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Commentary :: Social Welfare
Autism incidence and EMF
03 Nov 2007
Modified: 08:35:08 AM
Autism incidence and EMF
Boston IMC says: we get paid well to suppress speech:

America's coup d'etat continues (1963-)

persistent sources

Astronomy Pic of the Day

J. Orlin Grabbe (nudity warning):


911InsideJobbers (at)
CatapultThePropaganda (at)
PlaneHuggers (at)


click here for today's attempted illustrate mirror:

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align="left">

********INDYMEDIA: BETRAYAL*********

Indymedia (IMC) says: Indymedia says: Your speech has the same fate as the polar bears! (ha ha). says: this news blog is automatically censored! We don't even have to work for our money! says: You must write "liberty" to post! We're having so much fun forcing you to obey! says: 911 Hoax used to try to post here, but we stopped him. We now screen every post. Every post. says: 911 Hoax posted here just once, and for about two minutes. Teams of us now screen every post, 24/7/52.

Do not mention the 911 Hoax on these websites devoted to free speech!

10/31: Indymedia Meltdown!


********911: SEPTEMBER CLUES********

Absolutely incredible new revelations about how the TV networks aired fake video of animated "planes" on 9/11!

Part VI: Must see TV!

Parts I, II and IV not to be missed. Part III has good payoff near the end.


visit this page for the rest:

********911 NEWS MEDIA HOAX: RECENT STUFF********

Live WTC - no plane, but missile tracked:

(Smoking gun!!!! it doesn't get more plain than this! Proof that no plane struck the South Tower!)

9/11 Attack:

3D recreation of World Trade 1. Did a plane really enter and reside intact this sctructure?

2001: A fake odyssey:

the explosion that preceded the wtc1 demolition

F#ck Concord, use Boeing 767:

Jules Naudet's first plane shot was staged:

Preposterous head of the fake 9/11 plane snake:

Park Foreman mash:

Park Foreman Video--almost real:

Fake TV - no plane hit the WTC:

911 TV Fakery:

9/11 - Illogical Logic (with Popular Mechanics):

No planes on 9/11 - video fakery evidence! (6:55)

911 Hoax Rapture:

9/11 Wag the Dog scenario:

9/11 - The Towers of Dust!!

********CIA INFILTRATION********


Angelina Jolie "joins" Council on Foreign Relations:


$43.5 billion spent on CIA infiltration into US society:

(how much is spent on Indymedia salaries? A billion?)


Yahoo/CIA has deleted about 50 images from my group!!

(Yahoo/CIA employees don't mind at all being well compensated for destroying this country.)




The petroleum industry's plan for us:

it is clear that the US/Israeli/UK governments are deliberately withholding from the general population the commitment needed to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

we can have electric cars now.

********CLIMATE CHANGE********

Forests losing the ability to absorb man-made carbon:

UN report: Bleak outlook for human race:

Drought dries up NC wells:

Much of US could see a water shortage:

Many states seen facing water shortages:

Bangkok sinking under rising seas:

At the poles, melting occurring at alarming rate:

The American West is drying up:

Our drinkable water supply is vanishing:

Ice caps melting fast: Say goodbye to the Big Apple?

Global greenhouse gas emissions already beyond "worst case" scenario:

Asian storms force evacuation of millions of Taiwanese:

Amazon jungle could be lost in 40 years:

Arctic sea ice reaches record minimum

Rising seas to flood US cities:

Scientists report severe retreat of Arctic ice:

Polar ice levels lowest on record:

Arctic ice continues record melting:

"An area of Arctic sea ice the size of Florida has melted away in just the last six days as melting at the top of the planet continues at a record rate..."

2008 predicted to be the warmest year in a century:

Greenland icebergs raise sea levels:

Ice fjords, lifeblood for polar species, at risk in melting Arctic:

<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align="left">

********FALSE-FLAG NEWS********


No charges for "Tasered" student:


Flight 93 fraud - smoking gun evidence:

(WOW! don't miss this!)

