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Review :: War and Militarism
Impeach Bush and Cheny for Treason or Nuke Iran
22 Jan 2007
This article will show the treasonous acts of President Bush and VICE President Cheny. They must be impeached.

Their new surge strategy is a mask for the nuking and invasion of Iran, which will necessitate a draft, and martial law.
The new surge strategy, not mentioned today on Meet the Press by Senator McCain is to go after Iran.

U.S. plans envision broad attack on Iran: analyst Fri Jan 19, 7:49 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. contingency planning for military action against

Iran's nuclear program goes beyond limited strikes and would effectively unleash a war against the country, a former U.S. intelligence analyst said on Friday.

"I've seen some of the planning ... You're not talking about a surgical strike," said Wayne White, who was a top Middle East analyst for the State Department's bureau of intelligence and research until March 2005.

"You're talking about a war against Iran" that likely would destabilize the Middle East for years, White told the Middle East Policy Council, a Washington think tank.

"We're not talking about just surgical strikes against an array of targets inside Iran. We're talking about clearing a path to the targets" by taking out much of the Iranian Air Force, Kilo submarines, anti-ship missiles that could target commerce or U.S. warships in the Gulf, and maybe even Iran's ballistic missile capability, White said.

"I'm much more worried about the consequences of a U.S. or Israeli attack against Iran's nuclear infrastructure," which would prompt vigorous Iranian retaliation, he said, than civil war in

Iraq, which could be confined to that country.

President George W. Bush has stressed he is seeking a diplomatic solution to the dispute over Iran's nuclear program.

But he has not taken the military option off the table and his recent rhetoric, plus tougher financial sanctions and actions against Iranian involvement in Iraq, has revived talk in Washington about a possible U.S. attack on Iran.

The Bush administration and many of its Gulf allies have expressed growing concern about Iran's rising influence in the region and the prospect of it acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Middle East expert Kenneth Katzman argued "Iran's ascendancy is not only manageable but reversible" if one understands the Islamic republic's many vulnerabilities.

Tehran's leaders have convinced many experts Iran is a great nation verging on "superpower" status, but the country is "very weak ... (and) meets almost no known criteria to be considered a great nation," said Katzman of the

Library of Congress' Congressional Research Service.

The economy is mismanaged and "quite primitive," exporting almost nothing except oil, he said.

Also, Iran's oil production capacity is fast declining and in terms of conventional military power, "Iran is a virtual non-entity," Katzman added.

The administration, therefore, should not go out of its way to accommodate Iran because the country is in no position to hurt the United States, and at some point "it might be useful to call that bluff," he said.

But Katzman cautioned against early confrontation with Iran and said if there is a "grand bargain" that meets both countries' interests, that should be pursued.

REfusal to see the OCTOPUIS IN THE ROOM: Zionist Israel

Carter calls his Mideast book 'accurate' By CHARLES ODUM, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 48 minutes ago

ATHENS, Ga. - Former President Jimmy Carter said Saturday that the storm of criticism he has faced for his recent book has not weakened his resolve for fair treatment of Israelis and Palestinians.

"I have been called a liar," Carter said at a town hall meeting on the second day of a three-day symposium on his presidency at the University of Georgia.

"I have been called an anti-Semite," he said. "I have been called a bigot. I have been called a plagiarist. I have been called a coward. Those kind of accusations, they concern me, but they don't detract from the fact the book is accurate and is needed."

Following the publication of the book: "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," 14 members of an advisory board to his Carter Center resigned in protest. Those former board members and other critics contend the book is unfairly critical of


"Not one of the critics of my book has contradicted any of the basic premises ... that is the horrible persecution and oppression of the Palestinian people and secondly that the formula for finding peace in the Middle East already exists," the 82-year-old Carter said.

Carter said he was pleased the book has stimulated discussion of an issue that has been "omitted from the public consciousness" for at least the last six years.

"Israel needs peace and the Palestinian people need peace and justice and I hope my limited influence will help to precipitate some steps," he said.

Also Saturday, Carter, at times emotional, told a town hall meeting of how he saved the 1978 Camp David peace talks when it appeared Egyptian president Anwar Sadat would leave.

Carter said in the first three days of the talks Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin often argued. After about a week, Carter said, Sadat reached a breaking point and packed his bags to return to Egypt -- and Carter "knelt down and prayed and I asked God to help me."

Carter said he then walked to Sadat's cabin.

"Sadat and I stood with our noses almost touching and I told him that he had betrayed me and betrayed his own people and if he left our friendship was severed forever and the relationship between the United States and Egypt would suffer."

Sadat agreed to stay, and the Camp David Accords were signed after 12 days of negotiations.

The three-day conference was arranged to mark the 30th anniversary of Carter's 1977 inauguration.


On the Net:

Carter Conference:


President Carter is getting the shaft for exposing the reality of our time. Those Democrats who support his view have abetter chance to resolve the Middle East Crisis and disarm it.

The others Democrats who do not, and there are plenty of them are in alliance for the Wars in the Middle East, and don't want to admit Cheny has stepped over the line. His fabrications of lies will push America to the edge of nuclear war.


Knowingly lying to Congress: Bush and Cheny

Preparing to go to war without Consent of Congress: Unconstitutional

Arab Times claims direct evidence of intention to attack Iran author: Arab Times (Kuwait) and others Aircraft carrier groups USS Eisenhower is in place in the Persian Gulf and USS Stennis will be soon. Arab Times says that Bush/Cheney/ Rice/Gates recently discussed the plan to attack Iran in minute detail. Patriot missiles sent to US-friendly Gulf countries for no obvious Iraq-related reason. Negroponte (opposed to attack) dismissed, replaced by Fallon. link to

US military strike on Iran seen by April '07; Sea-launched attack to hit oil, N-sites

KUWAIT CITY: Washington will launch a military strike on Iran before April 2007, say sources. The attack will be launched from the sea and Patriot missiles will guard all oil-producing countries in the region, they add. Recent statements emanating from the United States indicate the Bush administration's new strategy for Iraq doesn't include any proposal to make a compromise or negotiate with Syria or Iran. A reliable source said President Bush recently held a meeting with Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Dr Condoleezza Rice and other assistants in the White House where they discussed the plan to attack Iran in minute detail.

