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News :: Politics
Democrats William Jefferson,Tim Mahoney, iGate,vFinance,DOBI, Endovasc penny stock frauds
17 Dec 2006
So far,of all Democrats involved in penny stocks directly or indirectly,Tim Mahoney of Boca Raton, Florida,(known for being home to many penny stock scam artists and thus probable international money launderers),is the worst of the worst.
Democrats William Jefferson,Tim Mahoney, iGate,vFinance,DOBI, Endovasc penny stock frauds

The case of William Jefferson,Democrat from Louisiana and his apparent business associate Vernon L. Jackson if true shows some Democrat penny stock scamsters are also flying under the radar of the U.S. SEC. At first I equated William Jefferson's search by the FBI to be a set up reminescent of the 'Abscam Sting' of the 1980's.

However this was not a simple case of leaving money in a Congressman's possession and returning to retrieve it later and charge him with bribery.This involves a U.S. penny stock operation that generally defrauds American investors and donates to generally far right politicians who are corrupt enough to see an advantage to them in keeping the dirty money flowing.

But this involves using a penny stock scam to bribe politicians on an international scale,in Africa. Reminescent of Titan Corporation's involvement
in Africa not long ago.However I would still say for all the Louisiana and Beltway and African intrigue involved with William Jefferson's and Vernon L. Jackson's Nigerian venture with their U.S. penny stock corporation iGate Inc,that ex Republican turned Democrat Tim Mahoney 's VFIN is a much larger international fraud.

In Mr. Mahoney's line of 'work' criminal 'executives' of worthless U.S. penny stock 'companies' with millions or hundreds of millions of worthless shares to dump on defrauded investors come to him and vFIN to distribute their worthless shares as both a 'financier'
or source of financing and as a 'market maker' to innumerable worthless penny stocks.It is quite conceivable that William Jefferson's iGate Inc. was one of the myriad worthless and fraudulent U.S. penny
stocks that Tim Mahoney's worthless vFIN was a
'market maker' for.

Or perhaps vFIN aided insiders to the scam to dump their worthless shares on defrauded retail purchasers in the fraudulent U.S. OTCBB market run by NASDAQ just as they did for LOM of Bermuda and aparently for Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai even after or particulasrly after 9/11 when the SEC and the Bush() Regime should have seen money laundering with unaudited shares was probably taking place taking place.Thanks Tim Mahoney and vFIN. (Traitors.)

Tim Mahoney's vFIN buying and selling huge amounts of worthless penny stocks they have 'made a market' in as well as 'invested' in,and dumped shares of themselves for illegal stock manipulations, pumps and dumps - and with U.S. penny stocks always comes money laundering.We are talking serious billions of dollars in penny stock fraud and probable offshore money laundering in both vFin's and Charles Schwab's 's dealings with LOM of Bermuda alone ! Where's the SEC !?



Clients stood to benefit from suspect stock sales – claim

from :

As part of an attempt to establish that LOM has sufficient ties to the United States to meet jurisdictional requirements, Ungar claimed that LOM executed substantial volumes of trades with the US operations of vFinance Investments Inc., Schwab Capital Markets LLC, and Sterne, Agee Capital Markets and also did business with CIBC Mellon Securities Trust Company, in New York.
"The volume of LOM's US trading, whether on behalf of its customers or its own accounts, is staggering," stated Mr. Ungar. "For example, in LOM's account at Schwab, during a two-week period in 2003 – the same year in which the SHEP and Sedona transactions in question occurred – LOM bought or sold, on over 4,000 different occasions, a total of 151 million shares of US securities traded over various US securities markets."
The trader at Florida-based vFinance who was in charge of LOM's account testified that "LOM's trading over the US markets was more than the trading of most US regional banks" and that he "either accumulated or liquidated millions of shares a day for them", stated Mr. Ungar.

I generally equate the crime of penny stock fraud with the crime of money laundering because I believe they go hand in hand.When money is defrauded from investors in illegal penny stock scams the money held by insiders to the scam are in fact illicit gains and all use of that money after the fact is in fact money laundering ! And while up to now I have been most amazed with Republican penny stock fraud and the
brazeness in aiding their penny stock fraud clients or political campaign contributers(such as Patrick Byrne of,Utah),Democrats are also involved although up to this point have played a small role when compared to Republicans.

Remember it is only Republican connected penny stock 'executives' such as those operating Skyway Communications and China Wireless penny stock scams ,both connected also to either drug trafficking or a boiler room(Bellador Group) in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai,who actually use Republican Party's and Tom DeLay's names as endorsements in press releases to add 'credibility' to their frauds and promote their worthless companies' worthless shares to investors ! :

SkyWay Communications Holding Corp Announces Congressman and Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay's Appointment of Brent C. Kovar, President of SkyWay, to the National Republican Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council

Pedro E. Racelis III CEO and President of China Wireless Appointed to Serve on The National Republican Congressional Committees Business Advisory Council

Below,title and link to Daniel Hopsicker article on the Skyway Communication DC9 airplaane captured by the Mexican army with over 5.5 tons of cocaine in Campeche,Mexico in April.:

APRIL 17 2006--Venice,FL.
by Daniel Hopsicker


Democratic candidate's firm added to fraud suit

mcaputo (at)

TALLAHASSEE - After investors sued a company whose new breast-cancer detector turned out to be ineffective, a firm partly owned by the Democrat fighting for Mark Foley's congressional seat stepped in.

