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Announcement :: Human Rights
05 Nov 2007
On-line claim to the U.N. will be published on Boston Indy Media with keywords- xautoun, enron, cognitive neuroscience, parapsychology, controlled offensive behaviors of the U.S.S.R.

The following claims process was sanctioned by Judge Meyers in Skagit County Court during a felony proceeding disrupting investigations and effects upon review of corrupt practices effecting U.N. Sovereignty in review of allegations. Hyperlinks have been added where reference material can be applied to formula of asserting a bias with investigative capacities to review claim.


Parapsychology crimes advancing legislative concerns of parapsychology research and development by House Resolution 1585

-War Crime-U.S./Antarctica-07-1-00502-1-xautoun-corrupt practices.

Respectfully Addressed to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations.

My name is Jason Dedrick, I have gone by James Dedrick though. I seek assistance in Filing claim. I seek refugee status- ( and this is a informal claim with allegations in support of cause for refugee status. This claim is in part by a level of administrative support from the Skagit county court by the formula of a financial sanction for mailing claim. The court proceeding on October eleventh two thousand and seven will be sent to the high commission for refugees as well with initial request on July seventeenth two thousand and seven. Case 07-1-00502-1

This unprecedented decision in Lou of allegation is meritus due to the method by which great suffering and interrogation has occurred, and which became a cruel and inhumane formula for collection of any advantage over inalienable rights and process of collection over any formula of impropriety.

The following allegations while difficult to prove are true to the best of my ability to depict, method of interrogation strategy after which became a arbitrary process to “dement,” cause “psychological damage,” and ultimately satisfy a legislative cause for a “civil commitment strategy,” to remove capacity to maintain expert testimony in affairs effecting U.N. policy, based on humanitarian subject matter of political, civil, economic and organizational concepts for debate.

(Annotations missing.)


These Concepts for debate in two regards did and still do pertain to the united nations policy for refugee seeking rights, from residents of nations participating in the Geneva conventions.

One is the context to establishment of prejudice by the state body politic acting to remove legitimate allegations in nomination process of the former United Nation’s Ambassador of the United States John Bolton. This can established in part by my deep concern over international representation in a democratic republic, as by the Senate’s loss of representational voice in a nomination process not perceived an eventuality of my countries constitutional drafters in effects of international representation where by the senate’s voice would be undermined; by withholding pertinent information in the process of nomination. The document referenced as xautoun, as seen on does establish a section on strategy for a document on national image as seen in section (J.4) with reference to We the (x) or We the People as well with allusion to a CONTICONGR or platform document for establishing a cause for a intercontinental congress, with cause for a “party of opposition,” to goals of the document of national image, by an attempt to dialogue on basis of speech and debate clause.

Two is the distinct characteristics a U.N. astronaut program would have on “territorial disputes,” and as well effects upon the U.N. Weapons Security Council for establishing a central theme


for basis of training U.N. Employees, with space based investigative services effecting the outer space treaty of 1967. The political ideologies inherent in “Policy Mitigation,” from the N.A.S.A. teacher in Space Program to accommodate contractors and service agreements from within policy context of the International Atomic Energy Agency for a nuclear guidance of spaced based investigative practices as in concept do violate the U.N. Treaties Accommodating to functionally service the outer space treaty of 1967.

I request that the United Nation’s high commission for refugees do in the process of review of claim be the legal custodian of funds received from the federal government each month of $2,329.00. I request that in doing so, the questionable prejudice in a administrative guidance of funds and funded activity be reviewed as part of a corrupt practice to assist in process of “psychiatric malpractice,” and method of impairment due to political causes for criminal inflection. I consent to appointment of legal custodian by the U.N. High Commissioner for refugees JASON DEDRICK as not one with prejudice to political causes identified in previous letters and all content transmissions to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Evaluation and Policy Analysis Unit at 25000 case postale 1211 Geneva 2 Switzerland. Further, I request a review of political refugee status effect on my families properties and prejudices effecting their lives in my refugee seeking- as great value in “---------,” exist in New Mexico that is effected by civil commitment strategy and manner of appropriation prejudice. You may contact Gordon Dean at 1-206-220-6100.


