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Revised: Best 2007 Activist's Information Source
29 Apr 2007
Welcome To The Revised 2007 Activist's Information Source! Seek & Yee Shall Find!
Best 2007 Activist's Information Source

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Daily Premier News Source for Top Government Officials

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The KPFA Evening News: Past Shows : KPFA 94.1FM Berkeley

Home > Archives > The KPFA Evening News: Past Shows. The KPFA Evening News: Past Shows. On the Air Daily at 6:00pm. With Mark Mericle and Sandra Lupien, ...

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Election Fraud American Style

Election Fraud & 2000 Election

Diebold & George Bush

Supreme Court & 2000 Election


911 & The Great Escape Of The Bin Laden Family

Where Was Bin Laden On 911?

White House Lies & Deceit, To Sell Iraq War

10 Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq

Lie By Lie

Top 40 Lies About War & Terrorism

White House Lies About Uranium For Iraq

White House Lies About Iraqi Biological Weapons Labs

CIA Counters White House Use Of False Intelligence

Bush Seeks Protection From War Crimes

Interview With Scott Ridder

Impeach Bush

Stop The Iraq War
(Click below for links on what you can do)

Stop The War Campaign


US Wants Restrictions On Attorney's At Guantanomo

More links to Bush attacks on attorneys

Definition of Habeas Corpus

Gonzales Questions Habeas Corpus

Killing Habeas Corpus

More links to Struggle over Habeas Corpus

Enemy Combatants

Immigration Raids

Transcripts of (tortured) Tribunal combatant suspects

Talon (SPY) Database
(Talon Database Is Controled By CIFA)

Talon Spy Program May Be Dismantled
(The Talon Database is used to spy on antiwar groups, churches and student activists)

Talon Database Info


Links to CIFA
(Counterintelligence Field Activity)

Counter Intelligence Portals & Information

Counter Intelligence Portals & Past links*/



Right Wing Control Of Judicial System

Justice Department Tracked Federalist Society Influence On U.S. Attorneys

The Federalist Society
(An Inside Look At These Fascist Pigs)*/*

Federalist Society & Political Appointees

Right Wing Judges

Federalist Society News Articles

Government Lawyers Mmbership In GOP Group Seen As Inappropriate

U.S. House Judiciary Committee & Search Engine


Vietnam War

Pentagon Papers & Daniel Ellsberg

Nixon's Enemies List


House Un-American Activities Committee

The Chicago Seven

Bobby Seale & Chicago 7

Abbie Hoffman & Chicago 7


Police Brutality

Police Brutality News Articles

The Struggle Against The Real ID Act

News Articles On Real ID Act

US Citizens Lose Medicaid Over Citizenship Question

GAO Reports & Terrorism

Iraq Oil & Bush Oil Cartel

Oil In Iraq

Oil Companies In Iraq

New Iraq Oil Law Proposal
(Bush Agenda)

War Crimes & War Criminals

Neo-Con Empire Builders
(War Criminals)

Neo-Con Hard Liners

Neo-Con Agenda

The Ruling Elite
(Worlds Greediest People)

[[[Bill Gates' house lies on the east shore of Lake Washington. The address is 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039.]]]

War Profiteers

Ports of (WAR) Profit

List of U.S. Ports

Ports of Globalization

Renditions & Secret Prisons

Illegal Renditions In Europe

Secret Prisons

Canadians Torture Prisoners

Americans Torture Prisoners

Testimony of Jennifer K. Harbury & Human Rights Case

Death Penalty

Blackwater & Mercenaries

Blackwater Contracts

Blackwater News Articles

---Condor Operation ---

U.S. Frees America's Bin Laden
(Terrorist - Luis Posada Carriles)

(Judge Kathleen Cardone releases Luis Posada)


General Pinochet & U.S.