Tim Mahoney's company, though, didn't side with the investors, who included a former deputy CIA director and a media empire heiress.

Instead, Mahoney's Boca Raton-based vFinance Inc. bought out the assets -- but not the liabilities -- of a deep-pocketed investment group that sold shares in the cancer-detector company. The plaintiffs said the purchase of Sterling Financial Investment Group's assets was a fraudulent effort to hide ill-gotten gains and will make it tougher for them to collect if they win the suit filed in December 2005 in federal court in Texas.

''At the very least, this was unethical. vFinance showed up at the party and took away the money that should be part of a judgment,'' said the plaintiffs' attorney, Mark Kincaid.

vFinance was recently added to the suit along with Sterling and the cancer-detector company DOBI. All deny wrongdoing and say investors knew the risks of speculating on the market. Through his campaign, Mahoney, vFinance's chairman who is not named in the suit, declined to comment and deferred questions to the company's attorney, Peter Ticktin.............

The suit does not specify the total damages, but Kincaid said the loss by the investors was about $2.4 million. He said the plaintiffs might still be able to collect from vFinance, but the transaction with Sterling would make it tougher and add far more paperwork.

Heading into the political race, Democrats banked on Mahoney's business acumen to appeal to voters in the Republican-majority district. Mahoney's latest television ad, featuring him shooting a shotgun and barbecuing at his ranch, calls him a ''common-sense'' businessman and talks of the need to clean up the ''corruption'' and ''waste'' in Congress.............

Mahoney, who has plowed more than $500,000 of his own money into his campaign, aggressively knocked Foley as politically corrupt and even strung up police tape outside the congressman's home. Weeks later, when he learned of Foley's inappropriate messages to a House page, he called for an inquiry. Foley resigned as more lurid messages surfaced. State Rep. Joe Negron has replaced Foley on the Republican ticket.

Mahoney helped found vFinance as a financial services company. Over the past few years, it has been assessed $80,000 in securities fines and has faced a few other lawsuits, which Ticktin said is ''a cost of doing business'' that isn't out of the ordinary.

Ticktin said Mahoney had no involvement in the Sterling deal. Mahoney's name, though, appears in a public filing that detailed the transaction.

Another name that surfaced: Sterling founder Charles Patrick Garcia, the businessman who had breakfast with President Bush in August when he called for immigration reform in Miami. As part of the deal in January with vFinance, Sterling was paid with 17.5 million shares of vFinance stock -- worth about $4.3 million -- and Garcia was given a $262,000 job, according to public filings and Ticktin.

Garcia didn't return calls. Ticktin said Sterling is almost done paying $450,000 in regulatory fines.

The lead plaintiff, Brian Vodicka, claims the defendants knew or should have known they were marketing a faulty machine, that they lied about its effectiveness and then fraudulently sought out investors to pump up the price of the stock before dumping the shares to make a profit.

Vodicka is responsible for bringing in media heiress Barbara Hearst as an investor. Another big name investor: Bobby Inman, former deputy director of the CIA.

But vFinance didn't just help out Sterling when it was in trouble. According to a 2004 lawsuit filed in New Jersey by Elizabeth Redden, 93, vFinance purchased the assets of a firm she was suing, Somerset Financial Group. After all the creditors got done with Somerset, there was no money left for her, and she died soon after, losing $250,000, said her lawyer, George Mahr III.

''Basically, they helped make sure a little old lady didn't get her money before she died,'' Mahr said. ``The problem is, the transaction was legal. It wasn't ethical. But Congress writes the laws and the [regulators] aren't regulating. And look at Congress.''


William Jefferson,iGate Inc.,Tim Mahoney,vFinance, DOBI,Endovasc,LOM penny stock fraud

Tim Mahoney :

Tim Mahoney was the successful Democratic Party nominee in the 2006 congressional election for the Sixteenth Congressional District of Florida (map). He defeated Republican Joe Negron 49% to 48% in the race to replace Rep. Mark Foley, who resigned in disgrace.

Personal life
Mahoney has a home in Palm Beach Gardens and a cattle ranch in southern Highlands County, Fla. He is married and has a daughter. The Mahoneys are members of the Venus United Methodist Church in Venus, Fla. Mahoney describes himself as a fundamental Christian.

[edit]Political views

Originally a self-described Reagan Republican, Mahoney only became a Democrat two years before running for Congress on the party's ticket. He stated that the had become disillusioned with the corruption and partisanship within the ranks of the Republican party. [1][2]

Republicans,William Jefferson,Tim Mahoney and penny stock fraud,money laundering

Va. Woman Wore a Wire In Rep. Jefferson Inquiry

At first I thought William Jefferson's bribery scandal was simply a case of $90,000 found in his refrigerator
probably by the very FBI informant or informants that were out to get him .After reading more details it becomes obvious that this is really not only a case of
bribery but international bribery,(as far as Nigeria ), and sanctioned or aided by a U.S. congressman or so it appears at present,because of his unethical dealing with yet another U.S.penny stock called iGate Inc.

