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News :: War and Militarism
War Continues for Bush's Ego? My Rear End!
12 Dec 2006
Critique of article that states that we are in Iraq due to Bush's Ego
bomb car_bomb_iraq%20256224.jpg
War Continues for "Bush's Ego"? My Rear End!

Cathy Garger

With all due respect, I can not stand the Paul Craig Roberts "limited hangout" that posits that we are still in Iraq (and Afghanistan for that matter) due to One Man's Ego. Nor can I stand the implication that there was any "mistake" at all about Iraq (or Afghanistan, while we're at it). The United States wanted to get into Iraq and Afghanistan and control their oil resources long before 9/11 even happened.

Let's state the facts as they exist, shall we? All of the United States Senate and all but 23 of the US House of Representatives lawmakers (over 400 of them) just voted another Mega-Billion War Funding Authorization Act into law in October. Congress is fully *into* war...and not just this one President, either.

Regardless of what the phony liberal writers are trying to tell the US and the rest of the world? Know that this is *not* Bush's war. This is a war fully supported by almost ALL of Congress - the very same individuals who are supposed to "represent" the American people. But what has happened in the United States is that the federal government has been completely, totally HIJACKED by corporate backers and globalist leaders who "pull America's strings" in ways too hideous to even fathom.

We in the US are under a form of authoritarian control - almost akin to a dictatorship - of a full-fledged fascist state and *not* a democracy no matter what the talking puppet heads in Washington, DC say. The lawmakers are no longer representing the good Americans I know. A full SIXTY NINE percent (69%) of Americans polled recently in a Harris Poll stated that they want to remove the troops from Iraq! . That means more than TWO THIRDS of America wants OUT of war!

And, on top of that? Only a tiny minority, sixteen percent (16%) believe the US government's official story about 9/11 . Almost all Americans know that we have been lied to about the murder of 2,800 of our own on 9/11 plus thousands more now who are dead and dying, due to the toxicity at the World Trade Center in New York. Most Americans fully realize that something extremely under-handed took place on 9/11 in order to get us into wars everlasting. The full exterminating power of the most lethal military in the world is aimed at the good people of the Middle East, who have done nothing whatsoever to harm us here.

So what the US sold-out mainstream media is *not* telling you is that most Americans are SICK over what was orchestrated by some in power here... in order to create a dark-skinned Muslim/Arab so-called "terrorist" or "evil doing" enemy somewhere "over there" in order to justify invasions and occupations, and the theft of resources, overseas.

Most of America fell for the false flag attack of 9/11, initially. Now, however, the people have started waking up, Big Time, and know that an enemy must always be created before the US can wage war against an innocent nation. Or, with the rhetoric against other nations supposedly belonging to some "axis of evil", there are several more nations on the US war-makers' "wish list" - or shall I say "hit list?"

No, this is not all about a President Gone Mad. This is about an entire fascist Legislative branch - and not simply just the Executive branch - under the control of some nameless, faceless psychopaths who truly wish to control the world's resources.

The last US Senator to vehemently oppose the Iraq War - even before it started - was Senator Paul Wellstone, whose aircraft "mysteriously" suffered an accident with lies told after the crash about weather conditions. It was a death threat warning to all of Congress - of this many of us have no doubt.

The US government is not being led by one man with an ego who is worried about a "mistake". Make no mistake about this... Those who are earning MEGA-profits in Iraq and Afghanistan know exactly, precisely what they are doing.

And what can American citizens do? We voted the current Republican Congress out of power in November. But now, most of the new legislators coming into power are in no hurry to leave these wars either. In effect, for all intents and purposes, we seem to have only one political party in America, and it is all about making a buck, regardless of how many they have to kill to do so. American or Iraqi, it matters not.

Now, onto another matter, sadly, the 655,000 figure of dead Iraqis,,1892888,00.html does not even paint the true picture of Made In the US Death, because the United States and other "coalition forces" i.e., the UK and few others, use such a great deal of uranium in their guns, tanks, and bombs in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

These uranium munitions are blown to smithereens, are microscopic and travel even thousands of miles through the air. One of the forms of uranium munitions (mistakenly called "Depleted" Uranium) has a Total Life of 45 billion years. So, what this means is that the radioactivity is in the Middle East, quite literally forever, and will kill millions of people over time.

One of the forms of uranium munitions (mistakenly called "Depleted" Uranium) has a half-life of 4.5 billion years. So, what this means is that the radioactivity is staying in the Middle East quite literally forever and will kill millions of people over time. or

I am not sure what, exactly, will cause the psychopaths in power in the US, UK, and Israel to stop this radioactive madness. We can get rid of the few who hold power in the Executive office, but still, those who are the silent backers of this war-business profiteering will only create new puppets to do their bidding. They have worked up to this state of war-making and war-profiteering for quite some time.

It is incumbent upon the REST of the world to say NO to the US profiteers - whether the world must do it by economic means; and, even if, very sadly, the American public will suffer.

