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Commentary :: Organizing
The religious right - A Catalogue of Falsehoods
08 Feb 2004
In this piece I discuss the significance of toppling the religious right and destroying their power. This will require unconventional weapons of mass destruction, which, fortunately, I possess. Because I am concerned that 'secular' people will not understand these unconventional techniques, I discuss my WMD and then I move on to the tit for tat battle raging between myself and the religious right (and them's fighting words...let's go!)

A Catalogue of Falsehoods from 'Christian' Television

The significance of toppling the religious right

Some people protest. Some vote Democrat. Some do street theatre. Some do films. Many people, a diversity of tactics, one goal.

Now, in my case, my target is Church reform, or Church destruction, you know, whatever it takes and whatever is required under a given circumstance. Reform this church over here. Destroy the ministry of this minister over there. I am flexible.

If you are going to hoe a garden, you use a hoe. You thresh with a thresher. You plow with a plow. This is stating the obvious. Similarly when you are going to roar through churches like thunder, you require thunder clouds. Sometimes you fight fire with fire. Therefore, I pursue my goal of ruining the influence of the religious right and destroying their power using the tools which are very strange, yet rich in religious symbolism. I thought I would explain this right at the beginning, since 'secular' people may read this piece, and due to the weirdness of the symbolism I am employing, may do what people to often do, and dismiss the significance of what is taking place. They do not understand how these things resonate among the Churches, and thus fail to grasp that something is happening, nor do they understand what the end result of what to them might seem imcomprehensibly weird. Many people, a diversity of tactics, but in the end, one goal.

I don't watch much of what passes for ‘Christian' television, but every now and then I tune in just to see what the religious right is up to these days. Actually I tune in to see if they are really spoiling for a fight with yours truly, the author of this piece. You see using my weird tactics, I am beginning to create a problem for those leaders of the religious right, and in the process I am beginning to erode their support, and I am also costing them some money. Not enough money, mind you, not yet, but just wait a while...I am going to cost those people A FORTUNE!

It is inevitable as I monitor the religious right, that time and time again I am confronted with deliberate falsehoods, since, from time immemorial, it seems to be the job of these ministers to deceive people in order to gain their compliance to an authoritarian right wing political agenda. The Bible is to diverse to support any single agenda, and this fact makes it necessary to distort and twist the truth in order to use Biblical propaganda to support the establishment of an authoritarian state. All theology is merely politics concealed, since, in the end, the theological position finds ultimate expression in social organization, and thus is fulfilled in the political life of a nation, which is why the religious right is so heavily involved in right wing politics.

Recently on the Huntley Street show, they had on minister who said, ‘when someone claims to be a prophet, he must be one hundred per cent accurate.' Now I understand that this was a jab taken at yours truly, the author of this piece. I am a source of great controversy in the churches at the present time, due to certain strange goings on over the past few years, and I am the reason why the religious right has lost some money in donations, a fact that should become more apparent as time goes by, and certain television shows go deeper into the hole than they are now. For this reason you hear a lot from the religious right lately about ‘a false prophet, who works the false sign and a wonder to deceive the church.' This is a reference to that ‘Eden Wing' event, a so called ‘false sign and a wonder' that is being used by 'the false prophet' to ‘deceive church people' thus causing them to stop sending money to the religious right.

wing_sunday_2.jpg - 16239 Bytes

The 'Eden Wing'
The 'false sign and wonder'

The controversy is also made more intense by my notorious super weird driver's licence. As I have mentioned in my 'biography', the obvious manipulation of the number took place a few months after the events I witnessed at Banff National Park, and described in a letter I wrote when I was fifteen, which was published in some British Columbia ‘UFO' magazine.

driver.gif - 5209 Bytes

You will notice that the licence contains that ‘6 6 6' Mark of the Beast number that scares church people so much. I feel that since those money losing, threatened religious right ministers are now talking so much about ‘false prophets' and the ‘man of the devil' who takes church people down into hell, and so on, it would be real interesting to bring this matter to the close attention to those people are outside the circle of the churches, to share this fascinating and evolving story with you all. If they continue to lose money the battle will continue to heat up, and get nastier, although, I think, it is already heating up. For example, the ‘700 Club' website has been featuring articles equating these craft I described with ‘the devil' (the latest of these articles appearing just a few days ago) and they have also featured threatening articles about the person who ‘insults the Holy Spirit' by critiquing the Bible, and thus ‘loses his soul and goes to hell.'