While Vernon L. Jackson, owner of iGate Inc., has pleaded guilty to charges that he bribed Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-La.) to get business in Africa,it is probably the illegal pump and dump of worthless iGate Inc penny stock shares on defrauded investors that should be an even more serious crime.

Company tied to flap in Congress disappears
Lexington Herald-Leader, June, 2006 by Jim Jordan
Content provided
in partnership with

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A divided House OKs...
House passes...
House GOP pushes...
SafeNet SafeEnterprise...
In a bribery scandal that has ensnared U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., and ruffled lawmakers over prosecutors' search of the congressman's office, a "Louisville-based high-tech company" often gets mentioned as having started all the fuss.

Vernon L. Jackson has been identified as CEO of iGate Inc. in Louisville in almost every news story and Justice Department press release about his case since May 3.

On that date, Jackson, 53, pleaded guilty to giving more than $400,000 in bribes to Jefferson for helping iGate get broadband technology business in Africa. He now faces up to 20 years in prison and $500,000 in fines.

But the Herald-Leader and others who have tried to contact iGate have discovered that the company either no longer exists or is so well hidden no one can find it.

"We tried and were unable to contact them," said Sunil ...



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From: katrined
Jun 1 2006
Msg: #of 78
In addition to iGate, Jefferson's trip was paid for by Project Consulting Services, an engineering consulting firm in Metairie; Verizon; and Leth Energy Inc., which is now called Global Environmental Energy Corp., according to Jefferson's disclosure report.
Global Environmental has headquarters in the Bahamas, but has a New Orleans office that filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year. At least one of last week's warrants sought documents related to Jefferson's dealings with a company called Global Energy and Environmental Services LLC, but it was unclear whether they are the same firm, according to the source.

Refinery in Nigeria

Global Environmental recently announced plans to develop a new refinery in Nigeria with a processing capacity of 70,000 barrels a day. The company said the work would be done with Sahara Petroleum Exploration Corp., a subsidiary of Chasewood Consortium Ltd.

Noreen Wilson, listed as sole officer and director of Global Environmental Energy Corp. in the company's May bankruptcy filing, said that although the company helped pay for Jefferson's 2004 trip to Africa, it did not send a representative. She said Jefferson has "always helped" U.S. firms interested in investing in Africa, but "has never asked for anything in return."


Loop Telecom Partners With TEK DigiTel to Deliver Internet Telephony Solutions in Emerging Markets
Business Wire, June 21, 1999

Find More Results for: "iGate Inc africa"
Company tied to flap...
House passes...
House GOP pushes...
A divided House OKs...
GERMANTOWN, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 21, 1999--

TEK DigiTel Corporation (OTC BB:TEKI)

Loop Will Manufacture and Resell TEK Convergence Platform to

Service Providers

To advance deployment of Internet-based voice communications in Asian Pacific markets, Loop Telecommunications International, Inc. (Loop Telecom) and TEK DigiTel (OTC: TEKI) have entered a two-part agreement that will extend Internet Telephony to service providers in Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South America and Western Europe. The deal includes an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement through which Loop will private-label TEK DigiTel's newly announced V-Server iGATE voice gateways for resale to service providers.

Additionally, Loop will manufacture iGATE devices to be distributed through TEK DigiTel's existing channels, which include relationships with leading manufacturers and service providers. TEK DigiTel expects to produce approximately 10,000 iGATE units by year end.


FL-16, Tim Mahoney (D) and vFinance, Inc.
Moving from the "financial services industry" into politics is not a good idea especially when the company that you own and are touting has a track record like this (

I wonder how long it will take to find the many investors who lost their "life savings" in vFinance, Inc?

I did see that Tim Mahoney (D) was against individual social security accounts. With a track record like his publicly traded company, I do not blame him.

Plus, it is a very fun exercise to google vFinance and lawsuit......

UPDATE:The best part of this is that all that shareholder value was lost while Clinton was President!!! This company went public in March 2000 at $7.00 a share. In one year, Tim Mahoney (D) lost $300,000,000 of shareholder value for the stockholders. This chart from Yahoo Finance will sink this guys campaign. Please help spread the news.

While the above blogger blames Bill Clinton for VFIN's frauds and claims VFIN became a public company and began dumping its worthless shares to benefit its insiders such as Tim Mahoney in 2000 during Bill Clinton's time in office,it should not be forgotten that it was a Republican controlled Congress and particularly the present Chairman of the SEC Christopher Cox,(now head of the W Bush's SEC). who as a California congressman in 1995 over rode a presidential veto to push his 'pro-business' , (which is to say pro-fraud), 'securities' legislation through the Congress.

Mr.Cox whose lies about 'WMDS' ,(like W Bush's,Dick Cheney's,Donald Rumsfeld's,etc.,)led to thousands of American deaths in Iraq() and tens of thousands wounded has sat back as U.S. penny stocks hoping to dump yet more worthless penny stock shares around the world and finally on defrauded retail purchasers in the U.S. NASDAQ run criminal OTCBB market promote themselves as 'national security' investments.

