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Parent Article: By* Maj. Gen. John DeFreitas, III commander of the U.S. Army Intelligence
Hidden with code "Other"
Ban Ki Moon's myspace homepage with dialouge to bullitens on
22 Apr 2007
myspace account artinspace (at) dialouge with Ban ki Moon for review of parapsychology case in Virgina with Virgina Tech Shooter- Thank you ___________ for your alumist ties to Virgina Tech that may assist in exposing this case with others linked to paranormal behaviors, meaning department heads within who know of such research who may have reason to forward case content to Ban Ki Moon about the emotional disorder of a "writer," who took the lives of 32 people...I know that you feel that it is a thin thread that we all bear in the responsibility to our country men, but thank you for the patch today in keeping us aware of when tradgedies are difficult to comprehend - but with so many domestic acts of terrorism, a ball player, a baseball player a american hero within you there lies the means to review as musch you may the case- as direct context to this case with xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on and the letter in it assert a case prejudice will be used to justify a continued manner of prejudice to case with a form of a backdrop to decisoin making of a irrational discourse to end resolve of pattern of behavior with such cases. I am ashamed that the programming case like this has a relevency to a full investigation and the level to which people will go to assure that no investigation starts into the basis of prejudice to a entire aerosapace industry.

Please store with the Secretary of the Senate

Respectfully Sir!

From : "thinktankoperations (at)"

To : artinspace (at), webmaster (at), webmaster (at)


Date : Thu, Apr 19, 2007 10:00 AM

Brief: This communication is intended for Virginia State Legislators with a caveat of implementation guidelines in assertions of preventive legislation effecting profile conjectures in models directly relative to Columbine, 9/11, and this weeks events that Transpired in Blacksburg Virginia- the key implementation guideline are for review by INSCOM with direct contextually to all case factors with J DEDRICK and theories in application of domestic violence with the date of 4/20. The following is a brief history in the case and allegations set forth to be reviewed with implied developmental bias toward preventive software effecting the Senate Server Reform Bill and data collection process of any manner of sig intell with collection and discovery action as well effecting the United Nation Information Service.

KEY WORD SIFT “Ab e Liberto A Qua Spritus,” “xautoun,” “zengersbomb,” “Hamurabeye,”,