Condor & National Security Archives

Amnesty International & Paraguay Archives of Terror

Links to Operation Condor

Luis Posada Carriles & Condor
(The Terror Archives)

U.S. Involvement in Opereation Condor

National Security Letter/s

Links to National Security Letters

Warrantless Surveilance Program

Total Information Awareness Program

Check if NSA is looking at your IP traffic

Military Recruiting In 2006
(See Who Is Recruited For War)

Opt Out Of Pentagons Database
(Leave My Child Alone Military Opt Out)

US Military Worldwide Deployment Locations

Covert Action Quartely

Early Bird News/Defense Related Issues

Native Americans

Stolen Native American Lands in the USA
(Treaties forced upon Native Americans)

Indian Land Cessions by date...

Indian Land Cessions by Tribe

Indian Land Cessions by State/Territory

Native American Tribes & Languages

Links to Tribes & Resources

List of Indian Reservations

Indian Tribal Government Websites

Native American Organizations

American Wars

Slavery Era Insurance Companies
(Insurance Records of Slave Owning Companies)

Slave Names

Slave Owner Names

African American Research

2007 Death On The Job Report

Homeless Deaths

Tuskegee Experiment Patient Medical Files

Aids Resources

Biological Weapons Tests On U.S. Civilians

Radiation Experiments On Children

HREX Archives

List of Radiation Experiments

Details of Radiation Experiments

Human Radiation Experiments

Links to Human Radiation Experiment Info

---Project SHAD/Project 112---

U.S. Uses Troops & Civilians As Guinea Pigs!

This section exposes how the federal government has been using U.S. troops and civilians as guniea pigs for chemical & germ warfare testing...

Project SHAD website...

Exposure To Germ Tests Was Extensive

Click below for Project 112/SHAD GAO Report

2004 Project SHAD Update Story...

Project SHAD Testing Locations-Chemical Weapons & Biological Germ Test Experiments On Americans

Project SHAD archived links...

Project SHAD Info links

Project SHAD Press Release

Project 112/Secrecy News

J. Clifton Spendlove is MADMAN behind Project 112/Project SHAD experiments.

Project 112/SHAD Final Reports

Depleted Uranuim Poisoning Of U.S. Troops

Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium & Gulf War Illnesses


FDA Irradiated Food Proposals
(Proposal to remove labels from irradiated food)

Irradiated Food News Articles

FDA Okays Food From Cloned Animals


Americas Food Is Grown In Toxic Sludge

Toxic Sludge & Food Crops


The Human Race As A Corporate Commodity!

Join Millions Against Monsanto (below) To Fight Back!

Scientists Create A Sheep Thats 15% Human
March 27, 2007

Human Minds In Mice

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

20% of Human Genes have been Patented

Links to Biopiracy and Human Chimeras

Patents on Human DNA

Stopping Biopiracy
by Vandana Shiva

Biopiracy brings BILLIONS to US corporations

Resisting The Gene Raiders

Zapatistas Confront the Gene Pirates in Chiapas

UN moves to curb biopiracy

India hits back in 'biopiracy' battle

US patent system legalizes theft & biopiracy

Rice Made of Human Genes

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

Links to Monsanto patents on lifeforms

Pet Food Recall Summary #34


Melamine Contaminated Pig Feed Articles

Pet Food Contamination Spreads To Human Food Chain

Updates On Human Food Recalls

Bush Budget Cuts Target FDA
(Food Protections Under Fire)

FDA Budget Articles
(Food Safety, An Endangered Species)

Lynchings In America

Covert Activities

CIA Front Companies


Drug Kingpins & Port of Oakland

---Carlos Hank Rohn Family & Narco Traffickers-

Carlos Hank Rohn Family Tree

Operation White Tiger & Carlos Hank Rohn Family

TMM Owned By Narco Traffickers & Carlos Hank Rohn Family

Drug Kingpins Are Protected

Drug Kingpin is Mayor of Tijuana

Gary Webb & CIA Drug Connections

Dark Alliance Returns To Internet

Dark Alliance Articles & CIA/Crack Cocaine

Poppies & Northern Alliance


Climate Change News Digest

Global Change Reasearch Program

Regional Assesments of Climate Change

Environmental News

Best Environmental Directories

Computer Recyling & Reuse Program

Polluters By Zip Code Search Engine
[Who's poisoning you in your area?]

