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Parent Article: ANTI-TRUST theory on Trade Relations Development with U.S. ARMY VS. MICROSOFT
Hidden with code "Other"
Mossad investigate contractor's prejudice to stem cell research effecting decision making of Senator Edward M. Kennedy with effects garnering influence over DNA profiling and red cross collection issues with tax credit by 2010 for FBI virtual case manage
07 Apr 2007
"thinktankoperations (at)" <thinktankoperations (at)>

To : CongRel (at), hotline (at), oosa (at), webmaster (at), thinktankoperations (at)

Subject : INSPECTOR GENERAL TO REVIEW- SEEKS REFUGEE STATUS DUE TO "VIRAL INFECT ION," INTO SUBMARINE COMMUNITY FOR POLICY AND LEGISLATIVE DEVELOPMENTS - COUNTERS WITH ON-LINE JURY CASE AND REQUIRES Fw: ZENGER CASE WITH ON -LINE JURY WILL SUPPORT ON-LINE JUDICIAL REVIEW OF INFAMOUS "MEANS OF, " CENSORSHIP CASE Fw: Escrow_Earning_principles_on_account_with_promis sory_notes_as_akin_to__debntured_web-bond_theory_with_ASF_arbitration_ in_-on-line_context_to_case_petition_and_will/does_allow_I.R.S._examin ation?_of_Frontier_Astronautics_for_prosecution_model_of_third_party_c ase's_effecting_Air_Force_50th_space_wing_for_collateral_damage_and_li abilities_theories_may_be_published_in_space_to_account_for_damage_ass esment_with_transorbital_as_biased_to_U.N._LIBRARY_or_repository_in_da ta_asset_principle_to_U.N._relay_by_theoreis_in_publishing_and_censors hip_with_xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf_on_http://jtjames.spymac.c om/_-_satellite_purchase_by_U.N._as_procuremnt_soley_for_U.N._reposito ry_of_data_that_is_confidential

Date : Fri, Apr 06, 2007 03:45 PM

In review of a accountability program with the State Department and the Senate Server
Reform Bill with self mailer admissibly of all e-mails sent to the USPS – the inspector
General is asked to review all content from within case context of J DEDRICK to the USPS in
tandem to a central server dilemma for all mail storage issues with the USPS for admissible
date stamps for content originations. In review of policy within the United Nations Postal
Service and measures of the international monetary funds basis in translation of cash value
of postal stamps from the UN servers- a fee for service of penny is requisitioned in case to
affirm that any e-mail provider be given a chance to create an imposition of a 1 cent mailer
fee to the USPS for self mailers to increase the patent and copyright issues with content in
cases where disputed claims of improprieterships arise with direct effects upon
confidentiality as based on the automated data base matching programs and the privacy act
of 1974- the confidentiality basis of the investigation may work within the operations
oversight of a disputed contingency psy-op with INSCOM to create a server theory
attributable to the department of justice for content to be forwarded to self mailer
addresses through U.S. POSTAL SERVICE. The fee may have a great source of revenue for the
U.S> Government as well as to create inadmissible content and create sufficient relevancies
for content packets in concatenated e-mails or chain e-mails that are not investigative or
that have investigative practices used to surmise policy objectives as one with legislative
intent. The work done with Time Warner/Aol is to be highly regarded as one with a drain
upon this case and you are asked to not deal with Time Warner Aol with prejudice to
pending investigation in service improprieties that have dealt with a chain mail theories in
removing concatenated features to paid services as to foster a increase in service per
mailed packed of data as without data storage for attachments.

The following content resolution issues with concatenated e-mails as not in packets as you
will see have changed in prose to continually unresolved conflicts in –
tsiolkovsky_gravity (at), artinspace (at), thinktankoperations (at) if any
perceived motive that is financial exist greater than allegation presented in contrast to the
procedural discovery action in all content that was treated like spam or that was forced in to
spam mail theories as to achieve a F.T.C. do not mail registry; then you are requested to
organize around case conflict and resolution with review of the content relative to the
American Arbitration Association prior to implements of policy to create a review of case
through the house misappropriations committee to engender policy for the Government
Accountability Office. Any false or misleading statement made in or during transmission will
be regarded as collusive elements from with the contingency psy-op
101_ways_to_kill_ossama_bin_laden as seen in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on as basis of copyright developments within case assert a
confidentiality issue with psy-op as used through Madigan health in Tacoma.

