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News :: DNC : Human Rights : Media : Politics : War and Militarism
The truth about Tom Feeney exposed worldwide: Baypoint Schools!
21 Aug 2007
The Truth shall Prevail
Hello fellow patriots,

Jeff Fisher reporting from ground zero.

I have great news to add to this letter.

"Tamara Lytle is a great reporter at the Florida Tribune
who has a chance to make history. Today, her public contact
information has been posted so everyone can alert her
and ask her why the absolute treasonous actions of Tom Feeney
& Baypoint School have not been covered in her newspaper
which now appears to involve whole-sale MURDER of countless people?

What I saw indicated that Clint Curtis is a very bad liar.
He was contacted before the year 2000, helped without realizing
it Baypoint Schools in criminal activities, and assisted Tom Feeney
and Baypoint in their treason & election fraud against the United States
of America in many different years dating back to 1996.

Let this GREAT AMERICAN reporter know, how you feel about her reporting on this!!!!"

Now back to what I had written

All throughout Washington DC and Georgetown reside
many influential foreign dignitaries and wealthy peaceful
individuals from the Middle East, South America and Asia,
along with many from Russia and all her states that
became nations after the destruction of the Iron Curtain.

I have been enjoying meeting these people and getting them
to spread the word about Al Gore and Jeff Fisher coming to
power when Congress reconvenes in September.

By October the Surprise will be President Albert Arnold Gore Jr.,
Vice President Cynthia McKinney and Secretary of Peace
Jeff Fisher will be guiding America out of war ASAP with a
cooperative Congress. The strangle hold by AIPAC will be
dealt a deathblow.

America will be America again.

So many people are being notified that will not let anyone
harm me again. I also have to give special thanks to Interpol.

Just think this conspiracy became unraveled all due
to a man who lived once at 12977 Meadowbreeze Dr.
in Wellington, Florida. He was helping a man by the name
of Piotr Blass get his son, David Lopez Blass released
from the horrors of Growing Together.

What no one knew was that I, Jeff Fisher had another life
that was kept a secret that the bad guys did not ever want
to be revealed. Well I, in 1986 did free myself of their
horrible secretive medical project and found my path to God enough
at that time to eradicate their shackles.

I no longer write articles with links to them unless it is
an absolute.

An Absolute is like July 27th 2004 and December 8th, 2004
unlike the misinformation that the
Bush Administration purported about September 11th
2001 and the misinformation about 11/7/2000, 8/31/04
and 11/2/04 to name a few.

Oh! By the way, the numbers for this date, November 7,
2007 were manipulated also. Eleven new members
supporting AIPAC.

The GOP did not lose the seat in Florida's 16th District
and Connecticut did not elect Joesph Lieberman. I am
a fair and impartial man. I report the absolute truth only.

You see ten Smartmatic Cards were stolen prior
to the election. Marvin Rosen was the man who
transport those confiscated Diebold wireless
cards from Lansing, Michigan, Pierre,
South Dakota, Nashville, Tennessee and
Richmond, Virgina. They were transported to a
main computerized facility in Tele Aviv
and Jerusalem. This has been verified by Interpol
and the FBI to name a few.

It was something to see that AIPAC has lost
its touch in Central and South America.

America must stop trying to influence other
nations regarding leaders who are just
absolutely livid regarding the Bush
Administration. I am in support of fair elections.
Bravo to Daniel Ortega and Bravo to Hugo Chavez.

The people decide elections, not manipulated
computer programming. It's time for paper ballots
now, not later.

Florida is famous for later.

I reported that so many times to Verified Voting.

I am so glad that James Earl Carter monitors
elections. It's time to have his people make an
exception and monitor America's elections.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

I have faith in people to understand how to
research my words.

Yesterday I sat down with a child at a computer
and spoke with them about games and good things.
This five-year old was sitting at a computer in a
Five Star hotel in Arlington, Virgina.