Empty streets on 9/11? Terror Drill Footage


HUD demolitions draw noose tighter around New Orleans:

New Orleans deliberately flooded:


New York willing to talk settlement in 9/11 suit:;_ylt=AibNaH_PAhbyqOsFfaVn2FWs0NUE

"...9,000 rescue and cleanup workers at the World Trade Center disaster site who may be sick..."

FDNY thyroid cancer shock:

WTC cancer cluster 'like Hiroshima':



Congress to begin "debate" on North American Union/NAU highway-prison:

Why the superhighway is really being built for US military invasion of the US heartland:

The ten lane NAFTA/NAU highway:


Canadian/US business mergers boost North American Union fears:

The elite re-configuration of North America:

the militarization and annexation of North America:

********FOURTH REICH********


Next Attorney General Mukasey refuses to support the Eighth Amendment\
Mukasey refuses to call waterboarding illegal:


HR 1955:

"'Thought Crime' Legislation of H.R. 1955 was just passed into law. It means if you have ANY material of a violent planning nature or of a violent thought nature it is a crime."

How the Bible became "hate speech" in California:


White House directive says that the US military will conduct "military missions" during a bird flu pandemic:

(and when the bird flu "pandemic" comes from the US military itself...)


Pentagon sought citizens' bank records:


Bush gave "marching orders" on interrogation tactics that rival dictatorships:

Expanded Gitmo war cout taking shape/

"Pentagon plans for the resumption of its military commissions at the Guantánamo Bay naval base have no provisions for how a convict would be put to death."

(sure sounds like the Miami Herald is advocate on behalf of this extra-Constitutional military court putting people to death.)

US builds more Constitution-shredding military tribunals at illegally-occupied Guantanamo:


Half of New Jersey National Guard to head to Iraq next year:

(they're supposed to be home, defending the US public from the US military.)


Real ID rebellion brewing:


294 dead from police tasers so far:

US demands air passengers ask its permission to fly:

(video, about 10 minutes.) Preparation for Martial Law:

Florida police to carry sub-machine guns:


Bush Dicatorship wants a permanent law allowing spying on all private conversations:

Bush signs spy bill in spirit of Hitler's Third Reich:


Senate blocks Habeas Corpus, a right first established with the Magna Carta:

"Enemy combatants" can be held indefinitely:


Civilian prisons coming soon to US Army base near you:


Dictator Bush restricts travel of more than 100K Americans:

New law gives Bush Dictatorship six months to turn Internet and phone systems into permanent spying architecture:

Bush gets six month dictator powers:

********WAR AGAINST INTERNET********


The Levi-Prodi law and the end of the Internet:


Free speech could lead to online disconnect:

"...last month...Verizon Wireless blocked an abortion-rights group from sending text messages over the company's network, deeming the messages too controversial..."

AT&T threatens to disconnect subscribers who criticize the company!

1. the Internet is owned by the public.
2. Corporations like AT&T are chartered by States, on behalf of the public.


Folks, if Microsoft and Yahoo merge it will mean the end of the Internet as a place where people can communicate with each other without the government listening in.

Microsoft + Yahoo = Government Watches Every Keystroke

IE8 = Major Spying



(meanwhile, about 95% of Americans want an end to the Iraq/Afghan wars. also, don't forget that future generations bear the cost.)


US Air Force illegally attacked Syria:


the global oil grab of 2007:

"...To Iran's north is a nuclear-armed Russia. To its east, a nuclear-armed Pakistan. To its west, a nuclear-armed Israel. And to its south, nuclear-armed U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf..."


Russia/Eastasia beginning major military exercises, in response to Washington's beligerance regarding Iran:


Report: Strategic air base being readied for war on Iran

US installing stealth bomber hangers in Diego Garcia to faciliate airstrikes on Iran:


World powers discuss Washington's economic warfare against Iran, a signal that a new world war is coming:;_ylt=ApAiL2gUQaHetgoLBZcF.uqs0NUE

We must bomb Iran, says "US Republican guru":

(naturally the website shows a photo of this madman as if he seemed rational.)

