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Announcement :: War and Militarism
ANTI-TRUST theory on Trade Relations Development with U.S. ARMY VS. MICROSOFT
27 Mar 2007
HOWS THIS MONOPOLY BOARD G.A.M.E. -- IBM/NOVELL/ORACLE assist in European Union case theories with JOINT ______ CO.mmand. MAYBE MR. ALLEN Wants to divest stock to FT-A SCHOOL for defamation of character and wants to consign property to Apple Computers as a lead Shareholder of MICROSOFT in asserting over the counter software purchases made by U.S. NAVY are not akin to virally infected software aboard tanks purchased through third party reciprocal agreements.
March 26, 2007
Affordable Information Inc
901 Harris Ave
Bellingham, WA 98225
Respectfully, Affordable Information
The following document xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf as seen on / has been provided to affordable information with the reference of “application development,” from pages 75-89 labeled the G.A.M.E. with a model of a chess board game with a monopoly board on the outside. The content submitted to your office is relevant to a pending litigation in which prosecution and defense in a arbitration theory through the American Arbitration Association with three neutrals may assert a trade relations development in Whatcom county was infringed upon by a tortuous interference in business expectancy with a misappropriations of trade secrets with case petition 2:05-cv-00470-MJP with direct consequence damage against your company by such an infringement of a right to develop trade relation based upon content .
The pending litigation not ready for litigious action, with other forms of infringement currently, are pending after contract fulfillment in JULY, of 2007- this contract was facilitated upon enlistment into the United States Navy for theories effecting data assets in contrast to the objectives of the Art in Space Foundation©. This letter is to inform Affordable Information that you are involved in a fairly impartial neutral party position with a bias toward effects of prejudice in development with trade relation that does allow the company affordable information to vai for a case against the Department of Defense in contrast to major corporations with bias and partial influence in the Department of Defense subject to development in Whatcomm County region as cited with Paul Allen’s influence for case issues with Vulcan Capital. The case theories currently subject the failure in administrative processing of funds under a contention of Military oversight with content to be one with a intent to fringe upon trade relation development in Whatcom county as development in the region or not was one with a theory as applied to nature of company that subjected a review of the content in the region to a strict test of document classification and dissemination practices within scope of G.A.M.E. as effecting N.A.S.A. practices with dissemination policy to private sector – the ARMY document in which engendered a right to develop a constructed liability around has been used in tandem to theories within principles of the G.A.M.E.
Thank you for your review of the complications with case and I hope that your office invest minimal amount of revenue to review document and effects upon future development with your company as a great deal of lost time and investment opportunities have been denied your company in model theory if applied directly to your company as may have been the intent of localized development in Whatcom county that has infringed upon future developers in Whatcom county as one with a theory that may be applied by the Whatcom county city development council.

This document will be forwarded to the Whatcom county city development council for matter in regards to trade relations infringement by a overseeing body.

The following are a series of request for funds in Jason Dedrick's© personal saving's account that deal with
"information content issues," and are reflective of such request that are disruptive to investment potentials involved in current business strategies revolving around "Resource Acquisition," or "Resource Acquisition Behavior."
The Issues involved in personal request through my verbal or visual or "inferred," communications with my
fiduciary that have "threatened," the success and viability of a sale of "Strategic Business Plans," engaging in competitive markets here in Washington State are listed below. The release by way of auditory or visual information that relates to any of the following issues.
A) Any information released that threatens business plans involving state centered or international business planners or planning dealing with privatized space issues and international trade development directly or indirectly prospected by the Department of Defense.
B) Any information that may be stored in a non-secured data base shared by the Governor's Office, or located in buildings that are not secured with minimum "secret level," state managed security protocol.
1) Any policy that is not reflective of such "Information Handling," including secured line for facsimile, email, or request form transmitted by any format.
C) Any information that may be requisitioned in a internal V.A. assessment of Jason Dedrick's© disability that is transported by field investigator not in a sealed and protected manner or is not stored according to
established guidelines for information reflective of this request.
1) Any information that may be requisitioned in a external assessment of disability that is transported
by field investigator not in a sealed and protected manner stored according to established guidelines.
D) Any information pertaining to contacts or "Future Communication Recipients*," involved in private
production efforts for implementation or planning phase's of the "Art in Space Foundation©."
1) Including information regarding trips or information involved in trip planning to send information to
those involved in the potential multi-level, international event collaboration.
2) Including information dealing with trips for "educational," and or "political research," for new media
productions as recently undergone by Jason Dedrick© in the Olympia, WA. based production efforts of Media Island© and the DNC2RNC production not planned or managed by Jason Dedrick©.
a) Trip expenses may not be questioned in relationship to business planning and maintenance of
business communications.
b) Equipment rental or purchase request, involved with trip expenses required to maintain
communication in lou of production may "not," be questioned as all; verbal, written, or e-mailed communications in non-secured private, public or government owned; buildings, homes, libraries, Federally Funded Work Source Centers, or yet named point of originating unsecured communication do threaten successful business operations here in Washington State. All communications with request from state managed servers may threaten competitive business planning and right to privacy in business planning communications.
D) Any information, resulting from personal opinions or judgments made by a V.A. field examiner or V.A.
psychologist that threatens the veracity or viability of state centered or non-state centered business planners or business plans that henceforth; will collaborate investors in international markets that will benefit any "one," of the following companies: Boeing Aerospace, "Vulcan, Inc," or even Space Adventures Ltd.

1. These include opinions made by; attorney's, investigators, examiners, or even psychologist, not given
proper resources to understand the competitive nature of privatized space and event promotions that engage large international market shares of science fiction audience-those primarily vested in a Star Trek audience and marketing conventions that use linguistic marketing naming such as Vulcan to compete with Paramount Pictures and even in some cases use visual symbolic language and geographical linguist marketing to represent social paradoxes in public space policy. This last comment may only be illustrated to the Senior Financial Analyst of; Boeing Aerospace, Vulcan, Inc, and Space Adeventures ltd.

2. All financial data collected, through Jason Dedrick© by the V.A. state or federal, from first and second
year long "potential" investigations annually reprised from FEB,14, 2003, 2004, 2005, into the personal
financial spending behavior and business affairs of Jason Dedrick© along with business practices in the state
of Washington may have threatened the business model for the "Art in Space Foundation©," or threatened


Dear Sharon Lindley; The following issues regarding my estate and plans for immediate financial needs are listed below. Each special issue is followed by business planning that engages the state of Washington
commerce for future industries in privatized space. Issues are listed in alpha/numeric format.
All request made will be responded to in "secure," fashion. If this cannot be done then a change of executer of estate to Jason Dedrick© must be made in a absolute and timely fashion.
(Note: It is necessary to review and read the entire contents of this fax with cover page. It is also
necessary to understand that I will fax my business plans to each of the listed communities in reflection of my request and the negligence of your operation dealing with your congressional appointment of power over my award for disabilities incurred in the service of my country for reasons not managed by efficient space policy in the nuclear submarine fleet or with competent physicians. The further faxed transmissions of my business plans with request involved in my full financial plan; will require a fax machine that is capable of secured communications with my fiduciary. Otherwise, communications will not be possible other than in person. Therefore vehicle request in the following request is to be understood and complied with. Further issues involving content conscription through continued investigation powers of the V.A. with a continued lack of competence surrounding for issues prospecting resources for peaceful progress through space sciences is obviously in the hands of the "National Security Agency," controlling my every action without consideration to personal mental health or well being.)

