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News :: Environment
World's birds on death row
16 Aug 2007
Modified: 05:20:22 PM
World's birds on death row
persistent sources

Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)


click here for today's attempted illustrate mirror:

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align="left">

********INDYMEDIA: BETRAYAL*********

Indymedia (IMC) says: we serve Voldemort. we are stationed at Azkaban. we suck the souls out of the people we're instructed to. we love our government-sponsored jobs *wink* !! says: this news blog is automatically censored! We don't even have to work for our money! says: You must write "liberty" to post! We're having so much fun forcing you to obey! says: 911 Hoax used to try to post here, but we stopped him. We now screen every post. Every post. says: 911 Hoax posted here just once, and for about two minutes. Teams of us now screen every post, 24/7/52.



********911: SEPTEMBER CLUES********

Absolutely incredible new revelations about how the TV networks aired fake video of animated "planes" on 9/11!

Part VI: Must see TV!

Parts I, II and IV not to be missed. Part III has good payoff near the end.


visit this page for the rest:

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX: RECENT STUFF********

9/11 - The Towers of Dust!!

Filmer of accused fake WTC crash video won't disclose shot location:

Ghenghis: Crazy!

crash physics for everyone:

the hole that was not there:

Renault crash test v. 911 planes:

the Pixel Crash:

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

September 11 as it happened. Watch CNN lie to their audience:

Flight 175 Vanishment!

Krash! the most unbelievable of the 9/11 "planes" you've ever seen.

********CIA INFILTRATION********

Yahoo/CIA has deleted about 50 images from my group!!

(Yahoo/CIA employees don't mind at all being well compensated for destroying this country.)



********CLIMATE CHANGE********

Australia discovers ocean current "missing link":

UK's Met Office says Earth warming up faster than at any other time:

Record heat in Arizona:

Arctic sea ice "lowest in recorded history":

Sweltering central states brace for triple-digit heat:

King Hemp, part II!!!
"...Vast fields of hemp could replace lung capacity lost to deforestation—the possibilities are limited only by our vision. Hemp gulps carbon dioxide like no other sink, and though biomass hemp fuels and other utilizations would return carbon to the atmosphere..."

Amazon rivers are drying up:

The frightening future of Earth:

Melting ice drives polar bear mothers to land:

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align="left">

********FALSE-FLAG NEWS********


New Orleans deliberately flooded:


(video.) Hoodwinked at Shanksville:

Why didn't WTC 5 collapse?


FDNY thyroid cancer shock:

9/11 sicknesses consistent with environmental radiation contamination:

WTC cancer cluster 'like Hiroshima':

********AMERICAN COUP D'ETAT********

(folks, is a coup d'etat underway in the US? Sure seems that way.)


States altering how Presidents are "elected":

********FOURTH REICH********


Bush Dictatorship to expand domestic use of spy satellites:

Bush Dictatorship says warrantless surveillance 'cannot be questioned':

Bush dictatorship doles out millions for Fourth-Amendment-violating street cameras:


New law gives Bush Dictatorship six months to turn Internet and phone systems into permanent spying architecture:

"...the law gives the Administration the power to order the nation's communication service providers -- which range from Gmail, AOL IM, Twitter, Skype, traditional phone companies, ISPs, internet backbone providers, Federal Express, and social networks -- to create possibly permanent spying outposts for the federal government..."

Bush gets six month dictator powers:

"6 month window gives government carte blanche to impose any surveillance policy and for it to remain legal in perpetuity"


US anti-war group told it will be fined for putting up posters announcing a demonstration:

Dictator Bush outlaws all war protest:


Canada and Bush's North American Union project:

the militarization and annexation of North America:


US troops are nearly broken from fatigue and stress:,,2147052,00.html

We need to send more US kids to Bush's barbarous meat-grinder in Iraq, says "War Czar":

********WAR AGAINST INTERNET********


How do you build a new Internet?

"There's a real need to have better identity management, to declare your age and to know that when you're talking to, say, Barclays bank, that you're really doing so," said Jonathan Zittrain, professor of internet governance and regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute.

