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Former VP Walter Mondale Says Impeach Dick Cheney
30 Jul 2007
Former VP Walter Mondale Says Impeach Dick Cheney
by Ezra Folson
Email: ezrafolson (nospam) (unverified!) 30 Jul 2007
Modified: 12:31:23 AM

Former VP Walter Mondale says Impeach Dick Cheney

Author Ezra Folson
Date Created
29 Jul 2007

License Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.

Former VP Walter Mondale Says Impeach Dick Cheney
by Ezra Folson Sunday July 29, 2007 at 10:01 PM
ezrafolson (at)

One man (Jeff Fisher) in America affecting the old powerhorses from the streets of Washington DC all in the name of peace.

To All Delegates & Prosecutors as well as Media ,


Ex-VP Mondale accuses Cheney of power grab

Vice President Dick Cheney has presided over an unprecedented power grab during his six years in the White House, former Vice President Walter Mondale wrote in a rare, scathing critique Sunday.

"The real question is why the president allows this to happen," Mondale writes.

Mondale, the former number two to Democratic President Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s, in an opinion piece appearing Sunday in the Washington Post newspaper, fingered Cheney as the chief transgressor in a White House guilty of "great excess" and "exceeding its authority."

He wrote that since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, "Cheney set out to create a largely independent power center in the office of the vice president."

"His was an unprecedented attempt not only to shape administration policy but, alarmingly, to limit the policy options sent to the president," he wrote, calling the George W. Bush administration "seriously off track" in the unprecedented amount of power it has ceded to Cheney.

"Through his vast government experience, through the friends he had been able to place in key positions and through his considerable political skills, he (Cheney) has been increasingly able to determine the answers to questions put to the president -- because he has been able to determine the questions," Mondale continued.

In particular, many of the policy positions Cheney has pushed through on handling terror suspects and the domestic use of intelligence "have proved offensive to the values of the constitution and have been embarrassingly overturned by the courts."

Mondale also slammed "Cheney's zealous embrace of secrecy" and his "near total aversion to the notion of accountability" to the public and Congress.

"I've never seen a former member of the House of Representatives demonstrate such contempt for Congress and contempt for the will of Congress," wrote Mondale in The Post.

"It's almost as if he denies the legitimacy of an equal branch of government," he added.

Excerpts from Mondale's op-ed:

The Post's recent series on Dick Cheney's vice presidency certainly got my attention. Having held that office myself over a quarter-century ago, I have more than a passing interest in its evolution from the backwater of American politics to the second most powerful position in our government. Almost all of that evolution, under presidents and vice presidents of both parties, has been positive -- until now. Under George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, it has gone seriously off track.


This all changed in 2001, and especially after Sept. 11, when Cheney set out to create a largely independent power center in the office of the vice president. His was an unprecedented attempt not only to shape administration policy but, alarmingly, to limit the policy options sent to the president. It is essential that a president know all the relevant facts and viable options before making decisions, yet Cheney has discarded the "honest broker" role he played as President Gerald Ford's chief of staff.

Through his vast government experience, through the friends he had been able to place in key positions and through his considerable political skills, he has been increasingly able to determine the answers to questions put to the president -- because he has been able to determine the questions. It was Cheney who persuaded President Bush to sign an order that denied access to any court by foreign terrorism suspects and Cheney who determined that the Geneva Conventions did not apply to enemy combatants captured in Afghanistan and Iraq.

hatever authority a vice president has is derived from the president under whom he serves. There are no powers inherent in the office; they must be delegated by the president. Somehow, not only has Cheney been given vast authority by President Bush -- including, apparently, the entire intelligence portfolio -- but he also pursues his own agenda. The real question is why the president allows this to happen."

The reason is because Dick Cheney committed treason, he hid this from the courts and he is THREATENING to harm people's families all over the place. He is a traitor, he is a member of the American Turkish Council and he was involved in executing nine eleven and the threats on everyone's family to not investigate...Including all the threats against Sibel Edmonds family. He is out of control and must be impeached forever.

