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Parent Article: ANTI-TRUST theory on Trade Relations Development with U.S. ARMY VS. MICROSOFT
Hidden with code "Other"
SANCTIONS if LEGAL RESOURCES were procured in defense of Settlements through Senator Edward M. Kennedy- also see Office of REgistration Allignment**** developments with libration collection points and "photon/electron," date stamping development
07 Apr 2007
Respectfully addressed to Mr. Haseeb Haroon
Head of Structured Inventory Products

To develop a parts tracking system in Lou of implementation models of the NASA theory on base developed in transits of SPACE PORTS the many years of contemplation , by many various groups constrained by principles in MILTARY prejudice of the ARMY and its right to consign itself to behaviors of the structure of a asset continuum effecting the better moral and national image of prospects in Lou of designs that must have a basis in structural policy making-the following conflicts of resolvable measures in designs of many ARMY continuums of though give leeway to designs in ISREALI sanctions that DUBAI PORTS AUTHORITY may advocate on parts of implementation that contractually allow reciprocation with US MITLARY installations in resolution to conflicts of interest enjoined in the policy issues with J DEDRICK and xautoun-zengersbomb-hamruabeye.pdf on is relative enough to the translation of policy of the UNITED NATIONS for the development of ground facilities for a launch in defense of the right to develop a NUCLEAER PROFILE FOR UN WEAPONS SECUIRTY INVESTIGATIONS to adjudicate upon the nature of interdependent tracking of parts that have substantial developmental qualities upon the premise of research and development within the consignment of leverage in the case of J DEDRICK and the formulaic prose of manipulation effecting implementation of models assisting the NASA coordination with OFFICE OF OUTER SPACE AFFAIRS in the UNITED NATIONS. The construction of conflicts by third party relevant to policy issues effecting domestic fence parameters are imbued in the functions of solicitations against SENATOR EDWARD M. KENNEDY by the ISREALI LOBBY-show the Dubai Port Authority right to manage Sanctions in review of future US interest in Space that when questioned-assist the US Government from manipulations of the Nuclear Submarine Community in case as to allow a type leverage of Gainful postulations for the COMPANY that questions irresponsible uses of MILTARY acquisitions that the US GOVERNMENT DOES NOT whish do to-as the sensitive leadership in America is fundamentally aligned to RIGHT WING conditions of a nation wronged so many years ago prior to its implementation of the HITLER HUNTING-such as to manufacture, such as to use policy and show the victimized nation as one of many nation that have been victimized-while a NANO-DEFENSE engineered grid for nuclear weapons disarmament may show that purchasing and acquisition strategies of Dubai Ports Authority is a strategic gain to better understand the nature of FENCE parameter arguments in the private sector that require a questionable review with the U.N. as the few attacks on the U.N. PEACE KEEPERS see Lebanon and Balkans Helicopters crash with strategic and surgical principles threaten the function of the U.N. to review nations of poor leadership and decisions relative to psychological warfare for lobbying congress as akin in private investigative review of the conflicts with stem cell research in BETHLEHAM for BABYJESUS.2-the nature of a SPACE PORT AUTHORITY in policy design from private sector with ARMY assistance in a CIVIL WAR PAYEE CASE based on xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on

In review of many parties hoping to have some insights into the interference in all cases dealing with "space ports," or hotels in space such as HILTON HOTELS in a model assisted with RICHARD BRANSON-that the structural policy dynamic of Dubai be based on limited policy review of nano-engineered threats as to be a INTEGRATOR for developmental platforms for parts tracking.

I have properly relieved by the Oversight of internet hops and intercept qualification of data and will have proper relief no later than JULY, 2007, refelctive inc- RESPECTFULLY MR. GATES* in context to the nature of N.S.A. compiler assuming to be one or the other GATES can you assign SCOTT MCCAIN as a liaison to a RFQ purchase strategy at the UN for development of ground facilities of a launch of UN inspector based on the FT-rate conversion issues as to allow the National Association of Manufacturing and parts tracking with EDWARD M. BILKEY at Dubai space ports authority with ARMY oversight in parts tracking as to enjoin the 204 track Santa issue with IP manifest of UN in treaty review of OIL FOR FOOD investigation as to allow him privileges in purchasing and selection in future duties based on the teacher in space program as translated in policy with OOSA in the development of ground facilities for launch see G.A.M.E. card for measures of tracking of on-line behaviors of U.N. in such a way as to assist him in his career this may require a SECRET SERVICE liaison for protection of confidential plans by 2008 and may allow xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on to show Annapolis training with UN liaison in the NAVY for officer training programs in consternation of future legal entanglements of the US MITLARY in right of prejudice over acquisitions theories effecting the UN

MR. GATES*-tracking GATES in NSA is difficult and may show that it tracks GATES with relevancy association for over the counter purchasing issues within the US NAVY NUCLEAER SUBMARINE COMMUNITY for back drop in support of viral software and parts tracking issues with organizational theories on certain aspects of case-se CONGRESSMAN ROB SIMMONS for the issues with SHAMBHALA MUSIC FESTIVAL for parts organization- a-z,a-(p).

Please forward to EDWARD M. BILKEY to review the policy issues with SANCUATARY for case issues in review of long range visionary agendas of N.A.S.A. and DISNEY WEST with the Japanese SPACE AGENCY-such that opening a small hub in NEW MEXICO may show a type of reinforced right of spatial software development for nano-engineered threats- is the former secretary of the ARMY willing to discuss ENRON complications with Ken Lay's Heart attack as one with the Vice President's Heart Attack from EEG biofeedback issues and the FENCE PARAMTER ARGUMENT for privatization scandals that violate fence paramters- see micro-modular robots and all citations of tech development in policy sempaphore in debentured web-contract not completed until JULY 2007-as Officer FENCE and psy-Oppicer are conceaered about the de- FENCé standards in the Submarine Community being abused in case outcomes effectign utilty services in RUSSIA and as based on weather forcast industry standards for copmanies like SYCRASY.
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