History: The initial contact with intelligence in design of case theories prior to columbine and the prejudice in aftermath of columbine required a review of all potential subjects of influence over cognitive process or those with whom were theorized to handle the conjecture toward then known threats to domestic intelligence programs and operations clandestine or otherwise overt as in this case have direct corollary to the TALON spy program with the U.S. Air Force. Such prejudice with the individual Even Giffod was found in the summer of 1999 with aspects of case relative to research then engaged by J DEDRICK with U.S. and RUSSIAN space policy – in such the constrained development of the profile to adjudicate through with a C3 mechanism of command, control , communication was relative to the basis of domestic tracking theories for GPS, as biased toward criminal offenders and with precept in George Tenets support of policy within Oklahoma and other relevancies of policy with FENCE PARAMTER violations- that later as will be discussed in case were effected by the operation of company the “Art in Space Foundation,” as a tactical nuclear weapons operator aboard the command the U.S.S. Houston S.S.N. 713. The young man Evan Gifford when first assisting in the accommodation of all bills in Colorado HACKED into a Jefferson county school district computer to enjoin policy within region for preventive legislation measures in aftermath of Columbine, he worked then for the weather forecast company Syncrasy in Durango Colorado with the former captain of the U.S.S. Houston S.S.N. 713, with what was referred to as the “Soviet Defector form the Command the Red Oktobter,” the suggestion I have before continuing in the investigation is to find all counter intelligence epigrams that would have allowed soviet counter intelligence to lead J Dedrick to the Company , Colorado Water Jet owned and operated by former air force reconnaissance officer Dan Nibblelink, whose time in the late seventies in the Air Force held considerable Weight into the affairs of all policy programs with which violated fence parameters for spy like activity. The later contact in Sept of 1999, with Ben Granillo support continued aspect of case prejudice with a direct corollary to the brother of Ben Granillo who was in the Columbine cafeteria during the shootings on 4/20 1999. His father a Former F.B.I. officer was in a position of prejudice with all cases of subject developmental bias toward prevention of such acts of domestic violence with dependents. The bills engendered in the sate of Colorado with preventive pre-screening of content – as in the later saying- “if only we had seen in coming we could have stopped it,” that the web-page of the two mass murderers were a model web-page for formulation of tracking depended web-pages for activities that were suspicious or that engendered a bias with outcomes of danger or threat. The web-pages of J Dedrick with content of xautoun as with the increased threshold of prejudice to “behaviors,” with MILITARY counter development in the position of the greatest threat assessment profile the Tactical Nuclear Weapons Operator aboard the U.S.S. Houston allowed a complex theory on profile adjudication effecting upon by forces enveloped in the content of the documents cited the very nature of the T.S.A. Registry and passenger profiles for the aerospace industry – the connections in this case to 9/11 factors suggest – that the aerospace industry and companies such as Space Adventures Ltd in Virginia near INSCOM headquarters had reason to persuade lease development with the former soviet union for contracts with soviet services such as MIG-25 and space assets such as aerospace seats. The promissory notes relevant to manner of taxed eared revenue from such companies in escrow mediums are one with a direct connection to all cases within the confines of outcomes whereby congressional spending behavior by N.A.SA. is altered. In such a tandem to the effects of all cases with domestic terrorism be that where gain in a outcome from such or loss in a basis of such ; this case stands to exemplify all cases where by patterns of behavior suggest threats or by the standards of Pentagon purchasing strategies that whereby “Behavioral Selection Strategy,” are one with the effects of solicitations of the Pentagon.
The chronology of events that transpires from enlistment to the fulfillment of enlistment contract with a counter defense fro abuses in case called the debentured web-contract as not fulfilled until JULY of 2007 and by which funds currently administered to fulfillment of the contract with profiles as one with bias to value of data collected and disseminated toward fulfillments of goal cited in G.A.M.E. in the document- that further the occupation of J Dedrick at Quest Diagnostics in the increased threshold of duality of constants to achieve the greatest bias in profile mechanism is that J Dedrick while working for Gail Granillo , FEMA coordinator for the state of Colorado had a potential access, at least by SIGINTELL to ANTHRAX* her influence in the O.P.M. investigation of J Dedrick aboard the U.S.S. Constitution as well as her son’s may have extreme prejudice and as well her former husband may have a reasonable doubt to malice in the prosecution of INSANE persons who effect domestic policing prejudice of the F.B.I. against profiles of persons subject to the bias of those actors in the columbine incident.
Further back into cases of domestic terrorism we may go in this case as a theory on motive of acts of domestic terrorism with direct or complied value with soviet counter Intelligence has been maintained with direct corollaries to feedback of data collection with the United Nations as the second largest Intel gathering service in the World next to the C.I.A. – case theories have been subject to test hat assert the maintained value of cellular warfare is one with a human resourcing objectives as cited in contextual manners to case content and deductive measures of review of means of gain and loss in case outcomes. This case has placed a bias with a review of the F.B.I. and the Army Operation that cleaned up the F. Murray building with bias to former C.I.A. director for a loss of domestic intelligence by bias of inductive gathering of personal or for watchful means to track from foreign nations the intelligence of this country- such manner of entrapment in all cases except this direct analogy as fuel for investigations to assert a primary motive in acts of terrorism effect the United Nations as bias in data collection with triangulation is one with the selection of the Javier Perez De Celluar in Peru and the issues with a means of selection that allowed Alberto Fujimora and Valdimero Montisesnos a means of gain in gathering feedback in Peru form the United Nations during the years of his administrative oversight- the Senate Foreign Relations Committee members Joseph Biden and John Kerry may have a review of this case with a secondary bias to V Montisesnos from Chilean Ambassador’s who may be allowed to offer reprieves to extradition process with Alberto Fujimora in the event data gathered is one with a theory to maintain a review of all domestic terrorists cases with a primary objective effecting the Untied Nations.

This content was sent in review of theories in developmental bias to method and process with development of firewalls that can assert when prejudice is due or unwarranted to effects of content that is or is not one with a threat of bias such as with the columbine incident.

