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News :: Human Rights
Protest at Racist Sabeel Conference
26 Aug 2007
The racist Sabeel Conference will be Coming to Boston in October. This is no peace conference, but rather a one-sided distortion of facts and history.
Click on image for a larger version

silent vigil at racist Sabeel Conference.JPG
The Women in Black held a silent vigil this weekend at the Sabeel Conference. The conference was targeted because it provided a one-sided account of the Middle East conflict, distorted history and featured documented anti-Semites as lecturers.

Women in Black stand in solidarity and in hallmark silence against war, violence and racism. We urge all Women in Black to stand with us against the lies and demonization of Israel presented at Sabeel.

This work is in the public domain
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Boston - we must monitor sabeel when it comes to town
26 Aug 2007
Sabeel (“The Way” in Arabic) is a Christian organization based in East Jerusalem that calls for the elimination of the State of Israel. Perverting the Latin American doctrine of “Liberation Theology” into Arab Nationalism, Sabeel tries to undermine Christian support for Israel by demonizing the world’s only Jewish state. Sabeel founder Naim Ateek rejects Israel’s right to exist and often uses anti-Semitic statements to describe both Israel and Jews in general. They promote boycotts of Israel and bolster their claims in sessions with extremist speakers presenting wild claims.

Sabeel discounts the well documented persecution of Christians at the hands of Muslims not only in the Palestinian Territories but in the Muslim world at large. This is no surprise as they also only recognize anti-Semitism as being a feature of “the West” with no regard to the longstanding second-class status of Jews in Arab countries and the almost complete ethnic cleansing of nearly one million Jews from the Arab world.

Sabeel prominently promotes the so called “Right of Return” of Arabs and all their descendants to present day Israel based on an interpretation of one paragraph of UN General Assembly resolution 194. In Naim Ateek’s own words, “the Jews would eventually become a minority in the country” thus leading to the end of the world’s only Jewish state. Ateek sees a time when conditions “for Jews in Israel would for one reason or another, become unbearable” so that they would “voluntarily” leave Israel. In other words, Ateek endorses ethnic cleansing.
more on Sabeel
26 Aug 2007
Sabeel has claimed “"Sabeel is accused of being anti-Semitic because we dare to criticize the policies of the state of Israel….” Of course, criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism and no credible person has tried to claim that is. On the other hand, Sabeel frequently crosses the line from criticism into anti-Semitism by resurrecting the “teachings of contempt” which, according to theologians, “hold Jews responsible for deicide (“Christ killers”), portray the religion as a uniquely malevolent force, and define dispersion as the consequence for Jewish sin.”

Deicide – “Jesus is on the cross again with thousands of crucified Palestinians around him It only takes people of insight to see the hundreds of thousands of crosses throughout the land, Palestinian men, women, and children being crucified. Palestine has become one huge [G]olgotha.”

Supersessionism – In writings, Sabeel has taken biblical passages out of context to claim that God abandoned the Jews and chosen Christians as their replacement.

Condemnation of the very thought of Jews having strength - “By espousing the nationalistic tradition of Zionism, they have relinquished the role of the servant that they had claimed for centuries…this has been a revolutionary change from the long-held belief that the Jews have a vocation for suffering.”
27 Aug 2007
Don't be fooled.

Women in Black did not protest Sabeel.

The photo appears to be theater at a recent Sabeel event in Berkeley.

Someone has ported this disinformation story to numerous indymedia sites with the same comments.

Let's keep our attention on the real issue here: Millions of Palestinians are suffering a brutal occupation while millions more can't return to land stolen from them and live in refugee camps and in exile.
Women in Black are a fake "peace" group
27 Aug 2007
Women in Black are a fake "peace" group. They don't really advocate peace, but rather they always excuse Arab violence while only condemning Israel. Their messages are usually half truths designed to mislead. The fact that the ever hypocritical Women in Black would never condemn Palestinian violence against Israeli children or anti-Jewish racism cloaked inthe guise of "anti-zionism" is quite revealing .
Women in Black are a fake "peace" group
27 Aug 2007
Women in Black are a fake "peace" group. They don't really advocate peace, but rather they always excuse Arab violence while only condemning Israel. Their messages are usually half truths designed to mislead. The fact that the ever hypocritical Women in Black would never condemn Palestinian violence against Israeli children or anti-Jewish racism cloaked inthe guise of "anti-zionism" is quite revealing .
Women in black say no to Sabeel
27 Aug 2007
Modified: 02:55:39 PM
Women in Black is an umbrella organization that exists worldwide. Each local Women in Black chapter is autonomous and sets their own agenda. Boston Women in Black might not have the same agenda as Cambridge Women in Black. Cambridge Women in Black may not have the same agenda as Bay area women in Black or as Oakland Women in bBack. Each group sets their own priorities.