The Palestinian Struggles

American Friends Service Committee
(Quaker Values In Action)

The Declaration of Independance

Bill of Rights

Voting Rights

Federal Legislation (THOMAS)

FY 2008 Budget passed in the House.
(Senate Bill is similiar)


Where Your Taxes Go
(Breakdown of how your taxes are spent)

Local Costs of War Tax Spending

Breakdown of What War Taxes Could Be Spent On

Information On Web (SPY) Data Bases

Arms Manufacturers

Nuclear Weapon Madness

Chemical Weapons Producers

Chemical Weapons Dumping

World Intelligence & Security Agencies

Links to Us Embassies & Consulates Worldwide

The Action Handbook
(Arrest Info)

The Arrest Process & Your Rights

Berkeley Cop Watch/Know Your Rights

The Right To Self Defense

Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest

Prison News Updates

Prison Riots

Indiana Prison Riot Shows Failure Of Privatization

Privatized Prisons

Prisoner Abuse

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

Resources for Prisoners

Prison Activist Resource Center

Prison Conditions In The U.S.

Unique Books & Publications

Underground Books

Delta Press Catalog

Loomponics Booklist

Loomponics Going Out Of Business Sale

Alphabetical List of Loomponics Books

Archived Pages of Loomponics*/*

Archived Issues of Loomponics*hh_/

FS Book Company

AK Press

Paladin Books (More Loomponics Titles)

Eden Press

Lehmans Books (simple living)

Locksmith Books

Uncle Fester Books

Infoshop -- Major Activist Resource
One of the oldest and most comprehensive activist's resources:


Another excellent resource for activists is Radical Reference, where radical librarians answer your questions:


GI Rights Network

Iraq Veterans Against The War

Veterans For Peace

The Objector
(AWOL or Bust)

School of Americas Watch

---Anti-War Groups---

ANSWER Anti-War Coalition

Anti-War Organizations

Crawford Peace House

US Labor Against The War

Todays Anti-War News
Click below for todays antiwar news...

Iraq War Casualty Pictures

Middle East Discussions

Iraq Body Count


Food Recalls

-Emergency Food Programs-

Brown Bag Food Programs



San Francisco:



Food Not Bombs

Homeless Shelters

Emergency Housing

Teacher Strikes

Electronic Privacy Information Center

(NOW) National Organization for Woman

Links to Progressive Organizations

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

NARAL- Pro-Choice America

Human Rights Watch

Resistance Assistance

Anti-Globalization Groups

Center for Research on Globalization

China's View on US Human Rights Record

Job Madness Kills US Working Class

---U.S. Outsourcing Millions Of Jobs---

Pay Gap - Women Only Earn 80% Of Male Counterpart

Minimum Wage Issue & Facts

Amnesty International

Prison Planet

Wired News

Open Secrets: Money in Politics Data

Zapatista's Website

Jihad Unspun
(Middle East Conflict)

Links To Archives of Dead Web Pages:

Methods to access banned/blocked websites

Create A Petition

Tiny Url
(turn long urls, into short ones)

American Fact Finder

National Security Archive

A Peek At NASA's Secret Reading List
(Four classified National Security Agency publications.)

State Secrets

NSA Declassified


Alameda County Property Assessment Information

Pretrieve Search Engine
(Free Public Record Search Engine)

Search thousands of official public record sites to find free court records, free criminal records, property records, and more. Find people, property, criminal and civil cases, and other background check information quickly, easily, and free.

Virtual Chase
(Legal Professional Research Site)

Public Records Free Directory

Investigative Guide To Internet Research
(Seek & Yee Shall Find)

Website Domain Search

(The #1 Free People Search and Public Information Search Engine)

US Personal Databases

Spy on People

US Criminal Databases

Finding Someones E-mail Address

The Largest Public Records Directory

Background Checks

Company Information Guide/Public Records

Parcel Quest Search Engine
[A California Property Search Engine -- Assessor's Data Base]
A resource to track down people in California, learn what properties they own, how much they paid for it , etc...

