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News :: Human Rights
God Damn America - A Real Man Speaks Out
09 Oct 2007
You f-cks, because Bush told congressmen secretly about truly
torturing innocent people to death in YOUR name, doesn't make
the crime any less satanic.
God Damn America

You f-cks, because Bush told congressmen secretly about truly
torturing innocent people to death in YOUR name, doesn't make
the crime any less satanic. True Christians will execute
bushite torturers with glee. America will pay millions a head
for each bush bitch nazi traitor to children as family. The
neocons will all be tried to death for treasons like 911, and
for supporting a slaughter against Iran, for Petraeus has
giving US no evidence to form our conclusions on the validity
of his therefore, TREASONOUS statements. Bushite are
murderous thieves of Iraq and deserve by the measurements of
any civilized man, worthy of death as demonic, before allowed
to further steal from our Humanity. SAUDI Bush bitch Buford
Blount gave out 170 tons of explosives to KILL marines with,
and Petraeus doesn't call for his rightful death, nor for
death to be brought to bushite soldiers who kidnapped bare
footed children to be beaten to death on video tape. {KILL
of thousand of guns were 'lost' in Iraq through bushite
management skills, and liar Petraeus speaks no outrage.
Private death squad goons are committing crimes against GOD,
and Petraeus blames no one. MORE than half the monthly bill
for these bushite bleeding atrocities to Humanity, are not even
accounted for by ANYONE, but for the thieves at the Pentagon
who are ROBBING america with Petraeus' silence on the life and
death issue of America. Again, Petraeus knows the bushmob did
911, and would rather kill your stupid american teen, than
stand for freedom in America by holding evidence a
pre-requisite in determining OUR capital allegations. Death to
the false accusing bushite, death to the enemies of America,

Jon Stewart, the twisted nazi clucker, claims now to be a "Big
Jew". The demon zionist, who claims he can commit no crime
against GOD with silence on the issue of innocent Humans being
robbed and murdered by zionist 'buddy' Kristol, and as such,
spews nothing on 911's demon witch Condi dropping seven
million land mines on Lebanon, to murder Jewish children
indiscriminately for decades, no, he just laughs at G-D'S true
suffering like traitor enemy happy happy George Norry. Laughs
at torture being actually allowed, while laughing in contempt
at politicians who wisely will to re-distribute the nation's
wealth to it's worthy Citizens. Instead of some nationless
nazi "jew" like Jon Stewart, a free loading foreigner who came
to religion to take away life from hard working American
sufferers who want truly in Justice as Freedom. al-Qaida =
General Mahmoud Ahmad. Torture IS against the law, and
deserves the death sentence. Bushite Cofer Black MUST be put
to death for being a Satanic demon enemy of Human life, who
freely admits he tortures innocent people to help escape the
neocons for 911. Bill a bushite for America, bill a bushite
for God. What do Texans own guns for, if not to bill a
bushite child killer like those in the evil enemy pro-bush air
force. Bushite repeatedly have been found killing innocent
people without apology, in fact, it was only months ago where
amerikan soldiers in Afghanistan shot people indiscriminately
for more than six miles in residential districts,

/ / 'Why are you taking pictures? You don't have permission."'
[...] the [bush whore] American, speaking through a translator,
warned him that he did not want to see any AP photos published
anywhere.\ \ALL REAL MEN - kill the bushite why don't you save
some innocent lives for God in America? Kill it man, for,
bushite bombers aren't even human.

and now, as reported, the narco-gov has put to death at least
twenty Afghans, who were claimed, without trialed evidence, to
be guilty of such actions. The narco-gov refuses to call for
the execution of known bushite who torture INNOCENT PEOPLE, or
rape them, or thieve the 80% of charitable aid given from
Canadians. Despite CBC refusing to report on the facts to let
US decide for ourselves. Fight back for Christ, fight back
for love, fight back for freedom, fight back for God.

I AM THE TRULY FAILING SON OF MAN, born at the inception of
creation, timelessly to promote the wisdom of love through
mutual understanding.. I was once well respected by all as
worth listening to, and loved by a great many, can you
imagine that godless amerikan zionist nazi pigs? I suppose not.

MY World is actually dying.. Dying. Don't let the love for
GOD be destroyed by bushite amerka who couldn't care less for
my crying, or their very own children poisoned to die for liar
neocon, neocons like Giuliani that they simply refuse to
hunt down for defense. The demon publicly supports the 'rise'
of neocons, considering all they've done so far; and the TV
doesn't teach to raise your American votes for extreme anger
against the wicked zionist enemy. No, Giuliani is vying for
Presidential favorite, of private for cash profit TV snoozer
hurlers! America is dying, and Americans aren't calling for

Please, I beg you again, help me speak freely on coast to
coast to accept all challenges.. Please help US. George
Norry is a blatant naked traitor to freedom for America.
Again, George told Alex Jones he would not allow Americans
hear the calls for liberty, unless Alex agreed to not inform
the public on who personally was responsible for 911. Jones
agreed. I often fear, Jones wants to be loved as Hero, over
the wiser words of ourselves on who is who here. CFR, NWO,
whatever, Bush closed investigations immediately after the
911 terrorist event of no questions!, no question!

Investigating the Investigation

/ / After playing a tape of Cheney's statement, Russert asked
Daschle, "Did the vice president call you and urge you not to
investigate the events of Sept. 11?" \ \

George Walker Bush, "The Puppet" is GUILTY of TREASON a
thousand and one times over already. We all love Alex Jones,
but this nwo bullshit doesn't apply to the lawless demon
enemies who inflict harm on our humanity because they
confusingly tell US, they enjoy it. Murder, rape and pillage
for the sake of murdering, raping, and pillaging. Look, I'm
sure we'd be able to easily work out our differences, if
George Norry's amerka would take our calls for clarity, on
Justice ruling our ways to a fool's paradise where those
accused of a crime without any evidence would be US, as the
INNOCENT forsaken in God's good name.

Our Mr. Bush Jnr. "Torture is not a part of our soul."