UCSY or Universal Communications penny stock scam out of Miami of Michael Zwebner,Mohamed Hadid and their friend Israeli President Moshe Katsav comes to mind,as does Nannaco of a Patrick Lochrie possibly of Ireland and his partner in fraud James Dale Davidson, founder of the National Taxpayers Union and friend to Steve Forbes,Richard Mellon-Scaife,the Lord Wiliam Rees-Mogg etc.. It is the mysterious Mr.Davidson along with his friend Lord William Rees-Mogg who used their penny stock newsletter Strategic Investment of Agora Inc. to mass mail a false claim that Bill Clinton murdered his own friend Vince Foster.

It is also James Dale Davidson and the Lord Rees-Mogg who recommended LOM of Bermuda offshore in their book,' The Sovereign Individual',without disclosing their position as owners-investors in this
penny stock holding company that has now become infamous for penny stock fraud.And it is LOM of Bermuda criminal clients that Tim Mahoney and vFIN HELP TO DEFRAUD AMERICAN RETAIL PENNY STOCK INVESTORS.

Chris Cox

In 1995, Cox sponsored a bill that would limit investors' ability to sue their companies if the firms were suspected of securities fraud. The bill became one of only two that were pushed through after a Clinton veto (Los Angeles Times, June 3, 2005).

As ex NY Post business writer Christopher Byron pointed out in his article,'The CIA Stinks', on May 15, 2006,Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer voted in favor of the $12 million or so in government money given to the penny stock 'company' Ionatron to develop their supposed anti- 'IED' ,or 'improvised explosive devices' technology.

Barbara Boxer may be correct in wishing to decrease the number of American soldiers and National Guard killed and permanently disabled in Iraq,however she was conned by right wing Republicans and possibly by Hillary Clinton as well.So in truth Republicans were again the driving force behind this probable fraud on U.S. taxpayers and definite fraud against American and other investors who believed all the hype.

And while taxpayers were out only $12 million,( in money approved by Hillary Clinton,Barbara Boxer and various Republicans however unwittingly),American and other investors taken by this massive penny stock scam that bennefitted yet another illegal CIA and In-Q-Tel pump and dump operation,have lost at least several hundred millions of dollars ! And this loss is CIA employees' and the professional penny stock pump and dump artists who aided thems' profit ! So in truth more money was probably taken from the American economy by the international underworld of U.S. penny stock criminals because Hillary and Barbara Boxer lent their approval to the fraudulent penny stock company posing as a defense contractor.

So this phony shell of a company that used Hillary Clinton's and Barbara Boxer's's endorsement and votes in favor of government funding for Ionatron's anti-'IED' device benefitted certain CIA employees who held shares in the scam company,a law firm closely connected to Hillary Clinton probably associates of Senate Republicans who guided it through the Senate
and thus were privy to inside information and an international underworld of penny stock company criminals with offshore and sometimes onshore accounts to run their illegal penny stock pumps and dumps and probable money laundering and tax avoidance who have too much influence in Washington, D.C. as it is.

Although it appears Hillary Clinton has a conflict of interest through her ties to the law firm Blank and Rome (that has unethically close ties to the Ionatron CIA and In-Q-Tel penny stock pump and dump scam
that uses the Iraq war to promote its worthless shares),Barbara Boxer's reasoning in voting in favor of Ionatron's supposed anti-IED technology may have been from a genuine desire to save soldier's lives in Iraq.I don't know. I do know that she and Hillary Clinton have allowed penny stock con artists to steal at least hundreds of millions of dollars from investors by lending her name to it and that that money is in questionable and criminal hands today with some of the stolen loot no doubt now hidden in offshore accounts where it could fund terrorism or more stock fraud or even political manipulation at home or abroad for all we know.

Hillary Clinton has herself had a past involvement with the now scandalized Refco,(the ' futures and commodities' traders as its ex execs liked to alude to the company),a penny stock manipulator and probable money laundering operation as I have come to see it with secretive ties to Bawag Bank of Austria and numerous offshore accounts filled with worthless U.S. penny stocks. In many ways the 'business model' of Refco was or is very similar to that of Tim Mahoney's VFIN.

Hillary's Bull Market
Was that $100,000 profit from cattle futures a bribe?

Thursday, October 26, 2000 12:01 a.m. EDT

The basic plot line of Mrs. Clinton's foray into the futures markets (keep your eye on two players--lawyer James Blair and broker Robert "Red" Bone) is that in October 1978, she put up $1,000 to start trading through Mr. Bone, who worked in the Arkansas office of a brokerage firm called Refco. Mrs. Clinton said she did this at the urging of a friend, Mr. Blair, who until early this year was chief in-house counsel for Arkansas-based Tyson Foods.

Over 10 months, buying and selling futures contracts in a variety of commodities, especially cattle, Mrs. Clinton after various ups and downs had made nearly $100,000, and in July 1979 got out of the market. While this was going on, Bill Clinton had advanced from the influential position of Arkansas attorney general to the more powerful job of governor.

By Mrs. Clinton's account, she consulted Mr. Blair often during her trading days, but made actual decisions herself. "Jim would call me on a regular basis and I would make a decision whether or not I would trade, and then the trade would be placed. Often he placed it for me. There was nothing wrong with that," said Mrs. Clinton, in her pink press conference.

