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News :: Politics
15 Apr 2007
Notting Hill Housing Trust is controlled by Labour Party prime minister Mr Blair.
Ms Davies is the Special (Communist) Adviser to the Labour Party.
She makes a point of ensuring the management of Notting Hill Housing Trust give priority to those mullahs and firebrand Islamic clerics - in line with Blair discredited betraying Labour Party policy.
The good British people are thereby betrayed by the deceitful Labour Party!
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Why are the Directors of Notting Hill Housing Trust so risibly ‘politically-correct’ in most things?

Could it be anything so crass as chasing support from the political establishment to which it is so inextricably wedded?

As Notting Hill Housing Trust - NHHT - is indirectly controlled by the Labour Party prime minister!
The chief executive is Labour Party member Ms Kate Davies [the Labour Party flag-waving Special Adviser to the Labour Party on the basis of her weak degree in sociology – the study of a Labour Party dysfunctional society where the chief executive can hope to dictate to others less politically fortunate than herself?].

Yet at NHHT at the highest levels of management there are supine effusions to the Labour Party – like a Trotskyist Commissar bonded inextricably to the Stalinist State… trying to influence the media by propaganda displays and PR stunts [like ‘24’?] to control and misrepresent the truth by lies, evasion, and deceit…

Her profession of friendship is the smile on the face of the tiger…

Her tawdry enterprise has cost NHHT dignity and respect as a once respected charity in west London and known around the country… set up by a well meaning priest, Reverend Bruce Kenrick who set up two charities – ‘Notting Hill Housing Trust’ and ‘Shelter’ - in response to the evil deeds of the notorious evil slum landlord Peter Rachman of All Saints Road, Notting Hill and its immediate area in the Colville Ward of north Kensington a division of the London (Royal?) Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – represented by a Labour Party Councillor [Mr Desmond O’Neill of Flat M, (top floor), Hedgegate Court, Powis Terrace, London W11 1JP represented himself in the Labour Party parliamentary constituency of North Kensington and Regent’s Park of Labour Party MP Karen Buck - in which the Conservative shadow leader, David William Donald Cameron (9/10/66) lives, off St Helen’s Gardens, London W10 with his respectable and most pleasant wife, Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield of Normanby Hall, Scunthorpe, North Lincs. DN 15 9HU – the policies of Ms Davies have been so foolish that she betrayed all the well meaning people that had previously supported the now corrupted and emasculated Labour Party] – and the vile Mr Rachman set out to exploit the most vulnerable people who were ‘housed’ in damp slum hovel conditions in massive disrepair in west London.
The forty year landmark has just passed and the inspirational idealistic late Bruce Kenrick has just died and most tenants are rueful that the responsive responsible accountable transparent charitable trust - that it was - has been hijacked by the Labour Party philistines that corrupt, deceive and destroy good institutions to gerrymander communities, abuse trust and see every British institution that must be made politically correct and no one can object or challenge the elective dictator’s view – so Labour Party Commisars are swiftly appointed to the board – particularly if they control the local law centre - as has been witnessed in Hammersmith - where vulnerable tenant beneficiaries have been stitched-up by those who sit on the Board as Trustee directors of NHHT! So the lawyers break their duty not to allow a conflict of interest to exist as between their public duty to act in the best interests of tenants and their private interests as landlord of the tenant beneficiary.
The Labour Party corruption of the legal system just stinks!

Now under the chief executive of NHHT, Labour Party member Ms Davies is abusing the most vulnerable tenants once again, yet this time she hides behind the apparent government sponsored immunity that the Labour Party offers her whenever every complaint of tenants abuse re-surfaces and casts the chief executive as the originator of the directives to torment another vulnerable tenant beneficiary of the charitable trust.
Her direction to place psychological pressure on the vulnerable tenant beneficiaries of Notting Hill Housing Trust is described as amounting to torture.

Let’s not mince words, NHHT is a tyranny that supports and funds the terrorising or terrorism on its most vulnerable tenant beneficiaries. It is the greatest threat to housing stability in west London.
The management of NHHT have become pawns in a pawn cocktail.
The time has come to ask some very uncomfortable questions. The first is how dare ex Labour Party chairman and ex chairman of NHHT, Lord Tom Sawyer and Labour Party prime minister, ‘Princess Tony’ Blair who indirectly controls NHHT, try to lie about the appointment of the chief executive of NHHT, Ms Kate Davies, trying to spin the acts of NHHT, as the confrontation of the vulnerable tenant beneficiaries of the trust, as a political triumph, when it has been nothing but an utter humiliation. The next is how did they ever appoint a lightweight like Ms Davies to run NHHT.
Her appointment highlights the sheer impotence and bankruptcy of the Labour Party control over housing policy in this country. So much for the ‘flagship’ Labour Party housing association!
The Labour Party is no longer trusted. The Labour Party is held in disdain even by senior party workers and many of the members of the Party. The membership has reached an all time low and not surprising. The Labour Party is held in disdain by our European partners. The Labour Party is even more unable to influence a rampantly hawkish US administration that will invade Iran.

‘The People’s Princess’ Tony Blair and Ms Kate Davies, Labour Lords ‘windbag’ Neil Kinnock, Tom Sawyer and his bedfellow Clive Soley [who gave the order: “vote for the Blair war against Iraq or face the sack” of 24 Birch Grove, Ealing] bear a heavy responsibility for destabilising the Labour Party and its previous strong Party, that could win elections, to one of weakness and a total betrayal of ideals and strong values to a wasted effort entity reserved for millionaire fair-weather friends who seek lucrative government contracts and nothing else!
Democracy denied! Politicking perfidiousness! Meltdown mutants! Labour lunatics!

The hapless stooges of senior Labour Party NHHT management grinning and waving for the cameras like contestants cosying up to the Leslie Crowther in the final frames of The Price Is Right.
Even if the British Commonwealth lasts for a thousand years, no one will ever claim that this was their finest hour.
The game’s up.
We are all crippled and castrated by New Age Labour Party ‘Diversity’ policies.
The line up of the Trustee Directors of NHHT is a craven and humiliating attempt to posture that the Labour Party is all inclusive – it is not! It is elitist – decidedly so!

