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Commentary :: War and Militarism
Labeling Terrorists VS Self-Righteousness
05 Sep 2007
If right-wing straw-women like Condoleezza Rice so willingly label Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization for the purpose of building a phony case for war against Iran, then it is high-time we Americans examine the little discussed question of just “who” is pulling America’s puppet strings—because such a war is not in our self-interest?
Labeling Terrorists VS Self-Righteousness

By Et tu Brute

If right-wing straw-women like Condoleezza Rice so willingly label Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization for the purpose of building a phony case for war against Iran, then it is high-time we Americans examine the little discussed question of just “who” is pulling America’s puppet strings—because such a war is not in our self-interest?

Despite this Secretary of State’s purported goal of maintaining “diplomatic” solutions by pacifying hardliners, U.S hypocrisy is undeniable, especially given our past support for Iran’s once Reza Shah tyrannical dictator that our country helped install, and train of their brutal secret police SAVAK. But now beltway insiders are labeling their military corps to pacify right-wing hardliners, who like the hidebound backside of John Bolton, continues to bray of bellicosity and belligerence? But why should these bullies need a pacifier?

Over the years now there has been a deluge of vociferous expletives leveled by the left against the Bush Administration’s foreign policy in the Middle East. But little attention has been raised regarding one of the major reasons why Bush has acted so headstrong, and why the Senate and House have been too lily-livered to do anything forceful or effectual in face of the insanities that continue to tear our nation.

That reason is obvious enough—it is America’s bullied and blackmailed relationship with Israel. Israel has been the sacred cow in the U.S. debate on belligerent war in their region.

Several reasons that took us to war with Iraq—our current mess—similar to what is or isn’t argued for jumping into a humongous attack on Iran. There is the fact of an immense amount of oil in Iran for petroleum companies to covet and make the case for war of resource. There is the strategic location making the case for regional hegemony. There is potential threat by some Iranian leaders to use currencies other than the petro-dollar making the case for securing our irresponsible economy. And there is the ubiquitous profiteering of the military industrial complex for plenty of investors. All this seems to have played into the geo-strategic chessboard of dominance.

But still America’s blatant hostility toward Iran, similar to what happened in Iraq, is in response to Israel’s inordinate demands on our country, and our people, expecting that we “conspire” once more with them, to destroy one more enemy of Israel—namely the Iranians—which continues to support underdog Palestinians via Hezbollah and Hamas aid.

The arguments and deceit tactics of mis-information used now are the same used by the Neo-Con-Artist cabal to game us into our blunder with Iraq in which Saddam Hussein also happened to support the Palestinians.

And again America’s mainstream media, with plenty of right-wing to centrist Zionists and right-wing Christian influence, continues to hoodwink goyim America that Hezbollah, Hamas, etc., are American enemies too—rather than merely regional enemies of Israel. And their propaganda never stops.

Yet wasn’t it Thomas Paine who suggested that the American colonies could have done better without a relationship with England since England was merely protecting the colonies from England’s enemies? He argued that our relationship with other countries should not be for political purposes but for commercial reasons.

So too by use of exaggerated claims, if not conjured imaginings, of imminent, or close to imminent, nuclear threat towards Israel, mainstream media teams have distorted facts and suppositions in a perpetual propaganda war against truth and equally against the American people (similar to statements about WMD in 2003 Iraq).

Both the U.S and Israeli governments, in conspiracy within respective mainstream media, have spent much energy, time and talent trying to convince us American citizens, whether Christian or not, that “we” should again support “another” war against another of Israel’s enemy—and that we should just accept this Neo-Con-Artist and AIPAC propaganda as fact—that all of Israel’s enemies are equally our enemies too, and that all are imminently and psychopathically dangerous. No baggage here mind you. And if they have to concoct phony or exaggerated terrorist fears to make it seem so then so be it.

This is to say that the right-wing of Israel and the right-wing of America still expect to engage an aggressive bombing of Iran, even if Israel’s active and calculated part in puppeteering our country into war with Iraq has left our people, and our “real” national security, bereft of friend, dollar, reputation, power, or semblance of logic. Are we not currently close to the brink of disaster?

Apparently hardliners there, as well as here, especially with the Jewish connection, signify that they could care less if America drops to both knees to be potentially clobbered in another world war, or eventually defeated and demoralized by other terms.