(Sign up for "2 day Free Demo" to do property searches in California)

National Crime Information Center (NCIC)

Fake ID After 911

Fake IDs

The ID Shop

Creating A New Identity

Life On The Run

Fake Diplomas


Non Profit News Reports for Non Profits

---A San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory---
An index to about 1000 organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area that are related to progressive activism and/or helping out disadvantaged people, plus links to related web sites elsewhere.

In addition, here is a calendar of activist events and notices and a list of other calendars of events.

Click below for the San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory...

Union Webites

Progressive Organizations / City by City in San Francisco Bay Area...

Click below for city by city progressive list of organizations...


Wikipedia Enclopedia

Non Profit Search Engine
Great resource to probe nonprofits for information...
(From here you can run a search on nonprofit
organizations and their 990 Tax Forms)

Anarchist Websites


Mad Cow Disease Coverup?

Mad Cow Disease

Links to Mad Cow Disease

Student Activist Resources
(Great Networking Resource)

America's Progressive Community
[Over 120 groups]

National Progressive Organizations

Western New York Progressive Directory

Illinois Progresssive Groups

Seattle Progressive Organizations

Progressive Directory of Western Michigan

Hudson Valley Activist Groups

Los Angeles Area Political Organizations & Progressive Groups
(Great Resource)

Houston Progressive Groups

Oregon Resources

The Death Penalty Worldwide

Capital Punishment, Here & Abroad

Facts & Figures on the Death Penalty

Execution Photos

Find Law Resources Search Engine

The Top Daily Legal News Headlines

Cal Law
[California Legal News Source]

California Civil Codes

Legal Search Engines

Alameda County Courts

County Recorder Directory
[County Recorders Across The Nation]

Registered List of Oakland Lobbyists.

Gay & Lesbian Organizations

Progressive (Radical) Groups

Hacker News

The World's Most Wanted

---Activist's Resource Guide---

Activists Handbook

Organize To Win

Urban 75- European Activist Links

Actiivist Database

Activist Resource Page

Images of American Political History
[These images are in the public domain and may be used freely.]

An activist's peek at the 60's news makers...

Staking Your Own Mining Claim
(Tired of City Life, For $10 Dollars You Can Stake A Mining Claim In The Hills)

There is a $10 nonrefundable service charge to record each new location (claim). In addition, at the time of recording are due a $25 location fee and a $100 maintenance fee, bringing the entire cost of recording a single claim or site to $135.


The Best Housing & Poverty Review of 2005

---HOUSING NEWS/Legislation---

Daily Housing News Updates

Compare Rents In Your Area

Public Housing News

Section 8 Housing News

Current Housing Bills

NLIHC Memo to Members

2007 (Housing) Advocates Guide

HUD Clips (Whats New)

HUD's 2007 Income Limits

GAO Daily Reports

Knowledgeplex News

HUD/Housing Authority News

---Evictions in New York City---
Brennan Center Co-Authors Study Finding Tenants in Housing Court in New York City to be Disproportionately Low-Income, Of Color, and Without Lawyers; Estimates 5,000 Per Year are Unrepresented Low-Income Seniors.

77.1% were facing eviction because they couldn't pay rent, as opposed to other reasons; 23.9% had lawyers, of which more than half were from legal aid services; 78.9% had children under 18; 15.4% were 62 or older; 71.6% of tenants facing eviction reported incomes under $25,000. Of those who answered a question about disability benefits, 13% were on SSI.

---HUD's Resident Characteristics Reports---

Resident Characteristics Reports (RCR)

RCR start page

If Public Housing Information Is Temporarily Offline

Public housing Resident Characteristics Reports (RCR) have not been accessible since the end of December due to hardware changes at HUD's Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Information Center (PIC). Advocates attempting to retrieve information from a PIH web page received a message stating, "You are not authorized to view this page. You do not have permission to view this directory."

HUD expects the technical problems to be fixed very soon.

