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Announcement :: Labor
20 Feb 2007
by James Dedrick
spaceimaginationhope (nospam) (unverified) 20 Feb 2007
Modified: 05:04:17 AM
This content is to inform third party as subject to case petitions and litigious actions pending by July of 2007 for unfulfilled debentured web-contract with on-line work force employment securities issues subject to a legislative design of tax-credit theories subject to applied models of work force construction in information gathering and applied models for tax-credit stimulation of aerospace industry predicate upon profile technology with nuclear profile superior heurism for prejudice in root kits of subject investigative bias and the burden of public expenses - in tandem to intangibility aspects including service improprietership or infringement upon service as trade or as effecting trade ring blockades- see xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on non-disclosure agreement of all case improprieties- as one with developmental bias- that the union condition over the work force labor as subject to the Department of Financial Institutions review of the Contract with MP-MARS® -as Mars Property and Management asset Resource Systems that the employment securities in review of the disposition of on-line labor and review i n terms of policy farming for flat rate minimum wage as a function of labor that the on-line labor may not be offset by a third party review of the BOEING WELFARE TO WORK as the implications in work force structures to BOEINGS work force and investigative theories for employment screening as subject to any or all cases that by which a invasion of privacy is one conditioned with national security clearances as to provoke a right of a - web-page for boeing that is work centered only to via for rights upon entering web-page host* for release of rights in privacy and public confidentiality as one with all modeled policy with wackenhut security services. The root kit dilemma with SONY is basis of prejudice for the assertion of third party interference in cases whereby rights released in subject tax-credity theories as based on the debenture web-contract would assert a disparity in conjunction to aerospace industry sales of intangibility of services- as one with development of seats as stimulating manufacturing and labor in industry at large-but that public burden in the case with Frontier astronautics and Space Adventures Ltd. is that the burden of approximately 22,000,000.00 is displaced upon the nature of all profile convergence technologies centered on the Travel Security Agency registry as a bias with integration and data-base mergers with implied theories with Stratcomm Data-base merger -is that if the promissory notes on seats sold to aerospace purchasers of seats* see solicitor General bias with Congressman _________)__ from UTAH in 1983 who allowed N.A.S.A. policy to review congressional interference in sales of seats that reduces research and development on payloads shuttles to discriminate on bias of profession as one with a impropriety of a public prejudice to influences subject to N.A.S.A. and D.O.D. policy. The basis of the public burden in seat promised is one to be highly regarded as a form of fraud and one such with a failure in public spending with N.A.S.A. as not asynchronous with a failure of public dependent market base- as a market dependent base that allows all major companies to subject information gathering standards and practices to be isolated to root functions of tax-credit theories -

