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News :: Education : Gender : GLBT/Queer : Globalization : Human Rights : International : Media : Politics : Social Welfare
Catholics Pope Benedict XVI – GAY
22 Oct 2006
Homophobic Catholics Pope Benedict XVI finally speaks out on Gay Marriages Union. So had he come across the article ‘God of Gays’ and fear that the New Age Religion Gayism, Homolism, Lesbianism , Bisexualism, Orgyism, Swapism , Animlhumanism is going to get registered Globally in ‘All Religious Summit’ or United Councils ? Is this a challenge facing on every religion or politics ? Find out your self.
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My ‘God Of Gays’ article which was published on many international or internet news had recently questioned every global religious and rational or political leaders to come out straight , openly and speak out their stands on ‘Gays, Lesbians, Homosexuals, Bisexuals . Their love-n-marriages’. This leader tend to avoid answering such deals since decades. My past article ‘God of Gays’ reflect a picture of the Pope in concern along with some more pious-n-political powerful leaders of the world who were suggested by me to come up and speak out openly regarding homosexuals gays, lesbians,bisexuals and others.

Pope Benedict XVI was the first global powerful religious leader who spoke out fearlessly after my recent article ‘God of Gays’. I wish if my voice get immediately recognized or reach out successfully , similarly-n-simultaneously pulling out ears of all those who ‘rest’ in power- Leaders in politics-n-religions of every country, The matter will be urgently or automatically rescued or solved quickly if they utter out and take this grave matter seriously and not politically or diplomatically.

Not only in Rome, But religious Indian leaders on privileged to rule and enjoy global platforms such as Dalai Lama , Satya Sai Baba , Ma Amrita Amma, Yoga Guru Ram Dev, Asa Ram Bapu , Murari Bapu, Jain Gurus , Sikh Gurus, (All saints-n-seers, monk-n-messengers ) and similarly all sort of influential leaders in every continent , UK, US, Europe, Saudi Arab , Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Africa, Japan, Dutch, Jews , China , Korea, Pakistan , Bangladesh , Nepal etc also should openly speak out in urgent and clear up their stand on homosexuals , so that the damage which already had has been done so far in their respective countries or globe such as whole by keeping mere mum on this particular issue may still have some ray of hope to get recovered from this dreadful contagious disease which is rapidly spreading in speed like viral.

Meanwhile this is only possible method to analyze or justify if in true term of updated society - practicing homosexuality is right or wrong? All religious summit should discus this issue openly and vote for their stand if they are against or with gays-n-lesbians. However if the religious leaders become the first to open up more than 99% the matter get solved by itself. So the question in my mind is- Since date- Why these religious leaders are avoiding to speak up on this very crucial-or-ridiculous issue which is kept pending since many past decades or eras ? Are these religious or political leaders afraid to loose their ‘voter bank’ ? Does not this homosexual issue come in their discourses or departments of religions / speeches of safe guarded politics? However according to my wish as a global citizen - not only religious or political leaders but even influential journalists, columnist, editors who covers their personal views in their private columns on different topics or vivid subjects of their respected news papers should now speak up their ‘self stands’ on ‘Gay Marriages’ or their solutions.

However all other countries leaders should speak and reveal their stand in urgent as they too are mute since they took up their social or religious career promising to race-n-grace the society for updating the same with all betterments and progress. Meanwhile , I personally thank Pope Benedict XVI on behalf of maximum people on this earth who like me are against Gay Marriages Unions and need to erase this taboo for ever in society. In spite of the truth that I still empathy with all Gays, Lesbians Homosexuals and had also come out with the effective solution of formula to their disease which yet no body had offered to them or come out with so far. I had even proposed and posted letters to United Nations, Kofi Anan, UK prime Minister Tony Bliar, , US President Bush , Indian President A.P. J. Kalam and Parliaments of these respective governing countries . I had offered them my solution. If they have not received they could find the solution in my article ‘God of Gays’ – Naresh Sonee

If the leaders feel they can once again read my article ‘God of Gays’ which one can find out by search engines on internet. My article of length covers each-n-every aspects pros-n-cons of Gay Marriages and the after effects of this ludicrous obsession breeding in society, religion, and politics and among the next upcoming generation – and kids, children or students. Whereas, my article offers a harmonious solutions to curb, erase such breeds without harassing or harming them. May they be homosexuals , bisexuals , gays, lesbians etc. I had given a amicable solution to the world which if debated in parliament will have the maximum votes.

On reading my article ‘God of Gays’ , one will agree my article offer a ‘fine or refined solution of sense’ which will help to curb, care-n-cure this present breeds who develops this awkward taste in communities and behave abnormally with such gauche wishes . Needless to attribute , all such activities are still an ill practiced taboo around the world which one get obsessed or addicted due to one or other reason already discussed in my previous article ‘God of Gays’

The pious-n-political leaders or their followers should read my article ‘God of Gays’ if it is still there on search engines and forward the same to their respective heads of parties. Every religion or political leaders may also come out with their prospective or progressive ideas , options or solutions then mine , if they have some thing better (alternative) in their minds . The point here is not condemning them , But finding the way out . I still emphasize only criticizing this practice as ‘deviant’ by leaders doesn’t safe their skin-n-blood. They should come out with all better ‘appropriate solutions’ for this community in question. Unless any of the leader of every country come out with a solution , mere accusing or convicting homosexuals is pointless.

Yet I repeat mere by opposing or condemning ‘actions’ of such breed claiming or blaming them wrong was not I or many like me expected from Pope Benedict XVI. Honorable Pope should have come out with a solution for his catholic breed of follower at least who many are turning up and converting into Gays, Lesbians , Bisexuals etc. But still I admire the Pope and honor him at high esteemed regard to come out boldly on this topic and cleared his mind un politically. There is nothing ‘impossible’. By wisdom or discourses every religious care takers can spread the mesaage or offer their solution . I don’t understand why they are afraid to spell out against this universal taboo which no religion accept.

And now will some media-n-mass also stand up to condemn Pope Benedict XVI as homophobic as the same you did to me by banning and removing my article from your net wire news?

Needless to argue - ‘Free Press Never Ban Free Mind- At least Indy Media shouldn’t . Media or press should allows every ‘sense-n-nonsense to speak-n-swap in debate. Even the LAW never convict the accuse unless the voice from every sides of opposite get heard , witness or under go a true trial by debate or investigating.

A true press publish everything regardless who offer it ? May he be Bin Laden to voice or a foolish microscopic citizen of the world like me. Because ‘FREE PRESS’ know that at the end of the tunnel ‘wisdom will prevail and comes up clean-n-clear like ‘transparent-n-true’ – ‘water-or –air’ when the dirt or mud settles down with which the they were wrongly or rightly mixed.

I wish few media who removed my article ‘God of Gays’ from their internet or archive news should have considered my voice which was hopefully raised for global benefits-n-progress or over all prosperity not to gain personal publicity. If this was my ambition I could have posted my photos many where on net or websites. I am not short of such foolish ideas.

Finally to stop my scribble here - Doesn’t ‘ media of wisdom’ strongly feels that ‘mass’ should come out from the practices of Ape-n-Adam eras. So my question still hangs - Is homosexuality taboo are still the needs of updated human ? Should they be allowed to prevail ?

See if leaders of every county-n-community could find my article GOD OF GAY on below given URL here- Kindly go on it. I feel some have still sustained my article. You can try to get one from under mentioned news websites.

Full Article- Kindly check If it is still sustained on below URL .
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Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.
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