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News :: Education
tech critique
18 Mar 2007
technology and economic progress
advanced Sustainable technology resource list for Real Economic Progress and for Surviving the Peak Oil aftermath


and Links to Groups supporting food security, clean air, climate protection

~~}If every household in California replaced 4 (average 100 watt) incandescent light bulbs with 4 (equivalent 27 watt) compact fluorescent light bulbs, burning on average 5 hours per day, we would save 22 gWh per day - or enough energy saved to shut down 17 power plants. If the State bought these lamps for every household at $2 each, total cost would be $120 million. Could we build the same 17 power plants for $120 million? Not by a long shot!, book: Fuel Savers by Bruce N. Anderson

~~}Solar Indoor Lighting (saves electricity and increases employee work performance):

~~}LED Lighting and LED business signs (extremely energy efficient, very durable and long lasting):

~~}If every household in California replaced 1 average-flow showerhead with an energy saving showerhead we would save 1.3 kwh per day per household or 19.2 gWh per day - or enough energy saved to shut down another 15 power plants. If the State bought these low flow shower heads for every household at $1 each, total cost would be $15 million. Could we build the same 15 power plants for $1 million each? Hardly!

~~}If every household in California installed a solar hot water heater which saves 5.8 kwh/day, we would cumulatively save 87 gWh/day - or enough energy saved to shut down another 67 power plants.
~~}Solar Heating of Water, Buildings and Homes:

~~}GeoThermal Heating and Cooling of Buildings and Homes (reduces energy cost by 30% to 65%):
~GeoThermal can be combined with Solar Heating:

~~}Monolithic Dome Homes and Buildings
This type of building reduces energy use by 40% to 80%
Also, Monolithic Domes are virtually Indestructible. Use Kalwall Windows -
Monolithic Domes are Hurricane proof, Tornado proof, Earthquake proof, Tidal Wave proof and Fire Proof.

~~}Reduce air conditioning cost by 20% to 40%
~Paint your house & roof white, which will reflect infra red sunlight:

~~}Insulating house paint (reduces energy costs by 10% to 25% )

~~}solar Attic fans (reduce air conditioning cost by 10% to 25%):

~~}insulating window quilts and insulating window coverings (reduces energy cost by 10% to 35%)

~~}Refrigerators (extremely energy efficient):

~~}Clothes Washers and Dryers
(very energy efficeint and reduces water use):

~~}Efficient Electric motors (reduce energy costs by 20% to 40%)

~~}Eliminating Phantom Electrical Loads from appliances.
This a cheap way to reduce energy use. For information,
Download various articles from the Home Power journal:

~~}Solar Wall:

~~}Other Potential Energy Savings
Lap Top computer versus other computers
LED TV' versus regular TV
Kalwall Windows versus regular Windows-

Note: if most of the above technologies were used for buildings and homes, energy used in our country would be drastically reduced.
Our country would be able to reduce its energy use to the point that many fossil fuel energy generating plants and nuclear power plants could be closed.

Furthermore, what little energy would be needed, could easily be generated by using Local renewable energy technologies.

Below are listed additional technologies for reducing energy use and for reducing the use of nuclear power, oil, coal and other fossil fuels in our economy.

The various sustainable technologies are improving rapidly and becoming more effective and affordable.

Due the rapid changes and improvements, this resource list does not cover all technologies or the latest improvements in existing sustainable technologies.
The resource list is just a tip of the iceberg in listing the creative innovations going on around the world.

Some the best new technologies are coming from small business, versus coming from large corporations.

If our country has the political will, it can survive the peak oil aftermath.

Additionally, the sooner the various sustainable technologies are incorporated into our economy, the easier the transition will be.

What are we waiting for? Do not allow the fossil corporations and their political cronies to defeat us.

Our grandchildren's future is in our hands. Do not give up.

Per the Wisconsin Energy Bureau, locally generated renewable energy (solar water heating, solar pool heating, solar building heating, solar daylighting, solar electric, wind, micro-hydro, organic vegetable diesel fuel, solar-hydrogen fuel cells, wind-hydrogen fuel cells, wave-hydrogen fuel cells, tidal power, Geothermal Hydronic heating and cooling, organic farming and gardening) creates THREE TIMES more jobs and economic growth in local economies than using imported fossil fuel or energy from other regions.

Keep our country strong like a rock!