Current employment model base don the bifurcated examination of a dimidated constant in parts to function purchasing by which distinguishing use in aerospace industry with approaches to parts tracking that are centered in the contrast to all forms of effects on data collection and dissemination practices in classification process of documents is that one can distinguished tax-credit approaches to on-line work when content subject to classification and data-verifciation and ARMS TREATIES as effecting service rather than impropriety content - yet failures in prejudice to corporations or non-profit corporations that have political theories in tandem to work environment that do vaiq for the annual tax credits for separation of work engenders to allow the preparation of profile aspect of all insurance theories in the case model with RUSCOSMOS are that any third party subject to a provision of a aerospace seat that by which any treaty may be threatened can support the allegation of a work interference in all cases of collection prejudice whereby the collection is in tandem to the clearance and work theories of the collection and dissemination basis of input and output bias as I/O creative - The following folder huerism for collection standards in G.A.M.E. card collection for the bifurcated analogy-as not rhetorical in contrast tot he SARBANES OXLEY bill as to require treaty organized conglomerations of policy aggregation towards prejudice with assets determined to be one with bias to treaties as the Office of Outer Space Affairs where political theories may suggest that daily trading proxies are akin to a review of all data from the United Nations Information Service for any part donated to allow the United Nations a prejudice with development of a ground facilities for launch- as recent threats with NORTH KREA may allow such adjudication for arms purchasing to be contrast tot eh nature of a UNITED NATIONS WEAPONS SECURITY COUNCIL objective with nuclear investigations in to space based weapon systems with trained nuclear personnel from the the Auspice of policy regimented from the International Atomic Energy Agency for increased part tracking of donated parts to the UNited Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs-as the development of ground facilities for launch from interdiction of current Secretary General as a South Korean official may support the corollary of dimidated roots in parts tracking to make the United Nations one with the greatest leverage on the model of preventive software developed for parts tracking in tandem to functional use- as for one with aerospace dependent seats only and or for aerospace industry with reciprocal contracts for defenses establishment. The work engenders under the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration as they are not one in policy unless centralized under integration theories with D.N.A. storage and conflicts with genetic storage- that by the account of case required NORTHCOMM or as not one in a union^^ or precepts and principles in collection and simulation practices with the Air Force FIftieth Space Wing Command N.S.A. planner to adjudicate through a F.T.C. spam guard practice for content reflective of NORTHCOMM AND the F.B.I. virtual case management system with D.N.A. Storage in contrast to tax-credits with Red Cross collection by 2010 for 500.00 tax credit as to insure integrity of collection of genetic material as subject to interdependency upon the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration yet- in this case is not subject to failures in policy as to root all arguments to one conjecture to forcibly compel privatization scandals into a collection prejudice against the U.S. ARMY HEALTH DATA BASE to private insurance premiums claims adjudicators- who would prefer to review a parsing project of all ARMY health documents in one review without the security and classification of the PENTAGON with the V.A> for all biological threats in review of ailments subject to interpretations of doctors in the U.S. ARMY- as the review of long terms effects on biological warfare in review of all aspects of first gulf war-may show prejudice against simmilar or same contrasting objectives of health insurance providers who do not understand the review of all army health documents as on e with provincial security for teh reinforcing the Health And Privacy related act of 1974 to insure that third parties in private sector do not attenuate failures in future illnesses as one with a failure in understanding vague references made from military employees or one with distinct characthersistc of cancer in review of ARMY psy-op- as seen on xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf - therefore the work conflicts with the infringement upon capacity of earnings in case subject parallel review of all policies of the Social Security Administration under a third party with profile review of forcibly consigned prejudice-that any work force labor modeling that may undermine or give permissible gain to "BOEINGs welfare to work program," as central to privatization and collection complications with case management as to reference the Social Security Administration as one in the same with the V.A. or the ARMY - see priming attempts by the state of Washington with retaliatory action against ARMY with decision in case 2:05-cv-00470-MJP-as content would require a demanding prejudice to assert that profile was one with that demand could be assuaged upon profile assertions to reroute content to office of prejudice. As such the bias in work done on computer until JULZY, 2007 with service impropriety paid for from GORDON in contrast to another aspect of case management that being to disguise content under another health and privacy related law of the automated data base matching principles with the N.S.A.-as software procurement and design is one with developers bias in contrast to the NORTHCOMM acquisition - for file document linkage issues withe SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION. The work of Jessica Macconnel under a review of the labor laws in tandem to any influence upsetting or altering the prejudice of profiling distinctions to m,ale and female composite - for defense in allegations against redirection of AG's resources with the HINCKLEY case for review of propositions of the whereabouts and intent functions of HINCKELY girlfriend prior to attempted Assassination as mean for the JAMES DEDRICK review of the JAMES BRADY HAND GUN BIL PREVENTION ACT with preventive modeling complimentary to MILITARY OBJECTIVES WITH VIRAL FIREWALL And preventive screening with liabilities in prejudice to content screening with work environments effecting employment remuneration for on-line work as to displace employment remuneration-* upon the liabilities of failures in interpretation of the F.B.. non-disclosure agreement effecting root kits and third party interference in work designed internet under the department of labor review of the 21st century work force initiative.

