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Commentary :: Social Welfare
Mike Whitney - The second Great Depression
22 Feb 2007
Modified: 23 Feb 2007
Mike Whitney - The second Great Depression

(BTW, is a possibility for any article that requires registration.)

persistent sources


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
Mememachine (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)


click here! (attempted) illustrated mirror:

(i've got a better chance of speaking via a news blog in Russia than in the US via Indymedia.)

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align=""center"">

********911 HOAX: MOVIE*********

Photos showing evidence of scalar weapons on 9/11:

Krash! the most unbelievable of the 9/11 "planes" you've ever seen.


********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

September 11 as it happened. Watch CNN lie to their audience about planes striking the WTC:

Look at the Flight 175 cartoons!

"...There are few folks who can watch this whole video without shrieking 'IT's CARTOONS!!! IT'S CARTOONS!!!'..."


more links:

911 Hoax:


********CLIMATE CHANGE********

Inuit accuse US of destroying their way of life with global warming:

Warmest January ever recorded:

Gulf Stream Shutdown. global warming could lead to an ice age for northern europe:

carbon dioxide highest in 650,000 years:

polar bears beings stranded on melting ice:

Wayne Madsen - methane starting to vent from seafloors:

Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, UN report warns:
--or-- is time for the US to withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq. It is time for us to build subways, carbonless-emitting-high-speed trains, light rail and people movers.

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align=""center"">

********FALSE-FLAG NEWS********


Amazing photographs and text.

Webster Tarpley on 9/11 directed-energy weapons:


WTC Core
(this is an outstanding animation that employs appropriate music. this is a very important 911 video.)

911 Truth: Thermite & the case for controlled demolition:


WTC cancer cluster 'like Hiroshima':

Death by dust:,lombardi,75156,2.html

US government's domestic use of atomic weapons:

Wayne Madsen (9/12/06) - 911 first responders and rescue workers getting rare form of cancer associated with nuclear blasts:




"Detention facility for immigrants criticized":

(naturally, the CIA/Washington Post puts a shiny gloss over these facilities which are concentration camps clearly designed to hold large numbers of people against their will.)


Federal appeals court decides those illegally-detained at the Guantanamo Bay concentration do not have Habeas Corpus rights:

(Habeas Corpus goes back to 1215. too bad America is too busy watching American Idol to know more of what is being stolen from them.)

Court rules that detainess cannot challenge their indefinite detention!

(they're being held by the US military at US-military-controlled Guantanamo bay. they're being held in violation of US law as well as international law.)


Guantanamo detainees to be held indefinitely, even without charges:

(they're defying international law and human rights that date back to 1215.)


Dictator Bush seizes control over all State militias:

Dictator Bush signs new executive order granting him more right to control government rules and policy statements concerning public health, safety, civil rights and privacy:


Surprise! weapons used in attack in southeastern Iran came from US:

Why is the US press silent on Brzezinski's warnings of war against Iran?

"...Most significant and disturbing was Brzezinski’s suggestion that the Bush administration might manufacture a pretext to justify a military attack on Iran..."


Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant:


Pentagon (and, not US Constitution) sets rules for detainee trials:

"Terror suspects can be imprisoned, convicted or put to death based on hearsay evidence or coerced testimony (Lori;"

Decimating the Constitution with military tribunals:

********BLEAK ECONOMICS********


the second great depression:

the great Dollar crash of '07:


Bush's budget priorities: war and the wealthy

Bush wants to make tax cuts for the rich permanent

"...The tax cuts, a wholesale looting of the federal treasury to the advantage of the rich, have been promoted by the administration as an economic boon..."


Bush to propose record US war budget

"...more than $700 billion in military spending this year, including $245 billion to fund the ongoing wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan..."

Dictator Bush's budget limits non-war spending:

********TODAY'S WORLD WAR********


Prince Harry off to Iraq:

(think he'll see frontlines? haha. his service will be like Al Gore's in Vietnam: Easy.)


'The Media Line' claims that Syria is moving forces near Israel, as well as accepting Iranian support:

(this reads like total propaganda designed to get sleeping Americans into accepting a US-started world war.)


Bush dictatorship's economic war on Iran:

beware the false-flag "attack" that persuades Congress to give Dictator Bush a war with Iran:

US storms Iranian consulate:

********GENERAL NEWS********


(I don't think i ever saw Janet in anything, even though i'm a film buff and love the '40s.

it is getting increasingly difficult to remember the glamour, excitement and artistic glory that accompanied the US movie industry in the first half of the 20th century. once the CIA and corporate suits took over Hollywood it was doomed. the current version is just a miserable relic of what it once was.)