Ms Davies should be welded into her luxurious seriously polluting motor and pushed over the edge of Beachy Head!; and the Labour Party Prime minister with the Labour Party Pinnochios of Kinnock [Kinnochio], Sawyer and Soley should not be allowed to waltz off into the sunset – they should be all charged with treason! Is that why ‘People’s Princess’ Tony Blair chose Connaught Square [29 Connaught Square attached to 5 Archery Close behind it, where in numerology the number ‘29’ symbolises ‘death’], just west of Marble Arch, as part of Tyburnia, as the place to retire – the venue from where traitors and betrayers were traditionally executed. Further, it is the destination of choice of the inhabitants of the Arab world – were they not those betrayed?

The grandees of the Labour Party and NHHT all feel the urgent need to attract the press and utter pious platitudes about how they did ‘the right thing’.
Pass the sick bag, Alice! We want to wretch.

We all despair at the country we have become. After ten years of Tony Blair, Britain is now a neutered international laughing stock. The EU ‘partners’ and our UN ‘partners’ now, not surprisingly, hold us in common contempt. [But did we not put in as EU Commissioner of Trade to represent not UK interests but the trade interests of the USA against the best interests of all our fellow EU partners – ‘Pinnochio’ Peter Mandelson? But before then, did not Labour shadow Lord Chancellor Derry Irvine, as he was – whose son not surprisingly went ‘off the rails’ and his wife emigrated in disgust to Canada as her husband saw himself as Cardinal Wolsey to Henry VIII and did not the ex roofer’s son go off with his ex cabinet colleague’s wife, Mrs Dewar - inform Peter Mandelson that Tony Blair would become the leader after John Smith’s funeral at Westminster Abbey?] [John Smith being the ex Labour Party respected leader who never did trust Mr Peter Mandelson or Mr ACL Blair.][Did John Smith not see Mr Mandelson – the ex ‘Communist’ (member of the Communist Party – but was this just a ruse – a man ‘run’ by the intelligence service?) – the ‘almond’ {‘mandel’ = almond} man {the ‘international’ man} who was easily employed in Mr Winogradsky’s ITV television empire. Whose nephew Mr Blair was appointed as chairman of the Blair controlled BBC ‘Voice of Pravda’ Labour Party organ of social control – the television propaganda Labour Party tool of total social control!]
[Mr Blair is controlled by Mr Abraham Levy, whose friends of the ‘international’ ‘brotherhood’ have bankrolled Blair; Mr Brown, in contrast, is controlled by Mr Cohen of the ‘international’ hedge fund fame.] [Labour Party unofficial treasurer, Mr Levy, was he not advised by the Blair elite to instruct Labour Party solicitors of choice, Sir Geoffrey Bindman of Bindman solicitors of Kings Cross? Is it not the case that all Labour Party supporting solicitors gave substantial funds to the Labour Party in return for lucrative work through the Labour Party? Can that not be seen as corruption?]

The feminisation of our entire society – as the heading up of NHHT management by Ms Davies - has utterly destroyed whatever credibility and moral fibre we ever had.

Like the British soldiers who died for their country – in the First World War and Second World War – if they would have known that a deceitful Blair and his betraying Labour Party political ‘brothers’ would have undone all their hard fought liberties and rights - they would have certainly not bothered. Sadness and regret are just not enough. But sadness and regret are left.
Mr Blair and his ilk have destroyed our heritage – it has gone for ever. Our parish churches are now history, which Mr Blair has consigned to the dustbin, replaced over night by his ‘Blair Babes’ and their mercenary visions of a quick-fix, all-night rave generation, with its rampant boozing and reckless hedonism, a supercasino and gambling emporia in every town, 24 hour government sanctioned drinking pubs and clubs where decadent philandering promiscuous punters are encouraged to vie pole dancers for their pecuniary patronage, whilst the most vulnerable are encouraged, if not goaded, to join the new temples of social irresponsibility and unaccountable values – priority to businesses and political directorships rather than to accountable constituents, challenging the most vulnerable and the non acceptance by spineless political leaders of any form of responsible government, without one iota of responsibility or personal insight.

Like robots running low on battery power. Which is exactly what they are. The politicians have a ‘Macavity moment’ [the mystery cat] blathering on about educating the world poor or paying world debt and yet our own education system is being daily rapidly destroyed or financially beyond the reach of many students and our banks and our government are the cause of world debt – with unbelievably astronomical salaries meted out by the banks whilst bank customers are informed with increased regularity that they are in record debt with those controlling banks in receipt of obscenely hefty and greedy rewards that run into the millions of pounds per individual.
Yet, where are the politicians there speaking out against such inequitable, unacceptable outrages!

Our country’s reputation and those of the political Party members - who are and were always mere hangers-on - just place the reputation of our institutions and our country in total tatters!
[Labour Party MPs have a basic £60,000 salary – compared with the average national salary of £25,000 - with the average claiming £134,000 in expenses a year. Only a week ago MPs voted £10,000 a year to pay themselves for ‘communication expenses’. Most people have seen their incomes fall in real terms in the past few years with rising tax and utility bills. MPs want to grab even more of their cash to feather their own nests. One Labour MP has the cheek to claim £25,146 on postage - without proof of postage. [At 34p per first class stamp.]
MPs are meant to set an example.
To be frugal, responsible and responsive would be a start.

Whilst MPs get a basic £60,000; Cabinet Ministers gets a basic £120,000 and the Prime Minister a basic £180,000. Yet, not satisfied with the wide array of unchallenged expenses for which they all claim, over 60% of MPs argue that they are – of course – underpaid!

