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Parent Article: ANTI-TRUST theory on Trade Relations Development with U.S. ARMY VS. MICROSOFT
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04 Apr 2007
Modified: 04:42:50 PM
Will review International Telecommunication Union gain in policy studies effecting major purchase and acquisition issues with AT&T and SBC with 67 Billion bid for PENTAGON procurement for study with orbital slot assessment theory in contrast to following issues with aftermath of FBI negotiation and Blair oversight of technical review of AMNESTY with GIFT theory applied to hostage situation as a intell gathering device or collaboration instrument. Review LAVROV dialogues with President of Iran in tandem to a review by IRANIAN president of abuses in informal measures of hostage situations where by based on parapsychology hosting of human subjects as one with hostage situations as to garner a review of oversight of Warsaw Pact and Air Force theories for remote sense programs. Suggestion why take a prisoner why not take a institution like the Auschwitz museum if basis of review is to assert war crimes exist in measures of control methodologies in hostage theories- given the museum has public affairs relevancy to cases dealing with war crimes prosecutions for person that may require gas chambers if the domestic policing adjudication process does not allow such a prosecution of persons who imbibe power in manners of MIND KAMP and refer to it as the first step toward the Nueronburg trials- note if the FBI officer’s capture in IRAN allows a review of cross referential data with all procedurally and administrative issues with firewalls in dialogues constructed in tandem to receipt issues with state department and U.S. Senate with Senate Server Reform Bill then the arbitration process should be as follows- The F.B.I. officer should have been placed on a BRIDGE between IRAN and GEORGIA to discern the neutrality of conflicts of prejudice upon embassy bridges to measure of a form of FCC oversight of publishing and broadcast issues in theories of moving servers in taxed internet theory given the adjudication process will deal with a orbital slot assessment in some tandem of as basis of theories in review of previous relevancies with S Lavrov and President of Iran may support a that action used to attenuate dual war in IRAN with middle east conflicts still allows a policy oversight of increasing orbital slot assessment based on jamming frequency issues—The case with FITZGERALDS EMBASSY BRIDGE case may show the garnering of legal services as one with consolidated effort to create a flat rate internet tax without proper representational measures to consign jurisdiction to relevant geo-location issues.

Iran must denounce hostage situation as measure for information gathering and asses basis of psychic hostage as counter in relevancies to the measure of why—as to produce legal policy effective to garner oversight of human test subjects cases domestically that have consequence of garnering in this specific case OIL PROPERTY IN NEW MEXICO as is being done through a acquisition tool of the BRADY BILL as prevention and acquisition are one in the same when a submarine command is used to garner influence over family property in latent purchase strategy such as one with any long term strategy of acquisition and occupation of territorial assets as one with planners mind set---planers mind set- see a scenario for the following – GIVE the U.S. through an exchange program with Russian Federation a satellite to the U.S. ARMY as to allow them a review of application of assets of the like measure for relationships of case outcomes as the resource will be forwarded to centralization and a command basis whereby checks and balances for cases that violate fence parameters and that argue for acquisition through submarines as one with a action against domestic citizens in the U.S. why not take a GIFT WITH AMNESTY from Russia – we have done it before see syncrasy weather forecast issues with utility satellite for barometric weather testing for service issues from domestic providers of weapons of limited destruction like lasers” and the former commander of the U.S.S. HOUSTON with dialogue to the then command of U.S.S. Houston J DEDRICK and CORE REACTOR CHANGE issues for planners imposition of rationale. IF you want property from a family who’s decedents were those with whom lit the lights in the old north church and you want to host them as psychic slaves in contrast to acquisition strategies then remember the BRADY BILL is not a tool of acquisition when it is applied in the manner by which it has been used.

"thinktankoperations (at)" <thinktankoperations (at)>

To : The_Historical_Society (at), artinspace (at), thinktankoperations (at), webmaster (at), webmaster (at), oosa (at)

Subject : ZENGER CASE WITH ON-LINE JURY WILL SUPPORT ON-LINE JUDICIAL REVIEW OF INFAMOUS "MEANS OF," CENSORSHIP CASE Fw: Escrow_Earning_principles_on_ account_with_promissory_notes_as_akin_to__debntured_web-bond_theory_wi th_ASF_arbitration_in_-on-line_context_to_case_petition_and_will/does_ allow_I.R.S._examination?_of_Frontier_Astronautics_for_prosecution_mod el_of_third_party_case's_effecting_Air_Force_50th_space_wing_for_colla teral_damage_and_liabilities_theories_may_be_published_in_space_to_acc ount_for_damage_assesment_with_transorbital_as_biased_to_U.N._LIBRARY_ or_repository_in_data_asset_principle_to_U.N._relay_by_theoreis_in_pub lishing_and_censorship_with_xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf_on_http :// y_for_U.N._repository_of_data_that_is_confidential_will_assert_theorie s_of

