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Commentary :: Environment
Take Nader Down!
22 Feb 2004
I'd sooner help to bring Ralph down than have my grandchildren inherit such a legacy and i encourage you to do likewise.
As a former Nader/Green supporter, i plan on actively working AGAINST any Green Party presidential candidate as well as Ralph Nader who,imo,is playing with fire while massaging his own ego. The times we are in are truly perilous, even mainstream political observers are now making the point that the nation has not seen such far-right extremism for generations (checkout Republican activist Kevin Phillips' "American Dynasty" as an example).

I'll be damned if i'll stand idly by while Ralph Nader assists in dragging us into another four years of the Bush regime replete w/its' far-right, fundamentalist assaults on the Constitution, human rights, science and all of Creation. I'd sooner help to bring Ralph down than have my grandchildren inherit such a legacy and i encourage you to do likewise. I can absolutely guarantee you it will be sooooo much easier struggling with a corporado like Kerry (assuming he's the anointed DEM), than the frightening fundamentist neo-fascist onslaught represented by the Bush cabal, an onslaught that could easily declare marshall law in this land under some phony pretext and bring an end to whatever democracy we may have left. This is no bullshit, friends. You're standing smack in the midst of an historic moment in this nation. What are you going to do about it?

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I will not vote for Nader.
23 Feb 2004
I too voted for him last time.

It's this simple. If there were an alternative to Hitler in Nazi Germany (a kinder and gentler fascist than Hitler) that was certain to win and displace Hitler and along came a progressive candidate with zero chance of winning but a good chance of keeping Hitler in power, I'd vote for the kinder and gentler fascist just to open up enough space to better organize against the fascists.

Nader is working for the enemy and he must know it.

Kerry is far from what I want, but getting Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Cheney out of office is sufficient justification for holding my nose and voting for Kerry. Kerry does not have my support, only my vote.
Re: Take Nader Down!
23 Feb 2004
although i agree that bush is both a terrible and dangerous president, i think any examination of the policies of previous presidents leading back to JFk you will find little difference, especially in terms of foreign policy. both kerry and edwards voted for the war, for the patriot act, don't have the guts to defend gay marriage as constitutional right, etc, etc. the two parties are becoming almost identical despite whatever rhetoric we might hear. as 2000 proved, this country is not in the hands of the voter, but in that of the corporation and the millionaire. i would support nader against any democrat with possible exception of ted kennedy or russ feingold
Domestic policy matters.
23 Feb 2004
We need to get the thought police out of the government. Having the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the CIA spying aggressively on dissidents does not help our efforts to combat US foreign policy. Bush must go.
Re: Take Nader Down!
23 Feb 2004
Ralph Nader needs to learn that the only way the Green Party is going to advance is from the grassroots on up. All his running for president will do is draw people who care about the environment and fairness away from the democratic party.

Okay, Kerry may not be much better than "Bush Lite", but at least he's isn't an illiterate, lying, drunken frat boy who can't even pronounce "nuclear!"

Stand down, Ralph! For the love of God, stand down!

Man...I've gotta go take a shower...I feel dirty.
Re: Take Nader Down!
23 Feb 2004
I'll be voting for Nader instead of one of the scumbag DNC operatives that front for the big corporations. In terms of the "Hitlerness" of the candidates the only difference between Kerry and Bush is that one of them says what he believes in.

It's time that the Democrats realized that they have to listen to the people and they can't keep scaring us with stories of Big Bad Bush so that we don't notice that Kerry is just the same: pro-war, anti-immigrant, pro-PATRIOT ACT.

Kerry didn't just get fooled by the pro-war propaganda that we didn't believe in when we marched in the streets, he actually helped make some of it up, he stood up and talked vehemently and articulately in support of this war.

A vote for Kerry is the same as a vote for Bush.

A vote for Nader isn't enough on it's own, but it'll break up this rotten two-party system where we don't get what we need and want.

Vote your conscience, vote pragmatically, vote strategically: vote for Nader.
A vote for Nader is useless.
23 Feb 2004
Get Bush out of power AND start a revolution.
Re: Take Nader Down!
24 Feb 2004
So, Bostonian, you'd support Goebels over Hitler if he promised you he'd do things better in the future? You are a good lad and no threat to the power structure. John Kerry at best will keep the oval office warm until Jeb Bush is ready to run. The Dems are nothing but a false alternative funded by Republican corporations to keep you from seeking a true alternative. If you agree with Nader's positions, you should support him and not the annointed Democrat.