The alternative of the Blair betrayers is the ‘Classless’ Cameroonians of David Cameron.
But are they not all members of the elitist Bullingdon Club [‘Buller men’ aka Lord Snooty and pals] of Oxford University [David Cameron, Oxford 1987, George Osborne, Oxford 1992 – both of north Kensington, W10] - a la Brideshead Revisited - Hooray Henry and Hooray Henrietta – is this not the elitist equivalent of the bacchanalian japes of Prince Harry Hewitt [the son of Major James Hewitt and the Hon. Diana Spencer, the late Princess of Wales?] at hell-raising haunts in central London. [Yet the Bullingdon is notorious for its members who trash and destroy restaurants and other riotous behaviour which, as sons of aristocratic and surprisingly-rich families, tend to be effectively ‘immune’ from the usual reaches of the law. Hopefully, this was in the past, all as past of growing up as an independent person with no responsibility and access to too much money?]

Now in Britain today, the mosque is here, the mullah is here, the burqa is here, Sharia law awaits…
Ms Davies, all her many babies and her ilk will have to wear the hijab and go to the kitchen…
Her high watermark was of yesterday…

Over ten years our ‘Britishness’ has been destroyed by the Labour Party. The union of Anglicans is fragmenting, particularly over the issue of homosexuality imposed by ‘Peoples Princess’ Tony Blair. [It was him who appointed Dr Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury]. Unlike the Catholic Church; controlled as it is by the Labour Party prime minister, the Anglican Communion does not have the necessary structural supports to enable it to hold it together, and thus break-up is inevitable.

The controversial appointments of the most senior Anglican prelates by the prime minister were designed specifically to split the Anglican Church asunder. The Machiavellian Labour Party political plan has all but succeeded! It was the way to undermine the power of the duality of the monarchy and the political leadership – so that an excess of power could not be abused into one over powerful dictator. Look what the Labour Party has engineered – a Trotskyist State!
Look further, the Labour Party has re-tooled a corrupt legal cipher. What happened to the law courts, which was always the instrument of political power in Britain. The symbol of ‘the lion’ [king of the concrete jungle – the reality of power] and ‘the unicorn’ [the illusion] remains in every court and on every passport across Britain - but who knows what it means? Is it not the secret of exercising power through stealth and through the illusion. Power through the political back door?

Ask any Eastern European émigré – they need no prompting – they recognise it all immediately!

We enjoyed a certainty in our childhood – a job, career, secure pay, pension, good care – what seemed like a potentially secure life - Unity!
We enjoyed the luxury of a flexible religious knowledge.

NOW we do not have a certainty to what remains of our life – no job, no career, no secure pay, no pension, no good care - no secure life – Division!
We now seek the fundamentalist, orthodox, absolute truths with absolute religious truths.

We discover we were betrayed – we now discover the politicians – like the Labour Party - lied to us.
This has consequences.

Reading the lies of Ms Davies, all that is missing is Nero and his Stradivarius. As a Gormless woman who cackles away in the same psychobabble as they discuss ‘relationship ishoos’ with her fellow emotionally incontinent sisters who want to exploit a charitable trust for self-indulgence and mercenary advantage – somehow without wanting to be personally liable or bear any responsibility for gross neglect.

Contrast the commercialisation and self-interest and selfishness with the courage of the postmen on the Titanic who tried to salvage their sacks of mail as the ship went down.
These days Ms Davies and Co. would be ripping them open, nicking the postal orders and clambering over the women and children to get to the lifeboats!

Indeed, we hear a lot about the benefits of mass immigration and open borders. Of which there are many; but when we sought expansion, did anyone envisage that London’s NHHT would become a transit camp for itinerant mullahs and militants who vitally needed another essential western base?

Migrants here enjoy availability of jobs without restriction and unrestricted access to a benefits system. Why?
Is there not a very good reason?
Encourage more and more people who will work for less and less and pay our people less and less?
The industrialists, the hedge fund managers and the professional football players legitimately avoid paying tax. The poor and vulnerable are they not placed in the dependency trap and made to carry the greatest burden, as council tax, food prices, stealth taxes and energy bills all rise unrelentingly?
A clear barometer indicating a totally incompetent, unconcerned and irresponsible government?
Migrants are not surprisingly adding around 1.5 million to the UK population since the Labour Party came to power in 1997. In the past two years there have been over 700,000 recorded arrivals from Eastern Europe. [The unrecorded figures are far higher.]

Yet the Labour Government needs to get a grip on our immigration system and properly take into account the impact of migration on schools, hospitals and other public services.

The United Nations asserts that Immigration is meant to increase and approach some 2.3 million every year from now until 2050! Of these some half million will come from Africa and about 1.2 million from Asia. India will have the largest population at 1.7 billion by 2050. There will be 300 million in Pakistan, whilst the population of Nigeria at 290 million will make it the world’s sixth most populous country.

Flooding and famine will increase. United States, Russia and China all on the Security Council and are the largest producers of harmful emissions. Over 3 billion people face water shortages. Climate change means wilder weather patterns as weather systems have to stabilise the greater variability of pressure systems. Alpine glaciers will disappear and heat-waves will become common whilst grass already grows all year round. In June 2007, the UN will present a stark report of its bleakest assessment to the Group of 8 richest countries [US, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Russia, China]. By an increase of just 2 degrees, would see one third of all earth species disappear with death and the displacement of hundreds of millions of people. Issues of immigration are so grave that we can no longer irresponsibly ignore their consequences - as Mr Blair and his acolytes have done.

Yet the irresponsible Blair government has said absolutely nothing on population increase - the one major issue that the foolish Blair Government has totally ignored at our peril.

Population increase is indeed the real reason for nuclear war that is increasingly getting closer and closer by every month of each year that slowly passes, as the chances rise exponentially in certainty, as every single month goes by. We take it as good news on the birth of every single person – but foolishly, we are raising the stakes and signing our own death warrant!

Ms Davies has 5 children – yet her country of choice - favoured in Chairman Mao’s China, that she would like to emulate in London and at NHHT in particular - she would have all her babies confiscated and she would be treated as an irresponsible selfish baby factory that due to her irresponsibility she and her ilk are the real cause of global warming and the increased unrelenting destruction of all the limited earth’s resources for her selfish self-indulgence and reckless irresponsibility!