Further sir, I have deep feelings in the recent college shooting that the South Korean man was programmed to do such and as factors with college reform in this case with direct or implied bias to content of xautoun- that if ban-kim –moon were to assuage a discovery from South Korea to assist in the case he would have a North Korean oversight of the United nations that would allow a counter to case allegations in such a review- if the UN were and the under secretary of the U.N. were to review the case as one with a legislative design influencing the United nations- a young man disturbed with a “relationship,” who decides or is influences to decide to act out mass murder in one instance who in a review of collegiate incompetence to stop him from maintaining school interest like with the ____ certificate, allows legislative reform for colleges to insure integrity of retention of schools in Virgina, or with other primers to case allows a review of th Arapoaho Community College with 9/11 bombers who were trained there and as well with a connection this case to Sandra Chrisman who was a student there as well, as well as Ben Granillo, who may have been cleaning up issues with a 9/11 issue…to not continue in this investigation on the date nearing 4/20 with a direct connection to account registered to United Nations artinspace (at) and myspace profile UN CENTRAL SERVER! With user e-mail as artinspace (at) may be a later right of prosecution for culpable neglect of any person with whom case reliance rest to achieve nominal bias and prejudice to case factors as irrelevant to outcome.

Cho was a "South Korean national" with permanent resident status in the United States.[3] He was a senior English major at Virginia Tech.[5]

Would you actually assert a reason that I may not defend myself from your be that body asserting that a person is in harms way to remove all of the content's legitimacy and still pressure the launch facility in south jorea against north jorea based on the G.A.M.E. for legisaltive consignment, maybe langley offices wanted or were asked to ask how a permenet resident was a reason to remove the department of naturalization and immigartion aspect of the sister of ossam abin ladden's placement - in a prose to a abstract form of justifying behavior rather than a measn to subject a review of my right to use his case as a defense in theory of the measn of arbitration to the liabilites in the case- would a programmer actiually get into his head and make him do such a thing in virgina for the Webb adminstration - we already have a leink to the marine excersie off of oil city road and the measures of the marine oversight of logan's airport- I thinik were real close on the 9/11 inquiry and then what?