The thumbnails below link to the scanned gifs of the Banff letter.

page1.gif - 1921 Bytes      page2.gif - 2056 Bytes

I described at the time that when the object first appeared it went into a little cloud and the reappeared a second time surrounded by a huge shimmering rainbow. The ‘6 6 6' Mark of the Beast is an evil metaphor, but on the other hand ‘it was wrapped in a cloud, the rainbow was on its head', and this is a good metaphor (the symbolism relates to an angel which delivers the message ‘prophecy to many nations.')

banff7.gif - 16495 Bytes      rainbow.gif - 1354 Bytes

'It was wrapped in a cloud, the rainbow was on its head.'

I have a few more powerful tools, which at the present are not listed above, because they are being hidden. You can click on the 'Eden Wing' graphic for more information on this matter. For example, my most powerful weapon is currently being hidden by NASA (a live video tape rather than one of my drawings or animated gifs)...I guess when you understand how I would be using that NASA shuttle video tape to nuke a few people in this place, you can understand why they would be refusing to give it to me. Must be one of those 'non-proliferation' issues...

I am listing off some of my super weird 'tools of the trade' here in order to help people understand how it would be the case that I am slowly but surely 'gaining critical mass' within the churches, increasing notoriety, and thus coming into direct conflict with the religious right. You see, so called 'miracle signs' are supposedly the tools of the religious right, but unfortunately they don't really have any to show anyone, and I do, and so you can see the problem developing here. For there are a lot of Christians currently supporting the religious right who are very interested in 'miracle signs' and they don't have any, but I do, and that does cause people to start thinking. I also tell the truth, and their ministers, in addition to performing 'false signs and lying wonders' also tell lies, which doesn't help their cause, but given that I actually have some 'miracle signs' and I also tell the truth all the time, well you can see the problem developing for the religious right, Sure, it's all super weird, but that doesn't matter. I am going to ruin the religious right, and the fact that it is super weird is actually, then, when you stop to look at from my point of view, an advantage, a real big advantage actually. As I said, 'secular' people might fail to appreciate this simple fact, and thus fail to comprehend what is taking place under their noses, so I spell it out for you here in the hopes that 'secular' people who might be observing these strange goings on will be able to grasp the genuine political significance of what is transpiring.

If you are able to keep an open mind, I think you will find this to be a fascinating and untold, more or less ‘hidden' story that is unfolding right under everyone's noses, and I insist on bringing this battle out into the open. These days, one cannot understand many things that are broadcast on Christian Television or other forms of religious media, without understanding this behind the scenes struggle that is taking place. Since all forms of theology, and all religious matters, are actually political struggles, this ongoing battle which is building steam and growing in intensity, is of great political significance, for, you see, if I succeed in fatally weakening the religious right movement in the United States, which is my goal, and don't they know it, too, well that means that I will also be fatally weakening the Republican Party, and their has profound ramifications for the future of the American Robber Barons and the agenda of 'neo-liberalism' as its called, which is their agenda. They just cannot continue looting without the religious right, and so what might seem foolish (a big fight over ‘the mark of the beast' and 'cloud wings' and such supposed 'nonsense') is more than simply some stupid quarrel among a bunch of church nuts, but has deep social and political significance for the entire planet (since Robber Barons now practice ‘globalization'). Some people protest. Some people vote Democrat and some people vote Green. Some do street theatre, and some make films. Everyone does their thing, and as for me, mark my words, I am going to use my 'unique influence' to destroy the religious right and ruin their powers, which is another way of reaching the same destination. (And them's fighting words, are they not...but I say, let's go...)

So for the benefit of those of you who aren't yet in on the little secret, I share this interesting story with you. As it stands now, I have cost the religious right a little money. Not a lot. Not yet. But I am becoming more and more notorious in the church with each passing day, and that small drop in money is alarming enough to have focused their minds on the battle you might say. Sooner or later the gloves will have to come off, or the entire agenda of the Robber Baron Capitalists of America, and their twenty years of progress in looting and plunder will unravel. We are of course talking about trillions of dollars at stake here, and it all depends on ministers being able to get away with lying and tricking and deceiving Christians. Or was it me who was tricking Christians. Well, I would suppose that people will have to decide who is being honest and who is being devious here. I am supposedly the 'false mark of the Beast devil prophet who works a false sign and a lying wonder to deceive all churches', but my sign and a wonder was not false, and I also tell the truth. Those right wing ministers perform quack signs and phony wonders and tell lies all the time. I'll leave the intelligent reader to decide who is working for the devil. (Those Robber Baron Capitalists have such bad morals, that working for them isn't much different from working for the Devil. You know they have looted California, and now California, being a little dimwitted I suppose, is cutting education and baby natal care and borrowing heavy, to make up for that over ten billion dollar looting job, they have looted pensions and looted small stock holders. Just that one Parmalat looting, the latest one, is worth an incredible multi-billion fortune. They managed to get their pipe line through Afghanistan, and once someone figures out how to quell that Vietnam in Iraq, they can finally start looting the oil in that place. They also have the country borrowing trillions to pay for their big fat tax cut, and now they have Bush making that trillion buck tax cut for Robber Barons permanent. Who will those Robber Barons being cleaning out next? Let's all find out together.)

