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News :: Politics
Utah Mormon Gov Jon Hunstman,Securities Fraud,Stormy Simon Striptease and Bloody Murder
10 Sep 2007
I guess it should be no surprise because the Mormons in Utah and elsewhere themselves,or at least those in high political and social positions such as Senators Bob Bennett,Orrin Hatch and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.,have much in common with their Islamic fundamentalist counterparts .It was only a short while ago that the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints, officially endorsed patriarchical polygamy just like their right wing Islamic counterparts and W Bush's and Dick Cheney's and Haliburton's Islamic fundamentalist allies in Dubai,Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE !
Utah Mormon Gov Jon Hunstman,Securities Fraud,Stormy Simon Striptease and Bloody Murder

Billionaire's boy Patrick Byrne who bribes billionaire's boy Utah governor Jon Huntsman Jr.(econmomic incest),is their chief spokesman aside from a David Patch who runs the
'investigatetghesec' cyber fraud website and who himself appears to have many Washington, D.C. connections including within the SEC itself !

Utah Mormon Gov Jon Hunstman,Securities Fraud, Striptease and Murder

Moronic Mormonic Angel Moroni

Unfortunately but true I became aware of the Angel Moroni after following penny stock frauds in which certain Mormons or Utah incorporated penny stocks were involved.Nevada still incorporates the most U.S. penny stock frauds but Utah tries harder.

If the image or statue of the Angel Moroni inspires or moves you to make an image art work or say t-shirt featuring said mythological creature - beware the Great Moronic Mormonic Church of Utah and its alpha moronic elders say they have a copyright just like Mickey Mouse ! I say they should be sued for burning that demonic image into our brains in the first place ! :

Visitations of Moroni

From 1823 to 1829, the angel Moroni 2 appeared at least twenty times to Joseph Smith and others. Those appearances opened the way for the translation and publication of the Book of Mormon and laid the foundation of many of the Church's most characteristic teachings. As a resurrected messenger of God, Moroni told Joseph Smith about the Nephite record on gold plates and taught him concerning the gathering of Israel, the forthcoming visit of Elijah, the imminence of the second coming of Jesus Christ, and the judgments to be poured out on the world prior to that event.

Utah Mormon Gov Jon Hunstman,Securities Fraud,
Striptease and Murder

Oh my,now that corrupt son of a Mormon billionaire, Utah Governor Jon Huntsman,Jr., has written a letter to the U.S. SEC, or the Securities Exchange Commission, to aid his biggest political donor Patrick Byrne and his pump and dump scam out of Salt Lake City .This fraud also aids a massive U.S. penny stock fraud and international money laundering scam erroneously claiming worthless shell penny stock companies are victims of 'naked short selling,(A FALSE CLAIM USED BY CRIMINALS AND WORSE TO DISTRACT ATTENTION FROM ILLEGAL PENNY STOCK 'PUMP AND DUMP' SCAMS AND MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATIONS) .

This illicit and apparently Bush regime or even CIA connected and endorsed activity stretches as far away as Israel and Dubai where their Islamic right wing brethren and co-religionists sent that $70,000 check from to Mohamed Atta in Venice,Florida from just before 9/11/01.Even George W Bush's hand picked far right 9/11 Commission's report acknowledged that much but without mentioning Makram Chams the Kwik Check's owner ! Why !?

The Kwik Check in Venice,Florida that cashed the $70,000 check from Dubai belonged to Lebanese-American Makram Chams who turns up as a Titan Corp employee in Level-3 press releases and SEC filings !.And yet the U.S. SEC and its corrupt Chairman Christopher Cox, who lied about 'WMDs' in Iraq, sending thousands to their deaths,protects Dubai's 'right' to use U.S. penny stocks for fraud and money laundering and Vice President Dick Cheney's Halliburton relocates there from Houston almost as if to reward them for having sent that $70,000 check, supposedly fromAl Qaeda ! Why !?

I guess Governor Jon Huntsman's 'liberal' stance on the use of unaudited U.S. penny stocks including those issued in his home state of Utah to defraud naive investors with their internet promotions and lies and aid money laundering in the U.S..offshore and in George W Bush and Dick Cheney allied Islamic states(not in Syria or Iran coincidentally) should come as no surprise.

I guess it should be no surprise because the Mormons in Utah and elsewhere themselves,or at least those in high political and social positions such as Senators Bob Bennett,Orrin Hatch and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.,have much in common with their Islamic fundamentalist counterparts .It was only a short while ago that the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints, officially endorsed patriarchical polygamy just like their right wing Islamic counterparts and W Bush's and Dick Cheney's and Haliburton's Islamic fundamentalist allies in Dubai,Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE !

These misogenistic and non-democratic sheikdoms is what many American women in the U.S. Armed Forces died fighting for and were crippled for life for - not 'democracy' !And of course the right to involve themselves in U.S. 'securities' frauds that defraud naive Americans and even seniors and aid money laundering operations that shall surely come back to haunt us again whether we realise it or not ! I'm sure the bin Laden family,Saudi and the Al Sabah royalty are greatful. (ha.)