Senators turn the White House upside down, and you will find Mondale is entirely correct, this Vice President has been engaged in total treason & must be removed for good. Spread it everywhere!!!!

Here's a quick idea of where we are now, and how to get where we need to go. We are at about 16 and counting now. Where we want to be at, regardless of Chairman Conyers starts the impeachment hearings at approximately 25 & we want the numbers to keep climbing.

Here's the fastest way to get a member of Congress to sign on: Show them all the crimes, treason etc. then threaten to cut off THEIR FUNDING- LITERALLY, if they do not sponsor the Resolution to get rid of this treason. This worked immediate with Keith Ellison & Robert Brady, and it works with almost ANY Republican possibly too....some Republicans will think "oh well, yeah it was treason but Clinton will just do the same thing anyway so why bother?"

You tell them in no uncertain terms that it is illegal, and that you will back them 100% in having Clinton prosecuted. We Americans do not tolerate this crap anymore, and these things are going to be forced out.

Now here are the active plus currently coming on board members for House Resolution 333 (H Res333), be sure and show it to ALL of your representatives.

" H. Res. 333 , Articles of Impeachment Against Dick Cheney, is sponsored by the following Members of Congress: Jan Schakowsky, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Keith Ellison, Lynn Woolsey, Barbara Lee, Albert Wynn, William Lacy Clay, Dennis Kucinich, Yvette Clarke, Jim McDermott, Jim Moran, Bob Filner, Sam Farr, Robert Brady.

Please thank them and encourage them to whip their colleagues. These Congress Members have recently said they support impeachment, but have not yet signed onto any bill: Jesse Jackson Jr., Maurice Hinchey."

"The mainstream corporate media would like to pretend that there is nothing going on, but a 15th member of the House just signed on to Kucinich's H.Res. 333 to impeach Dick Cheney first. 95,000 people have already voted in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll, and no matter how many times Pelosi protests that impeachment is off the
table, we can drive it like a truck right through the front picture window. And this is how we are going to do it."

Remember, the Chairman of the Judiciary said only two additional co-sponsors are needed to begin the hearings.......But lets shatter that, and obtain FIVE additional co-sponsors instead!!!!!

"Additional Charges Not Contained in H Res 333
Fourth Charge:

Cheney led a campaign of retribution against whistleblower Joseph Wilson, including the outing of a covert CIA operative.

The trial of Scooter Libby has produced overwhelming evidence that Vice President Cheney personally led the campaign to attack Joe Wilson through the media. This "get Wilson" campaign included telling numerous reporters that Wilson was sent to Niger by his wife Valerie Plame, a CIA operative. Cheney was told by the CIA that Valerie Plame worked as a covert agent in the CIA's Nonproliferation Division, which is the critical division of the CIA responsible for stopping the spread of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. Cheney's efforts to expose Plame actually exposed her entire covert network, at tremendous cost to the CIA's secret war against terrorism. If Plame's work had been exposed by a double-agent in our government like Aldrich Ames or Robert Hanssen, that person would face prosecution for espionage and treason. The evidence of Cheney's role is more than enough to start an impeachment investigation.

* Just Another Obstruction of Justice
* The Two Redacted Pages
* Indictment of Cheney for Plame Leak
* Fitzgerald Again Points to Cheney
* Fitzgerald: "There Is a Cloud Over the Vice President"
* Libby Testimony Raises More Questions about Cheney's Role In The CIA Leak Case
* Libby Trial Sheds Light on White House
* Did Bush and Cheney Lie to Fitzgerald?
* Libby Told Grand Jury He Was Ordered to Leak Intelligence
* Court Hears Libby Describe Cheney as 'Upset' at Critic
* Libby Trial: Russert Ruins the Cover Story
* Addington Points to Cheney
* Cheney's Notes

Cheney led efforts to torture.

* Washington Post's Series on Cheney

Sixth Charge:

Cheney played a key role in setting up illegal spying programs.

* Unimpeachably Impeachable
* Cheney Urged Illegal Wiretaps
* Ashcroft's ex-no. 2 says Gonzales, Cheney tried to take advantage of sick Attorney General .