BAn Ki Moon's parapsychology investigation

In the South American launch facility knowledge network investigation of aerospace trends investigation for assistance with Michelle Bachellet for review of D.O.E. Installation practices with the Soccer Ball implementation guidelines and Air Force won with cover from sixties style renaissance in South America.
How’s the human resource study going? I need the review of this one case for a case with boeing and insider trading and a managment process where single great granddaughter of Lockheed was indoctrinated in a community for means of extortion principles...looks like sears and some others in boeing want to debate through a third party and expose this nation to a series of liabilites.
Sir! I found a young man from M.I.T. We want to run thorough the officer training program with a dyadic training curve - we want to train him without direct contact to U.S. Officers he is a analysis with social, behavioral and economic sciences who has a viewpoint on organizational culturing of contracts effecting the Pentagon from a power huerism that implicates a air force prejudice in procurement stratgeis and, well I feel he has a good tool for training some new psychic warriors that is profound enough to help stabilize some of our field operations.
Let me interrupt here, sir the astounding amount of cases I have dealt with lately that show programming effecting decision making in the U.S. Military are becoming so involved that I want to show you some new footage of a training program taht countermand our need in this community- this our military defense. I would like to show you some of our budget preparation that deals with paris-psy-op-ology budget considerations with nuero controllers and cognitive neuroscience. With Courtney Brown’s assistance we have compiled a mini-viewfinder of a old Nazi programming strategy that with a few involved person in these cases shows us the behavioral modification programs of some large aerospace firms are effecting decision making of the Pentagon, our friend NINA GULAGDIAGEO has a new way for us to envision practices of occult influences in the military for review of black magic cases with effects upon the Nuclear Submarine Community.
For many years now I have been uncovering covert operations of the Russian Government dealing with primarily the research basis of Russian vs. American man hours in space- with special focus on nuerovestibular dynamics of the brain. Did you know sir that russian interaction in space with humans had until the late seventies beat U.S. hours by approximately four to one? In any event what I seek to show is a basis for prejudice in increased budget for what will be a psychic war as theorized by RAND, we are ill equipped and under prepared for this style of war, to many old time philosophies undermine rational thinking when communication networks are merged into group think. I’ll continue.
Brazil, somewhere on the streets of love
I gave her my R.I.N.G. to hold for me, that night, It was ripped from my finger on a night of betrayal.
Don't be so goddamn melodramatic- fuck, tits and ass are everywhere man - shit I got some money, for you to get a hole in one, your like Shakespeare with a missile, oh but soft what light through yonder window breaks it is the middle east and bin laddens on the run, arise sleeping beast- blah, Shakespeare was not a general...
Yeah but its the symbol of the thing the succinct meaning of the emotional ties in the mind to a root of emotive transductions-you know the actual tangible and concreted power behind love and the powers of real forces in this line of research...
When do I get my coin from the U.S.S. Constitution- I heard it was stolen by a U.S. Marine in a oil city road marine exercise with a psy-op conditioned to the marine exercise- the C.N.O. Showed us some footage of the Winchester lined up to a Doc 101_ways_2_kill_ossama_bin_ladden the N.R.O. resources were used to configurated a image of the psy-oppicer and a young woman was led to believe that show was part of U.S. MILITARY operation, I want the footage of the stolen wallet with a Japanese flag on it and the coin inside of it, the images we received in transit from immmarsat showed us the decrypting of the training exercise showed us a conflict with the symbol of being undefeated and as far as I am concerned if I don’t get the coin the psy-oppicer promised me then well I will have to get nasty. It’s like the corsairs took my coin.
What about this RING?
IT was given to me from my grandfather - he used to be in charge of the telecommunications of frontier airlines and purchased satellites for G.P.S. conditioning of the airline industry, it was a RING I was going to give to wife to give to me for my wedding, she betrayed me and felt more comfort from a bunch of con artist and fascist than for me and my love- she told me the Governor wanted me dead because of my case- all the George Washington’s in the sate could not fix cause a implication about a big influence in one state- constituents services in this place- why sell me out like this if money was not the stake ? Image to construct to remove the letter to the museum in Aushwitz, is your hate so profound for a race that in one day you would organize a image to construct a means to evade, or maybe just support a way to incarcerate to remove a letter to e british embassy as way to review the case, to remove liabilities of a single man’s plight to space, a hate crime was what they needed to stop my case to remove the pentagon’s right to investigative...indefinite now because of the way you would organize in one day to remove a liability.
Shut, up- your not allowed to
(Gonzales looks at her and signals not to write hate literature or else she may be censored in zengersbomb for the update in j-5)
have love in a world like this, keep your boundaries tethered to the best U.S. Interest remember the difference between being a good spy and poor spy is this; love your woman your lady your ship, by bunker hill or I’ll flog you with my whip, to beat incessantly upon your back the candle light hours of the WARD room in this war on the mind- the brothels, the indecency of the liars G.A.M.E. To provoke a meaning to undermine the shame, don't believe in the goodwill of man, with stories like mata hari and the Lucifer hand, with minds of obstruction to justice in a plan, conundrums in intellgeince are like paradoxes to selection of quantum computing centers above the 10,000 feet range. Many have fallen in her depth of blue eyes, blue lilies, blue lies, where power and ambition in the virgin field, some sew to capitulate the power of minds as a filed service to those who know...yet beyond the ambition there lies a O.P.M. investigation for promise in the heart of love not torn apart by symbols in programming to reach the meaning of life as not, needles and veins of gold in yanoacha- how much again was this service to a nation- all wars are about flags deep inside the mind, colors and patterns in the weaving of the symbols of our young nations crimes. Just remember we stop nuclear bombs and organization like the tali-bomb. Who knows beyond