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Announcement :: War and Militarism
By* Maj. Gen. John DeFreitas, III commander of the U.S. Army Intelligence
21 Feb 2007
Review of 72 hour window of the Decleration of War with Iraq and content of 101_Ways_2_Kill_Ossama_Bin_Ladden with ARMY base in Tacoma supports allegations in tandem to use of psy-op for intellectual property issues with the hyperlink and D.O.D. policies for link pathologies in procedural dialouge- with infleunces effecting case being one with the privacy and health related act of 1974-as one with a contingency psy-op where legisaltion and budeget provisions for all mitlary actions dealgin with ossama bin ladden prior to decleration of war with Iraq-support that transitions in budget required policy tools to review ARMY HEALTH DATA BASE in transitions to private health insurance premiums that interfered with MILITARY theories on health and insurance premiums for review of symptoms that m,ay be attribitable to biological warfare or other stress factors for leaders on the battle field-such a conflcist created a use of all economising liability fucntion of intellectual property with a basis of prejudice upon the namesake and niche marketing feature of naming conventions to be one with the use of/by* Senator Edward M. Kennedy as a measure of control in defemation of charachter of the Kennedy namesake-see ARMY DOCUMENT ON PAGE ONE of xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on as to produce the lawyers required to handel such cases-as the content controleld, by means of cases dealing with psy-op that asserted a defemation of charachter against all muslim nations when viaing for psychological entrapment- as a name of person x, verses content censored upon the prejudice of the nature of content- this case effects all cases dealing with health and privacy related laws and asserts that the N.S.A. or other may advocate development upon infringemetns of such a nature through such cases while disrupting mitlary actions by way of the automated data base matching program issues witht eh health and privacy realted acts as well as realtes to the sopcial security file health document linkage for issues in private management of social security ___awards-. Also as well the FT-1 CARTER whos previous occupation as a ARMY RANGER may support the use of FT-A SChool for a psy-op as CARD in G.A.M.E. is one with work engenderd for such review of the G.A.M.E.-as a the deck of cards- as simmilar in psy-op tradition with gaming thoery on public interest in war as a deck of cards is required to get peoples attention in getting the bad guys* see poster and G.A.M.E. Theory- with a FT- emblem as a impropriety of the U.S. GOVERNMENT support a right of the NAVY to review all impropropities in case with a theory on parapsychology entrapment for abuses in cases where herafter may be referred to as case preperation for NUERONBURG TRIALS WITH U.S. CORPORATIONS in the eventuality of cases that are referred to a MIND KAMP's
In postulations of the eventuality of a knowledge society one may garner the insights in policy to future “warfare fighting,” scenarios with limited introspection to the nature of new tools in cognitive neuroscience as one can assert in future times the control of memory as a advantages in warfare fighting principles…while in the review of contemplative resolve to such measures of policing content and plagiarism where it may exist within the confines of realistic military advances on the policy effecting remote sensing and parapsychology that the defense of and the prosecution to those with whom industries are reliant upon plagiarism and policing of content in review of non-derivatives is of such a concern to the United States as to be based almost solely on piracy policy effecting trade with China by review of a Chinese led mission to the moon by 2017.
A knowledge society is assumed to have instant access to the known data stored by a “cognitive relays,” of data pertinent to decision making as relative to the disposition of policy makers in the national security council as advising the executive decision making powers of the office of the vice president and those within policy spectrums of the national science and technology policy for the united states as non-derivative from the national science and technology fact sheet.
While few can contest that real intellectual design in property holdings of major corporations can be divided in integrated systems form the patents and from the owners of models impropriator to the developer for systems management that the distinction in single parts subject to failures in systems as identified in the early sixties by former Defense Secretary McNamara are one with a identification of systems integration and heavy curve on patent growth in light of the then president commitment to duality in space sciences with defense industry procurement to achieve objectives secondary to development but within scope of competing market industries- as a large change in U.S. Steel and transition from the U.S. Steel market to telecommunications industry the achievement in space sciences for release of technical data and technology diffusion from the era of great development known as the Apollo/Webb* era- is that in reaching the proportions of a mars technology patents growth curve the U.S. government must insure the integrity of future theatre warfare threats as to be based on cognitive dangers in new developments akin with the Apollo web era as based on the Human Genome project as to discern the bias of new technologies in communication relay that are based on the broad umbrella of cognitive neuroscience- the following statement should be reviewed as one with a subject gain in understanding the abuses in parapsychology network’s of knowledge centering that the prejudice of many think tanks achieved thus far in subject policy advancements for theater threats as one to be similar with the greatest threat to human operator curves- is that when human capital dependent enterprises as in similar trends with creative artist owned by production companies where by all manner of economic threats being one with a form of intellectual property as akin to image maintenance is that when military and the public domain of investments in integration policy with subject development upon manufacturing and labor bridges as one with nano-technology threats in domestic advancements is that – ‘all wars in the future will be fought solely on the battle ground memory.’ As one could not differentiate threats from users who could have compromised agendas in operation of nuclear vessels as to be one with a national security protocol over piracy at large as based on the following case construction-
Virally embedded software in purchasing strategies of the Pentagon- in review of a acquisition of employees or personnel who have been biologically contaminated with cyber augmentation or with programmed agendas of major corporations one could assert that the policy metaphor is that if the U.S. Government purchased a TANK from a third party and then discovered the viral software to be contaminated from a viral software that the measure of policy defense in review of enlisted personal with a tandem case to the nuclear submarine communities prejudice upon enlistment is that a business enlistment contentions profile as subject to behaviorism in the military* Gordon (the occupation of the deputy defense secretary)- could defend the right of the U.S. Government in backdrops for intellectual property cases whereby anti-trust cases subject major corporations like Microsoft to prejudice of D.O.D. policy in contrastive objectives to a “mars patent technology growth curve,” while plagiarism in contrast to authors in the measures of what is intellectual property and what is a creative work of art - one may review the Berne conventions issues with management of Hollywood authors as a contrived measure to control public image by media cartels who propagate the body of acquisition principles subject to parent companies that are measured by patents and holding as prejudice upon the innovations of such companies that assert that human capital is not a slave labor function when all content is owned under certain stipulations whereby nominal policy cannot defend- such as to be similar with the Taft Hartley act and the Wagner Act-
While in many aspects piracy and plagiarism are tools of many authors who have capital behind their production efforts the- compiler theory in integrated means of agendas by major multi-national corporations requires a defense measure to achieve a oversight of manufacturing and labor laws to insure fair trade and competitive markets whereby national image as product of a civil/economic/political/and organizational means is subject to the natures inherent in corporations that via for the patents of innovators in integrated systems as one with product in the entertainment industry to be one with intellectual property as owning individual rather than to own intellectual work of art.
While many advancement in competitive market theories for control of public image and media are based on forms of warfare the most conditioned aspect of piracy laws are those within the confines of updatable content or books of art that can adapt to circumstances in literatural-graphical dynamics- as ownership is about the threat doc contextually for stolen works of art and as such require such long and durable works to showcase the thread of content management as one with censorship abroad for allegation that cripple major corporations due to unfair trade practices within the scope and objectives of prevention of purchasing virally embedded software- the transition in open source code in the review of tax accounting principles of major corporations like Microsoft showcase the basis of software code is predicate upon building blocks of attenuated improprieties as one with software ownership where cut and copy code as a form of plagiarism is one that threatens the patents and shareholders of such major corporations- yet in defense of the right of the U.S. government to impose forms of sanctions and impediments over threatening postulations that in terms of daily operations revenue of major corporation and daily trading proxies that one can assert that daily trading proxies based on the Sarbanes Oxley Bill can be used to insure the integrity of Military Decision Makers in defense of purchasing virally embedded software as a threat and that all content in daily objectives and manifest of objectives of major corporations is not rhetoric as they are forms of promises to achieve objectives that allow the S.E.C. to conform to he S.E.C. policy manufactured in the wake of the first Stock Market Crash-as promises not met in practices of investing are one with a danger to all Americans- the rhetoric of daily trading proxies is questionable in the case with World Comm/M.C.I.. as the promise made for bit-rate exchange verses the qualitative assessment of data transmission has been reviewed as form of a FRAUD- when we asses plagiarism as fraud then we can most defiantly present plagiarism as a means to political influence- as interest groups compete in the public image for control of objectives within confines to patterns in public policy making with major corporations.