NHHT commit violent robberies on their most vulnerable tenants in an effort to unlawfully evict them and the police, meanwhile under the Labour Party have become politicised – motorists need to be pursued in barmy Blair’s betraying Britain and where ten-year old boys are seriously interviewed about calling their schoolmates ‘gayboy’ without having to trouble with violent robberies! Some of the police have even conceded to some of the victim tenant beneficiaries of NHHT: “So what if your landlords are bent!!!”

How much longer will it take for the odd 128 pieces of paper to be consigned to the bin for a single assault case! How much longer will we have to resign ourselves to routine violence on our streets before the political police are relieved of their PC paperwork and put back on the beat where they belong?

We must learn vital lessons and attribute blame where it is due.
NHHT are fighting a proxy Labour Party political war.
A war – yes, the Labour Party are fighting a war on its very own people!

When a fiasco of this magnitude takes place in any walk of life, those responsible must not only be sacked, they must be seen to be sacked.
NHHT management may deserve our pity, to be patronised by the chef executive, but they do not command our respect. Particularly with so many tenant beneficiaries who are obliged to endure so many defamatory aspersions through too many painful and scandalous vilifying and insulting involuntary experiences – suffering as they do a very unpleasant and frightening ordeal.

NHHT has become a byword for a violently emotional, erratic tenancy. Even if a person is indeed a protected assured tenant in their very own home.

The chief executive has – like this discredited government – a long record of mendacity and duplicity. Again and again, they have made promises, then shamelessly broken them.
So long as this remains true, we must expect more bloody mischief at their hands.
Under the present chief executive of NHHT, severe chaos and misery lie ahead.
Almost certainly the right course – the one Ms Davies never chooses – is to go now.
The follies of Ms Davies has laid bare the weakness of the management of NHHT which once seemed invincible.

If she was wise, she would apologise and consult the good beneficiary tenants - but no - the chief executive of Notting Hill Housing Trust is foolish, unwise, unaccountable and confrontational and she does not consult the good, concerned, vulnerable beneficiaries of the Trust of which she is a Trustee and she just continues to confront, harass and hound good vulnerable tenant beneficiaries of the Trust whom she irresponsibly, ignorantly and unlawfully refers to as mere ‘customers’, in order to try to deny them their legal status and was she and is she not a Labour Party special adviser to the Labour Party? It is as if the scared beaten girl has become the most powerful person in the Notting Hill Housing Trust world. Is the violence she perpetrates upon her innocent hapless victims, through the directives to her management, essentially a fruitless attempt to appease her violent father and overpower him?

It appears her idea of heaven is rounding up the Jews – not to mention the gypsies, homosexuals and mentally ill – almost as unlikely to most tenant beneficiaries of the Trust who have bought an interest in their home or those comfortable tenant beneficiaries who are of a non indigenous background, and they do not know of the time when Ms Davies was just one of many irritating rabble-rousers strutting around her Labour Party gatherings. Her own personality appears as tyrannical, self-centred and riddled with paradoxes – which bares more than a passing resemblance to that of a dictator.

Dictatorial, irascible, ruthless and exploitative. Is it so true that many of the staff of NHHT assert that they never know when one of her rages is coming? She is described as most impatient with those who fear her. She takes as granted her inalienable right to be the centre of attention. She is emotionally stupid – blind to the vulnerable tenants’ increasing distress. Asserted as excoriating personal experiences by many staff, she has a complete lack of empathy with other people’s lives and those that know her have asserted that she has no compunction to believe that her virulent enmities are based on base envy, suggesting she was brought up in a house bereft of affection. She seems to enjoy taking the opportunity to inveigh against the ‘abomination’ of the white middle class – of which she is a product.

The high standards others set have been rubbished in favour of pandering to what the Labour Party – the Labour Party, forsooth! – want. She is morally destitute, which is testament to her overweening extravagance and ostentation.

But what is the nature of this ‘special’ advice to the Labour Party - we would like to know?

What are the ‘special’ qualifications of the chief executive of Notting Hill Housing Trust?
As a Trustee there is personal liability for all wrongs caused by the Trustees – there is meant to be consultation and accountability - but with the present chief executive of Notting Hill Housing Trust, the evidence indicates that there wasn’t, isn’t and won’t be…

The present chief executive seems to be not bright enough, not courageous enough and not wise enough… to consult, to assist, to be accountable - but like a coward, just confronts, hounds and throws away laboriously acquired unaccountable taxpayers money in frivolously squandering valuable assets to defend her unlawful actions by instructing questionable lawyers as a result of her orders to harass good tenants and to continually abuse their precious human rights! The truth is too well known – the many verified newspaper accounts confirm her wicked and evil behaviour…

But beneficiaries or tenants as members of the Trust under the Trustee Act 1925 have an interest, a claim and an entitlement to their benefit – that is indeed the purpose of a Trust…
There can be no denial of a legal liability and a legal responsibility…

Is it true that the nature of that ‘special’ advice offered by the chief executive of Notting Hill Housing Trust is limited on the basis of a mere weak degree in sociology – the study of society – society under a dysfunctional leader, led with psychologically flawed dysfunctional wrecks not ‘fit for purpose’ who confront, not consult, and fully embrace totalitarian control using spin and sleaze – which most normal people call lies, deceit and corruption – employing the evil ‘social engineering’ policies of Adolf Eichmann.

The evil wicked Eichmann was eventually tracked down by friends of the victims, that were and are still known as ‘Gideon’s Angels’ – he was hunted, tracked down, followed and in time eventually, when the time was deemed right, in May 1960, abducted from a sympathetic government to him, of Juan Peron of Argentina that supported him, he was judged and then hanged in June 1962, some 17 years later (11/05/60) after he carried out his evil brutal plan of destroying people – as the architect – but does not Notting Hill Housing Trust under the architect of the chief executive carry out exactly the very same function in a far more subtle and far more sophisticated form – all her victims appear to be Jewish… do not ‘Gideon’s Angels’ deal with the escape of evil...