The model of folder huerism for development of ground facilities for launch is based on the following subject of folder integration with bias from the office of Space COmmercialization for all product traverse with similar or unwanted derivative policy models from N.A.S.A. until at such time the case is resolved in respect to the affairs of the Soviet Unions contrastive review of case-as assertion for Soviet Officials may give conjecture that he work basis of prejudice in the NAVY aboard or not aboard the USS HOUSTON was one with legislative intent and design as to make a contact with RUSCOMSOS in tandem to work engendered in NAVY - as a parallel development for the FOrmer SoViet Union to profess that if J DEDRICK were successful in use of asset in position of FT- that the increased durability of all bill developed for collateral usage with companies like Enron* for case prejudice and precedence to be set for fence parameter arguments that while policy in this field for determination of space based targeting systems and applied satellite imaging systems with tactical advantage may support that all policy farming in case is based on prejudice with neglectful gain and war profiteering and such as to espouse a nature of gainful improprieties over any actionable basis where by modeling can allow a concurrence of gain to propositions in allegation in situio with case inflections.


Application Development, Atmospheric, Bio-tech, Code and Language, Energy & Power, Fabrication & manipulation, Hardware Function, Hydrogyn Fuel cell, Linguistics, Lunar and Martian, Magnetic devices, Material Fabrication, Microgravity research, Modularity, Motion Control, Muon Propulsion, Nanotechnology5, Neuro vestibular Journal, Remote sensing, Sattelite communication, Sensation and Detection- Gases, Mineral, Space sciences, TERMS AND DEFINITIONS FOR SPECIFIC "COMMUNICATION.", ICT CIA POLICY FORCED FEEDING CASE WITH INTERROGATION BIAS-REQUIRED ALLEGATIONS^^ IS NOT A LIMTED FORM OF CONSENT TO ENGENDER BIAS IN COLLECTIONS AS RECIPROCAL AGREEMENTS WITH UNION BIAS MAY SHOW INFLECTION AGAINST FLAT RATE MINUM WAGE AS PREDICATE UPON MODEL FOR INTERNET NEUTRALITY AND ALL MANNER OF WORK TO WELFARE THEORIES IN CONTRAST TO RETALIATORY DEFENSE BY STATE CONSTITUENTS WITH AEROSPACE INDUSTRY.

• Master Folder
Institutional Relationship
Parent Financial institution
People Contacts
Political Agenda-501c3 bill for non-profit companies that may support review of all international companies that operate as shell companies or aggregate political influence with services and misappropriations in case similar to the W.I.C. program in Arizona in which was used to fund terrorist activities through a group of females who collected revenue and placed revenue in the hands of terrorist campaigners.
Progress charts
Quarterly Reports
Web Links

