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News :: Social Welfare
Cocoa, not tea, calms blood pressure
10 Apr 2007
Modified: 07:18:37 PM
Cocoa, not tea, calms blood pressure

persistent sources


Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
Mememachine (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)


click here for today's attempted illustrate mirror:

********INDYMEDIA: BETRAYAL*********

Indymedia says: "We're the coolest! no one knows we're secretly working for the US government! no one knows our *job* is to try to destroy our neighbors!"




<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align=""center"">

********911 HOAX: MOVIE*********

Flight 175 Vanishment!

Krash! the most unbelievable of the 9/11 "planes" you've ever seen.


********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

September 11 as it happened. Watch CNN lie to their audience about planes striking the WTC:

911 Hoax:

********911: MEDIA FOREKNOWLEDGE********


BBC announced the collapse of WTC 7 a half hour before it happened:

(assuming this is authentic BBC telecast from 9/11: absolutely incredible!! the BBC essentially gave away a lot of the hoax elements of 9/11/01 to their audience!! Please, watch this.)

Google censors the BBC video; BBC claims it "lost" its 9/11 tapes:

BBC "lost" their 9/11 tapes!


********CLIMATE CHANGE********

Eat veggies, help world:

How a tiny frog is a deadly portent of what awaits an overheating planet:

Marshall Islands declares emergency as water runs out:

Gulf Stream Shutdown. global warming could lead to an ice age for northern europe:

polar bears beings stranded on melting ice:

Wayne Madsen - methane starting to vent from seafloors:

Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, UN report warns:
--or-- is time for the US to withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq. It is time for us to build subways, carbonless-emitting-high-speed trains, light rail and people movers.

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align=""center"">



Take this HAARP and shove it:

"Busy hurricane [HAARP-icane] season seen, FEMA vows to be ready":

(FEMA will be ready with their twitchy fingers on the button that detonates HAARP.)

********FALSE-FLAG NEWS********


WTC cancer cluster 'like Hiroshima':




The Pentagon's "power to jail Americans indefinitely":

"The presiding judge in the Jose Padilla case has held that the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of a speedy trial does not protect American citizens from being indefinitely incarcerated by the Pentagon..."


Hunger strikers are forced-fed at the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp:

Guantanamo inmates in mass hunger strike over new solitary cells:,,2053281,00.html

Supreme Court denies Habeas Corpus for prisoners being illegally held at illegally-occupied Guantanamo Bay:


Operation Falcon and the looming police state:

"...Operation Falcon is the clearest indication yet that the Bush administration is fine-tuning its shock-troops so it can roll up tens of thousands of people at a moment’s notice and toss them into the newly-built Halliburton detention centers..."


Dictator Bush signs away Posse Comitatus; paves the way for martial law:

Dictator Bush seizes control over all State militias:

********BLEAK ECONOMICS********


Record US trade deficit in 2006:

Clinton's signing of NAFTA/GATT cut America's economic throat:


Bush Dictatorship, self-proclaimed champions of "free trade", impose new duties on Chinese imports:


Iran planning to stop using US Dollar to price oil:


Foreclosure's shadow falls across diverse set of US homeowners:

(Yahoo/CIA is focusing on homeowners...however, the real issue is whether foreclosures are going to cause a wave of bank failures.)

In Detroit, many houses cost less than cars:

No clear end to wave of foreclosures:

US foreclosures rise 12% in February:

Crisis looms for entire economy/
Congress must focus on rising mortgate defaults to prevent a slip in confidence leading to collapse:

Is America headed for a Depression?

********TODAY'S WORLD WAR********


Few Americans "share Iraq war's sacrifices":

"...Now, a growing number of observers question whether Americans should make some kind of sacrifice for what Bush himself calls the 'decisive ideological struggle of our time.'..."

Dictator Bush needs 8,200 more kids to send off the brutal occupation of the Iraqi people:,,-6472111,00.html

********GENERAL NEWS********


Time to classify the manatee as endangered. The Manatee and the Bureaucrats:

Red Tide suspected in manatee deaths:,4670,ManateeDeaths,00.html

(hmm...this is Fox News, essentially state media. perhaps it was Navy sonar?)

Alarming decline of sharks causing other species to vanish:


How NSA access was built into Windows (1999):

(is Microsoft another CIA front? that idea sure explains a lot.)


US Navy enlarges Diego Garcia base for nuclear subs:


Killer disease striking down honeybees in the US:

what is causing the central valley bee crisis?


Cities set limits on serving homeless people food:


US War Department reaffirms its commitment to bio-chip every civilian in the US:


Was Tillman killed by the Bush regime?


<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align=""center"">

********CORPORATE POWER********


Fired Wal-Mart employee denied his First Amendment right to speak to the press:


Despite bumper grain crop, 33 countries in food crisis:

(there's no profit in saving lives, so we can't do it.)


Corzine to sell off New Jersey's toll roads!!!

(is there any easier way to make money? giving those roads to corporations is unbelievably cancerous to civilized society. corporations have absolute power today.)



North Korea told that it has a limited time to dismantle its nuclear program:

(if they don't dismantle, the US will pre-emptively nuke them. how about the US or Israeli nukes? how come the Axis powers can keep nukes--can even use them--while other countries can't?)


3 Israelis accused of training Columbian hit-men:

(only three this time?)


US accused of using neutron bombs in Iraq:

Huge anti-US rally in illegally-occupied Iraq:

16 killed in Iraqi suicide bombing:

(this may or may not be a real suicide bombing. all Washington has to do is tell the American public that suicide bombings are taking place and they accept the brutal occupation of a large population. this formula has worked for decades with Israel's subjugation of the Palestinians. Apparently Washington is employing it for the continued, unlawful occupation of Iraq.)

Iraq forced to pay for its own destruction:

"...Even when the Nazis brought destruction to Europe during WWII, no country alone suffered such human losses..."




US cities hot for hydrogen:

(imagine if the public only knew that electric cars were possible--today.)


Bankrupt GM tried to kill its electric car! Fans of the electric car trying to fight back:

(when do the US auto manufacturers begin to pay the American people back for decades of subsidies? The public is craving electric cars. Meanwhile, GM is losing money faster than it can be printed. When does GM stop holding us hostage with fossil-fuel burning cars that suck?

just how many GM executives does it take to turn on an electric car?)

******HEALTH, SCIENCE and LIVING******


"Saturn's Hyperion: a moon with odd craters":

(APOD's illustration at the link above is so utterly ludicrous it makes me cry with laughter. doesn't NASA have any quality control regading the fake images it produces of the "Cassini probe of Saturn"?)


panorama from the top of Mt. Everest:

Mystery of red space glow solved:


Cocoa, not tea, calms blood pressure:

(i'm guessing that it is the THC in chocolate that does this. btw, THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. recall that using marijuana to obtain THC is not only illegal, but penalties are draconian, barbaric even.)


Researchers tested pot, LSD on Army volunteers:

(this blogger is willing to test anyone's pot. just bring it by.)

Proteins change as pot cleans up soil:



Grand slam points to be reduced by governing body:

(this is very stupid. they're saying that Wimbledon compares to Cincinatti Masters--a tournament that many players skip or tank at.

this is like the NFL saying that the Super Bowl is going to be treated as if it were just like the last game of the regular season.)


Federer and his #1 ranking under assault:

btw, this is rumored to be Natasha Federer, Fed's 21 year-old cousin:


p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list

This work is in the public domain
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