According to the source, Vice President Dick Cheney highlighted the threat posed by Iran to not only Saudi Arabia but the whole region. "Tehran is not playing politics. Iranian leaders are using their country's religious influence to support the aggressive regime's ambition to expand," the source quoted Dick Cheney as saying. Indicating participants of the meeting agreed to impose restrictions on the ambitions of Iranian regime before April 2007 without exposing other countries in the region to any danger, the source said "they have chosen April as British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said it will be the last month in office for him. The United States has to take action against Iran and Syria before April 2007."

Claiming the attack will be launched from the sea and not from any country in the region, he said "the US and its allies will target the oil installations and nuclear facilities of Iran ensuring there is no environmental catastrophe or after effects." "Already the US has started sending its warships to the Gulf and the build-up will continue until Washington has the required number by the end of this month," the source said. "US forces in Iraq and other countries in the region will be protected against any Iranian missile attack by an advanced Patriot missile system."

He went on to say "although US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Dr Condoleezza Rice suggested postponing the attack, President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney insisted on attacking Tehran without any negotiations based on the lesson they learnt in Iraq recently." The Bush administration believes attacking Iran will create a new power balance in the region, calm down the situation in Iraq and pave the way for their democratic project, which had to be suspended due to the interference of Tehran and Damascus in Iraq, he continued. The attack on Iran will weaken the Syrian regime, which will eventually fade away, the source said.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah - Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

link to

Major investment bank issues warning on strike against Iran

Michael Roston Published: Monday January 15, 2007 Print This Email This

Bank sees February or March timeline if Israel strikes

Warning that investors might be "in for a shock," a major investment bank has told the financial community that a preemptive strike by Israel with American backing could hit Iran's nuclear program, RAW STORY has learned.

The banking division of ING Group released a memo on Jan. 9 entitled "Attacking Iran: The market impact of a surprise Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities."

ING is a global financial services company of Dutch origin that includes banking, insurance, and other divisions. The report was authored by Charles Robertson, the Chief Economist for Emerging Europe, Middle East, and Africa. He also authored an update in ING's daily update, Prophet, that further underscored the bank's perception of the risks of an attack.

ING's Robertson admitted that an attack on Iran was "high impact, if low probability," but explained some of the reasons why a strike might go forward. The Jan. 9 dispatch, describes Israel as "not prepared to accept the same doctrine of 'mutually assured destruction' that kept the peace during the Cold War. Israel is adamant that this is not an option for such a geographically small country....So if Israel is convinced Iran is aiming to develop a nuclear weapon, it must presumably act at some point."

Sketching out the time line for an attack, Robertson says that "we can be fairly sure that if Israel is going to act, it will be keen to do so while Bush and Cheney are in the White House."

Robertson suggests a February-March 2007 timeframe for several reasons. First, there is a comparable situation to Israel's strike on Iraq's nuclear program in 1981, including Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's political troubles within Israel. Second, late February will see Iran's deadline to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 1737, and Israel could use a failure of Iran and the UN to follow through as justification for a strike. Finally, greater US military presence in the region at that time could be seen by Israel as the protection from retaliation that it needs.

In his Jan. 15 update, Robertson points to a political reason that could make the assault more likely - personnel changes in the Bush administration may have sidelined opponents of attacking Iran.

Preisdent Bush recently removed General John Abizaid as commander of US forces in the Middle East and John Negroponte as Director of National Intelligence, both of whom have said attacking Iran is not a priority or the right move at this time. The deployment of Patriot missile batteries, highlighted in President Bush's recent White House speech on America's Iraq policy, also pointed to a need to defend against Iranian missiles.

The ING memo was first sent to RAW STORY as an anonymous tip and confirmed Monday by staff in the bank's emerging markets office, who passed along the Jan. 15 update. The full PDF documents can be downloaded at this link for the Jan. 9 report, and this link for the Jan. 15 update.

On Monday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Al-Arabiya that while his country would hold talks with the United States "under appropriate conditions," the Jerusalem Post reported, but that it "would never conduct similar discussions with Israel, since it didn't recognize the Jewish state's existence.",,1990326,00.html

Next target Tehran

All the signs are that Bush is planning for a neocon-inspired military assault on Iran

Dan Plesch Monday January 15, 2007 The Guardian

...Bush has sent forces to the Gulf that are irrelevant to fighting the Iraqi insurgents. These include Patriot anti-missile missiles, an aircraft carrier, and cruise-missile-firing ships.


Many military analysts see these deployments as signals of impending war with Iran. The Patriot missiles are intended to shoot down Iranian missiles. The naval forces, including British ships, train to pre-empt Iranian interference with oil shipments through the straits of Hormuz.

Russian Admiral Says U.S. Navy Prepares Missile Strike on Iran

Created: 15.01.2007 11:45 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 15:43 MSK


U.S. Navy nuclear submarines maintaining vigil off the coast of Iran indicate that the Pentagon's military plans include not only control over navigation in the Persian Gulf but also strikes against Iranian targets, a former commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Eduard Baltin has told the Interfax news agency.

"The presence of U.S. nuclear submarines in the Persian Gulf region means that the Pentagon has not abandoned plans for surprise strikes against nuclear targets in Iran. With this aim a group of multi-purpose submarines ready to accomplish the task is located in the area," Admiral Baltin said.

He made the comments after reports that a U.S. submarine collided with a Japanese tanker in the Strait of Hormuz.

"American patience is not unlimited," he said. "The submarine commanders go up to the periscope depth and forget about navigation rules and safety measures," the admiral said.

Currently there is a group of up to four submarines in the Persian Gulf area, he said. So far they only control navigation in the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, and in the Arabian Sea, he said. They might receive different orders in future: to block off the Gulf of Oman, that is the Iranian coast, and, if need be, launch missile strikes against ground targets in Iran, he said.

Iran: Thinking the Unthinkable

Conn Hallinan | January 15, 2007

Editor: John Feffer, IRC Foreign Policy In Focus

The neoconservatives may well have engineered the ouster of John Negroponte, National Security Director, because he said that Iran could not produce a nuclear weapon until sometime in the next decade. The statement outraged neoconservatives and directly contradicted alarmist Israeli intelligence assessments that Tehran could have a warhead in less than two years.