Falsehoods as a weapon of the religious right

Now as I mentioned previously, one superstition being spread around states that ‘a prophet must be 100 per cent accurate.' This is an attack you will here more and more of in the future, since it appeals to a wide spread and ignorant belief among the churches and it is also useful as a weapon, because, you see, I am not 100 per cent myself. No one is. Maybe I am 90 per cent or 95 per cent perfect at my job, but not one hundred per cent, and thus any little mistake I make can be pounced upon and magnified, and so long as churches believe in the lies told them by their minsters, this damages my cause greatly.

No one is perfect, and that includes Bible prophets, who were hardly paragons of perfection. Ministers will only lie about this fact, because it is a convenient propaganda device, and remember, we are talking about trillions of dollars here, so any convenient propaganda device will do.

The fraudulent doctrine which teaches that ‘bible prophets are 100 per cent accurate' is a type of political statement, as well, for it says that you owe one hundred percent obedience to your one hundred per cent accurate authority figures, for which these Bible Prophets act as a sort of proxy.

There are innumerable examples of Bible prophets being just human and not perfect authoritarian figures, which, for political reasons, and as a propaganda weapon in the assault against myself, are claimed to be ‘100 per cent perfectly accurate.' One of the more notorious examples of a Bible prophet taking a nose dive is found in the book of Ezekiel. This example is particularly interesting in that here not only the prophet a false, failed prophet, but he also admits to being a false, failed prophet, and then goes on to do it again, failing yet again.

Ezekiel made the following false prophecy concerning an attack on Tyre by the King of Babylon.

For this is what the Sovereign LORD says: From the north I am going to bring against Tyre Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, king of kings, with horses and chariots, with horsemen and a great army. He will ravage your settlements on the mainland with the sword; he will set up siege works against you, build a ramp up to your walls and raise his shields against you. He will direct the blows of his battering rams against your walls and demolish your towers with his weapons. His horses will be so many that they will cover you with dust. Your walls will tremble at the noise of the war horses, wagons and chariots when he enters your gates as men enter a city whose walls have been broken through. The hoofs of his horses will trample all your streets; he will kill your people with the sword, and your strong pillars will fall to the ground. They will plunder your wealth and loot your merchandise; they will break down your walls and demolish your fine houses and throw your stones, timber and rubble into the sea. I will make you a bare rock, and you will become a place to spread fishnets. You will never be rebuilt, for I YAHWEH have spoken, declares the Sovereign LORD. Ezekiel 26:3

Now it is typical for ministers to make excuses for false prophecy by simply insisting that the historical record is wrong and the Bible is right - end of story. However in this remarkable example of an historically inaccurate prophecy, not only does history tell us this was a false prophecy, so does the failed prophet.

Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to Tyre from 585-573 B.C.E. but was unable to take the city. Tyre was conquered in 332 B.C.E. by Alexander but at no time was the city destroyed. It exists to this day. According to the false prophecy found in Ezekiel, Nebuchadnezzar was supposed to completely destroy Tyre, it was never to be rebuilt again, but to remain an eternal ruin, and the King was supposed to get much wealth and loot from the city, making it worth his while. Another false prophecy follows in Ezekiel. Nebuchadnezzar did not conquer Tyre, the prophet admits, and neither did he make a thin dime from the attempt. Therefore, the prophet proceeds to make another false prophecy, this time proclaiming destruction of Egypt at the King's hands, as a sort of consolation prize for not looting Tyre as was prophesied previously.

Ezekiel begins by admitting that he made a false prophecy concerning Tyre, a remarkable example of history coming into agreement with false prophecy. He then starts over again and makes a complete disaster out of his false Egyptian prophecy.