And just like Islam ,the Mormon or Moron religion plagiarised both Judaism and Christianity in hopes of gaining converts from both barbaric religions ! The angel Moroni symbol of the Mormon church is no doubt the inspiration for the english word moron.And no wonder - these morons(those at the top of the Mormon church and Mormon political leaders) would be in jail if the money they stole wasn't used in part to to bribe and buy the U.S. government !

Utah Republican Moron Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. himself received bribes from Patrick Byrne who got this money in turn from securities fraud and theft from mainly American investors by his pump and dump and stock manipulation of his and I believe from other penny stock s and criminals such as the Mormon and Utah penny stock fraud called Global Links among many others !

The Utah Moron Governor Huntsman has received over $75,000 from Patrick Byrne and money from his and his father,(insurance billionaire Jack Byrne's), securities fraud has given well over $1 million to the Republican party or to to fund Republican 'dirty tricks' such as donations to Swift Boat Captains For Truth and a $1million anti-John Edwards for Vice President campaign that also benefitted Jack personally by opposing potential politicians and politics that might be a theat to his Geico or White Mountain insurance payouts to insured patients !

In turn the corrupt Moron Huntsman has even strong armed the Utah legislature(unsuccessfully)to pass a supposed 'anti-naked shortselling' law Byrne felt would aid his Utah based securities fraud as well as that of a number of worthless penny stock frauds whose money in part could be used for yet more political bribes and illicit stock fraud profits for his mainly anonymous clients and peers who donate to his NCANS that runs the cyber fraud website called and the older and
'bobosrevenge.blogspot' of the anonymous penny stock criminal 'Bob O'Brien'.! The fraudulent
'naked short' claim appears to be a subterfuge of W Bush regime and possibly even CIA penny stock fraudsters who make the claim to distract from their own stock manipulations to defraud naive investors including seniors with little money to lose and they make the claim but wish to remain anonymous in case by some miracle the corrupt U.S. government and the SEC or DOJ or the FBI or even elements within the CIA itself comes to its senses and prosecutes them.

Billionaire's boy Patrick Byrne who bribes billionaire's boy Utah governor Jon Huntsman Jr.(econmomic incest),is their chief spokesman aside from a David Patch who runs the
'investigatetghesec' cyber fraud website and who himself appears to have many Washington, D.C. connections including within the SEC itself ! Patch has even defended the U.S. penny stock fraud GenesisIntermedia of George Herbert Walker Bush of Iraq-Contra scandal as a victim of 'naked short selling' when in fact the SEC itself knows this to be a fraudulent claim.

One of Patrick Byrne's employees was actually an ex employee of Governor Jeb Bush's Florida administration named Judd Bagley and in both 'jobs' he has been 'employed' to harrass critics over the internet and worse ! From political dirty tricks he has gone on to corporate dirty tricks for illegitimate 'public' companies defrauding invesors ! Not much of a career change in effect.

Patch also writes and posts on thesanitycheck.con website run by Byrne and the anonymous Bob O'Brien who lies claiming to reveal his identity would put his life in danger.

Be warned.


Adnan Kashoggi ,is friend and humble servant ,(just like the George Bushes), to Saudi royalty and the bin Laden family.Penny Stock criminal David Patch an associate in fraud to both Patrick Byrne and James Dale Davidson,of the supposed 'anti-naked shorting' cyber fraud op and website,investigatethesec.con appears nonetheless to have friends or criminals within the SEC or Securities Exchange Commission himself,has has claimed the illegal penny stock pump and dump GenesisIntermedia of Kashoggi(whose share price collapsed and never recovered aftere 9/11), a victim of 'naked short selling' as well ! Also Taser stun gun folks who gave ex NYPD Chief to Rudy Giuliani - Bernie Kerrick - so many shares to dump, I mean sell claims it too was 'naked shorted' ! And perhaps about a thousand such scams coming and going !

David Patch also writes for the sanitycheck.con cyber and penny stock fraud website of Patrick Byrne's NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Shorting'. This in turn has a a Well Fargo account in San Diego whose records should be subpeonaed by the SEC or the DOJ if we had one.Christopher WMDs' Cox who lied about WMDs in Iraq as head of House Homeland Securities leading the U.S. to economic and social disaster ,war crimes,and the death of thousands of Americans and MANY THOUSANDS of Iraqis,is today head or Chairman of the SEC as a reward for his war and securities other frauds in Congress.He was a Latham and Watkins attorney that had Enron as a client in California where it ran a massive fraud an electricity consumers before its collapse.Also he was involved in a California ponzi scheme but still George W Bush appointed him tp Chair the SEC !

The money that Patrick Byrne,son of Geico and White Mountain insurance billionaire Jack Byrne(who was business associate of Warren Buffett),has given generously to Jon Huntsman Jr.'s political campaign, all from securities fraud Huntsman aids and abets.

