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Commentary :: Environment
Monkeys use baby talk with their infants
25 Aug 2007
Modified: 06:46:55 PM
Monkeys use baby talk with their infants

persistent sources

Astronomy Pic of the Day


911InsideJobbers (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)


click here for today's attempted illustrate mirror:

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align="left">

********INDYMEDIA: BETRAYAL*********

Indymedia (IMC) says: the government pays us to suppress free speech and we love our "jobs"! says: this news blog is automatically censored! We don't even have to work for our money! says: You must write "liberty" to post! We're having so much fun forcing you to obey! says: 911 Hoax used to try to post here, but we stopped him. We now screen every post. Every post. says: 911 Hoax posted here just once, and for about two minutes. Teams of us now screen every post, 24/7/52.


Another Indymedia Meltdown!!


********911: SEPTEMBER CLUES********

Absolutely incredible new revelations about how the TV networks aired fake video of animated "planes" on 9/11!

Part VI: Must see TV!

Parts I, II and IV not to be missed. Part III has good payoff near the end.


visit this page for the rest:

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX: RECENT STUFF********

911 Hoax Rapture:

(hey, you gonna steal my animated gif then i'm going to rename your video. :)

911 Octopus - the up and up:

(9:15. kinda confusing, but definitely worthwhile.)

9/11 Wag the Dog scenario:

Viewers see History Channel 9/11 special as straw man hit piece:

Proof that the September 11 LIVE coverage was not live:

(about 10.5 minutes. it is a little tedious but it does inform you more about the 911 media hoax.)

9/11 - The Towers of Dust!!

crash physics for everyone:

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX********

September 11 as it happened. Watch CNN lie to their audience:

Flight 175 Vanishment!

********CIA INFILTRATION********


US intelligence agencies take a break from their monitoring of to launch a new spying social site:

( = Government watches everyone who participates.)


Yahoo/CIA has deleted about 50 images from my group!!

(Yahoo/CIA employees don't mind at all being well compensated for destroying this country.)



********CLIMATE CHANGE********

Arctic sea ice shrinks to record low:

Australia discovers ocean current "missing link":

UK's Met Office says Earth warming up faster than at any other time:

Record heat in Arizona:

Arctic sea ice "lowest in recorded history":

Sweltering central states brace for triple-digit heat:

Amazon rivers are drying up:

The frightening future of Earth:

Melting ice drives polar bear mothers to land:

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align="left">

********FALSE-FLAG NEWS********


New Orleans deliberately flooded:


Ultimate establishment rat Robert Fisk says: Even I question 9/11:

(is this a good sign for the 911 Hoax movement? Or a bad one? Fisk has betrayed progressive circles enormously since 9/11/01 went down. Does this article signify that Power thinks the public will never figure out the fake 911 planes?)

Former chief of NIST's Fire Science division calls for independent review of WTC:

Morgan Reynolds sues NIST contractors for 911 plane fraud:


FDNY thyroid cancer shock:

9/11 sicknesses consistent with environmental radiation contamination:

WTC cancer cluster 'like Hiroshima':



China to install sensors along NAFTA highway:

Mexican trucks roll into America on Sept. 1:

Mexican trucks to get full access to US highways:

The Environmentally-devastating, Petroleum-industry-preserving NAFTA Superhighway

Still don't believe the NAU super highway is coming?

The ten lane NAFTA/NAU highway:


The elite re-configuration of North America:

Canada and Bush's North American Union project:

the militarization and annexation of North America:

********FOURTH REICH********


Bush Dictatorship asks unconstitutional military tribunal to allow unlawful trial to proceed:


GE/MSNBC conflict of interest in reporting 9/11 truth:

"...20 full documentaries is not meant to learn about the issues of concentration camp/prisons it is used to condition us.... The History Channel has a direct conflict of interest to reveal the truth about 9/11. 9/11 will be used to get us into martial law and GE/MSNBC owns the propaganda and many of the security contracts for that martial law....