NO case in American corporations currently based on the measure of a corporate shareholder KU is more capable of examination of the conflicts with the conglomerate think-tank functions of forms of intellectual improprieties subject to major corporation goals than DISNEY STUDIOS shareholder revolt and rise of the former Senate Majority Minority Leader George Mitchell as to impose the justification of plagiarism for political means. The case in context to plagiarism is one identified with a form of a attack on content that is unique – the movie “national treasure,” is one with a stolen works of art and in contrast to a measure of a hate crime one could assert that the content was stolen as to persuade actionable claims from military resources- the stolen work of art was developed from a crew member of the U.S.S. Constitution who wrote a shot fictional screenplay about the command coins of the U.S.S. Constitution from the perspective of a employee of the U.S. MILTARY when the coin had a treasure map on it to lead to a copy of the Constitution aboard the U.S.S. Constitution the immediate consternation to development of a reverse engineered story from which Jerry Bruckenhiemer made great advancements with the manner of controlling a derivative from the basis of developing a derivative- the intellectual property community as one with a series of wealthy p[arties who have ownership of creative works of art and receive royalties from such works of art. The measures by which Disney Studios East may have gone to defend a right to own derivative has reached a proportion by which all parties subject to gain may have a reason to control content from third parties may in future times allow the BRADY BILL to applied to all liabilities cases in America where third parties who are thinkers can be garnished from without any manner of due process protected them-this metaphor is one with the model for human capital as a from of engineered knowledge network’s whereby the heurism of ownership is constrained to the market theories of public dissent for corporations that vai for image yet defend the rights to pursue litigious actions based on derivatives of derivatives as market ambush theories support that if liabilities can be displaced upon military then why not.
The most damaging consequence in human thinking is that if real patents in research and development are biased upon the developers right of prejudice for contracts that the moment of inception for content and patents is one with the integrated theory on the end product as sheltered from most small inventors or thinkers who do not have a full grasp of components to parts in the integrated result product as words that control patent are rarely within the scope of anything other than policy as non-derivative content of the executive office of the presidency and the vice presidency. Thus form of absolutism used to keep shareholders respectively aligned to policy whereby force can be applied often and very generally arrive in development to the office of the department of energy for policy subject to management and criteria of nuclear parts incorporate into the full image of what is being done in defense industries is that “own content,*”is made incorporate to full objective of planners in the board room plagiarism becomes tool of consumption when made incorporate as to create a supply and demand for consequential data streams if concatenated to root arguments of development and research attenuated by industry plight- in this case one could say that if Disney were vaing for influence in the Senate to achieve nominal goals with aerospace marketing trends and required a political platform to achieve support from within the Senate then stories that depict piracy in contrast to the U.S.S. Constitution-as lead members of the Armed Services Committee do demand the prejudice of public affairs dealing with such stories when a backdrop of plagiarism to the affairs of the military incite a form of “investigative improprietership.” Whereby fiscal improprieties of content are determined to rhetoric not asserting that a single company with less than 18 persons in the business respective to the sciences of intellectual property warfare as means to censorship can achieve a trading proxy of the same requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley bill unless manned by more than 18 persons in the demands of investigative utility –as one with an argument where assertion of a new era in investigative practices to insure all person are qualified to threaten the aerospace industry based on failures in profile technology as to procure upon the public data stream as one with a Stalin like think-tank agenda of a “development of inquisition,” verses the “inquisition of development,” are formulation of a new era in human thinking and content derivates from a reverse engineered measure of intellectual property holdings and hostile environment of corporation that abuse human rights to achieve objectives that in a rhetorical sense are euphemized to be nothing more that market research, and even less effectual to design of piracy laws are nothing more than nascent to corporate holdings and that demand a liability and insurance mechanism to achieve prejudice of ownership of such thinkers under investigative prejudice that does not insure the demands of a fair constitutional practice within respect to the due process clause of the first amendment.
The many wars we you and I, subject ourselves to in insuring the demands of public image are met to reach some functional discourse-whereby the advise an consent function of dialogue at large in understanding works of art a procedurally bound to the expressionism that dialogue through reading can enjoin to advancements in public policy one may support in real creative works of art- is that, in defense of that artist as one with a view of objectivity or as we assume one should hold in respect to viewpoints of the future of America as bunch of web-page designers who own content and intellectual licensing of content royalty earning dividends is that- the demands of pursuit of national objectives to national security measures as one with keeping Chinese Spy Satellites from having active prejudice to the treaties of the United Nations and in design of satellites by the U.S. as used to defend borers even in non-lateral warfare styles whereby the means of defense of national security as one with keeping a promise as a national security is that – in review of the Chinese Led Mission to the Mon by 2017- all American should review piracy as that power of invasion upon the inventors and thinkers of America entrepreneurialism and as that means to aggregate power in China by companies like Boeing and Lockheed who in attempts to undermine regulatory measures effecting services TRETIES LIKE WARSAW PACT may assert that manufacturing and labor prejudice for aerospace parts can be sold or transferred to reach sales objectives-as a form of pressure to deregulate the industries of the U.S. Space Command’s influence over the aerospace industry.
While plagiarism and theft of intellectual designs and patents are one with to be reviewed by polices of the World Intellectual Property Organization known as W.I.P.O. as effects upon American shareholders by unfair trade practices with stolen content and piracy at large as fraud- such fraud in terms of reaching target audience for major market agendas is such to support the political viewpoints of plagiarism as justified of parent companies cannot concede to unfair practices that do not consign to the Geneva Conventions-this in a scenario model for cognitive neuroscience advancement in the Gods eye View Program of the U.S. Air Force for battle space environments that require feed sense data from knowledge networks centered on surgical warfare as to achieve military objectives- Ultimately, the political regime in the KU of Disney in terms of plagiarism effecting patents and service industry as justified is that legitimacy is the functional paradigm of purchasing behavior of the public – in buying* being an accomplice to plagiarism, stolen goods… if it satisfies the end means then is it not justified-supply and demand is about education and the demands of public buying power is about knowledge that is shared to allow reasonable decision making in response to irrational policy that is subject to military intelligence.
Legitimacy is the battle ground of public image- and requires in certain cases political affairs oversight of those with whom rational ideas subject investors rationale to oversight of prejudice to failures in public spending – in such plagiarism where justified is an act of public disinformation- the thesis is that when is plagiarism justified if the truth resolved to threaten the public domain of shareholder interest and shits in spending and budget assert a bias in defense industry contracts that alter decision making in battle grounds of traditional roles in uneducated militaries- while not answering questions with questions as to maintain the leverage of homonym with rhetoric in content – legitimacy, is resolved when plagiarism is not the voice of all acquisition theories to subject gainful bias.

