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News :: Globalization
To All Americans
26 Mar 2007
To All Americans

This post is not about politics, it is about the
SURVIVAL of the United States of America.

Every presidential election which has occurred,
since I reached voting age, has given voters only
one option: to "choose" the lesser of the evils
listed on the ballots. With the single exception of
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, no president has been
elected since at least as far back as 1956 who
genuinely attempted to enforce the Supreme Law of
the Land (the Constitution), as his oath compels him
to do.

JFK announced his plan to force Congress to
perform its constitutional duty, with regard to
coining money and regulating its value, via
Executive Order #11110. He caused to be quietly
issued into circulation tens of millions of dollars'
worth of United States Notes and fully intended them
to gradually replace Federal Reserve Notes. That
would have collapsed the privately-owned Federal
Reserve Corporation's cash-producing apparatus (the
people's labor and production which feeds the
regressive income tax - see the 2nd plank of the
Communist Manifesto) and would have effectively put
the international central bankers out of the
business of extorting America's workforce via open
taxation and inflation (hidden taxation).

Unwilling to forego profits of a TRILLION dollars
annually, they chose to eliminate JFK instead. On
November 22, 1963, LBJ signed (on the tarmac at Love
Field) the order to withdraw all United States Notes
from circulation. An innocent Lee Harvey Oswald was
deliberately blamed with JFK's murder, and Jack Ruby
was dispatched to murder Oswald to prevent him from
exposing any of the operatives involved in the

Since then, every presidential candidate has known
there is no limit to what the Federal Reserve is
willing to do to preserve its clever money-making
machine (activated in 1913 by the Federal Reserve
Act, and the 16th and 17th Amendments to the
Constitution), and none has dared challenge them in
any way since. On the contrary, all have worked to
successfully remove all 51 state and District of
Columbia usury laws (prohibiting predatory lending
practices at exorbitant rates) and to tighten
bankruptcy laws for the benefit of the Federal
Reserve Banks. Ronald Reagan threatened the system
until John Hinckley's bullet reduced him from an
activist against the Fed to simply a vocal critic of
it. None since has uttered the slightest peep.

As we approach the 2008 presidential campaign
season, a candidate brave enough to follow JFK's
plan has come forward to run in 2008. He knows he's
putting his life on the line. But for nearly 30
years in the Congress he has voted for and against
bills based mainly upon their conformance to the
Constitution. He is U.S. Representative Ron Paul,
M.D. (R-TX), and he eagerly tells everyone that the
Republican Party has long ago lost its way and has
abandoned its core constituency (who believes in
limited constitutional government, fiscal
conservatism, and non-intrusive foreign policy). It
is not at all surprising that the mainstream media,
controlled by the Federal Reserve, has pretty much
ignored his candidacy, as they always ignore anyone
not already under their control. Just ask anyone who
has ever been a candidate for the Green Party, the
Libertarian Party, or the Constitution Party.

But the unregulated....thus far, at
least....Internet could well end the Fed's
stranglehold on what the American public sees,
hears, reads, and buys. This can indeed be a true
grass-roots revolution which could restore the
representative republic the United States lost in
1868. It could well put a man in the White House
who, without regard for political party affiliation,
would put individual freedom and privacy on the
front burner (for the first time in any of our
lifetimes) and restore the constitutional
protections for the God-given rights with which
every human being is born. Don't forget, the
Constitution does not BESTOW any rights, it is supposed to
PROTECT rights bestowed by God.

The government is SUPPOSED to see to it that those
rights are protected, it is what government is about, yet it has been the government which has been systematically taking them away, one
by one, through clever machinations, outright lies, and evil covenants.

Regardless of each of our respective political
party affiliations thus far, we must all work
together as Americans (not as Democrats or
Republicans or libertarians or independents) to save our country from sinking finally into the role of a slave nation and police
state under the rule of an international elite, or even
a tyrannical dictator. Make no mistake, we are
racing headlong in that direction now, and have been
for several decades.

Ron Paul is well-known to many, but is relatively
unknown to the majority. We must work together to
change that in time to get Dr. Paul the Republican
nomination. It doesn't matter who has the majorities
in Congress, because the Republican and Democratic
agenda is the same one. All the other candidates
arrayed before us in the Democratic and Republican
parties will be Federal Reserve puppets if elected.
It's time we stopped being work units for the
Federal Reserve and started being free and private
individuals in pursuit, unhampered by Government, of
happiness. We should be free to do as we please, so
long as we don't infringe upon anyone else's freedom
or violate any legitimate law. We have deteriorated
from a nation of laws to a nation of lawlessness,
run by corrupt leaders who break more laws than they

Get to know, if you don't already, Ron Paul by
investing a few minutes and viewing the links below.
Then, if you agree he is genuine and offers us
greater hope for the future than all the Hillaries
and McCains and Edwards and Guilianis combined, read
Hollywood producer/director Aaron Russo's "How-To"
email below the links. Then let's get started saving
our country before it is too late. Please do your

Thank you.

Who has the real control? - 5 minutes - Ron Paul
for President 2008

Ron Paul pleges to resurrect the Constitution and
re-establish a representative republic - 6-min Video

This work is in the public domain
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