Request One:
Previous request was denied by both Sharon Lindley and Carol Seaman Smith as per rude conversation, through unsecured communications, in which she intentionally hung up on me with admittance of accountability.
A) Vehicle from and "trade relationship development, " with David James, application developer with Affordable Information in Bellingham, Wa.
1) The decision for this vehicle purchase is based in three levels of decision modality;
a) Psychological Decision Making Model- I owned a Landcruiser before I joined the NAVY and it
was a good feeling. A feeling that made me work efficiently. It empowers my ego and makes me feel capable of re-integration into society. A 4x4 is good in the snow. When it snows I feel happy, I feel more happy when it snows and I have a 4X4. The vehicle will help me return to the mental "state," that I once was at before I was mentally assassinated by the U.S. Government and it's affiliated corporate agendas intended to stop my Peace in Space production through the "Art in Space Foundation©," business model seeking to identify investment securities through on-line work force harvesting information for goal based space policy applications.
b) Logistical/Financial Decision Making Model - The 1978 Landcriuser is a viable vehicle for
where I live. With out a 4X4 I will not be able to pull into my driveway during snow time at Mount Baker. The
vehicle is very special car. It is a 1978 Lancruiser FJ40, 90k original miles, New Tires,/Brakes, Warn Winch,
storage for last ten years, runs great, has a soft top and half top. I feel it is a good decision because I know how to fix and operate the vehicle as I used to own one and that will save me much money in the future if it breaks down. The car has set in a driveway for ten years and is in tip-top shape. I have driven it and it is in mint condition. The vehicle has 90k miles on it and it is able of continued operation for another ten years with
minimum care. The vehicle is suited for the weather conditions of the area and is a steal for the price. The car could be sold for $10,000 with no problem. The owner has potentially agreed to save the car for me with an initial down payment based on private communications that require your offices interference and or assistance.
1) The initial plan is for a $2,800 down payment and $400.00 a month for six months.
2) The $400.00 a month would come by lowering my weekly allowance to $125.00.
2.1) This deal may only be capable in reflection of my communicating of part
of my proprietary business plans that engage a trade relation scenario with the President and a application
developer of Affordable Information located at 901 Harris Avenue, Bellingham Wa. 98225. Any other potential financial exchanges made in trade development attempts are not to be communicated with or in connection with potential "private business planner," or "business planning parties."

2.2) DENIED REQUEST; that threatened continued responsible financial
communications not within my capability in relationship with Issues involved in this communication. To continue with this important relationship I would need a letter mailed to the fax number attention David James; 360-676-1551 stating the role of the fiduciary unit and the approval process for this request. The letter must state that a $400.00 payment can be made monthly, for six months from the Washington State Department of Veteran's Affairs to the attention of David James. Please immediately respond to David James about this request.
b.1) Issues regarding 4X4 purchase; I would alert you to where I might be living this snow
season but that is strategic business information regarding the possible plans to return to Colorado and work
from there; but it is a equally snowy place there...I know as I have lived there and endured many snow seasons.
c) Strategic Business Planning Decision Making Model- Trade relation development that allows a "financial," review of business plans for the application game module used in connection with my Art in Space Foundation© paid gaming model that manipulates and uses__________________________ to have a potential investment party through establishing responsible communication. This requiring your office to respond to David James in a timely manner and appropriate funds as soon as possible and with the expedited attitude of any competitive business model. NOTE: My funds will not be manipulated in attempts to prevent me from maintaining a competitive approach to privatized space market through capturing science fiction audience.
A.1) Due to the issues present in request one I request a change of fiduciary on the merit of the following statements: To accomplish this multi-level decision making model in vehicle purchase that is not within "Right to Privacy in Business Planning Communications," or the limitations and powers of the V.A. state or federal fiduciary unit, I request that I, Jason Dedrick©, be re-named executer of my own financial affairs until there is a problem. To help establish this, please request the renter's agreement with property owner Melvin Oleson, a futurist for Boeing Aerospace and Lacey Oleson a student a Western Washington during the months of Sept- May 2003-2004 that show records of a financially capable person.
Due to Information handling that threatens strategic business plans and potentially Washington State Business it is suggested that a reassessment of fiduciary functions dealing with questioning personal use of money be either stopped or finances return to the control of Jason Dedrick© as not to complicate messy litigation with information handling of proprietary business plans of Jason Dedrick© on the state level. Especially any issues arising out of the Work Source Center content fraud for XXXXXXXXX, XXXXXX®.

While there were many more request the basis of a controlled development within confines of legislative theories on the G.A.M.E. the basis of a right to review the case liabilities by the company Affordable Information is within a measure of review of the legal body at Affordable Information as to insure that if trade relations were infringed upon that a measure of compensation be applied to the company as one with a verbal or inferred form of agreement as being one with developmental loss. Trade Relations case dealing with firewall theories to insure data assets are of value when applied to the U.S. ARMY are one with a great relevancy upon procurement practices of the U.S. Government and one within where a inverse value of such is to insure that if procurement is a potential then the right to not be procured upon as one with a right to develop without infringements effecting trade or exchange rates is applied to your offices right to petition with J DEDRICK.

The application of funds in theory to development centered on similar objectives of N.A.S.A. within confides of the Teacher in Space Program were relevant to a measure of review prior to any grant studies with content and as such the modeling implicated David James in a theory on development prior to implementation models and were structured to investigative recursion for factors effecting constituents of the Armed Services Committee member Senator Maria Cantwell due to dialogue achieved during service aboard the U.S.S Constitution. I have read and understand the request and I have agreed to withhold funds threatening investment potentials or I have dispersed the funds within a time frame not hindering investment potentials by the close of a trading day. I agree I have not arbitrarily selected sums for any of the request as that is illegal in light of request.

Was the request "prioritized," on the best financial outcome for future savings account of the client?
Was the content of the request assessed against national security?
If so, who managed that assessment?
How long was that person in charge of that assessment?
Were the investigative powers of the federal V.A. abused in your opinion in this investigative case?
Did you feel that all executive orders involved, and congressional powers given in the content observation, or financial review of request of Jason Dedrick threatened his "Right to Privacy in Business Planning Communications?"
If so, did the field investigator know of Jason Dedrick's business planning? How was it reported in the field investigation of Jason Dedrick?
Was Jason Dedrick's finances from release of NAVY to the time Management of Finances, Sept. 2003 to March 2004 by congressional appointment examined at any length? Including monthly debt or mismanaged finances? Also, to include all documentation of the field investigator and her copies of rental agreements between Jason Dedrick and the landlord who was a Boeing Aerospace futurist?
Was the time of day acknowledged by the Fax Date Stamp, or Communication Date Stamp?
Was the time of day involved in decision making relating to issues involved in financial request?
Was the fiduciary capable of handling dispersion of funds in a time valued manner for the benefit of the client?
What policies actually threatened the time service in connection to these request that may represent loss of revenue for client in excess of 2.4 Billion Dollars due to request 12 and 18 by end of trading week?
Was there a way to manage a Electronic Deposit? If so, is this normal behavior?
Was the amount requested, for each request approved for the request from personal savings?
Was the request for finances involved in business strategies to plan or maintain planning through event productions that engage peaceful assembly and promotion of privatized space through interaction with "Safe Operating Space Systems?" YES or NO.
Were request viewed as threatening to national security, if so did you inform the client of why and give advice on how to make request that were not threatening?
Did the request threaten Paul G. Allen's "Vulcan Inc." and his efforts to privatizes space through similar marketing strategies of the Art in Space Foundation©; including the Art in Space Sci-fi museum located in Vulcan Alberta, to capture sci-fi market share from Paramount's Star Trek Audience?
Did the denial of requests benefit the Governor in any future financial aspect through the board of tourism?
Was the Maximum/Minimum request prioritization process understood?
DId the decision, made by fiduciary apply the values inherent in good business management?
Was the request based on business decisions for Jason Dedrick or personal issues?
If the request was based on business decisions were the prioritization of most future oriented value given consideration in dispersant of Jason Dedrick's© personal saving's funds.
If not, insure the reason is stated in a clear and concise manner as to relate the potential loss of revenue from future securities involved with request 12 and 18.
Was the request prioritized? If so what did it rank in the 1-22 scale?
If not then was it forwarded to the appropriate person who could review the request in my best financial handling of my personal estate?
Was the request understood? Do you need to make a request sheet for the clients that is in a format for requests based on decision making modalities as presented in request one: Psychological Decision Making Model, Logistical/Financial Decision Making Model, Congressional Decision Making Model?
Was information withheld from Jason Dedrick© in an investigation that threatened his "Right to Privacy in Business Planning Communications," that could be seen as a form of entrapment for political communications?
If so, when was this form of communication management begun and did it threaten National Security and future "Safe Operating Space Systems," of N.A.S.A. managed Mission to Mar's?
How did you receive this communication? FAX, PHONE, INTERNET FAX.
How long was it allowed to be viewed by clients or family friends of clients in the reception area due to placement of fax machine?
Was this fax reviewed by other people?
If so please state the name of the person______________________________
If so why was it shown to other people as recently communicated to in regards to Richard, Vanesky ___________________________________