Apollo/Webb* ¬ research done in this field of cognitive neuroscience from the early sixties with the “Sandoz corporation,” as evidenced upon data at the J.F.K. library support research in the N.A.S.A. for research gain in bias to case conflicts – this content is not directly reflective of content subject to organizational means of allegation control in case conflicts with data in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamruabeye.pdf on

Heurism order of constructed contractors guidelines in achieving objectives within scope and objective. All contractors must have means to accommodate resolve for fictional definition to problems in psychic networks as modeled in tandem to new forms of surgical warfare and use of Air Force technology with nuero-controllers in flight simulators that assert bias in cognitive controllers within respect to user identification in form of bio-metric technology.

• Infrastructure review of Kazakhstan with D.I.A. Liaison to affairs of a review of college construction of classes dealing with parapsychology investigations with centralized theories out of Penn State as for means of review of all cases in which college classes have been used to suggest a collection stratagem with *prejudice form all practices formulated from within U.S. AIR FORCE AIR FORCE SYSTEMS COMMAND FORIGN TECHNOLOGY DIVISION as well as incorporate into the policy of the ARMY SURGEON GENERAL for case inflection with contingency psy-op as basis of prejudice of collection standards.
o The development of a bias in all policy work done within confined of production assert a that while the location scouting and medium of occupation of resources attenuating Military Objectives- that Force Integrators are subject to a review of all manner of bias in outcome expectancies to suggest end resolve as being one with a outcome by which production efforts in Soylent Green Cubed model a complication with new forms of communication and market economies subject to psychic collection of psychic energies, such as to espouse great threats within the Department of Defense for the method and process of transduction to end resolves of capitulation strategies in Manchurian Candidate case within nuclear submarine community.
• While in policy modeling one may in think-tanks espouse threats of such consternation as to require a oversight of any factor of prejudice and bias in decision making with the national security council-such demands in information gathering from human Intel or HUMINT. The structured produce while driven by major contractor suggestions are within the confines of a scope of threat assessments within the vacuum model for nano-technology threat assessment and perceptual threat establishments with battle station scenarios for such- as to equate all data as supporting public dissemination practices.
• Nano-technology battle stations and N.R.L. feedback bias with all development in China for development of all organized capitulation of U.S. Patents for Chinese Led Mission to Moon.
 Basis of investigative demands in review of recent curve of interrogation practices within achievable limits of review of new communication systems with which the referring think tank produce and interrogation strategies require a policy model for all case issues within the respective domain of the D.I.A. and achievable oversight of parapsychology practices.
 Supporting HUMINT gathering with technical outline from Strategic Release Formulation of all research and development for/by/with/to/from the principle office within the Department of Commerce the Office of Space Commercialization as with bias to strategic release formula for major motion picture usage as counter inductive to end resolve - Basis of investigative demands with in confine of all D.O.C. project allocations with reviews of Federally Funded Research and Development Centers with the N.G.I. National Geospatial Intelligence office within the National Reconnaissance office for development of a Kurilian imaging system with basis in production efforts to define previous experimental setting in the Russian Confederate Independent States- as collection standards with the State Department will require a liaison to such affairs with knowledge of all research attenuation from Bakinour as prejudiced upon all nuerovestibular research agendas of former Soviet Union between years of 1970-1978.
 Electronic Transmission and Library Collection Standards from D.I.S.A. with Dissemination practices in lou of research collection heads of investigative prejudice in outcome of basis of all contracts in C.I.S. and Regions of Kazakhstan- as basis of theories are subject to neural vestibular centers of research attenuation toward equilibrium of storage with application-bi-lateral oversight of data transmission in case suggest that fiscal impropriety may be one with the Intel gathering services of the United Nations in a right to maintain border integrity as to be one with military impetuous and without design of treaties subject to interdependence in cases dealing with parapsychology and F.I.S.A. standards for such manner of spy-activity to understand all assets of United Nations as being one with boundaries subject to enforcement rights with NORTH KOREA. DISA established a Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) to achieve successful implementation of the net-centric vision by providing tailored acquisition policies, processes, procedures, tools, lifecycle oversight and career management in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
 N.S.F. grant reciprocation for data transits in lou of secondary implement models of corporate structure for xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on http;//JTJAMES.SPYMAC.COM/
• Policy models – Antarctic server designation for company oversight of all acquired data with state department Bureau of Ocean, the N.S.F. department of ecological oversight for region tenuously developed by the review of all forms of treaties that deal with shared property laws by standards of the United Nations.
• Grant study – objectives with the Department of Social Behavioral and Economic sciences within the N.S.F.- for three principle investigators to situate cases flow of data through Gauntanimo from- Estonia, Guatemala, Colombia- as basis of legal and adjudicative hours depend upon usefulness and real resource driven objectives in tandem to interdependent conjunctions of liabilities and produce market centering upon think tank objectives- such as basis of investigative demands for members of Taliban subject to be indifferent in prosecutions as basis of treaty participating states in Geneva Conventions is in direct attenuation of goals.
• Gathering of supporting theories for review by the N.S.F. - Model for policy outline within scope of ARMY/BOEING communication contracts subject to parapsychology oversight in such as to be based on model of International Prison between the two in the state of Washington may be accommodated within scope and objective of all Prison networks in Kazakhstan that may have a tenuous oversight of policy fusion with the United Nations for legal frameworks of all Information Communication Tools generically referred to as I.C.T.:s for such a review of F.I.S.A. court objectives within networks at the U.N. that may have reasonable claims to suggest new policing standards could be accommodated from within the bias of such contracts with international prisons harboring suspects of such organizational means within parapsychology networks.
o Objectives
• To support use of Hollywood production SOYLENT GREEN CUBED as means to Intel gathering and with proper state department oversight of all data transits to review of ARMED SERVICE COMMITTEE budget and dissemination of logical schemas for review of the use of parapsychology demands in spy organizations for BEHAVIORAL SELECTION STRATGEIS in all contracts effecting the Pentagon as prejudiced upon Boeing contracts effecting the Defense Intelligence Agency HUMINT gathering standards.
 Use of the high profile oversight with the U.S.S. Houston S.S.N. 713 security clearance of case within all contractors of military support in such tandem as to be placed in same context of contractor guidelines and public affairs aspects of case developments with association root to Syncrasy Weather Forecasting (Horseless Trojan Carriage/Amnesty with Gift/Defectors Presence of Mind) and for the Movie the Hunt for Red October-as C.I.A. reciprocal agreements under review of all merger of Paramount and DreamWorks may show a prejudice of legal resources is required to have maintained prejudice with Paramount acquisitions. Please place prejudice to the sale of the presidio as well as precedence to military installations or contracts by which inflection of damage may incur in times of war back feed of liabilities conditioned upon respective uses of Hollywood in military cases.
 Development of a review of inductive sense gathering standards in case outcomes to theories of use of United Nations by former/current applied functions in sleeper cells of K.G.B. separatist and acquisitions upon the Former U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez De Cellular (Orbital Slot Assessments increased by LAVROV ties to U.N. SECRETARY GENERAL in review of all future military actions by Russian Confederate Independent states as subject to theories in orbital slot values in re-lease and development of slot ownership ) as a function of review in case is based on the supporting brackets for all policy identifiable units of conjecture to think tank problems and solution sets as basis in review of WARSAW pact and all prosecutions stemming forth as based on abuses in parapsychology psychic cells impositions of forms of review of WAR CRIMES PROSECUTION For such abuses.
 Meeting critical time-lines in review of all pressures in political domain in former Soviet Union and Ukraine as with or not with support from Victor Yachencko in review of K.G.B. splinter cell theories within the review of all inductive feedback resonance in the threat assessment of the North Korean Governments displaced tool of aggression upon the United Nations that asserted in contrast to the design of threat establishment a tool of political coercion over the oil for food investigation as increasing bi-lateral talks within the United Nations about the F.I.S.A. discrimination in the United Nations in all cases dealing with delegates and emissaries of such to be protected as ambassadors of good will-while timelines suggest a coercion of political resources within the United States to subject Yachenko to a gainful political arbitration upon known factors with parapsychology resources in tandem to all known factors of domestic acquisition of domestic terrorism as to be from foreign acquisition principles one with a basis on theories with the United Nations Information Gathering Service.
 Time-lines and production tables require working facility to review all manner of complications within production efforts and as such require trade relations effected by any manner of interference subject to review of screenplay adaptation and consolidation of all content structured to conflict resolution scenarios.
• Initial purchase of screenplay soylent green and leave it to chance: require a oversight of all productions effected by case- including third parties who may which to review full content spectrum in review of future interest without tortuous interference in business expectancy.