Johnny America

P.S. Get on the radio to speak our lives as worth something!
Or, what? you're worthless to the neocon's commanding
pronouncements on what you conceive? There really IS a GOD,
committed to dealing death to torturers and murderers, and a
place reserved as "Hell", where such Satanic behaviors are
nothing to get up and roar over. Please support my rise for
acknowledgement, and in turn, speaking for freedom where it
counts, with You and Yours. Love God as ourselves dying for
nothing but a hatred for Liberty's bounty of freedom for every
soul as worth defending. HELP ME

Neocons Converge Around Giuliani Campaign


The Son of Man Begs America

/ / Seventy percent of the people are without adequate water
supplies and 80 percent lack adequate sanitation. \ \


Who IS running this bushite nazi liar show, where they, our
elite corporate media masters, kill our stupid kids with their
flagrant naked monster lies, while refusing all calls for
clarity, Johnny America really wants to know. Like
immediately. Help us out here some man, don't be evil.


/ / [...] the [New York Times] piece details the torture of
[Innocent People] Sunni prisoners at one of the new
American-Iraqi "security stations" \ \

Torture is a crime against God and Humanity. So, likewise,
joyously, with pride, destroy the neocon traitors of Justice -
for the true Love you have as Freedom willed - is as granted.
Don't buy their demon lies by blind blanket false assertions,
against YOUR Humanity's Innocence in tyrannical bondage, all
done in to fool you believing, we have no rights to be heard
in our presence - here existing freely. Therefore, to survive
US all for something better, halt the 'escaping' murderous
bushite thieves for God and America. SOLDIERS: Instead of
dying for nothing, my wannabe Patriot Brothers, try joining
Liberty's cause, which is our cause truly. Is it because
corporate TV zionist money whores, are cowardly and ignorant,
as evil hypno muggers, in MY dying for real America, that YOU
refuse to speak Now in your Humanity's begging further
defense?, on evidence being the only requirement to establish
a person's guilt or innocence? for ungodly terrorist
activities committed in our name by bushite bombers from the
neo-conned AIR FORCE, who, as rotted juveniles, cheeringly
bomb us People indiscriminately leaving a Church as something
TRULY SATANIC? To dare, in our presence, continue threatening
harm against an innocent child of wonder, not yet even born to
God's suffering world? Bushites war LIFE itself. So then
pleads I again the Son to God, as Man to Men: war to kill the
enemy bushite nazi savage thieves, for real Freedom is waged
truly by Just causes. The mute, pro-censorship/tyranny
THIEVING bushite savaged nation, has NO EXCUSE for the crimes
they have committed in our dying names. I demand our voices
heard internationally for Justice as Freedom is Godly.


Dan Marvin, an actual CIA assassin, talks about how those in
the secret CRIMINAL command structure of defense for America,
side to order the murder of Patriotic American Soldiers who
threaten real Justice succeeding against the neocon God
betrayers, neocons, who just simply lie to con vincible
American dumfukked teens, through our whored to die YOU as the
next innocent for stolen freedom values: the corporate
'zionist equals Jews' no we don't take your pleading calls,
international Bush rules news broadcasters.

See? bushites are cowardly, or ignorantly evil - as thieving
dumfuk grunts for the enemy liar neocons. Look, they refuse
to kill on sight, soldiers who kidnapped Iraqi children to be
beaten to death on video tape, or any Aegis employees for
actually murdering INNOCENT Iraqi men, women, or children for
stolen cash profit, over the loss of LIFE the bushite TRULY
pays in collateral. DIES! And, as such, the cowardly
American enemies, refuse by willful silence to speak bravely
for the up coming war crime trials of every neocon traitor -
all for the sinister evil actions of mass murder in America on
9/11. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of Man.


The Lawless thieves of Blackwater hire known war criminals
from the most brutal of tyrannical regimes to carry out the
neocon agenda of 'freedom' for 'Iraqis'. American tax payers
pay $1,222.00 per death squad goon, per day, while billing
their sacrificing kids, tens of thousands for up and coming
medical costs not covered. Did you know they, the incompetent
bush regime, still haven't fixed Walter Reed? Who really
cares right?


Look, a bushite would kill an American child too. When or
will Americans become American? Death to the bushite, death
to the enemies of Man. Again, national bushite broadcaster,
George Norry stated he'd go ballistic against any American
soldier who refused to murder for the neocon as traitors, and
"America" STILL refuses to speak in their own defense for
dying. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of Freedom
for America.

/ / "as the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from
between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally." [, then were
heard the cheers of godless bushite dumfuk traitors obscening
to God and Man as the unholy enemy.] \ \

Look, listen to soldiers who sing about the joys of murdering
innocent young girls, see their faces in the videos
celebrating the murder of girls LOVED by GOD and ME, and
question: Why won't you as an American assist Christ in the
glorious hunt. Nothing better in this world than to bill a
murderous bushite who claims it's lawless to this suffering
Universe, ruled criminally by the demon antichrist enemy of
ALL HUMAN LIVES. All religions want US to defend GOD - please
help me take on all challengers.

- : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

A question Johnny Wizard has for America: Tell me, is this
not a treasonous act - for Bush to close criminal
investigations, immediately after the terrorist crimes of 911?
Shouldn't the demon enemy be put to arrest for that godless
act alone in this forsaken dying world? A world left instead
suffering further the tyrannies of the war criminal ENEMY of
all Human Life?

A refresher: the neocon will tell you openly, they live to
lie to the Public for cheating and stealing by murder of US as
proxied, innocent peoples purposefully enslaved by a made
ignorantly entranced TV audience that is repeatedly reminded,
we have no power worth respecting.

CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS aren't taking are calls presently, but
just lie and tell US they do. Look to see, almost all
political internet traffic condemns Bush straight to hell well
he rightly belongs, but the polls still say no - WE, seeking
for Just cause, are the minority.. just roll over and die for
the neocon betrayers to god and country, life and loving.


Lying Enemy Traitor to America, Glenn Beck

"Media Matters didn't have a word to say when congressman John
Murtha accused American Marines of being guilty of murdering
innocent Iraqi civilians, service men who actually turned out
to be innocent heroes."

