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News :: Environment
Distillation Of bush Agendas
22 Feb 2007
from The Circuit Earth Blog
Click on image for a larger version

The bush/clinton coven is based on lies. Call it doublespeak, call it whatever you want. To begin with, there is no oil shortage, and there never has been. You've no doubt heard the stories of oil use being perpetuated by the rich buying out the patents or inventions that make automobiles more efficient...this is true for the most part, and easily provable.

The real fact is this: motive technology has been bypassing oil and the combustion engines for a long time now. Steam, which we were getting pretty good at even before oil came along in the early part of the 20th century, as well as electrified vehicles of many kinds, threatened to replace oil, so all this hooplah about oil control is actually just price control, by the bush family and their ilk, who are protecting their oil interests, which they have killed, lied, and cheated to control. Kind of like hearst did with his wood pulp paper, by making hemp paper illegal. Same thing. They are such twits and intellectual slackers that they can't keep up with technology, though what they lack in smarts they make up for in clubs and guns.

And here we are. bush world. Pretty innit?


And just as the bush traitors created the need for all this ENMOD by selling us out to the Russians (Because they really needed the electronic mind control of ENMOD/Antennae technology to destroy America for their international masters) so did they create the oil shortage, and the need for the product they had killed to control. From the article Mystery in Alaska, by Mark Farmer, Popular Science Magazine, 1995:

Initial work on HAARP began in the mid 1980's by Atlantic Richfield Corporations subsidiary ARCO Production Technologies Corp., and its then president, physicist Bernard Eastlund. ARCO wanted to find an on-site demand for the enormous amounts of Alaskan Natural Gas it owns. So it cooked up an energy intensive idea.
Eastlund worked under contract for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Now called ARPA) and was awarded three patents--one which was classified until 1991---for inventions dealing with ionospheric modification. One of the most grandiose systems described in his patents is a 40 mile square, HAARP-like radio transmitter that would use huge amounts of electrical power generated by turbines burning natural gas drawn from the vast North Slope Reserves.
"I founded and led the ARCO program until 1987," Eastlund says. "About that time Edward Teller visited Robert Hirsch, the ARCO vice president who hired me. I don't know the direct results of that discussion, but shortly thereafter new and secret initiatives were begun which I was not privy to, and I declined further involvement."
Teller is co-designer of the hydrogen bomb and was the arch proponent of the x-ray laser, the centerpiece of Reagans Star Wars Missile Defense program. Asked about his involvement in the beginnings of HAARP, Teller responded "I have no idea about that. I don't remember anything about it..."

The bush people and their allies here are not really Americans. They only care about their own financial interests, and that is actually fascism. Yes, thats what they are, fascists, and they are much more aligned with other fascist countries such as Spain and some of the south American people than they are with America. in fact, jorge juniors first energy company was called ARBUSTO, which is bush in spanish. They have always facilitated spanish immigration into America, to further their private fascist agenda, beginning with the tests by their hireling tricky dick nixon in south Florida back in the 1970's. I lived in Miami while all that was going down, and I know what happened first hand. It was unpretty to the maximum, to see the damage done by these immigrants who were given preferential treatment by the government at every opportunity, as is happening today with the mexicans. But that too is another story.

So the bush family have used their influence and their ability at creating chaos and mayhem (911 - see addendum) to further their own fascist interests at the cost of Americas freedom and well being. Its the way they are.


Yes, America, you also paid for all that, as you have paid for so much else in this shifty world of bush, with a doubling and tripling of your gas prices since jorge has commandeered your youth for human sacrifice, and you have been made to believe, with electronic mind control, that you were privileged to do so.

Also, this ENMOD spraying of chemicals daily, which some fools actually believe is strictly rainmaking, conveniently covers up all that nasty oil pollution from cars which the bush family always had such trouble dealing with. Now, the pollution is so intense (Look at the evening sky sometime, sunset, it is SMOG FOR THE WORLD) that the old oil pollution caused by the automobiles of the oil industry is minuscule in comparison.

Those are not bright skies jorge, thats disaster you twirp.

ENMOD is Mind Control, and also conditioning of the environment for other bush interests, like genetically modified crops, which are made to grow in soils with high conductivity. It is no coincidence that the daily ENMOD sprayings also create vastly greater soil conductivity as a BY-PRODUCT (?) of their application.

Control of food and water is what the fascists want, so they can do the same to you that they did to you with oil, they will tell you when you can eat and drink, and what you can eat and drink and you will PAY big time for the privilege of having them tell you all that.

The proof of all this is simple enough to reason out, if you are not too inundated with electronic mind control already.

They are acting as great benefactors, deploying this technology they stole from Americans, but they are the beast and they are wild and if you value your lives you will rid yourselves of their influence or subject your children and grandchildren to the same treatment you yourself have been subjected to.

Or worse.

Much worse.

Bill Gallagher
Hachita NM

The central issue of the 2008 election is this: TECHNOLOGY. In fact, technology is the crux of every election, its just that great care has been taken to lead the sheople away from all that, with miraculous sounding religions, sex, violence, or whatever else the poor idiot lambies can be distracted with.

