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Commentary :: Social Welfare
CIA Finally Releases 1973 "Family Jewels" Document - Partial Notes on Ch 1
26 Jun 2007
The CIA has, after a long battle against activists and journalists using the "Freedom of Information Act", finally released a document outlining the "most sensitive operations" it had undertaken from the 1950s through 1973.
This is a document that raises far more questions than it answers.
The CIA has, after a long battle against activists and journalists using the "Freedom of Information Act", finally released a document outlining the "most sensitive operations" it had undertaken from the 1950s through 1973.
This is a document that raises far more questions than it answers. A partial synopsis of the 703-page tome follows.

To follow along with the page numbers of the actual document I used to write this, you must go to the George Washington University's "National Security Archive" and download the complete, full version at this link:

It's 27 MB of sickening details of Murder, Inc's operations. I mean the CIA. The Mafia, AKA Murder, Inc. is a sometime CIA contractor.

The news media is full of (yawn) "revelations" that the CIA hired the Mafia to kill Castro. We've known that for decades. Some of these other things are not so well known.


P 53 of 703

John Warner, then Acting General Counsel [for Watergate

Investigating Committee or CIA (?)], agreed to limit testimony of

subpoenaed officials who would report on CIA-Washington

Metro Police covert activities undertaken against antiwar

activists in DC and other more sensitive matters which the CIA

did not want to be revealed, and which this "family jewels"

document seems not to reveal, either.


P. 62 of 703

Dec. 1970

Robt Ingersoll, head of Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous

Drugs, was so convinced that his agency "had been heavily

infiltrated by dishonest and corrupt elements [inherited from the

Federal Bureau of Narcotics], who were believed to have ties

with the narcotics smuggling industry" [interesting choice of

words - V] that he asked then CIA head Helms to help him set

up a group within BNDD that would spy on its own agents to

make sure that they weren't working for drug traffickers.

This "newly released" CIA document is heavily censored. More

than 2/3 of it remains blacked out.


P. 71

Ever wonder how Senators charged with oversight of CIA operations

conspire to stay "out of the loop" so they can deny knowledge of embarrassing CIA operations later on?
It's remarkably easy! When they are briefed on

sensitive CIA activities, they "[ask] not to be briefed in detail"!

Senator Russell and Rep. Mahon took this action when they

were briefed on how CIA money was transfered to the FBI for

still-classified operations, and how the CIA and NSA exchanged

equipment for other still-classified operations. This blows away

the fraud that there exists a firewall between the CIA, NSA and

FBI when it comes to domestic operations, as well as the charade that Congress actually exercises "oversight" of the CIA.
In this case, the CIA gave cashiers checks to the FBI to pay for its operation(s)

and also the CIA gave cashiers checks to the NSA to help pay

for its operations. Also, the CIA gave money to the State Dept.

"to help State Department defer Presidential representational

expenses of President Lyndon B. Johnson's trip to Southeast

Asia." The State Dept had sought $3 million from CIA, but the

then-Director of the CIA thought that was too much.


P.82 and attachments

CIA's Warren D. Magnusson, Deputy Director for Liaison and

Planning, Office of Finance worked with John Brown, White

House staff secretary, NSA and State Dept. to handle political

mailings on behalf of Nixon administration in reply to a torrent of

letters Nixon received from citizens after he revealed the secret

bombing of Cambodia in a 1970(?) speech(?). State Dept. handled all the

anti-bombing mail: CIA was tapped to pay for pro-bombing

mail. CIA would pay for "postage, addressing and printing" of

replies to the pro-Nixon correspondents. The actual addressing would be done "by an outside

firm" but would be paid for by CIA.

The CIA, White House and the various agencies conspired to

handle the accounting for the mailing so that the fact that the CIA

was involved would not be revealed in public reports.

Smoking gun on page 93



The CIA provided? provides? dozens or hundreds of its

employees to act in various capacities "in the immediate office of

the White House per se", including "secretaries, clerical

employees and certain professional employees... and one young

man detailed to their Communications Section"... also "couriers,

telephone operators, a laborer assigned to the grounds and a

graphics man who designed invitiations for State dinners". These

people are "hired as bona fide White House employees." I

wonder if the White House staff are aware that all their security

screening of prospective employees is absolutely unnecessary,

since Langley has taken care to see to it that all available

candidates have already passed muster and are employees of the Company?

How nice to have all these people from diverse backgrounds,

holding all those many different opinions about important issues

of the day surrounding you when you are trying to make

decisions as the Chief Executive of the US! It's nothing less than a Potemkin-
cross-section of American public opinion!

Let's see what the gardener thinks about such and such

proposal... Maybe run it by the cook, or the secretary...

It doesn't matter: their "opinions" have been decided in advance

by the CIA as part of their "cover backgrounds".

I can see it now: "OK Agent Not-So-Smart, we're assigning you to be a lawn maintenance
technician working the Rose Garden. You'll be one of the few blacks working in the White House,
so we hope that the Chief will take a shine to you. Your cover is as follows: you were an organizer for SNCC in the early 60s,
who advocated for armed self-defense for blacks in the Deep South during the Civil Rights struggle.
You became disaffected with the group after seeing the rise of the Black Panthers and realizing what your
ideology must ultimately lead to. Disillusioned, you joined the Peace Corps and worked in Africa. You'll
have a case officer assigned to you, and you will report to him every morning at 4:30 AM to acquire your opinions on the
hot topics of the day."

