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Announcement :: Globalization
STOLEN/LEASED COMMAND COIN from the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION BY MARINE EXERCISE incited 9/11 investigations with Ossama Bin Laddens Sister in Charles Town Navy Yard-PUTIN CAN YOU REVIEW SAT IMAGING WHERE DID THE COIN GO?
13 Feb 2007
The Marine Exercise FEBRURARY, 10, 2007 off OIL CITY ROAD and the STOLEN COIN from the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION to cross the RIVER the STYX that was taken in spite of the FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCYLYPSE - WILLIAM SUZA

We Walked up with STAR on a shirt and holding a JAPANESE FLAG OVER THE WALLET WITH A GOLD COIN OF THE U.S.S. CONSTITUTION on the INSIDE OF THE WALLET as suggesting of support in a 9/11 inquiry based on the contingency pys-op- PVT. KENYON JOHNSON EXCHANGED IDENTIFICATION IN THE MARINE EXERCISE.
War is always a symbolic fight- weather your in the Mental Fox Holes for six years fighting as “Old Iron Minds,” to be undefeated in consternation to the principles of a enjoinment of the sense of American Entrepreneurialism and Mercantilism as to achieve enlightenment upon the mantle of what has been achieved in two centuries and a little more for democracy to survive for all time to come not as one with Entrepreneurialism and Mercantilism. War is one with which where when men come to a ahead on the known battle space of consciousness to what can be done with one’s instrumentalities of war and guidance as the edict of proper military leadership that- when, in America one is asked is America capitalist and the other says in retort- we are living in a country of democracy to remove despotism where it may exist-international boundaries and multi-national corporations sending to and fro the ideologue of enfranchisement of property and possession and that security is vested in the resources behind the will of nation to survive by the lamplight of it’s once then embattlement to give recognition to the labor of all men equal as one as equal to no other.
Recognition is a 21 gun salute, is a sound of clapping thunder in the wayside of achievement of a national voice not wincing in light of losses but standing ground to understand wherefore the voice of this nation is- A c-overt operation stands in the light of lady liberty and in it- there in resides a battle of symbolism to the department of naturalization and immigration with rights to execute a phase of a battle strategy to better understand the premise of satellite tasking for the efforts of the fighting tops and the cover-t up investigation of Ossama Bin Laddens sister’s position overlooking Logan’s Airport and the Marine Fighting tops. Questioning the Responsibility of the Marine Snipers aboard the U.S.S. Constitution –to keep an eye out on the fighting tops- but as more relevance to the case issues in the symbolism here is that a new keeper of tradition is bound tethered to the souls of those who have been held together by the floating frigate.

Dear Samual Nicholson- How ye keepers of tradition and souls know well the burden the heart holding the souls of all the fallen soldiers of the U.S.S. Constitution- undefeated in tradition, undefeated in principle and undefeated in the solemn promise to the woe of all men who wear the burden of the Flag in their hearts and minds-the symbol of the bearer of that burden in tradition passes from recruit to another in tandem to the main mast- 204 feet from the keel and many souls held together by the coins.