Cheney has refused to comply with a subpoena from the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Seventh Charge:

Cheney led manipulation of pre-war intelligence.

The Scooter Libby trial also exposed the lead role of Vice President Cheney's office in manipulating pre-war intelligence to defraud Congress into authorizing the invasion of Iraq. Sworn testimony revealed that Cheney's office managed the evidence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, all of which proved to be lies. Cheney personally visited the CIA several times before the invasion to pressure the CIA to distort pre-war intelligence. And Cheney exerted "constant" pressure on the Republican former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee to stall an investigation into the Bush administration's use of flawed intelligence on Iraq, according to the new chairman, Senator Jay Rockefeller."

We're after Downing Street now, officially. You tell those elitist "liberal" idiots, that they need to support Res 333 to impeach Cheney FOREVER not just for the safety of Israel.....but for the safety of the world. Force their hands. Make your voice far louder than a Lobby.

Sick of it all? Is it time to end it permanently? Then pass this message onto 100 people. Who will pass it onto 200 more, and get every representative to officially start speaking about Resolution 333. You go out there, and show Resolution 333 to virtually everybody democrat & republican as well. Every day more troops are being brought out by the Secretary of Defense, as you throw down the gauntlet on Dick Cheney. Tell your representative to look at Dick Cheney's outrageous crimes & treason against the United States, tell them that:

"If you do not sign on, I swear we will cut off ALL of your funding this is outrageous!!!!! This man has committed outright TREASON, this is definitely not a normal case here!!!! Take him down so we can end this once & for all!!!!"