What an interesting guy that gardener is! Too bad it's all just a cover story intended to lure the President into seeking
out a friendship with a "salt of the Earth" type! I bet that works pretty good, too!

Was George Stephanopoulous aware of any such arrangement during the
2 Clinton Administrations? How about Comedy Central's John Stewart,
who once worked at the State Dept? I always wondered how such a "staunch
opponent of US Government policy" like Stewart could snag to appear on his show
such war criminal luminaries as Gen. Peter Pace and George Tenet,
and probable long-time CIA asset Dictator General Musharraf of Pakistan.



The CIA also has "technical specialists" and "security officers

detailed to the Department of State to protect foreign visitors".


P 106:

CIA agents worked at the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (now the DEA)

and a CIA agent actually "served for over ten years as Director

of the Office of Public Safety for" the Agency for International

Development (AID).


Also P 106:

"Contract Personnel Division [of the CIA] prepares and

executes contracts with individuals engaged by the Agency to

carry out domestic activities. We also process Staff Agents who

are domestically assigned." Domestic activities? Isn't this

supposed to be in violation of the CIA's charter? Tsk, tsk! Of course, no details are given.


P 107:

Howard Hunt, "sometime between March and May, 1972"

contacted the CIA's "External Employment Assistance Branch"

(it helps "ex"-CIA spooks find post-"retirement" employment) to

see if they "had a retiree or resignee who was accomplished at

picking locks". One "Frank O'Malley of EEAB... sent him a

resume on Thomas Amato who retired 31 July 1971." They do

not elaborate on whether or not Mr. Amato actually went to

work for Hunt.



In this section, regarding "sensitive" disclosures pertaining to the

activities of the CIA's "Office of Logistics", which includes,

apparently the "Technical Services Division" (makers of James

Bond-like items like the CIA's infamous poison dart guns and such) we find that it was the

opinion of one John F. Blake, former Director of Logistics, that

lending out surveillance equipment, motor vehicles, gas masks

and even guns to non-Agency Federal and local police agencies is legally permitted

thanks to the "Economy Act of 1925" which "authorizes one

agency to support the needs of, or provide a service for, another

Government agency when such action would be more

economical and eliminate the need for one agency of

Government to duplicate facilities readily available from another."

The equipment loaned out to or bought for other government

agencies includes "telephone analyzer[s]" for the White House

Communications Agency, as well as the State Dept., Air Force

and Atomic Energy Commission (AEC); camera sets, TV

cameras and "actuators [&] recorders" for the FBI; a "special

purpose electrical" cable ordered in 1970 for the White House

Communications Agency and "Ink, Special Formula" from the

Technical Services Division for use by the Immigration and

Naturalization Service.

For at least one of the nation's domestic police departments,
the Dept. of Logistics provided:
396 gas masks
231 steel helmets and liners
287 protective vests
84 "Chemical Baton[s]" (with "various quantities and types of

replacement chemical cartridges, loading kits and batteries" for

these weapons
3 stun guns
6 "Mustang 35 Pistol[s]"

It is possible that the primary or even sole police department that
received all these things was the Washington, DC police
department in order to defend Langley from "violent" anti-war demonstrators,
but that is not specified in the memo.

P 134

List of "computer processing projects which the Office of Joint

Computer Support has participated in or is aware of and which

might be considered sensitive issues". The report, dated 11

May, 1973, lists 3 "Most Sensitive Projects", one of whose

name is still blacked out; 2 "Sensitive Projects", both of whose

names are still blacked out; and 5 classified "Sensitivity

Unknown, but Possibly a Matter for Concern", all of which are

either entirely blacked out or which have significant portions of

the terse, one-sentence descriptions blacked out. Glasnost,


One interesting program was codenamed "DMVREC" and (was? is?)

a "File of automobile license numbers".

Two other interesting ones are dedicated to "anti-drug" efforts.

Another's code name is blacked out: it (was? is?) a "Statistical

analysis of psychological data", and was listed as "Sensitive"

because of the "source of data" and the fact that "contractors are

involved with this project".


P 143

"During the[1972?] Democratic and Republican conventions, [DELETED] supported requirements levied by the Secret Service concerning name traces and other intelligence information relating to subversive influences which might affect those conventions. WHD [Western Hemisphere Division of the CIA] should be able to provide a detailed resume of activities supported in this matter". Too bad that the "detailed resume" somehow avoided inclusion in this section.


I'll have to continue my notes later on this week, as time does not permit me to continue.

Enjoy reading, brothers and sisters!

Workers of the World, Unite!


This work is in the public domain
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barry and the boys
10 Jul 2007
this is damage control methinx...if you do not understand all this has been sanitzed and PREPARED for people like yourself, you are just dumb as a tomoato!

you read BARRY AND THE BOYS: THE CIA, THE MOB, AND AMERICAS SECRET HISTORY, and you will realize what a gullible putz you have always been