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Commentary :: Environment
What's good for GM may end up killing us all
17 Jan 2007
Modified: 18 Jan 2007
What's good for GM may end up killing us all

(BTW, is a possibility for any article that requires registration.)

persistent sources


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
Mememachine (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)


illustrated mirror:

********INDYMEDIA'S MOTIVES********

what could make intelligent, capable and occasionally talented people work on behalf of the US military, by being secret Psyops agents?

is it money? money is worthless. just ink on paper.

is it property? owning things has appeal; but it isn't an all-consuming thrill.

is it job-security? (that's a decent reason.)

is it blood lust; i.e., the desire to exterminate your neighbors and the next generation?

the problem with selling out your neighbors in order to bring about the downfall of the US is the destruction is complete, for everyone. the parasite that kills its host dies. The people who bring about the downfall of their neighbors will no longer have those forces to feed off.

Being an overlord in a mass extermination program isn't a life fit for human beings.

Don't be a blood-sucking parasite. Resist authority!

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align=""center"">


Indymedia is an example of the new American Nazism. there is no free speech tolerated there. the only articles allowed on their newswire are the ones that make no dent in the Bush dictatorship's assault on working people.

* * *

IMC is a Psychological Operation:

They fooled me. Don't let Indymedia fool you.


********911 HOAX: MOVIE*********

Photos showing evidence of scalar weapons on 9/11:

Krash! the most unbelievable of the 9/11 "planes" you've ever seen.


********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

what is 9/11 tv fakery part 8:

(very amusing. the 'tv fakery' series is funny overall.)

Ghengis - WTC Bird theory 101!

"wow. I'm happy to take a back seat and cheer. (Webfairy)"

Ghengis - Unbelievable!

September 11 as it happened. Watch CNN lie to their audience about planes striking the WTC:

Look at the Flight 175 cartoons!

"...There are few folks who can watch this whole video without shrieking 'IT's CARTOONS!!! IT'S CARTOONS!!!'..."


more links:

911 Hoax:

********CLIMATE CHANGE********

What's good for GM may end up killing us all:

Wayne Madsen - methane starting to vent from seafloors:

Immense ice shelf breaks off in Canadian Arctic:

Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, UN report warns:
--or-- is time for the US to withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq. It is time for us to build subways, carbonless-emitting-high-speed trains, light rail and people movers.

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align=""center"">

********FALSE-FLAG NEWS********


WTC cancer cluster 'like Hiroshima':

Death by dust:,lombardi,75156,2.html

"...The oxymoronic missing link between exotic weaponry smoking gun and health hangout A trap? (Nico)"

US government's domestic use of atomic weapons:

Wayne Madsen (9/12/06) - 911 first responders and rescue workers getting rare form of cancer associated with nuclear blasts:




Attorney General Gonzales declares the Judicial branch to be subordinate to the executive branch, in clear defiance of the US Constitution:


Democrats fast-tracking new police state bill:


Guantanamo detainees to be held indefinitely, even without charges:

(they're defying international law and human rights that date back to 1215 with Guantanamo concentration camp.)


two videos of apparent concentration camps in Cleveland and Florida:


United States of America: born July 4th, 1776. Died October 17th, 2006:

Decimating the Constitution with military tribunals:

********BLEAK ECONOMICS********


housing bubble bloodbath:

the Fed's role in the Housing crash of '07:

(meanwhile, in over-supplied Baltimore they're constructing new condos like crazy. why aren't we instead building a subway underneath Charles Street?)


welcome to the $2 trillion war of aggression and illegal occupation:

********TODAY'S WORLD WAR********


US naval war games off Iranian coastline: a provocation which could lead to war:

US forces carry out provocative raid on Iran's consulate in northern Iraq

US storms Iranian consulate:


Bush dictatorship attacks Somalia without provocation, authority from Congress or approval from the UN:


War Secretary Gates calls for 100,000 more kids to be sent to Iraq:,22049,21047574-5001028,00.

Worst yet to come for US in Baghdad:

100,000 mercenaries, the forgotten "surge":

********GENERAL NEWS********


Woman from inside out!

(bravo. this is the coolest flash presentation i've ever seen. the artist is capturing the female form in different forms of undress. absolutely beautiful.)


Escaped chimp gets snack, cleans bathroom:

(is it true, or fake? hmm...)


Plague of plastic chokes the seas:,0,5594900.sto

Navy reviving deadly sonar scheme:


Douglas Herman - Karma kicks ass in the Big Apple:


Zyprexa judge decides which journalists have First Amendment rights:


Military, CIA prying into Americans' financial records

US military aggressively expanding domestic spying:

US military (!) spying on the banking records of Americans:

National ID: target the state houses:


Corzine to sell off New Jersey's toll roads!!!

(is there any easier way to make money? giving those roads to corporations is unbelievably cancerous to civilized society. corporations have absolute power today.)


<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align=""center"">

********WORLD FENCES/WALLS********

Israel's "Separation Wall". The most barbaric open-air prison ever conceived in human history. It will effectively imprison millions of innocent people. Their very survival will be at the hands of Israel.

Saudia Arabia's Wall. The Saudis are building a huge wall between their border and Iraq. That's because the Negroponte-led false-flag attacks in Iraq is making that illegally occupied country dangerous.

US's new wall with the Mexican border. The Bush Dictatorship just awarded Boeing a huge contract. (Boeing in turn is subcontracting to an Israeli company.) This wall between the US and Mexico is expected to have 1,800+ guard towers!



1,000 US troops urge Iraq withdrawal:

US offensive in Baghdad begins surge of killing and repression

Marines gunned down unarmed Iraqis in Haditha:


Australian government to fund chaplains in public and private schools


Foreigners advised to leave Gaza because of kidnapping threats:

(no mention, of course, that Gaza has been illegally-occupied for 40 years. that fact is seldom mentioned in the West.)


Israeli high court sanctions political assassinations

"...Instead, the Israeli justices gave a green light to the security forces to continue assassinating those deemed “terrorists” by the Zionist authorities, thereby ensuring that the killing and maiming of both political opponents of Israeli occupation and innocent bystanders will not only continue, but escalate..."


******HEALTH, SCIENCE and LIVING******


Small galaxy packs massive black hole:



Australian Open: January 15 - 28, 2007


Aussie fans disrupt Australian Open:

NSA/Google has been playing with the availability of from when they just feel like it they take down, making it much harder to read this Usenet group (with a newsreader).

* * *

Defending AO champ Federer is through the second round. All eyes on the probable Federer-Djokovic match. Djokovic is one of the rising young stars in the game.

this is Federer's big chance for a Grand Slam season. that Fed-Djokovic match is huge.

Roddick and Safin are to meet. Humanity wants Safin to win. Roddick's camp (i.e., Jimmy Connors and Roddick's brother) prominantly display a US flag with every match. during a time when the US has barbarously invaded and is barbarously occupying two sovereign nations, the message is clear.

meanwhile, Safin remains the most bohemian enigma in sports. never has so much talent been squandered. Go Marat!

scores, highlights:



p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list

This work is in the public domain
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