Utah Moron Republican Senator Bob Bennett who also started the false rumor of a year 2000 or Y2K computer crash(no doubt to benefit computer software companies that could supposedly solve this pseudo existent problem),also claimed along with David Patch that the Utah and Mormon owned penny stock 'company' Global Links was a victim of 'naked shorting' that led to to false speculation that it was undervalued and lure more suckers and naive investors into the scam only to lose millions of dollars !

The other sleazy Utah Moron Senator Oral or Orrin Hatch has also aided the fraud and Byrne and Patrick Byrne called Alabama Senator Shelby a 'crook' for not going along !

Hillary Rodham Clinton knows all about it but her biggest contributers are hedge funds and no doubt penny stock con artists with Beltway connections so she pretends not to notice.She even unites with the right wing fascist Senator Bob Bennett to jail anyone who 'dessecrates' the U.S. flag - but fraud she is alright about ! It's the American way in her 'mind'.

The scumbag and Utah Republican Moron Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. also gets more brinbes,I mean pòlitical donations by way of Patrick Byrne's 'donations to First Class Education or FCE that works to take money from public schools and give it to the rich by way of vouchers for private 'education'.Go figure.

Patrick Byrne in his generosity may have given up to $500,000 to this group that in turn gives it as bribes,I mean donates to to influence their far right elitist agendas.In fact Utah Moron Governor Jon Huntsman got money from Byrne through that shady operation as well ! And again money from Byrne's sleazy penny stock stock pump and dump and probably many other that most likely pay for his defense of sleazy penny scams that erroneously claim their shares or 'naked shorted' or counterfeited.
AlL to cover up their pumps and dumps and money laundering through unaudited shares onshore and offshore or outside U.S. borders !


First Class Education (FCE) is the right-leaning organization created with the sole purpose of promoting the 65% Deception across the country.

FCE is funded by Patrick Byrne, an internet tycoon who regularly funds pro-voucher candidates and causes. Creative Response Concepts, the Virginia-based communications firm which spearheaded the Swift Boat attack campaign, handles FCE’s media relations, State-level PACs have been created in several states, including Colorado, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Patrick Byrne, the millionaire founder and CEO of, developed the idea for the 65% solution, and has donated at least $100,000 to FCE.

Byrne has stated his desire to eradicate the National Education Association, the country’s largest labor union, which represents teachers and other school personnel nationwide....................

The son of a billionaire,Byrne,got his Stanford University degree the easy way - his billionaire daddy Jack bought it for him.And Stanford University and its fraudulent medical
'researchers', Chris Heeschen and John Cooke, took out a patent to use nicotine for angiogenesis or blood vessels formation that was really just a scam for and illegal pump and dump of the fruadulent biotech penny stock company Endovasc whose unaudited and uncounted shares were used post 9/11 by a fly by night boiler room with located in Kuala Lumpur and with ties to Dubai ! All while Stanford law professor and ex SEC Commissioner Joseph Grundfest,with his George Herbet Walker connections,looked the other way and may have openly aided and abetted this fraud against Americans that laundered vmoney in terrorists money laundering Islamic states !

Endovasc involved with both the Grin brothers of Israel and James Dale Davidson founder of the Steve Forbes connected National Taxpayers Union as well as the corrupt Houston attorneys John O'Quinn and Wes Christian,all claimed after dumping or selling unaudited shares from Bermuda through Charles Schwab and vFinance accounts to Kuala Lumpur through possibly CIA controlled Bellador Group then claimed all those unaudited shares they dumped were not real but that they were 'naked shorts' !Fraudulent obvious lies both the SEC and the DOJ and their FBI could see through and stop - IF THEY WANTED TO !

Patrick Byrne the spoiled billionaire's son is so sure of his above the law status as to ability to launder defrauded investor money intto political causes and politicians accounts he thumbs his nose at the SEC for years and does just what he pleases.

And now we hear an executive of Patrick Byrne's pump and dump headquarterd in
Salt Lake City that has had a history of making threats and harrassments particularly to journalists who write unpleasant facts about Byrne's many frauds and deceptions,has authorised over $1 million of defrauded investor money be given to 'executive'
employee Stormy Simon for - well - for her good looks,I suppose. Stormy Simon is her name and she was said to be a stiptease artist or exotic dancer before becoming an executive.At least according to Utah police at the time of arrest of a boyfriend for the murder of his wife some years ago !

Mr.Byrne,(or 'Dr.' Byrne if you are to believe Stanford University and its diplomas for the rich program), denies this - and Stormy, to my knowledge, has remained silent about the whole affair.The Utah police who arrested and convicted her boyfriend Meade for murder have never retracted their claim about her job however,to my knowledge.

I would only hope she WAS NOT a stripper as the police claim because if so she smears the name of many women who struggle in that profession as their only means of income,perhaps escaping marriage to some Mormon Moron scumbag,they would otherwise not be in a position to say no to.Also this 'Stormy' does to stippers' reputations what the Charles Manson 'family' did to the reputation of 'hippies'.(Of course the the Los Angeles,California and U.S. government wanted to use Manson for that exact purpose at the time,whereas the right wing mafias who run strip joints or lap dance clubs or gambling operations or penny stock scams and money laundering operations,etc.,have a use for striipers - they didn't
for hippies.........

