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News :: Environment
SOS - Government Persecution, Threats to MY Life
07 Jan 2004
A verifiable and truthful description of threats to falsely imprison, 'commit" me,silence me, ship-me-out-the back - door, sell me into slavery,prostitution, force me into remote "missions", "matches, even force pregnancy, by the powers that be, with glimpses into the government's hidden black-market underground, economy in slave trade. Methods, mechanisms, amd mindsets that are steadily being forced into, adopted by, incorpoated into mainstream thought,
economy, and justice systems by Bush and Company, and their New World Mafia brethren.. A "must-read" for those who want to understand more about what is really going on.
This post is sent with all seriousness and is
painfully true.
For years, I have been the target of the "company", crooked Feds, and their mob affliates, who have for the past eight years, made life a living hell for me.
In short,over the past eight years, I have been forced from work, forced into homelessness, falsely imprisoned and kept in solitairy for over half a year, physically and psychologically tortured with attempts to "condition" me into prostitution- by the jail staff, sell me into slavery to gold-bedecked "buyers" brought in as inmates", and surviving and defeating attempts by the staff to drive me crazy , push me into breakdown, as well as two attempts to have me illegally and unfoundedly "committed" to a state hospital,although I have no history of mental illness, violent, destructive behavior, criminality, or substance abuse. And I still managed to exit quite intact, in excellent total fitness, also having acquired a GED, and a 3000 donation of new jail library books I'd requested from a famous Maine author, and with reams of journal pages, documents, grievance forms, documents, drawings, designs. )And remember, all while in a solitairy gray, cement cage for over half a year, completely out of touch with anyone, and constantly psychologically, physically tortured. And throughout my imprisonment, I never once behaved violently, never even cursed.- Hard to justify how my behavior was in any way endangering anyone's life, isn't it? Hardly a candidate for involuntary "committment" as a danger, in the legal and only sense that counts, isn't it?
And since then, several years ago, the same powers that be have gone to great lengths, to try and contain me, keep me from employmrnt and sabotage my work when I scrape it up.And since a "friend" , a computer engineer, years ago managed to sabotage my car , ( I found him tinkering in the garage, while he was supposed to be preparing our dinner. The next day my reliable car 's radiator exploded, engine somehow threw a rod). And since they had managed years ago, when I was still a gainfully, employed, hard-working individual, to suspend my driving license for a DUI,( although I was not drunk and my BAC registered significantly under the legal limit ,and I had paid the best , high-priced, "guaranteed to get you off" DUI attorney in town), and since my entombment in penal hell, (by the way, I would tell you, all for a minor and false trespassing charge. I was told to go to a certain house, and wait to speak to the owner about a job by a friend of the homeowner, and all I did was enter through an open door and launder five hours worth of dirty dungarees in a weatherbeaten, frame house that had nothing of value. That resulted in the melodramatic entrance of the owner screaming thief, and the consequential arrival of police,my arrest, though I had proven I had nothing in my possession of theirs, and had explained the circumstances(,though no phone was available?), was arrested despite the fact, that I had been invited, had not broken and entered,had immediately complied with their request to leave , ( which was in compliance wit the laws, and should have absolved me of any trespassing charge as legally defined by stste and local laws,the long drive to the jail where the officer propositioned me- " shouting' "My name is John and your bail will be $5000" when I'd asked him poliely, for only his name, and then spent two months in a holding cell, (against state and Federal law), and it was a full month before, after much screaming and ruckus about it, and while extremely potent sedatives and or narcotics were laced in all my meals, and the little rural jail was trying to effect the atmosphere of a paramiltary compound, surrounding me with men as my neighbors and only male staff as attendants,even effecting paramiltary staging in motions, gesture, and artificially regimented speech, and including several portly fellows frequently donning black fatigues, boots, turtlenecks and marching in step past my cell-it was a full month during which I was in fear of my life for every minute of every day of , apparent, indicated, threats of my disappearance, "shipment",observing a lot of women who behaved more like revelers than prisoners, in groups moved quickly in and out of jail,- this was in rural Maine, not exactly party central. ( Concubines for Kosovo?) It was only after a month of relentlessly making a LOT of noise about it, that I was able to force them to PHOTOGRAPH me, as is standard, MANDATORY PROCEDURE, as had NOT been done when I was arrested, and intentionallly not done, and avoided,until I'd forced them, through daily and hourly protest, to record my image,finally, a month after my arrest.- Not exactly typical county jail behavior. After which I was soon, finally moved to a populated cell block, and concurrently, not coincidentally, the paramilitary stuff stopped.