If the United States does intend to hit Iran, or to support such an attack by Israel, then it just appointed the right man for the job. The new head of Central Command (CENTCOM) that oversees the Middle East, Admiral William Fallon, is the former head of U.S. Pacific Command and an expert on air war. Fallon commanded an A-6 tactical bomber wing in Vietnam, a carrier wing, and an aircraft carrier. As retired U.S. navy commander Jeff Huber writes in Pen and Sword, "If anybody knows how to run a maritime and air operation against Iran, it's 'Fox' Fallon."

Fallon is also close with the neoconservatives and attended the 2001 awards ceremony of the Jewish Institute for National Security (JINSA), a think tank that strongly pushed for the war in Iraq and currently lobbies for attacking Iran. Vice President Dick Cheney and ex-UN Ambassador John Bolton are both former members of JINSA. The organization sponsored a 2003 conference entitled: "Time to Focus on Iran -- The Mother of Modern Terrorism."

homepage: a

"All the signs are that Bush is planning for a neocon-inspired military assault on Iran "

Necon inspired attack on Iran: Michael Ledeen Writing in The Nation, a left-wing magazine, Jack Huberman, who describes Ledeen as "the most influential and unabashed warmonger of our time", attributes these quotes to Ledeen:[15]

"the level of casualties (in Iraq) is secondary" "we are a warlike people (Americans)...we love war" "Change--above all violent change--is the essence of human history" "the only way to achieve peace is through total war" "The purpose of total war is to permanently force your will onto another people" "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business" From the other side of politics, The American Conservative has claimed that Ledeen had strong sympathies for Italian fascism and that "Ledeen's careful distinction between fascist 'regime' and 'movement' makes him a clear apologist for the latter."[16] Ledeen is also targeted with some reguarlity at, particularly by Justin Raimondo.

[edit] Quotes "It's always reassuring to hear Brent Scowcroft attack one's cherished convictions; it makes one cherish them all the more. [...] So it's good news when Scowcroft comes out against the desperately-needed and long overdue war against Saddam Hussein and the rest of the terror masters." [17]

"I think it all depends how the war [in Iraq] goes, and I think the level of casualties is secondary. I mean, it may sound like an odd thing to say. But all the great scholars who have studied American character have come to the conclusion that we are a warlike people and that we love war." [18]

"I do not feel "remorseful," since I had and have no involvement with our Iraq policy. I opposed the military invasion of Iraq before it took place and I advocated--as I still do--support for political revolution in Iran as the logical and necessary first step in the war against the terror masters." [19]

"The usual suspects are up in arms that I am a 'liar' for stating in response to the Vanity Fair piece that 'I opposed the military invasion of Iraq before it took place and I advocated - as I still do - support for political revolution in Iran as the logical and necessary first step in the war against the terror masters.' But those who have actually read what I've written would not be surprised I would say such a thing. Here is what I wrote in my book, The War Against the Terror Masters, published in 2002, well before the invasion of Iraq (pages 184-187):

"...we need to create a zone of freedom to which Saddam's enemies can repair to find safety and normalcy. We have long proclaimed a "no fly zone" in northern Iraq. We should transform it into a "no trespassing zone," help the INC install itself there, and then recognize the INC as the legitimate government of the country. It would immediately become a haven for Saddam's enemies and a staging ground for the democratic revolution. At the same time, we can create a similar zone in the south, where the country's Shi'ite majority is concentrated. Both would come under the protection of our irresistible air power. "These steps should be combined with internal sabotage and an imaginative campaign of psychological destabilization. The CIA wrought havoc on Abu Nidal by playing with his tortured mind, and Saddam's spirit is no more tranquil. Facing outspoken challenges from north and south, coping with daily acts of sabotage against his oil business and his security forces, Saddam may well do what Abu Nidal did: turn his wrath against his own people, and decimate his own protectors. "There are many ways to wage war, and many ways to destroy a tyrant. Especially when you have his oppressed people on your side."[20]

[edit] Bibliography ........................

Really> Especially when you have his oppressed people on your side."[20] we are a warlike people (Americans)...we love war" "Change--above all violent change--is the essence of human history" "the only way to achieve peace is through total war" "The purpose of total war is to permanently force your will onto another people" "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business"


How come Michael you're not over there doing it?

Fallon is also close with the neoconservatives and attended the 2001 awards ceremony of the Jewish Institute for National Security (JINSA), a think tank that strongly pushed for the war in Iraq and currently lobbies for attacking Iran. Vice President Dick Cheney and ex-UN Ambassador John Bolton are both former members of JINSA. The organization sponsored a 2003 conference entitled: "Time to Focus on Iran -- The Mother of Modern Terrorism."

Father Bush is the Father of Modern Terrorism

January 18, 2007 -- Iranians did have links with Bin Ladens.

According to our confidential sources, Reza Cyrus Pahlavi, the deposed Shah's oldest son and claimant to the Iranian throne, lived in Houston after the ouster of his father in 1979 and during the early 1980s. Pahlavi reportedly worked out of the Houston offices of James Bath & Associates, the authorized agents for Salem Bin Laden and Bin Laden family interests in the United States. Salem Bin Laden was Osama Bin Laden's older brother. Salem died in a suspicious plane crash outside of San Antonio in 1988. James Bath was also George W. Bush's colleague in AWOL status in the Texas Air National Guard in the early 1970s.

Pahlavi enjoyed full U.S. Secret Service protection while working in the Bin Laden company-financed Houston offices.The Iranian royal pretender worked under cover as an aircraft salesman with James Bath & Associates. In reality, Pahlavi was working with CIA-backed Iranian monarchy supporters who were working to overthrow the Ayatollah Khomeini regime and restore him to the Peacock Throne in Tehran. In 1978, Pahlavi trained as a fighter pilot at Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock, Texas.

The Iran-Bin Laden link the neo-cons don't want you to know about: Son of Shah hung out at Bin Laden family agent's (and George W. Bush's buddy) office in early 1980s.

This arrangement was fully known to then-Vice President George H. W. Bush who had, in 1980, engaged in treasonous negotiations with the Iranian Revolutionary Government to ensure that the U.S. Embassy hostages were not released until after the 1980 presidential election. As Vice President, Bush, Sr. re-engaged the same Iranian interlocutors in swapping arms for U.S. hostages being held in Lebanon in what became known as the Iran-contra scandal.