Does this negligence in private communication systems for clients require updated systems and or personnel? If so, please place these requirement in this communication and forward it also through the Governor's Office, and Senator Pat Murray and Senator Maria Cantwell in this potential investigation of the State of Washington Department of Veteran's Affairs ; labeled -- Operation revenues in complex communication security issues dealing with Disabled Veteran's who propose business plans as requests involved with Fiduciary Roles for services in classified areas for, "Privatized Space Business Plans."

Disclaimer* it is understood that by signing this document I agree that the denial or approval for each individual request has been read and faxed to the appropriate body.

Following are some of the hyper links relevant to arbitration proceeding occurring in tandem to case outcomes.

Your dispute has been filed in accordance with: International Arbitration Rules
This Claim has Been Filed For: Arbitration
Filing Fee: ¤2,750.00
Additional Claim Information Edit

Claim Amount: ¤765.60
Claim Description: infringement upon earning capacity at expense of U.S. ARMY redevelopment of Space Infrastructure based on debentured web-contract in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on as submitted in case 2:05-cv-00470-MJP in Western Washington District Court House with infringement upon trade relations development as basis of 21 century work force theory with applied on-line labor to manufacturing and labor theories to N.A.S.A. work structures with complications in funding case manager for theory on altered congressional spending behavior with N.A.S.A. as applied to T.S.A. Registry for future aerospace passengers manifest with subject liabilities conditioned upon profile theory with case and all cases subject to prejudice in Washington state within scope and objective of case outcomes of completion of debentured web-contract as based upon enlistment rationale and enlistment contract of J DEDRICK to the U.S. NAVY. As aerospace passenger manifest effecting trade and investment strategies has relevancy to appropriations for the 50,000 workers in tandem to aerospace seat donation theory, as effects on profile expenses burden tax-payers based on escrow earning accounts of promises made that cannot be kept unless redevelopment of space assets of ARMY as one with investigative measure to affirm expenses as being one with a total expense in formalities of exchange principles with intangibilities fostering redevelopment and lease programs with former soviet union as one within scope and objective to culture development within national security principles of U.S. Government as not to invoke in this case espionage activities within the confines of the case of the FT or target motion analyst as a domestic terrorist aboard the U.S.S. Houston-as trade with ruscomsos is one within a confines of a legitimate business activity as proposed in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on within the U.S. NAVY that was at time a threat and required secondary review. Use of ARMY document as a psy-op based on liabilities and asset principles conditioned to theories in data exchange principles with data collection and dissemination with security clearance theories on document gathering and harvesting without misinformation as basis of feedback and promulagtion of interest providing certain companies with arbitrary gain that deal with gathering strategies in tax accounting measures as akin to the content of G.A.M.E.- ARMY document list HYDROGEN FUEL CELL VEHICLE CONCEPT CAR WITH ECONOMIC BIAS TO THE TOWN FINANCIAL ECONOMIC ADVISOR GEORGI POPOVICH VULCAN, ALBERTA with bias to MARKET THEORY EFFECTING N.A.S.A. D.O.D. and Civilian Policy for type of company as one with a military scope and objective after informal manner of procurement and development- with payment of services effected by DEBENTURED WEBB-BOND and units of payment since Sept of 2003 as one with a admissible context to manner of development for on-line work theory in construction of firewalls based on prevention of successful implementation of private sector development and gathering and dissemination process of issues in G.A.M.E. as driven by policy issues in preventive technologies.
Arbitration Clause: A Debentured Web-Servant contract issuing to the holder a privilege on monies earned from proprietary data collected from web from all Debentured Web- Servants accounts: including value gained by legitimizing all off-world claims of land. Factors affecting the future value of unsecured bond, and exchange rate. 1- Bond Value comes in part by the speed of communication, at maturity Date. For, twenty hours of work on-line at 56k in 2002,may yield less proprietary data for sale to {Commercial,Civil, and Government) than twenty hours of work in 2006, and it’s yield for the next incremental debenture.(All yield of profit will be in the sale of the data for the land.) Data transfer and factors favoring the objective goals for the successful completion of the ?Human to Mars Initiative.? 2. Bond Value also comes in part by the unique proposition to maintain all data harvest for the ?Human to Mars Initiative.? MP-MARS reserves the right to dissolve into nothingness if more than half of the debentures Web Servants don’t abide by contract agreements. annual interest payments will be each year on the same date as first payment. 3. Increase in Minimum Wage 4. 50,000 Member series 2001A, is full ownership of MP-MARS This Debenture is only secured under good faith and contracts, it will be with accrued principle payable at the fifth years on maturity date, contract obligations met, Seven Hundred and Sixty Five Dollars and sixty cents. I understand this debenture may only be redeemed on such date as is mature. I also understand that if the Company MP-MARS is ever sold that the purchaser will redeem the Debenture with the new ownership, and all provisions will be made to alert Debentured Web-Servant. Mars Property and Management Asset Resource System {hereafter called MP-MARS.} ?The Human to Mars Initiative. NO 1.Debenture, 50,000 Member series 2001A 1 Digit* Claim on Mars $464 A Digit* is a earth-based claim of land on any celestial body, referenced against: a pixel based, telescopic reference of resolution obtainable on a personal computer, equal to an acre of land, and also equal to 58 hours of data harvesting over the net for the ?Humans on Mars Initiative. Cyberspace is the realm and domain of robotic exploration, whereas Outer Space is the realm of human exploration. Since, robots will harvest data from land first, and as it is apparent from the success of the human remote control of robots in virtual worlds; from the Sojourner mission it is the contention of MP-MARS to Validate, and Secure all earth based claims through the debt of time in cyberspace, if; as practical consideration is given to the value of land through the goal based system of data R&D found in the participation by claimants; to the affect of the legitimacy of their claims. Registered Order of Hierarchy BY # Mars Property and Management Asset Resource System,a L.L.C. operating within the boundaries of the United States, {Hereafter known as ?MP-MARS?} for value received for mankind hereby agrees to pay the bearer, or the registered owner hereof; ON THE FIRST DAY OF JULY 2007 Four Hundred and Sixty Four Dollars and to pay interest on such principle sum from the from the date 7/1/02 at the rate of sixteen per centum for all who follow through on contract Agreements cited {Obligation Contract for debentured web servant (13%)} the sum of $464 1 Digit* Claim on Mars file for download as opposed to upload due to file size is xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf
Hearing Locale Requested: Ft Mcurdo , WA
Contract Date: 07/01/2007
Number of Neutrals: 3
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Claimant Add Individual/Company Representatives Add Representative
Jason/James Dedrick-O/I
Type of Business: Unknown / Blank Demand Edit
Name: Jason/James C Dedrick
Company Name: O/I
Address: 204 ip manifest at antarctic treaty
Tel#: 3607332069