So it is probably no coincidence that the criminals who placed the $100,000+ ad-letter to George W Bush in the Washington Post on February 8,2005 warning Bush of the supposed dangers of 'naked shorting' to the U.S. stock market and introduced themselves anonymously as NCANS or National Coaltion Against Naked Shorting' ,(except for the honorary Utah Moron and billionaire daddy's boy Patrick Byrne who thinks he's 'sectret agent man') gave no address, except in a WSJ interview in which NCAN's 'Bob O'Brien',(an admiited alias who claimed Wall Street hedge fund operators were out to murder him if he divulged his real name !),gave an address that turned out to be the Cheetah Club lap dance joint in Las Vegas,Nevada.

And of course those familiar know Nevada is famous for incorporating and aiding international criminals running U.S. penny stock and money laundering operations !

The sleazy father and son operaters of the Cheetah Club Michael Galardi and Jack Galardi who may or not know who is behind NCANS also had a Cheetah Club lap dance and strip joint in San Diego and were accusated of running prostitution operation in Florida. They were also charged and convicted including of bribing city council members in San Diego.And they are the only lap dance club ever investigated under the newly created 'Patriot Act' for reasons unknown.:

From Wall Street Jaournal interview of an unidentified party to NCANS who uses alias 'Bob 'O'Brien' and numerous aliases on Yahoo! who has aided the fraud and deleted my posts and confiscated my email for exposing their lies on Yahoo ! :

A: ''Someone complained to the registrar that I had used false information to register the first domain.
Did you? A: Sure. I didn’t realize that anyone cared or that it violated any rule. I listed the Cheetah Club in Vegas, a strip club – internet servers, “topless servers” – get it? A joke.''

- from WSJ interview of 'Bob O'Brien' (pseudnym of Patrick Byrne's main internet dirty tricks con artists who promoted the NFI real estate loan sharks group who fraudulenly claimed they were 'naked shorted' as well ! in 2005 who some suspect is the Beltway's James Dale Davidson of the National Taxpayers Union of Alexandria, Virginia and propagator of the smear rumor,'Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster'

Michael Galardi and Jack Galardi are the owners of the striptease club where O'Brien claimed his nfi-info to promote the NFI pump and dump and or Patrick Byrne's NCANS was located.It is the only striptease club to ever be investigated, for whatever reason, under the Patriot Act.If he is an associate of the owners of Cheetah Club it is the only striptease club to my knowledge that the FBI in Las Vegas and San Diego has used the Patriot Act to investigate ! Why ? And why use it as an address for his scam website created to tout and manipulate the mreit Novastar Financial ? And then a special
'naked shorting' website, ,(since moved for whatever reason to site), to promote that fraud used to mask the pump and dumping of shares that the SEC doesn't audit anyway ?

I have little doubt that NCANS San Diego Wells Fargo account and San Diego attorneys is no coincidence. San Diego happens to be is the home of much U.S. military activity as well as many military dependent corporations such as Titan Corporation who was the employer of a Lebanese-American,Makram Chams, who strangely lived in Venice,Florida before 9/11 and
very strangely,ran a Kwik Check that cashed the $70,000 check sent to Mohamed Atta just before 9/11.Later Titan a subsidiary of Level - 3 Corporation made a pretty penny toturing Iraqis at Abu Graibe and providing other valuable services to the Bush Regime and 'Coalition' forces.(We can thank Daniel Hopsicker of for bringing that to light and who has been harrassed by Mr.Cham and his lawyer for his efforts while the DOJ stands by and aids the criminal Bush regime.)

Below is from the murder trial of Stormy's boyfriend , lover,and wife murderer David Meade and below that some strange comments about 'gay bath houses','cocaine' ,'naked shorting' etc. by 'CEO' Patrick Byrne.In effect Stormy Simon and the Utah Republican Moron Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.,whose father plastics billionaire Jon Huntsman has been a financial backer of Moron Republican Mitt Romney , have one thing in common.They have both prostituted themselves to Overstock.con's Patrick Byrne and his NCANS 'naked short' lie and fraud used to distract from his and others fraudulent stock manipulations and crimes.


...........several earlier statements by David Mead implicating him in his wife's death. On separate occasions, Mead had spoken with three people, Winneteka Walls, Stormy Simon, and Mead's cousin, James Hendrix, about killing his wife. During the two years immediately prior to Pamela Mead's death, David Mead had been having an affair with Walls. Walls wanted Mead to leave his wife and threatened to reveal the affair to Pamela Mead if he did not. Several weeks before the drowning, Mead told Walls that he wished his wife were dead and that his wife was going to have an "accident." Specifically, he said she would have a "nasty spill," and, when she did, he would have an alibi.

