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Commentary :: DNC : Human Rights : International : Politics : War and Militarism
A Tribute to Pat Tillman
15 Aug 2007
A letter to The Tennessee Titans and the great coach Jeff Fisher
A Tribute to Pat Tillman
by Jeff Fisher Wednesday August 15, 2007 at 07:32 PM
godismyguideforever (at)

A letter to The Tennessee Titans and the great coach Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher <godismyguideforever (at)> 9:58 pm (0 minutes ago)
to;TFM titansonline (at)

Roger Rancourt <realcountscount (at)>,
Agent H attached to Albert Gore,

date Aug 15, 2007 9:58 PM
subject Re: Message Board Contact Us Form - Banning me

One.... I am a big fan of the Titans

Two... There have people on the net who said
they would kill me and anyone that has my
name in any level of name recognition

Three... Al Gore and Coach Fisher represent
the Great State of Tennessee . Al Gore is a fan
of the Titans also, I can tell you that I am huge
fan of the team.

Football is a game that takes my mind off the
troubles of knowing things that most Americans need not know.

I would love to enjoy watching a NFL game this fall
knowing that our boys in the Middle East were coming
home ASAP because We the People knew the absolute
truth about BayPoint School and made the Media
and the Government report the truth and end the war
that is based on a huge lie.

Tennessee has a great college that says volunteer.

That is what makes America great. Many people volunteer
to serve this nation everyday.

The TVA is what got my attention as a young child.

It created so many jobs and it was for a great cause.

Al Gore and I are all about this and so much more.

Coach Fisher is a man of great dignity
and overall integrity that is much needed in the NFL.

I have been a fan of Jeff's since his days
with the Houston Oilers. I enjoy his coaching style

I incorporated it into my personal actions against the Mossad
I incorporated many physical maneuvers also by being quick
on my feet like Eddie George and Steve McNair.

Great teams look for the missing touch at schools that are not mentioned
in the press as often. Leadership can be forged from anywhere.

America is all about that. Mississippi Valley, Jackson State and Livingston College
are schools that do produce real leadership that the NFL has been granted
the ability to foster into the popularity of gamesmanship for our wonderful Democratic nation.
I have spent so much time in most of America doing my job of uncovering the complexity
of this horrific crime against mankind and America to learn
all about the people that make up this fine nation.

Football is a great thing that makes many people
forget there daily problems. Going to church is so
and I loved it when Reggie White
had the players pray as a unit during the Super Bowl
a few years back.

The Titans are very smart in how they look
at smaller ranked schools to find exceptional talent
and leadership for the field of glory and honor
for the game of football. Alcorn State is just one example of that.

I am praying that is enough reason for you so I can post comments on your
web blog associated with the Tennessee Titans and the National Football League.

Pat Tillman did not have to leave the NFL. He did because he was a true Patriot
who only had knowledge of the great lie. He is now dead and the NFL
has lost a great player as well. I want the men in the NFL to play football, not die
in the Middle East for the lie that BayPoint School is responsible for.

Serving our nation is a great thing, I recommend it highly.
When America needs to
defend itself, it should be for the truth always.

God save our nation from the horrors that BayPoint School took place in
to steal the 2000 election and everyone since then and for being a main part
of the planning of 9-11 with the help of awful people like Congressman Mark Foley
helping to launder funds for the Venice Flight School from many evil men and AIPAC ,
which is under the umbrella called the American Turkish Council, to just name a few.

I do a lot of volunteer work on campuses all over the nation.

I am the American Volunteer for the past few years who thinks its more important
to have the truth known and that I will always protect America, Al Gore and all the voters.
The children of our nation need stability to look forward in life.
We have many people in Washington DC who are so perverted.

We have people running to represent us who not only are covering up my evidence
yet also were in communication with BayPoint School since 1997. It hurts me too
for I was endorsed by this person in 2004. I did not know then.

It's like coming home and finding out your child has died at the hands of a drunk driver.