the proof of endurance and integrity the walls we place between you and me, misreporting in the case is like a “RICE-FIELD,” review of mao-zedong and the promise to a nation to be space faring - with peace in promise in manufacturing of consent- the labor at inception of a technology patent growth curve a mission to mars a new world found in the manufacturing of parts - to petition by upon or near with the petition of the parts, lobby me through a doc like this and maybe in the future we will have a new mission , objective scope and purpose woefully designed around the counter intelligence of other’s crimes- location in democracy is where it occurs and if this young nation we must abandoned ship to settle the score for democracy to exist for evermore, then hoist sail and set ship’s sight on a new world in south america overnight- Guaviare a image of popular consent to the demonstration of the power of one in a communist hip, remember my voice in late night sessions with the joint chiefs of staff ready for a Normandy invasion - to stop psychic slavery and imbue the culture of a newfound law about the dove...virtues in the dalliance of eagles as they claw there way down fighting in the air for mating the nation to the laws...manhattan project and quantum displacement uranium a heavy though and love in this world is difficult to handle or you get caught. Show is not a lady a lover who would betray your trust, and call out hits on those you love, your rope is for your enemy not the man in your bed, with kisses upon your brow from a deep well fo the fire in the cave, he handed you a ring even after all that you made him a slave. Push mud and straw into the bricks of a eight wonder of the world a boundless sense to forgive you for that programming world. Witchcraft and danger in sense of occupation, in your soul is there good for a fight of every nation, veins of disease cultures of shame, week in the mind for a single play- that’s all you are I say from space, then the image to recreate a legitimacy to save face; anger, in sickness retaliatory conflicts all wars are about flags and the disease of your flesh, carnal minds in taste of delight late night ambitions are broomsticks and revision, pageantry in the white house or laws of god in my solemn swearing of the oath, hand upon a bible for the laws of lord...mask in the house secrets of clout, power of maserati or enzo wealth and your out, hold to truth the candle for love, a single flame for one to be brought home- we love our family we love our life our national image is not one of strife. Hold on, We love you...remember the wars we have to feel part of family of war is not right. I know assassins and I know good souls< i know completing a mission for the whole, yet here there lies a single root to pain, a kiss without tender reconnaissance in a single act of have only days to prove your not a ____, yet in these days I prove I have your heart...procreation is not the link, a single act of instinct amidst all the acts and plays- yours is not a crime if you soul cannot adhere to the acts of openings with your love taht you feel, leave then if you must - but fight to be good, the war of evil and good is rarely understood in the halls of compromise and in the wars of a push button empire of power, do what we say or forever cower, this is not the just of abuse the wars, as are all wars over legitimacy and proofs, collusion and conviction and making a image to create a reasonable doubt as to escape.
I gave you my ring tat was taken away from a interrogation about the way I was paid, if money you want then take it all, if truth about my nature then just call.
What can we do with this theory on GOAL cards in this G.A.M.E.?
The war we are about to embark on is one that is new, psychic commodity on black markets are being sold for pleasure of wealthy men and women, slave psychic politics and the manner of capitulation are based on a real and tangible force of collection and applied realities of cognitive processes, the newness of this has transformed the basis of our right o use aushwitz as an analogy for the psychic means of cognitive control, as one within a prison of the mind kamp - we are starting a new image of the case called nueronburg trials to stop these abuses before the create the same behavior of power and ego imbued in the nature of the NAZI campaign in world war two - Gordon says if this concrete analogy can be placed in paired bond symmetry of the behaviors of nazi Germany and we can identify the image of construction of parallel theories in support of the human rights in which then we asserted to be our nature of a war to defend from evil where it exist in any form that it exist that this war is one with which new boundaries in decion making are tantamount to our use of military in battle field where we identify a a asset required to review a case then the psy-oppice is one such with that asset and if not procured uon to review the demands of this war then we will suffer great causalities of heart and mind in the planning of such a war- we should not create a mute equilibria format of neutralizing dissent if the nature of the commodity os one such as a one to be sold as a real tangible fuel for entertaining one’s self with another emotive transduction of pain and suffering while releasing the nuero electrical bonds of the mind with a successive formula to capitulate noradrenic receptors taht support the cohesion of synaptic firing. Soon if we do not stop this manner of interrgation and abuses of the mind we will create the spatial situational compliance of MIND KAMP and who but fascist would expect that it is reasonable to display as a means of acquiescing to power, over a arguemtn of a psychic firewall to make forever disappear from teh eath the ideas of s pace faring nation maybe we should replace all the names in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf On with Michelle Bachellet to see if she is more like John Hinkcley or James brady a leader of the voice of national interest from within the white house.
Normandy, huh! How much is a psychic commodity worth, in line having gold teeth pulled from the head prior to being gassed- why not solely afterwards, was there some humanity left in the Nazis soldier who felt neurotic about dead bodies as one with guilt, shame deep in the mind, think tank collections of derivative in a world of peaceful intent and you create the situational compliance to undermine the raitonalization of the intent of the document as one with a campaign against your rights of sovereignty- all this time I though this case was bout something else not a a theory on psychic colelction of real and tangible units of emotions as commodities for black market mind control- as if the euphemisms of mind control is less amiable to teh measures of colelction of psychic energy for mere pleasure- it s the trends in this case that is worry some regardless of one man being viewed like this or taht to remove the investigative rights of the pentagon it is the constant oversight of a fight for legitimacy that worries planners, and what of it, her eye discourses, I will answer it.