Reza Pahlavi now lives in Potomac, Maryland and maintains a political exile organization with headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. He has been tied to various neo-con activities designed to foment dissension among Iran's youth, including the U.S.-government-funded Radio Far


total war is what these necons want.

Total war: Even against Israeli citizens and American citizens........................................

Bush commits treason: aids and arms terrorists who say they will use weapons to shoot Israelies and possibly American GIs in Iraq

------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- FROM WND'S JERUSALEM BUREAU 'American weapons to be used on Jews' U.S. providing arms to bolster Abbas in conflict with rival Hamas factions

------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Posted: January 11, 2007 1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Aaron Klein © 2007

RAMALLAH – The United States, aided by Israel, over the last few weeks has provided 7,000 assault rifles and more than 1 million rounds of ammunition to militias associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party, senior Fatah militants told WND. The arms were provided to bolster Fatah against rival Hamas factions, the Fatah militants said.

Fatah and Hamas have engaged in weeks of deadly firefights since Abbas last month called for new Palestinian elections in a move widely seen as an attempt to dismantle the Hamas-led PA.

Abu Yousuf, a Fatah militant from Abba's Force 17 security forces, told WND while some of the weapons may be used in confrontations against Hamas, the bulk of the American arms would be utilized to "hit the Zionists."

(Story continues below)

He said if there is a major conflict with Israel, U.S. weapons provided to Fatah may be shared with other "Palestinian resistance organizations."

According to documents revealed Friday, the Bush administration will provide $86.4 million to strengthen security forces loyal to Abbas, including Force 17, Abbas' security detail, which also serves as de facto police units in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

Some members of Force 17 also are openly members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror organization, Fatah's declared "military wing."

U.S. officials confirmed the financial aid is set to be transferred to Fatah.

The multi-million-dollar grant will be used to "assist the Palestinian Authority presidency in fulfilling PA commitments under the Road Map (peace plan) to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism and establish law and order in the West Bank and Gaza," a U.S. government document said.

Force 17 members told WND ammunition and 7,000 assault rifles they say were delivered the past few weeks reached Fatah security forces in the Gaza Strip and in Ramallah in the West Bank. It was unclear if the arms were part of the $86 million in U.S. aid.

Like other recent confirmed arms transfers from Egypt and the U.S., the latest American weapons shipments were driven through Israeli checkpoints by convoys protected by the Israeli Defense Forces, according to sources familiar with the transfers. In Gaza, the weapons were accepted by Fatah strongman Mahmoud Dahlan, the sources said.

A spokeswoman for the IDF refused to deny the latest purported U.S. weapons shipments.

"This is a matter for the state (of Israel) and the prime minister's office," the IDF spokeswoman said.

Miri Eisin, a spokeswoman for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, could not immediately provide confirmation or denial of the American weapons shipment, saying Olmert's visit today to China is "keeping the staff fully busy."

The U.S. State Department did not return a request for comment before press time.

In an interview with WND, Fatah Force 17 security officer Abu Yousuf said some of the U.S. weapons his group received would be used against Hamas.

"The first place of these U.S. weapons will be to defend the Palestinian national project, which is reflected by the foundation of the Palestinian Authority. If Hamas or any other group under the influence of Iran and Syria wants to make a coup de tat against our institution, these weapons are there to defend the PA," said Abu Yousuf.

"We don't want to go to civil war with Hamas, because this is what both the U.S. and Israel want. This is our last option. We hope our brothers in Hamas won't oblige us to find ourselves in confrontation," Abu Yousuf said.

But the Fatah militant said the new American weapons may also be used to target Israelis. He admitted previous American arms supplied to Fatah were used in "resistance operations" against the Jewish state.

"If Israel will deliver what it promised to Abu Mazen (Abbas), [meaning a] withdrawal from Palestinian lands, including east Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, remove all the checkpoints in the West Bank, release our prisoners, and find a clear solution for our refugees, we'll control our forces and the distribution of weapons

"But if Israel doesn't deliver, and we find ourselves manipulated by Israel, we cannot guarantee members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Force 17 will not use these weapons against Israel. Our goal is to change the occupation," said Abu Yousuf.

" Its unnatural to think these American weapons won't be used against the Israelis," he said.

Like some other Force 17 members, Abu Yousuf is openly also a member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

The Brigades, together with Islamic Jihad, has taken responsibility for every suicide bombing in Israel the past two years, including an attack in Tel Aviv in April that killed American teenager Daniel Wultz and nine Israelis. The Brigades also has carried out scores of deadly shooting and rocket attacks against Israeli civilians in recent months.

All Brigades leaders are also members of Fatah. Abbas last June appointed senior Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leader Mahmoud Damra as commander of Force 17. Damra, who was arrested by Israel in November, was on the Jewish state's most-wanted list of terrorists.

Abu Yousuf said the American weapons shipments may be shared with other Palestinian terror groups. He said that during large confrontations with Israel, such as the Jewish state's 2002 anti-terror raid in Jenin, Fatah distributed weapons to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

"We don't look where this piece or that piece of weapon came from when fighting the Israelis," Abu Yousuf said.

He also pointed to what he said was Hamas' infiltration of some of Fatah's security forces as a possible mechanism Hamas can use to obtain Fatah's American-supplied weapons.

"Our organizations are infiltrated (by Hamas). In the last elections campaign, our Fatah party was astonished at how many of our security members votes for Hamas – we thought our own forces would vote 95 percent vote for us, but it was 70 percent for Fatah and 30 percent for Hamas," Abu Yousuf said.

A senior Fatah security official, speaking yesterday to WND on condition his name be withheld, says Fatah has a "significant problem" of its militia members in Gaza joining Hamas.

Sources close to Hamas said the Fatah militants, including members of Force 17, worked with Hamas after receiving larger paychecks from the terror group.

"When they join Hamas, they bring along their new weapons," said a Hamas source.

During a WND interview earlier this week, Hamas spokesman Abu Oubaida told WND his terror group will obtain any American weapons transferred to Fatah militias or purchased by Fatah using the incoming $86.4 million in U.S. aid.

