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News :: GLBT/Queer
hey jorge
11 Aug 2007
Hey george- do you mind if I call you george?

What? You DO??

All right then jorge, so be it.
If I was to tell you what I really thought about you jorge, it would be a lot worse than telling the world about your spanish name, and your true allegiances, oh jorge arbusto. Yes, my true opinion of you is so much worse than all that, because the way you are selling us out to the international interests, and trouncing our freedoms here, makes me believe you are nothing but a piece of garbage which needs incinerating badly.

And even though you do not deserve it, I am being nice.

About all this crap you are trying to pull jorge? You are just pissing in the wind empty-man, you cannot do these things, it is illegal, no matter what your daddys papers say, or his daddys, that was all illegal too...your type are just legends in your own minds, and your trampy little followers that are left, the ones you paid off to believe you are jesus reborn, will be like so much chaff in the wind, now that you have awakened the sleeping giant.

Remember, just because your daddy was always there to bail you out of cocaine arrests and drunken rich boy craziness, does not mean he will be able to get you out of this, now that you have got the fellas riled up.

In fact, I am thinking perhaps jorge the first should head on off to Greenland, or Argentina, where he is a national hero, because I have heard people say things about your sire lately, here in America, that indicate severe thinking born of truth, and hows that for scary? Yes, perhaps poppy should take a vacation, along with old babs, your mum, your personal claim to royalty, and member of the house of stuart.


You and your foreign masters and their religious slaves here have really really begun to piss real Americans off, so I just wanted to address a few things up front, and in your face sort-of, so you are not surprised when the hammer falls. Do not consider this a warning, it is much too late for warnings, even though you've had your share, to which you were just no comprehende, eh jorge?

America is finally realizing how much money you and yours have made from things like 911 and the Iraq war. Some of us knew all along, beforehand even, but it has been taking a while to undo the dumbing down you and your type perped here.

Really, just the money that can be SEEN has gotten many people cleaning their rifles -- because after observing you now for 7 years or so, many are now sure that the majority of the money you are making from American blood sweat and tears is so well hidden as to be invisible. Kind of like the hidden control you have over the election processes.

PLUS, many Americans know a lot about your families history now, I mean you are FAMOUS Amos--errrr---jorge! Ah, the revelations. Good thing you bought that compound down in Paraguay, where your house boy and lackey saddam is hiding out. Do me a favor and let that royal twirp know not only is he ugly as hell, but his writing sucks. Thanks jorge, its good to know you are good for something.

One thing we really want to know jorge, I mean, it is a great cause for wonder among us -- is Ken Lay down there at your new digs in Paraguay too? Or is he over at the new halliburton headquarters in the middle east? Yes, sorry to tell you, but we also know that you traitors are headed to brand new bunkers overseas once this rape of America is finished, fancy bunkers with all the newest high tech defenses, that Americans paid for, of course.

Perhaps this is just the way it has to be, seeing as a lot of our outdated underground and mountain facilities now belong to european and middle eastern royalty. To hell with you jorge, to - hell - with - you. It is where you belong, and the sooner the better.

You were born of privilege and learned lying at your grandfathers knee. Old prescott the patriarch, who was really a british mole in our government, of which you are now the third generation. We know all about this, and the opium concessions, and the parliament incident, and arbusto energy company...and just about a whole bunch more, too. Sucks to be you. But then, it has always sucked to be you, I am sure.

You flap your lips with American slogans and platitudes (Dare we say Bromides?) all the while waving the flag and preaching jesus, in such an obscene manner its a wonder you have not collided with a bullet already. Your ability to avoid retribution seems uncanny, but is really because you know all about that, don't you jorge? I mean, its a little difficult to assassinate assassins, innit?

Dang. The cats out of the bag now, so I might as well elucidate -- your family are actually CONSUMMATE assassins, which is how you got where you are today!

And today you control a virtual military of assassins here in the USA and abroad, well versed in invisible weaponry, PERFECT weaponry, the kind that can be blamed on God, and nature. Weather weapons, biotech, directed energy arsenals galore, and who is to say where one ends and the other begins?

And let us not forget about surveillance. Total surveillance which means Time Domain technologies deployed for your security by people like the German Luftwaffe at Holloman AFB; those lines of chemicals being sprayed in the sky daily? Thats not just weather control is it jorge? No, some is actual drugging mind-control via mass chemical applications, and we also know all about the macro microwave/laser weaponry that can effect thousands of people at once, even whole cities and states!

The scariest indication that people are awakening, in spite of all this illegal activity and thievery and surveillance on your part jorge, is the fact that they are now beginning to look at their TVs and laugh, thats how absurd your programming has become.

And jorge, remember, if the folks are not watching their TVs, what are they DOING? Your daddy tried every single one of these programs out, getting the United States ready for his wittle boys, but never counted on people seeing the patterns, getting wise. What he did, he put your head in the noose, and that is just one more unnatural thing you can add to the long list of your families dalliances, witchcrafts, and devolutions.

America has one hope, before intervention. We know that long term cocaine use causes brain damage, you and clinton have proven that beyond doubt, but it also causes premature heart disease, and I must personally hope that the governors bush, jorge and jeb, who ran the two most lucrative cocaine states for awhile, Florida and Texas, both share the propensity for heart disease which seems to be a given among party animals of your stature.

Whadya you wanna live forever?

This work is in the public domain