Bush signs spy bill in spirit of Hitler's Third Reich:


Bush Dictatorship argues that White House not subject to Freedom of Information Act:


Federal ID plan raises privacy concerns:

"Americans may need passports to board domestic flights or to picnic in a national park next year if they live in one of the states defying the federal Real ID Act..."

Bush Dictatorship to expand domestic use of spy satellites:

Bush Dictatorship says warrantless surveillance 'cannot be questioned':

Bush dictatorship doles out millions for Fourth-Amendment-violating street cameras:


Bush: No pullout from Iraq while I'm president:,,2154354,00.html

(The US used to have a Constitution which says that Congress decides whether we go to war or not.)

New law gives Bush Dictatorship six months to turn Internet and phone systems into permanent spying architecture:

"...the law gives the Administration the power to order the nation's communication service providers -- which range from Gmail, AOL IM, Twitter, Skype, traditional phone companies, ISPs, internet backbone providers, Federal Express, and social networks -- to create possibly permanent spying outposts for the federal government..."

Bush gets six month dictator powers:

"6 month window gives government carte blanche to impose any surveillance policy and for it to remain legal in perpetuity"


Dictator Bush outlaws all war protest:

********WAR AGAINST INTERNET********


How do you build a new Internet?

"There's a real need to have better identity management, to declare your age and to know that when you're talking to, say, Barclays bank, that you're really doing so," said Jonathan Zittrain, professor of internet governance and regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute.

(Sure! we need *more* G-men watching every keystroke we type!!)

Federally funded parasites plan to scrap the Internet:


Folks, if Microsoft and Yahoo merge it will mean the end of the Internet as a place where people can communicate with each other without the government listening in.

Microsoft + Yahoo = Government Watches Every Keystroke

IE8 = Major Spying




China, Russia putting on joint military exercises:

(it is inevitable that as the Bush regime rapidly tries to create a North American Union that Asia would similiarly organize.

George Orwell accurately predicted Eurasia, Eastasia and Oceania!)


New York Times defends military escalation in Iraq


Armed robots pushed to police:

Attack of the killer robots:,1518,500140,00.html

Unmanned "surge": 3,000 more robots sent to Iraq to enforce the permanent occupation of this sovereign nation:

Israel to employ robot snipers to enforce its 40th consecutive year of unlawful military occupation of Palestinian land:

********BLEAK ECONOMICS********


Dollar may fall to record within six months, says Goldman Sachs:


Fed bends rules for Citigroup and other large banks:

(when the unconstitutional Federal Reserve get this power, which should belong to Congress?)


Tipping point:

(about cigarettes, the US housing market and the coming collapse of the American middle class.)

Fed injects 17.25 billion (more) into troubled bond market:

Federal reserve pumps $3.75 billion more on Tuesday to support the troubled bond market:

How far will the crash go and what do we do now?


US mortgage crisis spreads to luxury home builders:

California's foreclosures top nation:

American home foreclosures leap 93% in a year:


Bush's illegal and barbarous war on Iraq threatens the US economy/
Mass murder ceases to be profitable:


Efforts to crack down on lead paint thwarted by China, Bush Administration

Toys from China being made from slave, sweatshop labor:


US debt jolts world markets

(the article focuses on mortgage debt. However, debt from illegal, barbarous wars is a greater culprit.)

A debt culture gone awry:

(the Bush dictatorship accellerated the destruction of our currency by launching two wars of aggression and permanent occupation, also by raising war budgets to collossal heights.

Meanwhile, most Americans did nothing to stop them. Americans put yellow ribbons on their cars and kept on with their lives fully trusting the faces on TV.)

********GENERAL NEWS********


Monkeys use baby talk with their infants:

Scientists ask: Where have the dolphins gone?