I propose we try CNN's Glenn Beck for nazi treason, and upon
easily successful conviction, we put the demon liar to death
along with bushite Tatum who confesses freely to slaughtering
innocent Iraqi civilians for satanic pleasures all to serve
the neocon agenda of swindling America TO DEATH for cash
profit through neocon censorship. Mattis, the woman hating
documented child killer, was made into a 'Judge' for the
bushite's version of a war crimes 'trial', that hasn't even
yet truly transpired, for the evidence was not brought to
light through the proceeding, such as Tatum's full confession.
But, of course, Glenn Beck, the treasonous liar, doesn't want
America, the dying by contempt, to truly know that. For, he'd
be likely dead as sworn enemy.


/ / An [BUSHITE ENEMY] American soldier boasts of having
tortured [INNOCENT] Iraqis and making a 15 years old Iraqi
girl commit suicide after she had been raped. \ \

Tell US, who wouldn't take great pride in warring this
boastful enemy of Humanity? Or, are you like CNN, CBC, and
FOXNEWS would suggest, it is heroic - for all are heroic who
DIE for the neocon?

/ / A suspected insurgent in Iraq by Staff Sgt. Shane Werst,
who said the man appeared to be reaching for a weapon. Werst
was acquitted of murder despite acknowledging he had fired and
then planted a chrome Iraqi pistol on the suspect to make his
claim of self defense more believable. \ \


/ / For daring to report illegal arms sales, Navy veteran
Donald Vance says he was imprisoned by the American military
in a security compound outside Baghdad and subjected to harsh
interrogation methods. \ \



How is a Zionist Jewish?, I, the King of the Jews Messiah ask
my fellow brothers and sisters everywhere. How? FOUR million
land mines in Lebanon a godly act is it? Jew only roads not
Aparthied, nor stealing a Christian's Home I suppose..? How?

An Oath Every Soldier Swears To God With

/ / she told The Nation. "If I contribute to the Army's
prosecution of Lieutenant Watada on speech-related charges, I
will have colluded in suppression of speech. What could be
more hostile to the ideas of a free press than that?" \ \

Again a Patriot Soldier whose only crime is that he refuses to
commit a crime in Your name. Do something about it. You
defend this Patriot American Citizen as if Your America
depends upon it. The "Judge" who publicly forbids to hear
Watada's freedom defense, an Oath every Soldier swears to God
with, is a "Judge" who needs to be privately arrested for
treason against YOURSELF. Support my call to demand our
voices heard for Just causes, or go die silently to the grave
prisonized in a military dictatorship your 'neighbor' will say
quietly of, (under his bushite breath,) good riddance to
caring where my pusher's overdue payment goes to??. who the
kcuf are you?? ... Eiiiaaahh! Jesus kills bushite for

True Enemy of Liberty

I am one serious genius by no accident in words you have as
much right to contend for yourself being, if you'd only
believe we have some good ideas here to really set ourselves
free with..

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad"

A neocon bushite soldier is a true enemy of Liberty for
America. They as DEMONIC LIARS, are dishonorable THIEVING
nazi savages that bomb our innocent families with criminal
intent to MURDER. Enemies of Life and Love, a dead bushite is
an enemy of GOD halted from victimizing further our loved
brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. Death to the
neoconner bushite dumfuk grunting liars who bomb our families,
death to the enemies of Christ who war for the escape of the
true culprits responsible for 911. TRAITORS.

See my friends, this is why I, as the Son of Man beg and plead
for all able bodied men, to kill treasonous bushite on sight,
for every time you love God by defending the innocent from
murder, (the innocent whom any pro-bush corporate professional
hold in total self contempt,) you save REAL peoples lives, and
you defend God's good name to love God as ourselves committed
to true Liberty. Bushites are enemies of freedom, enemies of
God, and worthy of death, before allowed to further bomb
people indiscriminately like the commanders of NATO order day
after day without risking instant frag because, bushites are
blind cowardly thieving nazi fascist savages, brain damaged,
who believe as satanic demon whores of Molech, they can con
all of US including me forever, just like dare dubya. Dumfuks
to their bitter end.

To Kill a Bushite, is to be Heroic

American soldier: Your enemy is TRULY LIAR happy George
Norry. The demon knows of Ahmad, and forbids any guest from
uttering such understandings in defense of the DYING dumfuk
grunt nazi - Good riddance? Do you care that your country men
are dying for the criminal zionist neocon as traitors?
Support my demand for US to be heard GOD DAMN YOU. ...or die
by the hands of GOD.

All fighters, listen up. ANY bush bitch neocon biter who
pretends as a cowardly child killing traitor, it can't ever
hear my manly voice from here, YOU kill to defend ourselves
over, in the cage or otherwise. Kill any or all thieving
bushite ENEMIES of America responsible for 'escaping' the 911
perpetrators, why don't you help US out some my loves...?



Name One - A Journey into Self Discovery


> Taken from the superb Johnny rant "Is it Just"
> / / (Can you
> believe, the war monger thief and liar, Our Mr. bush
> Jr. actually banks for Christian fundamentalism,
> thinking he's gonna ride them bible belting for all he's
> worth?)
> \ \
> Bible belting... God, I was really something!!!

That's fighting words to a corporated "generation" of left
iliterate non-speaking, hypocrite nazi savages, dying
sacrificed, who auto figure by remote control, we can not be
allotted the public defense for freedom's cause, Justice for
all by International News Challenges. ! Justice for All is
given through the power of the indivisible truths of our
living existence, as concluding: evidence must be used to
convince ourselves on who is good or evil. period. Bushites
are as dumb as they are cowardly lifeless nazi trash, good for
only to play the mute ungodly bad guys in evil wars for the
demon antichrist enemy of all human lives - 911's George
Walker Bush, The Traitor. See? A bushite faiths that America
can be no greater with freedom ruling justly supreme, for as
bushite, it would be back as being truly talentless, as a
likely criminal enemy of your home town of loved families.