The vile policies of Eichmann were enthusiastically embraced by Adolf Hitler, a man who was psychologically abused mercilessly by his tormentor - which led to an unresolved hatred of his father – and an escape of evil - like the policies of Ms Davies implemented through the management of Notting Hill Housing Trust (now the liberalising of public sector housing associations – all one million properties of them – part being what have become the unaccountable housing trusts, some of which are the most shameful enterprises in Britain, overseen by a weak, selfish and irresponsible government, and the keeping of the most vulnerable members of society in exorbitant rents on housing benefit that are in massive unlawful disrepair) which oversees Britain’s new form of slavery in the very heart of west London – utilising the poor and most vulnerable at industrial level to fuel a silent and extremely lucrative housing and property industry [paid extensively by housing benefit through local government housing departments] and using the charity as a mere charade in order to avoid paying tax.

According to Tony Blair: “Council Housing is a Living Tomb” and “Staying there is being trapped in a Ghetto”. These Blair comments are the height of irresponsibility. The prime minister has a duty to put sufficient taxpayers money into all public sector homes in order to repair them in accordance with the legal responsibility to do so – not to destroy the lives of the British population by sheer negligence or of reckless irresponsibility.
In this melee, politics is centre stage - the law courts are powerless.

Notting Hill Housing Trust transfers properties from its charity [Notting Hill Housing Trust] to its commercial entities to avoid paying tax [like the commercial entities, Notting Hill Home Ownership – Notting Hill Market Rent Limited (9/2/2007)(with the chief executive at its helm, Ms Kate Davies (29/3/56) of Flat 2, First Floor, Corner Lodge, 107 Sussex Gardens [behind the Brynteg Hotel, at 109 Sussex Gardens], Radnor Place, Paddington, City of Westminster, London W2 2RU and three fellow ‘Notting Hill Housing’ female directors – i) Geeta Nanda (17/7/65), 8 Longley Road, off Pinner View, North Harrow, London HA1 4TH; ii) Jayne Hilditch (20/8/69), 2 Northcroft Terrace, by Northfields, Little Ealing, London W3 9SP; and iii) Ingrid Reynolds (30/9/55), 6 Bradley Gardens, The Avenue, West Ealing, Drayton Green, London W13 8HF] and vice versa - which is severely damaging the most young, the most poor and the most vulnerable, who are dependant on state benefits – the government respond with light-hearted and patronising remarks about ‘people’s rights’ or about ‘God-given liberties’) who tend to abuse their most vulnerable tenants who have made numerous legitimate complaints in writing - and those that do complain in writing – tend to get more mercilessly abused by the management of the unaccountable housing association, and the social totalitarian control policies that would do credit to the evil dictator Josef Stalin – ‘social engineering’ re-engineered, re-tooled, with the Stalinist lever of social control?

It is sick. It is not worthy of a civilised society.
It is for these sick, tormentor monsters who are wasted individuals that ‘Gideon’s Angels’ were formed…

In Blair’s Britain today, it has become an increasingly centralised introverted police state, where there are more Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) systems [many are controlled by a central control room headquartered in the town hall of the local authority] with more than any other country on earth – 4.2 million cameras – one in five of all CCTV cameras on earth - the surveillance society! But this is just the beginning…

Breach of trust, breach of confidence, abuse of confidential information at NHHT?
What of the duty of care to ensure that there is no gross neglect, nuisance or negligence, to ensure that practices and procedures to check potentially dangerous properties are carried out.
What about good training, discipline and high morale – it certainly does not exist at Notting Hill Housing Trust.

The most respectable, caring idealistic individuals of management are immediately sacked.
The most ignorant and most confrontational management are promoted and receive pay increases.

The weak and inane confrontational management skedaddle from any inkling of responsibility.

The Data Protection Act 1998 is abused and totally ignored…
As for the Freedom of Information Act 2000 under the Labour Party… this is similarly emasculated. Tony Blair’s discredited flatmate [the Labour Party Lord Chancellor, ex Blair flat mate, Charles Falconer – just as the Labour Party ex senior partner of Cherie Blair at Matrix Chambers, Labour Party Sir Ken Macdonald, was recommended for the post of Director of Public Prosecutions and head of the Crown Prosecution Service of 50 Ludgate Hill, by Cherie Blair, wife of the Labour Party prime minister – talk of nepotism and cronyism! – the man who decides which entities get prosecuted in Britain today – political prosecutions as in Stalinist Russia, Maoist China or in Hitler's Reich, with his Dr Goebbels propaganda which Labour Party reptiles and chameleons call 'spin and sleaze', which most normal people call 'lies, deceit and betrayal'!] as Labour Party Charles Falconer tries to foolishly argue that the time taken to research the information or the resources spent on researching the information could be reasons to not uphold the strict provisions of the Freedom of Information Act - a deceitful weasel-worded way to try to erode the strict provisions of law – to try to limit the way to hold the government to account as transparent and accountable - as it should be!

The only way to seek redress is to take an unaccountable entity like Notting Hill Housing Trust and an unaccountable emulator of Nazi policies, like the chief executive, Ms Kate Davies, to the European Court of Human Rights… of which the chief executive is now ‘on clear notice’ but she persists in acting with continued harassment and illegality…

No more support from Mr Blair, Ms Davies, as Mr Blair will no longer be in power…
“Challenges”… they certainly are, Ms Davies... so were there for ‘Gideon’s Angels’…

The commentating classes of Labour Party grandees talk down of such unlawful policies and practices, as they do of marriage and highlight the cost of its decline. The discredited Government has denied unlawful policies and practices as it does that marriage holds any special importance. Is that not why so many in the heart of government do not promote marriage but speak of loose partnerships… Blair-Booth; Kelly-Gadd; Harman-Dromey; Jowell-Mills; etc…

Is Ms Davies [the chief executive at Notting Hill Housing Trust who receives an astronomical salary and similar perks] slavishly trying to copy the Labour Party ‘partnership policy’ with Mr Nick Johnson [is he the subservient man with no astronomical salary and no similar perks]?

That is where the twin pillars of ‘diversity’ and ‘politically-correct’ policies come in – giving priority to some, giving major exclusion to others. [Thus the Labour Government concern for social exclusion and the social ‘exclusion’ unit – not the social ‘inclusion’ unit – words are indeed so extremely important in this war for the minds of the British people!]