"Ora è il momento DI AFFONDARE efficacemente il!!!!!!!!!! della NAVE Ricordisi di, il presidente dell'ordinamento giudiziario ha detto che soltanto due supplementari co-patrocinano sono necessari cominciare le udienze.......But lasciano il pezzo che ed ottiene CINQUE supplementari co-patrocina preferibilmente il!!!!! "spese supplementari non contenute nella ricerca 333 di H Carica di quarto: Cheney ha condotto una campagna di retribution contro whistleblower Joseph Wilson, compreso il outing di un operatore segreto di CIA. La prova di Scooter Libby ha prodotto la prova opprimente che il vice presidente Cheney ha condotto personalmente la campagna per attacare Joe Wilson con i mezzi. Ciò "ottiene campagna del Wilson" incluso dicendo ai reporter numerosi che Wilson sia stato trasmesso nel Niger dalla sua moglie Valerie Plame, un operatore di CIA. Cheney si è detto a dal CIA che Valerie Plame funzionasse come agente segreto nella divisione di nonproliferation di CIA's, che è la divisione critica del CIA responsabile dell'arresto della diffusione di nucleare, biologico ed armi chimiche. Gli sforzi del Cheney esporre Plame realmente hanno esposto la sua intera rete segreta, a costo tremendo alla guerra segreta di CIA's contro terrorismo. Se il lavoro del Plame fosse stato esposto da un doppio-agente nel nostro governo come Aldrich Ames o Robert Hanssen, quella persona affronterebbe il processo per spionaggio e treason. La prova del ruolo del Cheney è più di abbastanza per iniziare una ricerca del impeachment. * Appena un'altra ostruzione di giustizia * I Due Hanno redatto Le Pagine * Atto d'accusa di Cheney per la perdita di Plame * Fitzgerald indica ancora a Cheney * Fitzgerald: "ci è una nube sopra gli aumenti di testimonianza del vice presidente" * Libby più domande circa il ruolo del Cheney nel caso della perdita di CIA * La prova di Libby fa la luce sulla Casa Bianca * Bush e Cheney hanno stato a Fitzgerald? * Grande giuria detta a Libby è stato ordinato fuoriuscire l'intelligenza * La corte sente Libby descrivere Cheney come 'rovesci 'al critico * Prova Di Libby: Russert rovina la storia della copertura * Punti di Addington a Cheney * Note Del Cheney Cheney ha condotto gli sforzi torturare. * Serie dell'alberino de Washington su Cheney Sesta Carica: Cheney ha svolto un ruolo chiave nei programmi spianti illegali di messa in opera. * Unimpeachably Impeachable * Cheney Ha sollecitato Illegale Wiretaps * Ashcroft ex-nessun. 2 dicono Gonzales, Cheney provato per approfittare del General di avvocato ammalato. Cheney ha rifiutato di aderire ad un subpoena dal comitato giudiziario del senato: Settima Carica: Cheney ha condotto la manipolazione di intelligenza prebellica. La prova di Scooter Libby inoltre ha esposto il ruolo del cavo dell'ufficio del vice presidente Cheney nel maneggiamento dell'intelligenza prebellica defraudare congresso nell'autorizzazione dell'invasione di Irak. La testimonianza giurata ha rivelato che l'ufficio del Cheney ha controllato la prova delle armi dell'Irak di distruzione totale, che sono risultato essere bugie. Cheney ha visitato personalmente il CIA parecchie volte prima dell'invasione pressure il CIA per storcere l'intelligenza prebellica. E pressione "costante" impiegata Cheney sull'ex presidente Repubblicano del comitato di intelligenza del senato arrestarsi una ricerca sull'uso della gestione di Bush di intelligenza difettosa su Irak, secondo il nuovo presidente, il senatore Jay Rockefeller." uscite là e mostrate a risoluzione 333 a virtualmente ognuno la carbossimetilazione & il repubblicano pure. Ogni giorno più truppe stanno mettende in evidenza dalla segretaria di difesa, poichè gettate giù il guantone di protezione su Dick Cheney. Dica al vostro rappresentante di guardare i crimini outrageous del Dick Cheney & il treason contro unito Dichiara, dice loro quello: "se non firmate sopra, giuro che taglieremo TUTTO IL vostro costituire un fondo per questo siamo outrageous!!!!! Questo uomo ha commesso TREASON autentico, questo non è definitivamente un caso normale qui!!!! Prendalo giù in modo da possiamo concludere questo una volta & per tutto il!!!!" IL MONDO INTERO SA CIRCA LE SCUOLE DI BAYPOINT & LA FRODE DI ELEZIONE DICK CHENEY, TUTTI CONOSCONO IL DIRETTORE ANCHE MUELLER KNOWS DI FBI.... Il VOSTRO MALATO, TREASON PERVERTITO È SOPRA & CON.....everybody SA....everyone SA LE SCUOLE SONO STATE COSTITUITE UN FONDO PER DIRETTAMENTE DAL CONSIGLIO TURCO AMERICANO, USANDO TUTTI I FONDI MONETARI di MELMA...... CONOSCONO che... STATE ANDANDO AFFRONTARE LE MASCELLE DI GIUSTIZIA!!! NON NEPPURE PROVA QUALCHE COSA DI SFIDA CONTRO IL NOSTRO WHISTLEBLOWERS MENTRE TUTTE SONO PROTETTE DALLA LUCE DELLA GENTE DEL DIO.......COUNTLESS LE GUARDANO ALL'ORA, ANCHE INTEL EUROPEO, MENTRE CONOSCONO APPENA CHE LIVELLO DI TREASON VOI È RESPONSABILE.... LE RELATIVE TRUPPE DELL'ECCEDENZA.....THE STANNO VENENDO A CASA, QUESTO FUNZIONAMENTO FINITO PER VOI."

Ready to do something for America not yourself? Support American Whistleblower & Patriot Jeff Fisher. Order his official book first-draft. Learn the life of an American Whistleblower up close and learn how to save America.

All payments or proceeds go direct to support of Whistleblower Jeff Fisher, in his continued fight to expose the truth about Apartheid in Ultra Zionist Israel- its military control over "The Straights" Baypoint School & Growing Together programs which stole multiple elections. All financed by the American Turkish Council, who blew up our twin towers on September Eleventh 2001. /2007/05/29/great-news-lets-impeach-cheney/


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