Please support LOCALLY generated and LOCALLY owned renewable energy systems

~ renewable energy and sustainable tech


Solar Energy, Sustainable Technology CATALOG

~~Journal, renewable energy: -

~~}more web sites: -

~~}Rotary power storage & backup (flywheel):

~~}Energy Storage:

Indestructible and energy efficient buildings and homes
(Hurricane proof, Tornado proof, Earthquake proof, Tidal Wave proof and Fire Proof)

GEOTHERMAL heating and cooling
~ very efficient heating and cooling of buildings - homes and water
book: Geothermal Heat Pumps, Introductory Guide
book: Closed Loop geothermal heat pump design handbook; author: Canbek Karaca
book: Commercial geothermal heat pumps; author: J. Mark Hannifan
book: Geothermal heat pump options manual; author: J. Mark Hannifan
book: Ground Source Heat Pumps, Design of Geothermal Systems for Commercial & Institutional Buildings; author: Stephen Kavanaugh
book: How Come, Hydronic heating questions we've been asking for 100 years; author: Dan Holohan
book: Residential Hydronic Heating, The I=B=R Coursebook; author: Dan Holohan
~~}solar Radiant Under Floor Heating (Hydronic)-
training for: installing and maintaining solar radiant heating systems: sli (at)
Gino Nicolai Hydronic Radiant Simulator Training Center
Free Installation Manual:
book: Modern Hydronic Heating; author: Siegenthaler
book: Radiant Heating and Cooling Handbook; author: Richard Watson
book: Solar Water Heating, A DIY Guide; author: Paul Trimby
book: Solar Heating In Cold Regions; author: Jean-François Rozis
book: Hydronic radiant heating, a practical guide for the nonengineer installer; author: Dan Holohan
book: Modern Hydronic Heating for Residential and Light Commercial Buildings; author: John Siegenthaler
book: Radiant Floor Heating; author: R. Dodge Woodson
book: Golden Rules of Hydronic Heating; author: Dan Holohan
book: Installation Guide for Residential Hydronic Heating Systems

GERMAN Sustainable Technology
intelligent design
translate German => english:

Solar heated SWIMMING POOLS, spas and hot tubs.
~~Advanced Sustainable Technologies for Economic Progress
solar dehumidifiers-
free books:
book: Solar Hot Water Systems: Lessons Learned 1977 to Today; author: Tom Lane
book: Tapping The Sun, A Guide To Solar Water Heating
book: Solar Water Heating, A DIY Guide; author: Paul Trimby
book: Solar Heating In Cold Regions; author: Jean-François Rozis
book: Cascade Solar Water Heating Plans; author: Bob Larson
training for: installing and maintaining Solar water heating systems: sli (at)

HEATING GREEN HOUSES with SOLAR HOT WATER and radiant heating systems
(Using the floor as a Thermal Mass for Retaining Heat at Night - see THERMAL MASS)
training for: installing and maintaining solar radiant heating systems:
Free Installation Manual:
book: Energy Conservation for Commercial Greenhouses; author: John Bartok
book: Biodynamic Greenhouse Management; author: Heinz Grotzke
book: Greenhouses for Homeowners and Gardeners; author: John Bartok
book: Complete Greenhouse Book, Building and Using Greenhouses from Cold-Frames to Solar Structures; author: Peter Clegg
book: Complete book of the Greenhouse; author: Ian Walls
book: Greener Greenhouses;
book: Greenhouse Gardener's Companion; author: Shane Smith
book: Building Your Own Greenhouse; author: Mark Freeman
book: Gardening Under Cover: A Northwest Guide to Solar Greenhouses, Cold Frames; author: William Head
book: Building and Using Cold Frames
book: Polytunnel Companion; author: Jayne Neville
book: Gardening Under Plastic: How to Use Fleece, Films, Cloches and Polytunnels; author: Bernard Salt
book: Starting Early Flowering and Vegetable Plants Under Glass; author: Charles Nissley

book: Warm House, Cool House: Inspirational Designs for Low-Energy Housing; author: Nick Hollo
book: Passive Solar House; author: James Kachadorian
book: Solar House, Passive Heating and Cooling; author: Ph.D. Chiras
book: Affordable Passive Solar Homes; author: Richard Crowther
book: Passive Solar Design and Construction Handbook; author: Michael J. Crosbie
book: The Passive Solar Energy Book: A Complete Guide to Passive Solar Home, Greenhouse, and Building Design; author: Edward Mazria
book: Solar Projects for Under 500 Dollars; author: Mary Twitchell
book: Passive Solar Construction Handbook; author: Levy Emanuel
book: Survey of European Passive Solar Buildings; author: Commissariat a L'ene
book: Profiting from Sunshine - Passive Solar Building in the Mountains
book: Passive Solar Design Strategies; National Renewable Energy Lab
book: Passive Solar Retrofit; author: Darryl Strickler

High Performance Passive Houses

~ run your car on Vegetable Oil and Recycling Used Cooking Oil into Fuel
~~book: From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank; author: Joshua Tickell
book: How to Make Biodiesel; author: Dan Carter
book: Biodiesel Power; author: Lyle Estill
~~}heating buildings with organic Vegetable Diesel Fuel -
~~}Convert your vehicle to use organic vegetable oil as a fuel -
~~}Video: BILLION dollar CROP-

