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News :: War and Militarism
Will Chicago be the next 911?
30 Apr 2007
I believe that a subliminal audio
propaganda campaign is being conducted
on some or all Americans that is
designed to incite murderous hatred
directed at muslims and at some point
trigger a massive wave of violence
across America directed against such

I further believe that a
"catalyzing event" has been planned
that will throw this country into a
state of emergency, thus laying the
foundation for hate groups and citizen
militias to "Act Out".
Now, you may be asking yourself how
a person would arrive at such a severe
set of assumptions. The story is not a
simple one, but I will attempt to
convey it as concisely as possible. I
have indications that the catalyzing
event will be a dirty bomb attack in
Chicago on the day of May 8th, 2007.
To confirm this, an audio expert who
is familiar with Psychoacoustic
Masking and has the equipment to
analyze digital audio is needed.

To begin, let me give you a little
background. I am being harassed for
political reasons. That DOES happen in
this country. It has for almost a
century now, but much more
aggressively and openly since 9-11.
Part of the "treatment" is a nonstop
noise campaign. During one recent and
very "special" session I recorded the
audio output of an unknown, loud, and
very ominous sounding device.

A very lucky turn of events, indeed
I believe a mistake on their part,
caused them to play the WRONG
recording. Very shortly after
beginning (about four minutes or so),
they hurriedly changed to a different
sounding recording. I recorded the
entire episode in high density WAV

Upon examination with a signal
processor, I found subliminal audio
tracks in both recordings, but each
was of a very different nature. The
first recording contained what appears
to be calls to violence against Arabs
and other "undesirables", as well as
warnings of an upcoming catastrophic
event. The second is threats and

It is this first recording that is
causing me grave concern. After 3
minutes of very hatefull and deadly
rhetoric, the tone changes and the
word "Chicago" is clearly heard,
indeed it is stressed heavily. Just
after that another higher pitched
voice emerges. This part is very faint
and I cannot vouch for this

==================== 3 minute mark
burning, burning,
may 8, may 8,
south, east,
vacate, vacate,
may 8, may 8,
==================== 4 minute mark

In this critical section, this is
the only content I can reasonably make
out. There is much more information
waiting to be uncovered in this
recording. My techniques are rather
primitive. Further examination reveals
what appears to be faint repetitions
of the same text throughout the length
of the first recording.

After deciphering "May 8" and
"Chicago" in the audio, I did a little
fact checking. Here's what I

May 8th is a Tuesday and a local
election day (like 9-11). Federal
buildings and some financial centers
will be closed as this is also VE day.

There have been multiple FEMA
exercises for nuke-bio "combo" attacks
conducted in the Chicago area, three
in four years. The last one was a
scaled down live play exercise with
several Loop towers evacuated. The
general public was not told in advance
that this was an exercise.

Just before the first exercise,
Meig's field was abruptly and
forcefully taken over and it's runways
destroyed. Later, Mayor Daley
converted it to "Northerly Island
Park" and quietly paid off the
aircraft owners.

When first pressured by the public
for a reason, his office quoted
"HomeLand Security - No Details
Offered" as the reason. Very quickly
they backtracked. Days later the head
of Homeland Security came
conspicuously to his rescue in the
press. Northerly Island Park is a very
suspect location. It is next door to
the Loop, about a mile away across
water and park land.

Just before the second exercise,
Northerly Island Pavillion was erected
at the northerly tip of Northerly
Island by Clear Channel
Communications. It is a rather spartan
assemblage of grandstands surrounding
a small concrete riser that serves as
a stage and houses some basic
facilities such as rest rooms for
performers and crews. It looks as if
they wanted to spend as little on it
as possible. It is to this day very
underutilized (7 or 8 concerts, 8
weeks a year). It's claim to fame is a
great view of the Loop.

I am offering two files to be
examined to anyone who wishes to
obtain them. These files combine both
recordings into one thirteen minute
long MP3. Here are some selected
excerpts from my own transcription.
All of what I quote here is clearly
audible in filtered.mp3...

RECORDING ONE [warnings]
========================= 0:00
you need protection protection
from disruption disruption
it's the trust of christian voters
to turn order into disorder
nature will fix the spearhead
========================= 2:00

========================= 9:00
the soldiers are ready to go
they'll take care of you
they're pinning the gate
we hate you
you're gonna get kidnapped
incapable of thought
we'll hurt you
hurt you
we're capable
we're capable of execution
========================= 9:30

FILE ONE [unfiltered.mp3] contains
the two recordings in raw form, as
miked through my sound card into a
172Kbs wav file. This was compressed
into a 56Kbs MP3. This file contains
no consciously audible information and
is for engineers to pick apart.

FILE TWO [filtered.mp3] contains
both recordings after being processing
with a filter from the Winamp Signal
Processor Studio that was modified for
this purpose, then compressed into an
MP3. This set of recordings contains
some very clear audio passages as well
as some very murky ones. What can be
heard is very disturbing and should be
heard by everyone concerned with the
state of our society and where it
appears to be headed.

What I suspect is that a catalyzing
event that consolidates power and
societal controls as needed is being
planned now and is scheduled soon. It
will provide a convenient reason to
invade at least one more country and
declare a national state of emergency
at home. If the event has a biological
hazard component, the Health Emergency
Powers Act (martial law) can and will
be invoked to prevent an epidemic.
This is when the activists and
everyone else that is on thier list
will disappear. During such a time of
great social duress this may pass
completely unnoticed.

In addition, the powers that be
will temporarily suspend elections and
instigate civil unrest and purges in
major cities that will greatly add to
the epidemic's death toll. How you are
treated will depend on where you live.
Some parts of America will be sealed
off and the residents will be treated
as the residents of the 9th Ward were
treated, assembled for mass evacuation
and relocation. This time many will
not return. When it is all over,
America's inner cities will be a real
estate developer's dream come true.

In addition to my suspicions
regarding a "catalyzing event", a
concern exists regarding the use of
subliminal messages in the mainstream
media and it's implications. If these
messages can be confirmed within these
recordings, perhaps it will inspire an
examination of some of the media
content that is currently numbing the
public's collective mind.

What I am picking up in that first
recording sounds much like the type of
propaganda that was spread by radio
Rwanda that brought on the mutual
slaughter of the Tutsis and Hutus.
Remember seeing Victoria Falls running
red with the blood and bloated bodies
of a tenth of that land's population?

Now, picture the President on
television urging people NOT to take
the law into their own hands and NOT
to form militias and NOT to kill
muslims and other undesirables on
sight and ... then admitting that the
authorities are completely overwhelmed
by the crisis and we are sort of on
our own so please behave....

My message to the world is examine
these recordings with a signal
processor and see what's in them. Do
it soon. Although there is a high
likelihood of my hunches being
incorrect, the consequences are so
severe that I believe this deserves
prompt attention by the astute
contributors to this forum.

I am looking for an Audio Expert to
analyse these recordings and I wish to
spark a lively debate about this text
and the underlying reasons that such
theories abound these days. Anyone who
wishes to hear this for themselves is
welcome to download the files. If
someone can host them on their server,
along with this letter, it would be
GREATLY appreciated.



You can also Email me at
meltongray (at) for a copy of
the audio files as well as my best
transcription of the sublimals that
emerged upon dissection. Be aware that
the MP3's are 5.1 Mbytes each in size.
This can "clog" some mailboxes.

This work is in the public domain
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