spaceimaginationhope (at)
Include in Caption: Both
Edit Delete
Name: John Warner
Company Name: U.S. Senate
Address: 225 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington Dc , DC 20510
Tel#: 202 224-4024

warner (at)

Edit Delete
Name: Carl Levin
Company Name: U.S. Senate
Address: 269 Russell Senate Office Building Washi
Washington Dc
Washington Dc, DC 20510
Tel#: 202 224-6221

webmaster (at)

Edit Delete
Name: John Sheridan
Company Name: Ballard Power
Address: 9000 Glenlyon Parkway
Burnaby, Bc
V5J 5J8 Canada
Tel#: 604 454-0900

boardofdirectors (at)

Edit Delete
Name: Georgie Popovitch
Company Name: VULCAN, Economic Advisor
Address: 321 2nd Street South
AB T0L 2B0 Canada
Tel#: 403 485-2417

vulcan (at)

Edit Delete
Name: Elaine L Chao
Company Name: Department of Labor
Address: Frances Perkins Building
200 Constitution Avenue, Nw
Washington, Dc, AL 20210
Tel#: 866-487-2365

21stworkforce (at)

Edit Delete
Name: Mr. Yury Nosenko
Company Name: Ruscosmos
Address: 42 Schepkina Street Roscosmos
129090 Russian Federation
Tel#: +7-495-688-9063

pimenov (at)

Respondent Add Individual/Company Representatives Add Representative
John Defreitas-U.S. ARMY
Type of Business: Contractor Edit
Name: John Defreitas
Company Name: U.S. ARMY
Address: Fort Belvoir
Fort Belvoir, VA 22030
Tel#: 703-806-4892
Include in Captain: Both

Amount: ¤2,750.00

Credit Card Information

Jason c Dedrick "
VISA, ************0247
Expires: 07/2007

Billing Address Information

204 ip manifest at Antarctic treaty review for theory with Senate Server Reform Bill
000000, Antarctica

Change Credit Card Change Billing Address

SENATE SERVER REFORM BILL MAY REQUIRE CASE MODEL TO INSURE FBI does not infringe upon the senate server with prejudice in all content sent to the U.S. SENATE and the speech and debate clause.

The following query is for the U.S.S. Michigan and Ft1 Michael Johnston in review of anti-trust proceedings based on Judge Greens ruling with case precedence from the AT&T ruling to break up the major corporation as Microsoft and major shareholders like Paul g. Allen-se complication with VULCAN in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on who’s shares of Microsoft represent a threat in direct corollary to all prejudice in Washington state acting against J DEDRICK as based on the MILTARY overt operation with MICROSOFT and investigation in case atmosphere prejudice in Washington state and constituent services prejudice with any elected official in the state of Washington who’s prejudice in access with J Dedrick may assert a bias gain against D.O.D. theories in support of European counterparts to anti-trust- see G.A.M.E.-- as model of monopoly with chess as one with a basis of contact with RUTH HOLBROOK today in the Attorney General’s Office in Bellingham with basis of contrasting objectives with Macintosh Computers and Microsoft shareholder’s including Paul Allen -- proceeding with over the counter purchasing bias from theories with virally infected software effecting purchasing selection behavior of the Pentagon – recent communications and procedural dialogues with the office of senator Carl Levin may translate to command structure from the executive powers of the S.S.G. Michigan and the governors office and dialogues with the federal building for the senator Carl Levin to discern the basis of backdrop to prejudice with J Dedrick and Ft1 Michael Johnston and Gates- the continued leverage in the state of Washington from the U.S. NAVY and as based on all factors effecting the basis of precedence with GREENS TOBY as one with a innuendo of planning and as one with a innuendo of planners prerogative with the BYCYCLE SHOP owner Dan Nibblelink whose time in Boulder COLORADO and with the IU.S. Air Force may have allowed such planning with basis of anti-trust – please sig intell all contacts with J DEDRICK and JUDGE GREEN as one with a prejudice to forward case prejudice to an office of discrimination in all case pending against the U.S. GOVERNMENT –as collection of all case theories with the basis of all case atmospheres one with the prejudice of the AG’s office in Washington state as to informally represent a dialogue for Microsoft and Paul Allen with factors in support of such as should be reviewed by web development team of ARMY and INSCOM for backdrop to viral threat assessment in case that support pre-enlistment rational as one with a debentuired web-contract and as one within a confines of development of ARMY firewall theories that have effected the Senate- yet not as much as the visit with GATES to the white house that violated process of timetables of the secret service during an anti-trust case proceeding and that was offensive in nature to contracts pending with the Department of Defense – the content with GREEN TOBY may assert a planners prerogative as one with a basis in selection of the command of the U.S.S. Houston S.S.N, 713 and as well as support the basis of investigation with the improprieties received by crew members of the U.S.S. Alaska as one with a homestead act and that supports chain of command violation that was necessary to the end means of a anti-trust proceeding backdrop to insure that software purchases infringing upon the fire control of a nuclear submarine was not infringed upon by major corporation that have virally infected software for gain in contracts as may be reviewed by the U.S.S. Houston in case. SIG INTELL OF GORDON, WHITE, JUDGE GREEN, and GREEN TOBY may assert that the basis of forwarding case structures to offices of discrimination for software development was one that theorized that Washington state was involved in counter engineered development as a basis of reverse engineering for a major corporation that was a lead shareholder and who’s ties to Caspian region was one with a purchase strategy for policy inherit in design of information warfare strategies that were used to infringe upon contracts and trade relation development- the use of the city VULCAN by Paul Allen in case is one with a naming convention issue that INSCOM may directly relate to the ARMY psy-op document as one with a measure of bias in directional latitude in content control theories.


2:05-cv-00470-MJP wavier of 11th amendment supports that the AG’s Office theorized to the nature of state managed servers as one with an entrapment of an elected official in Washington state yet that support design to counter such with a measure of may violation that are not warranted in case. All other cases with J DEDRICK are based on the same issues with a development of a defense for the state of Washington in the event that a pre-planned issue with the company assets of Vulcan were one with a requirement of the anti-trust proceeding being violated by a manner of 000000…such motive being constructed in case support that all allegations are one with a means to violate case proceeding and requirement of U.S. Military to defend nuclear submarine purchasing for over the counter software for TMA systems.