Enron*- operator independence is on with the bias and curves of any space based weapons system in which operator failures can create damaging liabilities in consequence to failures in review of policy related to independent review data streams with ENRON for use of satellite telemetry as to allwo the former secretary of the ARMY with ENRON cases impending into cases prejudice as time of use of "collateral liabilities*multi-tasking conjecture of policy violations in tandem to work engendered in the pre-enilstemtn-enilstemtn and transitioning capacity of company model with all F.T.C. violations reviewed from unfair work practices and employment discrimination with the NO FEAR ACT* and the NATIONAL VETERANS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION WITH SERIAL NUMBERED BONDS ATTENUATED FROM THE IMPLIED WORK DIRECTIONS OF THE DEVELOPERS OF THE NVBDC- the EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS OF THE BOARD SECRETARY OF TEH V.A, THE SECRETARY IOF DEFENSE, THE PRESIDENT," aspect of contingency psy-op may support the implications of a utility scandal that was demanding in policy development for independent acquisition of satellite services deemed to have arraignments in use around policy and treaty of the United Nations- or of such discourse to be implied in NATO as a dangerous technology for any corporation to utilize with relative resolution bias.
displace employment remuneration-* any attempt to remove allegation of F.B.I. negligence in handling a case against a Microsoft employee for a form of developmental entrapment with a fiscal impropriety of F.TC. Spam Guard and development of interdependency in legal hours attenuated to work force and internal human resourcing agendas of MICROSOFT may support that the F.B.I. was fooled into a prosecution for development of C.O.P.A. standards with a prosecution that occurred at work that could have occurred at home -the indemnification of legal hours as one with a bias in a tip or directional gain in prosecution in such a period of transition with the H.S.A. only allowed the F.B.I. to burdened with work premium expenses in tax accounting of MICROSOFT to distend liabilities to the F.B.I. for a neglectful interference and all work done in software management for developmental firewalls with bias to such agendas of C.O.P.A. as a unfair trade practice with a bias in F.B.I. man hours - as similar to eh basis of cases with case atmosphere for strange F.B.I. behaviors in Washington State that are contrary to the prejudice of design of a root kit policy subject to the functional liabilities of third party oversight of all manner of inference from policing prejudice over the nature of the Senate Server Reform Bill as should have been review by the solicitor General or appropriations committee members for like investigation s from within the office of the Secretary of the Senate for the Senate Affairs Committee dealing with the nature of a preventive cached buffering systems that denied content based on prejudice to lateral committees in review of geo-location principles and that supports a state and federal tax over the internet - of domain of employment of third party modeling is better suited to the development of the proper development with case then use wackenhut profile with Kucinich and design a counter in transgression to the work engenders with the Labor Bill designed in a mechanisms for a flat rate internet tax- as to subject to the Senate policing powers to one centralization for all manner of interference as one with state basis as well- as taxation with proper representation will require policing prejudice of revenue from state and federal taxes over internet to insure integrity of collection in cases where third party bias obfuscated outcome with parallel legal modeling through office of prejudice to bills subject to property review in case of the prejudice to assert that the Social Security Administration is one with the same standards of storage of genetic material as the V.A..

Has ___(Mob trader/dealer of intellectual improprieties used a third party) _____dealt with the labor aspect of on-line labor review of content recently with Sen Kennedy. Liberation_Front_DRM_on_9_11_Commission_Report - 59k

The word "attainder", meaning "taintedness", is part of English common law. Under English law, a criminal condemned for some crime, usually treason, could be declared "attainted", meaning that his civil rights were nullified: He could no longer own property or pass property to his family by will or testament. His property would consequently revert to the Crown.

DENIAL OF REQUEST BASED ON A INFORMAL "attainder" as one with a review of data dissemination and trade ring developments-


The following is a request for funds from personal
savings of Jason Dedrick through the Congressionally
appointed Legal Custodian Richard Vanesky and his
appointed case manager. This request should be
forwarded to the Federal V.A. for legal issues as
relates to the attorney of the Secretary of the V.A.
if denial of funds is reciprocated or not

I Jason Dedrick/James Dedrick do request from personal
savings the funds necessary for a one hour legal visit
to draft a "Last Will and Testament," to insure that
my personal "Interest," and "Investments," are
isolated as assets real or otherwise intellectual and
protected as personal property for transfer to the
recipient of choice either state or next of kindred in
the unfortunate event of death; to the "State," of
choice as an escheated asset under care and
maintenance of self and based on denial of required
insurance funds by non-court appointed legal custodian
for like protection of best interest and investment of
self. To insure that this escheated asset labeled the
"Art in Space Foundation," business plans may not be
sent to the Federal Government body in such an
unfortunate event. This due to the fact of the
inherent value of my assets real or otherwise
intellectual as applied to production efforts in
region most benefiting the body politic for methods
involved in a development of a financial institution
for public research and development with respect to
public space policy. However discussion with legal
representative based on the debentured web-contract
will be isolated to geography be that the state with
the greatest benefit _____________, as well as my
personal family.
Due to recent continued denied request for all
business related request , I hereby make this request
of sound mind and for the better interest insuring the
management of my personal intellectual property based
on patent worthy model approaches to business
development with regional value are not placed in a
"position of tortuous interference with business
relationship,' through W.D.V.A.non-compliance with
geographical decision making for small business
related request from best "interest," and
"investments," with personal savings as is relevant to
denial of request one.

