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News :: War and Militarism
Oxford Research Group blows away David Petraeus and George Bush
08 Oct 2007
They want us to weed out the root of the clash of civilizations leading us all to nuclear war in Iran and the extinction of life on earth in Nuclear World War 3.
President George Bush decided to surge, to send more troops to Iraq. His top two Generals told him that this would be a bad idea. President Bush proceeded to fire them and replace them with General David Petraeus, a man whose own boss Admiral William Fallon calls a sickening, boot licking, toady and sycophant with political ambitions. General David Petraeus then appeared before Congress and stated that the surge in Iraq was working. General David Petraeus was reading the script prepared for him by President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. General David Petraeus is the dummy Charlie McCarthy and Vice President Cheney is the ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. took a shot at General Petraeus and the Congress voted to condemn has become the new Dixie Chicks and their lead singer Natalie Maines.

Oxford Research Group, their staff, board of directors and patrons are the top intellectual minds in the world dedicated to bringing about world peace. Today Oxford Research Group issued a report saying that not only is President George Bush’s war on terror failing, but it is backfiring and increasing support for Muslim extremist movements. Oxford Research Group said that a fundamental rethink is required if the Global Muslim Terrorist Network is to be rendered ineffective. Oxford Research Group said that “If the Al Qaeda movement is to be countered, then the roots of its support must be understood and systematically undercut.” Oxford Research Group called the U.S. invasion of Iraq a “disastrous mistake” which has helped establish a “most valued jihadist combat training zone for Al Qaeda supporters.”

Oxford Research Group’s report, “Alternatives to the War on Terror” called for the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq coupled with intensive diplomatic engagement in the region, including with Iran and Syria. The report also called for immediate scaling down of U.S. military activities in Afghanistan. Oxford Research Group said “failure to make the necessary changes could result in the war on terror lasting decades.” Oxford Research Group also said that the United States was now heading to war with Iran, and “going to war with Iran will make matters far worse, playing directly into the hands of Muslim extreme elements and adding greatly to the violence across the region. Whatever the problems with Iran, war should be avoided at all costs.”

Oxford Research Group said that “If the Al Qaeda movement is to be countered, then the ROOTS of its support must be understood and systematically undercut.” If you have weeds in your backyard and you simply mow your lawn, your weeds will always spread and return. The only way to eradicate your weeds safely is to buy a $2 weeder, get down on your hands and knees and dig out the roots of the weeds. The American people will never understand the roots of Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban and Mahomoud Ahmadinejad’s hatred of Israel and America because President Bush and the mainstream media continue to lie to them. Jesus Christ, the Jewish born Rabbi and Messiah of both Christianity and Islam said, “The truth will set you free if you act upon it, and the lies of your leaders will burn you alive in your own man made inferno.”

This week President George Bush said at a Muslim celebration at the White House, “The Islamic religion is a great religion that preaches peace, and Americans are free to worship any way they see fit. Religious freedom is a right that I jealously guard.” Four years ago President George Bush publicly declared a Christian Crusade. Every Muslim person knows that the Crusades were a thousand years ago when the Pope marched his Christian army across Europe slaughtering every Jew in his way to reclaim the Holy Land until the Christian soldiers stood knee deep in Muslim blood in Jerusalem. So far George Bush has conquered Muslim Afghanistan, Muslim Iraq and he is now in the final stages of preparation to conquer Muslim Iran. When the Muslim people hear that George Bush says that Islam is a great religion of peace that Americans are free to worship it, it sounds to them like Adolf Hitler saying that Judaism is a great religion that Germans are free to worship. You can say whatever you like about President Bush but you can never say that he is lacking in chutzpah. The American people must be wondering, ‘If Islam is a great religion that preaches peace then why did 9/11 happen and why is President Bush now systematically ethnic cleansing the Muslims?”

The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The American people hold up their Constitution like they hold up their Holy Bibles as though both documents were carved in stone by God the Father, aka Allah and Elohim. What if a religion spread to America whose Holy Scripture read, “God commands you to kill all white people and in return you will be rewarded with eternal paradise and all the white virgins you want.” Would the white American people still be championing their freedom of religion?

The Holy Scripture of Islam the Koran says, “Make War upon the Christians and the Jews. Do battle with them. Kill the infidels, the non Muslims wherever ye shall find them. Besiege them and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush. The believers shall be rewarded with eternal paradise in Heaven with God of Mount Sinai, crystal clear springs, trees clad with fruit, extended shade, flowing waters, 72 virgins and 80,000 servants. The non Muslims shall suffer pestilential winds and scalding water and live in a hot black smoke.” (Koran, Sura, Chapter 9:5, 29-30, Chapter 56, and the Hadith). Recently Osama bin Laden said on videotape, “Jihadists go get your virgins.” It sounds like something in my spam email folder.

Oxford Research Group said that “If the Al Qaeda movement is to be countered, then the ROOTS of its support must be understood and systematically undercut.” The ROOTS of Jihad and the Muslim War on Christianity and Judaism and Hinduism and the retaliatory war on terror is Islam and the Koran and Hadith, no matter what George Bush and the American mainstream media tell you. The ROOTS of the Christian Crusade is the Christian Holy Bible, with its countless passages with the bible writers commanding all Christians to throw all of the non believers into the fire because they are devils. The New Testament says that when Jesus Christ returns he will order the Christian people to throw all 4 billion non Christian men, women and children into the fire to burn alive because they are all devils. (Matthew 13:36-43). President George Bush is playing from this playbook.

The Hebrew Old Testament which is the Holy Scripture of Judaism, Christianity and Islam has countless commands of the bible writers to kill all the non believers, and Pslam 2 promises that when the Messiah comes he will smash the non Jews with a rod of iron like a potter’s vessel into thousands of pieces and conquer the world for Judaism. When Christianity adopted the Old Testament the bible writers changed the words “non Jews” to “Heathen”, non Christians. When Islam adopted the Old Testament they changed it to “Infidels”, meaning non Muslims. The world is now being dragged by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam into the Apocalypse, Nuclear World War III, which every nuclear scientist knows will have no survivors. We are all now caught in our own bible trap.

Unbelievably, our way out of this mess is right in the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran, in the parts they don’t teach you in your religious schools which are laid out neatly in The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion website.

God the Father aka Allah aka Elohim calls your Holy Bibles man made forgeries of his will. (Ezekiel 13:6). Your God said that your drunken bible writers created for you a shelter of lies which would cause the people to fall backward and be broken and ensnared and taken. (Isaiah 9:15). Your God of Mount Sinai’s plan for everlating world peace spoken through every Biblical Prophet in the Old Testament, New Testament and Koran, is to now purify Judaism, Christianity and Islam down to belief in God of Mount Sinai aka God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Allah and Elohim, and to obey the 10 commandments carved in stone by God of Mount Sinai Himself, including “Don’t Murder” and “Don’t Steal” and “Don’t lie about people, calling them devils.” This is The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion, of your God of Mount Sinai.

Your God of Mount Sinai’s roadmap leads to world peace. Where is your religion leading you? In case you didn’t know, the Revelations story holy scripture of Christianity and Islam of Prince Jesus flying down from heaven on a flying horse to conquer the snake, goat, lion Beast, Devil, Satan was written by Greek authors and is a dead on plagiarism of the Greek Myth of Prince Bellerophon on his flying horse Pegasus conquering the snake, goat, lion Chimera. Contrary to Christian and Muslim belief, the Apocalypse will not lead to your rapture, only to you burning your children and yourself alive in man made nuclear world war 3. Wake up!
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