Stitch together in your p-coat and keep warm on watch holding the coin by your heart that will be placed over your eye when you die. Holding each stitch in your mind to keep track of the coin and its purpose. A penny with Lincoln is honesty, a nickel with Jefferson is genuine to the philosopher of sovereignty and limited federal oversight, a quarter with George Washington is the leader who knows when it is time to retreat and plan again – one-uno-won* George Washington - and in this case the coin from the U.S.S. CONSTITUTION passed from commander to the keepers of tradition...a burden few could contemplate to place with facile arraignment to all actions- the Armageddon complex new in the philosophy of psychology and the burden of the PUSH BUTTON complex- a psyche of deliberation to the responsibility of war and the push button upon a nuclear bomb- a coin and the burden of the souls with whom would not be slandered in the after life for their woe is held together by the ocean’s turbulence in reaching a maritime army. The specific coin was stolen or placed on lease in a MARINE EXERCISE by the spite of the bitter angry programmer who could not divulged the use of the contingency psy-op and how the case allegations would lead to functional political/civil/economic/organizational disposition to the position of Ossama Bin Laden’s Sister overlooking Logan’s Airport prior to 9/11- - fighting tops over the heralds, harbingers of the utility of the machines of war- the rifles, the John 12 "gauge*"- wars are never simple always symbolic as fuel of the soul is that which keeps the FOX HOLES and in this war of the mind keeps old "Iron Minds," moving on the battle front. I say this to ye, all who know- the mind of this man in a psychic war will not be broken by the likes of your malice for that meaning of democracy is mine and yours and if from when inside the machine questions arise to allow contemplation what fuels the industry of war- what fuels the bias in your constant attempt to overturn every rational conjunction of relevancy in the case- that you would seek to imbue some level of justification to the manufacturing of a field operation off oil city road –just to remove a single allegations in due course of he case- yet from space the eyes of the soviets and others know the true story- walking along by nigh with a lamplight and little pamphlet – 101 ways to kill ossama bin laden and a Winchester rifle pointed to the image of the indecency of the your suggestion to the content of xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on the suspicion of other nation’s wondering just what happened on the beach and how single filed operation allowed Kenyon JOHNSTON to review a I.D. that stated indefinite…is anything truly indefinite lest it be that of courage, honor, commitment and the investigation into the position of ossama bin laddens sister a tactical tool for reconnaissance and resources of such from the U.S. MARINES- you see, in 1934 the U.S. NAVY placed the helicopter in a stationary pattern overlooking the fighting stops of the U.S.S. Constitution as well as -_______, to be a threat if within 500 yards – as by the NAVAL SECUIRTY ZONE- allowing recon to have a position of prjeucei to have oversight of the Fighting Tops- in today’s non-lateral warfare styles one would assert after last night that questionable use of satellite tasking prior to 9/11 was utilized by the U.S. Space Command and with prejudice to the job and duty of the U.S. MARINE CORP to watch from the fighting tops those officers and enlisted personnel members with snipers and from there- in the case of ossama bin laddens sister in Charles town navy yard over looking the turn around cruise who watched her threatening sniper position over the Commander of the U.S.S. CONSTITION- as she was in a position of reconnaissance over LOGANS AIRPOR* further investigative examination of this problem is relating in the opposition of the review of the case by Senator John Kerry due to the vist oif J DEDRICK to John Kerry’s Office with or not with the content of xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on the conflicts of weak leader in defense may have been postulated but in tandem to the positioning of her- and the constant state of prejudice over the U.S.S. Constitution fighting tops the marine unit and the Commanding Officer with last nights stolen coin from the U.S.S. Constitution as held on loan by J DEDRICK – a keeper of a tradition that is bound by the lives and souls of those men who have died for their flag and who have had their coins placed under the main mast that the burden of consciousness upon the weight of a unforgiving investigation is one with such that the loan made- is now in the hands of an enemy force of incompetence seeking redemption- these are not tales of woe- for the first lost life was the son of Samuel Nicholson they are real and every soul is bound to that vessel by the symbolism in this case- or one with a enemy force with whom would board the U.S.S. Constitution with pirate flags, seeking to open the sleeper program a little further to ask questions about misplaced power.

John JUNE -12 "gauge*"-

Yet e’er I draw the Vengeful Sword
I have though fit to send abroad,
This present gracious Proclamation,
Of purpose mild the demonstration;
That whoseoe’er keeps gun or pistol
I’ll spoil the motion of his systol;
Or, whip his breach, or cut his weapon
As the measure of his treason:
--But every one that will lay down
His words like zenger*, bright, and musket brown,
Shall not be beat, nor bruis’d, nor bang’d
Much less for past offenses, hang’d,
But on surrendering his Toledo,
Go to and fro as we do:
--- but then I must, out of this plan, lock
Both Samual Adams and John Hanckock;
For those vile traitors (like debentured web-bonds)
Must be tuck’d up at all adventures;
As any proffer of a Pardon,
Would only tend those rouges to harden;
--but every other mother’s son,
The instant he destroys his gun,
(For thus doth run the King’s command)
May, if he will, come kiss my hand.---
Meanwhile let all and every one
Who loves his life forsake his gun.

