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Commentary :: Human Rights
Fucked Nation
24 Aug 2007
You're fucked.
We are a delusional people. We are sheep with delusions of wolfhood. From birth we are sold a pack of lies. “Ours is the greatest country on Earth,” we are told. “We are the freest people in all the world, the most enlightened, the strongest, the best educated, the most advanced, blah, blah, blah.” As children we are told that we invented everything, did everything first, have the best of this and that, and that we can grow up to be anything we dream of. We are told that this is the land of the free, the land of the brave, and the land of opportunity. We believe that this is our land, that we the people rule this land, and that we are all equal before the laws of a just system. We think we are a people not divided by class. We think that we alone have the right God, the best political system, and the most intelligent founding fathers. We believe we live the longest, are the smartest, have the best health-care and educational system. We believe that we go to war only to defend, never to conquer and that the world is full of hostile people just waiting to destroy us. The truth, however, is something all together different. We are none of these things.

We are like the skunk that sniffs between its hind legs and takes the oder for perfume. We are like the Mongols who stormed the world of old, raping an pillaging along the way, only we are less honorable than they. We are the most repressed, imprisoned, controlled, spied-upon, exploited, uneducated, unhealthy, and enslaved people upon the Earth, for we have surrendered not only our bodies, but our minds as well, to the wretched machine we call the United States of America. No nation, in the history of the world, more deserves to be smashed asunder than this, our fucked nation, our fake democracy, our joke of a land that professes the highest ideals while butchering the world and itself. To be proud of being an American is to be proud of being a loser so stupid he thinks he's a winner. Our nation is the embodiment of all that is evil in the world and it should be torn to pieces.

Our moron masses spend their evenings glued to the television set, minds harnessed to a false reality whipped into existence by the mega-rich whose very existence requires our enslavement. We are a nation of zombies waiting for the flag to wave, ready and willing to destroy ourselves, our families, and our neighbors in the name of loyalty to something that does not really exist. While assholes like Murdoch, through his puppets (e.g. Bill O'Reilly) lie us into genocide and mass murder we think ourselves virtuous by supporting our sons and daughters whom we send to murder whole families abroad. I ask you, would you cheer on a rapist for the single reason that he is yours? Why then do you cheer on an army of rapists and murders?

Every four years you march to the polls and vote for one of the two scumbags presented to you for the office of President. You decide between these candidates based either on your loyalty to a party that knifes you in the back when you are not looking or to a candidate who will tell you whatever he or she must to win your vote, only to later run rampage over your rights to ingratiate the highest bidder. You do this because you are a fucking loser that has surrendered his or her mind to a class of sociopaths that rule your world. Shame on you! If you weren't such a lazy waste of skin, you'd do what is hard and think for yourself, whereupon, having found the truth, you would take action to liberate yourself and those you love. But you won't do these things. No, you'll turn on the television and swallow the vile delusions.

You are offended? You think I'm lying to you. “Ah, he's just an America hater,” you think! Am I? Have I done anything to harm America? Have I done anything to betray America? No, I have not. Unlike “our” President, I have not violated the Constitution. Unlike our President and Congress, I have not sent Americans off to die and murder for profits, oil, and power. I haven't lied to you. I haven't taxed you. I am not your enemy. Your heroes are your enemies.

Your enemies wear suits and sit in large corner offices at your place of work. Your enemies stand before your churches or temples and preach apologies for the government, for your boss, for your murderous generals and soldiers. Your enemies sign your paycheck each week, if you are lucky enough to have a tyrant to serve. Your enemies insure your cars, your homes, your life, and your health. Your enemies lend you money to purchase your homes, or cars, or wardrobe or the stacks of consumer products in your homes. You think these people are wonderful. You suck up to them. You jump when they say “jump!” You make sure not to offend them so that they can exploit you, rob you, lie to you, and ruin you.

You equate freedom with your bosses' right to underpay you, bully you, harass you, mentally torture you, and fire you. You think freedom is all about the right of a handful of social parasites to become wealthy at your expense. You think freedom is about the right of your doctor to extort your life to render you health care. You think bravery is playing football for a professional team and that virtue is being famous for giving blow jobs to a movie producer for an opportunity to be projected upon the screen.

Your view of justice is a wealthy and well connected man lording his contempt for your freedom from a chair above the court. You believe in a system which disproportionately jails men of color. You believe in a system where prosecutors manufacture evidence, torture the accused, lie on record, and resort to any and all trickeries to be sure that an innocent man is executed. You accept the execution of a person who burns a federal building while the rapist gets a suspended sentence. Violating the a building is a worse crime in your best of all systems than violating a flesh and blood human being.

You accept the torture of arbitrarily held Muslim men who have been charged with no crime. You support troops that rape and murder children, women, and their families. You support genocide because Fox News calls it justice.

How, with all of this, can you lift your head and be proud of being an American? You should bow your head in shame and prepare for the eventual dissolution of your nation because you have not earned the right to stand up and be counted amongst the moral of our world. You are nothing more than the sheep you have chosen to be, so stop beating your chest for the world would be laughing at you if it were not crying instead.

This work is in the public domain
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