During clintons time is when the internet really started picking up speed, and the order of the day among certain patriots was to use the net to scare the traitors here in this country badly. Very badly. That was done, and because they are such meeces at heart, it was really not too difficult.

We scared them so badly they got off a lot of the ancient technology they had been sitting on, some of which came to them by digging around the pyramids, and in other places. The vatican has a lot as well, and some was given to that boy wunder adolph hitler, which explains where the nazis got such wonderful toys.

After ww2 the german scientists were conveniently split up between the two super powers, USA-ussr, thereby ensuring a huge and lucrative fear machine on both sides, nurturing further the final development of what the vatican had bequeathed to adolpho and his kind. There is a lot of evidence showing tht adolph was groomed for his position as vatican beneficiary, and tyrant, by england, but thats another story.

So, the worms who have taken over our government and currency and judicial, they got off a lot of technology since boy jorge stole the elections here in 2000 and 2004, said worms like jorge and his family hoping to use it to control what they perceived as an explosive situation, a possible civil revolt, and even worse, a TAX revolt. The fear of the parasite, as its hosts ages and dies....

If you have not seen this technology deployed in the last 7 years, you have not been paying attention. The lines in the sky ARE NOT vapor trails, they are chemicals, and many are calmative drugs, used to stun the population below into confusion or inattention. Other of these massive sprayed lines represent a quantum energy technology (Also mind-stunning) which Enron first deployed, then, after deek-chainy-saw had his 5 meetings with ken lay, Enron all of a sudden went belly up, in spite of this hugely lucrative environmental-modifications derivatives market! Thus began the government/military sprayings which are almost daily, everywhere. Write luxefaire (at) for details.

The antennae technology of control has also been fully deployed, and the sheople here and elsewhere believe it is for cell phones and wireless technology.

Oh Yeahhhhhhh....wireless technology allright, wireless YOU!

If you do not know what I am talking about you had better get busy, start by google searching ENMOD (Environmental Modification), Aerosol Climate Forcing, Nikola Tesla, Chemtrails, and HAARP. Notice those HAARP antennae look a lot like some in your neighborhood! Then start counting antennae where you live. Yes You! No longer Homo sapiens sapiens, now HOMO this link well:

Some of this technology is actually beneficial, but most has been turned into directed energy weaponrys of many different kinds, and the human experimentation has been rampant.

The zionazi machine of bush encompasses Britain, Germany, Spain, Israel, and one or two others, acting in concert to deploy a technology of control here in America and elsewhere, and to deploy it COVERTLY. They always cry RAINMAKING when they are made to, but what they never explain is that it was Russia who got the antennae technology people from germany after ww2, and it was they who actually won the cold war. When Gorby came here during Sir Ray Guns and sir bush ones time, and the end of the cold war was announced, certain very important details were omitted.

One such had to do with the stark dehydration that had been perpetrated by our enemy from the other side of the world, utilizing this scalar technology. Another was that gorby was now become the oh so special person who would oversee the division of America into new states all based on UN directives having to do with environmental protection.

Russias covert winning of the cold war was simply top secret justification of course, for deployment of the so-called REMEDIATION ENMOD technology here, which is actually Mind Control and much more. The german scientists we received in Project Paperclip, the ones who went to redstone arsenal in alabama, were composed of a few rocket scientists, but mostly the MK (Mind Kontrol) scientists. Their MK seeped out like sewer water from alabama, the buckle of the bible belt, as they slowly and methodically prepared America to accept Lords and Kings.

The bush clinton coven and their international allies now feel they own this technology, and they are loathe to even admit it exists, say nothing about give it up to a maverick, even if that maverick represents the people who paid for all of it.

But let me tell you, if we do not get a maverick now, a true maverick, and a powerful one, we are done for. Last chance.

There is also the secret space program, which is where most of Americas tax dollars have gone for the last 50 years, all hidden, none accounted for except to the thieves who made it all go down. The foreign agents in our government like the bush-clinton coven. Below are some very interesting links concerning the secret space program, and the off planet fleet, which, incidentally, is getting ready for a very important rendezvous at 2012.

The perpetrators of this phony economy and police state here today are traitors of the worst kind, and in their third generation. They will attempt to wreck America before giving up control. They have scalar weapons that include tectonic weaponry. They experiment on Americans daily. Its a zionazi vatican thing....

The tectonics of the last 3 years in the NW, when considered with the tectonics at Mt. St. Helens, the Yellowstone Caldera, and the Madrid fault zone at Tennessee, are alarming in the extreme. Then there are the highly ordered tectonics hitherto unknown, coming down in lines from the Great Lakes with fair regularity, forming perfect straight lines to, again, the Madrid Fault zone at Tennessee. Write for details. Just the unclassified patents relating to all this will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

It is important that the maverick Ron Paul wins the 2008 election, and as important that he employs good maverick advisors as well. It is time to take back what is ours.
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