Following are a series of allegations: I request to give verbal and written statement’s on my experiences as be a human test subject for interrogation software/law/strategies on rationale of advancements in cognitive neuroscience ( ( ( ( and nano-technology threats ( – ( defined by the operator control theory of the tactical nuclear weapon’s firing technician as a rate I learned/ a Job I learned in the U.S. NAVY. ( ( (

Please define my case as one of a rare circumstance to allegations of war crimes ( (, ( ) intent of prevarication of development where establishing a dialogue with the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime ( for aspects of case defined by- corrupt practices, as well to assist in the meager provisions of investigative services to provide the international courts of justice all collection of: books, papers, documents in support of rationale* for developments in fields of study of applied sciences. (

The following allegations are abstract due to failures in sense and detection with attributes of mind control subject ability- (note) for purposes of developments in terms of many military contractors with whom- advancement in cognitive neuroscience effect many nations national security- ( – (, (

Rationale*- Nations With Operator Control Threats- compromised by advancements in cognitive neuroscience and nanotechnology, by account of International Atomic Energy Agency’s right of jurisdictional prejudice to consolidate data repositories in connection to case theories of prejudice.. (, (, (

This allegation were, the united nations Office on Drug and Crime to assists the United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees in the discernment of “Corrupt Practices,” by corporations and or government entities affiliated by contracts or that subcontracting ( , or not affiliated by contracts but by following allegation are circumstances of a military strategy to maintain liabilities’ control for “ Overt Controlled Offensive Behaviors,” ( ( with an ability to; signal success, terminate failure, order shifts in targets* by establishing multi-disciplinary threat assessments in terms of abuses in cognitive neuroscience effecting the nuclear operator control theory.

This strategy with a private sector counter intelligence and counter development goal to facilitate a cause for a budgetary provisions in terms of “nuclear weapons disarmament technology,” and “practices,” with regard to real and substantial threats to operators of or training with regards to tactical nuclear weapons. The allegations of a right to establish counter development in sciences discerned to have real scientific consequence with nano-technology ( ( ( ( , (, (, (,


Please Store with the Secretary of the Senate.


(Your Web-Page changed today after this content was sent please investigate the reason for change as biased on content.)

Will be sent to - David.Davidson (at)