Clients name ____Jason Dedrick_ Date_____3/22/07 –see date stamp on e-mail

Amount Requested _____$2,7500__________________

Description of Need ______See arbitration issues with expenses not released for account of

spaceimaginationhope (at) and

tsiolkovsky_gravity (at) as admissible evidence is pending in cases with Senate server reform bill due process.__________________

Received By

_cdegordond (at) comcast.net_

_webmaster (at) sec.senate.gov_

Approved or
Disapproved by* ________________________

See speech and debate clause with advice and consent formulation of all request as similar to approved or disapproved formulation of all factors relevant to a senate server reform bill.

All request since March/01/04 through Sept /15/2004 through August/20/2005 through August/09/2006 to current have been based on a formulation of conflicts with the measure by which economic control has infringed upon trade relation development after DNC2RNC march.

spaceimagination (at)

_cdegordond (at) comcast.net_ is or is not relative to case theories with automated database matching in case theories with liabilities contingent upon naming convention in ARMY document of GORDON ENGLAND DEPUTY DEFENSE SECRETARY OF THE _._._.
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27 Mar 2007
My Apple Store in BYCYCLE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD SEE FT-A SCHOOL CARD BACKYARD BULLY STOLE IDEAS FROM <myapplestore (at)> | Save to Address Book | Block Sender

To : info (at), info (at), Sponsors (at), oosa (at), cgutierrez (at), thinktankoperations (at), spaceimaginationhope (at), vice_president (at), webmaster (at)

Subject : Escrow Earning principles on account with promissory notes as akin to debntured web-bond theory with ASF© arbitration in -on-line context to case petition and will/does allow I.R.S. examinationof Frontier Astronautics for prosecution model of third party case's effecting Air Force 50th space wing for collateral damage and liabilities theories may be published in space to account for damage assesment with transorbital as biased to U.N. LIBRARY or repository in data asset principle to U.N. relay by theoreis in publishing and censorship with xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on - satellite purchase byU.N. as procuremnt soley for U.N. repository ofdata that is confidential will assert theories ofcase as relevant to case conditions<--- LIBRARY IN PERU is like <x> sat acquisition program for data repositories of U.N. to contrast view of improprites of treaty services as assets when applied to restructuring of Outer Space Treaty of 1967 with Antarctic Treaty of 1961.

Date : Tue, Mar 27, 2007 11:57 AM

Escrow Earning principles on account with promissory notes as or not as akin to debntured web-bond theory with ASF© with expenses involved in profile theory based on public burden and fraud in contrast to method and process of arbitration in -on-line context to case petition and will/does allow I.R.S. examination of Frontier Astronautics for prosecution model of third party case's effecting Air Force 50th space wing for collateral damage and liabilities theories may be published in space to account for damage assesment with transorbital as biased to U.N. LIBRARY or repository in data asset principle to U.N. relay by theoreis in publishing and censorship with xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on - satellite purchase by U.N. as procuremnt soley for U.N. repository of data that is confidential will assert theories of case as relevant to case conditions.

See also:
NOTICE TO IRAN – if the measure of the review of this case is precedence for proliferation of content in review for a right to develop nuclear theories in management relevent to development of nucleaer threats within confines
28 Mar 2007

The dimidiated constant theory may be applied to many forms of resource acquisition in this case two bifurcations of data theories in a macro economic theory and as a vry subjective corollary one can define this case by the standards of the grant theories applied to principle investigators to the social behavioral and economic sciences in direct relevancy to resource acquiation principles. Rarely can we define the resource acquisition principles in a single case as one within the direct binary constants with intangible assets promoting a manufacturing and labor theory as one should in relevancy to labor as a consumption of human capital with a drain on real and tangible resr5ouces that are subjet to a theory on threat assessment from within the military and from with the private sector the demands of supply for needs- in such cases where constants of pressures can constrain a factor of implementation of a grant objective the basis of the following work to be done with be based on the profile theory of a conditioned acquisition withholding theory effecting on-line organization of data and dissemination that argues upon a manufacturing principle to applied acquisition principles of intangible assets as one requires a buffer of or threshold to insure that no man may wield an organizational tool to develop a nuclear technology regardless of the basis of the office within where the trade in this case substantiates the outcome- if MICROSOFT were theorized to be a factor in all NAFT agreement within a ARMS CONTROL THOERY then all data subject to centralization would be tenuously based on the theory of the N.A.S.A./D.O.D. theories for contracting within the basis of the N.A.S.A. organization a vehicle for launch and payload delivery- yet as a constructed theory to the G.A.M.E. the basis of document collection based on GOAL CARDS as cited in case as “DEVELOP GROUND FACILITES for A LAUNCH,” the ground facilities for launch assume all payloads are dangerous in securing the best interest of the U.S. SPACE COMMAND hold over the space sectors military assets of the 50th space wing as one with a direct relevancy to information collection and data dissemination in net centric theories of information provision as one with a theory on delivery platforms and time rate exchange principles to successful battle field operation and in some case where policy domain are developing a case with policy demands may allow adjudication for data principles to be applied in theories of subject relevancy to case as admissible and non-derivative in this case.

The following work to be done will based on the NAFTA imposition with the all ARMS TTREATIES within scope of non-proliferation as to assume that a data compendium of annual assets with goal orientation from the D.O.C. and as applied ot the Office of Space Commercialization with infringement upon N.A.S.A. theories of organized –on-line labor with the S.E.T.I. program as based on resource allocation principles as a free lease agreement of service of hardware is one with a precursor to development within confines of successful implementation of development of shuttle with payload as one with a development of a nuclear bomb. The basis of controlled profile theory for work was difficult to accommodate given the nature of prejudice in most states that do not have the relevant formulation of policy subsequent to controlled document management from terminal with host characteristics*- the prejudice n such a case with the obviousness of the rare profile rarely obtainable with all case theories subject to contextuality within confines of outcome of right to insure prejudice is a factor of preventive technologies for organizational tools as may create produce and bi-produce subsequent to allowing organization constants to subsequently successfully design ground facilities for a launch- regardless of the nature of the launch – be that as modeled from the United Nations –the basis of a launch precursor for the UN WEAPON’S SECUIRTY COUCNIL to inspect space based weapons that being one with a humanitarian policy in prevention of weapons of mass influence or destruction- that a launch relevancy of what was to be launched in aftermath now of the KOREAN threat assessment on the U.N. as one with providential right of territorial assets being one with jurisdiction of international courts to review as basis of a right to develop and procure of the United nations within direct context of case is obscured by a single e-mail that occurred three days before the North Korean Threat assessment on the United Nations- as if cultured the basis of a right to target one’s self in the United Nations to create procurement theory as one with a right to defend one data assets from collection and dissemination from the Oil for Food Investigation’s as the basis of data asses of delegates were akin to the theories of emissaries of mankind or of delegates with extra territorial processing as basis of state department woes in subject measure of justifiable confiscation and measure to affirm a legitimate body of management was one within confines of review of all sanction imposed in the United Nations with the Oil For Food program- yet- if in reviewing data assets as treaty based in the case the nature of agreements and personal files is a level of security and confidentiality agreement agreed to by the United Nations member the party states to the nature of treaties review for such cases. Is that in a contextual relevancy solely for purposes of review of the donations schedule to the United nations for parts in the theory of separatist technocrat to imbue the nature of development of defense in the United Nations as one that should not be infringed upon by monetary donations and that requires all nations seeking to have first world economy with activity in jurisdiction with the United Nations right of prosecution based on all measure of anti-corruption laws that the United Nations is not a economic policing body. And that requires a sense of neutral objectivity as with any body reporting violation of human rights violations.

