dominate, humiliate and basically torture the Palestinians every day, in an on-going ethnic-cleansing campaign against the indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians and yet they are still expected to pay taxes to their torturers. It's truly unbelievable, but you better believe it. It's true.

Here in the United States, Muslim Arab professors are getting rounded up too, even without any proof or specific charges. Even progressive Jewish professors such as Joel Beinin of Stanford University are being targetted, smeared, harassed and defamed by the NeoConservative Zionist Jews such as Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz and Robert Spencer, simply because Beinin teaches his students the truth about racist, apartheid Zionist Israel. The Neoconservatives have even created a Department of Anti-Semitism whose intended goal is to criminalize any strong critics of the racist, apartheid state of Israel, its Zionist regime and its leaders. And Daniel Pipes runs the censorious Campus Watch, threatening all professors and students who criticize the racist ideology of Zionist Israel.

Many activists such as Alex Jones warn Americans that our government is preparing concentration camps for dissident Americans who challenge the government's policies, especially those which are supportive of Zionist Israel. Let's hope he is just being paranoid. However, let's not kid ourselves: there are many crazy Neocons in and around our government who would love to do just that. If you don't believe me, check this website out: and then check this out:

O'Reilly: "The parallels between the rise of fascism in pre-World War II Germany and the rise of Islamic fascism today are startling."

Well, um, I would beg to differ with Mr. O'Reilly, precisely for the reasons I stated previously . As most peace and 911 truth activists realize, "our" own government is becoming increasingly fascistic, what with the so-called "Patriot Act", the wiretappping of citizens, and the beating up by ADL-trained policemen of dissident journalists such as the recent incident with American Free Press's Christopher Bollyn, for example.

First of all, according to many well-respected polling companies, well over a third of all Americans doubt the official version of 9/11. In fact, in some polls it's 53% believe that 9/11 was an inside job, orchestrated by rogue elements in "our" government, as well as Israel's. Let's get that clear right up front here. The truth-out 911 movement is so big that even the mainstream media can't ignore it anymore. Much of the credit goes to independent videographers, such as Dylan Avery and his "Loose Change", which can be seen on the amazing website or But he is just one of hundreds now doing a great job of asking the questions that must be asked and answered. Justice must be done to this crime of the century against the American people. The war in Iraq is not about justice for 911. 911 was the Riechstag or Pearl Harbor the NeoCons needed to roll out the war on Iraq and other Middle East countries, primarily for Israel's benefit. There were no ties between bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Even the mainstream media confirms this FACT. There were no WMD. "Our" government couldn't care less about "democracy"--- not here, and not in Iraq. It's about fighting wars for Israel's "security" and actually Israel's imperialistic ambitions; the American politicians who go along with this criminal scheme get to stay power, and line their pockets with gold from political contributions and lucrative reconstruction and corporate deals. Watch now as Zionist Hollywood goes into overdrive trying to convince Americans of the kosher version of 9/11. Any other version, they and the government claim, are just un-kosher "conspiracy theories." There is only ONE kosher conspiracy theory that we are told we MUST believe and that is the one that asserts that evil jihadist Arab Muslims who operate out of caves and only have boxcutters for tools did it. Uh huh. Right. Sounds like the "one magic bullet" theory with regards to President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

The rogue elements of our government and Israel's had the motive and the means to make 9/11 happen, according to many. The motive was to re-make over the Middle East primarily in favor of Israel's ambitions. Something that is happening, although it's been rough. Wolfowitz and Perle knew it wouldn't be a "cake walk" like they claimed. They said anything and everything just to make the war on Iraq happen according to plan, which was stated in the Project for a New American Century, which was based on the Wolfowitz Doctrine, which was based on A Clean Break.

Most of this is common knowledge these days to activists across the country and around the world. Wake up, America! This is now an information war. Lots of propaganda and outright lies being pushed on you via the Zionist-dominated US media.

O'Reilly: "Iran, a nation committed to wiping Israel off the map, is defying the United Nations by refusing to obey the nuclear disarmament treaty."