Beijing Feedback Strateg4n

Dear Sir or Ma’am;

Once many yeas ago the Human Genome Project was referred to by members of the
national security council as the most dynamic human resource project and largest
integration platform of technology control theories with centralization upon a founding
theory of nano-technology- in this metaphor or analogy that was used that is was as big a
project as the Mission to the moon yet where national image was not a facet of
developmental stressors and where competition would breed human right violations.
Deconstructing the political/ economic/ and civil basis of decision making made only room
for organization principles to conceal the development done in many research facilities with
stem cell research- while modeling system management from a space pioneering strategy
they called upon members of the Armed Services Committee who had been involved in the
Moon mission and asked for operations that could conceal the nature of such research
behind systems modeling engineering with a focus on nanotechnology integration- New in
this era of the threats of nanotechnology facilities as beacons to theories in control
methods for manufacturing and labor principles- that most involved in the economic review
of nano-techology assets asserts a focus on real resources- yet in medical and health
sciences the postulation of a central theory were first and foremost based on human issues
with real and substantial interest in the political and in some cases the religious influence
effecting development of a real technology effecting all persons with bias to the field of
human cloning; in some scenarios field officers stated that what if as you have seen in these
case facial recognition software is used with bias upon development of stem cell research to
clone a secret service member and have access to the president- in the focus of such fears
the Brady Bill would have to be involved in the prevention of such with medical doctrine to
assert a right to investigative a DNA helix and have access to all records at least from a
military agenda to have implementation models that could allow for data storage issues
with DNA- see G.A.M.E. People resources technology and information = ACGT- gravity well
transcriptase in RNA to Exxon, Intron, Codon and base four primer to root three layered
proposition for imaging of DNA with covert shield- as applied to a POLITCAL theory with-

You are requested to review for all aspects of content with
stem cell lobbyist issues and issues with the Israeli Lobby and work done in stem cell
research in Bethlehem and you may reference keyword – xautoun - Babyjesus.2.

Validation of contingency psy-op with content theories to root construction of cognitive
neuroscience and fields of research in such violation as stored in idisk
of spaceimaginationhope (at) and as is currently under a form of discovery action
based on a withholding prejudice to all failures in investigations subject to a
misappropriations committee review of contingency psy-op. Articulation of the pterodactyl.

While in select theories in motives of transgression in 9/11 have been maintained in efforts to assert a basis of human resourceing in acquisition of intelligence for both U.S. Intelligence circuits and as well as the previous theories assigned to 9/11 investigations by INSCOM that have been relevant to inductive gathering in Celuar warfare and as well in the aftermath of all domestic acts of terrorism in the U.S. that continued relevancies do exist in this case that assert a bias with – in one a regard a legal defense in support of a single administration as follows that – if in gathering in the basis of prejudice to the settlements from the Swiss government to the holocaust survivors a theory of who in the U.S. would have basis to consign a prejudice to factors effecting outcome of settlements that Senator Edward m Kennedy was involved in decision making form within the U.S. military for operation oversight of billet stacking that effecting contacts with Senator Edward M. Kennedy as to create the most destructive profile for a single basis of gathering all lawyers with sympathizing world view to a NAZI campaigner or propagandist of a nature used by the Israeli Lobby to cajole a human resource campaign of all lawyers sympathetic to the case with or for against the settlement basis- the Use of a implied third neutral party with the United Nations was required in the Mossad operation to enjoin impractical theories to assign a basis of review of a very unstable United Nations that was theorized in the aftermath of selection of Javier Perez De Celuar to have been placed in inductive gathering position as asynchronous with the former KGB influence for relevant postulations to inductive gathering by Celuar warfare- the case is more complicated now with the Peruvian issues with motisesnos but- in a rational eof a assertion of the effects of terrorism upon human resources one can assign abelief that field operation are compromised when human resources are forwarded to disaster areas domestically –which when applied to the F. Murray bombing does assert a planners prejudice with Oklahoma CIA director Tenet as basis of field operation in Oklahoma would have looked like an attempt frame George Tenet – yet in tandem tot eh basis of a theorized aspect of ARMY clean up and issues with current case as GRANDAFTHER visited the site to investigate and was a isolated instance of such issues with tactical persuasion of civil contractors thought to have intelligence ties- as contracts in satellite purchasing with frontier airlines DEDRICK may have been initial basis of early observation in the late seventies and may have been reasons for current aspects of counter intelligence programs from foreign nations domestically that have recursion in case allegation with supporting theories as sufficient to continue- WARNER- further issues with case profile in DNA profile asserts that currently no router transaction should be made through OHIO- as co-habitant laws with developing centralization theories through the addit6ion of a social security registry with DNA helix number would be greatly advanced with legislative dualities to case with J DEDRICK and J Mac Connell as bias toward OHIA storage of DNA would support x and y conflict basis of racial profiling as one with a sexist characteristic which when identified in other aspects would be asserted to have substantial influence over submarine community as all male- yet in early case issues with the FBI virtual case management profile system where by DNA helixes stored with a primer theory in integration the office subsequent to integration platforms for a review of Social Security Administration and document file healt6h linkage programs that argue upon identify theft and translate to privacy and confidentially laws being somewhat overcome by single nomenclature to identification of individual that is directly relevant to acts of fraud whereby in this case the attempt to pay J DEDRICK as JAMES DEDRICK ”by your account,” as the JAMES BRADY issues is one with a comment relevant enough for TONY SNOW to continue investigative prejudice in one aspect of case and forward bureaucratic influence to another whereby preventive legislation and tactics to argue upon case outcomes would be greatly decreased by a forwarding of case theories through OHIO- as even with a virtual company in OHIO the co-habitant issues of profile theories with DNA profiling would assert that both J DEDRICK and J MAC CONNEL could argue upon a unconventional form of legislative prejudice due to interference effecting content developmental and trade relations with xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on
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