Maybe not. But did Mrs. Clinton's profits really come from whatever orders she gave Mr. Blair? Or--as some futures experts still wonder--did she have a helping hand at Refco, ensuring her a huge net gain by salting some big winners among otherwise legitimate ups and downs?

By several accounts, there was a lot of latitude at Refco for something Hillary insisted she did not get--"favoritism." According to a market veteran who worked as a clerk for Refco at the time, Mrs. Clinton's version that she called the shots, trade-by-trade, on her relatively small lots of individual deals, is implausible.


JUNE 28, 1999

More Shell Games
Two years of investigation into money laundering yields additional arrests

The mysteries just multiply as prosecutors unseal indictments in a long-running probe of transatlantic money laundering and stock fraud. The latest indictment accuses 42-year-old London lawyer Andrew R. Warren of creating fake shell companies for American stock swindlers. Allegedly helping was a diplomat who lent his name to the shells. Interestingly, filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission examined by Barron's indicate that the diplomat was connected to a stock not mentioned in the indictment -- the bulletproof-vest maker Guardian Technologies International, founded by former Marine Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, a major figure in the Iran-Contra affair during the Reagan Administration.

The indictment, announced June 17 by the Manhattan district attorney's office, alleges that Warren participated in a seven-year conspiracy lasting through July 1997, setting up phony shell companies in Liberia, the English Channel Isle of Jersey and the British Virgin Islands, on behalf of four Americans who already have pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges. They are Salvatore J. Mazzeo, George A. Carhart and James E. Cohen -- all affiliated with the defunct brokerage firm Westfield Financial -- and Felice F. Mischel, a Manhattan securities lawyer. Hiding behind the offshore shells, the group sold $17 million worth of unregistered stock in such firms as Saratoga Brands, Response USA, Las Vegas Entertainment Network and the shoemaker Candies. Manhattan DA Robert M. Morgenthau is asking Britain for Warren's extradition.

Prosecutors say a Liberian diplomat served as a front man in Jersey, Liberia and the British Virgin Islands for swindles involving stocks from New York, New Jersey and Nevada. Barron's found the diplomat has been a large shareholder in former Lt. Col. North's body-armor firm.

An earlier civil suit filed by the SEC alleged the swindlers reaped nearly $3 million in just one 1993 deal, in which the Candies company sold stock to a purported Liberian company that supplied only the address "P.O. Box 26, Moscow 117049." As Barron's reported two years ago ("Buyer Beware," August 25, 1997), several of the firms involved were controlled at various times by A. Barry Witz or Parvinder S. Chadha.

In his guilty plea last year, Carhart told a judge that Barry Witz had instructed the group in stock fraud. Neither Witz nor Chadha has been charged. Currently, Chadha is chief executive of Osicom Technologies, a controversial networking firm that holds itself out as rivaling Cisco Systems and Lucent Technologies.

Under SEC regulations in effect until last year, foreign purchasers of a U.S. company's unregistered stock had to wait 40 days before selling the shares in the U.S. market. But Bear Stearns brokerage records from March 1993 show $198,000 worth of short sales in Las Vegas Entertainment by John J. O'Carroll, the owner of record for some of the offshore entities mentioned in this month's indictment. As Barron's reported in 1997, Barry Witz called himself the lawyer for O'Carroll, whom London investigators described as a money launderer for the Cali drug cartel. After the 1997 story, Chadha and Osicom sued Dow Jones & Co., the publisher of Barron's, for libel in a London court. A British appeals court upheld the suit's dismissal this year.

The London solicitor, Warren, has been out on bail since British authorities arrested him last year, along with his law partner Stuart Creggy, a London magistrate who rates an entry in Debrett's Peerage. Creggy has not been charged with a crime. But a new arrest in the case came last month, when Britain's National Crime Squad arrested Paul Martin Warren, a 52-year-old accountant with the firm Gainsleys Financial Services (and who is no relation to Warren the solicitor).

In reporting the accountant's arrest, the London Mail put a name to a mysterious foreign diplomat. Manhattan prosecutors' filings have alluded to the diplomat without ever naming him. The paper identified him as Charles HNE Wilson and said he had been recruited by the conspirators in the belief that the Liberian diplomat would be immune to interrogation and prosecution. Prosecutors refused to confirm that Wilson was the diplomat mentioned in court papers.

But among solicitor Warren's alleged conspiratorial acts, the latest indictment does mention some allegedly false 1993 statements concerning the ownership of Helmsley Finance. The very same entity turned up in annual SEC filings of Ollie North's Guardian Technologies, where Helmsley Finance appeared as an 8.5% shareholder, only to vanish in the latest proxy statement.

The SEC filings show a mailing address on the Isle of Jersey for Helmsley Finance, described as a company in the British Virgin Islands founded in 1993 and "engaged in providing financial investment services." The filings identify Helmsley's owner as Charles HNE Wilson.

While units of Guardian Technologies shot to $12 (before a subsequent split) on the day of their 1996 initial offering, they soon sank to pennies. Along with the firm's inability to make a profit, North's stock suffered from the collapse of its underwriter Landmark International Equities, after a failed share offering for an Italian-ice firm called Mama Tish's. Among the directors of Guardian is Herbert M. Jacobi, a 59-year-old Manhattan securities lawyer who is no stranger to controversy. Personal lawyer to convicted penny-stock crook Meyer Blinder, Jacobi was barred for life from working for any brokerage firm after the National Association of Securities Dealers concluded in 1991 that he was an undisclosed owner of the brokerage firm Winston-Frost Securities. Jacobi has been a longtime friend and counsel to the Mazzeo family, representing Sal Mazzeo's brother Peter against pending SEC civil charges of stock manipulation.