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Datum: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 03:26:34 0200
Von: "Jason Dedrick"
An: artinspace (at), trojanhorse (at)
Betreff: BAN KI MOON MYSPACE ACCOUNT requires review of all bullitnes with dialouge to artinspace (at) account URGENT ! Fwd: UN CENTRAL SERVER ISSUES FOR DELEGATES INFORMATION REFORM IN ANTARCTIC MEETING BY 20__

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Datum: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 03:15:34 0200
Von: "Jason Dedrick"
An: artinspace (at), webmaster (at)
Betreff: BAN KI MOON MYSPACE ACCOUNT requires review of all bullitnes with dialouge to artinspace (at) account URGENT ! Fwd: UN CENTRAL SERVER ISSUES FOR DELEGATES INFORMATION REFORM IN ANTARCTIC MEETING BY 20__

Please store with the Secretary of the Senate as it will be mailed to all of my friends in myspace with MIT ROMNEY included who was on-line this morning when a bulliten was sent- please see last bulliten posted on my space from artinspace (at) as UNCENTRAL SERVER!

It may be considered upon the factors of the case as a single function in the case shows a legitimacy of countermanding the U.S. ARMY decision on one side- yet also to confer upon a reasonable doubt to the factors of s contingency psy-op and at least five elements relative to the 9/11 case as such would support that three days prior to the declaration of war with iraq a document made in the WARD room of the U.S.S. Constitution 101 ways 2 kill ossama bin ladden as a pamphlet with a direct relevancy to a investigation of motive of selective engagement of the U.S.S. Constitution with the placement of ossama bin laddens sister in charles town navy yard within the naval security zone of 500 yards, while the psy ward of the Mattigan hospital was used the efforts to review the case have been thwarted by many factors of PUBLIC AFFAIRS oversight of case to remove liabilities in the use of myself with other intent that was re-directed by command structures to the state of washington. The full implication sof 9/11 as effecting the aerospace industry with motives of the U.S. MILITARY are unfortunately to obvious in this case as one with a preventive theory against the aerospace community at large for threat assessment to U.S. Assets in space used primarily in this context to remote sensing, as a tool of acquisition for decision making in the many relevencies of planners who engage in military strategies and who use the tools of military oversight with a institutional prejudice to a single branch of the MILITARY.

The recent issues with attempt to overturn liabilities in the case with a single office of prejudice have placed a counter intelligence demand upon the overt style of a psy-op to constrain the public affairs case aspect with the Vancouver FIlm School certificate given to J DEDRICK on the same day the award was given as asserting a failure at that time had occurred with the type of operation. In review of favorable demands of settlements in a polymorphism for modeling and planning specific names were used to discern the nature of strategic selection of the basis of prejudice to Senator John Kerry, my visit to his office can be conferred upon as one within the demands of the Investigation...for space related activity of the U.S. Government, as prior to his presidential nomination for the 2004 campaign. The effort to convert case prejudice in the arbitration cycling of data with feedback bias and assertion to create situational compliance to overturn legitimate features of case are one with demand of a single office with whom planner prerogative has maintained to be in existence with Secret Service prejudice and as such have effected the full investigative oversight of case with the former TSA director and Secret Service Director, unfortunately the basis of the arbitration of content with investigative bias has asserted that the investigation into osssma bin laddens sister and motive of enfranchisement of negative results to his office is one with a high regard as to assert that the following scenario may be under taken by the INSCOM Commander to review the basis of where prejudice exist more than or less than with a inversion of motive in the document of xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on by placing a single function to case for controlled offensive behavior of the U.S.S.R. in such with theories relevant to ties in case that assert a feedback bias with the united nation benefitted the united nation in second invasion of iraq as one with a collection of resources as previously discussed to define the content as a psy-op one will have to assert that case outcomes change if the document names where names exist are all converted to a single name of bias with centcomm as follows prior to a psy-fly drop insert variable's of loss gain scenarios A) Moqtada al-Sadr and ossama bin ladden and john hinckley or paul g allen B) and companies with geo-location princciepls to find bueropathology review of institutional conform to bias in case outcomes with D.O.E. patterns in implied development with psy-op in south america and Beijing.

