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Announcement :: Technology
Anthropological linguistics study proves primer theory
08 Dec 2007
New study proves “people move,” Anthropological linguistics.

“Each neuron had a biological agenda to move it seemed in the study.” Doctor Arbitrary said. “The idea was simple at first; if each though had a specific mass as to say that when applying Einstein’s theory of relativity to the photons of each electrochemical value of each thought then the basis of each though then there existed a certain pattern in how we could discern a periodic table of concepts- it was like Mendelev met the cognitive neuroscience department of cognitive neuro-luinguistics and well we found a disposition to the nuerovestibular system for identifying motion and patterns of human thinking that related to an anthropological absolutism; motion was the functional electrochemical proof that all thinking was derived from a impulse carrier to move or maintain motion in a evolutionary acquisition of resources.” I asked Dr. Arbitrary a few question about the very defining moment in his career about how the work would advance science he continued to suggest that the defining feature of development would be asserted to assist in file relevancy associations for artificial intelligence. “The basis of this work if you could imagine as follows in an analogy to the complex disposition of how neuron work with memory and associations is that if; each though were displayed as a brick and each nervous system impulse that carried the neurons to storage units neuron like transistors then the functional image would be this; take a lexicon of words and begin to rate each word in a seamless novel 26,000 pages long and then apply values of a cladistics model or tree like model of anthropological relevancies to a table of associations based on instincts and human behavior- then place values to each lexicon so that defining the primary function of each neuron that contains a single word has a bond weight as seen in neural networking models where we synthesize human thinking into dynamic problem solving so that we weight each though with a real nuero electric impulse the carrier transmission of defining the human nervous system by the encoding process of neurons with the spinal nervous memory system shows that the photon value of a real temporal imposition of electrical carrier impulses suggest that – the language as anthropological and as by the account of studies with nuerogenetics supports that human reasoning and language are absolute in distinctions of defining motion as a primary heurism such that the neuron like unit of though as a brick as each thought when broken down into units as storage in artificial intelligence is concerned would have a absolute constant value associated to motion or functional to the neuro vestibular system.”
He continued to assert with a image based on his works a treatise on gravity and its implications on social behavioral and economic sciences Z-axis propagation theory memory judgment and consciousness in space that grant companies such as the National Space Biomedical Institute in Texas had research agendas with imaging human though by content with blood pressure cuffs for the mind in analogy to discerning operations and functions of the human mind in a graphic deconstruction of human thinking. The periodic table of conceptual elements is being designed to understand the physical weights of ideas by the nature of content as by the electrochemical value of the photons weighted to a baseline formula. The constant features that are being used are designed by the construction of theory that social designations of weighted structures to ideas have a physical discourse with behaviorism that no two thoughts are exactly of the same weight by the account of the amount of impulses required to weight the full string of weighted ideas. Such that the idea he referred to was that a phylogenic substrate of encoded memory may very well exist in the decay rate of the light transmitted in each though; such as to be a light falling by a rate association to a natural system. Meaning he clarified that if each though has a specific density then the light having mass of the though would have to fall toward a heavy mass- such that on earth human reasoning would have a decay rate in which each though would dissipate into the Muon Decay rate. He continued to elucidate that; imagine a single frame of time and space being taken with a span shot of each electrochemical reaction in every mind in the world simultaneously then imagine the photon in the electrochemical decay rate having a real interaction with our environment such to have a real effect by a heavy mass or body- he said in proving his theory he would need to find a similar approach to proving the way Einstein did with binary stars 1916 and 1919 to assert that the photons would shows implications on human reasoning being effected by heavy bodies of mass. The phylogeny of thought, though he stated would have a real interaction with our environment such as to be recorded though he said defining a recorded memory in the decay rate would advance knowledge of our word and past with an exact distinction on human reasoning’s effects on social behavioral and economic dispositions to behavior of acquisition as having an anthropological tie to the evolutionary precepts of human evolution. I asked then how could this not only advance artificial intelligence and knowledge about a anthropological distinction in human reasoning effected by the behavior of just to move that a the defining function of human evolution was motion that where could these ideas be interpreted with continued efforts in grant research. “The functions of human though and human ingenuity to resolve his or her conditions around truths when realized such as Copernicus and the heliocentric universe as changed common precepts on our world around us that when truths have absolutes the common era is at odds with applying an absolute scientific truth to change standards- standards in eras of transformation such as we are in with the information era’s effects on human reasoning is that we cannot deny propositions that alter directions of scientific research or the research becomes arbitrary to designs that undermine the cause for research agendas-there is no agenda in discerning truth. Therefore the construction of science around a absolute proposition of truth has many implied effects on all sciences, anthropological linguistics with regards to better understanding human thinking and how the mind solves problem in series with evolutionary considerations to evolutionary psychogenesis as a study with regards to the full or complimentary research agendas in continued confirmations of such ideas are discerning to many; if a external interaction with human memory exist in some phylogenic substrate then the decay rate has encoding features that have target destination by mass-such as iron or other heavy metal we assume with magnetic