Jacobi says that Helmsley Finance got its shares in North's body-armor firm in a private placement arranged by Landmark International. "As for who this individual is," says the lawyer, "I have no clue."

Ollie North, now Guardian's board chairman, does not talk to the media, Jacobi says. Nor were calls to Guardian chief executive J. Andrew Moorer returned by Barron's deadline.

Along with the alleged false entries for Helmsley Finance, the new indictment charges London solicitor Warren with faking 1993 ownership papers of the offshore entities Societe Investissement Fiduciaire Occidental, Marlborough House Investments and Orient Investment Trust. Starting in 1993, those entities also turned up as substantial shareholders of Malvy Technology, according to Delaware Federal court records of a class-action suit concerning Malvy.

Shares in Malvy got extra boosts from the Internet tout sheet SGA Goldstar Research-whose publisher subsequently pleaded guilty to receiving shares for his touts-and from four Boca Raton stockbrokers indicted last year for accepting bribes to tout Malvy in 1993 (shortly after the exotically named offshore entities became stockholders).

Yet another of Warren's allegedly false 1993 filings concerned the BP Group, which has turned up in separate SEC filings of the aspiring casino firms Winners Entertainment and Alpha Hospitality. In 1993 Winners announced plans for a riverboat casino in Mississippi, in partnership with BP Group and Las Vegas Entertainment Group (a company bankrolled by BP and International Thoroughbred Breeders, the jewel in the crown of stock-fraud king Robert E. Brennan). The riverboat plan soon flopped. Alpha also tried to make a go of a Mississippi casino, but that also flopped.

Alpha's SEC filings identify the BP Group's owner as Patricia A. Cohen, a sometime director and 11% shareholder of Alpha-and incidentally, the wife of James E. Cohen, one of the four whose guilty pleas the Manhattan DA has already nabbed in the transatlantic scam.

Before Felice F. Mischel had entered her January guilty plea for supplying phony legal opinions in the offshore shell game, she had been a partner in the Manhattan securities-law firm Schneck Weltman Hashmall & Mischel. Although Saratoga Brands stiffed Mischel's firm for $94,000 in legal fees, other public firms happily used her services, including baby-product maker Diplomat Corp., where Mischel also served as a director. Diplomat's onetime principal shareholder, Robert M. Rubin, was also a director and large shareholder of Response USA, a personal-alarm service whose bogus 1993 stock placements were among the guilty admissions of Mischel and Sal Mazzeo.

The 59-year-old Rubin has had a profitable career promoting small-cap stocks that weren't consistently profitable for outside investors, including American United Global and a little number underwritten by Sal Mazzeo called Universal Self Care. Rubin's stocks also had strong support from the Long Island brokerage firm Lew Lieberbaum & Co., whose investment-banking chief sat on Response USA's board. Lieberbaum survived a 1995 NASD disciplinary action for alleged stock manipulation (which the firm neither admitted nor denied) by paying $1.1 million in fines and restitution, but not a sensational $1.75 million settlement of charges by the federal Equal Employment Opportunities Commission alleging that Lieberbaum's male employees exposed themselves to female employees and demanded oral sex. Rubin did not return messages by deadline.

Originally arrested with Andrew R. Warren was his senior partner, Stuart Creggy. The wealthy 60-year-old magistrate and amateur stamp collector has not been charged. His name came up, however, in 1995 as the manager of Panavest & Co., a Gibraltar firm that Toronto newspapers reported as owning a valuable Toronto land parcel whose development was stymied by the presence of a historic landmark church -- until the church was destroyed in a fire.

Panavest's Canadian agent, according to press reports, was one Bernard Kraft, an accountant whose Toronto firm has audited another business that's caught the eye of Manhattan prosecutors -- a penny-stock firm called Alaska Apollo Resources. One catchy thing about Alaska Apollo are Form 13D stock-ownership filings that showed a million shares in the hands of Gracechurch Securities, a Liberian corporation with a London address. The owner of Gracechurch, according to the SEC filings, was Douglas H. Mansfield, a Bahamian investor who paid a fine and settled a 1995 cease-and-desist proceeding by the SEC, without an admission or denial. The SEC had charged him and four others with using a Florida brokerage firm to manipulate and dump unregistered shares of a couple of Canadian firms in the late 'Eighties.

With so many unsolved mysteries, small wonder that officials from the Manhattan DA's office and Britain's National Crime Squad say that their investigation is far from over.





NEARLY a year after this column exposed the Central Intelligence Agency's murky and surprising involvement in the penny-stock market, the Securities and Exchange Commission has confirmed that it is pursuing an investigation involving one of the CIA-linked penny stocks in The Post series.

Documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request filed by a Minnesota newsletter called SEC Insight show the probe has been under way since at least last September, and that it was still active and ongoing as recently as two weeks ago....