¶11 Mead also had an affair with Simon in either 1991 or 1992. The affair ended abruptly, however, when Simon discovered Mead was married. Nevertheless, the two remained in contact, and, in a 1993 telephone conversation, Mead told Simon he was unhappy in his marriage. Simon advised him to get a divorce. He told her he could not do so, however, because he would lose his business to Pamela Mead and her family.(2) Instead, he said he would be better off killing his wife and getting the insurance money. Apparently, Pamela Mead was listening to the conversation on another extension. She became upset and left her husband for a time, living with her family in Colorado........

Dr. Grey. Relying on these statements, Dr. Grey certified the manner of death as "homicide" on September 28, 1994.

¶14 Several months later, in 1995, Mead sought out Simon, with whom he had an affair before Pamela Mead's death, at her workplace. He told her his wife had died in a "mysterious freak accident" and that investigators were looking for Simon. He told her not to speak with them and asked if she recalled the telephone conversation wherein he told her he would be better off killing his wife and getting the insurance money. She responded that she did. He told her he did not. Mead then asked her if that was something she felt she would have to admit in court. She said it was. Simon felt intimidated by Mead during the conversation..............................

(Meade told)Simon he would be better off killing his wife than divorcing her. Similarly, he told Walls that Pamela Mead was going to have an "accident." Further, Mead asked Hendrix to kill Pamela Mead shortly before her death. Mead contends the court erred in allowing these statements to come before the jury because they constituted prior "bad act" evidence proscribed by rule 404(b) of the Utah Rules of Evidence. We disagree. ..................................................

.. was insufficient to support the jury's finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt as to the murder charge. Mere weeks before Pamela Mead's death, David Mead offered Hendrix $30,000-$40,000 to kill her. Further, Mead told both Walls and Simon he would kill his wife, have an alibi, and make it look like an accident. He told Hendrix this would happen after he had played the role of a good husband for a year to allay any suspicions of his involvement. While Mead had apparently been working on the pool for some time, he hastily completed it shortly after Pamela Mead's foot surgery. The backyard lights were in working order at the time of the murder; however, the bulbs had been unscrewed slightly, leaving the backyard dark. Moreover, Mead began dismantling the pool before the police even arrived, and his brothers completed this the next day. Additionally, the allegation that Mead was motivated to kill his wife for the life insurance money was bolstered by Mead's own prior statements and the fact that he began his efforts at recovering the insurance proceeds the day after his wife's death. We conclude there was "sufficient competent evidence as to each element of the crime charged for the fact-finder to find, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant committed the crime." Layman, 1999 UT 79, ¶ 12, 985 P.2d 911.(11)

Below are direct quotes from's Patrick Byrne about 'gay batthouses','cocaine',
'naked shorts',etc., who employs, donates to,or bribes both Stormy Simon who knew her boyfriend was out to murder his wife and did nothing and Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. who knows his biggest campaign contributor and fellow billionaire daddy's boy is aiding massive stock fraud that can leave many old folk homeless and all its deluded investors vicitms bankrupt - and Governor Huntsman helps Byrne to operate the fraud from his own state Utah ! Both Utah Governor Jon Hunstsman and Stormy Simon prostitute themselves to fraud and commit economic incest by using and distribiting the known stolen proceeds of securities fraud for themselves and their 'causes'.:

Jeff Matthews said...
Stormy Simon was identified as "an exotic dancer" in a Utah Supreme Court document available at "FindLaw" which summarized the verdict against murderer David Mead, at whose trial Stormy Simon was a key witness, for reasons I will not repeat here.

The reference to her as "an exotic dancer" was later removed from the document, which was removed from this site and replaced with the revised court report.

8/18/2005 6:42 AM

I agree that CEO’s who spend time worrying about shorts or obsessing about shorts are fools. And that most of the CEOs who tangle with shorts are crooks...

I believe there’s been a plan since we were in our teens to destroy our stock, drive it down to $6 to $10...

These are the folks I’m going to talk about….Leon Black I’ve put in there just because he’s a well-known financier hedge fund guy. Got nothing to say about him. Sort of putting him in as an example of a -- just somebody in a hedge fund...

Jim Caruthers is an interesting fellow. He’s up at Eastborne Capital, north of San Francisco. Eastborne has an “E” at the end. It’s funny because there’s a fellow holding himself out in a nearby location by the name of Jim Karruthers, with a slightly different spelling, holding himself out as a private investigator from Eastborn Investigations, no “E” at the end. I know that couldn’t be this Jim Caruthers, because that would be a felony for a person to hold himself out as a PI when he’s not. And that PI has a very interesting relationship with a certain lawyer in Detroit who has some very odd practices that maybe we’ll have time to get back to...

Kevin Ingram was a prominent fellow in the late 1990’s in Wall Street. He left Wall Street, started a dot com. I think it was crashing. He got caught attempting to sell Stinger missiles or obtain Stinger missiles for some Pakistani ISI agent, who turned out to be undercover feds. In fact, he agreed to work on obtaining a nuclear trigger for them. So he went to the pen for a few years. He’s out now and he’s basically a gopher for some of these folks...