This "Communication," may not be viewed as a notice of
potential suicide attempt as I have no intention of
suicide yet, do feel that personal property is
threatened through intent to breach fiduciary duty
with neglect of congressional duty and investigative
interference for "tortuous business interference."This
feeling of threat is based on Sharon Lyndelys
assessment that an emergency is warranted when a
veteran is living without food and shelter, and a true
emergency would be not living. Since I have recently
been placed in a position of an emergency I feel that
a True emergency is the logical next to receive a
liable reciprocation from the Veteran's
Administration. This "Communication," for legal
assistance is to draft last will and testament for
geographical issues with my personal investments and
interest may not be disallowed; by the Federal V.A. or
the State as the disposition of the eschewed assets
may be in conflict with 38 U.S.C. 5502 (6) State
Regulation or Control as "Political Gifts," vs.
"Scientific Gift," as intellectual property is derived
from theory based on Jason Dedrick's; Treatise on
gravity and its implications on social and behavioral
sciences; memory, judgment and consciousness in zero
gravity or subtitled z-axis propagation theory.

Respectfully, Jason Dedrick/James Dedrick

SEE LT. LINK PATHOLOGY - and NAVY GROTTON CASE WITH LEGAL FRISTRATIONS IN F.I.S.A. court requiremtns to remand property as intelelctual as one with real assets in tandem to developmetn of such policy for case relevencies with N.S.A. siezure of content as one with real property-

Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005)[1], was a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States involving the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner to another to further economic development. The case arose from the condemnation by New London, Connecticut of privately owned real property so that it could be used as part of a comprehensive redevelopment plan. The Court held in a 5-4 decision that the general benefits a community enjoyed from economic growth qualified such redevelopment plans as a permissible "public use" under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.
The decision was widely criticized by American politicians and the general public. Many members of the general public saw the outcome as a gross violation of property rights and as a misinterpretation of the Fifth Amendment whose consequence would be to benefit large corporations at the expense of individual homeowners and local communities. Most in the legal profession construe the public's outrage as being directed not at the legal principles involved in the case, but at the factual outcome.[2]