Sabeel is an organization that has called for the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish population of Israel. Good for this chapter of Women in Black chapter for saying no to that. Its a principled stand, and a consistent one. I only hope our local Boston Women in Black take the same courageous stand. Sabeel wil be here Oct 27.
The disinformation comment itself is disinformation
27 Aug 2007
There is nothing in either of the links from the "disinformation" post to indicate this is anything other than what it appears to be.

From Women in Black's website:

<The Women in Black stand in silent vigil to protest war, rape as a tool of war, ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses all over the world.>

Sabeel advocates ethnic cleansing. Women in Black is opposed to ethnic cleansing, so Women in Black protested this event. And all women in Balck should continue to protest this racist conference and its discriminatory platform.
27 Aug 2007
" The fact that the ever hypocritical Women in Black would never condemn Palestinian violence against Israeli children or anti-Jewish racism cloaked inthe guise of "anti-zionism" is quite revealing . "

You have not read the lead article.
Women in Black held a vigil at what they perceived to be a racist conference. There is not a great deal of information here, but it seems that this particular Women in Black group took a stand against an anti-Zionist group precisely because THEY FELT IT WAS RACIST.
Less knee jerk than you might expect. Maybe they are a real peace group. Re-read the lead article then decide.
Not &quot;disinformation&quot;
27 Aug 2007
From the Bay area Women in Black website:

We wear black as a symbol of sorrow for all victims of war and as a way to join in spirit with the nearly 200 other Women in Black groups around the world who protest against militarism, violence, oppression, anti-Semitism, and racism, wherever it occurs. ..

This was a vigil against anti-Semitism. Why do some of you find that so hard to understand? Sabeel is anti-Semitic. Women in Black protested it. End of story.
Interesting report from someone actually at the Conference
29 Aug 2007
Apaprently there WAS some controversary as to whether the protestors were "real" women in black

From the blog of a conference attendee:

"A singular bright spot was seeing the Oakland Women In Black silently protesting in front, as people were entering the grounds. At some point, a livid troll ran past screaming that he needed a felt-tip pen, he was going to make a sign warning people about the Oakland Women In Black, because they weren't REAL Women in Black (correct, some of them had beards), they..... were..... EVIL ZIONISTS!!!

He never did get his warning-sign made. I wonder what he would've put on it. Perhaps "warning, may cause awareness of reality"."
See also:
This should clear things up
05 Sep 2007
There are at least 4 "Women in Black" groups operating in the San Francisco Bay Area. Berkeley Women In Black had a table inside the event and were clearly supporting it. Bay Area Women in Black's literature was distributed at the event and several of their members attended. Oakland Women In Black protested the event outside. San Francisco Women In Black was nowhere to be seen.
06 Sep 2007
From Bay Area in Women in Black

We would like to clear up the deliberately created confusion about Women in Black at the Sabeel Conference in Berkeley on August 18, 2007. Bay Area Women in Black held no vigil outside the conference nor did any other known or established Women in Black group. The people in the photo posted on Boston Indymedia's site on August 29, 2007 calling themselves "Oakland Women in Black" are actually members of the San Francisco Voice for Israel, who describe themselves as "a grass roots community based organization that takes to the streets to respond to enemies of Israel in the San Francisco Bay Area." They have counter-demonstrated against Bay Area Women in Black for the last four years and use tactics such as producing flyers intended to look like ours to confuse passersby and create disinformation at our weekly vigils. They also try to intimidate people participating in BAWIB vigils by aggressively taking their photo, breaking into picket lines, verbal harassment, etc.

Their intolerance of views critical of the Israeli Occupation and
their aggressive tactics are intended to confuse, misinform,
deceive, and silence others.

We do vigil weekly in Oakland, CA and would love you join us. Check
out for more information. To contact us directly, bayareawomeninblack (at)
Bay Area Women in Black
SF Voice for Israel vs. Women in Black
06 Sep 2007
Help! Police! There's a group of little kids singing songs of peace at us!