In fact it seems that some rather expect a major loss of U.S. global power to happen. Could that be why there have been rumors of trading U.S. military secrets with Russia and China (and who knows who else)? And is this why we have to slap Israel’s hand and chase their spies out of our country?

Is the dancing partner so hysterical that it has blinded our eyes with arms around our head so we might not see? They might as much trip us up and over the precipice.

No longer can we Americans remain blind or mute to an active and strenuous bias for Israel’s perceived needs, that amounts to a willingness to subordinate America’s true interests—by many who think loyalty to religion or cultural tradition takes precedence over loyalty to country or nation.

Political philosophers have warned of conflict of interest divisions between religious loyalty and national interests. Certainly some Christians and Jews could care less if hell broke out there as they seem to disregard all consequence in their rabid pursuit of Palestinian supporters. They claim they are averting a nuclear explosion by activating hundreds or thousands of bombing sorties?

Notice, for example, the recent revelation that the Bush administration has decided to scale back its plan to screen U.S. foreign aid contractors around the globe via the U.S. Agency for International Development to a “pilot” vetting program in the West Bank and Gaza. How ironic that our U.S. fight of terrorism is so well correlated to Israel’s needs? Was this equally true for the secret prisoner rendition program? And is current surveillance within the United States and around the globe of electronic communications and banking practices also being done for Israel’s benefit?

Who is really running this government—and have these people become tyrannical to the point of literally dictating our country’s foreign policy? Given the fact that only about 5 percent of this country’s population is Jewish there are an inordinate ratio situated in high places in Washington D.C. and the media. This is not exaggeration. This is the truth.

So again, there were a variety of reasons to argue for war with Iraq (few if any legal or social), as in war profiteering and the taking of oil, but other reasons not argued also amounted to the de facto liberation of drug trade via Afghanistan, and the de facto conspiracy of Israel’s motives to manipulate Western xenophobia against the brown-skinned heathen Muslims—to advance an agenda of getting Western countries to fight a war against several countries meant to be perceived as “common” enemy.

Time is running out for the Bush administration that Sharon liked to deal, so now we are a push for another phase of the Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Elliott Abrams, Scooter Libby cakewalk that Tenet more or less had to endorse. The cooking of the intelligence was in a special Pentagon office.

We are again threatening to attack a country, this time Iran, or back Israel in so doing—in essence initiating World War 3—because Israel cannot, and will not, learn to get along with its neighbors. This is to say the world is being manipulated in a potentially giant war in which it is presupposed that nations of predominately Christian bent are expected to go to war with nations predominately Muslim because the people of Israel will not conceive of other forms of survival other than the continuation of squeezing Palestine. Still they will willingly take advantage of American military might for their purposes—irrespective of the aftermath to our own nation and people? At least this is how it seems their attitude to exist.

But how is it that Israelis seem to feel no compunction in continuing to make inordinate demands on our taxed resources, for whatever hysterical reasons they inflate or out-right distort—just so they can have their ends met at our costs? After all is this not their pattern and attitude—everything must be in Israel’s favor—and the hell with the rest of the world?

Furthermore, why should Americans believe anything stated about Israel’s enemies from the mainstream media? Should we not know by now that what is purported to have been stated by Ahmadinejad is as often twisted or taken out of context by Western or Israeli media sources so as to manipulate our fears against him in favor of war? We are being led to think he is unreasonable and that we must attack. The same pattern evolved from the media before attacking Iraq.

But based on Israel’s past history and attitudes since it declared itself a country some 60 years ago, why should we Americans be easily inclined to hand over more of our exceedingly expensive military machine to Israel, or our overly taxed revenue dollars, or our middle to lower socio-economic class soldiers’ life’s or wounded bodies (while the wealthy minority benefit from military investments) because Israelis can not get along with neighbors or treat Palestinians as human beings?

It would be a national security mistake for our country to jump into a major war—just because rogues elements within the power elite here and there continue to act like simian bullies that cannot imagine that they could be flattened down as another bad assessment.

Ask yourself, “What people of what country would want to defend Americans in another war of aggression?” None. Or “How many people of how many countries would actually like to see the United States military defeated for being aggressive?” Many—and not just minority people—we have alienated many Europeans. People in Washington under-estimate the intelligence, resolve and creativity of other peoples and nations. We may have the biggest military but we pretty much stand alone. A rash and headstrong war with Iran could be a disaster for our nation and soldiers that we have yet to comprehend.