Hey?, can you spare change to help a brother out some? We
sure could use it.. I want to challenge all coast to coast
news hosts regarding their contempt for the value of our
continuing struggles against a demon evil war mongering
tyranny of liars that fall easily by the truer words of CAN
and DO. Get up stand up, stand up for your rights. Get up,
stand up, don't give up the fight. Free words from Johnny
Wizard to liberate our feared world, within as of, Christ, as
this light is Born as you to be true too..

er, or... don't

Remember, we'll be here only momentarily if you should ever
decide to stand up as a fellow brother or sistah of the faiths
- injustice to any, is injustice to all. And God, Johnny
really is something...

> Don't just show 'em the door - let's get the booty back!

I'm with YOU!


New admissions of widespread prisoner abuse

/ / The Bush administration is finalizing new guidelines for
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) interrogation methods that
will give broad latitude for torture techniques \ \

These are crimes against Christ, and any 'Christian' who
lawlessly participates in this pro-bush torture of US Humans,
MUST be hunted down by the Patriot, to have the STANDING LAW
in America enforced to institute the Death Sentence to those
bushite responsible for such ungodly enemy actions.


'Wiped off the Map' – The Rumor of the Century

Ahmadinejad: Zionists are NOT Jews

Dehumanizing the Palestinians

/ / The Israeli cabinet has voted to declare the occupied Gaza
Strip a "hostile entity," [...] The decision was quickly given
backing by US Secretary of State [demon 911 witch] Condoleezza
Rice. \ \

This is of course recognized by all people to be a crime
against human life. But CNN refuses to acknowledge the
zionist action, for WE would ALL scream in outrage that
American tax payers fund such nazi atrocities against G-D.


Psy-Ops of Stupidity - Who's in Charge Here?


I again, beg Humanity to speak in opposition to Amerika in the
defense of our innocent forsaken dying lives. CBC producers
know the bushmob did 911 but lie with propaganda to kill our
families for the ungodly as thieving neocon enemies. They
refuse to inform ourselves that Al-Qaida is General Mahmoud
Ahmad, as according to the FBI. Or that video of iron flowing
like water from the WTC towers exists indicating without
doubt, the bushmob enemies did 911 as TRAITORS.

Today, there is nothing more i wish, than to hear bushite nazi
savage thieves for the neocon die rightly, before the innocent
they target for murder. All in an attempt to 'escape' those
truly responsible for the crimes of 911 a bushite whore
practices, as an enemy to Christ and America.

Evidence is required to convince ourselves on who is good or
evil. Period. Don't like it? Too bad. We are on charged!!

Who cares about yourself if you won't listen as reason to?
What can you lose when you have granted to be blindly stolen

Zionist nazi Israelis, do tell as LIARS, that Israel, the
nation that openly thieves, tortures, and murders daily thoses
THEY ADMIT are commpletely innocent, are enemies of every
religious person denied access to honestly speak the facts as
firmly established since the dawn of Man.

Fight Back for Christ Sake God Damn You

"Another Wizard's World Wide Work of Wonder audio spectacular!!!"


"The Central Myth of Our Time"

The Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Wow! This is Powerful! An hour with Naomi!!

This demands some neocon enemies of Justice be brought to true
account for US, The Peoples, no? You decide.


Bush "Iran has openly declared that it seeks nuclear weapons."

Look, CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS, who know the bushmob did 911, is
saying nothing further! The demon enemy will LIE America into
another war against GOD, and they'll only give you a happy
wave off to see Your child die for the zionist neocon.



Happy Ramadan - [the ungodly enemy] israeli style.

/ / [enemy of the Jew] israelis kicked off their day this
morning by shooting an unarmed 16yr old boy for throwing rocks
at them and letting him bleed to death. \ \

Again, not reported on CNN for freedom of nazi aggressions
against life as Christ.



$4.50 for Every Pop Can?

Did you hear? A DOJ manager charges American tax payers $4.50
for every can drink he, and the rest of his cadre can swallow.
Buying bulk, the pop cans likely truly cost 35 or so cents.
So... who's pocketing the stolen loot? Cause, you know that
would be FRAUD. CNN reported that your 'meatball' story would
cause no demands for the returns of stolen funs, no bushite
would lose it's high costing position, as no one would be
tried for treason and gloriously put to death publicly for the
defense of God and country. ..They were actually laughing..
This seems as good a reason as any to take back our TV world
from the bushite neocon enemies of freedom through openly
communicating. wadyahsay??!!? I want to address America, on
how to return a reason for believing.

Make it so.

One in Ten Thousand

/ / Soldiers: try calling the pro-bush radio station, CJOB,
and ask them to stop thieving from our community, and
demand they allow open, honest, intelligent discussions
on their contempt for the Canadian flag. Thanks. P.S. You
may have to wade through 45 minutes of their for profit
commercials. Fuk, on weekends, when People are home from
work, they run continuous commi crap to take even further
more silenced. \ \


/ / Why are the U.S. media untroubled that there has been no
independent investigation of 9-11? \ \


/ / Read and endorse the Nuremberg Declaration calling for the
United States to accede to the International Criminal Court
and bring U.S. war criminals to justice. \ \


Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness. Murder, rape, and the
thieving of billions from America as STILL wrong.

Johnny America "Death to the bushite, death to our enemies."

New Music Video : "bin Laden didn't blow up the projects"

What do we gotta do to get MTV, CNN, and CBC to play

EXCLUSIVE: God Talks about Creating the Universe

/ / "as the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from
between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally." [, then were
heard the cheers of godless bushite dumfuk traitors obscening
to God and Man as the unholy enemy.] \ \

Instead, we as humanity suffer with yet to be hunted demons
who sing in joy while laughing and cheering over the murder
of our innocent children. God, I beg you to only listen to these
naked demons on video, then join me in calling for Justice as
Life Wills. The company Aegis has been found killing innocent
people for money from America, and Americans speak near nothing
for our defenses as their very own sons and daughters die in total

So never lose sight that TV news personalities hold an unwavering
Public commitment to answer our calls for liberty with murder,
as the enslavement of Your dying rights, through willfully
committing criminal acts in our demonized innocent name is
real. Johnny Wizard needs his own international live radio
program to take open line communications.