Within a matter of minutes the young girl
had looked me up and read an article written
by Seymore J Hersh about Al Sharpton,
Jennifer Lynne Masaryk Ellis and me.
She called her mother over to show her
who I was. The mother picked up her cell phone
and called someone to tell them the good news.

I asked her who she called? She said I will
give you the number and you can find out
by researching it. I laughed and said she
is a very intelligent woman who raised
a great child of god. 420-549-491-810

I get around a lot. In any given day I am
in Virgina,Washington D.C. and Maryland.

It drives the United States Secret Service nuts.
The other day, Agent Hardin asked me where I was.
I hung the phone up. It's none of her business. I am keeping
away from what Judge Alexander Williams instructed me to do.

I will be everywhere else exposing the absolute truth.
The Secret Service will have to arrest thousands
of people now because they are also telling others
all about Baypoint School.

Why do these wonderful agents continue to support
this illegal administration?

I may have forgiven her for arresting me. Yet I
myself have been instructed that Mrs. Clinton
is quite angry at me for revealing the truth
about her phone call from the White House
to BayPoint School.

Mrs. Clinton, blame the CIA. They are the
ones who provide me such evidence.

Are you really as bad as Karl Rove and Dick Cheney
about our special operatives who work diligently
and adhere to the oath of defending the United States
Constitution always and want them to be exposed?

Forget it. Bob Novak is guilty of treason.

I will not ever be like him.

Valerie Plame and Siebol Edmond are my kind of Patriots.

It's your fault Mrs. Clinton to buddy up
with the likes of Michael Chertov and Rahm Emanuel.
By the way, the world knows that Monica Lewinsky
was a paid Mossad agent.

Again back to Agent Hardin, it's her job
and her job is tough.She is assigned to me
and Hillary Clinton.

Mrs Clinton needs to declare herself as
resigning from the 2008 Presidential Election.

She continues to run and I will have no choice
but to introduce to the world another sex scandal
regarding several photographs of her and our U.S.
paid tax dollars for female prostitutes which she
was escorted by our (WE THE PEOPLE)
U.S. paid tax dollars Secret Service to the WaterGate Hotel.

It's amazing that the WaterGate Hotel is closed
for renovations until 2009 now. Just a few weeks
ago I was there talking with three Interpol and two CIA
operatives about Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Alberto
Gonzalez. We were going over further evidence of
Eco Secretariat, which is the American Turkish Council
and its direct connection to BayPoint School along
with a lot of other evidence being revealed by patriots,
Roger Rancourt and Siebol Edmonds.

What an assignment Agent Hardin has. I am the man
who read an email all about Hillary and the charge
was that I made a threat on her life. The email was
titled Queen Hillary.

What the heck I pleaded guilty to it.

Oh they said "You are Felon".

You can't vote now.

Big Deal. Voting does not count anyhow.
Its all manipulated and I proved it to the endth degree
with help from Secret Service Agent J.D. Bell and so many others.
I have new agents assigned to me that I will not talk about
because they do not trust Kim yet.

My thought of logic for pleading guilty is related to this statement.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs
of the few or the one".

If I fought this in court there would have been
continuances and that would mean the war alone
would be continuing.

I had to get out and save as many lives as possible.

Also, I have to thank Gary Koniz for sending
to my public defender the book he wrote about me.
It did wonders to get me released. The book is entitled
An American Patriot. I just wish the cover was different.
Oh well, he is the writer. I am just the subject matter.

I also recommend four other books as well.
I am impartial to these, sorry but I like these three men.

Mr. Carter and I will, God willing, be working together in Israel very soon.
Some of the monies made from the sales of Mr. Koniz's documentary
book about my 2004 Congressional Campaign will be used to build homes
like habitat for humanity for Palestinians whose lives were bulldozed.

A wonderful book and I can attest to it on a very personal level.

An excellent book. President Ford told me to never stop.
Gerald said I was unique and like him misunderstood. I
admired this man and I know he is happy that I am succeeding.
The United States Secret Service on December 31st 2006
received a personal note written by me to deliver to the
First Lady Betty Ford. I wonder if she received it or did that
disappear like 18 minutes of recording tape.