World's birds on death row/
race against time to save 190 species from extinction:

Climate change threatens polar bear population:

cell tower blamed in animals' deaths:


Brazilian government selling off vast swaths of the Amazon rainforest to logging companies:


Bush Dictatorship to expand mountaintop mining:


The Bush administration's new target: Uninsured kids:

Bush Dictatorship trying to make it harder for low-income children to get medical assistance:


Baltimore Sun: "Fans will forgive him, but animal lovers could be his undoing":,0,465668

(chilling headline from the Sun. They want us to think badly of 'animal lovers'; i.e., the only ones holding Vick, the NFL's fastest man, back.)


Gas station owners allege price fixing:


Pro-illegal-war and permanent-occupation group launches $15 million ad blitz:


Marines quiet about brutal new Shoulder Mounted Assault Weapon:

Pentagon's new drug weapons:

(billions for permanent state of war and not one penny for education!)


<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align="left">


Israel has been enforcing the most brutal military occupation in world history -- for the last forty years!!


Settlers illegally-occupying Palestinianland cut Palestinian water supply to fill swimming pool:,7340,L-3439192,00.html


Israel bans school supplies to illegally-occupied Gaza:

Starving Gaza:

Illegally-occupied Gaza permitted brief fuel delivery:

Can you hear the cries from Gaza?

Gaza: Auschwitz of our time:

Israel told to ease Palestinian movement:



US, Israel sign record-high military deal:

Zionism as a racist ideology:


UK pupils face tracking bugs in school blazers:,,2153054,00.html

(Fascists like the ones in Tony Blair's government feed off of future generations like guppies feeding off their offspring.)


Western oil group eyes assets in Iraq:


Barbarous, illegal US occupation Killing 10,000 Iraqis every month:


******HEALTH, SCIENCE and LIVING******


"Saturn's Hyperion: a moon with odd craters":

(APOD's illustration at the link above is so utterly ludicrous it makes me cry with laughter. doesn't NASA have any quality control regading the fake images it produces of the "Cassini probe of Saturn"?)


NASA preps robots for future fake moon landings:


Article archive from the homepage of J. Orlin Grabbe:

(interesting mixture of erotica and links to noteworthy articles with a conspiratorial side. maybe this is how i should have rendered the combination of erotica and conspiracy seems to succeed.)


NJ Teen unlocks IPhone from AT&T:


Soda warning? High-fructose corn syrup link to diabetes, new study suggests:


Noise of modern life blamed for thousands of deaths:

Powerlines linked to cancer:

Doctor's studies links dairy to cancer risk:


King Hemp Part I: From DEA deadly birdseed towards power to the people:

"...Half of all drug arrests nationwide are for marijuana..."

Does Pot cure cancer?

Marijuana extract shrinks brain tumors:

Cannabis compound slows lung cancer in mice:

Study finds no cancer-marijuana connection:

"The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer..."

(folks, let's all cure cancer by smoking some pot now.)



Federer wary of Nadal threat at US Open:

(very interesting comments. most tennis fans regard Novak Djokovic as the greater threat to Federer on this fast surface.)

Main draw analysis:

Tim Henman to retire after this year's USO:

(he's the last of a dying breed: a pure serve & volleyer on the ATP tour. he will be missed by many tennis fans.)


Fritz Lang's Human Desire (1954):

(Human Desire is a crime-of-passion melodrama with a strong working-class feel. Lang's trademark style of keeping violence off-screen is on display. The US in the 1950s, where strangers are perfectly friendly and civil to each other, may seem very strange compared to our present military occupation and Matrix reality.

the best part of Human Desire is the chemistry and climatic romantic scenes between Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame. I also like how she first appears in the story, laying on her back very seductively on a sofa.

Above all else the story-tellers remind us constantly that there is always another railroad shift coming. We really feel like the characters are laboring under their assigned roles as worker ants.

It starts out a little slow but Human Desire is worth the ride. We see a few railway interchanges from the perspective of a moving train. Just as trains make pivotal switches to other tracks, so do human beings as most of us live quick, dirty, miserably unsatisfied lives, enslaved by people we foolishly regard as allies.)

p.s. all are welcome on the News Junkie GP list

This work is in the public domain
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