If your words are in retort-like bullet s in a sport
To the orders not before a legitimate court
Then watch the pact of Warsaw’s lien
Upon a airlines industry-

Mental flogging in bullets of spite and rage-
A hate crime of a manifestations over Brady and you and me
The White House Press Secretary could hardly know
Especially if he were hire by Disney you know
Hell we go Froxim and Frolic snow in deep
Censor the words of his magistrate
From Gordon of England to the shores of Tripoli
King George would be proud of your abject hatred over me
And maybe in the ends would sponsor the parapsychology
As a eventuality upon the known mental sea- to keep wardens over the
Minds and let breath from freedom ring true away from crime
To keep the IRON MINDS in a fox hole free from the manipulation of the submarine bullets

John Gage in times past and before a rebut of my gun-would you ask
In such a nonchalant way for other nations with nuclear power to run
For those vile traitors like debentures are one in the same with
Pakistan and Iran-yet to the woe in wake of melancholy measures and proofs
A way to stop and censor other nations form advise and consent-sure
Just a Brady Bill in time will be used to cover all as modeled for any wordy crime…

SO- Meanwhile let all and every one
Who loves his life forsake his gun.

That whoseoe’er keeps gun or pistol
I’ll spoil the motion of his systol;

Even if they are just words- like bullets sharp to a liability of malicious consignment of gainful interpretations- what was said here will be euphemized to support that latter conjunctions of case features.

The Coin is loan to the MARINE employee until it gets passed to FT-1 Burns as promised in and then to Tommy Oaks- each handle keeps a strike to know the hones of the souls held kempt by the coins.