Date : Wed, Apr 04, 2007 10:36 AM

Attachment(s) : 1 file(s)/document(s) | Total File Size: 544K

Dear sir or madam in review of a recorded history by standards of on-line profiling the
basis of a right of the people to counter intelligence gathering asserting a profile is just in
means of prevention in all regards to liabilities as the function of prevention not necessarily
the basis of censorship cases the demands of censorship of such profiles arbitrarily
consigned in some cases to liabilities is within the right of the historical society of New York
to review in direct analogy to JOHN PETER ZENGER with a on-line jury proceeding to
distinguished profile issues with the application of the JAMES BRADY HAND GUN BILL
PREVENTION act as a tool for censorship at minimum and a tool for development of cached
buffer intervention means secondarily to the voice of contrasting opinions in the document
xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on

In review of this case as a whole with allegation that involve 9/11 planners who placed
ossama bin laddens sister in Charles town navy yard prior to 9/11 and other basis of ARMY
influence over a psy-op or for a psy-op to condition gathering and dissemination practices
around a real potential of organizers with 501c3 companies who do or do not employ a jury
as not the same as employees or those with whom trade relations are effected subject to
investigative prejudice by the department of labor and industries for claims of potential lost
earning by public demand of concepts in content. I seek from you’re a court a public review
of case with a on-line jury selected with oversight from representatives in New York http:// THE FOLLOWING CONTENT DEALS WITH THE ARBITRATION
PROCESS and currently evidence in the on-line proceedings is being removed as simmilar to
the case with Under Coke's leadership, in 1628
the House of Commons forced Charles I of England to accept Coke's Petition of Right by
withholding the revenues the king wanted until he capitulated. The Petition of Right was the
forerunner of the English Bill of Rights and the U.S. Bill of Rights. THis case fosters
development of two infamous cases in one contiuum of prejudice toward aerospace
industry trends and implicates reasons for 9/11 with direct causal inflection of AIR FORCE
PLANNERS who effected decion making of the C.N.O.

Concatinated e-mail is missing header tag in file was posted with header tag in contrast to all content sent to president of IRAN from artinspace (at)

"thinktankoperations (at)" <thinktankoperations (at)>

To : webmaster (at), charlesswift (at), uwdir (at), oosa (at), webmaster (at)

Subject : UW DEVELOPMENT IN TECH SERVICES WITH STALKER CASE IF ABUSED WILL ENFRA NCHISE CASE AGAINST LT CMDR CHARLES SWIFT in case with xautoun-zengers bomb-hamurabeye.pdf on due to services atten uated for tracking theories with DNA profiling as defense for washingt on state services as abused in case of defense against United Nations issues with data services as theory on data exchange in preventitive l egislation modeled under sarbanes oxley daly trading theoreis with I.S .E.C. firewall enfranchised by BRADY BILL and preventive cached buffer intervention for prevention of conflicts.

Date : Tue, Apr 03, 2007 03:10 PM


This letter is to inform the legal department of the University of Washington that you are

requested to pay strict attention to all mitigation expenses involved in the case of a UW

stalker case as LT CMDR Charles Swift’s allumnist ties may be under a tenuous conflict
a server relative to investigative improprieties dealing with the United Nations based on
not specifically on the following content:

Human Resource issues in case theories with O.P.M. and the basis of a data impropriety
service connected to Labor and Industries in the state of Washington.

Recent theories in the Boeing Aerospace case of a form of solicitations against the
assert that a dynamic connection between J DEDRICK and Jessica Mac Connel have been
established within the confines of human resource theories applied to the aftermath of
9/11 - while consequently a gain in a manner of human resource gathering the case
connection between a high profile granddaughter of a former lead executive officer of
Lockheed Martin suggest that a manner of racial profiling is a measure to the gain in
asserting extortion practices as akin to solicitations of the PENTAGON the case with SEARS

that- the case with SHARON VALASTILIKA? a state employee at the time who filed a Labor
and Industry claim against Carolyn Ronk may have been a key feature of data collection
theories manufacturing false claims as a investigative tool for third party sale of human

resource data. Such data as a value may have been implied in Daly activities of such
who in the transformation of the Office of Personal Management as to maintain what was
previously a measure of data services that had applied institutional values prior to the
integration theories under the Homeland Security Agency and that differed in measures of
data exchange principles for security clearance?s- thus, supporting private collection
through state ran resources to maintain demands in human resourcing in measure of
employment issues as one with a theory of applied resources for ?corporate raiding,? as
with an extortion principles in R.I.C.O. cases- Theories, applied to the case scenario
PENTAGON INVESTIGATION with BOEING for the ?employment only,? on-line web-page
support theories of all supporting firewall?s with fiscal improprieties with a gathering
dissemination practice of BEOING as such, in the following basis of power heurism in flow