The further examination of the trade relations issue sin this case with contextuality to a right of development within context to all case theories is that, the case model from Ft McNeil to allow computer access with a firewall not infringing upon a right to develop trade relations around this case is one with a theory that is not objective to financial liabilities based on a mental health objective of removing liabilities from a legitimate measure of discourse is that contrasting theories in same tandem to single perterbtuartion for a profile of resource acquisition with real and substantial resources and resource acquisition with Human capital – Further in review of the same activity done within confines of tracking and prejudice for such bill and legislation with preventive cached buffer intervention with prejudice to profile is that the Ft. Mcurdo theory on purchasing gopo of parts from Antarctica would do more for the review of the Free Trade and Imposed sanctions as are imposed int eh legislative drafting of scenario policies under the JAMES BRADY HAND GUN BILL POREVENTION ACT.Is that no single profile in N.S.A. history is as unique a tool for development as the one that has been constructed behind a legitimate grant objective within context to all content of the document xautoun-zengersbomb-hamruabye.psd as we have profile that support a almost incomprehensible series of known variable and contacts that support the prejudice a domestic policing program of constant prejudice to all American citizens as one with whom wield a nuclear bomb and with whom acquire human capital top achieve objectives making the nature of all request and content from future residence one within scope and objectives – yet demeaning and prejudicially interfering with legitimate factors of development for a firewall of relevant procurement – that he end means are being applied to a forcibly compelling measure to achieve a firewall and tracking theory for such operations and such measures of purchasing by parts top achieve – see xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf and all content in seamless context from MARCH, 13, 2004 three days before the declaration of war with IRAQ. NOTICE TO IRAN – if the measure of the review of this case is precedence for proliferation of content in review for a right to develop nuclear theories in management relevent to development of nucleaer threats within confines of Energy Policy within Iran then the nature of defense is one that require a expense theory on how much money was divested to review content and complication in case and where the U.S. Bureaucracies broke down in review of negligible gain in case or if in provision of procedural defense of the G,A.M.E.


500 – 100 yards from MILTARY BASE vs. FROM policy theory of similar location of prejudice based on allegation within content to design of same firewall.
See also:
Theory of the Enlistment Approach with bias in content
11 Apr 2007
Modified: 02:40:16 AM
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Theory of the Enlistment Approach the point of promise and security for the nation- This single concept in front of all others is tantamount to all manner of military behavior behind a General’s occupation of protecting the
federal treasury. The feature of this is the single greatest concept to be reviewed and that all content is conscript to it as it is the measure for all national security and all achievement made in the manufacturing bridge
behind the acquisition of a sovereign nation to defend ones’ property and one’s right to achieve promises and contract that support behaviorism toward national security rather than national securities. The approach of the military body is one by which the contract is in blood and the national
image is comprised around in defense of those who have defended their national image, and therein the lifestyles of achievements made behind the promise of a nation to each successive generation, with their life; the contract is a sphere by which neither bodies can achieve to understand
completely as neither can achieve to remove prejudice in a contract binding by blood-both hands, the individual approaching, with contentions to achieve national image behind with to defend the military’s right to defend the
“high ground,” and the federal treasury for its denizens, patrons and residents. The sphere is round and both hands of the voice of the promise of the government must achieve to remove all manner of unforeseeable uncertainties in defense of the freedoms inherent in the contract binding by
the blood contract of a military recruit-such is though also said of the recruits recruitment to review all manner of unforeseeable events in the same measure as the one and the many become relegated to the measure of defending one’s national image as it is in the forefront of all political/civil/economic/organization goals to which the defense of the high ground and the federal treasury become one under the process of a national security or feeling of defense and well being in light of military procurements and use and utility of a military for defense of one’s property and the rearguard of one’s family and foundations of civic and all
postulations toward labor and manufacturing achieve the bring forth justified behaviors and legitimate governance-as legitimacy is the voice of the promise and the promise is that which is consigned to the highest principle in service with one’s life for defense of one’s expectation of
national image satisficing ones reason to defend one’s country. Behind this principle the tanks, aero planes, submarines, missile defense systems, strategies of defense postures, satellite positions, orbital slots, mechanics of celestial means to achieve defense all others of technical, and competent natures, including the philosopher and the artist work to render that each enlistment sphere is that which under the “weight of the sum,”
carry the marching men and women in actions to remove prejudice in light of acquisitions to better enliven the passions subsequent to the desires of a nation to survive by decent and moral principles behind the construction via the manufacturing bridge of a nation serving oneself to allow the most succinct pass down of information from one to another, as to achieve a sustainable momentum and direction with focus and consideration as par similar to the father bandaging a wound on a child’s knee after falling from
his or her bike-such that the enlistment sphere is not the last action of a nation seeking to maintain financial posterity in front of the national commitment to ones image of hard work, and that while maintaining it financial posterity and national health and well being, that it is not
directly proportional to one’s national image but as sequitur or as
relegated to the feature of the enlistment sphere as an action preparedness
for problem solving in light of conflict and war that is about the
acquisition of resources for the maintenance of the cave; there are no two
enlistment contracts alike in the universe if blood be the measure of the
proof of the contracts vitality and human behavior be the proof of man’s
achievement in peace keeping over the contentions of war as a means to
sustain financial prosperity; war in the sense of a theory for protecting
the federal treasury is such that the enlistment sphere is relegated to a
single function defense and that acquisition is a function of defending
one’s right to have fair acquisition not threatening ones nation or
soliciting forces ones actions against one’s nation that remove the reason
for the blood contract to be signed a conscious mind and of reasonable
consternation; as otherwise the national image is conscription and not of
labor and manufacturing-the rights to posterity we leave emboldened under
this auspice is not that we should contend to purport defense is rested in
our mighty arms but that it rest in out management of civil rest and that
such being true the drafted society of one of neglect and culpable
negligence to one’s national image under which misrepresentation of the
future and promise and expectation not met engage satire and cynicism to
achieve to dialogue to understand a social crisis of perception and gain
when the isometric condition of a nation living in the position of being the
forefather nation to democracy-more specific to the enlistment Sphere in
America we, should consider the vector of approach to the enlisting
recruiter one of a constant contemplative resolve or theory on
reorganization behind the needs of national defense and that our civil might
and out civil defense is rested upon our shoulders and not those of “suspect
conscription,” to achieve the image/as to think it would be for any other
measure of foolhardy- toward the outcome, we may move but in keeping to the
national theory on the approach it is the single most stressing position of
a constant applied force that those in civil dress should attend
to-regardless, of enlistment as it is there that your promises are met as
they are made in the light of a blood contract by which “culpable neglect,”
as opposition to the three braches of our government we hold dear, may
purport to become more efficient in the long run and that the corporate,
media, bodies under the cartels conditioning may be secondary to in time-
that therein the approach- you can rest to achieve democracy and the defense
of all condition for the sustainability of development and the manufacturing
bridge behind the bill of rights and the amendments of discourse that you
defend in active duty with none of them to be your guide except that which
you argue to defend as the feature of a legitimate body of governance and application of power with discernable prejudice to the position of privilege to the defense posture of a nation achieving a high ground collection and conscription adversely offset by a strong space reconnaissance and military
space branch, and act when you may with contempt… if so you feel… with your life, in light of a constant theory on the turbulence of war-as it is necessary to be understood and that in understanding the enlistment sphere one argues to support the promise of a nation to achieve security for all >>>>>>>>>from any force of unwanted conscription that would use the defense industry to achieve prejudice against the rights of Americans with or without property of value, attributing the federal treasury right of position of constant defense.
See also:
NOTICE TO IRAN - 28 Mar 2007 response with KIdnapping
12 Apr 2007
IT is asserted that in the following scenario for modeling a increase in use of intangible assets as directly proportional to orbital slot assessments of the United States effecting the Failing Russian satellite infrastructure that in a re-lease and development program as directly proportional to values in this case that a review of a re-lease and development program be asserted on the following scenario as enough component parts to the labor revenue theory of use of intangible asses theory in case will confine outcomes to relevant persuasion of gain for the Russian Government, the United States and Iran. The March fifth in 2006 meeting with Sergie Lavrov about the conditions of the IAEA and issue prevalent in investigation into the non-proliferation treaties in aftermath of dissolve of former soviet union with re-lease and development with Kazakhstan- as based on counter intelligence models with debentured web-contract and succession theories with Texas and California for use of a non-nuclear proliferation as similar to Kazakhstan. That if Iran were to defend itself from Russian invading forces from Georgia pacific, Georgia coast – see live oak white oak author of psy-op the T.V. series, Georgia or fifth Italy, that the dual war theory would substantially allow a sale of orbital slot assets to U.S. corporations for re-lease and development of failing infrastructure- that in review of the merger issues with SBC and ATT&T that the study for AT&T failing satellites be accrued to case interest with a bias in acquisition of review of orbital slots sold in the basis of – end resolve of Russian invasion of hand shake search for terrorism in Iran- that the president of Iran not knowing the deceits if Sergie Lavrov – as having bias in outcome with the relocation and redevelopment of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs in Thailand after Dec, 26, 2004 that a incremental approach to review of case – be one with a dual war theory for Jammer frequencies effecting nano-technology factors in battle station scenarios effecting NRL programs of nanotechnology as one with a basis of a F.C.C. frequency review of all computing processes required that if a dual war were acted upon in Iraq a substantial aftermath of relevant increase in space asset territory would increase for the Russian Government and all lease agreement within a scope of early investors in Iran and South America – while in this modality of review one may assert that if a invasion into Iran were relevant to such an increase that the following would be a function of a relevant review as well :