To that, I write this: Israel, a nation that has been committed since 1948, and even before that with the birth of the Zionist movement in the 1890s, to wiping Palestine off the map, has been defying well over 70 UN resolutions for decades now as well as continues to refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferating Treaty, which Iran HAS offered to sign along with the other countries of the Middle East. Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle East to have nuclear warheads. Double standards don't breed good will.

O'Reilly: 'Hitler defied the League of Nations and rearmed, creating a fierce military threat while openly advocating the diminishment of Jews and "Aryan racial purity.""

To that, I write this: Israel continually defies UN resolutions and peacekeeping efforts, and even deliberately kills UN workers, such as the four recent murders in Lebanon, and previously Ian Hook in Rafah, Gaza. Israel is a fierce military threat bludgeoning beyond all proportion its neighboring Gaza and Lebanon over a few captured Israeli soldiers! Unbelievable! But true! Even when Israel has many Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners! Thousands! And all this while many Israeli politicians, even entire Israeli political parties openly call for the "transfer" of all Arabs and Palestinians out of Israel, out of Palestine. And not many people know this, but Israel does not allow Jews to legally marry non-Jews inside Israel. In other words they advocate for Jewish "racial purity". Even Israeli-American politician Eliot Abrams wrote a book about how can Jews survive in Christian America, and advocates strongly against Jewish people intermarrying with non-Jews. Many Jewish activists state that marrying non-Jews is tantamount to the Holocaust. It is well understood now someone who is Jewish is a complicated mix of racial ethnicity, culture, mindset and religion, with the religion part being the only expendable element to it. Many Jews are so-called "secular" which means they are not religious Jews and they don't believe in God.

O'Reilly: "If Iran manages to obtain nuclear weapons, it, too, will become a menace to the entire world."

To that I write this: Israel has already managed to obtain nuclear weapons, covertly. This truth was revealed to the world by a courageous man by the name of Mordechai Vanunu. He is a Moroccan Jewish man who emigrated to Israel, got a job at the Dimona nuclear plant there, not knowing at first what he was doing. Then he felt a pang of consciousness when he realized what he was doing, and he felt compelled to tell the secret of Israel's vast nuclear weapons stockpile to the world. He did this in London, where he spoke to an Australian newspaper man, and the news was out. The Israeli Mossad spy organization then kidnapped him and brought him back to Israel where he was sentenced to 18 years of solitary imprisonment where he has only just recently been released. He also converted to Christianity while in prison, which some Israeli Jews consider a worse sin than exposing Israel's secret nuclear weapons to the world. According to Israeli military history professor Martin van Crevald, Israel has nuclear warheads aimed at every European capital, and if Israel goes down, so too will Europe.

Israel, as the racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing Zionist Jewish state, IS a menace to the entire world, especially to the Palestinians and all of the Middle East.

O'Reilly: "But the most unsettling situation is here in the United States. According to polls taken in the 1930s, as many as 80 percent of Americans were against confronting Hitler at that time. Only Pearl Harbor caused public opinion to shift."

OK. Here we go. As all serious 911 truth movement seekers know, the Neoconservatives actually called for a "Pearl Harbor style catastrophe" to happen in order for the New American Century to begin to happen with the blessing of public opinion, and starting with taking over Iraq. It was actually on their website. I kid you not. If you don't believe me, do a google search on Project for New American Century and Pearl Harbor. Now the time has come for the average American citizen to become aware of all this. Can you handle the truth? That is the question. Now that you know the truth, are you going to do anything about it?

So it's clear as day that the Neocons wanted 9/11 to happen to begin the takeover of the Middle East to suit Israel's strategic interests and security. They had the motive. They had the means. The smoking guns are all over the place. The circumstantial evidence is vast. Just do your homework using Google and key words such as "dancing Israeli spies", missing Fox News clips on Israeli spying in the US, Odigo workers warned, mistaken identity of Arab hijackers who are still alive, WTC7 pulled, WTC explosives, Israeli company was in charge of US airport security at the time of 9/11, Project for New American Century, Wolfowitz Doctrine, A Clean Break, etc. There are zillions of websites with this information, and if you cross-reference them, pretty soon, you will begin to connect the dots. Really, it doesn't really take a genius to do this, just some time and objective, unbiased, honest thinking.