"The word of YAHWEH came to me: "Son of man, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon drove his army in a hard campaign against Tyre; every head was rubbed bare and every shoulder made raw. Yet he and his army got no reward from the campaign he led against Tyre. Therefore thus says YAHWEH GOD: Behold, I will give the land of Egypt to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon; and he shall carry off its wealth and despoil it and plunder it; and it shall be the wages for his army. I have given him the land of Egypt as his recompense for which he labored, because they worked for me, says YAHWEH GOD." (Ezekiel Chapter 29 verse 17)

This looting of Egypt at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar never happened either. The prophet stated that the King would make such a ruin of Egypt that no one would live there for ‘forty years'. This never happened. The Nile was supposed to be dried up. Didn't happen. What actually happened is that Nebuchadnezzar attacked Egypt twice, once in 588 and again in 568 and was luckless both times.

"I will make the land of Egypt a ruin and a desolate waste from Migdol to Aswan, as far as the border of Cush. No foot of man or animal will pass through it; no one will live there for forty years. I will make the land of Egypt desolate among devastated lands, and her cities will be desolate forty years among ruined cities. (Ezekiel Chapter 29 verse 10)

"A sword shall come upon Egypt, and anguish shall be in Ethiopia, when the slain fall in Egypt, and her wealth is carried away, and her foundations are torn down...anguish shall come upon them on the day of Egypt's doom; for, lo, it comes! Thus says YAHWEH GOD: I will put an end to the wealth of Egypt, by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon. He and his people with him, the most terrible of the nations, shall be brought in to destroy the land; and they shall draw their swords against Egypt, and fill the land with the slain. And I will dry up the Nile." (Ezekiel Chapter 30 verse 4)

According to the Bible, Ezekiel should have received the death penalty for screwing up his prophecy.

"But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name which I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die. And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word which YAHWEH has not spoken? When a prophet speaks in the name of YAHWEH, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word which YAHWEH has not spoken; the prophet has spoken presumptuously, you need not be afraid of him." (Deuteronomy Chapter 18 verse 20)

To make matters worse Ezekiel behaved like a hypocrite. When he made a false prophecy, he didn't seem to bothered by the fact. He just carried right on and made another one. However this did not stop him from damning other ‘false prophets'. According to Ezekiel both the prophet who made a failed prophecy should be killed, along with all the people who listened to that false prophecy.

"If the prophet be deceived and speak a word, I, YAHWEH, have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand against him, and will destroy him from the midst of my people Israel. And they shall bear their punishment—the punishment of the prophet and the punishment of the person who consults the prophet shall be the same." (Ezekiel Chapter 14 verse 9)

So then, according to the book of Ezekiel, if a prophet makes a false prophecy then not only should the prophet be killed, but the person who listens to that prophet as well. Given that the book of Ezekiel is in the canon, and many people insist that the Bible is 'infallible' this would mean that we would have to kill hundreds of millions of church goers, as well as stoning Ezekiel to death. Furthermore, according to Ezekiel, God was planning to destroy Ezekiel and that is why Ezekiel made that false prophecy about Tyre. Yahweh just wanted to get rid of that Ezekiel, once and for all, and thus deliberately deceived Ezekiel into making that first false prophecy.

There are many other examples of Jewish prophets being much less than ‘one hundred perfect.' This has never stopped ministers from telling lies about the matter, however, and I thus I will leave the reader to decide just who is ‘deceiving the churches.' Apparently that is supposed to be what I do, mark of the beast miracle working devil that I am, but I tell the truth. Its your minister who is the liar. Figure it out.

And them's fighting words, are they not. But, hey, I say, let's go...

I also recently listened to another deceitful thing on the ‘Quick Study' Bible show a few days back. In a previous piece I described how Jewish prophets did not understand climate change, and thus decided that it was an angered rain god which had ruined Israel, rather than Israel's destruction of the forests, which brought on drought and desertification. This ignorant superstition led the latter prophets to predict that if the people appeased the rain god, then the desert would disappear and things would return to normal.

The Quick Study Bible program decided to take me on. They produced a piece which suggested that only when Israel was in the ‘promised land' would it turn from desert to glory. They then showed some scenes of irrigated Israel farm land, while reading out those false verses from the prophets predicting an end to desertification once the Jews returned from Babylon.

Now I don't think irrigation qualifies as a miracle of God, myself. However Quick Study had to portray both Israel's heavily irrigated fields as ‘prophecy fulfilled' while failing to mention that Israel is dependant on irrigation. One is left to assume that a divine sign and a wonder must have happened. To further peddle this superstition, they then went on to suggest that when Moses brought the people into Israel it was a desert, and then only once the sacred feet of the Jewish people touched the ground, did a divine miracle happen and the land blossom. This one was a real whopper. You see if you go back and read the old myths about what was supposed to have happened, when Israel went into the ‘promised land' it was not a desert. It was a land of ‘milk and honey' so it was said.