And since my escape from the chambers of penal hell,I have only been able to find the most menial jobs ( having been denied many low-level, menial jobs in the interim),despite the fact that I have twenty-seven years of legitimate work history from youth counseling to sales to large yachts, gourmet food, and am an articulate,well-mannered, good-humored, attractive, individual with good references ), with fellow employees constantly trying to "set programs", and also, condition me to prostitutional directives-NOT!). And since my horrible incarceration, and most pointedly, since I began on 911-01 , investigating, reporting, and writing about 911 and the consequential events of Afghan, Iraq, Anthrax, relationship to Bush-Bin-Ladens,CIA, other related issues and people, they have made an intense and kept up a relentless effort to attack and threaten me
with manufactured arrest, false imprisonment,unjust, illegal "committment" to silence me, keep me from telling anyone about my experience with the government underground, prison industry in creating and selling slaves, or reporting to anyone about the activities of the fascist mobs, frauds, who are currently at the US helm and aiming to reduce democracy to a system of high-tech fascism, mob-governed slavery, and feudalism.
And these threats have of late, have surfaced again with renewed vigor. And because I also have unique skills and abilities that those networks would like to exploit, the threats of falso imprisonment, shipping me off to a mental hospital also always carry allusions to my being drugged, shipped out the back door, made to disappear, sold into slavery for remote, clandestine "missions", forced into prostitution, sexual slavery, and they even go so far as to clearly indicate they wish to impregnate me. ( This accomplished through hormonal medications or "foods" over long-term, then actuated while unconscious. With of course, no way as a "crazy" to protest , be heard, and protected".) This is no joke.
As stated,I've seen them in action, up close and in person. And many of the gangsters, with whom I was forced to share public shelter with, who would echo these threats, all seemed to be vere aware of the methods involved- imprisonment, "committment",drugs, torture, "conditioning", rights deprivation, seclusion, secret shipmemts out the back door.)And though destination really doesn't matter, as I rebuke them all, the many and consistent "players" involved in seeking my imprisonment and slavery, forced "breeding" ( as if people were bloody livestock!) have regularly been indicated to be "sheiks", Arabs,"Czecks", Mexicans, South Americans,infrequently Chinese, East Indians, and of late- Russians, all deals brokered, and forwarded by whom I now recognize as "company",crooked Feds,and their extended family in the mobs, ( as their public representaives who voice their "program" preferences indicate themselves through verbal and visual references,"costume", props, and also mentioning things only people with inside and expensive connections and crooked as they could have known.)
Currently, my domecile is only vaguely safe, as I found refuge with my only active living brother, who also happens to work as a Federal bureaucrat, and who himself, tries to set "programs", indicate "deals", and with whom it is a constant struggle to carry out the most mundane chore or ordinairy dialogue, without their becoming fodder for "stage-play" and "program ignition, agin, involving arrangements for prostitution, sexual slavery, forced "matches", motherhood, security dooty.( NOT IN ANYONE's LIFETIME"!)
I have been, during the past eight years, virtually imprisoned, deprived of access to employment, kept socially economically, culturally impoverished, isolated, physically assaulted, psychologically tortured, constantly harassed by "players" or would be "dealmakers" from library to grocery store. I have been frozen,assaulted, forced to sleep out-of-doors in the winter to escape the threats of gangsters, government moles harbored in shelters, starved in order to avoid the heavily "medicated" food provided at shelters, fought my way back time and time again, and still managed to remain, sane, civil, clean, and even advance my career skills in computer applications and culinary trade, gaining certificates,( while sleeping outside in a doorway, but always clean, active),and finally qualifying for college, albeit, once I had qualified, and was at the threshold of program admission to college for a paralegal certificate, the Federal agency in supervision of the funding, told me the money was not available. (That was the second time that occurred to me within three years. Each time,denied entry, just as I'd qualified, after expending much of my time and effort.)And throughout I have remained healthy, hopeful, lucid, bright, resourceful, and in the midst, still found time to write,a nd report on matters concerning threats to us all of Bush and Company's NWO designs and dangers, not only about their relationships to 911, but also about illegal bio-warfare manufacturing in Cabazon Indian Reservation,possibility of influenza spread by chemtrails, mk Ultra slave-programming, CIA's involvement with child kidnapping and pedophile rings, (similar to your censored Operation Ore parliamentary discoveries") ownership , and apparent rigging of new, voting machines, and elections by BUSH_SAUDI_CIA Carlyle Group and The Rothschild's, revealing relationships unnanounced by press such as Bush-CIA Bin-Ladens, Bush-Clintons- and now Wesley Clark andhis involvement in WACO, Texas massacre, and his relationship to the same Mena Arkansas firm and drug hub that spawned the Clintons and provided Bush, Sr, his Iran-Contra cocaine.