O'Reilly: "But five years after Sept. 11, 2001, many Americans still do not understand the worldwide jihad and buy into the false premise that there is no linkage between what is happening in Iraq, the polices of Iran, the murderous actions of al-Qaida, and the lethal anti-Jewish strategy of Hamas and Hezbollah."

I say, many Americans still do not understand what Zionism is and how it is at the root of all the so-called terrorism, and how indeed it is state-sponsored terrorism, funded by our tax dollars and approved of by "our" government. Zionism is a racist ideology that has been lethal to all non-Jews who happened to have the innocent misfortune of living on land that Jews want for a Jewish state, the Jewish supremacist state of Israel.

O'Reilly: "While there are certainly rivalries and differences among all the Islamic fascists, their goals are very similar: Kill Jews and damage America."

To which I say, while there are certainly rivalries and differences among all the Judeo-fascists, their goals are very similar: "Kill Arabs and use American resources to do so". There is graffiti all over Israel with "Kill Arabs" and other such hateful mottos. I know it for a fact. I have seen it on the video footage from peace activists who have shared it with me, and it is even featured in my documentary "Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism". See, not all Jews are Zionists, but the NeoConservative Judeo fascists are the ones who are dominating US foreign policy today. By the way, do a google search on the racist Zionist Israeli leaders Meir Kahane and Rehavam Zeevi, who openly called for the transfer of all non-Jews from Israel-Palestine, and referred to Palestinians as "lice" and "cancer", and other dehumanizing slurs.

O'Reilly: "So why is history repeating itself? Why can't we Americans wise up and see the Islamic fascist threat? I blame the news media first, and irresponsible politicians like Howard Dean."

HA HA HA ..... HA HA HA HA HA HA.... HA .. HA ... HA HA HA HA ha... O my God! What a RIOT!!!! :-)))))) Oh that is SOOO FUNNY! OK. I mean, can you believe that!?? He actually said "I blame the news media"! Soooo funny!!

Mr. Media Bulldog himself blames the media. That is just too cute.

The question really is: why can't Americans wise up and see the Zionist-Christian-Judeo-fascist threat? By the way, Bush is a so-called Christian, make that a Christian Zionist. Giving billions of our tax dollars to a racist apartheid state such as Israel is just does NOT make sense! Its state-sponsored terrorism is just making the world a more dangerous place and fosters bad karma in the way of blowback in more ways than one. Not only by fostering counter attacks and bad will around the world but our country is going broke while it's at it. It's time to treat Israel in the exact same way that apartheid South Africa was treated. In order to dismantle the Zionist apartheid regime in Israel-Palestine, it's time to boycott and place sanctions on Israel, cutting off all financial and diplomatic aid at the same time. Yep. That's the way to do it. One way or another. It must be done.

As far as Howard Dean is concerned, he basically went down the memory hole by the so-called "liberal" media precisely because Howard Dean merely called for a more balanced and fair approach towards the Palestine-Israel conflict. So for O'Reilly to make a big deal about Dean is hilarious. Ha. Ha.

O'Reilly: "The hatred the committed left-wing press has for Bush is almost unprecedented."

It's a good thing he wrote "almost" unprecedented, because he'd really be showing his ignorance and disingenuousness big-time. After all, the Republicans' hatred for Clinton truly WAS and IS unprecedented and they haven't stopped hating him yet. Do you think it might have had something to do with the fact that Clinton actually wanted for there to be genuine peace and justice in the Middle East and even had Arafat come to the White House and shook hands with him?

O'Reilly continues whining indulgently, pathetically: "The liberal media is obsessed with Bush and devalue him 24/7. This means that even when the president is correct on policy, the Bush haters will not admit it."

Gee, I wonder when President Bush ever was correct on policy. What does O'Reilly mean by that? Damned if I know.