Meanwhile the facts speak of another reality. For example, Israel is the country in the Middle East that holds “plenty” of nuclear weapons (not to mention other weapon systems), which they will “not” allow for international inspection—nor even think to discuss non-proliferation. Et tu Brute. Maybe it is time to refocus the question as to whether Israel should have a right to nuclear production?

In fact Israel’s building of nuclear bombs came about, coincidentally, as their leaders misled our country’s leaders about developing their uranium enriching capacity—but now they feel more than free to project their past motives onto other countries—to the point of dictating to other peoples as to who and who can not develop peaceful means to energy use.

Surely extremist Muslims have come to hate us and want to destroy us; but we need to understand the long road that has created this attitude toward us. We need to study how oil profiteering, usurping greed of international meddling, and again our relationship with Israel has perpetuated the brunt of hostility against us by Islamic peoples—while our propaganda machine singularly portrays them as the ones singularly barbaric and inferior.

Plus we Americans are suppose to be stupid enough to somehow swallow the illogic that Iran is completely out of place for “meddling” with an unstable neighbor while we globe-trot like troglodytes into every nation’s business—and somehow we should all feel justified in playing the world’s bully? How simple-minded do they think we citizens are?

Furthermore both Israel and the United States are the bullies that have been “threatening” (as in “terrorizing”) to use nuclear weapons against Iran and its people for “pre-emptive” reasons—that is just in case they “might” be engaged in making bombs that no IAEA inspections have shown to be the case—and no trustworthy third party can show the facts to be as they claim.

Therefore we Americans cannot trust this usurped government or its media. The propaganda war here within the West is against our own people and it is undeniable.

Meanwhile despite any concern for peace or clear-headedness, and equally despite any concern for a world Jewry to live in peace and dignity with private religious independence, it has become rather obvious to plenty of people, that Israeli leaders over the decades, have worked hard to make its enemies in the Islamic world and elsewhere (even it the reverse can be said about Muslims working hard to make Israel as enemy). The entire attitude has been one of sustained hostility toward Palestinians as “less” than equal in their ethno-centric and waywardly “one-way” mode of operation of trying to wipe them from the map.

Yet anytime anyone criticizes Israel about anything related to their conflicts in the region their well-oiled choirs start to shout about suicidal bombers as if too dysfunctional and delusional to not see the connection between their behavior and attitudes toward the Palestinians and their karmic reality of enemies everywhere.

Equally is not Israel’s never ending settlements into Palestine a perfect example of their perpetual dishonesty to our leaders and the world, while saying anything others might listen, while twisting words with creative semantics in a never ending game of pretended diplomacy, but nevertheless continuing to stubbornly dominate another people and region—irrespective of any form of justice or virtue on their part?

Do Jews around the world really expect the rest of the planet to accept the superstitious delusion that a people long time dead were promised the perpetual territory of Eden by a partial God—who just happened to choose their tribal ancestry over other peoples—that is other peoples who had already lived there in that same region millennium ago? Are rational people of the 21st century suppose to agree that nothing else matters except some delusional state of Zion just because they have recorded a long history?

All people are just as ancient as all other peoples. Nobody or group is more sacred or special. Maybe more Christians ought to actually read the Old Testament—particularly the Pentateuch—to understand how war-like this literature and mythology actually was and still is—at least for right-wing interpretation?

Nevertheless if there really is a God that stands for justice, truth, and virtue, it seems likely that both right-wing of Israel and the United States, and England would be rendered past history.

Cannot Americans not see the police state that is fast evolving here in the United States, thanks to sophisticated machinations of creating illusions of “threat” of terrorism from abroad? Is not some of this droning din about “Islamic” terrorists, a bit too concocted by propagandist intelligence fronts, in a never ending ploy to create a new world order and dictatorship?

As now we are being force-fed to accept the reality that every enemy of Israel is equally an enemy of every citizen of the United States, as we are being force-fed to give up our freedoms to a mindset that will continue to crush at our liberties via eventual martial law that can be triggered by any catastrophe—irrespective of who or what actually does it.