Again and again she and they have flaunted their contempt for tenant beneficiaries. Days, even weeks of pleasure lie ahead for them, playing on the emotions of the vulnerabilities of others, as if she and they are strumming some devil’s lute. She gives priorities to mullahs and militants to massage their paranoia. Her power and influence feed on tenant beneficiaries whom she foolishly and unwisely sees as ‘customers’ and ‘enemies’. She is shipwrecked by slavish support of the Labour Party and it scarcely matters who is in charge of the flotsam that is left. It is a scandal that what was a good charitable Trust is placed in the hands of a lacklustre, incompetent, unwise person who is the stuff of satire. Lies and dodgy dossiers. Like all delinquents, the Notting Hill Housing Trust confrontational Trustees yearn for respect – but they do not earn it.

Notting Hill Housing Trust has been tarnished with the bankruptcy of an ignorant weak leader, shackled and controlled to the calamity of what has become of the Labour Party. Rather than proper consultation, Ms Davies has identified her flag as one of confrontation, harassment, dodgy bedfellows, defeat as well as disrepute! Just as Tony Blair’s romantic notions of a ‘just war’ through his acolytes, muppets and puppets have led Britain into the carnage and confusion of Iraq today.

In the book, ‘Tokens of Trust’, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, is scathing of the Labour Government, “we are unhappy and mistrustful about our education system, our health care services and police – let alone our representatives in government. We sense ourselves caught up in international economic and political patterns we can’t control and which we don’t believe work for our advantage!” The erosion of belief in spiritual values has left a society which is ‘totally materialistic’. There must be doubts about the real levels of tolerance in a society with a booming compensation culture. We seem to be tolerant of all sorts of behaviour, yet are deeply unforgiving. We should not be misled by an easy going atmosphere in manners and morals; under the surface there is a harshness that ought to worry us.

No matter the lack of qualifications – what matters is the right perception!

It appears that Labour Party dictates those who must be seen to hold power:
These are dumbing-down times – the intelligentsia must be removed. No whites - no middle classes appears to be the cry – only found in cabinet level and at the most senior government level or as waste operatives?

What are needed now in management appear to be only women – the perception seems to be all – skills and talent? – who cares about them – is the Labour Party refrain!

As to home owners, this is what the Conservative Party seek – 14.6 million last year, which rate of owner-occupiers has peaked at 70 per cent. Due to prices soaring, many prospective first-time buyers have been priced out of the market.

In 1953 there were only 32 per cent of home owners-occupiers.

Yet what of the most poor, the most vulnerable and those who are too ill to work?
What of them?

The government seems keen to keep the most poor in desperate destitution, housing benefit paying, but the tenant to pay all bills and all expenses and leading to dependency despair and the dependency culture, with social collapse, family collapse, severe depression and some just turn to crime.

No wonder the 4th richest economy in the world is now at breaking point. In the 4th richest economy all the prisons are full, over-spilling into police cells and only one policeman in 58 walks the beat! With a population that suffers more now from depression than at any other time in recorded history.

What an indictment. What a legacy. What a betrayal.

Britain has become an overcrowded fragmented and bad-tempered country with frayed nerves.
Mr Blair has made it so.
It is a crammed country with people hemmed in ever closer together amid rising levels of anti-social behaviour and growing discontent about everyday life. As a result of Blair’s foolish policy of unlimited immigration [Migrationwatch was set up] the country’s population has gone up officially in the Government’s Social Trends Report by nearly 3 million in just 15 years.
[It was some 60 million people with some 60 million acres of land.]
This means there are nearly 2 million more households living in some densely built housing, sparking [not surprisingly] soaring complaints about noisy neighbours and anti-social behaviour.

The Report shows that the family ties that once bound people together are becoming increasingly fragmented. Nearly a quarter of children live in one-parent families, nearly a third of the population lives alone, and 43 per cent of babies are born outside marriage.
Think about it – what does this say about Britain and more specifically about the man who corrupted Britain – Mr Blair!

The survey produced for the Office for National Statistics is published at a time when growing political concern over the health of the family life has joined longstanding worries over immigration and increases in violence and anti-social behaviour.
The report provides powerful new evidence of the extent of overcrowding, stating that immigration has nearly tripled to 182,000 a year [the unofficial figures are far higher, as admitted by the Office for National Statistics – even net migration worked out by the ONS is 235,000 based mainly on surveys from ports and airports. Ministers have accepted that since 2004, when Britain opened its borders to Eastern Europeans because of EU enlargement, 600,000 have come in. Current estimates suggest there may be over 700,000 Eastern Europeans living and working in Britain – which pushes indigenous labour out of their poorly paid minimum wage work – whilst individual others – like the chief executive of Notting Hill Housing Trust - enjoy hundreds of thousands of pounds of undeserved salaries for little or no work – a person who never ever answers legitimate letters of complaint from good beneficiary tenants of the trust – who thinks nothing of spending trust funds on lavish extortionate expenditure whilst living in palatial properties in stupendous splendour] since the 1990s, deliberate political policy in irresponsible unregulated immigration was responsible for two-thirds of the overall population increase. ‘The steady increase means that a larger population live within the same geographic space’, it says.
The number of households is now 24.2 million compared with 22.4 million in 1991.
The most crowded borough of the 33 boroughs of London is the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where there are now nearly 42,500 people to every square mile. [One of the densest areas of population in the world!]

At the same time, the rising numbers of immigration are squeezed into increasingly smaller homes. Most new homes are built are two-bedroom flats as opposed to four-bedroom family homes. They are built at an average of 16 to the acre compared to ten to an acre in the mid 1990s.
In London, new homes are now built at 45 to an acre compared to 19 to an acre in 1995.

Deliberate overcrowding in London by Labour Party government policy is scandalous!
No wonder - people are expected to live like rats.
No wonder people are becoming more stressed.
More overcrowded means more anti-social behaviour as more ignore the rights of others to basic peace and quiet. [People who feel so threatened and insecure that they feel the need for an aggressive breed of dog!]
The ownership of noisy yelping aggressive dogs should be banned in crowded environments.