The US, admittedly, has made other nations suffer through economic sanctions - even in fairly recent history. The real and powerful evil-doers who hold the power in the US, UK, and Israel are, unfortunately, only going to "listen to" economic hardship. Word has it that many other nations are either not trading in the US dollar, are boycotting US goods, products, and services, and/or are doing other things that will bring this economy to a grinding halt.

Maybe if Eurasia finds out that the US, UK, and Israel have rendered much of Eurasia as a poisonous, radioactive zone forevermore... they will find a way to stop those who are using these genocidal weapons upon the innocent citizens of the world. Uranium munitions fit the criteria for international war crimes against humanity.

It is at times like this that one is almost too sad to have to state the nation in which one resides. Oh, if only the rest of the world knew how truly sorry MOST Americans are - and how the world needs to help figure out how to get this radioactive killing by the psychopaths responsible ... to stop.

Cathy Garger

How Many More Will Die For Bush's Ego?

Are the American people, Congress, and the American Establishment going to let the death toll continue to mount day by day
for the two more years it takes for Bush to become history?

By Paul Craig Roberts

12/09/06 "Information Clearing House" -- -- Last July in response to Bush-the-Evil’ s enabling of Israel ’s gratuitous slaughter of thousands of Lebanese civilians and destruction of the country’s infrastructure, I wrote about “the shame of being an American.” With the ongoing slaughter of our troops and Iraqi civilians in Bush’s war in Iraq , it is time to revisit that theme.

As the Iraqi civil war (euphemistically termed “sectarian violence”) intensifies, both US and Iraqi casualties have sharply increased. Thirty-five US troops have been killed in the first week of December. Iraqis are dying at each other’s hands at about 100 per day, with many more wounded by bombs.

Iraqi civilians continue to suffer at the hands of the US military, with the latest news being a US air strike that wiped out two families totaling 32 people.

The report from the bipartisan Iraq Study Group has made it plain as day that the US is accomplishing nothing in Iraq except the destabilization of the entire Middle East . As Middle East expert Anthony Sullivan writes in The National Interest, the ISG report “constitutes a massive repudiation of the policy of the Bush Administration.” The war is lost and cannot be retrieved militarily. “Staying the course” is the path of total folly.

Yet, the White House Moron says that it is better for 100 US troops and 3,000 Iraqi civilians to die every month than for him to admit that he is wrong.

To date the cost of Bush being wrong is 25,000 US casualties (dead and wounded) and approximately 650,000 dead Iraqis. No one knows how many have been wounded. How many more will die before America drowns in the shame of the blood that is being shed for no other reason than the American people were so stupid as to elect a president who cannot admit that he made a mistake? The same stupid American people elected a Congress that is too corrupt to impeach a president who is a liar, a war criminal, and a tyrant. Instead, they are prepared to let Bush off with a mere “mistake,” a courtesy denied to President Clinton. Lying about sex is an impeachable offense. Lying about war is a mere mistake.

Are the American people, Congress, and the American Establishment going to let the death toll continue to mount day by day for the two more years it takes for Bush to become history?

How do America ’s military families feel about the loss of loved ones for no reason except President Bush cannot admit a mistake?

How do the troops themselves feel about it? On December 8, a US Marine who has spent 7 months fighting insurgents in Anbar province answered this question on lewrockwell. com as follows: “I’m sick and tired of this patriotic, nationalistic and fascist crap. . . . How do you justify ‘sacrificing’ your life for a war which is not only illegal, but is being prosecuted to the extent where the only thing keeping us there is one man’s power, and his ego.” US Marine Philip Martin says he joined the Marines to protect the US Constitution, not to serve as an imperialist storm trooper.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard talking heads worrying about Bush’s “comfort level” with the Iraqi Study Group’s unanimous report. Bush’s comfort level? What about the comfort level of the Iraqis and Americans who are losing family members while idiot talking heads worry about Bush’s comfort level with the facts!

Try to imagine the impression the US gives to the rest of the world: The US cannot stop a war that is a catastrophe becoming a calamity because it would interfere with Bush’s comfort level.

This disastrous war is a testament to the irresponsibility of the American people and their elected representatives. There were, of course, many dissenters. But the majority were too lazy and irresponsible to take the trouble to be informed. Most Americans allowed themselves to be deceived and emotionally manipulated. The consequence of this failure of the American people has been brutal for countless people and their families in Iraq , Afghanistan and Lebanon and for the thousands of American families who have suffered because Bush sent US troops on a fool’s mission. The American people are stained with the blood of innocents. Are they still not sufficiently angry with the president who used them for his crimes to demand his impeachment?

As long as Bush remains in office, the neoconservatives will demand more wars. In the current issue of “Foreign Policy,” neocon Joshua Muravchik stridently insists that Bush bomb Iran before he leaves office. Muracvchik urges his fellow neocon warmongers to “pave the way” for the bombing of Iran and to “be prepared to defend the action when it comes.”

As Middle East expert Anthony Sullivan writes, the neoconservatives are “fifth columnists” whose “real concern is not the United States but Israel .” Sullivan writes that “it is past time that neoconservatives and their movement be left to drown in the deepest reaches of the ocean.”

Amen! And send Bush and Cheney and Rice with them.
http://www.informat ionclearinghouse .info/article158 52.htm
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