>>>Heurism order of constructed contractors guidelines in achieving objectives within scope and objective. All contractors must have means to accommodate resolve for fictional definition to problems in psychic networks as modeled in tandem to new forms of surgical warfare and use of Air Force technology with nuero-controllers in flight simulators that assert bias in cognitive controllers within respect to user identification in form of bio-metric technology.
>>>? Infrastructure review of Kazakhstan with D.I.A. Liaison to affairs of a review of college construction of classes dealing with parapsychology investigations with centralized theories out of Penn State as for means of review of all cases in which college classes have been used to suggest a collection stratagem with *prejudice form all practices formulated from within U.S. AIR FORCE AIR FORCE SYSTEMS COMMAND FORIGN TECHNOLOGY DIVISION as well as incorporate into the policy of the ARMY SURGEON GENERAL for case inflection with contingency psy-op as basis of prejudice of collection standards.
>>>o The development of a bias in all policy work done within confined of production assert a that while the location scouting and medium of occupation of resources attenuating Military Objectives- that Force Integrators are subject to a review of all manner of bias in outcome expectancies to suggest end resolve as being one with a outcome by which production efforts in Soylent Green Cubed model a complication with new forms of communication and market economies subject to psychic collection of psychic energies, such as to espouse great threats within the Department of Defense for the method and process of transduction to end resolves of capitulation strategies in Manchurian Candidate case within nuclear submarine community.
>>>o SCOPE
>>>o While in policy modeling one may in think-tanks espouse threats of such consternation as to require a oversight of any factor of prejudice and bias in decision making with the national security council-such demands in information gathering from human Intel or HUMINT. The structured produce while driven by major contractor suggestions are within the confines of a scope of threat assessments within the vacuum model for nano-technology threat assessment and perceptual threat establishments with battle station scenarios for such- as to equate all data as supporting public dissemination practices.
>>>o Nano-technology battle stations and N.R.L. feedback bias with all development in China for development of all organized capitulation of U.S. Patents for Chinese Led Mission to Moon.
>>>? Basis of investigative demands in review of recent curve of interrogation practices within achievable limits of review of new communication systems with which the referring think tank produce and interrogation strategies require a policy model for all case issues within the respective domain of the D.I.A. and achievable oversight of parapsychology practices.
>>>? Supporting HUMINT gathering with technical outline from Strategic Release Formulation of all research and development for/by/with/to/from the principle office within the Department of Commerce the Office of Space Commercialization as with bias to strategic release formula for major motion picture usage as counter inductive to end resolve - Basis of investigative demands with in confine of all D.O.C. project allocations with reviews of Federally Funded Research and Development Centers with the N.G.I. National Geospatial Intelligence office within the National Reconnaissance office for development of a Kurilian imaging system with basis in production efforts to define previous experimental setting in the Russian Confederate Independent States- as collection standards with the State Department will require a liaison to such affairs with knowledge of all research attenuation from Bakinour as prejudiced upon all nuerovestibular research agendas of former Soviet Union between ye!
>>>ars of 1970-1978.
>>>? Electronic Transmission and Library Collection Standards from D.I.S.A. with Dissemination practices in lou of research collection heads of investigative prejudice in outcome of basis of all contracts in C.I.S. and Regions of Kazakhstan- as basis of theories are subject to neural vestibular centers of research attenuation toward equilibrium of storage with application-bi-lateral oversight of data transmission in case suggest that fiscal impropriety may be one with the Intel gathering services of the United Nations in a right to maintain border integrity as to be one with military impetuous and without design of treaties subject to interdependence in cases dealing with parapsychology and F.I.S.A. standards for such manner of spy-activity to understand all assets of United Nations as being one with boundaries subject to enforcement rights with NORTH KOREA. DISA established a Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) to achieve successful implementation of the net-centric vision b!
>>>y providing tailored acquisition policies, processes, procedures, tools, life-cycle oversight and career management in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
>>>? N.S.F. grant reciprocation for data transits in lou of secondary implement models of corporate structure for xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on http;//JTJAMES.SPYMAC.COM/
>>>? Policy models - Antarctic server designation for company oversight of all acquired data with state department Bureau of Ocean, the N.S.F. department of ecological oversight for region tenuously developed by the review of all forms of treaties that deal with shared property laws by standards of the United Nations.
>>>? Grant study - objectives with the Department of Social Behavioral and Economic sciences within the N.S.F.- for three principle investigators to situate cases flow of data through Gauntanimo from- Estonia, Guatemala, Colombia- as basis of legal and adjudicative hours depend upon usefulness and real resource driven objectives in tandem to interdependent conjunctions of liabilities and produce market centering upon think tank objectives- such as basis of investigative demands for members of Taliban subject to be indifferent in prosecutions as basis of treaty participating states in Geneva Conventions is in direct attenuation of goals.