Those of you with a functioning sense of irony would have really enjoyed observing this incident, which took place on Oakland California in April 21. Since the beginning of April, the Bay Area Women in Black have held a silent vigil at a busy streetcorner directly across from a farmer's market. The protest not only the war in Iraq, but also Israel's occupation of the West Bank. Not in and of itself a reason to get alarmed, until one looks into the history of BAWIB-- a group that claims it is pro-peace and denies that it's anti-Israel, yet shows up only to protest against Israel, and never against Arab terror and jihadism. Somehow an anti-terror rally in Berkeley (featuring the remains of Jerusalem Bus 19) in January 2005 was worth their protest, as is the public Israel In The Gardens celebration in San Francisco each year, but the convention of al-Awda--an organization devoted to the destruction of Israel-- in San Francisco last year wasn't worthy of their attention.

Given the overwhelming hypocrisy of this organization, pro-Israel activists from StandWithUs/San Francisco Voice for Israel have been standing across the street in a well-received counterprotest. Not, of course, standing in favor of the occupation, but rather standing clearly in support of Israel's existence as a Jewish state. On April 21, they were joined by dozens of members of Temple Beth Abraham complete with guitar-playing rabbi, singing songs of peace. After standing with the Israel supporters, they proceeded across the street to the opposite corner where the WIB were standing, then continued around the entire intersection. Watch it yourself at and .

The response of BAWIB? They called the Oakland Police Department! Those little kids singing "Am Yisrael Chai" must have really worried them. Yet, of course, Hamas' use of children to probe Israel's security measures or carry bomb belts doesn't seem to worry them at all.
Schism in the organization
06 Sep 2007
It looks like theres been a split in the organization. San Francisco Voice for Israel had NOTHING about this on their website although they post about all their other activites so that may be a red herring.

At least Women In Black admits that some of their branches are simply anti-Israel as opposed to asserting that they are a "Peace" group.
Oakland Women in Black
07 Sep 2007
Oakland Women in Black is not and has never claimed to be Bay Area Women in Black. All the literature distributed by Oakland Women in Black clearly identified it as being from Oakland Women in Black.

Oakland Women In Black has never represented itself as Bay Area Women in Black and claims no association with Bay Area Women in Black or any other group that endorses racism, violence, or anti-Semitism or stands with groups that do.

Furthermore, Oakland Women In Black has no official connection to San Francisco Voice for Israel.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom, Namaste
San Francisco Voice for Israel?
10 Sep 2007 v=CitKwxOiSW4& NR=1

San Francisco Voice for Israel - the defenders of Isarael on the streets of San francisco?
A silent vigil is not their style.
"A silent vigil is not their style."
10 Sep 2007
False flag ops are a Zionist specialty.
It must be a Jewish conspiracy!
10 Sep 2007
"It must be a JEWISH CONSPIRACY!" Put on your tin foil hat, you'll feel better.
Bay Area Women in Black have a vendetta
12 Sep 2007
Bay ARea Women in Black have an obvious vendetta against this group- look at the you-tube and at the website.
They really did call the police on this peaceful group.

When confronted by a 5'3" Rabbi and small child leading a group of Jews singing songs of peace, the Women In Black called the police! Apparently children, Rabbis, practicing Jews, and true peace are scary and abhorent to the Women in Black. Here, the police try to talk some sense into Rachel, the leader of BAWIB. This was a futile effort, as he discovered.
See also: .
Sabeel conference is racist
19 Sep 2007
"Subtle suggestions of Jewish plots, and too much Jewish influence in the halls of power, and in Christian churches. The Jewish establishment. The Jewish lobby. The Jewish censorship.

Subtle, in this case, means fairly blatant.

No mention, of course, of the Sfardic / Mizrahi exodus from the Muslim world. No mention of the barrage of Qassams. No mention of the unceasing attempts to kill Jews. No mention of anything that would provide context or perspective. Just an unceasing flow of anti-Israel rhetoric, from eight-thirty in the morning till lunch-time, and then for another hour afterwards, before the workshops on practical anti-Semitism and how to propagate hate...... oops, I mean the workshops on 'Why Divestment Is the Best Method to End the Occupation' (by Fahad Abu-Akel, room 2005, from 2:15 PM to 3:15), and 'Christian Zionism in Mainstream Churches' (by Rosemary Radford Reuther, room 200, from 3:30 to 4:30)."