properties but – my research defines the muon decay rate as a inward storage principle in the neuron interaction that is defined by a electrochemical constant of weighted principles to the kinethstetics of human memory and that the defining weighting principles of neurons having a neuro-kintetic value will help us unlock many secrets of the mind and such to further the understanding of synthetic memory.” I then asked could if he could expand on the z-axis propagation theory. “That is my pride and joy in regards to work involved in the understanding of human reasoning- it is a defining theory in my personal behavior and how I have questioned the universe with resolve to understand a evolutionary principle in human behavior that all man and woman in attempts to define one’s environment have cellular features to gravities effects on aging and that the subconscious mind in efforts to resolve understanding involved with transformation of the mind to accommodate less lateral motion and expenditures in energies by metabolic and catabolic process with the energy in joules required to encode data by discrete features relevant to the nueroelectric or nuerokinetic value that the compensation for aging in cellular memory terms – be that we cannot comprehend cellular memory that, with a quantum paradigm for thinking as that has a scale or balance- that when less motion exerts a pressure upon the acquisition process of reasoning of a physical tempering of neurons and encoding of cellular memory that acquisition behaviors change to accommodate the social prejudice of acquisition as subconscious. The theories are complex to explain and essentially discern a hyperbolic universe of thought by migration of social eras of thought. Currently, I have designed a theory around a part of the 9/11 attack and recognition of distinctions of a social behavioral and economic prejudice in 9/11 that the bias of suppression of a human recognition to the aerospace industry by militarized prejudice of the ______(insert office of control of research agendas with evolutionary psychogenesis in space)_______ caused the end resolve of the 9/11 as a form of suppression to human anticipation with the aerospace industry that a era of though by a Apollo Generation was deprived a promise keeping of anticipation of space travel such that the z-axis propagation when approached by research in zero gravity as a direct research agenda with cause to discern the ideas I have stated with a periodic table of conceptual elements- that the document on as titled xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf has a direct or implied value with assertions of how and why 9/11 occurred with effects to suppress the aerospace industry, its no doubt that others in this same field of research have many of the same inequalities of reasoning to suggest that if a factual social representation of a failure in human reasoning to be applied to such a theory has a rooted opposition, that is when deconstructed a bias to the z-axis propagation theory with a absolute truth, that when evolved we human’s have a role in defying gravity as a subconscious agendas to have a more competitive memory as a function of evolutionary acquisition- it sounds strange I know but, societies competing for memory is a next evolutionary step…and memory cannot be prejudiced to the functional discourse of how it is stored in this regards such as to make a society of stationary units of think machines that have lost the primal anthropological linguistics of associative value in motion as a functional basis of storage principles in human associations and connectionism…I regress to ____(see page one of xautoun)______ but, the theories have true merit in regards to anthropological linguistics. I guess I can theorize about suppression of man’s desire to defy gravity and move and explore within context to this idea but stating a distinct planning feature of 9/11 had any real effect on militarized capacities of control of space is beyond my wisdom…I guess.” I then asked how can mapping the mind prove some of these theories and where does graphic representation of human thinking not specific to content have a role in defining the characteristics of single though if though is contiguous and not broken into units? “ The scourge in this type of research is the demonisms of technocracy and how scientific prejudice undermines legitimate truths by social politics and how scientist and investigative communities procuring intelligence suggest a right to adhere to principles of a inquisition of development rather than a development of inquisition and that dimidiated upon the two breaking things into bi-cameral proofs of reasoning to be two parts in all regards is the true evil in research and development we are creatures that are comprised largely from water and we have emotions- analysis and interrogations upon these principles are the first resolve of military prejudice to find anthropological linguistics to dig into a person ideas for no other reason than to have intellectual curiosity resolved- the Himler’s of the world exist in analogy to the research agenda setting behind project’s like these and where we find human reasoning effected is when survivors of the Holocaust discern the conversations made in little labs on these concepts that sound similar to the cruelty applied to them or loved one’s with the non-chalant expectancy of a social normalcy as a “tyranny of majority view,” of a “manufacturing of consent,” or have the same construction of a right to invade and occupy human thought. These ideas when though is cuneiform with a formula for reasoning are dangerous and have many implied military prejudices when applied to control human reasoning and there; we have the phantom menace that Eisenhower discussed in his farewell address…unimaginable evil broods in the minds of agenda setting with control of a evolutionary truth on human behaviorism when control methods have real applied virtues by nano-technology and cognitive neuroscience.

If your interested where evolutionary psychogenesis and nuero-luinguistics roots have bias to the type of research agenda setting of military attempt to define aggressive behavior as to culture a aggressive army with goals of Oil Acquisition rather than one with the design to the document xautoun then refer to the spiral development projects.

Dr Arbitrary is a Human Test Subject who is placed in a thinktank acting against his own theories to refine outcomes for developers force feed interrogations used to forward mitgate aggenda setting.

xautoun tag on you tube is like "NASH VILLE."

See G.A.M.E. with vallues of A.C.G.T./United States, Japan, Europe, Russia/ People, Resource, Information, Technology scalar values for unifying field principle with scalar values to root gene, social variable to discern POLYTENOMIC primer.

stair stepping feedback to define profile against content on see http://boston.indymedia.o

This work is in the public domain
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