"I am sure that like in the past, this $86 million from America will find its way to the Hamas resistance via the honorable persons in the Fatah security organizations, including in Force 17. I can confirm 100 percent that this money and purchased weapons will find its way to Hamas," said Abu Oubaida.

The last confirmed American arms shipment to Fatah took place in May. At first, it was denied by the U.S. and Israel, but Olmert in June admitted the transfer took place, telling reporters, "I needed to approve the shipment to help bolster Abbas."

The U.S. weapons were delivered to Gaza and Ramallah by the IDF, according to reports.

U.S. weapons prompting Palestinian arms race?

Meanwhile, Abu Abdullah, considered one of the most important operational members of Hamas' so-called military wing, told WND the U.S. aid and weapons shipments have prompted a Palestinian arms race.

The Hamas leader said weapons procured as a result of the U.S. shipment will be used against Israel.

"The more the Americans give Abu Mazen (Abbas) weapons, the more we will have in the future weapons to use against the Israelis, because it incites the different organizations to intensify their own supply of weapons," said Abu Abdullah of Hamas' Izzedine al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades, Hamas' declared "resistance" department.

According to Palestinian security sources, the increased drive by Hamas to obtain new weapons has raised the price of arms in Egypt and Jordan.

"An M-16 that sold for 6,000 Jordanian Dinar now is worth 10,000 Dinar because Hamas is trying to get more weapons," a Palestinian security source told WND.

Like Hamas spokesman Abu Oubaida, Hamas' Abu Abdullah said U.S. weapons to Fatah would eventually fall into the hands of Hamas:

"These American weapons will be one day the property of all the Palestinian people and its resistance, including Hamas," Abu Abdullah said. "The U.S. gives weapons to Fatah during internal Palestinian clashes, but one day when we go back to carrying out operations together, these [weapons] will be shared

Isn't giving aid and arms to the enemy Treason?

How Democratic is it to want to install a Shaw as king, and attack a people who elected a leader? In the eyes of the global New World Order is's fine as long as they get their profits! Oil and drugs... Bush family has deep financial ties to Bin Laden family... Arbusto, etc.

Mel Sembler heads up Scooter Libby's Legal defense Fund. Mel is a lifelong Republican with a very checkered past:

"In February 1989, President George H.W. Bush appointed Sembler United States Ambassador to Australia and Nauru"

"In 1998 Sembler and his wife went to Israel with George and Laura Bush. Sembler has close personal ties to both George W. and Jeb Bush. Sembler's wife Betty was a fundraiser for Jeb's gubernatorial campaign. As a gesture of gratitude, Jeb declared August 8, 2000 "Betty Sembler Day" in Florida."


US Representative Michael Bilirakis escorting Vice President George H. W. Bush and Barbara to a Straight Open Meeting in 1988.

How's this for coincidence? Mel just happened to be the Ambassador to Italy (of all places, in that he didn't even speak the language) at the same time that Ledeen makes a trip to Rome to meet with him and others - then magically - the purported Niger Yellow Cake document appears in Italy.

Even more interesting, when Lieberman loses to Lamont in the DEMOCRATIC primary, it is Republican Sembler who hosts a fundraiser for Lieberman to run as an Independent (with the full support of the White House and Karl Rove).

Now if you always keep the PNAC in mind, and remember the AGENDA that is being pursued on Israel's behalf, it becomes very clear that a massive conspiracy to SELL THE INVASION OF IRAQ was in play.

I believe that the only explanation is that GHW Bush and the agents of Israel (including Lieberman) formed a CONSPIRACY (each for their own reasons) to work together to take down Clinton with Sexpionage (and that alliance continued through 9/11 and the invasion of the Middle East): age


and to then implement the PNAC - to the benefit of Bush 41's "Poppy Interests" in Afghanistan, Big Oil's interests throughout the Middle East (and resolving the overhanging ($15 billion) Asbestos liability of Halliburton, represented by the Twin Towers), the Military Industrial Complex (Carlyle) and Israel - whose primary interest is the acquisition of resources and territory to create "Greater Israel."

GHW Bush, Cheney, Lay and Rumsfeld planned it all during the Clinton administration, and used Lay's FAKE energy crisis as the platform to INSTALL the purported "energy experts" in the White House.

Sembler/Israel is in business with GHW's CIA. Bush's CIA has a fleet of Gulfstream Jets in Florida used primarily to transport drugs. The kids are just fronting for their dad's business.

Cheney + Mossad = 9/11 (the PRETEXT / NEW PERLE HARBOR). The 9/11 operation was botched big time and they've been covering their tracks ever since.

All that has followed is ON-PLAN, including the intentional Mayhem in Iraq to justify Genocide and the acquisition of resources and territory. There was no exit strategy - as there is NO GOAL to exit - EVER. Rummy threatened to fire any General who worked on the post invasion plan:

What more proof do you require? Iraq is perfectly "ON-PLAN."


"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

(Certainly the FBI's cover-up of the Israeli spy ring/phone tap scandal suggests that Mr. Sharon IS CORRECT.)

Do the math - it's all the same conspiracy.

Look - here's the deal:

The biggest problem we face (a coup by a foreign power and treason within) cannot be openly discussed. The "special relationship" IS the problem. Dov Zakheim stole $7 trillion from the DOD and sent it to Israel. Want to know why Bush is unafraid of the supposed "power of the purse" and the threat by Congress not to fund his escalation? The money is not needed. They stole it in advance of 9/11 (witness Rumsfeld's admission of $2.3 trillion missing on 9/10/2001). The entire campaign is ALREADY FUNDED.

Zakheim stole the money on behalf of the co-conspirators in the coup (the Bush Cabinet and Likud - in concert with The Crown). They looted the US Treasury IN ADVANCE OF 9/11.

They did it because it was all part of the master plan. Chaos in Iraq is PART OF THE PLAN. The funding for the escalation is NOT coming from any budget that Congress has ANY CONTROL OVER. The money was already sent to Israel in advance of PNAC's "NEW PERLE HARBOR" and will now be tapped on an as needed basis - having lost the backing of the American people and congress.

This ALL planned for.

Ask Dov Zakheim about the $7 trillion.

He and Kobi Alexander (former CEO of Comverse) were co-conspirators in the implementation of 9/11. Zakheim's "Sysplan" provided the fly-by-wire technology and Comverse / Ptech provided the software and wiretapping / blackmail capabilities.