Asset One Hop: one aerospace seat from Russian Federation to Latvia with a one month accrual period of applied marketing and investigative improprietiess as one with a bi-produce to outcome of pass through as hop structure in packets of internet traffic secured by nature of all conflicts in case- as policy review of humatiarion oversight of case of donation of seat to review asset amorization in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on would showcase a value by a humanitarian peace keeper with the insights into the case of a human rights violation with UNHCR.

Asset Two Hop: The Mayor’s Office in L.A. with bias to use with a life time achievement award with Hollywood and Oscars with compound deferral to reviewed function of aerospace travel manifest with T.S.A. and with Federal Air Marshalls.

Asset Three Hop The city of Vulcan Alberta with review of issue sin case with contracts and F.T.C. violations on behalf of case outcome for J DEDRICK.

Asset Four Hop: The donation of same seat from start to Hiroshima Peace Museum as one with a Gift on behalf of Russian Federation to J Dedrick as a FT who was Framed BY a mob and drugged into psychosis for interest in space and humanitarian policy with N.A.S.A. as one with political leverage to insure protection from mob forces seeking to remove document of protection for intellectual property and with bias to right of development of trade relations as a non-taxed entity of a nature to relevancy to case review and official investigation into consignment of intellectual property as by PIRACY with drugging and intent to incite rage with letter FLAG in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamruabeye.pdf by a Cognitive abuse or a MIND KAMP- see review of outcome by if then scenario of Fifth hop to OOSA.

Asset Fifth Hop: The united nations office of Outer Space affairs facilitates a use of all data and collection theories with applied value to market interest of assets use in such a way as to review all policies emanate from the case for humanitarian policy making in the UN with a UN WQEAPONS SECUIRTY COUICNIL Member for the implementation of a UN Astronaut program for a investigative prejudice of space based assets as by account of FT-rate conversion to the former U.S. NAVAL SPACE COMMAND… SPARWAR.

Further if NASA wishes to keep up with competitive outline of policy that is based on achievement of U.S. interest and long range images of a Space Age America then the pontification in case is ….why did the U.S. government not give the seat to a humanitarian organization like or exactly like the Art in Space Foundation I mean it looks pretty bad at least considering the participation aboard the U.S.S. Constitution as a crew member the participation as a Silver Dolphin and a FT in a nuclear submarine who seeks to give a gift to the Hiroshima Peace Museum on behalf of maintained dialogue with a humanitarian agenda as one with what would have been done as a FT with operation of a company of the same nature with a fence parameter violation that was motive for____.

P.S. Dear president of Iran, I ask that if you find the means to review the hand off of a FBI office in Iran as one with a bias to cross section all content in dialogue of case that you assert you were entrapped into an act of defensive intelligence gathering that was based on right to defend one’s self or interest in the U.S. as a assertion that a fraudulent interpretation for profit and gain of case material in D.C. with plans for a bomb was similar to the achievement of misinformation in this case and assert a bias toward a single person who is not a leader and who would use the case with the FBI to close this case to protect oneself form a NAVL investigation pending in the review by potential career with PENTAGON for a review of top 100 threatening corporation who would be less likely to receive insurance premiums in the unlikely event of a garnishment of property.
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NATO alliance issues with content storage in case
30 Apr 2007
Modified: 12:57:15 AM
C.C. Joint chiefs of staff.

NATO operations in Afghanistan review of domestic influence with Kerry and Senate Foreign Relations Committee URGENT influence required to maintain investigative rationale with bias to case and MOTIVE factors of 9/11 with prejudice to WARSAW pact influence in Russian Aerospace Industry

The following was sent to Senator John Kerry's office and as well the Boston Police Department for review of extradition process in case from Skagit County Court and requires urgent attention. Please Review myspace account activity with artinspace (at) as owned by UNCENTRAL SERVER! The most recent content should reflect issues with NATO operation and with basis in review of domestic patterns of influence in networks enfranchised by poppy trade- as bias in case should show that necessary conflict of engagement to find and identify trafficking patterns in latent theoreis with closure of drug trafficking tunnel on Mexico/U.S. Border with content sent to madeline bordelo as influence in decision making as well as influence in closure of drug trafficking tunnel in White ROck on border of Canada and U.S. Border as one with a bias in assertions of Indian ties to planners in 9/11 with Afghanistan poppy production the case is in dire need of oversight with review of JCS. Please contact the Skagit Court prior to review of warrants issued in light of conflicts relative to case measures of gathering data in inductive manner of information warfare with 101_ways_2_kill_ossama_bin_ladden. Both Jessica and I may seek or require a form of amnesty in Charles Town Navy Yard to allow a basis of oversight...note the basis of such is in event of identification of planner of OIL CITY ROAD MARINE EXCERSICE that both she and I were present in with pamphlet as basis in threats may increase as she may not be aware...the Massachusettes, state pension board may review military service in domestic activity as one with a reason to support her and place her within a review of military service accomidating a reasonable doubt as to her and activity. The full content shuold be stored with the secretary of the senate with confidentiality toward the NATO operation with reasons to afix point to domestic feedback of success in latent study.