• SECONDARY AND REDUNDANCY OBJECTIVES TO SUPPRT THEORIES OF FEEBACK RESSONACE WITH UNITED NATIONS- Major things to do based on 1 year plan prior to implementation model of all factors effecting investment portfolio and Trade Ring Blockades and shadow umbrella corp. Reflective inc. as competitive to design of HUMINT gathering in the basis of shadow economies in Kazakhstan fostering support for parapsychology networks enfranchised in wake of supporting research and development at Bakinour during 1970-1976;
o Office of Science and Technology Policy for review prior to implementation factors effecting the national science and technology fact sheet after July, 2008.
o Resource acquisition strategy for property before and after JUY, 2007-see debentured web-contract xautoun-zengersbomb-hamruabeye.pdf on
o Purpose: In recognition of strategies effecting orbital slot assessments via the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs in reference of gainful attributes of data bases dealing with registration effecting the nature of military fortification of space assets from communication strategies effecting parameters of scalar resolutions for property of non-deterministic state of occupation; as determined by orbital path. I suggest in keeping to competitive business strategies interdependent upon Russian Federation models for lease redevelopment that the Pentagon Office of Public Affairs be placed in the fundamental role of analysis of behaviors of Time Warner/AOL for displacement of civil potentials effecting fair trade due to the former Federal Communication Commissioner's placement within the company if prejudice within the nature of Communication standards for operations above 10,000 feet-as directly displacing the right of operation of I.C. chips of the nature of Macintosh processors that interference with communication equipment above 10,000 feet. Such as to suggest that the purpose of such acquisition strategies for development of Federally Funded Research And Development centers localized on the property in Peru above 10,000 feet with radial difference from equator to suggest operational criteria of property to have mutual interdependence for equations structured to scalar resolution theories-to such end to identify purpose with other intent exist is to identify with acquisitions in states party to actions of threatening postures with identification of geography selection based on scientific purpose to be an advantage in all mental impressions of acquisitions' strategies thus to better the instrumentalities of war by which prejudice and high frontier equate to resolve the nature of defense of one's national treasuries and to such the acquisition strategy and purpose when identified to direct equivocation of the better placement of quantum computing research facilities closer to equatorial magnetic fields effecting muon tracking research and development similar to the Brookhaven research for the Phoenix project and the synctron. The Communication frequency offsets for sensitivity and measurement equipment within range to identify development of and with respect to quantum computing-may show a traverse with implementation models of Sergi lavrov post secondary use of the United Nations for defense from a use of the U.N. Weapon's Security Council that correlate within the theories on the Iranian enrichment aspects of policy effecting the International Atomic Energy Agency relative to the lease position of privilege of all launch designees from the Bakinour Cosmodrome. The precipitant theory in battle space engagements effected upon by all factors of preliminary engagement in a "dual war theories," in contrast to superior positions of investigative prejudice and invasion strategies of a theory by Sergi Lavrov in a second invasion by U.S. of Iraq-- do support --that a method of recapitulation would have allowed a feedback network to pass through sensitive data a key collection point through the U.N. via measurable influence in the Oil For Food Scandal, that purpose to identify with the theory on a RIGHT OF JURISDICTIONAL PREJUDICE for the Russian Federation to pressure Georgia into a communication spectrum war would prior to invasion premises for engagement on the same premise of justifiable prejudice with the U.S. use of the international atomic energy agency to act in contrast to the plan to reinforce assets in space owned by the Russian Federation such that two wars or a dual war strategy would show the following theories on acquisition behavior with socio-political factors effecting outcome of theory placed into the context to method of review by factors of a social/behavioral/economic and organizational refinement of factors effecting a lease redevelopment program of Vladimir Putin to acquire contractual redevelopment with positions of military seizure of contracts effecting U.S. corporations-such as to require a transitional study for military reinforcement of theory that a orbital slot assessment would require a transitional resolution threshold for pay-scales or for the spatial reference to equivocated by a review of lease constraint to five tier payout schedule for "weight to function cart" with a functional chart for all components involved in each aspect of case review as based on review of all competent by the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. Such a strategy would also assist in theory that --do support-- a counter strategy was can be placed into conflict an interest of case that the nuclear weapons firing mechanism of a satellite of the Soviet Submarine fire after a review of the Iranian Enrichment program did in fact --alter progress-- of the Soviet Planner Sergi Lavrov. Supporting limitations will show that ties to Vladimir Montisesesmos in Pure cultured co-dependent field gathering in positions due to Former U.N. Secretary General Javier De Cellaurs-also further into the examination I will support with documented proof that investment strategist have fundamentally made acquisition oversight to compel forth studies that may be procured by the Pentagon in direct relations to the SBC bid of 67 million in merger strategy used to assist in determination of a counter intelligence design for like or similar requirements of a orbital slot assessment
o Objective LOCATION SCOUTING - As many factors of produce may be developed around a central occupation of resources in contrast to positions by which military prestige does not meet standard criteria for geographical placement with standard review of a military advantage for positions with the use of Arms Control and Disarmament Agency standard review of threatening or hostile positions that-the current interest with Quantum Computing and work done at the Naval Research laboratory on Stanford's Campus such to illuminate centers of gathering and dissemination on such topics that-the position of test facilities represent gain in determination of registration and alignment technologies centered on produce distinctly characterized by nanotechnology facilities working to contrast magneto ferrous field effecting muon reciprocation in nano-scale pulse modulated targeting systems that are based on the theory of non reciprocal attrition. While distinct military advantages may purport to centralize the theme of research engaged in a tactical decision for placement one may not refute the centralized position of advantage gain by placement of facilities in regions that refine measurement and sensor technologies by placement nearest to garner product refinement by placement within a domain of radial miles from he equator above a theory on elevation principles referred to a z-axis propagation for corporations centering research above 10,0000 feet for policy reasons of gain as effecting the Federal Communication Commission. The positions of nano-technology battle stations while a preeminent concern in transition for metallurgic process may show that convergence in many policy domains due to the manufacturing bridge-theory supports controlled manufacturing with nano-technology facilities such to assume that in the Battle Station Scenario one must assume that the basis o review for the influences in pulse modulated frequencies have roots in testing and disarmament technologies used with the office of the National Reconnaissance Office for Geo-spatial representation of the planet-that consistent with a meter of development through the geo-magnetic field technology developed at the university of New Mexico that imaging systems relevant to a review of a "Rothschild Scenario," for nano-technology response measure for battle stations should have a review of all disarmament technologies that deal with nano-technology and all pulse modulated systems that require interferometer from imagining system to place holographic schemata grams to scale-such as may have been worked on with Colorado Memory Systems by Dan Nibblelink-expert witness testimony- or that may have contract roots in Hewlett Packard technologies prior to split in stocks with Hewlett Packard prior to split and executive decisions with Hewlett Packard to form Agilent Technologies. These references generically refer to the need and demand to compile a list of all nanotechnology providers-under the review by the reference of a manufactures bridge to security clearances for facility oversights- that may threaten the U.S. military demands for nanotechnology threat assessments- even discreet variables in purchasing selection for material that may have been treated with potentials for strategic conditioning as to showcase developer who may create structural weaknesses in any material purchased with potentials for stressed conditioned material.