My only copy I carry with me and I tore off the cover. After July 27th 2004
I get a sick feeling whenever I see George of Richards face. The same with Hillary also.

I have one more book to promote.

On March 9th, 2004 I voted for him in the Florida Primary. He is a dear friend.

In 2004 I was a big fan of Hillary Clinton,
I was endorsed by her and that was a proud
moment. Two years later, not even that,
I learn that she not only knew all about Al Gore
having his election manipulated but that she
was involved with what changed America drastically,
that is September 11th 2001.

Her crimes are now going to be addressed
just like Slobodan Milošević.

Congress must act soon because a revolution
is about to happen otherwise.

I will be leading it if I have to.

I have more than one thousand men and woman
in the armed forces now writing to me knowing
that I am all about America and protecting the law
of the land. I have many high ranking officers.

I do not want to see this happen. I am a man
of peace not war.

Every time someone says things like I heard
yesterday that are horrific I will post the news
about them on the Internet. A small shop that
is supposedly all about freedom has barred me
from their premises and even told me that its
a shame about the dead 35 black teenagers
at BayPoint School but its more important to
protect Israel for the Jews are the chosen people.

This person then told me that its OK to have a
nigger die. NIGGER they said. I got upset
and like Christ became a vocalizer in this temple
of literature about freedom.

I am asking people to protest this establishment
in any manner.

Brian MacKenzie Infoshop 1426 9th Street,
NW Washington, DC 20001 (202) 986.0681

I do believe this is an isolated location. I have
enjoyed other infoshops around the world with no
problems. I think that the shop in DC is controlled
by AIPAC and the radical disruptive violent left
fringes.I would be not surprised if the ADL
has a hold in policy at this location.

Did you know that the ADL has taken a strong
stance against Christians around the world? The
other day I was on a computer watching a trailor
of "The Passion of the Christ" and a man came
up to me and said that Mel Gibson is anti-Semitic
for making a movie claiming that the Jews
were responsible for the death of Christ.

I said to that person why do so many Jews
get upset when the truth is not about them
being the victim but being the offender?

Facts are fact.

My children and ex-wife are Jewish
and they are so Zionistic also due to
over 100 years of propaganda mixed with actual truth.

Anyone who doubts this I invite to come
with me to the Middle East and view it first
hand. It's time to try peace instead. Peace
is taught about by Hebrews, Muslims
and Christians. Let's give peace a real try
for once. No weaponry anymore. Diplomacy only.

I will be notifying all the black organizations
that might take a harsher view than even
I about such bigotry. The New Black Panthers
and The Nation of Islam are two that I will

I am a man of peace but I can not and will not
tell others how they must behave.

I will give them the suggestion of passive resistance always.

I will make a recommendation but I am not going to be able
to stop a fringe or two from taking matters in there own hands.

Who to blame? Congress to start. One year ago I was on that hill
almost everyday from July 7th to the end of August in the year
of 2006. I did more work than most of them do in two years
and my work all this time has been free.

Foley is gone from the halls of Justice but Pelosi and Company
are still covering up the real reasons he is gone. I have called
her office so many times. When I call her office they transfer
them to Threat Division of the Capital Police.

Nancy is so well greased by AIPAC. Here is her number. Call her
and tell her to be about America instead. Watch and see if they
hang up on you or transfer your calls as well.

I am like all the brothers, sick in tired of being dissed.

I am just going to sit back and watch.

This is called Freedom of Speech.

The apostles 2000 years ago did the same thing and Rome
came crashing down.

Today, Rome aka Washington DC has the ability to accept God
and Justice for many do worship the good word. Let them impeach
when they get back and see America be like the Phoenix and arise
from the ashes. If done correctly with the help of Patrick J Fitzgerald
it will be legal and passive in actions.

America will be awakened from a great nightmare and the sun will
come out tomorrow.
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Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.