TO RICH VANESKY--and others for "Legal Storage," of information. Given a
case presents itself.
This “Communication,” is to be forwarded to Sharon Lyndley after review from
Richard Vanesky. Due to many problems created in my life through a series of
strategies employed against me through my financial appointee, I request
that all of my funds be forwarded to an appropriate governing agency in one
of the following three countries: Brazil,Austria, Canada
I have contacted each of the U.S. Embassies in these countries; Vienna,
Argentina, Montreal to give forward awareness to issues relevant to
Veteran’s who are living under “legal custodianship,” through congressional
appointment as a
method to violate the following—first, fourth, fifth and sixth amendment.
As you are aware the congressional appointment of a fiduciary for
James/Jason Dedrick without introspection into the reason for appointment as
relates to disability award is currently creating so many violations of my
rights that I do seek to find a V.A. Liaison in another country as listed
below who can assist me managing my money without infringing on my "right to
privacy in business planning.”
This behavior has been promoted at the Federal level of the V.A. to insure
that content under conscription "without just compensation is controlled for
Public Relations reasons and to prevent negative financial repercussions to
Paul G. Allen or other. Each violation as relates to your office,is listed
below each of the Amendments that are currently being violated and as is
prompting my desire to remove my self from a country that can abuse
honorably discharged veterans for political/social/economic goals that deny
promotion efforts for future industries that relate to my country’s best
interest; be that the United States Of America...and more precisley
Washington State.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and
effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,
and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or
affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the
persons or things to be seized. The controlled communication pathway from
Sharon Lyndley to my Landlord, who resides in Arizona has “promoted,"
violations of my personal property as relates to my attempt to facilitate
insurance claims for intellectual property based on “Single Copy Premise.”
V-see new london decision with JUDGE REQNQUIST DISLIKE OF CASE-
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for
the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
A) The attempt by Sharon Lyndely to deny me fundamental responses from
information related to request for my business production has promoted theft
of content without just compensation. Content so unique that little
derivative alternatives exist. This method of “Content Conscription,” or
intellectual property fraud has only benefited Paul G. Allen in preventing a
lawsuit from “Vulcan,” Alberta, or myself for “Breach of Fiduciary Duty,” to
promote Washington State Legislators goals for private aerospace industries
and their niche market with respect to Science Fiction audience.
In all “criminal*” prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a
speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district
wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been
previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of
the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him;to have
compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the
assistance of counsel for his defense.
*or cases where “congress,” may have made declarations to promote Federal
Investigations with potential intent to formulate legal preparation against
a counter lawsuit for malpractice, as relates to the “Art in Space
Foundation,” proposal as perceived as a reason for medication Olanzapine by
the U.S. Military and as reason for acceptance to the number two film school
in the world. Denying money to assist Erin Alvarez with legal action from my
personal savings as relates to my civil litigation against Sharon Lyndely;
may be construed as an attempt to foster a un-successful litigation within
the State of Washington given that aggregating the difficulties through
continued “Breach of Fiduciary Duty,” has limited living arrangements for
Jason/James Dedrick as his only letter of eviction has been from the State
of Washington.
All “Communications,” made to the congressionally appointed fiduciary have
been made with the “intent,” to promote business success or obtain resources
through valid business approachs in Whatcomm County. These requests have
been managed to create any pathway of success to obtain reciprocal
communication on the part of the fiduciary who with knowledge and consistent
incompetence facilitated the current F.T.C. violations that promote the
Federal Investigator’s assessment for public relations issues.
Her denial of request had forced me during an election period to move from
the State of Washington to insure that my family could validate her behavior
of “hanging up on me,” and other “Breach of Fiduciary Duty,” behaviors could
have witnesses without compromised or invalidated depositions.
If your office does not comply with recent requests made to assist Erin
Alvarez-infelction of damage due to ramblings of depositioned potentials in making any “Communication,” expenses or other expenses,
potentially over twenty dollars; your office will have breached three
amendment violations in one day.
Please “Communicate,” with me prior to my current living arrangement
problems. To deny “Communications,” on any basis may present a case that
shows your attempt to remove me from the State of Washington unwillingly by
denial and lack of reciprocation to my request to prevent S.O.S.
investigations into W.D.V.A. behavior.

I, J Dedrick, do not wish to leave the U.S. in any other aspect than to
study “New Media,” at the Vancouver Film School to potentially* further
business interest in the U.S. The continued denial of request and intent to
“Breach Fiduciary Duty,” to promote the legitimacy of a Federal Field
Investigator’s violations of my personal property has forced me to consider
international alternatives not initially desired, or managed by intent-but,
rather as “Coerced,” through controlled objectives of interested “agency,”
in my production.
The following is a request, as I have for "Insurance," purposes managed my
request through faxes based on "single copy premise." Currently the W.D.V.A.
has many numerous request from faxed "Communications," since Sept 15, 2004.
All of which are stored through "special process." The removal of
liabilities for Paul G. Allen, or other from Sharon Lyndely's intent to
"Breach of Fiduciary Duty," has created Federal V.A. complications in
relationship with the congressional appointment and may create
investigations not needed or wanted by the State of Washington.
Please inform Carol “Seaman,” Smith of my “Communication,” so that she may
have my e-mail address; which istsiolkovsky_gravity (at)"
tsiolkovsky_gravity (at), and so that she understands that who ever is
directing your office will be liable for promoting my desire to move from
this country as to continue to promote future industries in America that do
not violate the amendments herein listed
I have informed her of my complications with her recent letter to me and
that I will visit with a person who can give in written letter the reason
for denial of each of my request: even if this needs to occur under review
and observation of U.S. Embassies and their consular or defense attaché's:
as no other solution was present to have my request reviewed with liability
for the W.D.V.A.
It is illeagal to use any type of contextual parsing in communications that
relate to request from congressional appointments if it promotes
incompetancy or facilitates measure for review of competetancy. ESP. if this
occurs in communications made to "Vulcan," Alberta.
Example of Illegal "interference," in request based communications to
conressionaly appointed fiduciary
See also:
See also:

Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.
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