o While many references herein allude to a condition of "strategic development," of a acquisition strategy of _____x,y,z_______as to maintain a position of superior posture in pending contingencies of developer's requirement in fine tuning of targeting systems that deal with electron reciprocation for quantum computing with direct relationship to muon accelerator research done in plasma sense and detection equipment-generically fitted to remote sensing policy to ascertain that may advantages will come in the defense posture of information warfare where gain is based on a fortification of geo-graphical selections for positions of prejudice over developers of quantum computing technologies that advance the cause of nanofabrication systems and technologies who by measure of many advantages to testing equipment with sensitivity with greater results nearer to equatorial pressures and that show elevation principles as relational to many aspects of F.C.C. registry process.
o In efforts to construct a nuclear policy overseeing all manner of quantum computing and facilities that support nanotechnology research and development it is suggested that a clear review of all influences seeking to via for influence from the Stanford research done with the Naval Research Laboratory on the Stanford campus to review the nature of secondary product in objectives to assert in feedback networks based on many forms of overt warfare strategies with inductive methods of information gathering subject to "liabilities," with pressures that may have control mechanism-of suspect natures.
o In a point by point detail of each factor effecting a model for implementation this objective will reinforce the following for agenda setting decided to based on a focused elitist model with factors of focus for; political elites to focus on inclusion or exclusion by nature of overt warfare for interest groups and public opinion. With a "feedback circuit," developed for liabilities in contrast to controlled objectives with pluralist model for N.A.S.A. scientist and other whose interest is placed into D.O.D. directives for policy arbitration modeling and policy implementation for a FT-rate conversion strategy with a direct consequence to failures and culpable neglect in response to valid content and valid procedural policy edifices with priming conditions and convergence strategies upon offices of support in this case with primary focus on the Office of Space Commercialization for technology procurement and diffusion strategies in support of feedback mechanism to insure active overt reciprocation that solidifies the function of this style of actuation and policy oversight that suggest gain for policy outcomes based on closed network with congressional leaders N.A.S.A. and Aerospace industry with special review by the Pentagon with focus on the Boeing Aerospace case with SEARS solicitations for contracts effecting the purchasing selection officers in the Pentagon that may not identify with all factors effecting manufacturing principle when stress technologies in metallurgic conditioning threaten U.S. NAVAL VESSLES or due to neglect threaten procedural response mechanisms to nanotechnology threats.
o The focus on the model for elite will be structured to the following planers model-conceptual design phase, definition phase, development or implementation of execution phase, mission operations & Data Analysis phase, from acquisitions strategy. The intrinsic function of the design is placed in context to a string theory on organizational principles effecting social/political and economic factors with all resources in Peru. Such that a review of the Senate Server Reform Bill may accommodate a natural inclination of corporations to via for influence through property holdings that support acquisition after a resource blockade in Peru is presented in tandem to the end resolve of removing bias in the dissemination practices to the U.S. Senate on matters of such natures -to such end a resource blockade may show a measurable gain in high saturation model for theory in a developing legislative bill to assist in review of a resource electoral college vote with scalar vales based on the EROS data base center for review of the U.S.G.S. roles in a information resources security administrator role for a state managed electoral college vote-such to assume that remote sensing in equations that deal with public policy reform around this concept do equate to identify that if geographical boundaries of information systems such as the proposal for a international flat rate tax may support that a military posture is one of a decided gain over the nature of future research and development by corporation that identify with-the many factors of aggressive uses of information gathering of the United Nations as to espouse that while maritime law and policy centered on treaties of the UN do argue to compel a military fortification of space assets as similar by the standards of space law to be constant in theories of prejudice with the United Nations in support of the Outer Space Treaty and the Antarctic Treaty as well in this case with the Oil For Food scandal that an identification of powers imbued in the United Nations for the use of humanitarian covers, may support discovery practices with the State Department over the nature of servers identified to be placed in context to officers and employees as well as delegates of the U.N. in the position of an "emissary rule," during war time-to such, to express rules to be identified as a emissary is not succinct with the United Nation's Charter as to be in conflict with any questioning resolve to the nature of operations of the U.N. when institutionalized power centers achieve to mandate an express right to plan a use of services of the U.N. then place Sergi Lavrov in a position of measurable feedback from the UN intelligence gathering services by submission as similar to the Senate's Right to receive incoming data from any source without discrimination to the general nature of content as cognizable or not or as identified to need a translator to discern the nature of the content as a viable commodity based on or not a "liability base," with circumstantial positions of privilege as to conduct an overt strategy with implementation models in Peru that has successfully flushed aggressive forces in contrast to U.S. Forces in South America as constrained to continued theories of counter intelligence of PUTIN' distended strategy for a second invasion into Iraq by U.S. Forces-such affirming reviews of sleeper behavior for former KGB plans an planners as to advocate that while a placement of a Permanent member of the U.N. Weapons Security Council did traverse with strategies of "feedback bias," that a review of the U.N. intelligence gathering potential prior to the Oil For Food realizations that have disrupted sanctions of arguable oversight of the U.N. .
o Implementation requirements :
o Information repository request for D.I.S.A. contracts- all Warsaw Pact data upon most recent standards in research with "para-psychology," as a means to offensive counter measures-such, that a extensive review of strategies perceived by organizational systems with dyadic oversight or teaching progressives in iterative permutations to such ends of heuristic analysis of power structures in data plots- that support "para-psychology," influences by nature of hyperlink training cues for multi-disciplinary education approaches to intelligence training or gathering strategies with inductive response feeds on constants of data band pass, such to be style of overt warfare with required*counter measures;
o Required*-the power structures involved in the U.N. with a oil food investigative requirement show that a treaty dispute may be arraigned into the nature of complex legal policy framework for production efforts in maintained prejudice to affairs of any factor effecting user operator curves in nuclear submarine community as basis of threat establishment.