O'Reilly snivels on: "They have succeeded, especially overseas, in convincing millions of people that Bush is the world's greatest threat, not the fanatical Muslim jihad." Actually, polls overseas show that they are convinced that the United States, led by Bush, and Israel are the greatest threats to the world, not the Arab countries.

Gee, do you think it's because the on-going, unjustified war campaigns by the world's only superpower the US and it's "ally" Israel, with the fourth largest army in the world and piles of nuclear warheads aimed at its capitals, have anything to do with it? Even if 9/11 was actually done by some Arab terrorists all on their own (which most people no longer believe), it was not an on-going war endeavor by some superpower, super-armed country. And everyone knows by now that the war on Iraq is a complete mess and immoral, and that Israel is out of control on its genocidal expansionist military assaults on non-Jews in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and by its proxy US troops in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and if they get their way, Iran and Syria.

Mr. O'Reilly, it's not about wanting to win the war in Iraq. It's about how it never should have been fought in the first place! It's well past time to bring the troops home now, with hundreds of thousands now dead, but better late than never. We owe the Arab people one HUGE apology! And HUGE reparations as well. And a new era of mutual respect, understanding and communicating. Like, Bush should consider debating the Iranian president. What's he afraid of? Coming off like the village idiot that most people think he is?

O'Reilly: "The Iranian mullahs, bin Laden, Hezbollah and the rest of the racist killers well understand that America is a divided nation."

Mr. O'Reilly, are you aware that "our" government and Israel's have been purposefully trying to foster civil wars in Palestine and in Iraq and in Afghan and other Middle East countries? DonÕt you think for a moment that Israelis and Americans who go to kill Arabs and non-Jews are racists??? As it says in the Bible, before you talk about taking the splinter out of someone else's eye, take the beam out of your own eye! How self-serving and biased of you to only see it from your angle (and your Zionist bosses' angle as we all know that the media is Zionist dominated. Just happens to be fact. Don't bother with hurling the knee-jerk typical slur of "anti-Semite" at me. It's a meaningless junk term anyway.)

O'Reilly: "Time after time, the Islamic fascists have attacked: time after time the United States and world have failed to respond with a knockout punch."

Mr. O'Reilly, I do believe you are inciting hate-crimes and genocidal warfare against the Islamic Arab people. Say it ain't so! By the way, if our troops got OUT of Iraq like they should have a long time ago, they would not get attacked "time after time". I do not recall the Iraqi people inviting American troops over there to "bring democracy" or even get rid of Saddam Hussein. Au contraire, Mr. Potatohead.

O'Reilly: "Americans are certainly entitled to debate the wisdom and effectiveness of the current campaign to defeat Islamic fascism, but defeat it we must. For if we don't, it's just a matter of time before more of us lie dead in the streets."

Last time I checked, Mr. O'Reilly, you were not any kind of leader, just a dopey talking head paid by his Zionist masters to spout their propaganda like an obedient pit bull on a short leash. You do that quite well, Mr. O'Reilly, but as you concede yourself, no one's buying it.

The only Americans that are lying dead in the street now are the ones who are over in Iraq and shouldn't be there. They're not wanted there. They have no right to be there. They need to be brought home now. No one's paying me to write or say any of this, unlike you. Your shameless, pathetic fear-mongering just isn't doing the trick like you and your masters wish it would. Pity about that.

O'Reilly: "Like Hitler and his evil ambitions of seven decades ago, the jihadists of today are not going to stop until we make them stop. Somebody tell Howard Dean."

To that I write, like Hitler and his evil ambitions of seven decades ago, the Zionist Christian and Judeo-fascists of today are not going to stop until we Americans make them stop. Get it, Mr. O'Reilly?

Somebody had to tell you.

Wendy Campbell is a political writer and film-maker, as well as the co-founder of Her films include “Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid”, “Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism”, “Rosa Remembers Palestine”, and “Syria: Land of Friendly People and Hidden Treasure.” You can e-mail her at info (at)

This work is in the public domain
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