For each Public Housing Agency (PHA), the Resident Characteristics Report presents the number of public housing units, tenant-based vouchers and project-based vouchers it administers. For each of these programs the RCR provides: number of households at four different income levels, race and ethnicity, household age ranges, household size, number of bedrooms, total tenant payment and length of stay.

Resident Characteristics Reports should eventually be available again at

Click below for links to 2008 Bush Budget Proposals

HUD & Federal budget 2008 links

by Sharon Parrott and Matt Fiedler

- The main page for the Budget Appendix, which contains the real proposed dollar amounts.

Link to OMB - FY 2008 Budget

The Main Budget Page for 2008

HUD Cuts and Increases Proposed

The Administration’s 2008 budget proposal for HUD includes eliminations and cuts in some programs and increases in others. If enacted this budget would have substantial reductions for CDBG, public housing capital, Sec. 202 housing for the elderly, Sec. 811 housing for the disabled, and lead hazard control. Increases are proposed for Section 8, HOME, public housing operating funds, homeless assistance, housing counseling, and the Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program (SHOP). The budget again proposes to eliminate the small Rural Housing and Economic Development Program and Hope VI. SHOP would receive $40 million, up from a likely $19.8 million in 2007.

The table below compares the 2008 proposals to appropriated 2005 and 2006 levels and to the likely 2007 level. The House has passed a year-long continuing resolution for 2007 (H.J. Res. 20), which the Senate will take up before mid-February.

Congressional FY 2007 Budget passed on Jan 31?

---Public Housing Property Search Engine---
Public Housing Authority (PHA) Profile Listings-
State By State Listings For All Public Housing Properties...

HUD/Subsidized & Diasbled Property Search Engine
[Listing of HUD Subsidized Properties Across The Nation]

(You may search cities or counties here for subsidized
or disabled housing propertes -- Excellent even if it may not have complete

Hud Site Index

(HUD Programs & Information Links)

National List/Links To Public Housing Authority

Link to California Public Housing Authorities & Info

HUD employee locator.

HUD Local Office Directory

National Low-Income Housing Coalition

Center on Budget and Policy Priority

Federal/Agency Toll Free Numbers


White Pages:

Yellow Pages:


This may be the best free resource to track people down...
(The #1 Free People Search and Public Information Search Engine)

People Search Engines
(Great resource to track down people)

Census Finder
[A Directory of Free Census Records]

Ficticious Business Name Search

Film, Music & Document Downloads...

(Genetically Modified Food/GMOs)

Shopping Guide Info To Avoid GMOs

---NO GMOs---
Shopping Guide By Category & Products To Avoid GMOs

Internet Number Search Lists
[Gives names of internet e-mail users]

Who Represents
(A resource to track down actors)
[Actors Search Engine- Enter the name of an ACTOR and then click 'search']

Sex Offenders Search Engine

Banned Music List
The World Fact Book

Heads of State

Library of Congress
[Access the Library of Congress' catalog with over 119 million items.]

Roe V Wade Struggle

On-line Encyclopedia

Links on Indexes and Encyclopedias

[The following lists of resources will help you to find information on about any subject over the Internet.]

Virtual Libraries

Listing of Virtual Libraries:

The WWW Virtual Library:

General Library Info

Internet Public Library

Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship

Berkeley Digital Library Sunsite

Banned Movie List

Government Reference Center & Federal Government Search Engine

(Once online see top right hand corner for search

Intelligence Government Links & Search Engines
[Shadow Government Links]*/

Fed Stats
[Fedstats provides a gateway for statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies reporting expenditures of at least $500,000 per year.]

Fed World
[FedWorld offers a comprehensive central access point for searching, locating, ordering and acquiring government and business information.]

GAO Reports & Testimonies

FBI Crime Stats

Forbidden Topics

Government Printing Office
[GPO Access- Online Federal Information]

GPO Access
[Provides free online use of over 1,000 databases of Federal information.]

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
[The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office offers access to separate bibliographic and full-text patent databases.]