I finally wrote Herb and I said, “Herb, is this some subtle way of approaching me? It’s okay if it is, but I’m just not into that.” He just seemed obsessed with me. Well, oddly enough, he stopped in February, more or less stopped writing about me. And the same week practically he stopped a blog was created by Jeff Matthews who runs Ram Partners. And in my view, I think the assignment got passed from Herb to Jeff...

And somebody, a politically connected investor with the hedge funds calls up the SEC or the DOJ and says hey, you know, “Listen I was just having breakfast with George and Laura and they sends their regards. And by the way, I know a guy on Wall Street who’s come across something you really need to take a look at.” And so then one of the hedge funds goes in, sends somebody in with this white paper and they try to get an investigation started. That’s how the basic system works...

And they turned that into a white paper that said Byrne is tied up Al-Qaeda and terrorism and money laundering and you ought to look at this guy...

I’ll only talk to a Wall Street Journal reporter with a phone on because they’re such crooks…

Well, something else funny happened. My phone went dead, my phone went dead and a message came up in Spanish that said this has been diverted to some telephone company in Mexico and the line was out...

As this went on I started realizing that there was actually some more orchestration here being provided, by what I’m calling here is the Sith Lord…He’s one of the master criminals from the 1980s, and he’s back in business. But I’m not going to. I’ll just call him the master mind today...

So, in the words of Wayne and Garth, “Squeeze me?”

By the way, Carol Remond has something stuck in her craw about the fact, most people I think understood that when I said “those I took baths with” to mean like my cousins and brothers, whatever, girlfriends. She’s calling around and saying that there’s a, Byrne has a gay bathhouse cabal and that’s where this has been organized. Something about the whole bath reference has steamed Carol. My theory is it’s because she’s French…

I put information down there that I was gay. And…I put information down that I was a coke head. Now my apologies to my gay friends, both within and without, outside the company, I don’t mean to equate the two. I don’t care. I’m a libertarian and I don’t care at all. In fact I don’t give a hoot if anyone thinks I’m gay, but I thought that by keeping, by putting that information down on one channel and putting the coke head information down the other channel, I would then know if it leaked…

On the coke head thing, and by the way, I’ve never, with one exception, I’ve never even seen cocaine in my life so in case you’re wondering, no, I’m not a coke head...

I made something up. I said, “I’m going to Venezuela, I’m going to need some bodyguards.” Well, there’s no way he could really say no. And he’s a fine guy. I mean,I don’t envy him. So I went in to see him and he met me, brought a witness and my guess is he was taping it...

So that’s where we are. You may think I’m nuts…. If you think I’m nuts about all this, just ignore. Just ignore me. Just don’t do anything about it...

I like these guys, they’re sort of guys out of a John Grisham novel, real smart, O’Quinn is a great big strapping Texas cowboy. He sued Texas, he sued big tobacco on behalf of Texas and won $17 billion, pocketed a couple of it himself. And now he just funds lawsuits that he thinks has a social purpose. And we met. It was like two lost brothers meeting because we’ve come from very different directions to the same conclusion...

Why not take it to the authorities? Well, to that I say, “The SEC, come on, look at those, the graph of the Miscreants Ball and tell me the SEC is up to taking something like on. They’re up to going after Martha Stewart on a good day. They’re not up to taking on a web like that. They probably are afraid it might cause volatility.”

Did I stutter? Did I stutter or did I say I was going to take this fight to you? Well now you know what I meant. And lastly, the man I’ve identified here as the Sith Lord of this stuff I just say, you know who you are and I hope that this is worth it, because if the feds catch you again, this time they’re going to bury you under the prison. And I’m going to enjoy helping.

Those are the words of Doctor Patrick M. Byrne, reprinted straight out of the conference call transcript announcing a lawsuit against short-sellers.

- Patrick Byrne CEO from 2005 ' conference call' re his pump and dump and stock manipulation scam and NCANS.His National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling INVOLVES IN A NUMBER OF FRAUDULENT WEBSITES CLAIMING WORTHLESS U.S. PENNY STOCKS USED

I also believe Patrick Byrne is involved not only with David Patch but his and Steve Forbes' pal James Dale Davidson,foiunder of the National Taxpayers Union near the main SEC headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia (now headed by a Berthoud since Davidson
'retired').Mr.Davidson was also founder of NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling(along with convicted Canadian penny stock criminals Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins) that disappeared form the internet shortly before NCANS appeared.In truth the U.S. penny stock racket appears to be massive fraud used for money laundering and funding 'black ops' the the U.S. SEC has allowed up to now.

For some months a company called
'Cryptometrics' that forbes.con lends credibility to in the article whose link below was posted by the David Patch connected jagh alias tout 'braggamuffin'on the jagh ragingbull.con message board has merged or threatened to merge and live and dump shares from that fraudulent penny stock shell called Jag Media Holdings.