Nationless bushites who blindly war Life as the neocon
enemies, war for the 911 perpetrators to escape American
Justice. that is why I, as of GOD, cheer to hear the deaths
of these pro torture, pro theft, pro Satanic enemies of Man.
They confess freely to targeting INNOCENT People for murder.


/ / The fact is that it shoots at figures it considers
suspicious, with full knowledge - according to its own
contention - that they are liable to be children. \ \





Sattler ordered the murder of more than 200,000 innocent
people in Fallujah, and they speak nothing but lies on how
such demonic behaviors are godly as just ignored. Our Lives
forsaken, as they hold their very own to die sacrificed for
the unelected traitor neocon. I AM AMERICA.

America MUST demand war crime trials for the propaganda CNN
broadcast "Anvil of God" regarding the demonic actions of
Bravo company. They forgot to tell America importantly, nazi
forces forbade the population from leaving, gunning originally
for everyone between 15 to 55, but sided instead to murder
infants and the elderly too, when beginning the Zarqawi
campaign by bombing hospitals as first strike targets. As
such, the bushite murdered many good doctors and nurses - so
all to send bushite snipers on hospital near rooftops gunning
for every seriously injured woman and child who tried to get
help from the Humans. While driving down residential streets,
grenading every home of humans being. Remember that when you
hear these dishonorable bushite thieves die rightly for god
and country.

[Sideline: It's been thought the reason why rescue efforts in
New Orleans were provably sabotaged by Rove, was an attempt to
make the blue state red.]

See?.. women and children, who the enemy bushite forbade to
leave the city with their innocent families, who, as were all
living in the entire city of mosques conveniently found labeled
therefore by bushite, "Insurgents" (or did leave earlier, and
had our innocent families reportedly indiscriminately murdered
two miles or so down the road by the most evil war crime act
of recorded history.)

Importantly, there was no evidence made awared of, that
legitimately offered PUBLICLY, from the UN or the U.S. to
indicate a refugee camp anywhere, but for maybe a small group
photographed - then some belligerent bushite bogus pocus - all
headed up by a blatant traitor to America named Sattler.
Reminder: after the indiscriminate carnage, they couldn't
find near anyone for weeks who would take money offered to any
citizen freely who survived for their satanic benefactor. So
insanely disturbing as ungodly evil doing, war criminal
Sattler called a halt to giving out charitable considerations
from Americans to the unseen surviving victims - all in an
'escape' attempt to make it look better for US, the paying
audience. So, where did our stolen values go to then eh?
(Sattler's pocket no doubt.)

/ / "With no medical supplies, people died from their wounds.
Everyone in the street was a target for the Americans.

The US also deployed incendiary weapons, including white
phosphorous. "Usually we keep the gloves on," Captain Erik
Krivda said, but "for this operation, we took the gloves off".
By the end of operations, the city lay in ruins. Falluja's
compensation commissioner has reported that 36,000 of the
city's 50,000 homes were destroyed, along with 60 schools and
65 mosques and shrines. \ \

So Remember: Bushite grunts told the world they wouldn't let
anyone out of the city, because [enemy Sattler LIED]
pro-bushite Zarqawi was there present, so the innocent
families who believed they had nothing to fear from the liar
disciples of the ungodly enemy of ALL HUMAN LIVES, remained in
the tiny city to be indiscriminately 'protected' with more
than nine two thousand pound bombs, or made dead instead by
heinous pro-bush escaping war criminals who used white
phosphorous on civilization. All to die our Humanity for the
thieved loss of evidence to demand ourselves of some official
freedom time to deal with our terrorized as suffering reality.

True Tyranny - to continue as an American refusing to publicly
demand torture, theft, and murder as unexceptable when
battlin' evil for your dying freedoms.. Evidence we must
pursue on 911 to know really what the heavens Johnny 'The Law
Man' is talking about still. Justice to the bushwhacker neocon
soldier, a foreigner who apparently speaks no defense for
innocent Americans dying sacrificed as conned for the ill
stolen gains of the 911 trifecta. Justice to the lying
enemies of freedom for America in Christ. Justice for YOU.

/ / the following crimes had taken place at Abu Ghraib:
urinating on detainees, jumping on a detainee's wounded leg,
pouring phosphoric acid on detainees, sodomizing detainees
with a baton, and tying ropes to the detainees' legs or
penises and dragging them across the floor.

The hooded prisoner shown in one of the public photos standing
on a box with electrical wires connected to various parts of
his body stated in an interview after his release that the
wires were live and electric shocks were applied many times. \ \

Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of Man.


Ron Paul nets 1st place in all straw polls since Iowa

As I say, CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS KNOWS the bushmob kills America
for Your stolen values.

/ / Two Years After Katrina, Billions in Relief Funds Are
Missing \ \

And yet, no TV network in dying America is demanding account.
Costs too much, and hey, way too difficult. Allow me to speak
in challenge of everyone at FOXNEWS, why don't YOU? Help me


911 General Strike Gains Momentum

Here's to praying to God in hopes America will STAND. Get me
on our radios why don't you? Buddy..? help me


Announcement Of 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal

/ / a Judge on the Kuala Lumpur International War Crimes Tribunal,
will make a public call for an International Citizen's 9/11
War Crimes Tribunal. \ \

Here's to praying to God in hopes America will STAND. Get
US on our radios why don't you? Buddy..? help US


Israeli High Court permits torture of Innocent Humans

/ / Israel has illustrated contempt for law and the value of
human life, or even possessing an ethical standard of moral
behavior with respect to civil and human rights \ \

Of what religion to any GOD, is this ZIONIST nazi
behavior condoned? Demonic thieving bushite enemies of
Man lie about such behaviors bring about 'freedom', but
who of US wouldn't kill such contempt to save the lives
of Our innocent beloved families? A bushite kidnaps
Iraqis routinely, (or orders the murder of those between
15-55,) and what of any real man present, doesn't
immediately arrest or kill such CONTEMPTIBLE bushite
loyalists to the ungodly enemy antichrist?

Christ in America - Death to Our Enemies

"The most powerful audio performance of GOD since never!"

I, as the Son of Man, DEMAND, America order millions of
gallons of clean drinking water to be shipped immediately to
Iraq to save the lives of US, the Human species. Please, help
US make this a reality. Today. Please.