>>>? Gathering of supporting theories for review by the N.S.F. - Model for policy outline within scope of ARMY/BOEING communication contracts subject to parapsychology oversight in such as to be based on model of International Prison between the two in the state of Washington may be accommodated within scope and objective of all Prison networks in Kazakhstan that may have a tenuous oversight of policy fusion with the United Nations for legal frameworks of all Information Communication Tools generically referred to as I.C.T.:s for such a review of F.I.S.A. court objectives within networks at the U.N. that may have reasonable claims to suggest new policing standards could be accommodated from within the bias of such contracts with international prisons harboring suspects of such organizational means within parapsychology networks.
>>>o Objectives
>>>o To support use of Hollywood production SOYLENT GREEN CUBED as means to Intel gathering and with proper state department oversight of all data transits to review of ARMED SERVICE COMMITTEE budget and dissemination of logical schemas for review of the use of parapsychology demands in spy organizations for BEHAVIORAL SELECTION STRATGEIS in all contracts effecting the Pentagon as prejudiced upon Boeing contracts effecting the Defense Intelligence Agency HUMINT gathering standards.
>>>? Use of the high profile oversight with the U.S.S. Houston S.S.N. 713 security clearance of case within all contractors of military support in such tandem as to be placed in same context of contractor guidelines and public affairs aspects of case developments with association root to Syncrasy Weather Forecasting (Horseless Trojan Carriage/Amnesty with Gift/Defectors Presence of Mind) and for the Movie the Hunt for Red October-as C.I.A. reciprocal agreements under review of all merger of Paramount and DreamWorks may show a prejudice of legal resources is required to have maintained prejudice with Paramount acquisitions. Please place prejudice to the sale of the presidio as well as precedence to military installations or contracts by which inflection of damage may incur in times of war back feed of liabilities conditioned upon respective uses of Hollywood in military cases.
>>>? Development of a review of inductive sense gathering standards in case outcomes to theories of use of United Nations by former/current applied functions in sleeper cells of K.G.B. separatist and acquisitions upon the Former U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez De Cellular (Orbital Slot Assessments increased by LAVROV ties to U.N. SECRETARY GENERAL in review of all future military actions by Russian Confederate Independent states as subject to theories in orbital slot values in re-lease and development of slot ownership ) as a function of review in case is based on the supporting brackets for all policy identifiable units of conjecture to think tank problems and solution sets as basis in review of WARSAW pact and all prosecutions stemming forth as based on abuses in parapsychology psychic cells impositions of forms of review of WAR CRIMES PROSECUTION For such abuses.
>>>? Meeting critical time-lines in review of all pressures in political domain in former Soviet Union and Ukraine as with or not with support from Victor Yachencko in review of K.G.B. splinter cell theories within the review of all inductive feedback resonance in the threat assessment of the North Korean Governments displaced tool of aggression upon the United Nations that asserted in contrast to the design of threat establishment a tool of political coercion over the oil for food investigation as increasing bi-lateral talks within the United Nations about the F.I.S.A. discrimination in the United Nations in all cases dealing with delegates and emissaries of such to be protected as ambassadors of good will-while timelines suggest a coercion of political resources within the United States to subject Yachenko to a gainful political arbitration upon known factors with parapsychology resources in tandem to all known factors of domestic acquisition of domestic terrorism as to be fr!
>>>om foreign acquisition principles one with a basis on theories with the United Nations Information Gathering Service.
>>>? Time-lines and production tables require working facility to review all manner of complications within production efforts and as such require trade relations effected by any manner of interference subject to review of screenplay adaptation and consolidation of all content structured to conflict resolution scenarios.
>>>? Initial purchase of screenplay soylent green and leave it to chance: require a oversight of all productions effected by case- including third parties who may which to review full content spectrum in review of future interest without tortuous interference in business expectancy.;amp;friendid=29077697
>>>? SECONDARY AND REDUNDANCY OBJECTIVES TO SUPPRT THEORIES OF FEEDBACK RESONANCE WITH UNITED NATIONS- Major things to do based on 1 year plan prior to implementation model of all factors effecting investment portfolio and Trade Ring Blockades and shadow umbrella corp. Reflective inc. as competitive to design of HUMINT gathering in the basis of shadow economies in Kazakhstan fostering support for parapsychology networks enfranchised in wake of supporting research and development at Bakinour during 1970-1976;
>>>o Office of Science and Technology Policy for review prior to implementation factors effecting the national science and technology fact sheet after July, 2008.
>>>o Resource acquisition strategy for property before and after JUY, 2007-see debentured web-contract xautoun-zengersbomb-hamruabeye.pdf on
>>>o Purpose: In recognition of strategies effecting orbital slot assessments via the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs in reference of gainful attributes of data bases dealing with registration effecting the nature of military fortification of space assets from communication strategies effecting parameters of scalar resolutions for property of non-deterministic state of occupation; as determined by orbital path. I suggest in keeping to competitive business strategies interdependent upon Russian Federation models for lease redevelopment that the Pentagon Office of Public Affairs be placed in the fundamental role of analysis of behaviors of Time Warner/AOL for displacement of civil potentials effecting fair trade due to the former Federal Communication Commissioner's placement within the company if prejudice within the nature of Communication standards for operations above 10,000 feet-as directly displacing the right of operation of I.C. chips of the nature of Macinto!