---The Ruling Elite Shadow Government---

Page 1)

Page 2)

Secret Detention Centers

Imagery Intelligence Gallery

Intelligence Programs & Systems

Banned Books

War In Somalia

Colombian Death Squads

US Funding & Colombian Death Squads

Genocide In Darfur

Americas Global Empire

Deployments- Unified Combatant Commands

Daily Premier News Source for Top US Government Officials

737 U.S. Military Bases In Other People's Countries = Global Empire

By Chalmers Johnson, Metropolitan Books. Posted February 19, 2007.

With more than 2,500,000 U.S. personnel serving across the planet and military bases spread across each continent, it's time to face up to the fact that our American democracy has spawned a global empire.

More by Chalmers Johnson:

Online Publiations, by Agency

Online Publication:
Federal Legislative Branch

Pentagon Site Index
S, Search Engines · Security and Privacy Notice · Soldier Location (Internet Site). Speechwriters' Toolbox · Specifications & Standards (Internet Site) ...

Military History
Home > Web References > Military Sites >. Search the Library Site: ... Photo Gallery of Aviation Models, Airmen and Aircraft Engines ...

Online Military Publications - By Titles

Web References

Online News: Military & Government Sources

Early Bird News/Defense Related Issues

Country Studies Around The Globe

Search Engines

World Organizations

Federal Government



Quadrenial Defense Review

Past News & Events

Homeland Defense/Security & Terrorism
(Fascist State Info)

Online Publications/DOD-

Online Publications: State Department & International Agencies (Situation of Detainees at Guantanamo Bay)

Military Reference
Provides the most comprehensive government-sponsored review of U.S. national security SIPRI Military Expenditure Country Graphs Graphs of Regional Military ...

National Guard & Reserves Resource Guide

Military Tribunals

War Powers




CIA Electronic Reading Room
[Document Search]

Defense Link Search

Technical Library

Military/Defense & Weapons

Government Linked Search Engines

Military Search Engine Page

Pentagon Library

Pentagon Search Engines

Intelligence Search Engine
[Intelligence Community Website]

US Office of Personell Management

Online Publication: White House

List of Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive Archives


NCIX Links

Military Analysis Network

U.S. Weapon Systems

Information Warfare on the Web

Warfighters Guide to Intelligence 2000

Corporate Fascism

World Fact Book 2000

World Fact Book 2001

World Fact Book 2002

World Fact Book 2005

16 Years of World Fact Books

CIA Electronic Reading Room
[Document Search]

Intelligence resource of the CIA electronic reading room
to see what the War Criminals of your government have been up to...

The "Imperialist Presence" of the US Ruling Elite have documented their schemes.

Hows your history on the CIA's attack on Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala?

[An Associated Press News Article]
Documents show CIA had 'hit lists' in Guatemala in 1950s

CNN -- May 23, 1997 Web posted at: 9:39 p.m. EDT (0139 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The CIA, plotting to overthrow the Guatemalan government in the 1950s, compiled "hit lists" and began training Central American assassins to kill political and military Communist leaders.

Now see the CIA documents to back up the above story...

As an example of the research you may do, click onto the link below,
and paste type the code PBSUCCESS into the Document Search, and
watch what comes up after you click onto the word GO....
See the references to the PBSUCCESS Hit List...
Then try clicking on the Bay of Pigs or Nicaragua for more...

Click below and type in PBSUCCESS in Document Search...

As another example type in the word omega as your search term
in DOCUMENT SEARCH, and watch what comes back after clicking GO....

See the Memo from Richard Helms to Central Intelligence for the plan
to militarize space for a future war... Code named "Ironbark".

See the Covert Action plans against Castro and Cuba...
Type in Omega for your search term in DOCUMENT SEARCH...

For another example, type in the word eagle in the Document Search.

Or type in SS-2003-00002, in the Document Search to see the covert plans
for a coup in Guatemala and plans to murder Jacbo Arbenz, the Ex-President of Guatemala.

The CIA's electronic reading room is a must visit for all activist's that need
to see what the American Government is really up to...