charts that accommodate the nature of a I.S.E.C. firewall -see all work distended from
xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on the basis of which
supported a theory in employment pre-screening as was initially cited in case for reasons

with H.M.O. premiums effecting hiring process and that allowed the Human Resource office

of Boeing to subject entrance practices of BOEIGN AEROSPACE HOMEPAGE ?WITH
FOR PERGERY, to allow investigative practices of similar nature to settlements that had
with in theory cases where employers used ?root kits,? see Sony case with relevancy to
content issues with liabilities issues of F.B.I. non-disclosure agreement and effects of
transits and intercept policy for liabilities in collection at intercept hops, to
distinguish if
future employees as profiled to habitation as co-habitants or not with profiles suggesting
right of invasion for on-line behaviors and any effectual produce if a proprietary
capacity in
suggestion of many patterns effecting decision making -such that the basis of pre-
screening employees with prejudice to health related documents with suggested illness
having an economic improprieties in illnesses suggested to be required that a
manufactured illness be used to subject case model and to subject ARMY HEALTH data base
to such premium on insurance rates prior to transition military veteran as one with a
privatization scandal in this case directly for human resourcing and gathering strategies
secondary employment maps of U.S. Officers and ENILSTED personal- this case allows a
review of all human resource strategies in theories with inductive felids in aftermath of

tragedies as applied to direct corollaries to F Murray Bombing/ 9/11 and loss of CIA
in investigation domestically and other aspects of feedback in inductive resonance of case

with JAVIER PEREZ DE CELLUAR and threat issues with the UNITED NATIONS from North
Korean government see dynamic connectionist model in rare form of investigations with
review of all contextual threads in case with xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.PDF. The
flow chart in data verification systems as analogous with measure for firewalls that deal

with electronic voting systems have successive implementation models in case liabilities
that argue upon the nature of the SENATE SERVER REFORM BILL for representation in case
such as this.

The recent issues with O.P.M. investigation and human resource investigation will support

the end emasn of insuring integrity with U.S> EMPLOYEES are not consigned upon in
aftermath of tragedies domestically or that garner a collective theory on investigative
resources in such the review of O.P.M. in case with DNA profiling will show that if the
HUMAN GENOME project has basis of decision making to garner influence even discreet or
even profiled with prejudice to select or monitor careers that the basic of this case will
faults in such decision making to the end resolve of insuring the basis of employees in
prejudice that such employees be placed in causal design to the case outcome to insure
that management of assets is never so close to design impropriety of profiling through
nuclear submarine community again as to allow a connection of a Lockheed Martin asset to
be consigned upon in a time of prejudice in cases that deal with pentagon solicitations
that allow the state to design a measure of liabilities control in a reverse engineered
used to facilitate measurable gain through prosecution strategies in derivative formulas.
in continued cases there is required to be a basis of review of all stem cell researchers
would have had bias against Senator Edward M. Kennedy to design a case of DNA profiling
theory against a standards profile theory with the highest profile with a domestic
and with a design of nuclear profile from nuclear rate and training as a FT or tactical
weapons operator as a means to garner a design to implement prejudice in a system wide
manner that the case relevancy to all modulating theories with admissibly to xautoun-
z4engersbomb-hamurabeye.PDF on that a review of the TSA
registry from innovators side will support a acquisition principle against data base for
aerospace purchases and premiums to be designed in relevancy of profiles not wanted or
desired in space commerce market theories that support federal air marshals data
procurement as one with a economic bias to long range decision making of BEOING AND
LOCKHEED and any labor issues--right to privacy in business planning model and future
commutation recipients in request one- with case of 2.4 billion dollars loss-as a
modeling premium- with DISNEY WEST and lost revenue potentials with DISNEY PLANNER
who was ___----see tortuous interference in business expectancy in case 2:05-cv-00470-
MJP as future litigation in JULY with J DEDRICK VS. US ARMY may allow a increase in legal

revenue for U.S. ARMY to review space assets shift theory from 50th space command wing
of U.S. AIR FORCE to U.S. ARMY as modeled from UN donation of satellite to ARMY with
liaison services to service N.Y. residents in _________ military action in Saudi Arabia
or to
review data exchange principles with U.S. ARMY reviewing sat as component of the U.S.
Federal Treasury as a ground asset of the U.S. ARMY de-centralization with net centric
exchange from NRO with ARMY competition and behaviors of suggestion of a gain in review
of competitive aerospace industry with a military manner of check and balances as required

in behavioral selection strategies of aerospace companies that vai for contracts with air

force and foster co-dependency ____? SEE Malpractice vs. U.S. ARMY and arbitration issues

with U.S. ARMY VS. MICROSOFT as seen in thintankoperations (at)
See also: