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Announcement :: Social Welfare
13 Nov 2007
Reference full content id-2945120- (as well at state department with keyword xautoun)

State Department feedback reciept index formula miitgation to policy of library of

House e-mail storage Government Accountability Queary

To: vice_preseident (at)

Respectfully sir,

This e-mail is policy conditioned to the recent ruling by the Federal Courts in review of
policy reliant on e-mail accountability programs of the White House. This e-mail and
context associated content facilitates a informal policy scenario in conjunction to
advancing government accountability and reliability programs in question of the policy of
internal and compartmentalized policy subject to the criticism of former white house aid
Carl Rove who’s e-mail address recipient issues in discernment of policy of national
security subjects criticism to the full formula for advancing government accountability
programs from within the White House and to be disseminated by policy mitigation to all
federal agencies for a basis of receipt indexing of content similar to problems reliant in
content to the State Departments on-line receipt formula for content storage and such
equivocations to the development of a Senate Server Reform Bill in same measure of storage
and transmission fees accommodating the Federal Courts mandate of policy to the White
House e-mail storage policy.

Storage at minimum with public reference of content is prejudiced in this case. However,
the basis of a discernment of policy reliant on the measures of Federal laws in support of
admissibility of content in courts of law for cases reliant upon e-mails the subject and
nature of content is within a administrative query of services biased by policy formaulas
contingent upon review of formulas within the basis of a Federal E-mails program with
supporting policy form the United States Postal Service and the Government Accountability
Office for Carbon Copy of transmitted content to the White House and from within the White
house to establish a basis of self mailer of closed content or non-associated content to
context formulas of surveillance policy. This latter statement in context to problem
solving dynamic of case sill be evident in reliance of programs basis within the white
house to assert government reliability to collect content in hyper link pathology of case
as content in context supports a administrative formula to protect content in bias of
support of storage and transmission fees by prejudice of the Senate Server Reform Bill by
nature of content and policy of content storage.

The issue with closed content packages is that each e-mail when not associated or
developed by a context theory with chain mail formula increases the expense of a self
mailer fee for the United States Postal Service to store content sent in formula of self
mailer postage such to administrate a theory on a e-mail sever program with the U.S>
Government to each e-mail service provider to allow a radio button as a function of
admissible content in courts of law where disputes of intellectual property arise. Such
expenses in legislative terms from within policy and law of the Federal Courts by
standards subject to policy mitigation from new establishments of White House policy and
in terms of developing legislation in the policy promulgation of the self mailer fees does
assert the following financial formula;

1. Each e-mail sent to the United States Postal Service by methods and process to protect
intellectual property as a dated document and as a closed envelope is subject to a
transmission fee of a single postage stamp as to be admissible in court of law. E-mails
that are not stored with the U.S. Postal system with a expense involved in storage fees
developed in a back feed of the newly developed policy of the White House for expense in a
server farm for government accountability as akin to the Senate Server Reform Bill as a
collaborative feature to developmental policy with government reliance and accountability
do support the fees of transmission expenses and storage fees within context to the basis
of the measures of a receipt indexing formula as similar to the software mitigation of
developed software for reference of e-mails yet with caveats to white house policy. Each
e-mail fee from within the U.S. Senate in regards to stporage of fess for convicted felons
in reliance of laws established in removing voter rights by felony prosecution are
different in the policy mitigation yet- substantiate a clause of nature of content as
criminal in nature. Current content storage of the U.S. Senate by Accounts of conflicts
resolution formula with Senator John Warner’s home-page establishes that a senate
web-page when content is transmitted over the internet that no establishment of policy
support to prosecute those who use front pages to collect content at a discrimination to
said elected official yet, in infringements upon the speech and debate clause by root kits
and formulas of false front pages or web-pages in which certificates are manufactured to
collect Intel or content when administratively tethered to programs in government
accountability infringe upon the senators inalienable rights to regard content as public-
or when perceived to regard personal confidentiality to be content subject to periods of
deliberation over developing senate server formulas within state of reliance.
2. Since webmasters are in position to field a intelligence formula from e-mail addresses
on the following formula for e-mails; such to mean that e-mail addresses when not
validated to be true or where servers appropriate real e-mail addresses that web-master
can see due to transmission bias with e-mail transmission policy the nature of e-mail
address agenda that the Federal Trade Commission in effort to resolve a do-not mail e-mail
registry should use the address holywood (at) where e-mail addresses policy subjects
criticism to transmission of intelligence by way of e-mail address or where inflections of
damage by e-mail address in tandem to published content as in context to this case support
prejudices with administrative policy prejudice and policy conditioning of systems subject
to formula of storage and transmission fees of e-mails –
Scenario; the following e-mails when compiled by a graphic interpreter- using the document
xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on the e-mail address can be
used to represent a graphic image of the full .pdf document however it requires more than
300x8.5 300= 2550 + 3300= 5850 e-mails to compose a document in graphic format by the
standards of a review of imaging technical diagrams at 8.5 inches by 11 inches at 300 dots
per inch that could asset a transmission of a schematic of confidential documents by way
of e-mail graphic converter. (words), The
reason I cite this problem issue to webmaster organization theories that webmaster’s in
positions to image problems such as in sending a e-mail to the United Nations High
Commissioner of Refugees the internet hop structure of –mail address does transit
through Tehran and such web-masters in such servers do have abilities to image documents
from e-mails addresses such advancing the basis of a do-not mail e-mail registry. The
e-mail Hollywood (at) was developed in contrast to issues with movies where e-mails
with destination that may be true or not true advocated in design of relegating policy to
infringe upon organizational biases of movies such as the Constant Gardner where a e-mail
address to the quayles was – the evidence of this exist within context of the e-mail
account with e-mail to the vice president yahoo account of tsiolkovsky_gravity (at)
if this account is no longer active then a formula of accountability for servers with the
same e-mail address should be reviewed as fraud against the U.S. Government due to basis
of administrative formula in civil war payee dispute with federally funded activity to
discern government accountability in the storage at minimum policy of mitigation from
within context of e-mail server dilemma. Please insure any company with a server of is reviewed as a company with malice to content and subject to a procurement
prejudice with the do-not mail e-mail registry of the Federal Trade Commission as with a
substantiation of formula of defensive entrapment in content collection as well in regards
to ownership and impropriety of e-mail address and as well with bias in terms of
accounting form for behavior in transmission of content in regards to a policy
prevarication by consistency with policy tooling and conditioning of administrative

3. Hypertext link pathology aspects of reliance in content storage- this content is
hyperlink associated to a series of e-mails and content with keyword xautoun as well
within policy arguments of a storage at minimum for accountability of intercepts and
cherry picking of content reliant on conflicts resolution formula whereby this content’s
intent when associated to contextual parsing of all content in series development asserts
a prejudice of content on basis of the James Brady Hand Gun Bill prevention act to discern
a function to content the Federal Courts decision to mandate policy to store e-mail
transmission to the white house and from within the white house. The reliance of the white
house to collect content in context of case not “interpretive,” to the function of the
federal laws established to assert failures in the white house policy of storage of
content at minimum with reference to investigative bias – the e-mail transmitted to the
Vice President from the yahoo account that was altered to represent failures in
transmission from sender should be identified in tandem to interference in this
transmission if any exist.

4. This content is repsentaive of a surveillance policy in adaptation of the James Brady
Hand Gun Bill Prevention act with causalities of inflection in monitoring and surveillance
functional to adapt viral firewalls and formulas of cached intervention policy in
assertion of profile of sender and recipient formula- in review of cached prejudice of
collection this e-mail land associative content from the internet to published e-mails has
be done in the following formula or is in process of discernment of prejudices effected by
felony prosecution to administer a formula of justifiable prejudice to method of policy
prevarication in removing government accountability in storage of content in parallel
government accountability formula with white house as primary in discernment of internet
traffic and policy-

Content in formula of garnering a receipt index will be sent to the state department (note
developmental pattern with initial e-mails and state department ref# and principles of
mitigation of software to senate and potentially white house by review of Secret Service
prejudice to content if any exist) then, the on-line question comments form feedback index
number as a measure of public accountability for content will be placed in content then
sent to senator John Warner, then sent through e-mail to vice president’s e-mail address
and with the following as policy review of interference and internet accountability in
reliance of government accountability with content where prejudiced by industry referenced
in page one of xautoun by content of methods of prevention and interpretive prejudice of

A carbon copy of e-mail sent from thinktankoperations (at) to/through by way of
investigative prejudice the Inspector General of the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE WITH SERVER
COURTS– hotline (at), contact (at),

hyperlink referenced material to methods of supression of case complications.
See also:

This work is in the public domain