(Sure! we need *more* G-men watching every keystroke we type!!)

Federally funded parasites plan to scrap the Internet:


Folks, if Microsoft and Yahoo merge it will mean the end of the Internet as a place where people can communicate with each other without the government listening in.

Microsoft + Yahoo = Government Watches Every Keystroke

IE8 = Major Spying




Russian mini-subs surface after symbolic North Pole dive:

The coming conflict in the Arctic:


Unmanned "surge": 3,000 more robots sent to Iraq to enforce the permanent occupation of this sovereign nation:

Israel to employ robot snipers to enforce its 40th consecutive year of unlawful military occupation of Palestinian land:

********BLEAK ECONOMICS********


Prices for key foods are rising sharply:


We are already in an engineered recession:


Economic meltdown favors the elite:

Webster Tarpley - Helicopter Ben Bernanke unleashes Dollar hyperinflation:

"...Federal Reserve Chairman Helicopter Ben Bernanke has placed the bankrupt US dollar on a direct course towards the precipice of hyperinflation..."

Goldman global equity fund gets $3 billion in capital (update 6):

What does "Fed pumps $68 billion into banking system" actually mean, Part I:

Will there be a run on the banks?

Central banks acted quickly to stabilize markets:

Fed pumps billions of money into banks to calm markets:

Investing in America in 2007:


China says no intention to sell dollar reserves:

Asian market sell-down continues:

Why the Bush Dictatorship tests few Chinese imports:


Rate rise pushes housing, economy to "blood bath" (June, 2007; second update):

********GENERAL NEWS********


World's birds on death row/
race against time to save 190 species from extinction:

Climate change threatens polar bear population:

cell tower blamed in animals' deaths:


Bottled water is the new public enemy #1:;_ylt=Aq6RtvntKMoYJADkJDWAD1MF1vAI

(Yahoo/CIA always makes the URLs long for the webpages they will quickly kill.)


Dictator Bush wants a microchipped society:


Still don't believe the NAU super highway is coming?

The ten lane NAFTA/NAU highway:


Executions rising in US under Bush Dictatorship:

Gonzales could get say in states' executions:,1,48

(States rights are only applicable when convenient to the Bush dictatorship.)


Millions of toxic toys recalled: The nightmarish reality of global capitalism


Iran unit to be labelled "terrorist":


<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align="left">



Can you hear the cries from Gaza?

"...This tiny teeming piece of Palestine has been reduced to a gigantic penitentiary in which the entire one and a half million Palestinian population is permanently incarcerated..."

Gaza: Auschwitz of our time:

Economic collapse feared for Gaza, now illegally-occupied for more than 40 years:

IDF soldiers steal life savings, beat women, loot homes in illegally-occupied Gaza:


US Army illegally detaining 750 Iraqi children as part of its permanent occupation of Iraq:

Baghdad misery index: 117 degrees and no water:

Barbarous, illegal US occupation Killing 10,000 Iraqis every month:

Deaths in Iraq (from Bush's illegal war of aggression and occupation) have reached 1 million:


Iraq set to disintegrate (from Bush's permanent occupation):

(too bad the article doesn't mention all the "protesters" being paid by US-UK governments to cause havoc in order to precipitate crackdowns.)


******HEALTH, SCIENCE and LIVING******


"Saturn's Hyperion: a moon with odd craters":

(APOD's illustration at the link above is so utterly ludicrous it makes me cry with laughter. doesn't NASA have any quality control regading the fake images it produces of the "Cassini probe of Saturn"?)


NASA preps robots for future fake moon landings:


King Hemp Part I: From DEA deadly birdseed towards power to the people:

"...Half of all drug arrests nationwide are for marijuana..."

Does Pot cure cancer?

Cannabis compound slows lung cancer in mice:

Study finds no cancer-marijuana connection:

"The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer..."

(folks, let's all cure cancer by smoking some pot now.)


p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list

This work is in the public domain
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