US imposes unilateral sanctions on Iran: One step closer to war

White House demands more bunker-buster bombs; will escalate economic warfare against people of Iran:

Third world war or new world economic order?

"...American plans to station missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic are very threatening..."

Russia steps up bomber exercises near Alaska and Canada:


US moves closer to air strikes on separatists in Iraq's north:

Turkey strikes Kurdish "militants" in northern Iraq:

Turkey's war drums grow louder:


US must commit war crimes in Syria, says former White House senior advisor:

********BLEAK ECONOMICS********


GM, Toyota increase US auto sales, Ford slips again:


USSR was better prepared for its collapse than the US is:

Merrill Lynch reports billions in losses amidst growing signs of US recession


Ford and UAW press for deeper concessions from US auto workers


"Federal" Reserve pumps $41 billion more into markets:

US government brokers scheme to bail out Wall Street banks

Banks may pool billions to avert securities sell-off:

Banks and US treasury discussing $100 billion support fund:


Gold climbs to $800, platinum hits record high, Dollar keeps sinking:

Hyperinflation will blow the economic doors off:


Foreclosure filings soar in 3Q:

Cash-strapped Americans raiding their 401(k)s:

US foreclosure filings nearly double since a year ago:

********GENERAL NEWS********


Bees are in serious decline/
Global agriculture threatened:


Radiation Poisoning Of US\
Cell towers, phones & Wi-Fi:

California sues Navy over unecessary use of sonar:


Primates in danger of extinction:

Gopher tortoises being buried alive in Florida:

Fish get insomnia, too:

Why are huge numbers of camels dying in Africa and Saudi Arabia?

Factory animal farming produce meat through routine torture and environmental destruction:

Polar bear endangered status "likely":

Receding ice displaces Alaska walrus:

Stark warning of extinction list: Life on Earth is disappearing:

Gorillas now 'critically endangered':

Threatened species list shows escalating 'global extinction crisis':

One in four mammals under threat:

World's birds on death row/
race against time to save 190 species from extinction:


Feds want to possibly clean up vast garbage pit in Pacific:


Google/Homeland Security stock rises through $700:

Exxon-Mobil: $9.4 billion profit in just three months:


Head of Consumer Protection Safety Commission doesn't want a strengthened agency:


US supreme court calls a halt to the barbaric, un-Constitutional practice of executing prisoners:


US: Bush administration fast-tracks relaxation of media ownership constraints


Arson caused Santiago fire:

(arson by the Bush dictatorship?)


Merck's net income soars:


'Biotech bugs' could stop spread of diseases, scientists say:

New study shows that GM corn could pollute aquatic ecosystems:

At stake: safe steak:

"...this farm bill provision will effectively end the federal meat and poultry inspection system..."


Anti-illegal-immigration movement (or CIA PsyOp) claims to hurt Bank of America economically:


Pennsylvania turnpike to be privatized, turned into toll road:

(what a boondoggle. first the government builds an environmentally devasting highway that imprisons the general population. Years later, profits from tolls go to private interests.)


San Francisco considers “shooting gallery” for drug addicts:

UK addicts given free drugs as reward for staying clean:


89.6 million lacked health insurance:

One-third of US lacked health insurance:;_ylt=Aku1G3BHQoORcP70OAPGSy8E1vAI

(Question: What's more barbaric than for-profit health care? Answer: Nothing.)


The plan to create a North American Union and bio-chip the world:

Microchip implants cause malignant tumors in lab animals:


Controlled genetics/
Scientists breeding super mice:


Former Iraq-war top commander says this is a permanent miliary occupation:

Bush's illegal wars of aggression costing $2.4 trillion so far:

Afghanistan and Iraq set to cost more than Vietnam and Korea:

Dictator Bush's request for illegal wars increases to $196 billion:

Three weeks of illegal warfare or one year of health coverage for kids:

Visualizing $87 billion more for illegal wars:


<table bgcolor="#DDE3F8"><tr><td align="left">


Israel has been enforcing the most brutal military occupation in world history -- for the last forty years!!