Moses sent them to spy out the land of Canaan, and said to them, "Go up there into the Negeb, and go up into the hill country, and see what the land is like... whether the land they live in is good or bad... and whether the land is rich or poor, and whether there are trees in it or not. Be bold, and bring some of the fruit of the land."... And they came to the Wadi Eshcol, and cut down from there a branch with a single cluster of grapes, and they carried it on a pole between two of them. They also brought some pomegranates and figs...And they came to Moses and Aaron and to all the congregation of the Israelites in the wilderness of Paran, at Kadesh; they brought back word to them and to all the congregation, and showed them the fruit of the land. And they told him, "We came to the land to which you sent us; it flows with milk and honey, and this is its fruit." Numbers 13:17

So then when can conclude that the Quick Study Bible program was promoting both a falsehood and a superstition. The superstition stated that ‘when Moses came the land was a desert' and it could only blossom once it was populated by its ‘natural inhabitants' the Jewish people. Naturally it was this superstition, rather than irrigation, which accounts for the fact that crops are currently growing in that arid nation today. The falsehood stated that the place was a desert when Moses got there. There were these panoramic scenes of barren desert, while the announcer stated, ‘you can imagine what Moses and the Israelites must have thought when they came into the land and saw this barren desert.' A barren desert which only blooms when Jewish people walk the soil, like it does today, which proves that the Palestinians should be drive out, because otherwise the land would turn into a desert if they stayed. Of course the land was full of milk and honey when Moses found it and it only became the ruined desert that it did become after the Jewish people and their greedy kings deforested and ruined the environment.

Speaking of falsehoods, Jeremiah, an ex-priest, wrote that his fellow priests were forging stories about Moses and putting them into the Bible. "Burn your whole offerings and eat the flesh yourselves. For on the day that I brought your ancestors out of Egypt, I gave them no instructions or commands concerning whole offerings and sacrifices...How can you say, we are wise for we have the Torah, when, actually, the lying pen of the scribes has falsified it?" Jeremiah 7:21, 8:8 Last week the Quick Study program went in depth into those forged menus in Leviticus. As I understand, Quick Study recommends the New International Version of the Bible, the translation of the fundamentalist religious right, and the only translation brazen enough to deliberately mistranslate Jeremiah and thus save those menus from oblivion. This obvious contradiction in the Bible, one of so very many, has never stopped ministers from lying about the incredible accuracy, and authority, of ‘God's Word'. But then this sort of deceit is political as well, for how can one set up a Right Wing Authoritarian Theocracy if people are going to be questioning authority, for which the Bible is the intended prop?

And they call me the false prophet working false wonders and deceiving Christians? Them's fighting words, but I say, let's go....To the religious right I can only say, I AM GOING TO COST YOU PEOPLE A FORTUNE...let's go....


This work is in the public domain
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Re: The religious right - A Catalogue of Falsehoods
09 Feb 2004
Exodus 19:5 "the whole world is mine." said Moses. When Jesus went into the wilds to be tempted by the devil, the devil offered him, among other things, the whole world, if Jesus would follow the devil. Even luke warm Judeo-christians know the devil rules this world until the 2nd comming.

Exodus 20, the next chapter, Moses gave the 10 commandments. Jesus said in Mathew 19:16-19 that there are only 6 commandments, 5 of the commandments of Moses (do no murder or theft or adultery or baring of false witness) and to love
your nieghbors as yourself, which Jesus said was the greatest of commandments, and which Moses did not include.

Jesus said that divorce was not allowed by God. Followers of Jehovah went to Jesus and raged on him because Moses said divorce was acceptable. Jesus responded, "Because of the hardness of your hearts, moses alowed you to deviorce, but from the beguinning, it was not so." "Because of the hardness of your hearts" is an ambiguity and can go either of 2 directions. "from the beguinning it was not so" is a definative statement." Jesus stated clearly that Moses, the great lawgiver, did not give God's laws.

"you reject me because your father was a murderer."
"all who have come before me are thieves here to murder and destroy." "all" is quite definative.
"I came into the world so that man might know God." when they already knew of Jehovah.
"Jesus, you mother and brothers are here." He responded, "who are my brothers and whop is my mother, I say that you gathered he with me are both my brothers and my mother." Mother? Did Jesus, called rabbi, not know that Jews follow the faith of the mothers.
"damned from the beguinning"

Jesus had lots to say, in vieled language. "This world was created to test mankind." So, Jesus couldn't just come right out and tell us the answers to the test, so he used ambiguities coupled with definative statements with meanings that can not be altered. The ambiguities is where people get lost, not in the definative. "It is not the will of God that there be confusion."