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Commentary :: Human Rights
Israel-Palestine: Is the Distinguished Jimmy Carter in Wonderland?
12 Mar 2007
Modified: 12:25:19 AM
On the Israel-Palestine issue, unraveling the endless trail of red herrings that even permeates the dissent space precluding a just solution from being perceived by the ordinary peoples in the Western nations, and thus postponing the harbinger of justice to the suffering peoples on the ground. Written in reference to the article by Israeli Peace Activist Uri Avnery on MediaMonitors on Feb 16, 2007, as well as President Carter's book Palestine, Peace not Apartheid - an infinite trail of red herrings or "practicality"?


[2] ... Let's witness former American President Jimmy Carter selectively exercise his tender conscience with his serendipitous book "Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid". In his speech at George Washington University, as reported by the Associated Press and carried by Israeli newspaper Haaretz at, he noted:

'He said he was not accusing Israel of racism nor referring to its treatment of Arabs within the country. "I defined apartheid very carefully as the forced segregation by one people of another on their own land," he said. ...

On the West Bank, Carter said, Palestinians were victims of oppression, their homes and land confiscated to make way for subsidized Israeli settlers.

"The life of Palestinians is almost intolerable," he said. "And even though Israel agreed to give up Gaza and remove Jewish settlers from the territory, there is no freedom for the people of Gaza and no access to the outside world."

"They have no real freedom of all," Carter said.

By apartheid, Carter said he meant the forced segregation of one people by another. He said Israel's policies in the territories are contrary to the tenets of the Jewish faith.

"There will be no peace until Israel agrees to withdraw from all occupied Palestinian territory," he said, while leaving room for some land swaps that would permit Jews to remain on part of the West Bank in exchange for other Israeli-held land to be taken over by Palestinians.

"Withdrawal would dramatically reduce any threat to Israel," he said.'

The distinguished President Carter noted the definition of "all occupied Palestinian territory" very carefully suggesting that 'he was not accusing Israel of racism nor referring to its treatment of Arabs within the country. "I defined apartheid very carefully as the forced segregation by one people of another on their own land," he said'. This might be forgivable oversight of memory or lack of geography knowledge for an ordinary mortal, but for a 39th former president of a superpower nation who is also a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and who dares to speak out serendipitously in favor of a beleaguered peoples, but only goes part of the way as if some enormous invisible barrier is blocking him, it is entirely inexplicable.

Perhaps despite being a president who once had all the secrets of the State (and the world) at his finger tips, he hadn't rightly been informed by the '14 members of the Carter Center's advisory board' who resigned to protest his book, or by the 'Jewish groups and some fellow Democrats' from whom he 'drew fire', of the Jews own history of laments of the type disclosed in this essay, including this very poignant one:

"The state of Israel founded in 1948 following a war which the Israelis call the War of Independence, and the Palestinians call the Nakba - the catastrophe. A haunted, persecuted people sought to find a shelter and a state for itself, and did so at a horrible price to another people. During the war of 1948, more than half of the Palestinian population at the time - 1,380,000 people - were driven off their homeland by the Israeli army. Though Israel officially claimed that a majority of refugees fled and were not expelled, it still refused to allow them to return, as a UN resolution demanded shortly after 1948 war. Thus, the Israeli land was obtained through ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian inhabitants. This is not a process unfamiliar in history. Israel's actions remain incomparable to the massive ethnic cleansing of Native Americans by the settlers and government of the United states. Had Israel stopped there, in 1948, I could probably live with it. As an Israeli, I grew up believing that this primal sin our state was founded on may be forgiven one day, because the founder's generation was driven by the faith that this was the only way to save the Jewish people from the danger of another holocaust." (Tanya Reinhart: “Israel/Palestine - How to End the War of 1948”, excerpt from very first page)

[3] There are obviously a minuscule number of "Kibbutz Zionists" living in Israel, perhaps less than 1% as I am advised, who love to live the Kibbutzim life style, toiling and soiling in a cooperative whereby the community helps raise each others' children. A vast majority of them supposedly are irreligious and "Leftist" by inclination, and are also largely portrayed by their exponents as non-violent peaceable peoples who settled in Palestine before 1948 (albeit the ones I know who have lived this life arrived in Galilee much after the construction of the Apartheid state). Noam Chomsky himself once noted on the public airwaves to Amy Goodman on her radio talk show Democracy Now, that he too lived there in the 1950s for a short period, and every time he would look out over the horizon, he would feel immensely saddened that another peoples had been forcibly and inhumanly deprived of their land in order to achieve Zion. He had noted on the airwaves, as I recall, that he couldn't morally take the incongruence of the situation and decided to return back to the United States. To this humble plebeian, it appears that these intellectual idealists, and others like them including those self-proclaimed "dissenters" who continually express deep remorse and anguish at what the Zionist founders perpetuated to create Der Judenstat in the midst of an already continuously inhabited peoples living there for millennia, must concede, if they indeed do not espouse a Nietzsche-ian morality, that they should be able to live together in equitably sharing the land of Canaan with all its indigenous peoples. Thus the word "Zionism", without any qualification, predominantly refers to the glaring monstrous elephant dancing on the newlywed's bed of racist murderous Zionism that was unleashed by Theodor Herzl in 1896 when he proclaimed “In Basle I founded the Jewish state ... Maybe in five years, certainly in fifty, everyone will realize it.”, and which was subsequently orchestrated to create an exclusive "Jews-Only" state with "Jews-Only-roads-and-suburbs-and-rights" in the heartland of Palestine. See Lenni Brenner's incredible online book "Zionism in the Age of Dictators" at

Given the manifest reality of deliberate and endless red herrings on the ground, anyone not coming out loudly against Zionism itself as the world silently spectates its global power-play, and not demanding its immediate and outright dismantling and full restitution to its victims, is complicit in the on going murder and genocide of an innocent peoples, all their self-flagellation and words of remorse not withstanding. Thus see for instance, "The complete text of The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict Published by Jews for Justice in the Middle East" at: Also examine the former American President, Jimmy Carter's anemic condemnation of Israel, and his restricting the critique in "Palestine Peace not Apartheid" to the still ill-conceived two-state solution space. A just and more forthright person might have produced a work titled "Palestine, Justice not Apartheid"!

Please continue to read further in full context my detailed essay "The endless trail of red herrings" at

Feel free to do with it as your conscience dictates.

Thank you.

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