[Hot weather means more aggressive behaviour demonstrated by aggressive behaviour by people and animals in confined spaces. It is a recipe for an explosive situation – yet Notting Hill Housing Trust management negligently and recklessly irresponsibly says absolutely nothing concerning the unlawful overcrowding of its own flats – with unlawful subletting with massive overcrowding - or the keeping of noisy dangerous dogs – that pose a danger to babies and small children!]
Complaints about noisy neighbours have risen fivefold in the last decade of ten years, says the report. Councils recorded nearly half a million such complaints in 2005, mainly concerned with loud music or dogs barking.

Many tenants live in one bedroom flats with their girlfriend or boyfriend and yet no action – it is a green light to overcrowd – to break the law and to cause a fire or worse.
The penalties for overcrowding of people in a small flat and the keeping of dogs in cruel and barbaric conditions in Notting Hill Housing flats encouraging the breaking of RSPCA [Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals] legislation to cruelty to animals are far too lax and clearly not strict enough. Made worse by the negligence and recklessness by the chief executive through management towards dumb uncared for animals and other respectable human beings.

The unlawful non enforcement of unlawful behaviour by the chief executive of Notting Hill Housing Trust knows no bounds!

The numbers of complaints about neighbours overtook moans about the disruption caused by building or roadworks in the early 1990s.

Social Trends also acknowledges the impact of rising crime, citing crime survey findings which show that concerns about anti-social behaviour have risen fast, with fears over drug dealers [together with binge drinking – caused by a population feeling increasingly alienated] doubling since the early 1990s and worries about teenage gangs going up 60 per cent.

Alongside increasing crowding and everyday tension, the report points to rapid changes in the nature of families. Officials single out the growth in numbers of children brought up in single parent families, so that now almost a quarter of all children – 24 per cent – are brought up by a lone mother or father. [This family break-up, not surprisingly tends to lead to increased levels of aggression and increased levels of crime.]

More than four out of ten children are born outside marriage. Family break-up and the increase in the number of older people mean that 29 per cent of all households are made up of one person living alone.

The report drew warnings from independent analysts that immigration and family breakdown are now making everyday life increasingly difficult for millions.

Robert Whelan of the Civitas think tank said: ‘This is a picture of a society that is fragmenting, if it has not already shattered’.

‘There are multiple interlocking problems. At the heart of it, we have a population that is breaking apart and we are running out of space.’

‘Immigration is causing overcrowding because people follow the work to the areas such as London.’ [Many do not have the right to be here, but there seem to be no consequences. Whilst this happens health is deteriorating. Tuberculosis (‘TB’) has returned to these shores, whilst the National Health Service (‘NHS’) is overstretched with health tourists and the NHS just cannot cope - it is dying – as are too many of its patients - as MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus) originating from poor cleaning in hospitals – makes a revival. People in Britain spend longer years in poor health with men spending some 9 years in poor health, compared with 6 years in poor health in the 1980s! Walking is more dangerous than going by car - so more use cars according to the Social Trends Analysis. Motorbikes are the most dangerous way to travel - so they need to be avoided, in favour of a car!]

There is a lot of resentment of what is seen as great injustice, that people who have just arrived in the country get housing and extremely generous benefits to which they have not contributed at all [what a crazy system – making more taxpayers pay more and more with no gain for themselves – just penalties for being overcrowded in properties that are in unlawful disrepair.]

Politicians like Mr Blair have created this unfair, unjust and unacceptable system and their foolish special Labour Party Advisers, like Ms Davies, the chief executive of Notting Hill Housing Trust, just confront and unlawfully harass good respectable tenant.

The sad commentary is that the discredited Labour government has failed to spread prosperity across society. It has abandoned its traditional constituency – who have, in turn, abandoned it and them!

Those who sought asylum and/or refugee status in Britain today and/or those with immigration conditions seem to be waved through to promotion to senior positions in the employment market without too much regard to qualification, experience or skills, in an effort to fulfil ‘politically-correct’ targets?
Fine if the people are treated on the same criteria – but not if they gain an unfair ‘political’ advantage with little or no qualifications or skills!

What of the language – carefully overseen by over zealous members of political control – those selectively placed in senior positions of control are rapidly made up as members of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) – like Communist Party Commisar members in Stalinist Russia using Trotskyite policies – which acts not as an enabler but as a restrictor to the use of language, speech and views?

Freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to protest – what happened to them?
A seaman must now be referred as a seaperson!
A chairman must now be referred to as an inanimate chair!
And history must now be written so that the Crusades were deemed never to have taken place?
People were never burnt at the stake for their faith? But I don’t think so!
Slavery has been abolished – I don’t think so!!! Slavery flourishes – in an indirect way!

Count all the beneficiary tenant ‘slaves’ wedded inextricably to the housing benefit system which is a depraved corrupt system to utilise the poor and most vulnerable at industrial level to fuel a silent and extremely lucrative housing and property industry – at every opportunity the Notting Hill Housing Trust increase the rents as much as they can irrespective of a person’s ability to pay [every single time any respectable tenant beneficiary of the trust submits a complaint in writing to the trust – how foolish are the trustees and more specifically the chief executive – why target the most vulnerable – only if the trustees are the most evil members of British society], make greater ‘slaves’ of the tenant beneficiaries - using the charity as a mere charade in order for the trust to avoid paying tax and thereby transfer its housing stock unlawfully from the charity to the commercial entity and vice versa.

The Commission for Racial Equality is used in a ploy to shape thought control.
Any organisation that is used as a tool to gag freedom of speech or freedom of expression must be BAD!

So now we are informed that the Holocaust [shoah] never took place – oh really!

We are informed that Christmas [Hannukah] [winter solstice (22 December) + 3] does not exist - and whilst we are at it, Easter [Passover] is only fanciful and a spiritual life that also does not exist! Really!