/==}Reduce or eliminate the use of Chemical fertilizers made from IMPORTED OIL. Obtain a free copy of the 20 page document: "Nutrient Quantity or Nutrient Access" (ECHO Development Notes, Issue 74) from or
book: How to Grow World Record Tomatoes; author: Charles H. Wilber
Eco-Farm, book, Author: Charles Walters
~~}organic Pesticides (not made from petroleum or fossil fuels)

For more information, please contact local gardeners and farmers who specialize in organic gardening, permaculture gardening, biodynamic gardening, Japanese Kyusei nature gardening, biointensive gardening, Heirloom gardening and gardening therapy. Gardening is micro-climate specific. These means that local gardeners might know of gardening techniques and resources which are helpful for the location you live in. Keep researching, reading, refining your gardening methods and experimenting with different growing techniques. Eco Gardening technology is changing and improving all the time. Also, as the climate changes, you may need to learn other gardening techniques for various climates.

~~}Vinegar - 25% Acetic Acid eliminates Weeds - Brand Names: BurnOut Weed & Grass Killer, Quik ll, Safer's Superfast Weed and Grass Killer
~~}Corn Gluten Weed Control: Brand Names: Corn Weed Blocker 9-1-0, WeedBan Herbicide

~~}Convert your vehicle to an electric vehicle- classes, books, videos and consulting-
~~}Women's classes on electric autos-

Car Sharing - to reduce costs.
(When will this happen for electric cars? What about electric bicycles?)

Car Pooling or Ride Sharing


Why are Good Electric Cars being Destroyed?

/==}solar Wall-
~~}solar heat pump-
~~}passive Cooling & Heating- Cool Cell -
~~}automated homes-

/==}Build into the Future
~~}Indestructible and energy efficient buildings and homes-
~~}Steel framed homes-
~~}Battery Maintenance-

/==solar Water Heaters-
~~}solar Pool Heaters-
~~}solar Pool Cleaner-
~~}Invisible heat savings pool coverings-
~~}swimming pool Heat Pumps-
~~}solar Air Conditioning-

~~}Solar Tube Indoor Daylighting-
~~}Purifying indoor air with plant technology-
book: "How To Grow Fresh Air", Author: B. C. Wolverton
~~}Solar Tube Indoor Daylighting for growing plants and save energy-


~~}EDUCATION Programs-
~~}Continuing Education, Tours & Demonstrations- see University degree
~~}University Degree-
~~}Women's solar energy workshops-
~~}Calif Ed- Wales-
~~}Other Education Programs- see ~~}Free information on renewable energy-
~~}book- The Solar Economy: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Global Future by Hermann Scheer

Why the middle class and poor will become ignorant

/==}solar Garden Roofs Advantages:
Reduced Energy Costs, Extended Roof Life, Stormwater Management, Sound Insulation, Aesthetics
~~}(!!!)Book- "Last Oasis: Facing Water Scarcity by Sandra Postel,
~~}Gray water recycling-
~~}Purifying waste water with plant technology- "Growing Clean Water" book by B. C. Wolverton,
~~}No flush toilet systems- Composting Toilet System Book by David Del Porto,
~~}Rainwater Harvesting-
online book: Texas Guide to Rainwater Harvesting; author: Wendy Price Todd
~~}Fog Water Collecting-
~~}Solar Water Desalination-
~~}book- Water for every Farm, Author: P. Yeomans
~~}Organic Aquaculture-
~~}Purifying Polluted soil with plants (phytoextraction of lead, arsenic and uranium from soil)
~~}Save Corwall's Beaches-

/==}Solar energy-
~~}solar powerpack for computers- solar Battery Charger-
/==}Solar Stirling engines-
~~}Wind energy-
~~}Community Wind Energy, Keep it Local-
~~}Wind Wall Energy Generators-
~~}Lighter-Than-Air Wind Energy Generators-
|>(!!!!)Renewable energy CD ROM disks & Videos- ham radio: N7BCR
~~}Journal- Home Power- donate subscription to public or school library,
~~}solar Water Purification-
~~}Micro-Hydro energy-
book: Microhydro - Clean Power From Water; author: Scott Davis
~~}Water Wheels energy generation-
book: Overshot Water Wheels for Small Streams; author: Leonard Lee
book: A Design Manual for Water Wheels; author: William Ovens
~~}solar water Pumps- 960 feet draw-
~~}wind water Pumps-
~~}Ram water Pumps-
book: Complete Hydraulic Ram Manual; author: Toam Moates
~~}Rope Pump-
~~}Treadle Pump-
book: How to make and use the treadle irrigation pump; author: Carl Bielenberg
free book:
~~}Pressure Treadle Pump-
~~}Green Empowerment-
~~}using Solar Rooms & Green Houses to heat homes, buildings-
~~}Energy Efficient Greenhouses- sandcmoore (at)
~~}Thermoelectric Generator (Volcano)-
~~}(!!!) non-toxic wheat fiber Board-
~~}recycled newspaper board-
~>more web sites-