See also:
Death to Zionism
20 Sep 2007
The only difference between a Nazi and a Zionist is the name of their favorite ethnic group. Both are ethnic supremicists. To not oppose Israel is to condone apartheid in Palestine.
Anti-Zionism is racism
20 Sep 2007
Anti-Zionism is racism in that it seeks to deprive the Jewish people, but only the Jewish people of thyeir natural right to national self determiantion in their ancestral land. Its a parrellel situation to the Native Americans, after a long period of hardship, discrimination etc, FINALLY they got a tiny reservtion and wouldn/t you know it, there were White people, descendants of the oppressors didn't want to leave the Res. In Israel its Arab descendants of Moslem conqueorors that just want their land and the Res too, of course with out the Native inhabitants. Awfully familar
More information on teh Sabeel Conference and the Sabeel agenda
20 Sep 2007

Four heavyweights in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) have issued an open letter in response to an attack on the ‘verbondenheid’ (connection) and support of the PKN for Israel.

The person who initiated the attack (Henri Veldhuis) was one of the founders of the Dutch branch of 'Friends of Sabeel'.

[Friends of Sabeel is a dangerous pro-Palestinian pan-Christian liberation-theology organization with a vicious anti-Semitic agenda. Among its members are outright supporters of terrorism, and one of the causes they advocate is a general boycott of all Israeli goods, services, institutions, and organizations. They shun Jews in general, but tolerate their house-Jews who disavow support for Israel (such as Women in Black, JVP, and Brit Tzedek).]

The issue will be discussed this November at a synod of the church, which is the second largest denomination in the Netherlands.


Jan Van Der Graaf (general secretary of the Reformed Union, retired) is a good ally to have on one's side. His influence in Reformed Church circles is very wide. And he's no political novice.

Theo Van Campen, one of the others who signed the letter against Sabeel, is a preacher in Zwartebroek. But also an official within the organizational structure of the church.

Doctor Wulfert De Greef is a retired preacher.

Doctor Henk Van Der Meulen is a professor at the Protestant Theological University.

All four are old-guard, established voices within the church. They are not green, and may be said to represent the orthodox point of view.

Among other things, they accuse Veldhuis of wanting to hold the church hostage to "a Palestinian Liberation Theology", which "will not promote peace in the Middle East". This in addition to expressing the fear that his actions, if in any way successful, would damage the church, and ill-serve the Palestinians.
They reject Veldhuis' contention that the church should be connected to the "people of the Torah" (by which Veldhuis means ONLY Jews who live according to Torah) rather than connected to "the people (of) Israel" AND "the people of the Torah" (by which the church means ALL of those who share in the covenant that Hashem gave Abraham).

[Veldhuis' contention, if adopted, would open the gate to Protestants trying to define Jewishness, rather than Jews having a say in the matter. The current stand of the church is to leave definition to the defined.]

They also express surprise that Veldhuis should have repeatedly cast blame at Israel, without even a word about the jewhate-drenched ideology of Hamas, or the increasing anti-Semitism of the Arab world.

[The Church has already taken note of the grave danger from Islam to Muslim converts to Christianity. Their relation with the Jews is closer to the heart of the Church than the (mostly theoretical) modus vivendi with Islam.]


Henri Veldhuis, the Sabeel guy, is a preacher in Culemborg. He's extremely pro-boycott, and must be considered a dangerous man. He has fired back that the four letter-writers are less Biblically sound than reverend Naim Ateek, fuhrer of Sabeel, and that it is impossible to be less connected with and concerned for Palestinian Christians than connected with and concerned for disbelieving or non-practicing Jews. He also states that the connection with Israel is 'unbiblical and ethnically threatening' - by which he seems to imply that Jews are less Jewish than Palestinians (as but one of many possible shades of meaning). He represents a predominantly younger and more radical voice than the majority of the church.


Further to the idea that Dutch reformed church members might differ of opinion with the national synod, it should be mentioned that the organizational structure does not permit them freedom to act contrary to the synod. As long as the national synod supports Israel, the church supports Israel. The Dutch reformed church differs in this aspect markedly from the Presbyterian church.
If members are found to be motivated contrary to the church's ideology, they will be isolated, or they will have no other choice but to split off. There is a certain amount of freedom when it comes to interpretation, none whatsoever when it comes to deviation.

[I am not entirely sure what the current situation is with the PKN, however, as some accommodation was made to be as inclusive as possible. But given the Dutch talent for rigidity, it is unlikely that heresies will be given any leeway. Tzarich iyun.]

Additionally, any major ideological shift in favour of the Palestinian terrorist movements will necessarily cause schisms. There are several other denominations within Dutch Protestantism who would not only dispute the validity of such a move against Israel, but happily absorb any dissidents.

Note that the PKN represents a merger of the country's three largest protestant churches: the merger was supposed to unite. And it did. It also resulted in several split-offs. So instead of three denominations becoming one, they became many. A big denomination and a number of petite denominations and one-church wonders.