--of/by* Senator Edward M. Kennedy
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VULCAN IS THE GOD OF FIRE AND FORGE and does ossama bin ladden have a god?
21 Apr 2007
Please store with the Secretary of the Senate as it will be mailed to all of my friends in myspace with MIT ROMNEY included who was on-line this morning when a bulliten was sent- please see last bulliten posted on my space from artinspace (at) as UNCENTRAL SERVER!

It may be considered upon the factors of the case as a single function in the case shows a legitimacy of countermanding the U.S. ARMY decision on one side- yet also to confer upon a reasonable doubt to the factors of s contingency psy-op and at least five elements relative to the 9/11 case as such would support that three days prior to the declaration of war with iraq a document made in the WARD room of the U.S.S. Constitution 101 ways 2 kill ossama bin ladden as a pamphlet with a direct relevancy to a investigation of motive of selective engagement of the U.S.S. Constitution with the placement of ossama bin laddens sister in charles town navy yard within the naval security zone of 500 yards, while the psy ward of the Mattigan hospital was used the efforts to review the case have been thwarted by many factors of PUBLIC AFFAIRS oversight of case to remove liabilities in the use of myself with other intent that was re-directed by command structures to the state of washington. The full implication sof 9/11 as effecting the aerospace industry with motives of the U.S. MILITARY are unfortunately to obvious in this case as one with a preventive theory against the aerospace community at large for threat assessment to U.S. Assets in space used primarily in this context to remote sensing, as a tool of acquisition for decision making in the many relevencies of planners who engage in military strategies and who use the tools of military oversight with a institutional prejudice to a single branch of the MILITARY.

The recent issues with attempt to overturn liabilities in the case with a single office of prejudice have placed a counter intelligence demand upon the overt style of a psy-op to constrain the public affairs case aspect with the Vancouver FIlm School certificate given to J DEDRICK on the same day the award was given as asserting a failure at that time had occurred with the type of operation. In review of favorable demands of settlements in a polymorphism for modeling and planning specific names were used to discern the nature of strategic selection of the basis of prejudice to Senator John Kerry, my visit to his office can be conferred upon as one within the demands of the Investigation...for space related activity of the U.S. Government, as prior to his presidential nomination for the 2004 campaign. The effort to convert case prejudice in the arbitration cycling of data with feedback bias and assertion to create situational compliance to overturn legitimate features of case are one with demand of a single office with whom planner prerogative has maintained to be in existence with Secret Service prejudice and as such have effected the full investigative oversight of case with the former TSA director and Secret Service Director, unfortunately the basis of the arbitration of content with investigative bias has asserted that the investigation into osssma bin laddens sister and motive of enfranchisement of negative results to his office is one with a high regard as to assert that the following scenario may be under taken by the INSCOM Commander to review the basis of where prejudice exist more than or less than with a inversion of motive in the document of xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on by placing a single function to case for controlled offensive behavior of the U.S.S.R. in such with theories relevant to ties in case that assert a feedback bias with the united nation benefitted the united nation in second invasion of iraq as one with a collection of resources as previously discussed to define the content as a psy-op one will have to assert that case outcomes change if the document names where names exist are all converted to a single name of bias with centcomm as follows prior to a psy-fly drop insert variable's of loss gain scenarios A) Moqtada al-Sadr and ossama bin ladden and john hinckley or paul g allen B) and companies with geo-location princciepls to find bueropathology review of institutional conform to bias in case outcomes with D.O.E. patterns in implied development with psy-op in south america and Beijing.