Unemployment, poverty strickens illegally-occupied Palestinians as they try to live within monstrous prisons constructed by Israel:


Israel ready to negotiate on Jerusalem:


One Thousand, Two hundred and seventy-six people per week:


Israeli army orders confiscation of Palestinian land in West bank:

Israeli army invades several West Bank cities; kidnaps 5 Palestinians:

Hebron settlements make Palestinian life nearly impossible:

Israel (illegally) plundering the Jordan Valley:

"Land grab at an unimaginable scale"


Israel blocking medical evacuations from Gaza:

EU warns of collective punishment in Gaza:

Israel power cuts to Gaza: collective punishment with tacit US approval:

Israel cuts fuel supplies to Gaza strip:

Collective punishment: Israel cuts off power to "deter rocket attacks":

Israel's collective punishment of Gaza



Building of Iraqi police barracks threatens world heritage site,,2202649,00.html


Iraqi dam burst would drown 500,000:


73,000 US military dead since Gulf War I, more than died in Vietnam:


Refugees in their own land: 2m Iraqis forced to flee their homes:,,2172857,00.html

What Iraq's refugee problem would like in the US:


Baghdad residents protest US-erected dividing wall

"...Construction on the two-kilometer long wall, part of a deliberate US effort to divide Iraq’s population along religious lines..."


Twenty headless bodies found near Baghdad, a crime that only benefits the occupying army:

Illegal US airstrikes killing large numbers of Iraqi civilians:

US militarism threatens to unleash regional conflagration

US air strikes kill 34 Iraqis:

Concealed bomb kills children at playground:

(just who is motivated to do this?)

Iraqis say US forces targeted civilians in latest barbarous, illegal attack:

Cholera spreads to Iraq's southernmost city:



Pollution blamed as China confronts surge in number of deformed babies


Australia faces economic turbulence from US meltdown:


Japan pulls out of Afghanistan "coalition":

Us ignores angry reaction to secret poppy spraying:


Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. Inflation at 7,982%:

2nd week of hardly any electricity in Zimbabe:


******HEALTH, SCIENCE and LIVING******


"Saturn's Hyperion: a moon with odd craters":

(APOD's illustration at the link above is so utterly ludicrous it makes me cry with laughter. doesn't NASA have any quality control regading the fake images it produces of the "Cassini probe of Saturn"?)


(many 500,000 mile roundtrips with the computing power of a calculator?
Since then human race gone 200 miles in space?
Explorations survived Van Allen radiation belts?
Footprints in the Mars photos?
Repeated logistical errors with almost every aspect of the documentation?)

Coverup time! Guess who's going to the Moon? China, India, Russia! LOL!

APOD gives away the Lunar Landings hoax!

To fly free in space:

"At about 100 meters from the cargo bay of the space shuttle Challenger, Bruce McCandless II was further out than anyone had ever been before..."

NASA preps robots for future fake moon landings:


15 reasons to stop hiding from vegetarianism:


Autism incidence and EMF:


Cancer experts warn about processed meats:

Scientist finds link between body fat and cancer risk:

Cancer breakthrough as UV light is used to destroy tumors:

UV light may offer double whammy for cancer:


King Hemp V: Industrial disease:

(the latest installment of this must-read series. I recommend reading them all.)

Does Pot cure cancer?

Marijuana extract shrinks brain tumors:

Cannabis compound slows lung cancer in mice:

Study finds no cancer-marijuana connection:

"The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer..."

(folks, let's all cure cancer by smoking some pot now.)



Martina Hingis tests positive for cocaine at Wimbledon, retires:

(few people doubt that she used it. my view is that tennis shouldn't be testing athletes for non-performance enhancing substances like pot and cocaine. Taking cocaine before a match may help you early on. However, eventually you'll crash from it and it will be a net negative for a player.)

By the way, Federer has lost again to David Nalbandian, this time at the Paris Masters. the feeling among tennis fans is that David still can't play with Fed in a five-set, grand slam match.

This work is in the public domain
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