/ / The Bush administration's lack of interest in recovering
stolen funds is one of the great scandals of the war. \ \

Scandal? Come on, we have to hunt down bushite to defend our
DYING innocent lives. Bill a bushite for God, bill a bushite
for America.

[BUSHITE LIAR] US preparing 'massive' military attack against [innocent] Iran


Tatum, who freely confesses he's a proud child killer without
apology, is being made a free man in evil bushite amerika.
The TRAITOR prosecutor has ridiculously stated to our world -

/ / Lt. Col. Paul J. Ware wrote in a 29-page report that
there is insufficient evidence to show that Lance Cpl.
Stephen B. Tatum did anything other than follow Marine Corps
rules when he killed [for no reason, innocent] women and children \ \

TATUM ADMITS he enjoyed slaughtering the defenseless families
deliberately!! In fact, he wrote a card to a dead marine's
family, testifying that he murdered the innocent young girls
for the tyrannies of the antichrist. Evidence that TRAITOR
Paul Ware and Mattis hides from the Christian American Family.
Will YOU, as an American man, allow these two bush bitch nazi
punks to survive as furthering the commitment of more war
crimes against the INNOCENT? as a zionist neocon's "Hero"?
Will You defend our girls? Peoples of Earth! Help Me save our
children.. please.. please..please

TRAITOR Paul Ware "Tatum shot and killed people in houses 1
and 2, but the reason he did so was because of his training
and the circumstances he was placed in, not to exact revenge
and commit murder."


See?, Tatum is a zionist, but not Jewish!!! While neocons
suggest our reality impossible without corporate challenge
for exploitation of our 'unrepresented' lives.

/ / Ware has recommended to [demonic nazi enemy of Life
'judge'] Lt. Gen. James N. Mattis, that charges be
dismissed, \ \

"Mad Dog Mattis,"

MATTIS!! The guy who murdered countless women and children at
a wedding party, while after getting caught PROPAGANDIZING to
forsaken America the innocent victims as al-Qaida!! CAUGHT!
Mattis called innocent six year old girls "al-Qaida"! CAUGHT!

has been made into a "JUDGE"!! THE WOMEN HATING NAZI FUK! A
JUDGE of Men by 'law' in bushville!!!

the [anyone's] CHILD KILLER Lt. Gen. James N. Mattis QUOTE:
"It's fun to shoot some people" - defenseless innocent WOMEN

Prosecutor Lt. Col. Paul Atterbury "Lance Corporal Tatum
entered a home and participated in the killing of Iraqis who
were not legitimate targets, then entered a second home and
participated in the murder of [more innocent] women and children,"

/ / One of the Marines charged with murdering civilians in Haditha,
Iraq, in 2005 knew that only women and children were huddled in
a back bedroom in a house there, but he [TATUM] opened the door
and shot them anyway, a squadmate testified Tuesday. \ \

TRAITOR Mattis "The Marines have landed, and we now [as ENRON]
own a piece of Afghanistan." [thieving from all for 911's neocon,
especially undefended American pensioners... hail satan - 666.]


/ / Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates announced Sept. 11 that the
President has nominated Lt. Gen. James N. Mattis for appointment
to the rank of general. \ \


/ / They [THE CIA'S IG REPORT] have conceded the 911
commission report is not the last word. Let's rally on that. \ \



! ! ! D I R E C T L Y ! ! !



Murder for stolen money in America's America!, and CBC, CNN,
FOXNEWS report no cause to care! Treasonous George Norry CONS
Americans to murder for the evil neocons with threat of his
going "ballistic" against any or all Americans who try to
stand up as a Just peoples for what is righT, for Life and/or
God by SPEAKING FREELY. Will You try?, or go silent to die as
unworthy? Your call bud...


/ / Nano particles of iron were found throughout the dust of
the WTC collapses -- This phenomenon can only be produced when
iron is brought to its BOILING point. Pull your head out of
your ass and start looking at some scientific facts \ \


What Freedom do bushite war the innocent for to rape, pillage,
and murder as blind neocon followers of the 'lawless' demon
antichrist? Eh?

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad"

CBC, CNN, FOXNEWS, the Zionists, purposefully work to LIE to
the dying American Marine, that the ungodly bushite wars to
escape the 911 perpetrators hold some hidden benefit, as the
TREASONOUS neocon thieves freely rob from both undefended
American and Iraqi citizens, The neoconner, Mr. Bush closed
criminal investigations on 911 immediately after the event
occurring, while Billions are stolen through 'ear marks' and
TVed Americans have no care known to speak of.

Done with American tax paid for rapists, torturers, and
terrorists like Aegis who dress up as al-Qaida to murder godly
lovers of Justice. CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS would rather kill
the Marine, than teach them where to aim their weaponry of

CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS speaks NOTHING to demand the execution
of hiding as 'British' soldiers who on prized video tape, beat
to death young barefoot children for erotic fun, nor on
mercury vaccines not banned minus "The President" in name.
BANNED if God were Loved by America, or that the man or woman
on the street would financially support my rise by popular
command. Would you leave me to know, I will be left without a
home to rest, or food to feed my hunger? Would an American?,
I ask all Peoples of Earth to witness the American's contempt
for Our worthy lives. Sattler ordered the murder of more than
200,000 innocent people in Fallujah, and they speak nothing
but lies on how such demonic behaviors are godly as just
ignored. Our Lives forsaken, as they hold their very own to
die sacrificed for the unelected neocon. I AM AMERICA.

Johnny America Speaks Out

"what's this freedom war against Life for again"?