Dennis Johnson dies:

(btw...that famous play where Bird stole the ball and Johnson put up the winning lay-up was cheating. Bird had two steps out of bounds. the refs didn't blow the whistle on Bird, and the TV networks only showed the critical replay like once.)


Republican congressman's bill would require ISPs to track users:

"...Internet service providers (ISPs) to keep information about their users' identities and, possibly, their actions online..."


Navy refuses to protect whales during unecessary sonar tests:


Teen 'sport killings' of homeless on the rise:

(CNN Is perfectly capable of making this story up. however, the US is definitely moving rapidly in the direction of Nazi Germany.

my friends at Indymedia all probably can't wait until their 'Christmas' arrives and they can start killing people.)


Supreme Court throws out Philip Morris verdict:

"...Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in his majority opinion that the award to Mayola Williams could not stand because a jury may punish a defendant only for the harm done to the person who is suing, not to others whose cases were not before it..."

(meanwhile, it is well known that cigarette companies spike their product with more nicotine than appears in nature, in order to hook their victims for life. if civil suits are disallowed, what ability does the general public have to control the behavior of a state-chartered organization?)


Russia warns neighbors of US militarizing space via "Missile defense":

737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire


Global vaccine market to top 23 billion dollars:

(what a racket for-profit medicine is. your average drug dealer on the street has more ethics than one of those corporate executives at a large pharmaceutical company.)


Costa Rica probes mysterious deaths of 500 pelicans:

Bird flu outbreak near Moscow "might" be act of bio-terrorism:

Bird flu in the UK: another government inside job?

Massive duck die-off in California:

Duck die-off continues:

Tests show bird flu is H5N1 virus:

(my theory: they're using HAARP...the point is to blame this on "avian flu", which is to be used as a pretext for mass quarantines and evictions.)


<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align=""center"">

********CORPORATE POWER********

Corzine to sell off New Jersey's toll roads!!!

(is there any easier way to make money? giving those roads to corporations is unbelievably cancerous to civilized society. corporations have absolute power today.)

********WORLD FENCES/WALLS********


Israel's "Separation Wall". The most barbaric open-air prison ever conceived in human history. It will effectively imprison millions of innocent people. Their very survival will be at the hands of Israel.

Saudia Arabia's Wall. The Saudis are building a huge wall between their border and Iraq. That's because the Negroponte-led false-flag attacks in Iraq is making that illegally occupied country dangerous.

US's upcoming Berlin wall with the Mexican border. The Bush Dictatorship just awarded Boeing a huge contract. (Boeing in turn is subcontracting to an Israeli company.) This wall between the US and Mexico is expected to have 1,800+ guard towers!



Israel to build 3,000 new illegal settler homes in militarily occupied territory:

(once again, notice the length of Yahoo's URL. the government; i.e., Yahoo, doesn't want this story up for long. so they make the URL really long as a signal to take it down ASAP.)


High Court judge rules Zambia must pay "vulture fund":

(what's going to happen when the US begins defaulting on its massive, unpayable debt?)


A nuclear attack on Iran will spread fall-out to nearby countries like India:


civil war looms in Iraq. this was Made in the USA:

1,000 US troops urge Iraq withdrawal:

US offensive in Baghdad begins surge of killing and repression

Marines gunned down unarmed Iraqis in Haditha:


******HEALTH, SCIENCE and LIVING******


"Saturn's Hyperion: a moon with odd craters":

(APOD's illustration at the link above is so utterly ludicrous it makes me cry with laughter. doesn't NASA have any quality control regading the fake images it produces of the "Cassini probe of Saturn"?)


Sun's "twin" found, as embryo:

Pillars of Creation!



I find it hilarious that the Chargers fired Marty Schottenheimer, replacing him with Norv Turner!

Turner has never won anywhere. meanwhile, Schottenheimer had the team primed to go all the way and just weren't lucky at the end. still, they went 14-2 in the regular season (losing once to Baltimore, btw). How do you fire a coach who was 14-2 during the regular season? how do you replace him with Norv Turner?

it is amazing how American culture is so frantic and anxious that a pro sports team would fire the coach who made the team one of the best in the league.)


Roland Garros, May 27 - June 10th:

(all eyes are on Nadal and Federer. can Federer win the French Open on slow clay? if Fed wins the Grand Slam this season it will just about cement his place as the greatest tennis player ever.

Standing in Federer's way, as he did in 2005 and 2006, is two-time champ Rafael Nadal.)



p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list

This work is in the public domain
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