Why is Kobi Alexander (wanted on Federal Charges) under the cover of the Witness Protection Program in the United States?

Posted by PLUNGER 01/21/2007 @ 03:44am | ignore this person

202-456-1111 -White House Comment Line Call and say that you fully SUPPORT George Bush's NEW PLAN FOR THE DEPLOYMENT OF 20,000 MORE TROOPS IN IRAQ!!!! Comment by Sir Greg Nevins -- January 11, 2007 @ 5:43 am

This is an Israeli Hasbara Operative - take that to the bank. This is 100% Israel's War. The online "Hasbara" program is a Mossad Operation. Read and learn:

HELP!!!!!!!! I'm SURROUNDED by NAZI'S over at the "UN VETO" thread! I can REALLY use some SUPPORT there. By: bluestateman on November 12, 2006 at 05:11am

Note the emphasis of the word SUPPORT above? As in: Give Israel Your United SUPPORT (GIYUS). YOU'RE TOTALLY BUSTED Look at this:

"We need 100,000 Megaphone users to make a difference. So, please distribute this mail to all Israel's supporters.

Do it now. For Israel. Amir Gissin - Director Public Affairs (Hasbara) Department. GIYUS currently claims 24,000 Megaphone users."

Click here: Scroll down to this: GIYUS.ORG - Give Israel Your United Support

"Many of us recognize that the internet is the new battleground for Israel's image. Now is the time to improve our efforts on this front by better coordinating our on-line efforts. An Israeli software company has developed a free, safe, and useful tool for this purpose: the Internet Megaphone. Please go to and download the megaphone. You will then receive daily updates with links to important internet polls, problematic articles that require a response, and more."

"PROBLEMATIC ARTICLES?" Oh - you mean TRUTHFUL! Yeah, that's a problem - when you're a FALSE FLAG TERRORIST. There is no way to trust any news out of Israel - or the US Government for that matter.

Hasbara is specifically designed to promote the Likud's goals - not advance the truth: Nathan Guttman has characterized hasbara as "pro-Israel propaganda, " while Avi Hyman has said "while propaganda strives to highlight the positive aspects of one side of a conflict, hasbara seeks to explain actions, whether or not they are justified."

HASBARA IN ACTION: For detailed studies of the fabrications of groups like CAMERA and MEMRI, visit:,7792,773258,

ml This is must reading about MEMRI and its "credibility"



Posted by PLUNGER

Cheny and Bush are traitors and must be impeached

Both G.W, Bush and his father knowingly used WMDs - Weapons Made of Depleted Uranian warheads- and bio-chemical WMDs in both Gulf Wars. These WMDs have caused the deaths, illnesses, and DNA abnormalities of 250,000 American soldiers who were exposed to them.

The New England Journal of Medicine (Oct. 16, 1997, June 5, 1997, Wiley InterScience Journal, (April 14, 2003), and other medical journals have reported that exposure to Depleted Uranium is the cause.

Studies show that children born to those American soldiers have had increasingly serious birth defects such as the absence of limbs and inner organs, and congenital abnormalities including anencephaly, a congenital malformation found in infants in which a major portion of the brain, skull, and scalp are missing,"

As a result of sustained exposure to these WMDs, thousands of innocent Iraqi women have given birth to babies who have been "born without eyes, limbs, and in many cases - without heads." (2005, reports by doctors in Iraqi hospitals, Reuters, 2006).

The truth is that Iraq is - and will be - "a radioactive wasteland for the next 4 billion years." Anyone who stays in that region will be exposed to high levels of radiation, "equal to the fall-out of several atomic bombs."

That's why Bush or Rumsfeld never spent much time there - getting in and out very fast - yet leaving our soldiers there to be contaminated from a poster in the Huffington post.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Was Iraq War a `Blunder' or Was It Treason? New Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), is calling President Bush's invasion of Iraq a "stark blunder" and says that his new scheme to send 21,500 more troops into the mess he created is just digging the hole deeper.

I wonder though.

It seems ever more likely to me that this whole mess was no blunder at all.

People are wont to attribute the whole thing to lack of intelligence on the president's part, and to hubris on the part of his key advisers. I won't argue that the president is a lightweight in the intellect department, nor will I dispute that Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and that whole neocon gang have demonstrably lacked the virtues of reflection and humility. But that said, I suspect that the real story of the Iraq War is that Bush and his gang never really cared whether they actually would "win" in Iraq. In fact, arguably, they didn't really want to win.

What they wanted was a war.

If the war they started had ended quickly with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, that would have served their purposes, at least for the short term. Bush would have emerged from a short invasion and conquest a national hero, would have handily won re-election in 2004, and would have gone on to a second term as a landslide victor. But if it went badly, as it has, they figured he would still come out ahead. He would be a wartime president, and he'd make full use of that role, expansively misdefining his "commander in chief" title to imply authority over the Congress and the courts, to grab power heretofore unheard of for a president.

This, I suspect, was the grand strategy underlying the attack on Iraq.

If I'm right, there may have been method to the madness of not building up enough troops for the invasion to insure that U.S. forces could occupy a destroyed Iraq and help it rebuild, method to the madness of allowing looters free sway to destroy the country's remaining post-invasion infrastructure, method to the madness, even, of allowing remnant forces of Hussein's to gather up stockpiles of weapons and even of high-density explosives, so they could mount an effective resistance and drag out the conflict.

So many apparently stupid decisions were made by people who should clearly have been too smart to make them, from leaving hundreds of tons of high explosives unguarded to cashiering all of Iraq's army and most of the country's civil service managers, that it boggles the mind to think that these could have been just dumb ideas or incompetence. (L. Paul Bremer, for instance, who made the "dumb" decision about dismantelling the Iraqi army, prior to becoming Iraq's occupation viceroy, had headed the nation's leading risk assessment consultancy, and surely knew what all the risks were of his various decisions.)

I mean, we expect a measure of idiocy from or elected leaders and their appointees, but not wholesale idiocy!

This disaster has been so colossal, it almost had to have been orchestrated.