Like the green zone in Iraq there is equally a green line of Israel. Like the walling off of Israel from Palestinians in Israel there is now a fanatic’s infatuation with having walls being built around our own borders, and sophisticated databases to compile information on people here in the U.S., and around the world, as to who can move around. Like the check points of humiliation and perpetual control of the Palestinians, new forms of high tech spying has culminated over night to potentially control any group or person. Like jails full of Palestinians in Israel we now are willing to imprison Muslims here on mere suspicion and propaganda. Joined at the hip are two countries that have conspired to change forever the American way of life.

And what does this evolving mode of a-diplomacy meant to perpetuate but Israel’s apartheid state—similar to America’s once slave states of Negroes. And hence to support this inequality in the name of Zionist theocracy will likely lead to jackboot muscularity. And then how many decades will we be debased by this form of elitism because Israel cannot create a true secular democracy in which all are not given equal opportunity—and are discriminated against for ethnic reasons?

Moreover, this propaganda war by mainstream media has recently warned of “internal” terrorists cells of American Muslim origin; yet, it is especially noteworthy to realize that the only competent foreign cell arrested since 9-11was an Israeli spy cell of pretended art students released shortly after 9-11.

Meanwhile other so-called terrorist cell interventions touted as of Islamic origin have pretty much ended up being either exaggerations or tainted foul-ups by various keystone cops. Nevertheless the news empire continues to try to manipulate our naiveté in a high state of “terror” alert against enemies out there or hiding around every chicken farm with propane.

Yes how perplexing that after six years with reports of illegal torture, illegal jailing in camps like Gitmo, illegal renditions to Gulags, and an illegal war with rumors of more, this United States government has not been able to bust one real terrorist cell of any true import in the United States—without it being leaked that the facts were not really the facts? Granted new reports are being released all the time to change this blatant embarrassment but is it not time for us normal citizens to get a clue?

Currently our economy is seriously compromised. As is our military seriously compromised. As is our democracy seriously compromised. And currently our relationship with all other countries and peoples have pretty much been alienated. And let us face facts people—we are not just disliked—we are hated—and not just because we are too stupid or preoccupied to know what is going on, but because we are also spoiled as expecting forever to live a life of cheap energy and luxury—and not able to have leadership that could have come up with a viable energy plan.

Do we have moral grounds to remain partners with Israel with their attitude? Furthermore why would people of another country why to be friends with a bully like the United States? Yet if we truly examine the behavior of our own politicians we see them groveling or kowtowing to Israel while Israel gets billions of tax dollars yearly in aid, plus millions of dollars in military hardware (which they too do not pay back either), and numerous unjustified vetoes at the U.N., while our country turns a blind eye to every act they engage, with nothing but meek silence? And this is the moral compass that shows that we are fit to lead the world?

According to the record, and to the circumstances that have played out over the years, Israel has not acted as either a friend or partner to the United States. Friends or partners do not merely pretend to act sincere. Friends do not make perpetual demands and give nothing of substance in return. They do not renege on promises. They do not constantly compromise them with whom they deal. There is another name for such a predicament.

We Americans do not have to fall for the religious insanity of Crusades that ruled the Middle Ages. We need to re-evaluate our relationship with the entire world with the skepticism and secularity that reality and sobriety requires.

It is time to recognize what Israeli and American behaviors, attitudes, and expectations have done for our nation as consequences. As it is equally time for us to re-evaluate our own behaviors, attitudes, and expectations as an independent country amongst many.

If we are forced to go to war with Iran because we have been manipulated by more right-wing propaganda then it is likely that our country will never be the same. The machinery for fascism is set to spring into high mode. One incident—whether from actual attack from an enemy or from another false flag attack from within—will prompt new presidential powers.

It is time to learn how the Nazis got over on the German people. According to Ian Kershaw few Germans were committed to the Nazis—rather they lulled into acquiescence by Nazis propaganda and achievements (Richard J. Ivans). How much different is that reality to what is happening today?

9-11 quickly became the culminating event used to perpetrate a 50-year clash of religious civilizations. Anyone who honestly looks deeply into the 9-11 truth movement with sincerity will see that the realities were different than what ideas were impressed upon our minds at the time of the catastrophe. If progressives do not become honest about 9-11 then another false flag can likely happen here again perpetuating our own demise—and all the railing against evil will be for naught.

Therefore we need to declare our independence from big money, mineral monopolies, and the Zionist hold on our national psyche—because it is neither healthy for either country.

This work is in the public domain
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