Hannity is a perfect example of what a neocon is. It's a one
way communications system. He tells us what we think, and
he'll never takes our calls, they won't read our emails, and
they'll continue to pretend WE don't exist. AND... when WE
die, they'll be richer for it. AND you'll be dead, your
innocent brother will be dead, your innocent child will be
dead. No evidence against an accused is US being truly
abused. George Walker Bush is Guilty for 911, while every
irrational bushite is a traitor to the American Family. : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

THERE ARE certain principles that we would all agree to
publicly speaking. There are criminals who don't like these
ideas, but they ain't going to speak out against us. Example
'I don't want to be held accountable to the American public,
cause I want to steal that 16 billion dollars for myself.
That's my public opinion.' What are we going to do but defend
ourselves of deathly lawless tyranny, eventually. Or, you
won't by DECIDING not to decide. Support our rise as the top
cop of Humanity, coming down for diplomatic talks to engage
the flagrant wanton stupidity of the bushite grunters. All on
hopes you'll consider also, these Kingly texts worth a couple
hedge funder salaries, a sixty cent barrel of oil marked up to
74 dollars, or a thousandth of the money America would save in
a year, if you adopted Canadian Health care systems overnight
for yourself to immediately provide all People the respect for
life we deserve. Or don't, and needlessly continue to pay
twice as much, while dying broke as self made losers without a
cause worth preserving. A free market open to waste for profit

Quiz Yourself on 'Israeli Democracy'

Federal No-Bid Contracts On Rise

Mike Huckabee Publicly Questioned on 911's ISI General!!!

/ / ISI Lieutenant General, who ordered the wire transfer of $100,000
(an estimated 1/5 of the operation's funding) to lead hijacker
Mohamed Atta, was in Washington meeting with United States
officials before and after 9/11. \ \


UN's Admission: Lebanon Was Right All Along

/ / Last month its cartographers quietly admitted that Lebanon
is right in claiming sovereignty over a small fertile area
known as the Shebaa Farms, still occupied by Israel. Israel
argues that the territory is Syrian and will be returned in
future peace talks with Damascus, even though Syria backs
Lebanon's position. The UN's admission has been mostly
ignored by the international media. \ \

Nazi zionists gave US Jews a bad rap again I see. They're
despicable criminal savages the neocon.. who steal the rights
and privileges of US peopled folks, all to fall victimized
with their self confessed contempt for love and justice.
Condi's crew dropped seven million land mines to murder
ourselves for generations, and, shouldn't she and the neocons
responsible be put to death for such conducts?? If not then,
when? discuss.. They openly target innocent human beings
indiscriminately without apology, but excuses that don't hold
water. Not that corporate news professionals are even
pouring! It's most definitely the re-occurring true story of
a censored mankind with You as it's innocent victim. For,
what human would support victimizing others for the tyranny of
blind terror? Only bushite amerika would fall silent under
such self contempt for our constitutions.

/ / [.. ]Israeli "Defense" Force (IDF) has announced that it
will discontinue its practice of "capturing" populated
Palestinian villages during military training exercises. The
IDF states it will "reexamine their policy" of conducting
such raids on uninformed, panic-stricken Palestinian villages. \ \

Tell me, is this the godly people the neocon boast of for
defense in? Or, just again examples of standing terrorism
against life ourselves - committed by the censored as will
giving, sacrificing American payer? Justice is Freedom.

Do you care to buy the bushite lies, when they commit openly
the very same terrorist acts they say we should all be
outraged against? Somalia is a case to point. They murder
helpless people as bushite, then say they'll remain dying to
thieve further as enemies to Humans being. It doesn't fool
me, but perhaps it does you. A neocon soldier murders
innocent Iraqis, while selling you they are all there risking
their lives to bring freedom. So, they die. For lies. Die.
Again, KNOWN Aegis goons openly commit crimes against Iraq
done officially to get killed! the supposed to be Patriot
Marine. P2OG. Soldiers under bushite command would rather
die cowardly, than to honorably demand the bushmob's arrest
for public trials as defeating ungodly fascist war criminals.

Why suffer otherwise this way under the tyrannies of naked
neocon plunder to deny our lives for measured justice I ask
YOU again, please believe: truth will set us free.

Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud Ahmad = ungodly bushite liars

I can't understand why you can't help get this party up as
starting by supporting our rise to highest acclaim with my
authority free willed to anyone. Let's face it, we're great
because Your great. However, for greed, corporate america
aren't taking our concerns nightly. We want Justice, and WE
will get it if we reflect together with impeccable credentials
as standing with measured reason for proper assessment on
rights making might. Who is who here, a freeing peoples I
tell you, arriving to bring a true patriotism to Life for US.
Are you with yourself as respected an equal under the law
devised fairly for all concerned parties?.. well then...
let's g o ! ! !

be Great!,
for here comes the mighty,

Johnny America - make way! make way!


Footage of Israeli Soldiers Beating Palestinian Children


Where is the Evidence?

How so can all of Iranian Military Officers be
"terrorists", while lawless bushite bomb defenseless
innocent peoples indiscriminately routinely, with
praises from the actual demon antichrist responsible
personally for 911 I want to know. NOW. Kill a bushite
THIEF for American Freedom why don't You victimized
Peoples of Earth? A bushite kills bushite for stolen
nickels. Examples: Aegis, Condi's land-mines, fixed
elections, torturing. driving over children, blahblahblah..

Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud Ahmad = ungodly bushite liars

/ / Or, instead, maybe you'll idly watch some innocent person
willfully be sent to prison by liars in your demonized name,
to defend the ungodly evils of war criminal traitor, our Mr.
Bush Jr. in foolish disguises. Your call Bud. \ \

Gaffney "It is not George Bush, it is not the Neocons,"

"," = swinging pocket watch


bushite talk about random killing of godly persons

"You can basically kill anyone you want"

/ / Just a "few bad apples"? I don't think so, this is much
more widespread from what those soldiers were saying, and


I'm a Good Man
"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad"

Why will you not as a member of Humanity, make the call
to the Coast to Coast radio network of demon evil nazi
savages who deny your legitimate concern be addressed freely?
Hate God and Love do you? Couldn't care less could you
for the giving lives of ignorant Americans as an American?
George Norry isn't as stupid as he wishes you believe him
to be, when he supports lawless carnage against the
innocent, to help escape those truly responsible for 911.

26,000 total Tickets sold - 14,302 votes tabulated;article=112801;show_parent=1

/ / An Investigation is needed here. \ \

I said that years ago, but the bushmob isn't listening, because,
hey, happy George Norry don't care, and CBC, CNN, and FOXNEWS
isn't taking our calls either man.