ban ki moon's myspace account at his discretion may be for review to your office with findings in case- see webmaster (at)

sites (at) forcing dialouge into dating feature?
Dating- ban ki moon? /Social

3.x Premier
See also:

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Datum: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 17:41:57 0200
Von: "Jason Dedrick"
An: thomaseh (at), dan (at)

Dear Sir!

This is Jason Dedrick, I am asking for help in what ever ways you may incur to review a relevancy of allegations to the time in which I lived with both you and your wife Olive. Knowing little bout your past, enough though in times of war be a considerable privilege and weight upon the fruits of forgoing liabilities in such times I request that you seek a review of this case through acquaintances of predicate consternations to the in which in Durango my passions centered on Russian and American Space Policy as factors effecting all manner of future events that transpired with direct relevancy to current theories on influence in the case bearing by such testimony with an implied factor of lost revenue from trade relations not achieved with little crow toys. While the intent is not economic in this communication the many years and more precisely the last two years the influence your testimony would have had have been deconstructed to remove liability in the state of Washington. The recent event that have transpired have proven a theory of mine that soviet counter intelligence with ties to Israeli intelligence were occupied in Durango and may have follow me through my career and training path to which in the later years after having known you, and having the consecration of your time and concerns led me into a company ran by former soviet counter intelligence and air force reconnaissance officer named Din Nibblink. I believe that Dan may feel that soviet counter intelligence occupied a awareness of duties and obligations while I worked for Dan, yet to espouse the proper relevancy of complications now engendered in cases pending against myself, I feel such is one with an attempt to consign leverage again my past with gainful bias to the content that you your self have seen in xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on htt://, while this assistance I seek is one that may argue to defend any allegation against yourself or previous work history with ties to Virginia, I feel that forgoing intent to consign knowledge and bias toward both Dan and your self’s honorable service in duty to one’s country, that a form espionage with extortions principles in leverage of liabilities in the case have been place in a position for you to render a review of case. There have been in the last three yes four account of pre-emptive knowledge in a few case with relevancy to Iran and as well with the United Nations, one such issue was recent in a on-line posting to IRAN in which in the following days a Kidnapping occurred in both Iran and within the context of domestic resources for investigative prejudice with myself in Bellingham Washington. While I was not tried or convicted the case prejudice was one that asserted right of maintained prejudice in all case and factors with an outcome in bias to context of case….such as to allow a defense for actions that were not my own. I feel that a third party wanted to develop a legislative tool for prejudice to content and any other investigations merit in the case with direct ties to my MILITARY career in the nuclear submarine community and command of the U.S.S. Houston, S.S.N. 713 as well as time aboard the U.S.S. Constitution in which pre-screening for visit with the C.N.O., then Speaker of the House Newt Gingritch and Senator Edward M. Kennedy, were obscfusicated by allegation from Ben Granillo and His Mother in a O.P.M. investigation in which he had stated I was narcoleptic, unfit for command he same way that Jeff Davis my Weps officer aboard the U.S.S. Houston was unfit for command as he was responsible for the crash with the U.S.S. Greenville. The instigation aboard the Houston omitted and mislead me about my first O.P.M. Investigation visit in which I was questioned about FREE AMERICA stickers and Ben Granillo, for what I felt was a reason to protect employee at syncrasy Durango including the Former Captain of the U.S.S. Houston and the employee who both Olive and I worked with Even Gifford, in continued review of the document the debentured we-contract you may assert that a precedence for a fence parameter violation with development inequalities existed in the operation of the company from thin the Submarine community- such as would have aggravated a right private satellite carriers of services such as what syncrasy did to allow companies like ENRON to have private resources with satellite telemetry of data relay that in the hands of private carriers although having utility companies billions of dollars annually would have been a fence parameter violation by the nature of service that, please review allegations on the web-page as well as the myspace account of UNCENTRAL SERVER! As registered to artinspace (at) with comments on pictures depicting aerospace volatility in the outcome of case.