ban ki moon's myspace account at his discretion may be for review to your office with findings in case- see webmaster (at)

sites (at) forcing dialouge into dating feature?
Dating- ban ki moon? /Social

3.x Premier
See also:
review case context to lockheed and boeing in case theories - see human resource issues for organizing constructive counter defense
30 Apr 2007
Well it looks like we are winding down on the Boeing investigation and the solicitations of the pentagon in the aftermath of a Lockheed martin dispute with contractor prejudice with bias in the basis of Gordon England’s behavioral selection strategy study of resource acquisition principles- we will assert the content in the request one with Melvin Oleson was one with a entrapment of ruscosmos bias with Space Adventures as Greg oleson was used with naming convention in case the same way Barbara moron was used- however I do not feel a direct connection to the basis of payload shuttle designation for research projects of Agilent are involved- as the NSA planner involved may review case and see similar trends in case with attempts to extort a official in case. If the bias is not reviewed then I suggest that the basis of entrapment in case be one with regional disparity to Boeing and continue case prejudice to Boeing however if Lockheed is in position of gain then I suggest that the position was placed in context to a right of defense by Boeing and that any strange behavior be reviewed as one with a prejudice of Boeing and continue- yet, the basis of the TSA registry and all case factors on myspace of artinspace (at) should still accommodate theories in aerospace passenger manifest as a retialitory bias of CFO of Boeing to constrain future investment of industry with a assertion to alter congressional spending behavior of NASA and as such alter DOD/civilian policy with a outcome of contractor and strategic release programs with a influence in aftermath opf altering congressional spending behavior with the house appropriations committee for aerospace trends and investment practices of Boeing. Then end resolve of which would be based on the 23 billion danker deal that Secretary Rums field collapsed within context to MIKE SEARS, as the prejudice with case wil show a case management theory currently that still places constituent services of Senator Maria Cantwell in a position to render a incompetency trial in tandem to review of dialogue made during aspect of motive factors of 9/11 in assertions of passenger manifest of aerospace lobbyist, The visit with state forensics pathologist daughter HEARTY who was a 9/11 investigator may lend merit to find yet a another link within three bonds of associative weight to context of motive of planer’s prerogative; note the Russian federations use of economist in space seat greg olseon was a attempt to create neutral profile theory as not to support bias in profiling conjecture as based directly on all case context of all content in overt controlled behaviors and may support Russian federation position in case to place greg oleson in seat as opposed to creating a profile theory for seat threat assessments in effects of TSA and federal marshal disposition to aerospace manifest.

What is director Mueller going to do give Ossama Bin Ladden a defense for slander for placeing him under the James Brady hand gun bill prevention act or contact local FBI and give consternation to trade issues with Russain Federation and Space Adventures - with bias to Russian Arm's trafficking and contracts with MIG-25 in aftermath of fall of soviet union- not that I don't think that the russian federation can accomidate abias of contractors from conflicts its just that many U.S. patents will be lost in transaction to engender a fruitfull tie to UN weapons secuirty council through developmental centering of contractors with United Nations for development of ground facilites for space launch platform with investigative services to assets in space as threats or not?

C.C. Joint chiefs of staff.

NATO operations in Afghanistan review of domestic influence with Kerry and Senate Foreign Relations Committee URGENT influence required to maintain investigative rationale with bias to case and MOTIVE factors of 9/11 with prejudice to WARSAW pact influence in Russian Aerospace Industry. Require amnesty in review of boston PD response to content sent to Boston P.D. internal affairs. 1360-815-7951 - 1-360-336-2487

The following was sent to Senator John Kerry's office and as well the Boston Police Department for review of extradition process in case from Skagit County Court and requires urgent attention. Please Review myspace account activity with artinspace (at) as owned by UNCENTRAL SERVER! The most recent content should reflect issues with NATO operation and with basis in review of domestic patterns of influence in networks enfranchised by poppy trade- as bias in case should show that necessary conflict of engagement to find and identify trafficking patterns in latent theoreis with closure of drug trafficking tunnel on Mexico/U.S. Border with content sent to madeline bordelo as influence in decision making as well as influence in closure of drug trafficking tunnel in White ROck on border of Canada and U.S. Border as one with a bias in assertions of Indian ties to planners in 9/11 with Afghanistan poppy production the case is in dire need of oversight with review of JCS. Please contact the Skagit Court prior to review of warrants issued in light of conflicts relative to case measures of gathering data in inductive manner of information warfare with 101_ways_2_kill_ossama_bin_ladden. Both Jessica and I may seek or require a form of amnesty in Charles Town Navy Yard to allow a basis of oversight...note the basis of such is in event of identification of planner of OIL CITY ROAD MARINE EXCERSICE that both she and I were present in with pamphlet as basis in threats may increase as she may not be aware...the Massachusettes, state pension board may review military service in domestic activity as one with a reason to support her and place her within a review of military service accomidating a reasonable doubt as to her and activity. The full content shuold be stored with the secretary of the senate with confidentiality toward the NATO operation with reasons to afix point to domestic feedback of success in latent study.

Dear Sir or Ma'am;

In recognition of issues relative to the police work done n the case with the sister of
Ossama Bin Ladden and her oversight from offices principle to the design of observation of
known family members of terrorist- it is within your rights to seek policing oversight of
residency of J Dedrick as a principle investigator into the motive of 9/11 as constructed
in tandem to effects on aerospace industry and profile theories asserting to have bias in
her previous residency in Charles town navy yard. The investigation that has cost more
than $100,000.00 and time resolved through the labor and facilitation of oversight by
many industry insights to case outcomes considering the effects of her strategic placement
in Boston and with special focus on her potential as a reconnaissance participant in 9/11
as overlooking Logan's airport as well as within the NAVAL SECURITY ZONE of 500 yards of
the U.S.S. Constitution that - the connection of yesterday's activities in NATO exercise
in Afghanistan seeking to have feedback in opium trade and influences in India as a
planners basis of network operation in the U.S. it is considered to have direct corollary
to connectionist principles within the confines of review of data plot in the following
six- to eight months to review trafficking theories on heroine and other product
derivative of opium trade with terrorist networks. In such a review current form of
exploitation in work engendered to based on such activities as affirmed by dates of review
in content of the myspace account of artinspace (at) with content relative to NATO
operations that it be known that this communication is reason for extradition of J DEDRICK
to Boston for review of case with ossama bin ladden and her sister's strategic selection
in Charles Town Navy yard with investigative practices and gathering tactics that will
require Boston Police departments to extradite J DEDRICK from skagit county court in
Washington State in the event that he be placed in a prison for conflicts with payment in
tandem to such investigations with bias from the state of Washington for conflicts to
content seen in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on with
101_ways_2_kill_ossam_bin_ladden in the content...the nature of this extradition should be
with bias and protection of Senator John Kerry's office and you may petition the secrete
service for an order insuring safe transfer to Boston to review case of a information
warfare strategy that when conjoined to case theories of 9/11 with NATO activities and
measure to root out motive and construction of case argument on her placement in Charles
Town do your duty to defend your state from further strategic engagements of resources in
such a way as to insure that key witness to factors of 9/11 motive is not placed into
state penal oversight with a prejudice from the state in which liabilities in case
2:05-cv-00470-MJP J Dedrick vs. the state of Washington is allowed to be a inferior design
of measures to control case liabilities in context to prejudice. Yesterday's content cites
relative issues with opium and poppy prior to NATO activities and as such is minimum
validation to assert that pre-planning in case is one with a right to have oversight.
While unfortunate to place in such a position your city, you may confer with senator John
Kerry to assert that the visit that J Dedrick had with Senator Kerry was one with a bias
to 9/11 investigations and that J Dedrick is fortunate to be alive. IF extradition is not
a means to safe transfer to state of refugee seeking then the nature of a single 9/11 case a
with ties to Boston may be closed and unfortunately will assert a principle gain for
office with whom a bias may exist as the ARMY document used for collateral bias in
garnering oversight of case was manufactured three days before the declaration of war with
Iraq and shows bias with closure of 9/11 investigation.