Respectfully Sir,

My name is ___________, and I am involved in a policy reform bill for the Senate Server referred to as the senate server reform bill. The bill’s identification of legislative resources is based on transmission fees and server storage complications. The process of policy work in definition of the border policy of geo-location principles involved in asserting storage principles of content sent to any senator U.S.A. or by the same account of any government formula for representatives such as the house of representatives has had many complication in the transmission and storage fees attributable to the senate server for the secretary of the senate and each senator to define geo-location as distinctly different than senate committee designation principles to content parsing. Such as to simply say the content nature by the destination of those committee and policy work groups that define the complications or support legislative bills when required. The work done in this evaluation process with the Senate Server Reform Bill was complicated and did assert a prejudice in cached internet buffering of content prior to receipt indexing formula such as to prejudice to the senate by standards of firewalls developed in similar product markets as by the definition of firewalls between the house armed services committee and the house permanent select committee on intelligence. While, the firewall distinction is one within context to border server policy by such distinctions of the cyber law of the F.B.I. for on-line crimes via internet- the basis of prejudice to the U.S> Senate was one that was unexpected. The laws establishing server policy and preventative cached intervention by work model wore established on guidelines of the James Brady Hand Bill Prevention act and that content sent to the U.S. Senate should have a pre-filter for firewall technology as by the powers of laws involved in prevention as general by the James Brady Hand Gun Bill Prevention act and by the counter proliferation laws established in classification of confidential, secret, and top secret data parsing as to assert a right of jurisdiction over the U.S. Senate allowed a pre-filter that prejudiced both the sender of on-line content to the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Senate. However in contrast to the mechanism of transmission policy to the U.S. Senate by virtues of laws established in support of the Speech and Debate Clause that the usage of root kits in personal computers or where surveillance laws established a right by the preventive model under the James Brady hand gun bill prevention act to define preventive powers in internet traffic the distinction of the conflict of the Senate Server Reform Bill asserts that no- invasion of a private computer or a computer in transmission to the U.S. Senate may advocate a cached internet buffer with distinction to reroute content with prejudice to the U.S. Senate and Sender. This ultimately allowed for a reliance of senate server reform bill with the Secretary of the Senate to allow receipt indexing to consign a TCP/IP header to geo-location principles with geo-location for border server dilemmas. While, the model for geo-location designation to assert a representation bias with committee was not reliant on the U.S. Senator from state A-Z that the distinction of content prejudice to routing of office of designation principle for content was committee centralized by the senate server for the Secretary of the Senate. However in regards to the Development the seizure of Representative Jeffers Server by the F.B.I. asserted a prejudice against any senator U.S.A. by the conflicts with e internet cached buffer designation of content as to allow the Senator to toggle bias with content when reliance upon content was desired or where reliance effected developmental product of cached internet buffer technology. Server border domain registration by a United Nation I.P. manifest with the next developmental basis of the case prejudice to assert a non-local domain was based on the District of Columbia policy as akin to policy of server located in Antarctica (See Antarctic Act) – or even by U.N. treaties such as the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 for maritime laws effecting server location as one with a unilateral advantage to be non-local to state for increased prejudice to the internet cached buffer domain process of identification of server theories for transmission and storage fees. The legislative bill design full tot eh Senate Server Reform Bill asserts that transmission fees effecting monitoring and surveillance bills as well as a obligation of the Senate to Store Content in some manner accommodating a reference point of content transmission is within the basis of the standards of the State Department field receipt indexing formula as seen on state department web-page. Such however in the storage fees and transmission fees the centralization obligation of senators to store content or when asked to store with the secretary of the Senate that a distinct conflict arises that allows the Senate Discretion in contesting powers of the F.B.I. to seize content sent to elected officials less than in value of a impropriety of $300.00 Due to laws established in review of gifts from non-profit companies as improprieties of market research to elected officials.

The Senate Server Reform Bill defines a characteristic also of a taxed internet as neutral and as within basis of telecommunication bills establishing standards for a taxed legislation for a taxed internet as revenues from a taxed internet from each state and from a federal authorization support revenues that create competing policing prejudice in firewall technologies established in monitoring tracking and surveillance. Such that standardization in centralization of U.S. Senate Data Assets disposes a process of a international flat rate tax that defines powers of the Cyber Law of the Department of Justice’s programs for oversight and accountability of the F.B.I. – this prejudice of geo-location and server border dilemmas is a political consent and in effects of the Bill a unique distinction is biased upon a model of incentive compatibility structures of a political bias in terms of server borders theories in information theory. Further in establishing biases in the content parsing a theory with a resource based electoral college vote was discerned in review of state policing powers for assertions of competitive firewall distinction upon the grounds of each senator having the right to defend it’s states citizens or citizens within a committee prejudice not within the state if the content was structured to an a administrative formula for developing a bill- as was this case and this project.

I have been paid through the Federal Treasury and I currently am seeking political asylum through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. I hope to be able to define my rights for this through classes taught at the Poly-Science- meaning if any powers of the campus can be applied to support my claim and give me asylum during claims process due to models of the U.N. that do not typically allow U.S. Citizens to seek asylum under the no fear act or the basis corrupt practices where asylum from a corporate prejudice as with a reciprocal contract from the Department of Defense allows for the Asylum to be based on the claim filed in the skagit county court 07-1-00502-1 to the United Nations for claim.
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This work is in the public domain
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