>>>sh processors that interference with communication equipment above 10,000 feet. Such as to suggest that the purpose of such acquisition strategies for development of Federally Funded Research And Development centers localized on the property in Peru above 10,000 feet with radial difference from equator to suggest operational criteria of property to have mutual interdependence for equations structured to scalar resolution theories-to such end to identify purpose with other intent exist is to identify with acquisitions in states party to actions of threatening postures with identification of geography selection based on scientific purpose to be an advantage in all mental impressions of acquisitions' strategies thus to better the instrumentalities of war by which prejudice and high frontier equate to resolve the nature of defense of one's national treasuries and to such the acquisition strategy and purpose when identified to direct equivocation of the better placement of quant!
>>>um computing research facilities closer to equatorial magnetic!
>>> fields
>>>effecting muon tracking research and development similar to the Brookhaven research for the Phoenix project and the synctron. The Communication frequency offsets for sensitivity and measurement equipment within range to identify development of and with respect to quantum computing-may show a traverse with implementation models of Sergi lavrov post secondary use of the United Nations for defense from a use of the U.N. Weapon's Security Council that correlate within the theories on the Iranian enrichment aspects of policy effecting the International Atomic Energy Agency relative to the lease position of privilege of all launch designees from the Bakinour Cosmodrome. The precipitant theory in battle space engagements effected upon by all factors of preliminary engagement in a "dual war theories," in contrast to superior positions of investigative prejudice and invasion strategies of a theory by Sergi Lavrov in a second invasion by U.S. of Iraq-- do support --that a me!
>>>thod of recapitulation would have allowed a feedback network to pass through sensitive data a key collection point through the U.N. via measurable influence in the Oil For Food Scandal, that purpose to identify with the theory on a RIGHT OF JURISDICTIONAL PREJUDICE for the Russian Federation to pressure Georgia into a communication spectrum war would prior to invasion premises for engagement on the same premise of justifiable prejudice with the U.S. use of the international atomic energy agency to act in contrast to the plan to reinforce assets in space owned by the Russian Federation such that two wars or a dual war strategy would show the following theories on acquisition behavior with socio-political factors effecting outcome of theory placed into the context to method of review by factors of a social/behavioral/economic and organizational refinement of factors effecting a lease redevelopment program of Vladimir Putin to acquire contractual redevelopment with positions o!
>>>f military seizure of contracts effecting U.S. corporations-su!
>>>ch as to
>>>require a transitional study for military reinforcement of theory that a orbital slot assessment would require a transitional resolution threshold for pay-scales or for the spatial reference to equivocated by a review of lease constraint to five tier payout schedule for "weight to function cart" with a functional chart for all components involved in each aspect of case review as based on review of all competent by the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. Such a strategy would also assist in theory that --do support-- a counter strategy was can be placed into conflict an interest of case that the nuclear weapons firing mechanism of a satellite of the Soviet Submarine fire after a review of the Iranian Enrichment program did in fact --alter progress-- of the Soviet Planner Sergi Lavrov. Supporting limitations will show that ties to Vladimir Montisesesmos in Pure cultured co-dependent field gathering in positions due to Former U.N. Secretary General Javier De Cellaur!
>>>s-also further into the examination I will support with documented proof that investment strategist have fundamentally made acquisition oversight to compel forth studies that may be procured by the Pentagon in direct relations to the SBC bid of 67 million in merger strategy used to assist in determination of a counter intelligence design for like or similar requirements of a orbital slot assessment
>>>o Objective LOCATION SCOUTING - As many factors of produce may be developed around a central occupation of resources in contrast to positions by which military prestige does not meet standard criteria for geographical placement with standard review of a military advantage for positions with the use of Arms Control and Disarmament Agency standard review of threatening or hostile positions that-the current interest with Quantum Computing and work done at the Naval Research laboratory on Stanford's Campus such to illuminate centers of gathering and dissemination on such topics that-the position of test facilities represent gain in determination of registration and alignment technologies centered on produce distinctly characterized by nanotechnology facilities working to contrast magneto ferrous field effecting muon reciprocation in nano-scale pulse modulated targeting systems that are based on the theory of non reciprocal attrition. While distinct military advantages may purpor!
>>>t to centralize the theme of research engaged in a tactical decision for placement one may not refute the centralized position of advantage gain by placement of facilities in regions that refine measurement and sensor technologies by placement nearest to garner product refinement by placement within a domain of radial miles from he equator above a theory on elevation principles referred to a z-axis propagation for corporations centering research above 10,0000 feet for policy reasons of gain as effecting the Federal Communication Commission. The positions of nano-technology battle stations while a preeminent concern in transition for metallurgic process may show that convergence in many policy domains due to the manufacturing bridge-theory supports controlled manufacturing with nano-technology facilities such to assume that in the Battle Station Scenario one must assume that the basis o review for the influences in pulse modulated frequencies have roots in testing and disarm!
>>>ament technologies used with the office of the National Reconn!
