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Commentary :: Politics
The KOBE/DeVoy "war" and its Casualties
11 Mar 2004
Those who constantly need to state that they are sane, are probably not. Those who feel that they are victims are just as likely to victimize others. Anarchism is not the garden in which you want to sow the seeds of logic and pragmatism. It seems to be the folly of teens, the poor and the disenfranchised.

The REAL Deal: The KOBE DeVoy WAR, and its Casualties

LOS ANGELES, CA (Beach Cities IMC) - Im sure many of you are aware of the continuing saga of the KOBE/DeVoy "war" which has been going on for over two years. Sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying, always entertaining, this war is being waged on the internet and is being won by KOBE for the most part.

Stephen R. DeVoy, an obscure author and webmaster of websites at , , and likes to think of himself as a "victim" of nefarious forces and deviously conceived government plots to destroy him and discredit him. After reading this article, you will see that he does a far better job of that himself.  Read his most recent delusion (currently on the homepage of Stop-Fascism):

In order to make it clear to you how serious this is, the FBI began an online death threat campaign against me two years ago.  At that time I thought it was some nutcase harassing me.  I went to the FBI office in Austin, Texas on Sept. 11, 2002 and filed a report, including documentation indicating the sources of the harassment.  Within days of doing this, the harassment program intensified.  Within a month the harassment program obtained its own website and used it to recruit other to harass me.  I now can prove that the Austin field office of the FBI gave their notes from that interview to the harassment operation.  The harassment operation, it turns out, is run from the Baltimore field office of the FBI.

From the beginning, the FBI's demands, under the guise of a cyber stalking project, were that I close down all of my websites.  When I refused, they terminated my employment hoping that would shut down my websites.  When I found another means to fund my websites, they attacked that means.  When that failed, they began editing this website illegally.  They have engaged in hacking, emailing viruses, spoofing email addresses, forging documents in my name, committing illegal acts on the Internet (such as threats against the President) using my name, hacking my email account, hacking my cell phone account, committing fraud in online purchases, physical stalking, invasion of privacy, libel, defamation, active interference with employment, intimidation and death threats.  In sum, I charge the FBI with violating the First and Fourth Amendments and with official oppression.

Ahem...uh, yeah. Does he genuinely believe that garbage? I'm afraid he does. For the last two years, the online entity known as KOBE has run a website at and has attracted lots of traffic (mostly to see the free "babes" section which contains over 1500 pictures). The forums mention DeVoy from time to time, but mostly focus on other political matters such as illegal immigration, the terrorist threat of Islamic Fundamentalism, and there is lots of humor and lighthearted horseplay. KOBE definitely has an "In Your Face" political style which is becoming more and more popular with Neo-Conservatives. An FBI headed plot against a single paranoid anarchist nutcase? Hardly.

What he doesnt tell you, is that he has "positively identified" KOBE SBM (as well as a similarly long list for KOBE HQ) no less than 10 times within the past year. Here is the list:

  • Special Agent Barry Maddox of the FBI
  • Dave Young, an employee at a small computer store in California
  • George Bullock, a programmer who works for Microsoft
  • Ned Lyle, the owner of the small computer store where Dave Young works
  • Josiah Hagen, a former employee of Cycorp, Inc in Austin TX
  • Jack Feldhaus, CEO of Sigma Data Systems
  • Doug Lenat, CEO of Cycorp, Inc.
  • Jack Daley, a police Officer in the Boston Police Department
  • An ex-girlfriend of his who lives in Palos Verdes, California
  • An old grandmother in Australia (who nearly had a heart attack after hearing from him)

Think about this: in each case of "confirmed" identity, Stephen R. DeVoy published a big fat red and black page or section on the homepages of his Stop-Fascism! website. He often published the theories (which were stated as fact) on all of his four websites, linking them from one to the other. He followed it up with action against his perceived targets: harassing telephone calls, threatening e-mails, defamatory remarks about them or their families, etc. NONE of the people in that list match any member of KOBE, present or past. That means that in his quest for "justice", Stephen R. DeVoy harassed, defamed and/or threatened those innocent people without regard to the consequences, and without apology after realizing that he was mistaken. Is THIS the sound judgment of a sane person?

Many of you are probably saying at this point, "Who gives a shit about them anyway?! They are nothing but trolls and juvenile annoyances". Perhaps that might be true, however if you have read this far, your curiosity is more than casual. The whole internet is a potential battlefield. This is a classic example of a "Hatfields & McCoy's" style feud between to vehemently opposed camps. Somewhere in there is a lesson to be learned.

Those who constantly need to state that they are sane, are probably not. Those who feel that they are victims are just as likely to victimize others. Anarchism is not the garden in which you want to sow the seeds of logic and pragmatism. It seems to be the folly of teens, the poor and the disenfranchised. DeVoy is not an anarchist, he is a neurotic suffering from Paranoid Personality Disorder. He should seek help.

This work is in the public domain


Beach Cities IMC is owned by the FBI.
11 Mar 2004
Beach Cities IMC is not an IMC. It has been rejected from the IMC collective.

Beach Cities IMC is on the same server as the FBI bully website KOBEHQ.COM. The two websites are served from the same IP address. The machine does not belong to an ISP or an organization. It is housed on a PC connected to the Internet by a business's DSL connection.

Network Solutions, though they will not give out the identity of the fraudulently registered websites' owner, confirms that they are registered to a corporation and not an individual.

Beach Cities IMC exists for one purpose only, to extend the COINTEL program KOBE.

No FBI agent and no individual can determine for another what his political philosophy is. No sane person would find it important in any way whether someone is believed to be, by the FBI, an anarchist, a socialist, a communist or whatever.

In all of my life I have never seen such an effort to convince people that someone is other than what he says he is. I have never seen anyone attempt to claim, with such underhanded tactics, that a Christian is not a Christian, a Jew is not a Jew, a Communist is not a Communist, a Capitalist is not a Capitalist and so on. This is the height of stupidity, has all the markings of a COINTEL program in both its goals and its effects, and has been traced right back to the offices of the FBI in Baltimore, Maryland.

The key to understanding articles such as the one posted above is that though it pretends to be neutral, only DeVoy is not anonymous. An attempt to smear two parties, one anonymous and one known is only, in reality, an attempt to smear the known party. This is an example of psychological warfare.

All KOBE (the FBI) is doing is showing how little they think of the intelligence of the activist community.