I am, by no means, a slouch, incompetent, or crazy, and I really need help. And I would point out the obvious, if what I say is true, and it is, then those of you who want a free and truthful democracy should really try to help me, because, if alive and free, I am that much of a threat to them, then you should try to make certain, I stay alive and free.
I am an honest, responsible, person. One of the most honest, people over the age of five, you are ever likely to meet. I have never been a part of any criminal network, any of the places they are trying to force me, and that also includes police "service". Nor will I ever be.
They have stolen eight years of my life Eight years of my youth, opportunities for career, family, friendships, personal development that I can never retrieve.And have been forced to suffer nearly every day, from threats against me, my liberty,my life. For eight years, thay have treated me, and at times, forced me to live as an animal. And for eight years, I have been, through God's help alone, penniless, able to defeat them and stave off their attacks, attempts to "condition" me to reflexive subservience, accept their mob immorality,prostitution, "security "service", vulgarity, profanity, blasphemy, violence as the norm. Alone and penniless I have managed to quell their attempts to imprison my mind or body, manufacture my madness or arrest, felonious, illegal "committment", sales into slavery. Alone, friendless, and penniless, with God alone and His word, I have been able to defeat va-re sophisticated, well-financed efforts by VA-re large networks to
destroy me, force me into their evil, despicable "families" bent on creating a Godless, pagan, pyrimidal mob-governed, slave hierarchy. And despite the most cruel and difficult on all levels circumstances I still won, survived, advanced, having stuck to God's spirit and will as I understood it. Now now, they are trying again.
And in consideration of the adjusted circumstances, as I am still without vehicle, money to replace my license, cannot, especially now, find safe refuge in public shelters, I request your help, even if it is simply to stand as witness for what I've told you, should they succeed in throwing me in jail, I wish to have it known, publicly, what has been, and is happening to me.And so I might preserve, not only my freedom, but help protect other innocent people from the suffering the same horrific practices, I have. ( When they compare Bush and his elitist machinery to Hitler, you'd better listen!)
I would rather die than embrace any of their "lifestyles" or ideologies, and had invited them to kill me if they are not going to let me go. One quick bullet, no cloning, grafting, molestation of any kind. Just one quick, kind bullet. But they don't have that kind of integrity.
I am a dedicated, spirit-filled Christian, lady in every significant deed or definition, albeit not of the conventional perception of one, I wear jeans, I know how to use power tools, as well as host an enlightened and informed conversation with farmer, engineer, or politician, artist, musician among lace and crystal, or oak and coffee mugs. And I am straight, solid, celibate, no sex, drugs, violence, and everything they propose, violates every civil and human right.
And for no more reason than I have unique skills and abilities that "they" wish to control and exploit, and knowledge and political voice they wish to silence, I have suffered years of attack and deprivation.
and I am kept in virtual prison, no money, no way to meet anyone I want to meet. ( If I venture to a bar,-which I don't like- just to talk to people,they send their "players" to sit next to me. And most of the modern churches here are anything but Christian in reality, in terms of what the Bible and God's spirit defines, and the same sort of "play" involving me, occurs, even there.
I have however, while in my brother's house been able to access the computer, which I had not been able to do freely for years, and have made good use of the time in contacting and notifying attorneys,justices, human rights groups, groups against police abuse, human trafficking,all press large and small, foreign and domestic, Christian and secular, DOJ, State Department, passport agency, about these threats and schemes to falsely arrest,
"commit" and ship" me, sell me into slavery, and that has indeed, had a positive affect. However, as mentioned, many of those involved are government, and some of the agencies meant to protect citizens, may not always be trusted, especially where "wanted" individuals are concerned. So,I would like to allow members of the patriotic dissident community here, a chance to understand, and help protect themselves, and help me, if they like.
I am now , 46 years of age, and have miraculously survived eight years of hell, intact. I have have had eight years of hell, abuse and torture, in America, as a citizen of America, by American authoties and networks, corrupt police and their domestic and intrnational criminal cohorts, who see nothing wrong with attacking and imprisoning innocent, lawful people, simply because they've got abilities they want to exploit, and have been trying to, and struggling to make my own way and advance myself honestly, eschewing their corrupt "ya give, ya get" sex for money, favors, jobs, slave-system, the dominant culture here now,and most importantly, because I have been trying, as many are, to alert people about the dangerous activities and evidenced intents of Bush and Company, and the New World Mafia to destroy free people and democracy and install 21st century, mob-governed feudalism.
Respectfully and Truthfully Yours, In spirit of Christ, -Ms. V. Smith

PS- With all respect and kind appreciation, I would have to let anyone who would extend response or offers of assistance to me that they would have to provide substantial proof of who they are and what their ties are. As you can be well understood, considering.

This work is in the public domain