>>>Office for Geo-spatial representation of the planet-that consistent with a meter of development through the geo-magnetic field technology developed at the university of New Mexico that imaging systems relevant to a review of a "Rothschild Scenario," for nano-technology response measure for battle stations should have a review of all disarmament technologies that deal with nano-technology and all pulse modulated systems that require interferometer from imagining system to place holographic schemata grams to scale-such as may have been worked on with Colorado Memory Systems by Dan Nibblelink-expert witness testimony- or that may have contract roots in Hewlett Packard technologies prior to split in stocks with Hewlett Packard prior to split and executive decisions with Hewlett Packard to form Agilent Technologies. These references generically refer to the need and demand to compile a list of all nanotechnology providers-under the review by the reference of a manufact!
>>>ures bridge to security clearances for facility oversights- that may threaten the U.S. military demands for nanotechnology threat assessments- even discreet variables in purchasing selection for material that may have been treated with potentials for strategic conditioning as to showcase developer who may create structural weaknesses in any material purchased with potentials for stressed conditioned material.
>>>o While many references herein allude to a condition of "strategic development," of a acquisition strategy of _____x,y,z_______as to maintain a position of superior posture in pending contingencies of developer's requirement in fine tuning of targeting systems that deal with electron reciprocation for quantum computing with direct relationship to muon accelerator research done in plasma sense and detection equipment-generically fitted to remote sensing policy to ascertain that may advantages will come in the defense posture of information warfare where gain is based on a fortification of geo-graphical selections for positions of prejudice over developers of quantum computing technologies that advance the cause of nanofabrication systems and technologies who by measure of many advantages to testing equipment with sensitivity with greater results nearer to equatorial pressures and that show elevation principles as relational to many aspects of F.C.C. registry process!
>>>o In efforts to construct a nuclear policy overseeing all manner of quantum computing and facilities that support nanotechnology research and development it is suggested that a clear review of all influences seeking to via for influence from the Stanford research done with the Naval Research Laboratory on the Stanford campus to review the nature of secondary product in objectives to assert in feedback networks based on many forms of overt warfare strategies with inductive methods of information gathering subject to "liabilities," with pressures that may have control mechanism-of suspect natures.
>>>o In a point by point detail of each factor effecting a model for implementation this objective will reinforce the following for agenda setting decided to based on a focused elitist model with factors of focus for; political elites to focus on inclusion or exclusion by nature of overt warfare for interest groups and public opinion. With a "feedback circuit," developed for liabilities in contrast to controlled objectives with pluralist model for N.A.S.A. scientist and other whose interest is placed into D.O.D. directives for policy arbitration modeling and policy implementation for a FT-rate conversion strategy with a direct consequence to failures and culpable neglect in response to valid content and valid procedural policy edifices with priming conditions and convergence strategies upon offices of support in this case with primary focus on the Office of Space Commercialization for technology procurement and diffusion strategies in support of feedback mechanism to!
>>> insure active overt reciprocation that solidifies the function of this style of actuation and policy oversight that suggest gain for policy outcomes based on closed network with congressional leaders N.A.S.A. and Aerospace industry with special review by the Pentagon with focus on the Boeing Aerospace case with SEARS solicitations for contracts effecting the purchasing selection officers in the Pentagon that may not identify with all factors effecting manufacturing principle when stress technologies in metallurgic conditioning threaten U.S. NAVAL VESSLES or due to neglect threaten procedural response mechanisms to nanotechnology threats.
>>>o The focus on the model for elite will be structured to the following planers model-conceptual design phase, definition phase, development or implementation of execution phase, mission operations & Data Analysis phase, from acquisitions strategy. The intrinsic function of the design is placed in context to a string theory on organizational principles effecting social/political and economic factors with all resources in Peru. Such that a review of the Senate Server Reform Bill may accommodate a natural inclination of corporations to via for influence through property holdings that support acquisition after a resource blockade in Peru is presented in tandem to the end resolve of removing bias in the dissemination practices to the U.S. Senate on matters of such natures -to such end a resource blockade may show a measurable gain in high saturation model for theory in a developing legislative bill to assist in review of a resource electoral college vote with scalar vale!
>>>s based on the EROS data base center for review of the U.S.G.S. roles in a information resources security administrator role for a state managed electoral college vote-such to assume that remote sensing in equations that deal with public policy reform around this concept do equate to identify that if geographical boundaries of information systems such as the proposal for a international flat rate tax may support that a military posture is one of a decided gain over the nature of future research and development by corporation that identify with-the many factors of aggressive uses of information gathering of the United Nations as to espouse that while maritime law and policy centered on treaties of the UN do argue to compel a military fortification of space assets as similar by the standards of space law to be constant in theories of prejudice with the United Nations in support of the Outer Space Treaty and the Antarctic Treaty as well in this case with the Oil For Food scand!
>>>al that an identification of powers imbued in the United Natio!
>>>ns for t
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