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News ::
DeVoy is nuts.... Read this and then rethink your policy
10 Mar 2004
"Should I be killed, I want the evidence to be out there."
Make sure you are sitting for this one!

I will now prove that the FBI Agent using the handle KOBE SBM (his old name was "Schooner") has conducted this entire harassment operation due to a personal spat he had with me in an online forum. He mistook my criticism of Israel for anti-Semitism, began making death threats against me and when I spoke up, he threatened me. Specifically, he threatened to "get inside my ISP" to find out about me, collect information on me and publish it. He also promised to "drop a dime on me."

Unfortunately, he did not "collect information on me." He fabricated endless accusations of false, defamatory and libelous absurdities. He used tax payer money to do this. He did it while he was on the job and through his forged posts of threats against the President, false articles accusing me of being a terrorist and forged articles threatening the Boston Police, he caused the Secret Service, Homeland Security and the Boston Police to spend their time and your money monitoring this website.

This FBI agent got me fired from my job, scared the shit out of my wife and family, forced us to move, put up a bully website up to defame me and recruit cyber stalkers to harass me, recruited people to stalk me IN REAL LIFE resulting in more than one physical assault and sent me demands suggesting I kill myself.

Here are his first statements of intent to harass me:

FBI Agent's Threat #1

FBI Agent's Threat #2

This fucking son of a bitch had me demoted two weeks after posting this and fired a month later.

I ask all of my readers and anyone who has ever met me (and I know thousands have met me in Harvard Square), to open the two threatening links and save them to your hard disk. Should I be killed, I want the evidence to be out there.

If the ACLU is reading this, please contact me:

SRDeVoy (at)

Anyone that wishes to republish this article without modification is welcome to do so:
It's Not a Carnivore, It's an Omnivore
The above article should make it clear and irrefutable just exactly who is harassing this website and why.:
Basically, an FBI agent is engaged in criminal activities.
I believe I have his name and email address.
I will soon write another article providing additional evidence that the harassment operation is run by the FBI. I will reveal some information I've been holding back. This information will point directly to the Austin Field Office of the FBI and a specific FBI agent who works on the Internet. His full time job seems to be something other than COINTELPRO. The question, then, is whether or not he's been instructed, officially, to conduct his online harassment of dissidents or whether this a hobby he pursues using the cover of the FBI and a wink and a nod from his superiors.
This article in no way retracts claims that various corporations are involved in the harassment operation. COINTELPRO has become privatized.

The goal of this FBI agent is?


Want to see another crime committed by the FBI agent?

How about posting a solicitation to kill Kissenger, in my name!
Why was this NEVER investigated?
You know why.

Another crime of the FBI agent?
Article suggesting murder of Bush, published by FBI agent.
Calling for the murder of George Bush, in my name!
Why was this NEVER investigated?
You know why.

Another crime of the FBI agent?
Article calling for Boston Police officers to be shot
Once again, published fraudulently in my name.
Why was this never investigated?
You know why.

FBI agent admits connection to the FBI:

He also makes the same statement made to me by an FBI agent at the Austin Field Office of the FBI on 9/11/2002, when I filed a complaint about the online harassment. At that time I did not know that it was the FBI itself that was harassing me. The lesson to be learned is never to contact the FBI. You wouldn't contact the mafia, would you? Why treat the FBI any differently?

By the way, I have strong evidence that this same agent issued death threats against Sherman Austin while he was in jail. He is also involved in harassing an anarchist in Seattle. What the three targets have in common is that they are webmasters of anarchist publications.

Sample of agent's online identities. I think you'll see a pattern.
Online Handle Usurped Name used for Registration of Websites
SBM George Bullock
SBRaven Georges Bouland
BorlaSwirl Geoff Brannigan

The agent's real name follows the pattern in the left column. Profiles of criminals indicate that most base their fake identities on their actual names. As for the column on the right, the attempted implication is "GB" or George Bush. This explains the article he published in my name threatening George Bush. Apparently it was his hope that I would infer from his selection of names that he was working for GB. When I failed to make that inference (not because I was unaware of his intent but exactly because I knew his intent), he published the article he had been hoping I would.

He also opened up a forum, which I will describe in detail at a later time, where he pretended to be me. He used the name "Server of Just Deserts" (SJD) and then under the identity of SBM told people SJD was "Stephen J. DeVoy." Actually, "J" is not my middle initial.