Thank you for your time and consideration; please review the content of the myspace
account including picture and note -

Amnesty in Boston is required for case is stopped due to arguments conditioned upon profile required to gather data is causal to case outcomes.

Reporting-MTA: dns;
Received-From-MTA: dns;
Arrival-Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 20:50:56 -0400

Final-Recipient: rfc822;webmaster (at)
Action: failed
Status: 5.2.2
X-Display-Name: Kennedy, Webmaster (Kennedy)- implied failures do not mean a failure to consent to review of case allegation in 9/11 case investigation and will require a phone call to senator Edward M. Kennedy's office in event of failure to identify e-mail in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on to tibetan ministry of finance. With implied precursery analysis of 9/1 wityh behavioral review of oversight of terrorist activity in U.S. with bills such as James Brady Hand Gun Bill PRevention as one with recent dialouge with FBI director and senator Frank Lautenburg as seen on myspace account of dialouge with ban ki moon on artinspace (at) ( Apr 26, 2007 4:59 PM
Subject Please forward to SSRB
Body: Respectfully Senator;

In response to today's questions to director Mueller, I would respond on his behalf with implicaitons that undermine continued relevencies to manners by which the James Brady Hand Gun Bill Prevention act is applied to usefull theoreis with preventive legislation. This is very dangerous for me in context to threats that have been assessed in the background to all of the hard work done to defend America from future terroist acts and within the confines of the behavioralism of defining a terrorist as having foriegn motive or supporting actions that are within resepct to today's question irrational and cost people lives. For a few years sir the policy modeling with a working D.O.J. group with bias to libailites in outcomes of prejudice where in consternation of profile technology we, you and I sir work to identify threats and legislate upon the end resolve of prevention, for home and families of decent and moral purpose's. Yet, the answer you requested was one that was very difficult in a theory on profiling that is enjoined to policy work of NORTHCOM for aspects in virtual case managment profiles of the F.B.I. with direct regard to DNA profiling. I assert that in the direct response you garnered from DIrector Mueller that the basis of health files in tandem to privacy and confindentiality laws that a few major overhauls of gathering of evidicuary support in times where trials are based on arbitration of behavrio and the evidence in support of profiles that suggest terroist activity- in the policy modeling that has been done one would state that if in controlled environment we could not subject decent families to the arbitration proces where by due process is undermined that we shoudl expect a difficult war in the times ahead to make fruitfull such bills as the James Brady Hand Gun Bill prevention act to asses terrorist activities - yet , it is in this special case that effort to review helth practices within direct context of objectives set for as manifest to acquisition of terrorist that we do not be to hasty in how we identify the patterns of behavior that suggest a miltary officer could be asserted to be a terrorist, or that a business owner likewise with implied economic threats to miltary assets as not one with a act of terror but with resolve to engage aerospace communities with relevenmt assertion of threats to Miltary Assets as being a terrorist if the implied threat is based soley on the service. I have placed a very mild innnuendo in the last sentence but only to support taht ongoing aspect of 9/11 as effecting aerospace passenger manifest oif the TSA and of the Federal Air Marshals for prevention of terrorst acts was with in scope of policy warfare...such as the offices workign through these problems have never seen. The usefull and implied value of the James Brady HAnd Gun Bill prevention act as will today be relevent will in cases where prfiling is a maintianed objective of case outcoems where wew stop terroist from acquiesing hand guns within a 24 hour period when applied to all manner of preventive technology including firewalls or root kits that gather data- that to make perment resolution on a person behavrio as unchangable is one without a form of redemption for a ubuiquitios form of profile theory that asserts no informal review by a undue process of colelction would not eventually effect the senate. MY job is to protect your right to maintain speech and debate clauses with advise and consetn duality to all manner of colleciton used under such preventive technologies- with direct relevence to Senator Jeffers siezure of data by the F.B.I. as one with a form of system wide collection and implimentation. While working under the bill with a policy oversight and military prejudice to action of organization toward nuclear threats - I suggest that you work through the issues with Director MUeller directly in this case to assert that you are not profiled one day as a terrrorist as the bias system of arbitration in this case has show in a form of blind study that the most honerable and most dedicated men of promise can be wrongfully profiled to enjoin policy for policy efforts.

Thank You Sir for your time and consideration and content directed to Mueller in tsiolkovsky_gravity (at) may be for review by the senate secretary with developmetnal theoreis effecting the Senate SErver Reform Bill and collection with cached buffer intervention based on liabilites of recipt formatting from Senators with whom a legisaltive responsibiliy exist - yet one with where liabilites in storage of content exist with premiums effecting service of the Senate manner of dialouge with the public. Have a Good evening sir.

Jason/James Brady Dedrick
_____________________ and myself have been working in direct context to such aspects with male and female constraints to end resolve of insuring profile technology and manners of surveillance are not consigned to prejudice effecting the Senate.) from review of opium drug trade with ties to theories on data traffick between pakistani influences in underground testing of nuclear weapons and ties to trade of Was sent to NATO alliance with respect to interference in case outcomes.
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Where's missing e-mail to NATO got a response from Kennedy.
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See original content published to publically addressed leter to ossama bin ladden.
20 Dec 2007
It seem disect in the ranks of the Taliban is resulting from the content published on this page. The publically addressed letter to ossama bin ladden. Do you question the validity if the PSY-op working now? Today the Taliban is asking to have publically addressed emails and if in the military sense the preliminary logistics assesments of psywar information tracking if the distiction of a decision to defend the person who removed the publishing. Dont you think the content was reviewed by ladden networks: maybe the aspect of the continued hunt was prevelant in maintaining security that no sense of tracking the Al Quiada could be achieved in the sense of surviellance - I guess the review of the content being removed is an issue- given the response is suggestive of a behavior undermining psychological warfare basis of xautoum. Good way to remove legitimacy of an investigation leveraging your sisters position prior to 9/11 or maybe to... I'm sure the investigators who are going to review the content that was removed can figure out the distinctions of a overt agenda setting principle when you validate activity by removing content. See It will be discerned today the effects of the ability to track your networks through overt conditioned online content: hopefully not with the distiction to suggest budget constraints with investigation. Backup letter was saved in email account unless it also has been removed.
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