Last month the (SEC) issued subpoenas to three financial journalists as part of its probe into research outfit Gradient Analytics of Arizona. Days later, Gradient was named as a co-defendant, along with SAC Capital, in a New Jersey state civil suit filed by Biovail Inc., a Canadian company, that accuses SAC and Gradient of colluding to drive down Biovail's stock price.

On the evidence, SAC has certainly been in a position to have a major impact on Ionatron's stock price, which has soared from 48 cents in 2004 to more than $13. This now gives Ionatron a nearly $1 billion market value that hardly seems warranted by the company's fundamentals.

Since going public two years ago, Ionatron has racked up $7 million of cumulative losses on $23.5 million of reported revenues that consist almost entirely of Pentagon funding to develop a laser-based device for detecting and exploding roadside bombs in Iraq. Many in the Pentagon say it is far too early to know whether the devices will ever be deployed.

STILL, hedge funds and other institutional investors piled into the stock anyway, and SAC has led the way. Last year it increased its own stake by 2 million shares to 2.3 million shares. That amounted to a startling 40 percent of the net buying by all 75 of Ionatron's other institutional investors.

All this feverish and speculative buying has been taking place in the shares of a company with a murky and troubled past.

As The Post series showed, the CIA's money trail to Ionatron began with an agency-controlled investment firm called In-Q-Tel Inc. and ultimately ended deep inside the highly classified world of laser-guided weapons research at Raytheon Corp., the seventh-largest weapons contractor to the Pentagon.

The series showed, step by step, how a well-known stock market offender named Robert Howard - a one-time business partner of Max Hugel, who had served briefly as a top CIA official in the early Reagan years - created Ionatron out of the penny-stock remnants of a failed lawn-care company called U.S. Home & Garden Inc.

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, and with backing from the CIA as his calling card, Howard was able to worm his way into discussions with a group of officials at Raytheon's highly classified laser-weapons research program.

By dangling millions of dollars worth of unregistered Ionatron stock before them, Howard succeeded in convincing two of the program's top officials to quit their jobs at Raytheon and go to work for him instead, pursuing the same type of laser-based weapons effort they'd been working on at Raytheon.

Through Howard, Ionatron was also able to enlist the high-powered lobbying clout in Washington of the politically greased Blank & Rome law firm, to promote the company to key committee members of Congress as a leader in laser-based weapons technology for use in Iraq.

This has helped the company land a contract to build 12 of its devices for testing by the Pentagon. Yet although a Marine Corps unit in Afghanistan is said by Pentagon officials to have begun some testing on its own, formal testing for actual deployment in combat has not yet begun.

One reason: No one has yet developed tactics for how these Jeep-sized devices, operated by remote control, might be used to patrol the thousands of miles of roadways traveled by U.S. military vehicles every day. In recent Senate testimony, Secretary of the Army Francis Harvey said formal field testing would not begin until these issues are ironed out.

Faced with such objections, Ionatron's supporters have begun spinning the Pentagon's apparent wariness into a tale of petty inter-service rivalries between the Army and the Marine Corps, suggesting that the lives of U.S. troops are being lost in the process.

To that end, two high-profile Senate Democrats have lately picked up the message, adding their own voices to those of House and Senate Republicans in calls for quick deployment of the Ionatron devices before even more lives are lost.

What role, if any, the lobbyists at Blank & Rome may have played in getting the Ionatron story on the radar screens of the two Senate Democrats isn't known, but a role of some sort may easily enough be surmised, considering who the two senators in fact are: New York's own Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barbara Boxer of California.

Both senators have longstanding ties to a Blank & Rome lobbyist named Heather Podesta, who has hooks of her own into the federal Democratic power loop.

from Why Is Hillary in Bed with Blank-Rome?

Trey Ellis

Senator Clinton was right to out the "vast right-wing conspiracy" that targeted her husband's presidency. Now why are she and Senator Kennedy allowing the "ATM of the GOP," uber-lobbying law firm Blank-Rome, to host $1000-a-plate luncheons for them? Blank-Rome, where Swift Boat retired Rear Admiral William Schachte is a lobbyist. Blank-Rome, where Bush Pioneer and re-elect Rick Santorum national finance director David Girard-diCarlo is chairman.

Blank-Rome, who lobbied their pals at FEMA to award a no-bid contract to one of their clients to rebuild classrooms after Katrina at double the wholesale price...............................

Most troubling about these strange bedfellows is that Senator Clinton (and Senator Boxer) have recently been hawking a shady Blank-Rome client, Ionatron. I blogged about them earlier and The New York Post has reported extensively on the company and its founder, serial Wall Street cheater Robert Howard who was fined $42,000 by the SEC for improperly tipping off a friend and then three years later fined $2.7 million for allegedly "issuing false and misleading statements about its earnings projections."

The Post reported last week that Ionatron is part of an ongoing investigation but the SEC will not say if they are the focus of the probe.

Ionatron claims to zap Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) with man-made lightning and has been generating good press including a recent cover story in The Los Angeles Times. What they don't tell you is that the gizmos cost a million bucks a pop and we would need thousands of them to make a difference in the lives and safety of our troops. The Talon robots already in the field cost $100,000 and, get this, the amazing new Bombots cost just $5000.