If that's the case, Congress should be taking a hard look at not just the latest installment of escalation, but at the whole war project, beginning with the 2002 campaign to get it going. Certainly throwing 21,500 new troops into the fire makes no sense whatever. If 140,000 of the best-equipped troops in the world can't pacify Iraq, 160,000 aren't going to be able to do it either. You don't need to be a general to figure that out. Even a senator or representative ought to be able to do it. So clearly Congress should kill this plan.

Since it's not about "winning" the war, it has to be about something else. My guess would be it's about either dragging things out until the end of 2008, so Bush can leave office without having to say he's sorry. But of course, it could also be about something even more serious: invading Iran.

We know Bush is trying mightily to provoke Iran. He has illegally attacked an Iranian consulate in Iraq (an act of war), taking six protected consular officials there captive. He is sending a second aircraft carrier battle group into the Persian Gulf, and is setting up Patriot anti-missile missile bases along Iran's western border. This buildup has all the earmarks of a pre-invasion. All that's needed now is a pretext--a real or faked attack on an American ship, perhaps, ala the Gulf of Tonkin "incident" that launched America into the Vietnam War.

The way I see it, either way the president is committing treason, because he is sending American troops off to be killed for no good reason other than for aggrandizing power he shouldn't have, and/or simply covering his own political ass.

Treason is the number one impeachable crime under the Constitution, and we're at a point where Congress is going to have to act or go down in history as having acquiesced in the worst presidential crime in the history of the nation. ............................................................... my comment the war was planned for in the Summer of 2000 according to the testimony of Paul O'Neill


O'Neill: Bush planned Iraq invasion before 9/11 In new book, ex-Treasury secretary criticizes administration Wednesday, January 14, 2004 Posted: 2:12 AM EST (0712 GMT)

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill served nearly two years in Bush's Cabinet.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

Story Tools

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

RELATED • U.S. economy chiefs quit • White House to economic advisers: Resign • Democrats broaden criticism of administration on Iraq

Paul O'Neill

George W. Bush


White House

(CNN) -- The Bush administration began planning to use U.S. troops to invade Iraq within days after the former Texas governor entered the White House three years ago, former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill told CBS News' 60 Minutes.

"From the very beginning, there was a conviction that Saddam Hussein was a bad person and that he needed to go," O'Neill told CBS, according to excerpts released Saturday by the network. "For me, the notion of pre-emption, that the U.S. has the unilateral right to do whatever we decide to do, is a really huge leap."

O'Neill, who served nearly two years in Bush's Cabinet, was asked to resign by the White House in December 2002 over differences he had with the president's tax cuts. O'Neill was the main source for "The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush, the White House, and the Education of Paul O'Neill," by former Wall Street Journal reporter Ron Suskind.

The CBS report is scheduled to be broadcast Sunday night; the book is to be released Tuesday by publisher Simon & Schuster.

Suskind said O'Neill and other White House insiders gave him documents showing that in early 2001 the administration was already considering the use of force to oust Saddam, as well as planning for the aftermath.

"There are memos," Suskind told the network. "One of them marked 'secret' says 'Plan for Post-Saddam Iraq.'"

Suskind cited a Pentagon document titled "Foreign Suitors For Iraqi Oilfield Contracts," which, he said, outlines areas of oil exploration. "It talks about contractors around the world from ... 30, 40 countries and which ones have what intentions on oil in Iraq."

In the book, O'Neill is quoted as saying he was surprised that no one in a National Security Council meeting asked why Iraq should be invaded.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this,'" O'Neill said.

Suskind also described a White House meeting in which he said Bush seemed to waver about going forward with a second round of tax cuts.

"Haven't we already given money to rich people... Shouldn't we be giving money to the middle?" Suskind says Bush asked, according to what CBS called a "nearly verbatim" transcript of an economic team meeting Suskind said he obtained from someone at the meeting.

O'Neill also said in the book that President Bush "was like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people" during Cabinet meetings.

One-on-one meetings were no different, O'Neill told the network.

Describing his first such meeting with Bush, O'Neill said, "I went in with a long list of things to talk about and, I thought, to engage [him] on. ... I was surprised it turned out me talking and the president just listening. It was mostly a monologue."

White House spokesman Scott McClellan brushed off O'Neill's criticism.

"We appreciate his service, but we are not in the business of doing book reviews," he told reporters. "It appears that the world according to Mr. O'Neill is more about trying to justify his own opinion than looking at the reality of the results we are achieving on behalf of the American people. The president will continue to be forward-looking, focusing on building upon the results we are achieving to strengthen the economy and making the world a safer and better place."

A senior administration official, who asked not to be named, expressed bewilderment at O'Neill's comments on the alleged war plans.

"The treasury secretary is not in the position to have access to that kind of information, where he can make observations of that nature," the official said. "This is a head-scratcher."

Even before the interview is broadcast, the topic became grist for election-year politics.

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who is the early front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, issued a statement in response.

"I've always said the president had failed to make the case to go to war with Iraq," Dean said. "My Democratic opponents reached a different conclusion, and in the process, they failed to ask the difficult questions. Now, after the fact, we are learning new information about the true circumstances of the Bush administration's push for war, this time, by one of his former Cabinet secretaries.

"The country deserves to know -- and the president needs to answer -- why the American people were presented with misleading or manufactured intelligence as to why going to war with Iraq was necessary."

Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts also issued a statement. In 2002, Kerry voted to support a resolution giving Bush authority to wage war against Iraq if it didn't dismantle its presumed illegal weapons program.

"These are very serious charges. It would mean [Bush administration officials] were dead-set on going to war alone since almost the day they took office and deliberately lied to the American people, Congress, and the world," Kerry said. "It would mean that for purely ideological reasons they planned on putting American troops in a shooting gallery, occupying an Arab country almost alone. The White House needs to answer these charges truthfully because they threaten to shatter [its] already damaged credibility as never before."

"--a real or faked attack on an American ship, perhaps, ala the Gulf of Tonkin "incident" that launched America into the Vietnam War.

The way I see it, either way the president is committing treason, because he is sending American troops off to be killed for no good reason other than for aggrandizing power he shouldn't have, and/or simply covering his own political ass.