Pro-mass murderer war criminal Kristol once again, speaking
freely to Jon Stewart unchallenged internationally on Our TVs
as "Two Jews" stated..

"We don't believe in original sin."

Colbert half an hour later, "Are you calling Jesus a liar?"

Now, that's funny..

See? Jon Stewart isn't Jewish, for he's not black, and he
speaks no words in defense of the innocent robbed and murdered
in his "Jewish" name. A Zionist! He wants to sound our
public voice silent where a Hitler or Kristol marches innocent
others into gas chambers by calling ourselves terrorists
without a thread of evidence to thieve from as unworthy. Few
know, Hitler was a staunch Zionist too. The excuse would be,
but G-D is worse.. because, as the "Two [atheist] Jews", they
can commit no sin against Christ by trumpeting demon evil lies
as if, we have no stronger indivisible arguments present in
OUR defense ever for Just causes. AND, he's near the best our
American national TV media has to offer!

I believe, Jon Stewart suffers from
the ignorance of Celebrity more so, than a genuine hatred for
Humanity.. as that is the fault of most TVed Americans.
Nothing more greater than getting on the boob tube, to really
make your mark on this fleeting world as they sell their life
away for nothing but the privilege to be recognized at a gala
swarray.. fed on the victimized innocent of Humanity left
robbed as worthless their grand stage. His show is often
quite bright however, and leastly, reminds people, that CNN,
CBC, and FOXNEWS isn't the be all and end all of respect for
US caring viewers.

but looksee.. EVIL is real though -

THINK of how Truly evil a person would be to lie for CNN
on this issue.. a "Jew"? would do this?..
A "Jew"?

/ / The inflammatory words MEMRI blasted the US media with
were when the young caller "Sanable" was supposed to have said
"we will annihilate the Jews" were not even mentioned by the
caller or by anyone else in that clip. \ \

SEE! A ZIONIST SAID, "we will annihilate the Jews"

/ / When hundreds of millions are calling for the
extermination of the Jews of Israel this is more than a lie;
it is a blood libel. \ \ This is like satanic neo-nazi EVIL no?

No? eh... No? eh?eh?eh? ... no? huh? heh. No?. huh..

See? Zionists are nazi betrayers to GOD ALMIGHTLY, for they
believe we do not have any power great being Loving for
others. You WILL see how GREAT we destroy the bushite, then
you'll know what joy love for god as innocence is. And then
You'll know for sure, how WE truly are as Just and Free.
And, kinda scary Being all godly and such..

I am,

Johnny Wizard


The "Shock and Awe" Gallery

Demon evil enemy neocon George Norry is a naked traitor to History:

"..Show me proof that there are real demons"

You, George Norry are a demon because you purposefully
broadcast to my America the need for neoconned soldiers to die
for the lawless demon antichrist, knowing full well, you work
'happy' to escape the 911 perpetrators of American
Wrath, like General Ahmad, with your truly evil demonism about
Life, and betrayal to freedom for US humans.. George Norry is
'the evil spirits' he says you can never find. Evidence.


There is no found honor in a thiefs paradise of neocon plunder
my friends, no honor.


Elected Governments All Over The World

British MP Galloway and Richard Perle on TV together!!

Galloway "These are the people who have overthrown elected
governments all over the world. and he [Richard Perle] comes
on your program to prattle about democracy. These people
don't want democracy, they want slave governments. If it's a
slave dictatorship - that's fine. If it's a slave elected
government - that's also fine. The only thing that matters is
that the government is a slave government. That is why they
will never invade Egypt. They will never invade Saudi Arabia.
They only invade countries, or threaten to invade countries,
who stand against them and who refuse to be slaves to them.
That is why they hated Iraq, that's why they hate Iran. That
is why they hate Syria. Of all the faults of all the three
regimes in these three countries - they were never slaves to
the United States, and that's why they were attacked. [...^]
In Iran, 17 million people voted for the president,
Ahmadinejad, and 10 million voted for his opponent Rafsanjani.
Those 27 million are determined to exercise their right to
nuclear power. The response of Bush and Perle is to threaten
them with invasion. These are the people who murdered
Salvador Allende, the elected president of Chile. These are
the people who have overthrown elected governments all over
the world."

Perl of wisdum 'yeah so? Peenackers steal the rights of
freedom from people for stolen profits - we rob Americans of
their freedom, as is their pocket books, and their wasted
effort, all easily conned to be sacrificed for death by false
conclusions trumped up by a naked false accuser who will
accuse yous lost blindly as the innocent sucker - er.. I mean
suckers, Your Mr. Bush Jr., is a demon evil whos attack is
not televised for defending yourselves over. Truth and
Justice, we own. See?, peenackers are filthy rich from
conning your, given life away, right before your eyes. What
are we going to do about what is given, bust the bad guys for
blatant treason against Cops and the Universe? I mean really.'

The Iraq War Exposed

Neocons are frankly, just dumb don't you know. Don't forget
though, their unwavering Public commitment to answer with
murder as enslavement of Your rights, through committing
criminal acts in our demonized innocent name is real. Johnny
Wizard needs his own international live radio program. Any
others of all knowing sentience as wisdom being smarter than
whoever, even willing to start too a conversation over these
matters of justice for freedom ad-infinitum!?



911 Leaders Saying They Are Jesus

Jason Bermas "I just want to let people know, that if this is
a hit piece that involves, you know, saying that we're all
blaming the Jews, or the Zionists, or something ridiculous,
where we go after an ethnic group, [Jason Bermas suggests
"Jews" = "Zionists"?] 'we' can not be associated with
ANTI-SEMITISM, space beams, utter kookery.

Alex Jones "Or Jesus! they have 911 leaders saying they are
Jesus now. They have people saying it's space beams from
Pluto. And folks, I've tracked these people, they all were
formally in intelligence, or connected to the Bushes, the
space beam thing came from a almost cabinet member level Bush
member, and folks this is a setup to poison our movement."


I've given my phone number several times to Alex Jones, of
which he's not as of yet, invited me on as official guest, for
fears h

This work is in the public domain