For Iraq, try Desert Storm in Document Search...

For POWs/MIAs type in F-2000-00640 in Document Search...

For Peru's TUPAC AMARU REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT, try F-1998-01436 in Document Search...

For Bolivia's Nestor Paz Zamora resistance, try F-1999-01931 in Document Search...

American deaths in Guatemala, try F-1993-00897 in Document Search...

Gulf War Made American interests less safe. Try F-1992-01983, in Document Search...

Click below for an education from the CIA electronic reading room...

The National Archives

National Archives Guide To Federal Records

Labor Strikes/Picket Lines

Food Poisoning


**Government Search Engine**

*Government Search Engines

Global Search Engines

---Web Search Engine/Specialized---

---Meta Search Engine List---

(Search Numerous Search Engines All At Once)

The Top Metacrawler Search Engines

Ixquick- Highly Rated Search Engine!
Claims to be the most powerful Meta Search Engine...
(Searches all the following search engines at same time)

AltaVista/AllTheWeb Go Overture
Ask Jeeves/Teoma LookSmart WiseNut
EntireWeb MSN Yahoo FindWhat Netscape
Gigablast Open Director

Meta Crawler Search Engine
(Excellent- 8 SEs all in one. Complex searches, can search a continent)


Google News


Links To Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery News Articles

Answers Searching
{Have a question? Seek your answers by clicking below.]

[Scientific (Deep) Search Engine]

Toll Free Number To Congressional Switchboard:

(Toll Free Number to Reach The Office Of Your
Representatives & Senators)


Medically Oriented Search Engines

Medical and Health Science Libraries on the Internet

Medical Dictionaries


Medical Dictionaries and Glossaries:

Medical Dictionaries:

Kids Search Engines


Child Labor & Chocolate News Articles

C/Net Meta Search Engine

Search Engines Worldwide

All Search Engines

Click below for the so-called net's top search engine index, a handy search engine directory.

---Complete Search Engine List---

Another Search Engine List

Specialty Search Engines

Infonetware Search Engines
[Great Web Search]

KartOO Visual Meta Search Engine

Surfwax Search Engine

Country- Specific Search Engines
[Search Engines In Different Countries]

UK Search Engines

Invisible Web & Data Base Search Engines

Invisible Web Search Engines
[Searches databases inaccessible to search engine spiders.]

Complete Planet


Profusion- The Original Meta-Search Engine

***Profusion Specialty Serach Engines***

The Big Hub

Specialty Search Engines

More Web Search Engines

Find Articles Search Engine

Disaster Search Engines

Disaster Finder

Fema- Global Emergency Management System

Genetic Information Search Engines


Anti-War Organizations

Four 60's Radical Groups...

Black Panther Poster

Black Panther/Bobby Seale

Wounded Knee Poster

Free Speech Movement

Stonewall & Beyond

Nuke Test -- Irradiating American Soldiers

Free Anti-War Posters

Anti-War Gallery

Newer Anti-War Posters


Theres some that say, "The Anarchist's Cookbook is a masterpiece and a perfect example of what the freedoms of the Constitution gives us to speak what we wish."

---The Anarchist's Cookbook -- Not For Children- Read At Your Own Risk---

[For Educational Purposes Only- Do Not Try Anything Suggested In The Links To The Anarchist's Cookbook- Not Responsible For Another's Actions.]

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Subject: What is the Anarchist Cookbook?

The Anarchist Cookbook, by William Powell, is a 160 page book, originally
published in 1971. It is currently published by Barricade Books under
ISBN 0-9623032-0-8.

Bad Ideas- Anarchist's Cook Book Link

---Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman---
(For Educational Purposes Only)
[Do Not Follow Instructions In Steal This Book- Read At Your Own Risk]

Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-tung

---Catalog of Marxist Art---

Anti-Fascist Art
[Taller de Gráfica Popular]

More Taller de Grafica Popular Revolutionary Artwork

The Nag Hammadi Library
[The Hidden Gospels- Words From The Revolutionary Called Christ]

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