We are so ignorant of our history and rather than help others to achieve better, our politicians tend to be supine puppet fools who are so insecure, who feel the need to control others through ignorance and fear, rather than seek to inspire and wish others to aspire for better, they encourage us that we need to dumb down further – like the BBC bound rigidly under very strict Labour Party political control!!! [Put in place by the senior civil servant, permanent secretary at the DCMS – Mr Nicholas Kroll, to abolish independent control of the BBC – for the political elite to exert full propaganda control - no different to the Zimbabwean despot Mugabe and his brutal elective dictatorship of the country and total control of the press.] [The new chairman of the BBC being an ex Labour Party councillor - so no surprise there! The BBC continues to be the Labour Party Pravda ‘truth’ under the authoritarian control of “our dear leader” (as the north Korean) elective dictator Blair.]

So now we are informed by the Labour Party grandees that two heterosexual partners is not necessarily the best form in which to bring up impressionable children who like teasing others who are different. Oh really!

Why is the Labour Party stooping so low?

Is that not why the best rewards in the Labour Party go to ever-cheering, ever flag-waving, ever supporting-blindly the weasel words of political zealots who lost the plot and betrayed the real British people way back in 1997, when the Labour Party betrayed the good British people – apart from the die-hard zealots who were rewarded with political patronage – sinecures for life – just in return for blinding support for elective dictator Blair - as lemmings at the edge of a cliff?

Is this blind support of elective dictator Blair not linked to the ‘politically-correct’ zealots that control Notting Hill Housing Trust?
Is this blind support not linked to the fact that the Labour Party directors think it ‘politically-correct’ to control the commercial entity called ‘Notting Hill Market Rent Limited’ (9/2/2007) controlled by Ms Kate Davies?

But is not Ms Kate Davies on the board of directors of Notting Hill Housing Trust as a Trustee – a charitable trust?

But a charity is not meant to mix the entity of a charity with a commercial enterprise!

Is the chief executive not responsible for the 761 ‘official’ complaints received by the management at Notting Hill Housing Trust? Yet all the good respectable tenant beneficiaries of the trust keep enquiring against a stony silence from the Trustees of the trust – all of them want to know, how many unofficial complaints are there – is it as much as ten thousand (10,000) complaints as some reports suggest - or is it less??

Is what Ms Davies doing, to confront vulnerable tenants, the person at the height of the hierarchy, as nothing but sick, twisted, perverted and insecure, leading and directing people called management - who do not appear to know what the word means – ultimately, those who seek to degrade and suppress generations of others for their mere entertainment and private amusement, whilst the chief executive lives in palatial splendour, orchestrating and meting out pain, suffering and daily brutality on too many vulnerable tenants who live in squalid basic existence, thanks to the deliberate unlawful disrepair of the housing stock of Notting Hill Housing Trust due to the negligent and reckless disregard of the legal duties of repair of the landlords, in exchange for the Trustees sitting back in comfortable relaxation on profligate profits and stupendous salaries, receiving millions of pounds annually from all the too many vulnerable tenants who are beneficiaries of Notting Hill Housing Trust – regulated by the Trustee Act 1925?

The evidence indicates that those with the power have a network of connections on a multi-tier basis and on the complaint to an entity of a lower instance, of a lower tier basis, those will inevitably get tipped off and contact their ‘higher level tentacle’ to knock the complaint out, tell lies, cover up and suppress it. That is how the discredited Labour Party autocratic totalitarian system works.

If there has been one good thing to come from the Gay Rights Bill, ratified by parliament last month, it is the confident voice that church leaders have found in arguing their corner. The head of the Catholic Church in Britain, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor [as supported by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome who cares for his four million Catholic adherents in Britain today], attacked the imposition of this legislation, claiming it was undemocratic and intolerant. He believes that to force Catholics to act against their consciences - as the Bill does - is a form of discrimination in itself. He called that it could call into question the allegiance to the State of Britain’s 4 (four) million Catholics, saying: ‘the threads holding together democracy [in Britain] have begun to unravel’.

Evil, vile, wicked tormentors like Ms Kate Davies - like Adolf Eichmann [‘15’] and Adolf Hitler [‘18’] before her – architects of ‘social engineering’ policies - were and are responsible for destroying our society. [Like the ‘Ku’ ‘Klux’ ‘Klan’ (‘11’ + ‘11’+ ‘11’ = ‘33’) of freemasonry.]

Fortunately, ‘Gideon’s Angels’ are aware…

These are indeed the dying days of the betraying Blair discredited premiership…

Elections [in Scotland, Wales and England] – 3 MAY 2007 - will nail his blatant lies and deceit of a once proud and powerful nation…

At the higher levels, in the councils of state, where there is security, in the SECURITY COUNCIL – Mr Blair is seen as the walking ‘dead’ man…

At the lower levels, in the council estates, where there is insecurity, Mr Blair is as seen as a liar, a betrayer and a traitor… a dead man walking…

He will not be forgiven nor forgotten for his killing of all the innumerable innocents and not one apology to any of the many relatives of the dead who died in vain to support his lies…

The epitaph was that he left office, hated, despised and to his face, others who will always see him as a weak and pathetic figure…

His place of retirement is at Tyburnia, near Marble Arch – noted as the place where betrayers were despatched to their death - among the many Arab neighbours of the west side of Connaught Square that will never ever forget how he betrayed and violated their life, their home, their people, their culture, and their sacred faith… by him who appears to know not what that means…

…Ms Kate Davies is no better… her gift is worse…it is the deliberate deploying of vile and evil unlawful harassment torment to the most vulnerable people of west London… tenants of Notting Hill Housing Trust… of which she is now on clear notice of her evil torment as the architect of indirect death and personal injury to too many good vulnerable tenants…

3 May 2007 will indeed sound the death knell of the evil corrupted Labour Party – and rightly so.

Those that supported the Labour Party have abandoned it – and its leaders that showed themselves as totally corrupt and evil!

They could have consulted – they did not.

They confronted and unlawfully harassed and for that they belong in the dustbin of history!

Mr Blair and Ms Davies must Go!

Go NOW - Mr Blair and your foolish special adviser of evil - Ms Davies!!!

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