Current cases with domestic violence in the aperture of influence over completing contract by JULY of 2007 and the manufacturing of reasonable doubt of character and integrity with intent to foster justifiable prejudice in case 2:05-cv-00470-MJP for allegation of tortuous interference in business expectancy with a misappropriations of trade secrets- with a conflict of JUDGE PECKAMNS ruling in the Seattle trade protestors settlement as intent of actions vs intent to profile thesis were within her grasp in this case wile ruling on other access as one with a investigative improprietership with prejudice to a content as one with a profile theory, currently I feel the state of Washington wished to construct a profile of a nazi sympathizer to remediation liabilities in previous cases and assuage that liabilities are bas on demands of violent reasoning as to culture all trade relations centered on context of case as to foster preventive legislation within confine to neutralize all space related activities within domain of case from parsing suspect organizers with whom liabilities conditioned on this case are arguably within a contention of a great economic liability that does relate in one aspect to your life and potential sale of characters on a chess board like a KING or QUEEN made by little crow toys, see G.A.M.E. in xautoun-zengerbomb-hamurabeye.pdf

I still have Neruda and will return it one day. Thank you for what little help you may provide by asserting that a form of reverse engineering in case has led to consign or relegate leverage over your work history as one with a gain for foreign decision making in time’s of war.

The only defeat in my life has been with the context of this publication; nearer to the feelings of despair and the enfranchisement of feeling the kiss of love so deep that hear lies the basis of defeat:

Defeat is anger, defeat is pain coupled with a motion to harm...
Defeat is a lost Olympic medal for hurting another- as taken on the pedestal of awards for hard work- as peace is hard work.
Defeat is the loss of patience in not understanding a war on the human soul is one with kissing without emotions
Defeat is the basis of the days to follow-
Impotence of action ability was Mc'lellans battle field
Defeat is a commander in despair for the loss a single man on the battle field
Not for lack of foresight or known variables-
Defeat is when you loose sight of peace and react with motions to argue through the mortal hands of combat as retaliatory to Confusion in psychic war of the transduction of emotions as black market commodities for pleasure, more than 11,000,000 and counting in the MIND KAMP of NUERONBURG.
Imagine if all wars were decided by the outcome of not just casualties but the end resolve of hurting another
36-1 is the record of the U.S.S. Constitution today as the most trained and dedicated harbinger of peace and pacifism has been compelled to harm another by the virtues of limits of compassion for an enemy mind of war.
I hurt.
Now in the brigade; in the field, in the secret intercontinental congress of a war about boundaries I feel the tether of pain forever...a real death, one with boundaries, one with true consequence for the sole - giving up peace...defeated is that in line with that the, end of peace.
Weakened but a leader must not cry for learning in the midst of another's pain...even though the outcome was one with a shame Brought upon me, she was a lover, in her eyes, with the image of the cover of Time Magazine where a south Vietnamese was shot in the head, I swarmed over her with a image of her womb and my child, her loving side...why have we been tethered to this war of Montague and Capulet...vestal liverty is not but sick and green and if it were cast off - then what of John Lennon and only the assassin knows what life without love- duty to a flag, all wars are about flags.
Imagine, handshakes from the ocean, deep wells from the sea where we fall in eventually- Soviets and Americans working together - labor on proletariat labor on blue collar in the home we bring peace of mind by the smiles, the factor of life in working toward image, substantiated by the warmth of sincerity without ego or the state of being of ambition and that shame to disguise love with a gypsy's curse.

I failed my mission of peace- pushed beyond the limits of human compromise to be weary and in love, to be with her in silence...she in her moments says "do you know who I am?" Do you know what love is when you must live with fear and intimidation- it cannot exist there- I failed you, to bring you brevity...
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