Here is a direct link to the scammy ragingbull.con jagh 'message' or penny stock promotion site that brags of having the New Zealand passport office as a client ! Both Steve Forbes' Forbes.con and the U.S. SEC as well as those in the New Zealand passport office who alled this to happen should be investigated by Interpol.:

This is taken from the Gary Valinoti, David Patch, 'jagh' or Jag Media Holdings message board. Jagh is a penny stock scam that was involved in the 'Bermuda Shorts' scandal and Valinoti has lied continuously along with David Patch and Houston attorneys John O'Quinn and James Wes Christian about 'naked shorting'..

Somehow Gary Valinoti who later teamed up as an advisor to famed,corrupt and fraud promoting Houston trial attorney John O'Quinn in his massive 'anti-naked short selling' litigations was never touched or even scolded by the SEC for his in involvement in the infamous 'Bermuda Shorts' penny stock scam. Why ?

Valinoti's Jag Notes also successfully touted Charles Schwab at the time of the London bombings,even getting it to rise on high volume on that same day when U.S. and world markets were falling.Reuters even picked up on the false 'rumor' of a buyout without citing their source - But why this free Forbes pr and the jagh scamsters use of it bothers me is now they would purport to be in the passport verification business !

Is there no end ? These people should have been in jail and their onshore and offshore assets confiscated years ago and returned to defrauded investors.But no,they are being touted on forbes.con as leaders in passport and i.d. verification. Do you want your passport verified by Gary Valinoti and David Patch ? Does Steve Forbes ? Just asking.........

Note Dave Patch and his fraudulent website called has a direct connection to James Dale Davidson of Agora Inc. penny stock promotions of Baltimore,Maryland and his National Taxpayers Union in Alexandria,Virginia conveniently located near the central office of the U.S. SEC or Securiies Exchange Commission.He was also involved with Davidson's now disappeared NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling and now Patrick Byrne's NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling with its Utah Republican connections to Utah Senators Bob Bennett and Orin Hatch as well as to Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. .As you will see in my article 'Is James Dale Davidson Using New Zealand ?',some New Zealanders did a fine job in the 1990's exposing Davidson and his sidekick the Lord William Rees-Mogg of England.I only hope some New Zealanders who may read this take on the issue confront your passport issue and end Jag Media Holdings and Cryptometrics penny stock fraud that uses the New Zealand governent and your passport office to do it !

CryptoMetrics Announces Facial Recognition Contract With New Zealand Passport Office

SecurIDent(TM) Technology Has Been Performing ''Watch List'' Check and Comprehensive Quality Assessment of Passport Photos

Tuckahoe, NY – May 24, 2006 -

TUCKAHOE, N.Y. - (BUSINESS WIRE) - May 24, 2006 - CryptoMetrics, a leading global provider of facial recognition and fingerprint biometric solutions to the government, aviation security, law enforcement, military, homeland security and commercial markets, today announced that the New Zealand Passport Office has deployed its facial recognition technology as part of that country's ePassport initiative......

David Philp, Manager of the New Zealand Passport Office stated, "For those who are involved in international crime and possibly terrorist activity, obtaining a false Passport is often critical to success. CryptoMetrics' technology will greatly improve security at step one of the Passport issuance process, by automatically comparing every application's photograph against the departments Watch List of persons who have previously attempted identity fraud. We chose CryptoMetrics because its technology offered the highest levels of accuracy available, very fast processing time and a very unique ability to enhance the quality of existing photographs through a process called 'normalization'."
Well the joke may be on New Zealand passport office's David Philp if Cryptometrics is connected to James Dale Dabidson who I believe although American still holds property and influence in New Zealand as well.Davidson is certainly connected to David Patch and Gary Valinoti of Jag Media Holdings the frauddulent shell Cryptometrics ju,ped into and has been doing yet and 'share distribution pump and dump and money laundering scheme ! Further Mr.Davidson has been clearly linked to Israelis of the Mossad type who were convicted in New Zealand for obtaining New Zealand passports illegally !
The fraudulent 'share distribution to penny stock con artists for illegsal pump and dump of Jag Media Holdings shares thanks greatly to fools or crooks in the New Zealand passport office who allowed that office to be used in the fraud !

Yes this penny stock fraud called Cryptometrics that would dare to control passport information of naive countries around the world under the guise of meeting the U.S. government's and George W Bush,'s 'high standards',(who allowed Mohamed Atta to 'train' for 9/11and party at Jeb Bush's friend Wally Hilliard's terrorist or flight training school at Huffmann Aviation in Venice,Florida in the first place), now has connections to the New Zealand passport office and quite possibly with the Mossad who tried to steal New Zealand passports for their own dirty tricks a while back !

And James Dale Davidson's pal David Patch is involves in the criminal penny stock shell it has 'merged' into,they are dumping more worthless shares.And this scam using the New ZEALAND PASSPORT OFFICE CLAIMS ITS SHARES ARE BEING 'NAKED SHORTED' A KNOWN FRAUDULENT CLAIM MADE ONLY BY FRAUDULENT COMPANIES !