But Ionatron lavished Blank-Rome with $200,000 in lobbying fees as of 2004 so I guess they expect some bang for their buck.
from Nation Of Flimflam by Christopher Byron

Bottom line: In a number of states, it's now possible to establish completely anonymous control of a fully legal corporation, usually for a fee of about $100, with less hassle - and less background information - than it takes to get a driver's license or open a bank account.

Among other things, this makes a complete joke of the Bush administration's efforts to force other nations to adopt the Patriot Act's so-called Know Your Customer rule. Washington is attempting to do this via the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, a 33-nation organization set up in 1989 as part of the Organization For Economic Cooperation and Development to push for effective laws to counter money laundering worldwide.

One of the group's keystone requirements: Countries should not allow companies to be incorporated within their borders without knowing who the individuals behind them actually are.

Thanks to the behavior of our states, and the seeming disinterest of the Bush administration to do anything about it, FATF formally sanctioned the U.S. on June 23 for being in breach of this most basic of all anti-money laundering requirements. This pushes the mightiest economic power on earth into the category of a micro-nation scofflaw, with just two years to correct the problem before facing outright expulsion from FATF itself.

from Black Ops, Beltway Bandits & the US Shadow Government

by Uri Dowbenko

According to Al Martin, Oliver North himself used to say that "HUD is like a candy store for covert revenues." In other words, if you need to steal from the government, you can't do better than steal from HUD...


Whistleblower Al Martin has testified before the congressional Kerry Committee as well as the Alexander Committee regarding the egregious frauds of Iran-Contra.................

And who is Al Martin? After he retired as a Lt. Commander from the US Naval Reserves, Al Martin's life went into the fast lane as a black ops specialist, an ONI (Office of National Intelligence) officer.

At a meeting with General Richard V. Secord and government-protected con man Lawrence Richard Hamil, Martin was briefed about Iran-Contra operations and allowed to view CIA white papers on "Operation Black Eagle," the insiders' code name for the illegal program of government-sanctioned narcotics trafficking, weapons deals and fraud.

Martin's book "The Conspirators" reveals the hidden history of the United States during the Iran-Contra era. It's a source document on the frauds and corruption spawned by men under the pretense of patriotism. These are high-level criminals who publicly rationalized their conspiracies with the cover story of "fighting communism."......................

According to whistleblower Al Martin, there are common links between many of the Iran-Contra era frauds and corporations controlled by the Bushes, corporate fronts involved in real estate, oil and gas, banking and securities fraud.........

The real estate fraud and the banks involved were "Iran-Contra friendly" banks. "Otherwise the fraud would not have worked," he adds. His list includes 137 major frauds and he writes that he "didn't make records at the time of every nickel-and-dime $10 and $20 million dollar fraud. It just wasn't possible."...................

Martin writes that, like a Mega-Corporate Godfather, "George Bush, Sr. would invariably be given a piece of everything, of every fraud that was done, because he was at the very top of the pyramid, and much of this fraud could not have been committed without either his protection or his influence. So he winds up with this house on a certain cul-de-sac in the Riverdale development of this Phoenix project, although naturally it's not held in his own name. It's held by an entity known as PHB Trust, Ltd. The PHB stands for Prescott Herbert Bush, Sr. who is George Bush, Sr.'s father."


"The best way to link Ollie North into fraud, to get him away from the narcotics and weapons," continues Martin, "is to link him through Stanford Technologies Overseas, Ltd., or Intercontinental Industries, S.A. of San Jose, Costa Rica, in which he was the principal and Richard Secord was the director." "These two are the most common ones," continues Martin. "Lots of times, Intercontinental would front as a money-laundering organization for disguised loans from other Iran-Contra sympathetic banks in the Caribbean, like Banco de Popular, specifically the Santa Domingo branch."

The money laundering took a circuitous route. "Intercontinental Industries would launder proceeds from what were essentially illicit loans back to Stanford Technologies, which would, in turn, direct these proceeds by purchasing interest in fraudulent real estate limited partnerships, like the Phoenix Group Development."

According to Martin, money for these deals would often be raised through a subsidiary of publicly traded Denver-based MDC Corporation called National Brokerage Group.

"National Brokerage Group winds up buying an interest in another firm (at one time the largest penny stock firm in the United States) Meyer Blinder, which later became Blinder Robinson before it was closed down," Martin continues. "In turn, MDC owned pieces of penny stock houses throughout Denver -- Balfour McClain, Atlantis Securities, Singer Island Securities. The list goes on and on, and you will see that most of these corporations in turn had offices in Florida, Nevada, and Texas -- states where security regulations were rather lax."

These states also contained what Martin calls "Iran-Contra control features," i.e state governments which were very loyal to George Bush, Sr.

"Consequently controlling liability within the various state securities or state bank examiner's offices was really remarkable," says Martin. "The reason these frauds were able to operate for so long -- in some cases, some are still extant and operating fifteen years later -- and rather discreetly is because no individual investors' money was ever used. There wasn't a series of warm bodies that bought $100,000 worth of these partnerships that got burnt."

"The people who ultimately got burned were banks and securities firms, and, of course, by extension, the American taxpayers who had to bail them out."

Website -- Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt. Conspiracy,


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