SJD, then went around pretending to be me. I contacted him and asked him to stop it. He pleaded with me asking to continue under the argument it would confuse "KOBE." I never bought it and told him to stop claiming to be me.

Under the identity BorlaSwirl, he attempted to recruit me to engage in hacking against KOBE. I refused. He also asked me to tell him where I was posting so that he could "help me out." I refused. He gave me the name of an FBI agent (himself) and asked me to call him, stating that the agent was trying to track down KOBE.
No shit.

Tracing this agent's favorite set of proxy IP addresses, I found someone else using the exact same small set. He was molesting children online.

What is this all about? Here's your answer:
COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story

FBI Agent Confirms his Identity on LA IndyMedia!
Turns out he's the guy that started sending me death threats two years ago.
He works in Baltimore on Ambassador Road.
He identified himself as "Maddox" and gave his location.
From his location I located the FBI office at that location.
From that office I located the IP range of the network for that FBI office.
From there I matched it to one of the original people issuing death threats against me.
He went, at that time, by the name "Schooner" (Which fits the naming pattern).
I am assuming at this point, that SBM = SB Maddox.
Have a gander at his posts!

Of course, anyone can call himself Maddox. What is significant is that both the FBI Agent harassing us and I know that death threats came from a specific IP in Baltimore. I have now established that the IP address belongs to THIS FBI OFFICE and there is a Maddox listed on the front page of the site.

Could "SBM" be "Special Agent Barry A. Maddox"?

Wait, it get even better!!!!
And this is real life!

Here are the governmental visitors to this website today:

You see that entry ""? Well, that's the Secret Service.
Their job is to investigate threats against the President!
As you've seen above, we have linked to a threat to the President published
by an agent of the FBI in order to demonstrate criminal activity by the FBI.
If I were a Secret Service Agent Man, I'd be very interested in
investigating an FBI agent that makes threats against the President.
We're all waiting to find out what happens!!!!!

If you just can't wait, contact the Secret Service and tell them to visit this website again!


Special agent Barry Maddox at the ready to harass "Tree Huggers"
See also:

This work is in the public domain


DeVoy is not nuts. He's documented the harassment.
10 Mar 2004
He's documented the threat by the FBI agent to do exactly what he did, create the KOBE website to harass him.

You are so stupid that you do not realize that this is the end for you.
First FBI threat against DeVoy.
10 Mar 2004
Traced to the FBI:

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Date Posted: 00:55:01 04/15/02 Mon
Author: Schooner
Author Host/IP: /
Subject: Do you know what you are talking about
In reply to: NSA 's message, "Schooner knows what I am talking about." on 00:55:01 04/15/02 Mon

Let me get into your ISP and find out exactly who you are. I think I'll just develop some information about you and psot it for all to see. You pathetic little dweeb.

Speaking of time on your hands, we all know what you have in your hands.

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Second FBI threat against DeVoy, traced to the FBI:

Date Posted: 00:53:13 04/15/02 Mon
Author: Schooner
Author Host/IP: /
Subject: I have a suggestion for you
In reply to: NSA 's message, "I am an observer. You are in trouble." on 00:53:13 04/15/02 Mon

Shove your documentation up your ass.

If you were so proud of your defunct BBS Soap Jerk Box, why did you not allow the appearance of IP's , afraid you would be revealed.

Why did you freak when I posted a question and referred to a contact that was linked to from your Nazi forum.

You may be the target of some documentation my little wiener boy, don't pick a fight with a dog you do not know, you might justbe in for a larger surprise when a knock comes on your door.

Footprints? HAHAHAH The only footprints you see or feel or the ones my boots leave on your ass. As for me, you could not find me from this IP at all. Completely untraceable and a temp account created and deleted each time I log on. Logs are deleted as well.

Not that it matters, you can piss and moan 24/7 for the next 200 years and yet have no legal complaint agains tme.

Bark at someone else moron, you pathetic little Nazi troll.

Does your mamma know you post this Nazi crap with her PC. hey didn't I see you on America's Most Wanted last night, the pathetic Jew hater? Yeha, it's you. maybe I'll just drop a dime on you....... AHAHAH

I'll think up something a little more creative for you in the near future.... be on guard moron.

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