JAG Media Holdings, Inc. Announces Signing of Merger Agreement with Cryptometrics, Inc
Business Wire, Dec 30, 2005

Find More Results for: "cryptometrics jag media "
JAG Media Holdings,...
BOCA RATON, Fla. -- JAG Media Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK SHEETS: JAGH) announced today that it has entered into a merger agreement and plan of merger pursuant to which the Company's wholly-owned and newly created subsidiary, Cryptometrics Acquisition, Inc., will, subject to the terms and conditions of the merger agreement, merge into Cryptometrics, Inc., a Delaware corporation that provides facial recognition and fingerprint biometric solutions to the government, aviation security, law enforcement, military, homeland security and commercial markets. Upon consummation of the merger, Cryptometrics will continue as the surviving corporation and become a wholly-owned subsidiary of JAG Media........

Even James Davidson's billionaire and far right pal Steve Forbes' forbes.con promotes the Cryptometrics
fraud as legit with no mention of Jag Notes or David Patch or Gary Valinoti,etc.........

Sophia Banay, 10.23.06, 12:00 AM ET
Biometric passports could streamline travel, make U.S. citizens easier targets and be a boon for security companies.................

- forbes.con


About Stormy Simon from Gary Weiss of who I have been critical for being employed by forbes.con and not investigating Steve Forbes' associate James Dale Davidson,founder of the National Taxpayers Union near main SEC office in Alexandria,VIRGINIA FOR HIS NOW BEHIND THE SCENES INVOLVEMENT IN THE LIE AND FRAUD CALLED 'NAKED SHORT SELLING' OF WORTHLESS U.S. PENNY STOCKS. :

Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Bulletin: Has a 'Code of Ethics'

Isn't it amazing? The most unethical, vile company in the United States has a code of ethics. Isn't that a bit like an ice machine on the Titanic? Read all about it in Sam Antar's blog.

We know this because's lapdog board of directors just granted CEO Patrick Byrne a waiver from the code. Seems Byrne wants to make a..... what the hell is this? ... to make a $1.2 million loan to the "Senior Vice President, Branding and Customer Care of the Company," Stormy Simon.

Stormy came on the board the company six years ago. Like all Byrne confidantes, such as in-house stalker Judd Bagley, she has gone above and beyond the call of duty in the service of her wack-a-doo boss.

As Bethany McLean observed in an article a few years ago:

Perhaps nothing illuminates the growing strangeness surrounding Overstock better than an incident involving an Overstock senior vice president named Stormy Simon. Through the gossip mill, David Rocker heard that she was unhappy. So he got word to her that she should call him. She wasn't planning on complaining, but Byrne wanted to see what Simon could learn -- he had heard that former employees were being paid to divulge information about Overstock.

Simon's phone rang while she was in her office in Salt Lake City with Byrne. She put Rocker on the speakerphone so that Byrne could listen and told Rocker that she was in Philadelphia, close to his New Jersey office.

They agreed to meet the following morning -- she had to take the redeye to Newark to make the appointment. Simon told Rocker that she could "sink Byrne, I can sink his ship today." ("She showed him some thigh," Byrne says.)

Rocker wasn't sure whether to believe her. He told her that if she had valid concerns, she should get a lawyer and should take them to the SEC.

Since then, of course, there has been a whole lot more "strangeness" (to put it mildly) that has clung like moss to this dirtbag of a company, ranging from an astroturf website to attack Byrne's enemies to the nutty ravings of its CEO. McLean, typically, was subjected to an obscene attack by Byrne after this article came out.

Stormy, as you can see from the article, really knows how to earn a paycheck. Still, given the actual state of this train wreck of a company, I wonder why Byrne is so generous with this particular subordinate, loaning her $1.2 million out of his own personal funds, contrary to (let's hold down the laughter) that delightful and unenforced "code of ethics." I wonder what she is going to do with the loan.

Hey, wait a second! I know. She's going to get a college diploma! Wasn't it nice of Byrne to hire for a senior executive position someone with "only a high school diploma and minimal college" (as a conference bio pointed out a couple of years ago)? Damn nice of him.

Come on, don't snicker? He doesn't appear on "Worst CEO of the year" lists for nothing. It takes plenty of hard work to achieve such a distinction..............

UPDATE: Sam's blog had pointed out that Overstock's "independent" directors have their "heads in the sand" by selectively enforcing -- ignoring, really -- the corporate code of ethics. Seth Jayson in the Motley Fool, pointing to the Overstock contention that this loan from the CEO to a senior VP "would not involve the company," comments:

Would not involve the company? A giant personal loan from the CEO to a senior vice president doesn't involve the company? Doesn't create any conflicts of interest?

Nice catch, Sam. But it's not fair to say they've got their heads in the sand. They don't appear to have heads at all.............

But Patrick Byrne's pampered upbringing seems to have convinced him that no rules apply to him, not even the ones he makes up himself......................


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Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?

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Asa Hutchinson,ex Congressman Tom McMillen, Fortress America,offshore money laundering

To CIA,In-Q-Tel,Amit Yoran re SRA International, Mantas Inc stock fraud money laundering

Mantas Inc,Herndon, Va, Pro-Money Laundering Arm of International Bankers,Brokers...

CIA and Gilman Louie are less than honest

Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering

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