Dear Sir or Ma'am;

In recognition of issues relative to the police work done n the case with the sister of
Ossama Bin Ladden and her oversight from offices principle to the design of observation of
known family members of terrorist- it is within your rights to seek policing oversight of
residency of J Dedrick as a principle investigator into the motive of 9/11 as constructed
in tandem to effects on aerospace industry and profile theories asserting to have bias in
her previous residency in Charles town navy yard. The investigation that has cost more
than $100,000.00 and time resolved through the labor and facilitation of oversight by
many industry insights to case outcomes considering the effects of her strategic placement
in Boston and with special focus on her potential as a reconnaissance participant in 9/11
as overlooking Logan's airport as well as within the NAVAL SECURITY ZONE of 500 yards of
the U.S.S. Constitution that - the connection of yesterday's activities in NATO exercise
in Afghanistan seeking to have feedback in opium trade and influences in India as a
planners basis of network operation in the U.S. it is considered to have direct corollary
to connectionist principles within the confines of review of data plot in the following
six- to eight months to review trafficking theories on heroine and other product
derivative of opium trade with terrorist networks. In such a review current form of
exploitation in work engendered to based on such activities as affirmed by dates of review
in content of the myspace account of artinspace (at) with content relative to NATO
operations that it be known that this communication is reason for extradition of J DEDRICK
to Boston for review of case with ossama bin ladden and her sister's strategic selection
in Charles Town Navy yard with investigative practices and gathering tactics that will
require Boston Police departments to extradite J DEDRICK from skagit county court in
Washington State in the event that he be placed in a prison for conflicts with payment in
tandem to such investigations with bias from the state of Washington for conflicts to
content seen in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on with
101_ways_2_kill_ossam_bin_ladden in the content...the nature of this extradition should be
with bias and protection of Senator John Kerry's office and you may petition the secrete
service for an order insuring safe transfer to Boston to review case of a information
warfare strategy that when conjoined to case theories of 9/11 with NATO activities and
measure to root out motive and construction of case argument on her placement in Charles
Town do your duty to defend your state from further strategic engagements of resources in
such a way as to insure that key witness to factors of 9/11 motive is not placed into
state penal oversight with a prejudice from the state in which liabilities in case
2:05-cv-00470-MJP J Dedrick vs. the state of Washington is allowed to be a inferior design
of measures to control case liabilities in context to prejudice. Yesterday's content cites
relative issues with opium and poppy prior to NATO activities and as such is minimum
validation to assert that pre-planning in case is one with a right to have oversight.
While unfortunate to place in such a position your city, you may confer with senator John
Kerry to assert that the visit that J Dedrick had with Senator Kerry was one with a bias
to 9/11 investigations and that J Dedrick is fortunate to be alive. IF extradition is not
a means to safe transfer to state of refugee seeking then the nature of a single 9/11 case a
with ties to Boston may be closed and unfortunately will assert a principle gain for
office with whom a bias may exist as the ARMY document used for collateral bias in
garnering oversight of case was manufactured three days before the declaration of war with
Iraq and shows bias with closure of 9/11 investigation.

Thank you for your time and consideration; please review the content of the myspace
account including picture and note -

Amnesty in Boston is required for case is stopped due to arguments conditioned upon profile required to gather data is causal to case outcomes.

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X-Display-Name: Kennedy, Webmaster (Kennedy)- implied failures do not mean a failure to consent to review of case allegation in 9/11 case investigation and will require a phone call to senator Edward M. Kennedy's office in event of failure to identify e-mail in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on to tibetan ministry of finance. With implied precursery analysis of 9/1 wityh behavioral review of oversight of terrorist activity in U.S. with bills such as James Brady Hand Gun Bill PRevention as one with recent dialouge with FBI director and senator Frank Lautenburg as seen on myspace account of dialouge with ban ki moon on artinspace (at) ( Apr 26, 2007 4:59 PM
Subject Please forward to SSRB
Body: Respectfully Senator;

In response to today's questions to director Mueller, I would respond on his behalf with implicaitons that undermine continued relevencies to manners by which the James Brady Hand Gun Bill Prevention act is applied to usefull theoreis with preventive legislation. This is very dangerous for me in context to threats that have been assessed in the background to all of the hard work done to defend America from future terroist acts and within the confines of the behavioralism of defining a terrorist as having foriegn motive or supporting actions that are within resepct to today's question irrational and cost people lives. FOr a few years sir the policy modeling with a working D.O.J. group with bvias to libailites in outcomes of prejudice where in consternation of profile technology we, you and I sir work to identify threats and legislate upon the end resolve of prevention, for home and families of decent and moral purpose's. Yet, the answer you requested was one that was very difficult in a theory on profiling that is enjoined to policy work of NORTHCOM for aspects in virtual case managment profiles of the F.B.I. with direct regard to DNA profiling. I assert that in the direct response you garnered from DIrector Mueller that the basis of health files in tandem to privacy and confindentiality laws that a few major overhauls of gathering of evidicuary support in times where trials are based on arbitration of behavrio and the evidence in support of profiles that suggest terroist activity- in the policy modeling that has been done one would state that if in controlled environment we could not subject decent families to the arbitration proces where by due process is undermined that we shoudl expect a difficult war in the times ahead to make fruitfull such bills as the James Brady Hand Gun Bill prevention act to asses terrorist activities - yet , it is in this special case that effort to review helth practices within direct context of objectives set for as manifest to acquisition of terrorist that we do not be to hasty in how we identify the patterns of behavior that suggest a miltary officer could be asserted to be a terrorist, or that a business owner likewise with implied economic threats to miltary assets as not one with a act of terror but with resolve to engage aerospace communities with relevenmt assertion of threats to Miltary Assets as being a terrorist if the implied threat is based soley on the service. I have placed a very mild innnuendo in the last sentence but only to support taht ongoing aspect of 9/11 as effecting aerospace passenger manifest oif the TSA and of the Federal Air Marshals for prevention of terrorst acts was with in scope of policy warfare...such as the offices workign through these problems have never seen. The usefull and implied value of the James Brady HAnd Gun Bill prevention act as will today be relevent will in cases where prfiling is a maintianed objective of case outcoems where wew stop terroist from acquiesing hand guns within a 24 hour period when applied to all manner of preventive technology including firewalls or root kits that gather data- that to make perment resolution on a person behavrio as unchangable is one without a form of redemption for a ubuiquitios form of profile theory that asserts no informal review by a undue process of colelction would not eventually effect the senate. MY job is to protect your right to maintain speech and debate clauses with advise and consetn duality to all manner of colleciton used under such preventive technologies- with direct relevence to Senator Jeffers siezure of data by the F.B.I. as one with a form of system wide collection and implimentation. While working under the bill with a policy oversight and military prejudice to action of organization toward nuclear threats - I suggest that you work through the issues with Director MUeller directly in this case to assert that you are not profiled one day as a terrrorist as the bias system of arbitration in this case has show in a form of blind study that the most honerable and most dedicated men of promise can be wrongfully profiled to enjoin policy for policy efforts.

Thank You Sir for your time and consideration and content directed to Mueller in tsiolkovsky_gravity (at) may be for review by the senate secretary with developmetnal theoreis effecting the Senate SErver Reform Bill and collection with cached buffer intervention based on liabilites of recipt formatting from Senators with whom a legisaltive responsibiliy exist - yet one with where liabilites in storage of content exist with premiums effecting service of the Senate manner of dialouge with the public. Have a Good evening sir.

Jason/James Brady Dedrick
_____________________ and myself have been working in direct context to such aspects with male and female constraints to end resolve of insuring profile technology and manners of surveillance are not consigned to prejudice effecting the Senate.) from review of opium drug trade with ties to theories on data traffick between pakistani influences in underground testing of nuclear weapons and ties to trade of Was sent to NATO alliance with respect to interference in case outcomes.
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