Treason is the number one impeachable crime under the Constitution, and we're at a point where Congress is going to have to act or go down in history as having acquiesced in the worst presidential crime in the history of the nation. "

Paul O'Neill says that way before 911" In the book, O'Neill is quoted as saying he was surprised that no one in a National Security Council meeting asked why Iraq should be invaded.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this,'" O'Neill said.

the war profits motive:

Published on Wednesday, July 23, 2003 by by Steve Kretzmann and Jim Vallette

Operation Oily Immunity

During the initial assault on Baghdad, soldiers set up forward bases named Camp Shell and Camp Exxon. Those soldiers knew the score, even if the Pentagon's talking points dismissed any ties between Iraqi oil and their blood.

The Bush/Cheney administration has moved quickly to ensure US corporate control over Iraqi resources at least through the year 2007. The first part of the plan, created by the UN under US pressure is the Development Fund for Iraq which is being controlled by the US and advised by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The second is a recent Bush executive order that provides absolute legal protection for U.S. interests in Iraqi oil.

In May, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1483, which ended sanctions and endorsed the creation of Development Fund for Iraq, to be controlled by Paul Bremer and overseen by a board of accountants, including UN, World Bank, and IMF representatives. It endorsed the transfer of over $1 billion (of Iraqi oil money) from the Oil-for-Food program into the Development Fund. All proceeds from the sale of Iraqi oil and natural gas are also to be placed into the fund.

In the creation and expected implementation of this Development Fund for Iraq, one finds the fingerprints of the global economic structural adjustment that has attracted so much protest in recent years. World Bank and IMF programs, backed by the rigged rules of the World Trade Organization, have imposed dramatic financial restructuring upon much of the world. Developing countries have amassed huge debts in exchange for selling out their natural resources to powerful Northern corporations. This paradigm cloaks corporate welfare and neocolonialism in terms of "poverty alleviation" and now in Iraq, "humanitarian assistance".

New debt for Iraq will accrue through the very program that President Bush pledged would 'benefit the people of Iraq.' The Development Fund, derived from actual and expected Iraqi oil and gas sales, apparently will be used to leverage U.S. government-backed loans, credit, and direct financing for U.S. corporate forays into Iraq. Besides financing reconstruction projects, some of the funds will also be used as collateral for projects approved by the U.S. Export-Import Bank (ExIm), whose mission is not development or poverty alleviation, but rather the creation of US jobs and the promotion of American business abroad.

ExIm recently announced that it was open for business in Iraq and would begin considering applications by subcontractors (that is, companies hired by Bechtel and Halliburton) in Iraq. Corporations have found it next to impossible to obtain private bank credit for work in Iraq, due to the ongoing insecure environment. But ExIm has stepped in to take a lead role in facilitating U.S. business in Iraq.

"The primary source of repayment," explained an ExIm release, "is the Development Fund for Iraq, or another entity established under the auspices of the Coalition Provisional Authority with access to foreign exchange and protection from claims of creditors of the former regime." In other words, the US government is happy to provide credit to any US business wishing to do business in Iraq - especially because the money comes from Iraq.

For the Bush/Cheney administration and their allies in the oil industry, this was not enough. Hours after the UN endorsed US control of the 'Development Fund' for Iraq, Bush signed an executive order that was spun as implementing Resolution 1483, but in reality, went much further towards attracting investment and minimizing risk for US corporations in Iraq.

Executive Order 13303 decrees that 'any attachment, judgment, decree, lien, execution, garnishment, or other judicial process is prohibited, and shall be deemed null and void', with respect to the Development Fund for Iraq and "all Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products, and interests therein."

In other words, if ExxonMobil or ChevronTexaco touch Iraqi oil, it will be immune from legal proceedings in the US. Anything that could go, and elsewhere has gone, awry with U.S. corporate oil operations will be immune to judgment: a massive tanker accident; an explosion at an oil refinery; the employment of slave labor to build a pipeline; murder of locals by corporate security; the release of billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The President, with a stroke of the pen, signed away the rights of Saddam's victims, creditors and of the next true Iraqi government to be compensated through legal action. Bush's order unilaterally declares Iraqi oil to be the unassailable province of U.S. corporations.

In the short term, through the Development Fund and the Export-Import Bank programs, the Iraqi peoples' oil will finance U.S. corporate entrees into Iraq. In the long term, Executive Order 13303 protects anything those corporations do to seize control of Iraq's oil, from the point of production to the gas pump - and places oil companies above the rule of law.

The authors are analysts with the Sustainable Energy & Economy Network of the Institute for Policy Studies. For more information on Executive Order 13303, see

The authors are analysts with the Sustainable Energy & Economy Network of the Institute for Policy Studies. For more information on Executive Order 13303, see

VICE President Cheny.He and his necon advisors have cooked the books, fabricated lies, and exploited, and arranged 911 to draw Americans into a genocidal war against Muslims for the sake of Zionist and Marxist Fascist Israel and for the oil and drug empire!

There is too much evidence to ignore.

Investigate his input with Lay of Enron. Investigate the plans for war with Iraq way before 911.See the terstimony of Paul Oneill saying the President wanted to invade Iraq in the summer of 200, and said find me a way to it. Read the necon Rebuilding Americas Defences which said Without an event like Pearl Harbor the goals and funding of world military domination would not be met.

Read about the asbestoes ties of Cheney to Haillurburton, the buyiung of Dresser, and the asbestoes albatross of the WTC complex.

WAR Profitering!

FOUR TRAITORs, The DEVIL is in the Details! IMPEACH!!!!

See the videos of WTC 7 being demolitioned.

Eisenhower's warning

He warned us of power falling into the hands of the military industrial complex, leading to the rise of a dictatorship!

So many shawdow creations within the Department of Defense, so many corporations in defense lobbying and endorsing wars.

This comment appeared in the Nation blog

The Skull and Bones President Bush is a product of his father, "New World Order". They will do everything they can to make it happen. This explains why our borders go unprotected and why Bush refuses to pardon the two Border agents entering jail for over a decade today, for shooting at an illegal drug dealer who got immunity.

Bush & MKULTRA Satanic killer who Bush pardoned while Governor, BOTH in same cult in '80s

book chapter: Drug Running Bush Family and their Fake War on Drugs: Police as drug pushers

ZIOCON/GOP = another name for MAFIA MONEY; Abramoff scandal ties to 9-11 Atta drugrunning! http://portland.indym

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