Pat Tillman was like me in that he found out the truth and was going to be
a spokesman to end the war. He did not survive however, They made sure of that.

The US Army Brass who took part in this conspiracy love war over peace.
Death over life. Satan over Christ.

I myself even ended up in prison/jail for five months for reading an email about Hillary Clinton
written by a preacher. It's called "Queen Hillary"

I got out by the help of a wonderful public defender in Maryland who is now on maternity leave.
I even pleaded guilty to the crime.
Why? I did it because "The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few or the One "

That comes from three great sources and they are. Star Trek TNG movie
with Spock regarding the Genesis Project (I loved that name, it reminds me of the bible),
the soldiers in World War One (the man that would jump on a grenade or landmine
to save his platoon and most famous of all 2000 years ago when
the Begotten Son of God Jesus Christ gave his life for all of mankind, past, present and future.

How can I do now less than Spock, our soldiers and most importantly Jesus Christ.

The decision was a SLAM DUNK, GRAND SLAM,HAT TRICK AND TOUCHDOWN all rolled up into one.

Who knows, maybe my public defender will have the next great Walter Payton or Dan Marino or Adam Vinatieri

The other reason is because a man named Gary Koniz wrote a book about me
call the American Patriot. I want people to buy it please. I receive 50% of the funds
I have been told.
I need a small amount of these funds to live by. I then will be paying the taxes on this income
and I will donate most of it to building homes across America,
mainly cities to start with to get as many of the homeless back to the real American dream.
I am not in this for profit. I am in this because its the Christ way of living.
James Earl Carter and Gerald Ford know me.
Yes Gerald is dead now. God bless his soul and God bless Betty Ford.

Jimmy is a wonderful man as is Mel Gibson. Men who are not afraid of telling the truth.

I will be posting this on to start with at Arizona titled A tribute to Pat Tillman

The summary will be
A letter to The Tennessee Titans and the great coach Jeff Fisher

I am so glad and proud to call myself a Pro Life Democrat. Where would we be now
if my mother had aborted me and worse what about the 35 dead black teenagers
of which six were from Haiti and two were from Mexico
and the remainder
were from America that I had to see the photos on July 27th 2004 and all the other evidence to boot for also.

It's time America give the big boot to most of the men and women in Washington DC
and reformulate America and make it a winner again.

America needs a Super Team now.

Thank you for letting me tell you a little about who I am.
On any day, any team can win.
Have faith in God, take care of your spouse and your children and play as a team always.

Please for the sake of our nation and for all the Christians in the United States of America
publish this specific letter.

An American Patriot that will not let down America, Apple Pie,
the National Football League and most importantly our children
and Jesus Christ just so the politicians who want to obtain power in Washington DC
can still lie to all of us and continue this horrific conspiracy against the people
of the United States of America. Shame on Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney and George Bush
and Rudy Giuliani and so many more.

Thank you for your help to Al Gore of course and Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel
and Ron Paul. There are a few others also. Signing off for now, A fan always for America
and the Tennessee Titans

Jeff Fisher

On 8/15/07, TFM titansonline (at) wrote:

I'm afraid I need you to specify exactly what it is that concerns you and why you've contacted us about it?


Jeff Fisher @ Message Board wrote:
The following message was sent to you via the Message Board Contact Us form
by Jeff Fisher.


The United States Secret Service and the Department Of Justice will be notified of this as will Al Gore himself.

An American Patriot Jeff Fisher

Try Googling my name with Al Gore


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User Name: Unregistered
User ID: 0

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Proof of posting to Arkansas
by Jeff Fisher Wednesday August 15, 2007 at 07:48 PM
godismyguideforever (at)

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Proof of Posting to Austin
by Jeff Fisher Wednesday August 15, 2007 at 07:54 PM
godismyguideforever (at)

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Proof of posting to Baltimore
by Jeff Fisher Wednesday August 15, 2007 at 08:00 PM
gosismyguideforever (at)

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