One other problem is that anti-Americanism and anti-Israelism are dominant ideologies in Dutch society. This does influence the environment within which the church operates. But given the assault by ultra-left ideologies on the remaining religious communities in the Netherlands, it is not likely that the majority of the church will be as easily swayed by Palestinianist sympathizers as American Presbyterians, who are proving to be a bunch of patsies.
Zionism is colonialism
21 Sep 2007
>thyeir natural right to national self determiantion in their ancestral land.

(1.) National self determination is not a "natural right"

(2.) Self determination by ethnic groups is racist by definition.

(3.) It is other people's ancestral land, too.

(4.) Only racists care who your ancestors are. The rest of us only care how you act,

>Its a parrellel situation to the Native Americans,

Indeed it is, only it is the Arabs of Palestine who are being treated like the Native Americans.
Just more Nessie droppinggs
21 Sep 2007
Remember, if Nessie says it then its a lie. Of course inherent in hissheer nonsense is the clear hypocricy "Palestinian Nationalism-good, Jewish Nationalism -bad"

Simple racist
"droppinggs" (sic)
21 Sep 2007
An ad hominem is not a rebuttal. it's a way to change the subject.


>"Palestinian Nationalism-good, Jewish Nationalism -bad"

This is a straw man, yet another logical fallacy.


I never said "Palestinian Nationalism-good." I said equality, which Zionists oppose, is good. I said racist colonialism and ethnic supremacism, which Zionists practice, is bad.
thanks for making my exact point
26 Sep 2007
Thank you for making my exact point and highlighting your endless racist hypocracy. Its this kind of crap thats ruining the Indy system
Zionism=love of Zion
26 Sep 2007
<I said racist colonialism and ethnic supremacism, which Zionists practice, is bad.>

Zionism is the oldest movement of self-determination in the world. It has nothing to do with racism or ethnic supremiscism. Its is about the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland.
Zionism=love of Zion.
there they go again
11 Oct 2007
>it has nothing to do with racism or ethnic supremiscism.

It is *purely* racist, ethnic supremicism. The only difference between a Jewish state and an Aryan state is the name of the favored tribe.

>Its is about the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland.

This begs the question. In fact, it is not theirs. It was stoln by (some of) their ancestors from the ndiginous Canaanites, in a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing.
Am Yisroel Chai!
11 Oct 2007
arab world.bmp
Nope- the only Jewish state in the world is a bastion of freedom, plurality, equality and democracry in a very very nasty neighborhood.
Little Israel is struggling to survive while surrounded by hostility.
Your favored Aryan state was the cause of the hostility, not the victim of it.
Big difference. Don't worry, though- you'll learn about it when you get to High School.
"Jewish state"
11 Oct 2007
The only diference between a Jewish state and an Aryan state is the name of the favored tribe.
Have we entered an echo chamber?
11 Oct 2007
Nope- the only Jewish state in the world is a bastion of freedom, plurality, equality and democracry in a very very nasty neighborhood.
Little Israel is struggling to survive while surrounded by hostility.
Your favored Aryan state was the cause of the hostility, not the victim of it.
Big difference. Don't worry, though- you'll learn about it when you get to High School.
there they go again
12 Oct 2007
>the only Jewish state in the world is a bastion of freedom, plurality, equality and democracry

This is utter bullsh*t. Nearly half the people under Zionist rule have no rights whatsoever, and have lived under martial law for decades.

>in a very very nasty neighborhood.

This is racism, pure and simple. But hey, what else can we expect from people who, like their mentors the Nazis, believe that Jews should be treated differently than non Jews.

>Your favored

This beg the question, a logical fallacy.


No, I do not "favor" an Aryan state. In fact, the reason I hate Zionists so much is because they are so very, very, very much like their mentors the Nazis.

>Aryan state was the cause of the hostility, not the victim of it.

The Zionists mentors, the Nazis, claimed that Germany was the victim of the Allies. This is how they garnered so much sympathy among the German people.

The Zionists love to imitate their mentors, the Nazis, not just in their incessant, racist brutality, but in their propaganda.

Yes, mentors. They have also actively collaborated since *before* the Holocaust.

that "anti-zionist" was frothing
12 Oct 2007
that "anti-zionist" was frothing at the proverbial mouth! All that sheer hatred and not a single fact! Typical bigot.
"not a single fact!"
13 Oct 2007
Many facts. Not a single refutation.