Energy Saved is Energy Generated
Advanced Recycling Technologies
~~saving Money and energy Intelligently

/==}Books on housing-
~~}Green Architects-
~~}Cob Buildings-
~~}Earth Sheltered homes-
~~}(!)Journal- The Last Straw: Videos-
~~}Straw bale construction-
~~}Education and seminars:
~~}Rammed Earth homes-
~~}Rice straw bale energy efficient homes-
~~}other fibers-
book: Building with hemp, author: Steve Allin
/==}Low-Cost Adobe Homes- ~~}Terra Adobe Building systems-

/==}Ocean Energy, Wave Energy and River Energy-
book- Power from the Waves; author: David Ross
/==}Tidal Power-
/==}River Power-

~~}Renewable Energy Projects (volunteers & donations requested):
~~}Renewable Energy TRAINING for people in Developing Countries- ian (at)
~~}village relief-
~~}Solar Cookers/Solar Ovens-
~~}Dangerous Pollution from Bio-Gas cookers/Charcoal Cookers- (pdf File)
~~}solar Medical Equipment and solar Hospitals-
~~}Africa Relief-
~~}3rd World Technology and Education-
~~}Energy Stewardship- churches-
~~}renewable energy Home Loans -
~~}solar Home LOANS -
Contact solar equipment manufactures for more information

/==}Self Luminous Signs
(no electricity required, no light bulbs, no maintenance)

/==}LED LIGHTING, LED business Signs, LED Traffic signs
Very Energy Efficient Lighting, Very low maintenance, Very Durable and Programmable
~~}LED Growing Lights for indoor farming and gardening-
~~}LED Trafic Lights-
~~}LED Solar Street Lights-
~~}LED Streetlights-
~~}LED Replacements for Incandescent Light Bulbs-
~~}LED solar Powered Marine Navigation Aids-
~~}LED Automobile Lights-
~~}LED Boat and Marine Lights-
~~}LED Pool Lights-
~~}Vehicle LED Advertising Signs-
~~}Led Position Lights For Experimental Aircraft-
~~}L.E.D. Signal Lights for Rrailroads-
~~}Waterproof solar Flashlight-
~~}Solar LED Flashlights-
~~}LED Flashlights-
~~}solar LED Business Signs-
~~}LED Business and Advertising Signs-

/==}HYDROGEN books, classes, videos & CD's-
~~}International Association for Hydrogen Energy-

~~}Fuel Cell Europe Association-
~~}hydrogen fuel cell investing-
~~}Hydrogen Energy Systems Manufacture-
~~}hydrogen fuel Cells-
~~}hydrogen Stoves/Heaters/hotwater heaters & conversions-
~~}Hydrogen Gas Generators-
~~}Hydrogen Gas Auto Engines and conversions-
~~}books & classes-, book: Fuel from Water; author: Roy Mcalister
~~}hydrogen fuel cell news-

/==}solar Boats-
~~}solar electric boat motors-
~~}solar flying-

/==}CANCER-free organic zero calorie sweetener, diabetic safe - Stevia - plants-
~~}Diet Drink Poising-
~~}Mercury-Free dental- "It's All In Your Head" book by Hal Huggins, "Tooth Truth" book by J. Frank Jerome
~~}CANCER and Fluoride- book- The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson,

BOOKS on alterantive solutions
Inventing for the Environment, book, Author: Arthur Molella
Green Alternatives to Globalisaton, book, Author: Michael Woodin

/==}Intentional Communities-
~~}Cohousing Network-
~~}Ecovillage Network-
~~}Single Mother Housing-
~~}Communities for Disabled people-
~~}Communities for the Older people-
~~}Student Co-ops-
~~}Car Share-
~~}Alcoholism Cure:
book: Seven Weeks to Sobriety; author: Joan Larson
book: Eating Right to Live Sober; author: L. Ann Muller
~~}Drug Addiction Cure- book- Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson (

Training for people in developing countries and for emergency response teams:


economical energy storage for developing countries and for remote sites:
Use a Ram Pump to pump water to an elevated storage tank. Then use the gravity of the water in the storage tank to generate electricity by utilizing a Micro-Hydro generator.
book: Complete Hyraulic Ram Manual; author: Tom Moates

PEAK OIL and Permaculture

(Note: you can save this web page to your hard drive. Then you can open the saved file on your hard drive and click on the links to access the web sites)

Please email this web page to your friends and to people who are concerned about our future and our Grandchildren’s future. Thank you.
See also:

This work is in the public domain
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08 Mar 2016
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